Knives Out (2019) - Comedy, Crime, Drama

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A detective investigates the death of a patriarch of an eccentric, combative family.

Director: Rian Johnson
Stars: Daniel Craig, Chris Evans
Length: 131 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 135 out of 1000 found boring (13.5%)

One-line Reviews (627)

A good attempt, but it was far more entertaining the first time.

Then very quickly we are immersed in the plot and it keeps us in breath from beginning to end.

Good plot, mostly unexpected and kept the audience on the edge throughout the movie.

If it had been marketed differently (and therefore adjusted my expectations), I would have enjoyed it much more.

It's a bland murder mystery with a good cast that is WAY too long and never delivers on any front.

Overall the atmosphere of the movie is so suspenseful that you don't want to miss this.

Many twists and turns that keep you on the edge of your seat.

Definitely worth watching, production design and costiumography were exceptional.

This somewhat worked for the film as it was able to bring in different and complicated motifs, such as loyalty, family, and new versus old in unique and unexpected perspectives.

Plot-twists are done spetacular and everything runs smoothly and enjoyable.

What is genuinely enjoyable is Daniel Craig's slightly preposterous turn as a southern detective with an laid on thick accent to match.

It is a pretty long one yes, but it was so interesting and entertaining that it really flew by.

The main characters are funny and entertaining throughout and give you a truly enjoyable cinema experience.

All in all,a highly enjoyable experience; I recommend it.

Extremely overrated and pretentious crime mystery .

But I feel it is overrated and very slow.

The star-studded cast pairing with a virtuoso director of consistently compelling movies served as powerful ingredients in the recipe for an entertaining movie, and the dish was prepared to perfection.

I'd have to say its definitely one of the most enjoyable films for me this year.

Entertaining detective film which only has excessive final explanations.

This might sound negative, but the film is entertaining.

JL Curtis would have stolen the film if she were given the same screen time as Daniel Craig - She's just got the right role for her to be endlessly enjoyable.

It is a very funny movie that shifts from the light humor to the pitch dark, a clever and maximally entertaining spectrum.

It started very slowly with loads of scenes of people sitting in rooms talking in long boring monologues.

An incredible cast and a gripping enough storyline that made this fun to watch.

Entertaining, fun, and a better crime solving movie.

A few flat jokes and one minor limp reveal cannot ruin what is otherwise one of 2019's most enjoyable films.

Very entertaining .

It does start slow so if you need slapstick every five minutes to stay engaged its not for you.

Do not expect a fast paced, heart pumping gotcha movie, it is a slow paced, well thought out mystery with lots of little turns and twists that even when you pay attention you missed the true story.

Great acting but finale was too predictable .

I actually went to see it in the theater twice, and enjoyed it even more the second time!

Daniel Craig's "southern" accent became grating after awhile, and I was squirming a bit with boredom, waiting for it to be over.

This carries over into movies but I have to admit when they're done right, they can be breathtaking (Gone Girl, A Simple Favour are both excellent movies that have come out recently).

It was pretty boring, in my opinion.

This movie encompasses everything a movie of this genre should be: Intelligent, interesting, engaging, surprising, stimulating, intriguing, and humorous to boot.

Don't waste you time and money.

We all enjoyed it.

The film resembles an Agatha Christie novel where the identity of culprit who committed the crime is unpredictable until the end of the film.

A clever, engaging whodunnit with some excellent performances.

The score is perfect, I mean it is so good and thrilling.

Entertaining mystery with a heavy dose of humor and social commentary keeps the twists coming at a fairly consistent clip throughout, modernizing the classic Agatha Christie-style potboiler without sacrificing the elegance and idiosyncrasies (wealth aside, this is not a family one would like to be a part of).

I felt several moments of the film were very predictable.

Who-dunit-story with entertaining suspense in an original plot!

Yes, there were some very funny and entertaining parts.

Everything is good apart from the "twist " and the story was clear halfway, its just a good entertaining....

Dare I say, well worth watching.

Very entertaining .

This movie is extremely entertaining, and really awesome.

It is entertaining I liked it.

It's a fantastic movie that keeps you guessing throughout, with satisfying and unpredictable answers.

His slow southern drawl and idiosyncrasies, during the interviews using the piano, are spot on funny and pointed.

It was so intense the hole time, you didn't know what to expect!

An entertaining and hilarious story .

The pacing was very slow on and off.

Enjoyable viewing .

Both of us fell asleep it was so slow and dull.

Been wanting to see this movie for such a long time now, these types of mystery and suspenseful movies are not typically made anymore, that's why it's so fresh and why I think it was done in a great way.

It was fun, suspenseful, hilarious and clever.

) Then this is the movie for you to just go enjoy after a hard week of work or enough holiday entertaining.

Enter detective Blanc(Daniel Craig) who stalks the case in his own manner as the film twists and turns and reveals things you as the viewer don't see coming, it's like the film is just a tweak of classic murder mysteries as the Drysdale group is so combative and eccentric(also look for a stand alone performance from Ana de Armas) that this picture puts plenty on the viewers plate as many entertaining themes are present.

Thrilling and Pyschologically Stimulating .

Johnson recieved a lot of fall out for his treatment of The Last Jedi, but after seeing Knives Out, I have to say that he has exonerated himself from any judgements toward his ability to direct or tell a fresh, gripping story.

In the end, the story is upbeat and modernizes/revolutionizes the genre, the characters are great and amazingly built, the direction is probably one of the best this year, the effects are entertaining and beyond and the score is remarkable, and I'm forgetting a lot too.

This feature film is surprisingly fun, funny, intense & brilliant.

A slow burn with a great deal of fun along the way.

chris evans and armas made it kinda hard to watch and made it all seem long and dragged out.

