Knives Out (2019) - Comedy, Crime, Drama

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A detective investigates the death of a patriarch of an eccentric, combative family.

IMDB: 8.1
Director: Rian Johnson
Stars: Daniel Craig, Chris Evans
Length: 130 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 66 out of 479 found boring (13.77%)

One-line Reviews (322)

Bringing back the classic whoddunit in amazingly entertaining fashion - 8/10 ⭐ .

The movie had a nice, but unexpected ending.

I highly recommend it, even if you don't like the director or these types of movies.

We all enjoyed it.

For this is a really entertaining film.

Boring .

It is fun, enjoyable and interesting.

The film's first act is really strong, with great production design of the Thrombley family mansion, a good score and clever use of musical cues, sufficient character development, and some snappy and well-paced writing.

In reality there not much cleverness here, while it constantly feels like the movie is trying too hard, and comes across as very pretentious and smugish.

It's a cute way to pass 2 hours when your bored.

The film is most of all engaging, and Johnson is just the right guy to make one the most entertaining films of the year.

The people who gave this low reviews are prob those who get bored with a lot of dialogue.

Razor sharp, unpredictable and thrilling .

Many twists and turns that keep you on the edge of your seat.

Knives out is a somewhat tedious, somewhat hammy whodunit.

all of which have nothing to do with the various motivations of his heirs to do him in, established in some detail - the most entertaining part of the movie.

An engaging, tense, fun murder mystery.

Despite what the marketing would have you believe, Daniel "Bored Of Bond" Craig isn't the protagonist.

All in all, the movie delivers on an entertaining, not-so-family-friendly mystery that should leave you walking out satisfied.

Showcasing a range of emotions throughout the film, she's certainly the strongest of the cast and an exciting talent that will most definitely have people talking.

I enjoy films that are entertaining, make me think and try to guess whodunnit, and then gives an explanation that makes sense.

Very slow, very flat and Daniel Craig's performance was cringeworthy, he just couldn't pull off the role and it seemed forced and unbelievable.

Then very quickly we are immersed in the plot and it keeps us in breath from beginning to end.

One of the few films over the last year that I lost track of time and was fully immersed in.

Entertaining cluedo movie 😊 .

This was very entertaining and fun to watch.

Maybe I see the day when all Disney fosterling get their R-rating for propaganda and strong political themes.

The focus is lost amid several twists and turns, some predictable, some nonsensical, which is exactly what a twist shouldn't be.

It is the best depiction of the current state of affaires I have seen that is also funny and entertaining.

It was suspenseful and well played.

Knives Out is entertaining and quite a win.

Thoroughly entertaining from start to finish

If you are looking for a light, entertaining film, this is a good choice.

This movie is different from other detective-murder movies, but it still brings a lot of effect that makes it fun and entertaining till the very end

One of the most ridiculously entertaining murder mysteries to grace cinema screens in a long time .

It was hilarious and the twists and turns kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time.

The entire experience is engrossing, and, while the story did not quite go where I initially expected, the ending was great, and actually smart.

this movie is entertaining, for over 2 hours and reminds me how funny Daniel Craig can be.

He was at least oddly entertaining.

Don't waste your time or money .

And certain scenes were slightly dragged that either gave some clues away or felt boring.

It is very entertaining and enjoyable, combining equal parts suspense and comedy.

Thoroughly enjoyed it.

From the plot to the dialogue to the very last gasps of the denouement, Johnson keeps the audience completely rapt and on the edge of their seats wishing the saga could somehow continue ad infinitum.

Even though nitpicking a movie like this is kind of ridiculous, due to the nature of it needing to contain twists and turns, I have to admit that the movie is slightly predictable, even though it leads you to believe it's not.

Original and very entertaining.

My guess is that those 591 people have in fact NOT seen this movie and are little more than pathetic trolls trying to downvote this movie because of their comically overblown intense hatred for The Last Jedi and Rian Johnson.

I found it very entertaining!

It's a bland murder mystery with a good cast that is WAY too long and never delivers on any front.

Cause in the case of this movie, Knives Out is a expertly crafted murder mystery with thrilling twists, a pitch perfect cast, and a experience for everyone to get a kick out of.

It engulfs its qualities into an engaging old-fashioned thriller mystery, and finally weaves a socio-political commentary that works as a unique American story affected by the latest radical changes in its recent decades.

