Kites (2010) - Action, Drama, Romance

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A wounded man searches for his sweetheart in the Mexican desert while on the run from the police, bounty hunters, and others.

Director: Anurag Basu
Stars: Hrithik Roshan, Steven Michael Quezada
Length: 123 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 29 out of 111 found boring (26.12%)

One-line Reviews (92)

Still, a bold and intriguing experiment, well worth watching.

Many people here have complained that the first half of the movie is slow and disengaging.

"Kites" is a bravely attempted film well worth watching for many unique elements.

In short don't waste your money in this movie.

But then that's what the production is: Spectacularly boring.


Breathtaking action sequences.

Overall, It has some adrenaline rush,romance & good ending.

What a waste of talent and money.

i was on the edge...

Don't waste your money...

no story line !

What a waste of money and time,Hritik had done this type of movie in past ,Aap mujhe acche...

Strangely, the action packed second half doesn't have much action to boast of - save the chase scene on the Mexican highway.

The narrative is filled with flashbacks and some sequences are devoid of words, resulting in a very confusing development which distracts from the main proceedings.

But no, we have seen it all (Yawn!

From there on, its pretty much predictable.

First half of the movie was so slow and dragging that I saw few people walking out of the theater.

In the end if the movie is worth the watch or does it belong to the league of films that don't live-up to the pre-release hype???

Don't waste your money and time on this pathetic melodrama.

Some wonderful acting, great music, stunning dance by H, thriller, great cinematography and so on.

a complete waste of money and time !

Hrithik's dance sequence is the only part worth enjoyable.

Worth watching once.

,& Muzse Dosti Karoge,same boring stuff he had done with the "Kites".

You cannot feel the so-called intense love between the characters.

Overall I really enjoyed it.

the intense feeling of love can be feeled after watching this movie.

Looking at the track record of Hrithik Roshan, Rakesh Roshan and Anurag Basu, a very polished, well worked upon and entertaining movie was being expected from the trio.

The intense love between Hrithik and Barbara has been portrayed with utter perfection.

Finally its worth watching for the effort the makers have kept.

That description sounds boring no?

The music is forgettable and bland - nothing catchy at all.

), seen better (Yawn Yawn!

Action:Good, but quite repetitive.

We left like as if we were being dragged on a concrete floor on a bare butt.

Music is pretty average and sometimes boring though the background score is excellent (especially the Spanish / English song which plays in the background and is prominently heard through most of the trailers).

A movie could be anything but boring which Kites sadly is.

Basu seemed to champion cars smashing against cars followed by noisy explosions, and exploits this so much that it becomes generic and a formulaic yawn.

Well then you have hit bulls-eye – Kites is indeed a breathtaking movie.

Such moments were even drawing yawns from audience, to my surprise it wasn't just me.

The cinematography is simply mind blowing, the movie took us to various locales which we have never seen in a Bollywood movie before.

Surely, the movie doesn't tell a completely unique or 'not seen/heard before' kind of love story; but the direction, great acting and the composing elements like scenes, landscapes, cinematography and music does make it worth watching for a great experience, when you are completely free and in a blue/romantic mood.

First of all, the statement "closest ever bollywood's been to Hollywood" is confusing.

An enormous bore with Hrithik being the only ray of light.

Kites tried hard to fly with banality!!.

Overall a very good movie to waste money and time and to laugh after watching...

With a predictable story, and over two hours runtime, what is that keeps you in the movie, i.

Some action sequences are entertaining and so are some of Hrithik and Barbara's scenes together.

Again the movie is painstakingly slow in the first half and goes haywire in the second.

Kites is basically a intense love story with an ordinary story that has resemblances of movies in 70s .

It has no story, no plan, no direction !

The mature and even compelling performance he delivers here as a grey character lifts "Kites" to another level.

The script and the concept are all same but the location of the movie shooted and the presentation is different with lots of confusion in the screen play.

In short, this movie is real bore!!!.

The movie is full of confusion.

Many of the moments in the movie that were intended to be intense were moving so slow, it became extremely painful to watch.

it was predictable from the fact like good pictures such as "Swades" and "lakshya" failed to set a mark on box office then a movie like "Kites" certainly cant be a blockbuster keeping this fact in mind.

Other than that it's a Total Adrenaline movie, with great cast and good locations.

Its just plain boring.

the first number was spectacular and lead actor:s moves were mind blowing.

It was all disconnected and dryThe director got bored and started blowing up cop cars.

His stunning looks are even more enhanced in this film, his body is a sculpture, he can dance like he has no bones and most importantly, he can act well too- a complete package really.

While the first half of the film drags through, the second half is a cinematographer's delight - moving all over the stunning Mexican landscapes.

This movie is worth watching every minute, u will be amazed by beautiful cinematography and beautiful story, not like other Indian movies..beautiful, beautiful movie...

The movie was going good until the love story started between Hrithik and Babra it slowed down and it got very boring.

Hrithik and Barbara set the screen ablaze even if its only in the form of repetitive looks, stares and glares at each other.

2 hrs of boredom.

This movie is really boring.

The script is very poor and the story is generally uninspiring and at points does not even make sense.

His stunning looks alternate between being some Greek god to an amorous Mexican to an Italian charmer.

the plot is as predictable as in any typical love story...........

Waste of money and time.

With some Intense Physical scenes and unique narration which really required for the story material, I think this movie is going to be a "Love It or Hate It" category.

The climax is sooo boring that one wants to quit the show before its end.

But the movie is poorly directed, very slow and dragging and extremely boring.

Actress(Barbara) :Looking stunning,acted OK.

and YES I have seen the movie 3 times..Hrithik is mind blowing as always..I just want to say that those who think that its a boring movie those people really have no idea how to rate a movie...

A movie worth watching on a weekend with family.

it is better than movies release with same boring, predictable stuff on nowadays.

You know there are times when we've gotta be impetuous and need to have some adrenaline rush.

That explains how pointless and lifeless this movie was.

Direction was bad, screenplay is sometimes slow and other times even slower.

Don't waste your money by going to theater.

the resulting babel was confusing enough even for someone like me who's used to reading subtitles.

Sensual scenes,boring story,illogical matter and blah blah blah.

i saw loads of people in the front seats holding there heads due to how bored they got.

Plus, the moments between J and Natasha during the second half can get quite boring since neither are they engrossing nor do they offer any character development.

The flash-backs are not just too many, erratic and confusing to the viewer.

Hrithik is stunning and so is Barbara and all the cast - not a bit of over or under acting - just perfect and absolutely flawless !

A torture.

The action scenes are simply superb and completely succeed in giving you in adrenaline rush.