Entertaining Whodunnit .

Thoroughly Entertaining.

He made the film more enjoyable.

An enjoyable cast driven ride .

An entertaining Sherlock'ess with a GREAT story .

Great Performances, but somewhat predictable .

It was boring

Funny, intriguing, and thought provoking.

Entertaining mystery that stabs your attention and doesn't cut you off until the end .

I was bored/irritated.

very enjoyable .

A mix of repetitive "investigation scenes", good jokes, bad jokes, little twists and bigger twists, and it turns awkward.

very well acted and well made, but extremely boring.

This is quirky, funny, engaging, enjoyable and very well acted.

The people who gave this low reviews are prob those who get bored with a lot of dialogue.

Absolutely stunning.

The movie knew what it was and followed one overarching theme,"Knives Out" was entertaining and probably the best movie experience you will have this year.

But it's so original and fun, I was on the edge of my seat the whole time!

Many many scenes are filled with campy light fun and enjoyable acting.

4th - If I wasn't pinned in the corner of the theater I would have walked out!

Definitely worth watching.

Don't waste your time or money .

Knives Out is one of the most entertaining movies of this year.

When you read the bad reviews they point towards unfunny jokes, slow pace, and some bad acting leading to that score.

and the characters are bland and boring.

It's so cool that the movie tends the viewers to seek out who did the kill,but at the end the the script was so twisted, it made the whole movie an unexpected plot An great movie and a good plot

I left the theatre completely satisfied and thinking about how entertaining this film really was.

The pace is slow and the misdirection to me was obvious.


Slow convoluted plot well acted and beautifully photographed but frankly boring and badly written nonsensical with pretentious political overtones Never reaches the edge of your seat feeling or The Who done it moment of wonder

Convoluted, unrealistic and tedious, like a lot of Agatha Christie stories.

An entertaining whodunnit .

I would say it's mostly a waste of time.

The cinematography is breathtaking, my favorite being the scene in which the Thrombleys learn that Marta will gain all of Harlan's assets.

Thoroughly enjoyed it.

The boring, formulaic and deadbeat humorless dialog, the storyline, the scenarios and the plot were heavily copycatted from those BBC's "Masterpiece" and "Mysteries" dramas, most were written, scripted and adapted from a bunch British housewives kitchen writers with poor logic and reasoning.

Rian Johnson direction and his witty script makes this movie worth watching.

It is fun, enjoyable and interesting.

They are as boring as paste.

Awful Boring Predictable .

Clever and Entertaining Throughout .

Agatha Christie thriller mystery set in today's world, with a little touch of leftist message, though Johnson actually mocked both sides of the political spectrum in throughout the story, the one thing that I actually found hilariously entertaining.

Love the film, its unpredictable, fun, intense, it even had humor into it.

Craig, who was horribly miscast, puts on an unexpectedly enjoyable performance as a sleuth from the Louisiana Bayou.

Classic adaptation of the murder mystery genre, there were some superbly entertaining (and genuine) moments, like when the family hears the news at the will reading for the first time and how they each react to it.

its just a good entertaining....

Very enjoyable.

Slick, witty, fast paced and hilarious .

Overall it felt rushed, contrived, lost its way, confused, not camp enough.

But, if you're looking for an entertaining, clever film that will have you thinking and on your toes, then go see this movie.

That's fascinating.

It turns out it's as formulaic as, hey, the kid no one likes in the family, that has never worked and is the biggest freeloader of all, turns out to be a vendictful murderer because he isn't getting any part of the will.

It's humorous and entertaining and I enjoyed it.

Worth watching .

The movie is an exciting ride with a surplus of twists and turns that keep the viewers on their toes and excited for the next detail to be uncovered.

Starring Jamie Lee Curtis, Michael Shannon, Chris Evans, Don Johnson and Toni Collette in very important roles, Knives Out makes for a compelling watch.

I can say that I'm glad I saw it in a theater to support movie going, but Rian has really overhyped this movie and wants you to believe it's a masterpiece he's created when it's really a slow-moving mediocre film at best without much substance at all.

The production value is decent and the story is good, but predictable at times.

Enjoyable: they go after everyone .

So the location needs to be exciting and varied enough.

Enjoyable, sure, especially when we get to stare at Ana de Armas face for 2 hours.

Entertaining detective film .

The ending was also unpredictable which for this day in age is an achievement.

Did I yawn and miss a crucial line?

This boring predictable rehash of an murder she wrote episode, is another social conditioning exercise disguised as entertainment.

Predictable and underwhelming .

But the acting is ridiculously one dimensional and boring.

Enjoyable Romp .

Really enjoyable, if slightly overpraised (at the moment) for my money, murder mystery from Rian Johnson.

If you love an entertaining old-style mystery you can't go wrong here.

While the film has some laughs and moments of sharp writing that make it a somewhat entertaining diversion, it unfortunately feels less than the sum of its parts.

Frankly, the whole enterprise is a bore-a-thon.

Overhyped and Plodding Pace .

To be honest the movie is below average, and I found it more annoying than entertaining.

This one comes with a unique way of solving the crime and its humor and ensemble cast make for an entertaining watch.


a greatly enjoyable ride .

Thriller movie fans may think that able to guess the story, but you must be unexpected with the method that used to twist a story.

I finally fell asleep sometime during the second hour.

While the plot is somewhat predictable, it is the story is one of love, family, and honor.

) I love Agatha Christie as well as the cast of this film, and was looking forward to an entertaining and darkly hilarious homage to classic murder mysteries.

It was in a way predictable, having a big reveal in the end with Daniel Craig explaining every small movement that the murderer took in his actions and trying to cover himself up.

You are lead to doubt yourself the whole movie as it could take a turn at any moment, which makes it so entertaining.

