Kiss the Girls (1997) - Crime, Drama, Mystery

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Police hunting for a serial kidnapper are helped when a victim manages to escape for the first time.

IMDB: 6.6
Director: Gary Fleder
Stars: Morgan Freeman, Ashley Judd
Length: 115 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 27 out of 148 found boring (18.24%)

One-line Reviews (126)

However, towards the end, the movie just becomes very predictable and the revelation that the killer is a policeman is far too obvious.

The movie is good, but like I said, it just got too predictable.

And Judd shows us such a boldly defined personality, which makes their dialogue scenes, after she's been developed for awhile, engrossing.

It was exciting in a depressing kind of way.

An eerie atmosphere prevails throughout and some interesting characters, tense moments and unexpected developments ensure that the action remains thoroughly engrossing right through to the movie's gripping climax.

Worth watching!

The best thing you can say about this predictable thriller is that it passes the time amiably enough, thanks to some fast pacing.

Slow, simplistic plot, irrational characters, cliched situations--this movie's got it all.

The woman is played by Ashley Judd and she is excellent, she gives the character depth and is more than just a blank slate or cliche.

Somewhat cliché but entertaining 'serial killer' movie .

This film was gripping and interesting and never boring.

Leave a thrilling, suspenseful read alone, you are discrediting it.

Sanders, Brian Cox, Tony Goldwyn, Bill Nunn and Jeremy Piven all have relatively short, but entertaining roles.

How many times do we have to have one of those slow winding end confrontational scenes where the main characters put 2 & 2 together coming to the rushed realization and whatnot?

Nothing really original, but nevertheless it's an engaging thriller that I liked quite a bit.

Plot holes insult the audience and ruin an engaging beginning .

This film may borrow from other films, and follow the usual pattern of most mystery-suspense movies, but at the same time uses new and exciting ways to make it tense and suspenseful.

I was kept on the edge of my seat and kept interested in finding out who the killer was.

Perhaps that's appropriate for this kind of movie, but the confusion seemed almost too much, although eventually everything came back together, and there's a good finish to the story.

Enjoyable Thriller, Albieit Lacking in Genuine Suspense, .

Strong direction and suspenseful pacing help immensely.

The reason for this is that it was so predictable, generic and offered no surprises throughout the almost two hours that is runs.

The whole storyline is great, with a lot of unexpected twists and turns, and a surprisingly strong ending.

The twist, which is predictable in the film, is almost impossible to spot in the book, and the final confrontation in the book is, again, much better than the way they do it in the film.

I enjoyed it and I'm glad I have it in my collection.

However, to me the plot seemed a bit too twisted and at times hard to follow.

Unfortunately, despite the cast, the James Patterson effect takes hold of "Kiss the Girls" and you walk out of the theater with that irritating sense of deja vu.

As compelling as "Seven," and perhaps even darker still.. .

Kiss The Girls is very thrilling.

Thrilling mystery.

(Maybe the book was better, but in this case I seriously doubt it, and the book would waste more of your life.

The movie is tense and enjoyable through the whole movie.

What makes the plot so riveting is the psychological trauma Cassanova and the Gentleman caller force onto their captives.

It seems as though whenever a plot point is determined by the characters, they dwell on it for a bit, until it becomes uninteresting, and then the next plot point is delivered to us.

But I will admit that it had it's boring moments.

I was really hoping for something more deep in here, but all I found was a boring guess-and-win gameshow.

Morgan Freeman and Ashley Judd give award winning performances in my mind,, Tony Goldwyn also does a fine job acting in this picture,, a forensic psychologist is called in on a case when women end up missing or dead,, among those missing are his niece, so he has a personal involvement in the case.. another woman narrowly escapes with her life from the grasp of the killer, and goes on national TV to explain what happened to her , as to bring out the killer, there she meets Alex Cross the forensic psychologist,, and together those two will team up to try and find the killer or killers.. very intriguing movie,, very fast paced action packed, thrill ride to the finish,, freeman and judd give fine performances in this picture,, this is a definite recommend to anyone a fan of the genre.

The unfortunate thing about this film is that it is too predictable, the only bits I found with some interest are Freeman talking to a woman with a gun she is pointing to her face, and Judd's escape in the woods and jumping off the cliff.