Only he hasn't been overdosed because of an incredibly contrived series of events .

This movie was boring and predictable.

It's incredibly entertaining and very breezy and accessible, and I don't say that as a negative.

Self indulgent caper movie falls apart after 20 minutes .

Great great I really enjoyed it please watch it I like this cast

From then on its an exciting rolooer coaster with twists and turns and comedic momentts such as Marts's attempts to hide evidence and her vomiting into random things after lying.

Rian Johnson's direction is anemic as he relies on guilty expressions in wide angle to advance his predictable plot that attempts to have two mysteries (one to clear our heroine, one to find the real culprit ) hanging in the balance and both are torpidly pursued.

I suspect that was purposeful, however, as an emotional gun-punch was introduced, along with layers of wit and intrigue, that built to an immensely satisfying (and truly unexpected) finale!

A bland script, dull characters, a totally miscast Daniel Craig with an awful Southern accent and you are in for a painful night at the cinema.

I really enjoyed it!

Pretty bland .

If you love an entertaining old-style mystery you can't go wrong here.

This could've been a perfectly enjoyable 1h40m popcorn flick for the Christmas season.

The humor inside the movie was at times contrived and not funny at all.

4 of 8 fell asleep at one point and all 8 of us were underwhelmed.

To be honest, I became bored during the first half of the movie, the second half picked up somewhat.

Waste of time and talent.

While the film has some laughs and moments of sharp writing that make it a somewhat entertaining diversion, it unfortunately feels less than the sum of its parts.

It's well done, glossy, slick but ultimately empty as an election promise.

Knifes Out has its merits, and it is entertaining.

Nothing great, but entertaining .

OVERALL Knives Out is an enjoyable movie specially with family.

But the movie was just plain boaring, formulaic and predictable.

The cast looks like their having a blast, the characters are diverse and mysterious, the story is engaging and features enough curve balls to keep the reveal a mystery and the setting is a fun old school throwback that I enjoyed as well.

The ending was also unpredictable which for this day in age is an achievement.

It's funny when it needs to be and suspenseful when it neds to be.

It kept me on the edge of my seat and had me guessing at every clue.

Worth watching for sure .

The all-star cast delivered a very entertaining film that gave us a great homage to one of my favorite literary authors Agatha Christie, yet managed to deliver an original and exciting entry to the genra.

Absolute entertaining whodunit for the whole family .

But, as empty vase makes the most noice, up till then, most audience would be confident that they're all red herrings (Toni Collette is toothsome in her shameless freeloader mannerism as Joni, the widow of Harlan's deceased son).

Very entertaining.

Lame and tiresome .

There are clues in there, though the writers threw some curves aiming at confusing you in a good way.

Compelling, brilliantly acted, wonderfully original, and an absolute blast .

Yes, there were some very funny and entertaining parts.

Really enjoyable, if slightly overpraised (at the moment) for my money, murder mystery from Rian Johnson.

Worth watching .

All in all,a highly enjoyable experience; I recommend it.

The talent on screen captures the narrative, with sharp and witty dialogue, perfect directing and incredible pool of talented actors especially Danniel Craig, it makes this movie phenomenal and entertaining.

Good plot, mostly unexpected and kept the audience on the edge throughout the movie.

Things are entertaining and funny.

Now coming to the man for whom I had to sit in an empty theatre.

Very suspenseful!

With its issues, The Last Jedi was still a film with some great moments and interesting ideas and the man who gave us Brick and Looper has always been a fine filmmaker with runs on the board, so it's great to see the keen aficionado of mystery and whodunits deliver an enjoyable and fun romp without any pre-conceived constraints holding him back.

Rip-roaringly entertaining Whodunnit from Rian Johnson .

Really entertaining and overall very good movie

The only one who seems to genuinely care for him is his immigrant nurse Marta Cabrera, and after the will is read, it turns into a witch-hunt against the unexpected beneficiary of Harlan's fortune.

Murder mysteries are formulaic.

Add the really suspenseful plot to the film, and you get a great bag of entertainment.

Thrilling .

It's an enjoyable ride, and there's more fun to be had after the film has finished in trying to remember all the plot twists and see if they check out.

Acting was great and the story was very entertaining, I was guessing throughout!