Lame and tiresome .

This was a very entertaining murder mystery movie.

Apart from that I did feel it was a bit boring at times.

The ending is as unexpected as it is delightful.

It was hilarious, and the plot twist was unpredictable and mind-bending.

So fun, so exciting movie.

The movie is highly engaging not predictable and all around a blast.

A particularly entertaining film and a must see!

The editing and direction is slick and compelling.

We went with friends to see this clever film and all enjoyed it.

The pacing is fast and entertaining, Benoit Blanc and Marta Cabrera are likeable main characters.

This is an intelligent and witty version of Cluedo in film that is entertaining throughout.


So predictable.. don't waste your time .. it's not nothing special .

Don't waste your time or your hopes.

I even fell asleep in the cinema during it.

Great film, really enjoyable start to finish.

Brilliant movie for 2019; Well Worth the Watch and Surprisingly Hilarious .

Though it's not entirely type of Sherlock Holmes movie, but the thrilling and mysterious enough to hold the audience attached to the screen.

But, similar to the last highly rated whodunnit, Murder on the Orient Express, I was left feeling somewhat underwhelmed and, dare I say it, bored.

There were many parts I thought were predictable, although I have to admit that I didn't know what direction the film was going to go until it almost got there.

And I'm glad I went to such lengths, for I found KNIVES OUT to be a truly original and entertaining film that kept me guessing throughout the length of the film - right up to the "big reveal.

An exciting who done it.

And for those like myself that enjoy a good mystery and are good at solving them - it is very clever and worth the watch

yawn ...

The sound effects were astonishing and kept me on the edge.

I have to admit that I was on the edge of my seat the entire movie!

I sort of felt like the story was slow going and the build up to the final reveal could have been streamlined.

After watching it I was let down and kind of bored.

It is the best depiction of the current state of affaires I have seen that is also funny and entertaining.

The cast looks like their having a blast, the characters are diverse and mysterious, the story is engaging and features enough curve balls to keep the reveal a mystery and the setting is a fun old school throwback that I enjoyed as well.

The movie was extremely exciting and kept the plot moving very well, and at good pace unlike some other movies.

Knives Out features and excellent ensemble cast and a compelling narrative filled with twists and turns!

But very enjoyable nonetheless.

I'm sick of boring depressing movies and shows that makes us think life just sucks.

It is delightfully unpredictable.

Very boring they give away the whole storyline of how the man died in the beginning of the movie then its just slow up until the end.

With classical style music played by an orchestra and the occasional piano solo, it does a great job keeping you on the edge of your seat during an exciting scene and makes you really feel the drama and mystery of the moment.

Enjoyably Predictable .

The hallmark of a good film is how its just engaging throughout through a sharply written script that thrives on its humor and call backs to films of the past in the same genre.

When I say it was a real drag it's because the pacing was horrible absolutely boring at times you've been a somewhat strong finish couldn't help it, it was so predictable.

It was suspenseful and well played.

What a waste of time .

The plot and archatypes were a little too predictable for my taste.

Full of unexpected twists and really funny moments.

yawn .

She is also pretty stunning no denying.

Boring .

I thought the movie was slow and not enough action.

Overall I would say go ahead and see it, its worth watching.

Great cast, great acting and riveting through out the whole film.

Entertaining (and needed) exposition mixed with funny dialogue and great performances, ultra natural.

With the (welcome) influx of superhero movies, big budget visual effects, snappy editing and dumbed down scripts - a film such such as Knives Out, presented in a cinematic style that reminds me of similar classics from yesteryear, just may have been too smart for a millennial audience...

Knives Out is one that keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole time because just when you're sure you have the whole thing figured out, they throw you a curve ball.

It is funny, witty and suspenseful.

And then I checked the time again and found that the big reveal - typical in such a formulaic movie - of the family being gathered for the final evidence to be presented and the murderer named occurs some 20 minutes before it actually collapses and dies.

The story is intriguing and the pacing is near perfect.

Had me on the edge of my seat the whole time.

#KnivesOut is an absolute blast and it is one of the most entertaining films you shall see for some time.

his british voice would have made the movie much more pleasant and entertaining.

The dialogue is intriguing and fun.

One Of The Best Films Of The Year, And Certainly Amongst The Most Entertaining .

Overall, the movie was entertaining up until we are revealed what happened between Marta and Harlan.

With a topnotch script and everything you want in a movie that works this rib-tickling glimpse into the wild and wacky ways of the rich is a lively romp intriguing its way to the viewer's glee.

Many many scenes are filled with campy light fun and enjoyable acting.

And yet it is so gripping that it is one of the best paced films of 2019.

Well thought out, well put together, visually pleasing, and a thoroughly entertaining ride that keeps you guessing to the last.

Highly recommend it!

Okay, I really enjoyed this movie however, I thought the movie would of been more intense like the girl with the dragon tattoo movie.

And I find this aspect so much entertaining because due to the unusual structure I was able to experience different types of anxiety and curiosity for a movie like this.

All in all, Knives Out is an entertaining movie which certainly deserves seeing.

Probably one of the most boring, predictable movies I've seen in a long time.

But overall an entertaining movie that was suspenseful and made the audience draw conclusions about characters.

I typically get massively bored about 20-30 minutes into a "inspector so and so whodunit.

It's a cute way to pass 2 hours when your bored.

Nothing great, but entertaining .

An enjoyable watch although the movie probably will not lose much when it is shown on the small screen.

This movie is different from other detective-murder movies, but it still brings a lot of effect that makes it fun and entertaining till the very end

The acting is average, the "mystery" non-existent and the script is predictable.

I didn't really expect the ending to be so highly entertaining, but the storyline managed to keep me on the edge of my seat.

