Knowing (2009) - Action, Drama, Mystery

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M.I.T. professor John Koestler links a mysterious list of numbers from a time capsule to past and future disasters and sets out to prevent the ultimate catastrophe.

IMDB: 6.2
Director: Alex Proyas
Stars: Nicolas Cage, Chandler Canterbury
Length: 121 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 175 out of 855 found boring (20.46%)

One-line Reviews (739)

4) the pace of the film is so slow and the plot turns so randomly and illogical, that you laugh instead of care about what is happening with the characters.

" Knowing, for the most part, had stunning visual effects.

It makes no sense, it has no plot, the characters are stupid, I watched it with a friend as a joke with low expectations and found myself frustrated.

Still, Nick Cage does his thing and the movie had me sitting on the edge of my seat for most of the way through.

It was highly entertaining and exciting throughout five sixths of it or so.

It was like the writer, and later the director, thought this was a good way to just end it as they were bored.

Instead however, much of the movie resorts to mundane fabrications set up for the sake of giving the audience those big disaster movie CG shots—train wrecks, plane crashes, you know what the deal is.

Another piece of well made fatalistic propaganda .

The movie actually made me feel--scared, depressed, happy, and intense.

I left the theater completely shaken and wowed.

I expected something new, fresh and truthfully entertaining.

On top of that it has an annoying religious propaganda like undertone.

Aside from a few riveting moments, annoyance and boredom permeate.

Suspenseful, emotional, and overall a great experience.

It's just an entertaining Nic Cage flick.

On some levels, Knowing may fall short, such as the less-than-stellar acting, although Nick Gage does a fair job, and the occasionally trite script.

However this film is simply gripping.

I started watching this film, thinking I would hate it, but it was surprisingly very enjoyable!

Knowing's is so ridiculous and stupid, but is still completely boring.

When you watch Knowing, you will probably find the first two-thirds tolerable, even entertaining.

The plot was utterly pointless (the numbers never really served a purpose because there was no way for Cage's character to save anyone with the information he was given).

Thus, I predict the easy answers found in this empty escapism will find an accepting audience in America.

What develops is a slow-burning (gosh, you can say that again) yarn about - well - almost everything.

If the end result is predictable, which it is, then the Knowing should have chosen better characters.

It's time like this I regret criticising Paterson Joseph because using the cruel cliché of " He has the range of a water pistol " is ready made for Cage .

An extremely enjoyable movie with a horrible Title .

The only thing I know we're meant to understand is that Nic Cage is the "Cynic Who Rediscovers His Faith Amidst Disaster," and I've just seen that before in Independence Day, Signs, I Am Legend, etc. Hard to say I was disappointed because I didn't have much hope for this movie, but it was surprisingly entertaining until its frustrating end.

It was very intense, and difficult to watch scenes where Nicolas Cage's character would attempt to help the disaster victims, only for him to fail.

Nor is the "World of the Unknown" unknown to Nicolas Cage , who amongst other things executive produced the very intriguing if moderately successful television Show "The Dresden Files" , and who starred in the archaeological mysteries National Treasure and National Treasure , Book of Secrets as well as other psycho and psychically inclined dramas such as Bringing out the Dead, (another Easter story from 1999).

Disaster scenes are so emotionally intense and moving you simply forget less than perfect computer graphics.

The only reason I'm not rating this film to reflect how bad the ending was, is because 60% of the film was very enjoyable.

(Plus his son and Rose's daughter were saved by aliens to live on another planet) I love this film, worth the watch!

I have heard the movie be called predictable.

Suffice to say, this is just more mindless eye candy for the indifferent masses, and only barely worth watching.

It's very interesting and exciting if you enjoy the suspense and action that starts around 30 minutes or an hour in.

Ignore the talk about Scientology propaganda and how idiotic the storyline is – it's science fiction!

I gave this five stars because the first half was great - gripping, touching, intriguing.