My Review -Knives Out My Rating 7:10I'm a little either side of appreciating this film it's very entertaining and well acted with a great cast including Daniel Craig who is very good as the Colonel Sanders Hercule Poirot also Jamie Lee Curtis as Linda Drysdale the matriarch of a dysfunctional family of self centred opportunistic characters .

Any armchair detective or moviegoer should enjoy this intriguing diversion.

You come to expect the unexpected so I wasn't blown away.

The story was engaging with a satisfying ending!

However it's at 97%, and I fell asleep during the slow part in act 2.

Funny, smart and engrossing .

The cinematography is breathtaking, my favorite being the scene in which the Thrombleys learn that Marta will gain all of Harlan's assets.

Overrated and Boring .

The high saturation and crazy colorful sets should grab the interest of most viewers aswell, though I do find the cinematography quite formulaic.

So entertaining and unpredictable!!

Rambling up such a mix of well known talents with exciting new faces, is a genius combo.

This is a mystery cliché-free zone.

It is delightfully unpredictable.

It's intriguing, thick with a plot, has star appeal, is mounted on a lavish scale and is taut.

So then it just was really boring waiting for it to end.

Mildly entertaining with a great cast and high production value.

One Of The Best Films Of The Year, And Certainly Amongst The Most Entertaining .

yawn ...

You might read a lot of skepticism about this movie with regards to it not being original enough, casting known actors to make up for the lack of a story, etc. But as someone who has seen this movie recently, I have to tell you that this is one heck of an entertaining movie.

I find the plot very suspenseful, and it really turns in a different direction every time you think you have it figured out.

The movie was extremely exciting and kept the plot moving very well, and at good pace unlike some other movies.

I saw this film today, and left wishing to see it again in the cinema - a thoroughly enjoyable affair, with a whodunnit with more twists and turns than the Nürburgring.

I very much enjoyed it, when you thought you had it figured out they then change direction and cover it well!

I'm not saying those scenes didn't need to be there, but I'm just saying the second act is slower isn't as interesting as the first and third acts.

Definitely check this one out it's really good, really enjoyable and an absolute killer (no pun intended).

This film is terrifically entertaining and will leave you in awe of its pay off.

Entertaining Whodunit .

Entertaining quirky a bit too clever .

The biggest and earliest cliché dodge of the movie is in revealing the details of Harlan Thrombey's death in the first half an hour.

Engaging until the end.

To be honest the movie is below average, and I found it more annoying than entertaining.

Knives Out displays Riveting Acting from the All-Star Cast.

This might sound negative, but the film is entertaining.

There are some other elements to the story that were stupid, but other than that it was a thoroughly enjoyable film with an amazing cast, great acting, a solid script, and pretty good directing.

It's fun, it's thrilling, it's wacky, it has so many twists and turns that it always keeps you guessing.

It's boring .

It's an entertaining movie with Daniel Craig again showing he can do a believable southern accent, if you can overlook the pointless political shouting.

I've had more fun watching paint dry.


It's no masterpiece, but this gets me excited for what new and engaging stories Johnson has up his sleeves - just stay away from 'Star Wars'.

"Knives Out" is a whodunnit murder mystery movie that had both an entertaining and compelling plot.

It was fun, suspenseful, hilarious and clever.

It opens with a policeman interviewing each sibling or family member of Harlan Thrombey (Christopher Plummer) who is now dead, was an interesting introduction to each character as they were questioned, but boring to me with the same chair and back and forth memories in audio and not visual!

This movie is predictable and it's attempts at humor are juvenile and fall flat.

I can say that I'm glad I saw it in a theater to support movie going, but Rian has really overhyped this movie and wants you to believe it's a masterpiece he's created when it's really a slow-moving mediocre film at best without much substance at all.

Making for a gripping, unpredictable story that should appeal to most.

First of all, I prefer being fooled and end up blown away by an unexpected conclusion than solving the whole thing way before time's up and end up disappointed and bored.

Absolutely thrilling .

They were just chewing it up and the banter between them was so entertaining to watch.

Starts of good but then just becomes boring ..I found myself looking at my watch alot .

This movie is fun, I enjoyed it a lot and I wasn't too sure I would based off the negative reviews I read on imdb.

With Knives Out, Rian Johnson has woven a tapestry of delightful twists and turns to keep the audience on their toes and guessing right until the end, littered with memorable dialogue and enough family feuding to last a lifetime ensuring the path to the truth is an extremely entertaining one.