Tight Plot, Intriguing scenes, though plot can be derived out by Hardcore Poirot fans.

Writing is outstanding, infused with a surprising amount of unexpected humour.

If the patriarch wanted to help Marta he didn't have to leave her everything.

This could've been a perfectly enjoyable 1h40m popcorn flick for the Christmas season.

, mind blowing murder mystery story .

The movie followed the classic cliche and used double structure to bring out the suspense.

One of the most entertaining, politically/socially relevant and original films I saw this year.

Overall, this movie is really worth the watch.

Fun and really entertaining.

The plot was intriguing, also the cast indicated some pleasing performances.

A thrilling film overall, from the amount of imagery it portrays to the precision of showing different plot points.

Entertaining as hell.

I do not want to give any spoilers, or clues away, so I will just say this movie is so much fun, you will laugh, and be held to the very end on the edge of your seat wondering what really is going.

From then on its an exciting rolooer coaster with twists and turns and comedic momentts such as Marta's attempts to hide evidence and her vomiting into random things after lying.

The dialogue is crisp, intelligent and engaging.

But a little more fun and entertaining.

I love who done it movies, but this one bored me.

The acting was great but it just felt like it dragged.

Reviews are so good for such a boring film.

The thing I enjoyed the most was that the plot was unpredictable and engaging.

Well I enjoyed it & while the cast all have time to shine it is Daniel Craig with his Southern drawl & especially Ana de Armas that steal the show.

You might read a lot of skepticism about this movie with regards to it not being original enough, casting known actors to make up for the lack of a story, etc. But as someone who has seen this movie recently, I have to tell you that this is one heck of an entertaining movie.

Only he failed to add the humorous touches that could have made it entertaining-and extract some truly lame jokes.

I quite enjoyed it and would definitely recommend seeing it

What a boring flick.

Fun mystery has funny moments but is predictable .

Fantastic and highly engaging .

He was at least oddly entertaining.

Great crime drama, very entertaining, the one where you still will be surprised at the end.

Even though I love Ana de Armas, this movie is so bad I had to leave early.

Effortlessly entertaining ensemble mystery movie.

Disappointing and predictable, to say the least.

The story is intriguing; Christopher Plummer and Ana de Armas portray their relationship convincingly.

Thoroughly Entertaining .

It's obvious who the killer is from the start of the movie which makes it predictable.


It dragged a bit in spots, probably because they spent too much time working a twist that would be a dead end.

This film is terrifically entertaining and will leave you in awe of its pay off.

predictable / why is this movie so highly praised .

A great script and dialogue + great actors + great technical aspects = one the most entertaining movie of the year.

Absolutely stunning!

The twists in this movie are unexpected.

A very entertaining movie.

Ripping fun and engaging .

Save your money on this one.

But, as empty vase makes the most noice, up till then, most audience would be confident that they're all red herrings (Toni Collette is toothsome in her shameless freeloader mannerism as Joni, the widow of Harlan's deceased son).

It dragged in the beginning, it took a long time to go anywhere.

If you ever read Agatha Christie, she can seem wordy, slow to reveal and just when you are getting bored drag you back into an enormously terrific plot.

The grand explanation with the switching of the medicine is confusing and unconvincing.

The acting is good for the most part but the plot twists are mostly predictable and not that clever.

I love a good dialogue driven movie like The Social Network, Reservoir Dogs, A Few Good Men, Moneyball, The Lincoln Lawyer etc, but the dialogue in Knives Out is bland and full of pretentious waffle.

Great story telling and quite unexpected twists on a modern-day whodunnit.

First of all, I prefer being fooled and end up blown away by an unexpected conclusion than solving the whole thing way before time's up and end up disappointed and bored.

So slow and boring I couldn't wait for it to finish!

Rian Johnson truly delivered and fantastic, thrilling, and suspenseful film that keeps the audience engaged right up until the very end.

The movie is quite long over 2 hours and I got bored and wanted it to end soon.

The film had many stars that barely showed their worth, this frustrated me and eventually I started to find the film boring.

But he has other matters to take care of which leads to treachery, confusion and a murder.

After going to the theater and watching this movie, I have come to the conclusion I should have stayed home, saved my money and watch paint dry on a wall, anything would have been better than that flop.

The all-star cast delivered a very entertaining film that gave us a great homage to one of my favorite literary authors Agatha Christie, yet managed to deliver an original and exciting entry to the genra.

It uses its cinematic awareness to craft a devilishly enjoyable fable, a fun and evolving mystery that delivers the goods on pretty much all fronts.

It better than I expected it to be and definitely worth the watch!

Along with a fun performance by a remarkable cast of A listers, Rian Johnson delivered a coherent and entertaining story for the genre, even taking it one step further - without getting into any spoilers.

A star-studded murder mystery, unpredictable and extremely funny.

It also comes with a disjointed mix of politics and attempted clumsy messages.

Things are entertaining and funny.

Other than that, a semi-entertaining, mediocre and ultimate forgettable film.

Who falls for this leftist propaganda anymore?

The story was engaging with a satisfying ending!

Second there were some points where it felt like it dragged on just a bit.

It's an entertaining movie with Daniel Craig again showing he can do a believable southern accent, if you can overlook the pointless political shouting.

This made the film way more enjoyable than I expected it to be.

It's boring, lazy and sloppy and just proves that Rian Johnson needs to take a break from directing for some time

Of course, part of the problem of Knives Out being so self-aware is that it is inevitably predictable at several key moments.

While suspenseful and twisty, I felt that it was a fairly standard "Agatha Christie" type mystery.

Rian johnson really rehabilitated himself with this one, his star wars movie sucked big time but this movie here is really great and entertaining, great cast & acting and very well executed.