Then it hits you with a pivotal scene involving a plane which is one of the most breathtaking I've ever seen up on screen.

Very Entertaining .

Entertaining and unpredictable Nic Cage flick .

But thankfully the producers steered away from the cliché ridden 'America saves the world' type of curtain faller - goodness knows how much messier it could have been had Bruce Willis and not Cage been the star name.

In fact, the premise is quite intriguing: A time capsule is opened and found to contain a page of seemingly meaningless numbers written by a strangely spooky girl 50 years ago.

Worth watching--and more than once.

Still, I found Knowing to be a compelling, visually stunning, dramatically interesting and narratively challenging film and I was totally taken to a different world created by film-making professionals who clearly knew what they were doing.

bit slow in parts .

And slow.

=== As a rewatch 03/28/18' Knowing remains an interesting and entertaining watch, although there are its faults, which are within the last part of the film.

The disasters (plane wreck, subway crash) were intense and exciting.

Takes it to his friend who predictable tells him in copy and pasted dialogue how crazy this all sounds and he's taking his wife's death too hard.

With about 20 minutes left in the movie and no realistic ending, we throw in a random car chase where a woman essentially kidnaps his son and in the middle of the chase Cage pauses in his pursuit of his CHILD to spend a few minutes with the now dead woman he has known for 36 hours, this enables him to see an intriguing black rock # Finally, we go completely implausible with an ending involving aliens rescuing mere earthlings from impending disaster and over the top stupid dialog between Cage and his son.

All in all it's a good popcorn blockbuster, I enjoyed it as far as these kind of films go.

Complete waste of time .

On the whole, I left the theater feeling very strange.

The start is slow and steady, and gripping, and sets the mood for what i expected to be a gradual increase in the intensity of events, and the characters' reaction to it....

Visceral, exciting, heartrending, and philosophically stimulating.

But the movie would try to convince us of the exact opposite -- that a universe predicated strictly on natural law would somehow be inherently unpredictable because it has no "purpose.

Overall the film felt like a waste of time.

Science fiction fans will feel frauded, disaster movie fans will love about 15 minutes of screen time and maybe fall asleep for the rest.

Once the back-story finishes we were then treated to another boring credit sequence.

Waste of 2 hours of my life !!

I highly recommend it.

It reminded me of "Signs" with Mel Gibson, another cheesy Christian propaganda-movie.

Maybe it has to do with the fact that this movie was made by Alex Proyas, the man responsible for such dark and intriguing stories as "The Crow" and "Dark City".

"What the crap is going on" was the most frequent thought that my friends and I conjured up, and, by the end, most wanted to leave the theater...

Parts of it really got me on the edge of my seat, and the music that goes with it at those tense times really help build it up.

The lecture Cage delivers to his students is excellent because even my grandmother would have understand it…# encrypted prophecies: breaking the code is thrilling.

Wait to rent the DVD and save your money!

It was gripping and by far the best scene in the movie; strangely understated owing to the fact that there was no background music, save for screams and explosions.

This part is creepy, gripping, and suspenseful--we're waiting to find out what this all means, and what happens when the time capsule is eventually unearthed.

During the screening I had the idea that this movie could have had the intense paranoia of "Arlington Road".

It's as if that halfway through writing the movie the writers got bored and decided to just turn it into a ridiculous X- Files rip-off.

clement-reber from Switzerland writes that the movie is merely propaganda for Scientology.

Save your money, this is one to miss in the theater.

The single Worst Movie I've ever seen .

Boring film with stupid ending .

What was a moderately intriguing premise is heavily handled, using every possible cliché with soap opera dialogue to accompany it.

This is an entertaining, somewhat clever unfolding of the pre-knowledge predicament that for the most part is useless.

Knowing is nothing new, meaning that the few unexpected elements it contains are rapidly sidelined by textbook scripting.

The religious propaganda never goes beyond themes into any specific dogma or theology.