The movie had numerous twists and turns that were unexpected and shocking.

Don't waste your money.

The little clues he gives you throughout were very clever and it kept me on the edge of my seat, literally.

Absolutely boring and shameful ripoff of Clue .

Incredibly boring .

Pretentious Waste of Time by a Egotistical Hack .

Rian Johnson has crafted an enjoyable new spin on the murder mystery genre.

) I love Agatha Christie as well as the cast of this film, and was looking forward to an entertaining and darkly hilarious homage to classic murder mysteries.

All that being said, I still recommend Knives Out as it is upbeat, funny and most importantly intriguing all the way until the credits.

However, the pacing is slow and the "big twist" is quite underwhelming.

It is a very funny movie that shifts from the light humor to the pitch dark, a clever and maximally entertaining spectrum.

The score is perfect, I mean it is so good and thrilling.

Highly enjoyable and done in a somewhat unique way and it's generally really smart

I want to start by giving props to the editor, this movie really allowed for pauses to build tension and create a very slow burning rhythm that compliments the story pushing both the stylistic and narrative components to further heights.

It's just really boring.

I can't get into what I didn't like too much without going into spoilers etc, but all in all I enjoyed it for what it was, instead of hating it for what it wasn't.

But Rian Johnson here pulls off a neat trick with the script which is brilliantly twisty and turny and 100% entertaining.

After giving us the godawful Star Wars movie The Last Jedi, I was ready to get my knives out for anything directed by Rian Johnson, but I was pleasantly surprised by this engrossing, star-studded whodunit.

If the patriarch wanted to help Marta he didn't have to leave her everything.

I found the ending to be slightly rushed, but overall, the film comes across as funny, smart, and unpredictable, all at the same time.

The most entertaining movie of this year .

They use delayed whip pans to really give a very unique whimsical feeling when watching the film, this along with slow zooms and low angle shots advance the audiences perception of the cinematic world.

IN BRIEF: An highly entertaining murder mystery that harks back to an early time and succeeds as a delightful tribute to the classic whodunnit genre.

But, similar to the last highly rated whodunnit, Murder on the Orient Express, I was left feeling somewhat underwhelmed and, dare I say it, bored.

But it all fell apart once the first twist is revealed and Rian Johnson starts getting self indulgent.

Unlike other mysteries, this movie was not centered around the detective, which was a very entertaining aspect to the movie.

Predictable NOTING NEW .

That's fascinating.

Entertaining .

And yet it is so gripping that it is one of the best paced films of 2019.

I was bored/irritated.

Starring Jamie Lee Curtis, Michael Shannon, Chris Evans, Don Johnson and Toni Collette in very important roles, Knives Out makes for a compelling watch.

Every single time I thought that the story had nothing left to offer and it seems like I got it all figured out, the plot would through a new curved ball again and again until it simply dumped the entire basket over my head in an exciting finale.

After watching it I was let down and kind of bored.

The movie is highly engaging not predictable and all around a blast.

To my surprise the film was very entertaining, with funny moments and i found myself enjoying it quite a lot.

Don't waste your money and time.

Rian Johnson has created an extremely thrilling crime drama, that uses the collective skills of its excellent cast to great effect.

Enjoyable, and just a little ridiculous .

But the crowning achievement is the characters and the snappy dialogue they are given.

Disappointing but still enjoyable .

Other than that, a semi-entertaining, mediocre and ultimate forgettable film.

Smart,fun,&very entertaining .

Currently I watched the movie Clue before seeing this movie and I was just astonished from the beginning to end so enjoyable.

Starring Christopher Plummer, Daniel Craig, Chris Evans, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Ana de Armas, it is one of the most ridiculously entertaining murder mysteries to grace cinema screens in a long time.

The film decides to stay away from the traditional sense and plot lines of murder mystery stories, and goes for an unexpected route that proves to as equally interesting as it is incredibly entertaining.

The movie was below par, the story was so predictable from the beginning.

Will probably be among the most fun you have at a theatre this year and fans of Agatha Christie and old murder mystery stories will have plenty to love here - a nostalgically entertaining time!

The story is fun and engaging and always keeps you on your toes.

Here I will say just a few words, focusing on one significant aspect of Knives Out which is an extraordinarily entertaining and clever film.

The acting is good for the most part but the plot twists are mostly predictable and not that clever.