This movie was really fun, smart and engaging.

If you find the beginning of the film a bit preposterous or even a little boring, please hang in there...

However, apart from my prediction, the story was so boring, non - humorous, less intriguing and dragging screenplay.

Overall, this movie is fun to watch for a bit, but becomes tedious because it's so lazy and flawed.

It is really that good, so entertaining and fun!

Seriously such a wild and entertaining whodunnit film!

Enjoyable .

Highly entertaining, great twists & storyline, with an excellent cast.

Liberal propaganda predictable mystery .

As a murder mystery this is a bit slow on the start with Daniel Craig playing the small time country lawy--- errrrr detective Benoit Blanc who was hired to solve the case.

Its not over the top silly very dumb comedy like most Hollywood puts out, but smart, engaging mystery comedy.

Thrilling Murder mystery .

Once you realize this, the outcome is very predictable.

Still enjoyable though

Very enjoyable .

To easy to guess a boring movie .

Painful and Predictable .

On the one hand, the story and plot were very good, on the other hand, it could've been a lot more entertaining in the build up.

As our evening closed, it was difficult to remember a single scene of Knives Out after having Eastwood's fully engaging film take hold of your short-term memory.

However it's at 97%, and I fell asleep during the slow part in act 2.

boring .

Unexpected and cool plot.

For this is a really entertaining film.

I would recommend this film to anyone who enjoys crime thrillers or to someone who knows to appreciate a compelling story.

The most boring movie .

Despite some good acting and occasional moments of fun this quickly developed into a sluggish bore.

Nevertheless, a really entertaining story of mystery, thrills, suspense and a touch of comedy in the right places.

These actors, many of them legends, do well enough and work off of each other in entertaining ways (even when they aren't given the most dignified sentences to enunciate).

His southern accent and intense body language present the film with a sense of levity.

Murder mysteries have become a bit of a dull trope lately due to lazy writing.

True, it is funny and dark, with an engaging ensemble cast.

Loved the way the entire plot was handled with a pinch of dark comedy and gripping storytelling.

A WhoDunnit that's as Classy as Calvin Klein and just as entertaining.

An engaging, tense, fun murder mystery.

I don't know how this went so horribly wrong, but my husband fell asleep and I was left wondering what to do with myself for two hours.

The whole cast is acting fabulous and beside some really good funny parts, the plot is pretty exciting.

This is a mystery cliché-free zone.

Other than that I found the casting and acting to be enjoyable.

Great characters, intriguing plot lines and unintended mishaps along the way.

This film is full of twists & turns that deliver an entertaining adventure.

The actual killer wasn't a surprise, the full details of the manner of death were more boring than thrilling.

The director excels at keeping his audience engaged throughout and trusts his viewers to pay attention to key clues and call-backs, making it impossible to be bored.

It is very entertaining and enjoyable, combining equal parts suspense and comedy.

I mean it's fairly ok and has a few highlights, but it is very predictable and just feels incredibly bland.

The movie had a nice, but unexpected ending.

It's boring .

the film is slow and boring in places and has too many unexplained sections.

Any British crime movie or TV show is a hundred times better in all aspects so why waste my time.

Even though nitpicking a movie like this is kind of ridiculous, due to the nature of it needing to contain twists and turns, I have to admit that the movie is slightly predictable, even though it leads you to believe it's not.

What comes to acting and direction I think most did ok, but what started out as fast paced quirky show, went somewhat flat in the middle.

I found this movie very slow for the first half.

A pleasure to watch and entertaining the whole way through, Knives Out could be in the top 3 for 2019..!

It would be a shame to reveal too much about the plot, but rest assured that is refreshing and inventive, compelling as well as humorous, complex but simultaneously light-headed and 200% entertaining.

But regardless, »Knives Out« is a charismatic update to a familiar genre, political undertones and a dumb yet thrilling car chase included.

This has to be one of the most boring unoriginal films I've ever seen.

Predictable but entertaining mystery romp .

To me it was boring.

It was hard to stay awake for the first 2/3 of the movie as it meandered along.

It drags on for 2 hours 10 minutes, laborious and slow.

Boring and long .

This is subversive anti white propaganda we have seen so often made by Hollywood.

The first half of this film serves as a daunting mystery with thrilling dialogue.

This was fun and entertaining - a movie for grownups.

It kept me on the edge of my seat and had me guessing at every clue.

The murder mystery is fun, unpredictable and humorous.

Besides his characters introduction and the cafe scene with Marta, Ransom or "Hugh" was a good and entertaining character, a great attempt for Chris Evans to be known as Chris Evans not Captain America.

Light and entertaining movie to watch when you are bored.

The dialogue in this movie is impeccable and I was fully immersed in the story from beginning to end.

Cause in the case of this movie, Knives Out is a expertly crafted murder mystery with thrilling twists, a pitch perfect cast, and a experience for everyone to get a kick out of.

Entertaining Whodunit .

Knives out is a movie that has many events that takes you here and there, takes you to the past and present, the movie breaks the boredom in a very simple, easy and clever way and that is of course thanks to the writers, directors and producers.

Unfortunately, it is just another liberal propaganda movie - illegal aliens good, white people bad.

The plot was a little predictable and irritating.

" Rian Johnson embraces the murder mystery genre wholesale and delivers a twisty-turner thriller that's both wildly entertaining and very funny.

Probably the only downside of the film is the predictable plot.

It is enjoyable and funny to watch.

The little clues he gives you throughout were very clever and it kept me on the edge of my seat, literally.

The ending was mostly predictable (especially the final twist).

The whodunit is a well-trodden genre, but with the addition of a witty script and some deadpan humour along the way, this is a terrific refreshing take on it, I admit you have to really concentrate to get the concluding twist, but I'd like to see a follow-up, overall an entertaining murder mystery.

