King of Thieves (2018) - Crime, Drama

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A true crime movie about a crew of retired crooks who pull off a major heist in London's jewelry district. What starts off as their last criminal hurrah, quickly turns into a brutal nightmare due to greed. Based on infamous true events.

IMDB: 5.5
Director: James Marsh
Stars: Michael Caine, Charlie Cox
Length: 108 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 31 out of 103 found boring (30.09%)

One-line Reviews (90)

It's based on a true story and actually honors that, if you found this movie slow that's because if a robbery is done right the cops shouldn't be shooting at you.

King of bores .

True to real life but slow because of that .

This movie is simply about as boring a robbery film as I have ever seen.

Cinematically uninspiring.

Slow, boring and so much swearing that the swearing became boring.

but entertaining .

Not a classic, but an entertaining nostalgia-fest .

I'm still baffled how anyone can take a true story, gather a list of very talented actors, and then come up with such slow, dull and disappointing film.

And like most old people, this was slow and boring.

I actually fell asleep briefly, halfway through.

Movie script was slow moving, also hard to keep up with British slang..

The set up in the first act is somewhat promising but the bloodless performances of the actors and the weirdly uneven tone, which seems to go back and forth between a dark representation of criminals turning on one another and a weak imitation of a fast paced Soderberg film, produce a disappointing result.

there are phases of the film that are top notch,so are some of the dialouges here and there, but all in all it is a slow kinda heist,my nursing care home patients could easily have done some of the stuff,and the age is more or less same,so its a very kindly sort of 7 i give.

Perhaps it's down to the casting of so many recognisable 'national treasures' in Marsh's film, but there's definitely a generous sense of empathy that's generated towards this 'loveable' gang of rogues as they go about their business with their collective carefree, bordering on languid approach to the task.

Slow and dud .

Of course it´s a bit slow and under cooled but I found it an entertaining movie.

It stands to reason that a film about a group of older crooks, used to a more leisurely, old fashioned sort of crime, would move at a pace more in line with the characters it portrays, but all the same, sometimes Marsh allows the pace to slow down a little too much, and the film becomes a little dull.

I thoroughly enjoyed it, the story is intriguing, the acting is first rate, plus it contains some very humorous moments.

It is excrutiatingly slow ...

It's really hard to make a heist movie boring.

"King Of Thieves" is a boring disappointment.

The only thing I can conclude is that it must be so easy and dull to rob Hatton Garden that it's hard to make an exciting movie out of it...

no story to follow, awfuly slow and no character development.

Slower than a snail and abusive like a criminal .

The cast do their very best with an underdeveloped script that badly needed a polish but the film feels messy, especially in the second half when the backstabbing and confusion arrives.

Fun to see Michael Caine and other senior English actors acting again in a movie, but they all have just has gotten a bit too old to make a riveting or even funny bankheist movie.

Don't listen to the wannabe critics, this film is plain fun and entertaining!

This film has quite a slow pace and not an awful lot happens.

The pace is so slow, no dramatic cliffhanger, I do not want to spend more time writing a review because honestly it is not even worth it.

Save your money unless you want to watch a film with the most swearing in the shortest space of time.

The cast is too good, with loads of trates from each other and some might be quite unpredictable.

Really slow, boring, bad and disappointing.

A streamlined more balanced script would have helped properly utilise the quality actors they cast, cutting down on excessive and unnecessary profanities would have helped too and maybe a greater sense of fun rather than the mundane direction.

Caine portrays a man who is left alone and very sad when his lifelong partner passes away and you feel his loneliness in the scenes in his large and empty house.

Those saying it was slow are missing the point - it was slow because the players were slow and in their dotage.

Overall a tired, predictable and unoriginal crime film.

Boring .

The legendary cast of "King Of Thieves" even look bored throughout.

Just boring .

The aftermath of the robbery is as entertaining as the robbery itself.

In the end it feels like they wanted an action flick but it was too slow for that, or wanted a character piece and is poorly directed/edited for that purpose.

Slow, dull, and very disappointing.

Death, slowness, repetition, boredom.

The whole storyline feels so washed up and the way the movie progresses makes it so dull that you will find people yawning by the end of the movie.

Everything about the movie seemed contrived - the attempt to provide a "hip" soundtracks, hyper editing ala Snatch to liven up the action, and others.

This is an enjoyable film.

For a start, the film is unbelievably dull and very slow paced.

Save your money and give this a miss!

So boring that I was almost sleepy.

Just boring.

Despite this excellent a priori, the global result is bland, dull and devoid of passion.

Great (senior) actors, but they cant make up for a bland direction.

For those who say this movie is slow and low budget: what did you expect?

Entertaining imperfectly .

Too slow a pace.

This is not an action film adaptation, this is a crime film, which usually are slower and rely more on the story then the action.

That film was snappy, fast and tense plus it had to deal with its 1970s period setting in keeping with the real incident it portrays.

With the cast they got together and the true story it is based on this should have been a winner, sadly I don't think it was, poorly written and a bit dull to be honest, caine, Broadbent and company do their best but even they look a bit bored with the whole thing, could've been so good

The film is under two hours and I felt like I was watching a three hour bore fest.

The only really exciting bit is the heist and even that has its low points.

It is kinda funny sometimes, but that wont save this picture from being tedious.

At start it was interesting but gradually it became too much boring.

Slow Moving .

This movie is too slow a pace, not suspenseful at all.

Mundane and unimpressive .

So slow it could have been an advertisement for Geritol definitely disappointing not worth watching

Everything about this direction feels a bit bland and cheap.

But despite its flaws I really enjoyed it.

Save your money.

The gang-dynamics, based on the reality, are fascinating, particularly between Terry Perkins and Brian Reeder.

Why would you make a heist movie so dull?

Liked the flashbacks and enjoying elderly life But confusing settings

Very poor, slow and unnecessary .

The heist itself was ho hum and how it fell apart a dull comedy.

The story slows down after the theft but it is still engaging.

Other than that, this is a total waste of time and a talented cast.

This is mainly by way of some compelling, 'what you came for' performances and a distinct, if fleeting, visual style that makes use of the occasional bit of fast editing and some well-chosen, though sometimes jarring, archive footage.

I have to wonder if the true story is as boring as the story on film?

It will be enormously entertaining and viewers will be thrilled to see that the main characters are still active and making movies.

The characters are very engaging.

I'm stunned to read people find this slow, it's hardly designed as an action packed thriller.

It's this segment of the film that picks up the pace and provides the most suspenseful, engaging and even surprising sequences that any version of this specific story has ever conjured up.

Boring .

Other than Ray Winstone and to a certain extent Michael Caine they all look a bit lost like they have no script or direction.

At times, it's as if Marsh senses how slow and doddery it might be coming off to a more modern audience, and tries to get the cast whose CV highlights how familiar they all are at playing cold, calculating villains (no one could forget Caine as Carter!

it begins very bland, and just got worse from there.

It is intriguing seeing them plot the robbery and along the way we see snippets of each character (well actor) in their youth using snaps of them from films they were in many years earlier.

Why subtract from that glorious period by making this sort of bland rehashed material?

How do you have all those people, a good budget, good production design, and make it so slow?