"Kiss the Girls" from 1997 is a suspenseful, often disturbing, sometimes violent film starring Morgan Freeman and Ashley Judd.

The book is just as scary and suspenseful and the movie, aside from a few subtle differences, sticks pretty faithful to the book.

Ashley Judd is riveting as a kick-boxing doctor whose strong willpower can make her an appropriate inspiration and role model for young females.

This is worth watching once.

It's fascinating to see a professional transcend this material so easily.

Intriguing movie with excellent plot .

Things were much too predictable.

Other than that, this is a good, entertaining movie that is definitely worth a watch, especially if you liked High Crimes, which just came out starring Freeman and Judd.

Unfortunately, this is yet another mystery (after the previous year's "Unforgettable"), in which the resolution, meant to be a shocking surprise, is actually rather predictable (POSSIBLE SPOILER: just look for the unnecessary characters).

This was my first Gary Fleder film, and I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed it.

A "Keep Ya On The Edge of Your Seat Psychological Thriller" .

Overall I wouldn't say this is a great film but it is well worth watching if you are a fan of the genre.

When Ashley Judd, the heroine of "Kiss the girls" gets dragged to an underground dungeon, where she locked up along with a dozen other damsels, the setting is as ripely corn as any fogbound horror movie trope of the '30s and so is the homicidal phantom's "creepy" operatic spiel about his desire for perfect love.

It keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Highly recommend it

The twists and turns of the plot were exciting and unpredictable.

Visually, it's really pretty dull.

I enjoyed this from start to finish, and it was so immensely involving and exciting that I was on the edge of my seat the entire time.

While the movie leaves some loose ends, it's still good tension and action fun, and worth the watch.

Only the formulaic ending dampens the enjoyment of this tingler.

The fascinating duality of the villain doesn't double the terror like it should.

Kiss The Girls is suspenseful and entertaining.

Instead, this lukewarm, pretentious drivel that is an absolute letdown.

These books are my favorite they are suspenseful, tricky, mindblowing, and detailed.

Morgan Freeman has made a small fortune off appearing in tripe like Kiss the Girls--small-scaled and harmlessly dull middle-aged wife flicks that appear in theaters and then the video stores in a blink of an eye.

If there is one downfall to this movie, I think the ending was drawn out a little too long; it did not end when I expected it to.

The editing is occasionally poor and the script confusing, not giving us enough time to register what characters are saying before dashing on in a mad panic to the next scene.

" Yet, if you have absolutely nothing pressing to do (like masticating your food or breathing), Kiss the Girls or Double Jeopardy or the-cut-from-the-same-cloth-but-with-Monica-Potter-instead Along Came a Spider are all bland, well-chewed globs of pap that will neither hurt nor help your digestion.

The mystery loses its much tension, and the film is all down hill from there-even the somewhat predictable final twist isn't nearly as effective as it could have been due to this blemish.

Moving way too slow, with a rambling script and terrible casting, it's a predictable and boring piece of routine Hollywood produce.

The book, constantly had me on the edge, and constantly kept me guessing.

And as I have already mentioned, Kiss the Girls is kinda predictable.

*****(MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS)***** "Kiss the Girls" is a thrilling and actionus mystery that keeps you at the edge of your seat.

It's a decent movie, but the ending got predictable .

Kiss the Girls (1997)Not a bad film, "entertaining" in the sense of sitting back and watching an episode of Bones or CSI.

You've been there before, you've gone to that movie before, and in a few short days this film is going to blend in a confusing mess with all the other films you've seen that were almost exactly like it.

"Kiss the Girls" starts out with an intriguing story, taken from the successful novel by James Patterson.

He can do this stuff in his sleep, but he was still very engaging to watch.

It is sacrificed for uninteresting Police Procedures and Crime Scenes and Thriller Movie Clichés.

This movie was enjoyable to watch despite the changes from the novel as the script was mostly well written despite continuity and factual errors.

Rather boring .

Dark, suspenseful, fantastic .

A equally strong minded Ashley Judd performs well, and the cat-and-mouse game we witness in their attempts to nail this beast is compelling viewing.

It is definitely worth watching.