It is really worth the watch just for the plot itself.

The comedy throughout the movie is subtle but enjoyable.

The plot, the acting, and especially the cinematography took a slightly worn-out genre and instilled it with such life that kept me on the edge of my seat.

Thoroughly enjoyable two hours.

This movie is fun, I enjoyed it a lot and I wasn't too sure I would based off the negative reviews I read on imdb.

My guess is that those 591 people have in fact NOT seen this movie and are little more than pathetic trolls trying to downvote this movie because of their comically overblown intense hatred for The Last Jedi and Rian Johnson.

So in a 90 minute film you have zero interest in the middle 70 minutes, it is incredibly boring.

Reminiscent of the board game Clue (referenced in the movie), the mansion where most of the film is set subconsciously creates an atmosphere of suspense itself, a suspense that is developed and deepened by the stunning chiaro-oscuro lighting.

While yes I did predict what happened by midway through the film, it was still enjoyable to watch, particularly with such a witty family of characters making it amusing until the very end.

Very, very boring.

Knives Out is a captivating and thrilling mystery drama and was a joy to see.

Exiting, thrilling, mystery .

The pace is fast and snappy.


Very entertaining

"Knives Out" could have used a more shocking or climactic ending, yet the film is by far one of 2019s most entertaining films.

Legitimately had me on the edge of my seat .

I hope that's the same for most, because finding out the answer was one of the most enjoyable parts of the whole film.

Highly entertaining whodunit with a necessary plot twist.

Slap happy is good sometimes but with all these fantastic actors I was shocked and so bored with this movie.

The story is gripping from the get go, the set up is quick, character introductions are swift, and the juxtaposition of lies & truth offers us a better insight into each character's persona.

What a great cast and a rather twisty plot, but man, this movie moved along slower than a snail on Valium!

Entertaining Old School Whodunit .

Tedious to watch .

The most entertaining movie of the year .

Pretentious Waste of Time by a Egotistical Hack .

But Rian Johnson here pulls off a neat trick with the script which is brilliantly twisty and turny and 100% entertaining.

Entertaining, serious, funny and captivating.

Currently I watched the movie Clue before seeing this movie and I was just astonished from the beginning to end so enjoyable.

Certainly reading the positive reviews is for me confusing.

To my surprise the film was very entertaining, with funny moments and i found myself enjoying it quite a lot.

But I thought it was still pretty solid and entertaining.

Boring, pathetic nonsense.

Knives Out is an exceptionally wonderful murder mystery that is the most entertaining movie I've seen all year.

The story was also very unpredictable, and it kept me guessing from beginning to end.

Even the outdoor scenes are dark and dreary.

I've not enjoyed a movie like this for quite a while, truly enjoyable.

This film starts out slow.

It was perfectly twisty and unpredictable.

It was gripping from start to finish and i found myself at the edge of my seat towards the end.

Making for a gripping, unpredictable story that should appeal to most.

I highly recommend it for mystery lovers, for anyone who wants to watch a good movie!

It was ok, but I was pretty bored .

The result is an entertaining, well acted and directed yet often a bit predictable mystery comedy/thriller.

An entertaining movie that does its good job by taking a spin on the whodunnit subgenre.

Deadly BORING.

Hearing all the hype and reading all of the rave reviews, I thought for sure this movie was going to be clever and entertaining and be one of "the best of the year.

Usual Hollywood propaganda .

This was a slow SLOW moving movie with little to no tension and a predictable ending.

Well thought out, but predictable murder mystery at times .

All the better for it because I thoroughly enjoyed it.

That was thrilling, and it really felt like I was a part of the film.

Overrated and Boring .

Some details are very interesting - the birthday cake serving scene (everybody thought they were the closest people to their father), the coffee cup, and etc. The plot is fascinating, and the ending is unexpected.

In the end, Knives Out is an outstanding whodunnit film that is not only mysterious, but also comical and emotional at times, and it is definitely worth the watch.

It was hilarious and the twists and turns kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time.

I just want to start off by saying that this was an enjoyable movie that doesn't get too serious, and also works on so many levels as a comedy.

And certain scenes were slightly dragged that either gave some clues away or felt boring.

Enjoyable, and just a little ridiculous .

It was so boring and tedious to watch.

That and the fact that it's a pretty substantial and provides a very entertaining premise.

My only issue with his script was the overload of exposition, there obviously has to be a lot in a complex mystery like this but the expository scenes feel overlong and drawn out at many points.

Interesting and entertaining, this is what every Hollywood film should be!

OVERALL Knives Out is an enjoyable movie specially with family.

Long and boring .

While neither are necessary reinventing the wheel, both are compelling.

It's unpredictable and engaging throughout, peppered with the sort of surprises that the genre demands.

The plot is predictable in some places, but you still lack the little detail that makes the film unpredictable.

Overall: This was a perfect, fun filled, and enjoyable movie to sit through.

In the end, this is a surprisingly intelligent and entertaining experience.

The film's first act is really strong, with great production design of the Thrombley family mansion, a good score and clever use of musical cues, sufficient character development, and some snappy and well-paced writing.

The biggest and earliest cliché dodge of the movie is in revealing the details of Harlan Thrombey's death in the first half an hour.


Wonderful, fun and enjoyable.

Conclusion: A well-balanced, entertaining mystery that stabs your attention and doesn't cut you off until the end!

Pity as it was a really enjoyable movie otherwise.

I found it dragged for 30 minutes too long.

Absolute entertaining whodunit for the whole family .

Everything is just junk propaganda.

If you are looking for a light, entertaining film, this is a good choice.

I found it far too long.