If you're reading these reviews, like I was, debating on watching this horrid, horrid, HORRID waste of time, do yourself a favor and remember the following: I AM SERIOUSLY RECONSIDERING THE PROPOSAL.

The characters have good chemistry and the story is smooth if a bit predictable and there are some real edge of the seat moments, ****Major Spoiler Alert**** The crashing Aeroplane is without doubt one of the most intense scenes I've ever seen in a movie, I actually felt like was right there beside Nicholas Cage.

This movie was pointless....

The acting is workmanlike and effective, albeit uninspiring.

Totally Unexpected....

Having said that, I largely enjoyed it and am glad I went to see it just so I can form my own opinion than take the word from someone else.

It was excellent, there were quite a few layers to the movie, all around solid performances by the cast (Yes that includes Mr. Cage) great visuals, compelling characters, suspense, drama, emotion, dread, the list goes on.

There is realistic and epic trauma and unexpected turns that make this movie a powerful, heart-tugging experience to watch.

You gotta love the schmaltzy "agnostic-scientist-becomes-believer-again" cliché ending, accompanied by the rape of Beethoven's 6th.

The build up to the last ten minutes of the movie is tense and suspenseful then proceeds to blow everything with a leftfield deux ex machina that has to be seen to be believed and must feature as one of the biggest cop outs I've ever seen in a movie .

For the first time in a review I am going to forgo the plot description as you have seen what needs to be seen on the ads, and anything further I say would tarnish the unexpected revelations that conclude this film.

Enjoyed every minute of this movie, I was on the edge of my seat for the last 20 minutes.

If you ever want to see a suspenseful movie with a great plot go see this movie I highly recommend it.

In some ways it's so simple and historically based, it's dull (and excessive) once you get the point.

Religious propaganda.

These slow moving, angles were utilized mostly during the fighting and theft scenes.

It's a intense gripping movie keeping us hooked to the screen to know the ending.

One more thing, if the movie is gonna end up having a huge destruction, then what's the point of all that "predictable" accidents?

I mean, why in the world do you even have predictions if in the end everything is totally pointless.

The plot was so contrived as to be ludicrous.

I see people complaining about the Christianity in it, cause they think its all propaganda when its not, it's just how the story works.

The film's longer length is easily overshadowed by stunning visuals of flight and metro accidents.

Pointless, ad hoc movie.

And again, much like a Shyamalan film, there is a delicious (or disgusting depending on your taste) dose of pretentious nonsense.

Generally, I think that this movie is interesting and entertaining.

A plane and subway crash,separately, are brilliantly realised in two of the most compelling disaster sequences I have seen, these two items alone score 6/10 for the film.

So many complaints about a remarkably entertaining movie.

Knowing's influences are varied, blatant and well contrived to provide two hours of solid entertainment in a blockbuster that requires its audience to think a little; of course every teenage 'knowing-all' (see what I did there, eagle-eyed students of the pun?

I suspect that the first draft might have even included a scene in which the Nostradummies send vegan recipes to Earthlings - in form of confusing series of numbers, of course, because these aliens a**holes like playing mind-games with us poor human slobs.

But one has to agree that the premise is quite intriguing and exciting and that worked for me.

For some people, this movie is likely to be somewhat predictable like later Director Shyamalan movies such as "The Village" (2004).

The relatively interesting plot also suffers prolonged assault from a very poor script offering trite, clichéd mechanical dialogue.

This film gave me suspense because of its slower pace and unpredictable sequences.

the long subway scene adds nothing - except pure "entertainment" for cgi lovers), the characters are superficial and sometimes annoying (MIT cosmologists and astrophysicists must be very angry if not insulted in case they watch this movie), and an underlying religiοus symbolism (creativism + Scientology oriented propaganda - that "tree of knowledge" at the end is almost funny) for little children, like those who are finally saved and driven to their new playground - planet.

Even the special effects scenes get old, the train scene is way too long and obviously is extended to burn screen time.

Oh, and it's also a really predictable movie...