Writing is outstanding, infused with a surprising amount of unexpected humour.

Knives Out is a great whodunit that's unpredictable and extremely funny, skillfully playing with the tropes and conventions of a murder mystery.

Rian Johnson's Knives Out is a perfectly entertaining thriller/mystery movie, with an all-star cast, a compelling and intriguing plot, and a very poor accent from Daniel Craig.

Liked a lot - Characters were eclectic, although not too original, but were very entertaining.

Once it starts it just keeps going and it just flies by with a very snappy pace and clever twists.

The pace is slow and the misdirection to me was obvious.


well, a very enjoyable second half.

It's unpredictable and engaging throughout, peppered with the sort of surprises that the genre demands.

An endlessly enjoyable & wildly entertaining cinematic ride that's accomplished in nearly all aspects and features a brilliant cast that nails the brief with effortless ease, Johnson's modern take on the whodunnit is one of the best films of 2019, and certainly amongst the most entertaining.

What it is, is a very, very entertaining film which has - if those who need to say yes to such things do so - the clear capacity to produce a sequel or three.

In the end, this is a surprisingly intelligent and entertaining experience.

" Knives Out " is really an intriguing whodunit mystery- thriller movie, with refreshing twists and turns.

Dear film buffs save your money.

Little nitpicks but overall enjoyable.

Anyone who has actually seen this film would be brain-dead to rate it low or to not give it a good review because this film is so freaking entertaining!

But, if you're looking for an entertaining, clever film that will have you thinking and on your toes, then go see this movie.

A few flat jokes and one minor limp reveal cannot ruin what is otherwise one of 2019's most enjoyable films.

The acting was great and I really enjoyed it.

Because they deserve it for propaganda to the children.

It is enjoyable and funny to watch.

The Dialogue and characters are all super pretentious, and don't speak like real people so it's hard to care at all what happens.

Very, very boring.

Rian Johnson's Brilliant Whodunit Is Unceasingly Engaging .

Awesome movie confusing end .

This is an intelligent and witty version of Cluedo in film that is entertaining throughout.

I have to admit that I was on the edge of my seat the entire movie!

All of the characters were realistic, great acting, plot was unpredictable and unique.

It felt formulaic at times.


Along with a fun performance by a remarkable cast of A listers, Rian Johnson delivered a coherent and entertaining story for the genre, even taking it one step further - without getting into any spoilers.

Had me on the edge of my seat the whole time.

his british voice would have made the movie much more pleasant and entertaining.

has lots of twists and turns, and is genuinely entertaining.

This was a slow SLOW moving movie with little to no tension and a predictable ending.

It uses its cinematic awareness to craft a devilishly enjoyable fable, a fun and evolving mystery that delivers the goods on pretty much all fronts.

But I thought it was still pretty solid and entertaining.

Though it's not entirely type of Sherlock Holmes movie, but the thrilling and mysterious enough to hold the audience attached to the screen.

Too many names to place I'll say that Craig was entertaining in his role of Colonel Saunders (a running joke) meeting James Bond as the detective, primarily in his interactions with Marta.

"Knives Out" is a perfectly entertaining, perfectly agreeable little film, a star-studded old-style murder-mystery that's good fun while it lasts.

I would rather have played clue that watch this as it was slow and in the end lacked a plausible payoff, ugh.

This carries over into movies but I have to admit when they're done right, they can be breathtaking (Gone Girl, A Simple Favour are both excellent movies that have come out recently).

I thought it was a thoroughly enjoyable movie with a great cast and some fun twists and turns.

A pretty bland whodunit that think's it's more intelligent than it is.

A perfect example of an uninspired writer/director, with a complete lack of originality, who uses a boring overused premise and accomplishes nothing new or interesting in the least.

He made the film more enjoyable.

An enjoyable watch although the movie probably will not lose much when it is shown on the small screen.

Hilarious and (most importantly) unexpected.

I sort of felt like the story was slow going and the build up to the final reveal could have been streamlined.

The audience seems to get the upper hand before the team of detectives start their deductions, making the story more complex and entertaining.

Don't waste your time or your hopes.

The writing is pretty great with the twists and turns blindsiding you at times making it more and more intriguing as the mystery slowly unravels.

Satisfying ending - nothing revolutionary, but enjoyable.

An exciting who done it.

The plot was a little predictable and irritating.