Little nitpicks but overall enjoyable.

Political propaganda - and on top of that - boring .

I've had more fun watching paint dry.

Boring and stupid .

It kept me on the edge of my goddamn scene the whole time.

A movie in which the story is suspenseful and surprising.

Very good movie was entertaining and funny loved the story and keeps you guessing who the killer is


Poor acting, poor script and very predictable.

So then it just was really boring waiting for it to end.

The movie is great and it is wonderful if you don't think about whoddunit and think about how did he do it, it will be way more enjoyable and mysterious

Really great, entertaining and fun movie.

Suspenseful, Comedic Entertainment .

But I walked out feeling like I did something fun and enjoyable, which is what movies should be.

Despite what the marketing would have you believe, Daniel "Bored Of Bond" Craig isn't the protagonist.

Entertaining cluedo movie 😊 .

Knives Out is hands down the most entertaining movie of 2019 and deserves to be placed on the list of top 100 movies of all time.

Exillarting, Thrilling,Worth a Watch 💯 .

But the film's more than justified itself by going on this treasure hunt like feel that's usually are in films like Indiana Jones because of its fast-pacing, which makes it more entertaining because of the rarity of how usually these films are paced.

An entertaining murder mystery with a colorful cast and playful energy.

Thoroughly entertaining.

It makes his films predictable.

well crafted propaganda .

Visually it was enjoyable-I mean the location, the house, the production values.

It opens with a policeman interviewing each sibling or family member of Harlan Thrombey (Christopher Plummer) who is now dead, was an interesting introduction to each character as they were questioned, but boring to me with the same chair and back and forth memories in audio and not visual!

Engaging and Entertaining .

Not the best written movie this year, but surely one among the most entertaining.

I would say the film is quite predicable with its red herrings but I liked the 'unexpected twist' (I put it in quotations because the movie was a but slow at revealing what we already work out.

I found it very entertaining!

Is so bad that i want to leave the cinema after 20 minutes.

The movie is marred by the gratuitous and at the same time boring profanity.

It's an enjoyable ride, and there's more fun to be had after the film has finished in trying to remember all the plot twists and see if they check out.

It's well done, glossy, slick but ultimately empty as an election promise.

Pretty boring.

Rian Johnson has crafted an enjoyable new spin on the murder mystery genre.

I personally would have loved to see some kind of backstory for him, but I guess the mystery surrounding him is fascinating as well.

The film's plot is a little slow moving.

Unlike other mysteries, this movie was not centered around the detective, which was a very entertaining aspect to the movie.

It's fun to watch, it is highly entertaining, it has great cast that delivered amazing performances - "Knives Out" is a mystery you wouldn't miss.

Not the best film of the year, but very entertaining and well-made .

Very entertaining.

Among the excellent movies released in the past few months, "Knives Out" is perhaps the most purely entertaining.

It's funny, it's intriguing, it's and 8 out of 10

Knives out while has an amazing cast is predictable and a real letdown.

Does this sound a bit predictable?

THE slowest, most tediously boring and needlessly drawn out movie I've ever watched.

Kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time, and it all unraveled at the end of the movie and absolutely amazing.

Intriguing mystery.

The acting, costumes and scenery was spot on but the plot was way too predictable for a whodunit.

A fascinating dive into classicism and greed.

Long and dull.

The simple structure of the screenplay is fascinating.

The best English-language films I saw this year are from Canada, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand, and they will likely be shut out of competitions in favour of the empty twilight endeavours of the likes of Tarantino and, more so, Scorsese.

Overall the movie was entertaining enough to watch...

Very funny and entertaining film

Fun and Stylish, but ever with the tiresome subtext .

Entertaining, funny, and exciting.

What a fun time and an immersive and enjoyable (although very slow and bumpy) "ride".

The last part was more entertaining and finally there was the rapid-fire conclusion thank the Lord.

The film is exciting, it is funny and it never gets boring.

The script is pretentious, trying way too hard to be clever, and is about as subtle as a sledge hammer to the face, the actors do the best they can with a dreadful script, but it's all around a waste of time that will only be enjoyed by hipsters.

Brilliant and super enjoyable.

The twists and humor kept this whole film enjoyable throughout.

4 of 8 fell asleep at one point and all 8 of us were underwhelmed.

It's humorous and suspenseful at the same time.

Like I said - nothing but a trivial, banal story and brain diarrhea.

The performances are fun and entertaining.

Depending on how far ahead a viewer can deduce the solution to a critical piece of evidence might determine how predictable it is for them.

Takes you in thrilling directions you don't see coming.

Very fun and entertaining.

Rip-roaringly entertaining Whodunnit from Rian Johnson .

It's boring, close up face shots throughout which would be better for TV, cringeworthy lead from Craig and no dynamic direction or cinematography.

All-star cast its more a a newer version of clue which I love it's a emotional roller coaster for the type of person I am but I would totally recommend it to anyone looking for a suspenseful all star cast

Really entertaining and overall very good movie

This is the most boring movie I have ever seen.

Suspenseful to the very end .

for me lots of the events were expected so no element of surprise for me, but I still enjoyed it.

Then it felt like absolutely nothing happens in the middle.

As previously discussed, if the film was more similar to that of Clue, more of the fascinating characters would have been involved and the film would have even more depth.

Also there's some stunning production design--LOVE the house Plummer lives in.

Murder mysteries are formulaic.

I left the theater feeling duped.

Rian Johnson has created an extremely thrilling crime drama, that uses the collective skills of its excellent cast to great effect.

I wouldn't try and see it a second time but it wholeheartedly enjoyed it and recommend that you go see it.

In reality there not much cleverness here, while it constantly feels like the movie is trying too hard, and comes across as very pretentious and smugish.