It is incredibly violent at parts, but most of it is boring.

I have mixed emotions about Knowing, the movie itself was fairly intriguing and for most of it and it seemed mature, until the last 20-30 minutes, when it all becomes a bit fairy tail like.


I found the unfolding of the mystery very intriguing.

The disasters were incredibly predictable at times.

Don't waste your time.

All his (Nicholas Cage's) running around, getting involved in two disasters--even his rescuing of a few people from a plane crash was, by the end of the movie-and-world, completely pointless.

Worst Movie I've seen in a looooooooong time (spoilers) .

It attempts to tackle deep issues and by not focusing on any, ends up shallow and pointless.

I loved the premise: it's engaging and hooks your curiosity.

Complete waste of time, don't watch.

The idea for the film was very good and the first half was entertaining.

If you ignore that part, the rest of the movie is pretty enjoyable (although I still consider "The Crow" Proyas's best movie).

That being said, one of the reasons I like this movie is because it's very unpredictable.

The part when they're frantically packing and heading out of town was extremely suspenseful and including the Emergency Broadcast added to the realism of the movie.

Another good thing about this movie is that, the intense disaster sequences and mild profanities aside, the movie is actually quite clean, especially by today's standards.

The actors keep making the same predictable mistakes over and over.

Not impressed, but worth watching anyway.

I rated this movie 10, 2 minutes after watching, this due the reason my body generated a lot of adrenaline in the ending (also during the mid-part of movie) i was totally exited and satisfied.

Personal I wouldn't waste your money on it.

Maybe science fiction wouldn't be the best term to use, maybe it's simply Christian propaganda.

Cage was an amazing ingredient to this movie and the movie itself was chilling and sometimes stunning.

Shamefully Boring, Pretentious and Poorly Written, .

The Earth at night when you first see it, the disaster sequences or even the big reveal - the effects crew has accomplished in making you wanting to cover your ears when that hulking plane arrives, close your eyes when the subway jumps the track and make you sweat at the intense heat of a forest fire on- screen.

Don't waste your money on this.

"Intelligent Design" propaganda .

But after this, the film soon grinds to a tedious halt, crushed under the unbearable weight of its own ridiculous self-importance, laughable script, and preposterously overblown score.

Majority of us today have no time seeing these films, but believe me, it is worth watching.

Well-directed by helmsman Alex Proyas with the right touch of humanity and special effects (the latter featuring some hairy accidents involving a plane crash and a runaway subway train will have you on the edge of your seat) thanks largely to the well-developed script by Ryne Douglas Pearson, Juliet Snowden & Stile White that has an intriguing biblical climax.

Visual side is acceptable ,but only three scenes ,done by unknown nosy upstarts, where the angels uncannily resemble the creatures from The Close Encounters of The Third Kind ,while the rest is monotonous cinematic boredom !

They came to see the film after watching a trailer filled with exciting death and destruction scenes so they're going to want to see the world burn.

It was definitely neither a waste of money nor time for me.

As the mystery unfolds it also becomes incredibly gripping, and you look forward to what the end is going to offer!

The rest of the cast was equally engaging, I've already mentioned Lara Robinson in her dual role.

I enjoyed that Alex Proyas refused to bow to the modern-day action/violence cliché where people are killed remarkably quickly without suffering or gore in order to keep that much loved 12A cert, and instead showed some quite harrowing and realistic disaster scenes.

Otherwise, the beginning and middle were very entertaining and gripping.

This information, coupled with his sons new found ability to hear mysterious 'whispers', send our Nic into his now traditional spiral of confusion fueled anxiety.

The movie has quite intense moments, something I don't experience too often, and the three disaster scenes, the aircraft, the subway trains and the solar flair are brilliantly carried off.

The script was atrocious - full of loose ends & predictable dialog, the acting all culled from the wide-eyes + dropped jaw school of performing...

But as soon as aliens entered the picture, it became a waste of time.