A complex and well-written film that is entertaining from start to end.

This boring predictable rehash of an murder she wrote episode, is another social conditioning exercise disguised as entertainment.

Highly entertaining, great twists & storyline, with an excellent cast.

Predictable boring and Awful attempted Humour .

Well I enjoyed it & while the cast all have time to shine it is Daniel Craig with his Southern drawl & especially Ana de Armas that steal the show.

They both dozed off to sleep during this tedious nonsense.

That said, there were enough surprises to make you laugh, think, or even cringe and that keeps it from being too predictable!

When you read the bad reviews they point towards unfunny jokes, slow pace, and some bad acting leading to that score.

Wonderful, fun and enjoyable.

Okay, I really enjoyed this movie however, I thought the movie would of been more intense like the girl with the dragon tattoo movie.

The story is intriguing and the pacing is near perfect.

Most entertaining film i have seen all this year......

Watching the characters interact is easily the most entertaining part.

The twists in this movie are unexpected.

Dare I say, well worth watching.

Really entertaining .

At times, the movie was quite convoluted and confusing for me.

It is the most entertaining movie i have seen all year.

After a full day of Thanksgiving, including the often-thrilling mysterious dinner, Knives is a welcome joy and reflection, happily neglecting to murder smart-aleck patriarchs like me.

Knives Out is entertaining, charming, and endearing.

This film, and specifically Blanc, brilliantly walks the line between campiness and seriousness; and, in doing so, is one of the most enjoyable theater-going experiences of the year.

The boring, formulaic and deadbeat humorless dialog, the storyline, the scenarios and the plot were heavily copycatted from BBC's "Masterpiece" and "Mysteries" dramas, most were written, scripted and adapted from a bunch British housewives kitchen writers with poor logic and reasoning.

Not the best film of the year, but very entertaining and well-made .

yawn .

The grand explanation with the switching of the medicine is confusing and unconvincing.

He makes us think a particular character follows a specific cliche, then it doesn't, then it does again...

It is boring and is one of those subverting expectations movies.. where every 10 minutes a new shock happens.

Every actor played their part perfectly, & thoroughly entertaining.

Clue is worth watching, this is not.

Slap happy is good sometimes but with all these fantastic actors I was shocked and so bored with this movie.

The story is gripping from the get go, the set up is quick, character introductions are swift, and the juxtaposition of lies & truth offers us a better insight into each character's persona.

This is definitely worth the watch

The film does get a bit slow in the middle.

While these things may be predictable or even plot devicey, it oddly didnt bother me much.

Enjoyable .

STORYLINEThe mystery and twists weren't so kept tight together, as they were sort of predictable.

The plot gets convoluted, and confusing at times.

Save your money, this is a movie to wait to watch for free if you are looking to pass a few hours.

Fantastic, unpredictable story.

It is so layered and unpredictable, with a great cast and great directing.

This movie was really fun, smart and engaging.

Clever and Entertaining Throughout .

An immensely entertaining, thrillingly escapist whodunnit that pulls the rug out from underneath you more times than you can count.

Great and Entertaining .

Exiting, thrilling, mystery .

The script is pretentious, trying way too hard to be clever, and is about as subtle as a sledge hammer to the face, the actors do the best they can with a dreadful script, but it's all around a waste of time that will only be enjoyed by hipsters.

Overall, this is just a very entertaining movie and definitely something for mystery fans.

The story put me to sleep, the characters left me yawning, and the "twists" were predictable.

One of the more entertaining movies of the year.

Mildly - very mildly - entertaining.

But as the plot progresses, De Armas gets to show range including some unexpected comedic moments and becomes more of a pivotal role in the mystery.

An entertaining, clever, funny, picturesque and very heartfelt movie with fully satisfying ending.

However, it's brought down slightly by the second act which can be tedious at times.

I really enjoyed it and would buy it on Blu-Ray.

As a murder mystery this is a bit slow on the start with Daniel Craig playing the small time country lawy--- errrrr detective Benoit Blanc who was hired to solve the case.

Everything works beautifully and I would highly recommend it.


Frankly, the whole enterprise is a bore-a-thon.

However by deviating away from the traditional mystery formula, along with a great score and masterful/controlled camerawork, it really unravels its performances and characters in a funny and suspenseful way.

However, apart from my prediction, the story was so boring, non - humorous, less intriguing and dragging screenplay.