Depending your political beliefs you could see whatever which was equally brilliant, the story and characters were entertaining.

Nicely twisted plot, good acting, and BEAUTIFUL set all made for a very enjoyable film.

In a way, it had a dry sense of humor through lots of family arguments and "Kentucky Fried Chicken" Daniel Craig, but it was enjoyable to watch.

Wow boring.

the perspective is utterly enjoyable and fresh!

What it is, is a very, very entertaining film which has - if those who need to say yes to such things do so - the clear capacity to produce a sequel or three.

I enjoyed it so much from start to end!

Plot contrived and infantile.

He makes us think a particular character follows a specific cliche, then it doesn't, then it does again...

Still its good and entertaining for a "who done it?

Overall this film was exciting, twisting, and surprisingly unpredictable.

So many plot holes makes it predictable.

Predictable and cookie cutter

Whatever grudges you may have had against Johnson for The Last Jedi should be freshly bowled over because Knives Out is a smartly entertaining film that is capping of a rather great year in film.

Great cast, Gripping story, Gorgeous Cinematography .

It's drawn out to the point that you almost don't care who did it, which is fine, because it's obvious who did it less than an hour in.

" Knives Out " is really an intriguing whodunit mystery- thriller movie, with refreshing twists and turns.

Funny, smart and engrossing .


It's also quite boring.

Easily one of the most intriguing, mystery solver movies of all time.

Now coming to the man for whom I had to sit in an empty theatre.

Just wish there had been a few more twists and turns, because some it felt a little predictable.

What a waste of time.

This movie was very hard to follow and never stopped throwing in more people and scenes that added confusing to the whole ordeal of sitting through it.

Non the less, very enjoyable movie and time flew while watching.

Engaging until the end.

Was it one of those mind blowing movies, no.

Even though the movie takes place into this house for the most of its duration, it wont make you feel tired or bored.

JL Curtis would have stolen the film if she were given the same screen time as Daniel Craig - She's just got the right role for her to be endlessly enjoyable.

I enjoy films that are entertaining, make me think and try to guess whodunnit, and then gives an explanation that makes sense.

The entire experience is engrossing, and, while the story did not quite go where I initially expected, the ending was great, and actually smart.

I generally do favor murder mysteries but this one keeps you on the edge.

Intriguing at the start.

Absolutely enjoyed it.

I found myself growing impatient for the reveal because I just wanted to leave.

It's no masterpiece, but this gets me excited for what new and engaging stories Johnson has up his sleeves - just stay away from 'Star Wars'.

It's incredibly entertaining and very breezy and accessible, and I don't say that as a negative.

Great grandmother bored me after first moments of her being silent in an odd hat.

Knives Out an enjoyable spoof .

It's intriguing, thick with a plot, has star appeal, is mounted on a lavish scale and is taut.

A perfect example of an uninspired writer/director, with a complete lack of originality, who uses a boring overused premise and accomplishes nothing new or interesting in the least.

"Knives Out" was an engaging and funny movie including a stellar performance from Daniel Craig (although his accent caught me off guard at the start).

Initially I thought this film was going to be a predictable "Clue" whodunnit style movie.

Underwhelming & predictable.

Rian Johnson's direction is anemic as he relies on guilty expressions in wide angle to advance his predictable plot that attempts to have two mysteries (one to clear our heroine, one to find the real culprit ) hanging in the balance and both are torpidly pursued.

As our evening closed, it was difficult to remember a single scene of Knives Out after having Eastwood's fully engaging film take hold of your short-term memory.

Really boring for the most time.

An endlessly enjoyable & wildly entertaining cinematic ride that's accomplished in nearly all aspects and features a brilliant cast that nails the brief with effortless ease, Johnson's modern take on the whodunnit is one of the best films of 2019, and certainly amongst the most entertaining.

STORYLINEThe mystery and twists weren't so kept tight together, as they were sort of predictable.

Although we enjoyed this movie, it became really tedious as it was over the top woke.

But I'd have rather seen an important and thoroughly mesmerizing compelling film like "Dark Waters" a second time to seeing "Knives Out" even once.

This was so entertaining which is exactly what I want from a movie.

The movie was below par, the story was so predictable from the beginning.

Absolutely thrilling .

Knives out Is an enjoyable reworking of the classic whodunit format which can be found In Mystery's such as Agatha Christie.

Expect the unexpected .

It was about what I had expected and I wouldn't expect it to win any huge rewards, but the movie was interesting and entertaining.

I really have to say, it was riveting and intense while also pretty darn interesting.

Absolutely boring and shameful ripoff of Clue .

she present herself as the honest one, but it just seems so obvious and boring.


Its definitely worth watching though and I recommend it to everyone.

Chris Evans, Jaime Lee Curtis And Michael Shannon all give performances against their usual type and loved all of them here, as despicable as their characters were they were still so engaging to watch thanks to the writing and their performances.

Don't waste your money.

This was very entertaining and fun to watch.

It was too slow paced for me.

Boring .

First Hit: An enjoyable investigative romp with a group of very capable actors in an old fashion story.

Regardless, the film was enjoyable and it deserves some awards.

It engulfs its qualities into an engaging old-fashioned thriller mystery, and finally weaves a socio-political commentary that works as a unique American story affected by the latest radical changes in its recent decades.

However by deviating away from the traditional mystery formula, along with a great score and masterful/controlled camerawork, it really unravels its performances and characters in a funny and suspenseful way.

Enjoyable "who done it" mystery worthy of a few Oscar nods .

Boring .

The final third got interesting and at times compelling even to a non-fan of mysteries.

This is just a lousy immigrant propaganda by the left-leaning wing of hollywood.

But people across the board are repetitive and cliche, too.