It's indulgent, overlong and padded to the brim with needless contrivances, puzzling u-turns and banal digressions that have little or nothing to do with the central theme at hand.

This movie was one of the worst movies (besides SFX) that I've seen in a long time.

Or how about the cob-webbed cliché of characters deciding to go to dark spooky places during night-time...

"Knowing" is completely unoriginal, horribly predictable, and poorly acted.

NOTE2: I still would have preferred the movie to explore those concepts MORE, rather than spew such basic, bland, meaningless overtones.

I admit that I'm a Numbers fan, so the previews of Knowing were intriguing to me.

Daring, brave, uncompromising, unexpected epilogue which sadly angered lot of people who weren't enough open minded for this somewhat brutal ending.

No answer is given, and we the viewer are kept in the dark on where and when and how many victims, these remaining tragedies will claim for far too long.

A gripping apocalypse movie .

See it if you like the unexpected.

It keeps you on the edge of your seat even after the apotheotical ending.

It's an enjoyable story -- worth seeing.

The problem however, is that the script is a meandering mess devoid of any sense of compelling pace, or interesting elaboration on anything that it raises in the wreckage that it so ceaselessly creates.

Action packed with some amazing effects.

Plenty of jumps and shocks but marred by the last 10 minutes but its still worth watching for the rest of the movie though.

An enjoyable film.

The story was too serious, while intense, the characters were not real and I felt like the effects got too cheesy at the end.

*SPOILERS AHEAD*This is about the time where the plot line goes from interesting to flat out confusing.

On the other hand, it's definitely worth watching.

"Knowing" is essentially an extremely boring and silly film.

Predictable and Boring .

This movie was a waste of my time.

The kids hearing voices and the building sense of doom are necessary and entertaining--if that's not too breezy a word for a heavy heavy story.

Only 10 minutes into the movie, and the cretinous Hollywood liberal propaganda machine strikes: Cage's annoying kid tells his lethargic Dad that he wants to become a vegetarian, and because the kid seems to have a 1556 IQ, this is naturally supposed to translate into "see?

What a waste of time.

The movie "Knowing" is a well-told, intriguing, and at times, spooky story.

The plot is remarkably boring; I spent the first 90 minutes trying to find the login in the muddled story-line, and the remainder looking for the polite exit.

It may very well be too intense for smaller children.

The beginning was intriguing.

He can play some quirky folks, but he is always enjoyable.

Talking about the film "itself", I agree with Roger Ebert who was enthusiastic about the film, rating it four stars and ranking it "among the best science-fiction films I've seen—frightening, suspenseful, intelligent and, when it needs to be, rather awesome" in the Chicago Sun-Times.

The tone of the film is dark and suspenseful, and that's a good thing.

The unexpected conclusion is both pessimist and optimistic, depending on the point of view of the viewer.

After that, Knowning was Boring.

It's just plain old fashioned story telling, nothing complicated, just entertaining.

Let me say that I did enjoy the movie and the special effects are great but throughout the movie, and especially the ending, it is a propaganda poster for Scientology.

Then lastly the movie attempted to distract the audiences intelligence with unnecessarily over the top special effects, a drawn out UFO scene, over acting by Nicholas Cage, underacting by his young co stars, an emotionless CGI Armageddon scene and another wasted two hours of my life.

The most surprising, exciting, and thought-provoking science fiction film since 2006's "Children of Men".

All in all, it was an enjoyable thrill ride I won't soon forget and plan to get when it comes to DVD.

Just watch it at your own risk as this movie is very predictable.

I was very disappointed with the movie and left the theater thinking, "Seriously?

Christian Propaganda beyond belief (no pun intended, really).

But after this, the film soon grinds to a tedious halt, crushed under the unbearable weight of its own ridiculous self-importance, laughable script and preposterously overblown score.

What happens at the end may not be everyone's cup of tea, but it's still one of the most entertaining and absorbing films I've seen lately.