Gary Fleder's solid direction helped with the plot's suspenseful pacing and generated enough tension to keep the movie attention-grabbing; I especially liked the part where McTiernan attempts to escape from the kidnapper in a heart-pumping game of cat and mouse.

This becomes a truly taut thriller - very exciting, and with a real sense of suspense about exactly how this is going to be resolved.

Not only that but British television produced an avanlance of TV shows along the same lines , programmes like SILENT WITNESS , CRACKER , TOUCHING EVIL , MESSIAH etcThe problem with this type of story is that it's entirely formulaic , people are murdered and a cop has to find out who it is before he kills again .

Actually it is decent, compelling viewing.

The plot is fascinating and will most likely keep you on the edge of your seat and holding onto the arm of your chair.

I rate it "7" of 10, because it is very well done, and entertaining to watch.

Verdict: Still, an engrossing picture.

Even after the movie's almost fatal second act flaw, however, it still offers scenes of suspense that work well, a villain that is well developed, an atmosphere which is occasionally spectacular and performances that are convincing and intriguing.

Unfortunately, the writing is dull and the only thing going for the character is Freeman's charismatic acting, as his character seems only capable of dispensing Z-grade pop psychology.

A Scary, Action Packed, Thrilling Mystery.

Of course, plot twists abound (you get plenty of surprises about who the killer might be), until the inevitable (and a bit predictable) violent conclusion.

But the most entertaining film in the scene was the climax.

I found Ashley Judd very unconvincing, for the things her character undergoes she never seems traumatised by it at all, she is at ease all the time, I do not think she is a poor actress, but she simply is not vulnerable enough for that role All in all, Kiss the Girls is an enjoyable film that is worth the watch if you are looking for a good crime or mystery, just do not expect perfection.

Even so, there is something very unexpected waiting...

Starting with its problems, the script does have a tendency to become mechanical, and while the film's story starts off very well and really intriguing, it loses steam at the end for two reasons.

Smart and intriguing .

What follows is a thrilling search for solutions and the viewer is presented with bits and glimpses that continually leads him or her into a wrong track - thereby saving the true solutions to the last 20 minutes of the movie.

It was, on the other hand, light on real suspense, the most thrilling bits are the things you only hear about, not see.

The movie itself was sort of suspenseful.

Thereafter, the tension is lost and the movie turns into a banal cat and mouse game.

KISS THE GIRLS is a perversely provocative thriller with such stunning photography.

A thrilling movie from start to finish, mixed with powerful performances and smart direction, Kiss The Girls is a great adaptation of the James Patterson novel, and is a film that should not disappoint.

Either way it's only a slight distraction in a film that overall is very compelling.

A compelling detective thriller.

Engaging .

Yet another predictable thriller....

On the other hand, the film is very atmospherically shot, the cinematography is really very good, and the music is suspenseful.

Freeman and Judd are both fine actors, making this truly a waste of time and talent.

Exciting Thrill a Minute Film .

exciting thriller with 2 top stars .

Any film that starts off with Morgan Freeman (Alex Cross) in the scene and blues playing in the background must be worth watching, mustn't it?

If done cleverly, the viewer/detective becomes immersed and vulnerable to whatever manipulations the filmmaker has in store.

The ending of "Kiss The Girls" was as contrived as it can get with Casanova, who was so careful during the entire movie, for no reason at all exposing himself and ending up getting his brains blown out by Cross.

" Still this film's portrayal of the psychotic terror that lurks within ALL of us is both compelling and frightening.

But not even he can rise above the hackneyed direction (endless slow-motion, waving the camera about in the woods, yawn...

Intense and well performed .

David Klass did a good job in writing the screenplay, adapting from James Patterson's novel, making a movie where the story is fresh and intriguing.

Intriguing until it becomes all too obvious who the killer is.

For a mainstream thriller from Hollywood, this adaptation of the James Patterson novel is actually pretty entertaining.

After enduring the dross that is ALEX CROSS (2012), I decided to revisit the earlier two feature films featuring the character, as I remembered them being reasonably enjoyable thrillers.

Loses steam towards the end, but the cast and photography help carry an otherwise compelling thriller .

This movie was so contrived, all one can do is throw one's arms up in the air.

If you find this a little confusing, wait until you see the movie.

This film is a highly recommended and thrilling film.