Kingdom (2019) - Action, Drama, Thriller

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While strange rumors about their ill king grip a kingdom, the crown prince becomes their only hope against a mysterious plague overtaking the land.

IMDB: 8.3
Stars: Doona Bae, Greg Chun
Length: 45 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-MA
Reviews: 15 out of 199 found boring (7.53%)

One-line Reviews (88)

But delivers unique and engaging action to a familiar concept.

Highly enjoyable period zombie fun .

The acting is great, the cinematography is incredible, the production value is outstanding, and yet we are left with a plot that is pretty simple and predictable for the most part.

The settings are beautiful and the music is stunning.

While "Kingdom" is no "The Walking Dead" in a South Korean interpretation, it is still a rather enjoyable TV series because of equal parts zombie action and storytelling.

Bad writing , boring waste of time.

Everything is absolutely stunning, from the acting to the wardrobe to the atmosphere; wow.

"Kingdom" is somewhat hindered by a rather slow pacing, that while it definitely helps the movie and story, it just made me feel that it took the series forever to get up in gear and to become good.

The story has gotten quite intense.

But as a whole, highly recommended and enjoyable series.

Entertaining & SCARY.

This was crazy, insane and amazing how they set this series up and I'm starting to even wonder if they will need help from outside sources (like Japan) to their help/ aid if needed but since this was taken place in a different time era with unexpected turns (not to spoil more) this has got my definite attention and I am impatiently want to see what happens in the next season!!

The long drawn out sequences where the baddies prattle on about how evil they are and how ingenious their plans are just make the eyes roll.

The story is your typical king/prince betrayal with a zombie twist BUT the characters are boring and not very likable.

Mind blowing and speechless .

There's also the long and neverending question between slow and fast zombies.

Good story to go along with some of the most intense, suspenseful zombie action I've ever seen.

Great gripping storyline throughout with an amazing lead role.

Some of the scenes were riveting.

An entertaining medieval zombie flick that lacks the intensity of Train to Busan .


It's a quiet exciting showing.

More compelling than sex education .

An extremely exciting and entertaining mix of asian/korean historic drama and zombie horror.

The short run length of 6 episode for the first series is a breath of fresh air after drawn out shows like the marvel ones and umbrella academy.

The few plot twists they had in season one were definitely unexpected to say the least.

It has a slow pace but it still enjoyable to watch.


It's not because of the story itself but the pace is quite slow.

Stunning film.

All in all it was extremely boring to watch and i had to skip some scenes because they were unnecessary.

Kingdom on netflix was exciting.

The political struggle and the fight against zombies makes it absolutely intense.

Enjoyable, Blood-curdling Cross-Culture Take on the Zombie Genre .

very engaging .

Very enjoyable, good script, good acting, great scenery and an interesting plot while retaining all the tropes of Korean drama.

This is engaging and chilling at times.

Some of the zombie attack scenes were too drawn out, lasting over 10 minutes.

I was bored and was looking for a show to hook into when i found this and boy isn't this a fun show.

Action packed without being cheesy or boring.

To be honest I'm only at the first episode yet, but this mix of politics, conspiring, twists and zombies is just so entertaining.

But this is fine there is more great thrilling story telling to come.

But the slow pace was necessary, I suppose, because it helped establish the character gallery quite well, while offering bits and pieces of adrenaline-filled segments to the audience of things to come.

All of the unimportant stuff dragged out to fill time, Because there was no real content.

I sat down to only watch 1 episode as it looked entertaining, and the next thing I know I have binge watched the entire 1st season.

Good scenario, good acting, suspenseful and great cinematography.

The plot is superb and brings the whole season to a finger gripping on the edge of your seat, breathless ending...

While "Kingdom" is not following the average (and generic) zombie formula, it is still a very enjoyable show and it is an interesting approach on a zombie outbreak.

First - the characters development and understanding is painfully slow.

Worth the watch.

The landscape, the scenery, the costumes are all vibrant and exciting.

The sets are well made, the scenery is beautiful, the soundtrack is compelling and the action is fierce.

Some of the plot points are pretty trite and ridiculous, even for the genre.

"Kingdom" is definitely well worth watching if you are a fan of the zombie genre, and need something to fill the time in between other zombie shows.

Slow pace, to many dialogue, a bad plot story.

On the downside, I don't like my zombies to only come out at night and move quickly - the scary thing about zombies is while one is easily despatched through decapitation, they just keep coming and you are overwhelmed by slow moving numbers.

This is a damn good show that's well worth watching.

The whole season went well with its intense climax per episode, presenting storylines that filled-out my world-setting cravings.

So intriguing and clever.

Quality of the production and locations was stunning and really made it feel there no where to hide.

Must watch this it is so gripping and the unfolding of some secret are mind blowing.

As I had to places English audio to watch it, at first it was a bit hard but it got quick and enjoyable fast.

It was surprisingly enjoyable and kept me on the edge of my seat at times.

Don't waste your time .

It kept me on the edge of my seat in each episode.

There's really little wrong with it if you're looking for an entertaining zombie series with a compelling plot.

The production quality is amazing, the pacing is perfect and the story compelling.

Extremely entertaining zombie show .

Visually stunning.

This new Netflix original Korean zombie series succeeds in surprising with its fast paced narration and a few unexpected twists in a beaten to death genre.

It was a compelling story, the first episode was slow (character building), but when the action starts off it is intense.

Unexpected thrilling Story-telling .

All the elements I love, little romance, lots of tense and thrilling moments, great characters, immersion in the details of the authentic culture of the era - costumes, food social and economic values, love it, cant wait for season two.

In terms of visual aestetics the series looks stunning!

Acting is sub par, story is slow.

Story is engaging.

If I had to watch it in the cinema without controlling, I could have found this show boring.

Great story - politics, war, relationships, humorCompelling characters - strong femaleSuspenseful and funny scenes, with entertaining dialogue and surprising eventsTRUE horror elements including dread, fear of the unknown, impending doom, truly shocking scary scenes, taboo breaking & gruesome events (like mom zombies & kids).

I didn't want to have any issues or questions with it due to the engaging story, cutting edge cinematography, incredible actors and genuine horror.

Well worth watching if you enjoy zombies or aren't usually a fan.

Definitely worth watching.

So boring, slow paced and stupid.

That said, this series is really enjoyable.

All plot is heart pounding and exciting!

The downside to "Kingdom" is the slow pacing of the story.

What is done well is the slow growth from a single undead entity through to a handful and then on to an unmanageable horde and the fear and devastation that ensues parallels this escalation in numbers nicely.

Beautiful cinematography and thrilling .

Kind of mixture of the Walking Dead and the Game of Thrones.. in unfamiliar time zone.. (the Middle Age of Korea)Nice story line, Nice clothes and Palaces..I think the combination of unexpected things made quite good result..Enjoy your time...