On the bright side, the audience is blessed with a riveting score by Marco Beltrami to settle the tone.

The movie has breathtaking visual effects.

Overall the movie was very well put together, the acting was great, music was awesome, and the story keeps you on the edge of your seat.

The ending was all around intense.

I left the theater with a crowd that mumbled their disappointment in the film and complained of having wasted $8.

"Knowing" starts out with an intriguing premise: a girl accurately predicts the horrible happenings of the world until...???? Questions ran through my head as I watched the movie, how?

While most create robots, rocket ships and flying cars, one intense and withdrawn little girl covers a sheet with numbers.

There seems to be no correlation at all between the strange men in black and the disasters- it's like two films have been forcibly mashed together, in the most boring and unbelievable way possible.

The aliens could be working with God but it's all rather confusing and hard to understand.

*****SPOILERS***** If you like Nicholas Cage and like intriguing-fascinating movies go and watch it.

And for all those posting that this movie was religious/Christian propaganda.

Great suspense, thrilling adventure .

It's really the worst movie I have seen this year.

I heard audience members saying that they are going to have nightmares and about 5 people left because it was so intense.

The development of the mystery that fuels 'Knowing's' narrative is pleasingly ridiculous at the best of times, but as usual with a lot of recent American action films, the plot takes itself far too seriously, becoming at times unbearably tense, whilst at the same time (paradoxically) rather uninteresting.

But it gave a gripping plot.

If your looking for suspenseful flick with and a good blend of disaster and science fiction, then I highly recommend this movie.

The mystery is intriguing enough to have you focus on the next shot, not the overall story.

It's tense, intriguing, and ends in a spectacular way.

The first two acts of the movie are only mildly entertaining, while seriously lacking in substance.

There are plenty of exciting special effects (concerning disasters of various kinds), and an engaging premise that piques your curiosity.

The film alternates between ridiculously slow (Cage must spend at least two minutes of screen time just sipping liquor) and insanely fast (Try to work out what is going on during the action scenes.

Booming cords to prevent the bored from falling asleep, with enough base to burn out your sub-woofer.

Especially when trumpets are used to emphasize the scale of one thing, they blare loudly and seem to make these moments hokey-pokey rather than eerie or suspenseful.

Me and over 30 friends watched it in my house yesterday and all of us are normal guys with normal tastes in film, and we were all on the edge of our seats, and were very satisfied after the movie ended.

The script is silly, is full of plot-holes and descends into schmaltz and a thinly veiled attempt at Christian propaganda.

Good movie, very entertaining.

It turned out to be very intriguing though; a film with a mystery that I eagerly wanted to see solved.

When the disasters start happening, the movie turns out to be very explosive, and it kept me on the edge of my seat.

Knowing was filled with pointless scenes, poor acting and unnecessary symbolism (seriously, wtf was with the stones.

I left the theater understanding the film to be one of the best depictions of the book of Revelations.

Did some of you fall asleep?

Cliché cliché and cliché.

He spoke in a slow monotoned voice the entire movie and was utterly impossible to listen to.

Again, predictable and unsatisfying.

Predictable when coherent..PAINFULLY DRAWN OUT.

However, the third act, which is predictable and sets up with heavy emotional sigma, is a little absurd; especially if how unrealistic the characters behave to such an unnerving situation that is on the horizon.

The characters are well acted and intriguing.

Despite that, though, this was an enjoyable action packed thriller drama with a satisfying ending.

Heck, in general most of the acting was a bit bland.

The start has an intriguing premise.

Intriguing, no?

The action scenes - the scenes of disaster - are incredibly real and intense.

What first promises to be a suspenseful film quickly becomes formulaic and sophomoric.

The film-makers clearly really cared for the story they were telling and allow it to live up to its initial premise in unexpected ways.

As well as that, it is simply no fun to watch, it drags mainly because the many twists and turns are predictable from a mile away, and the outcomes are never satisfying.

And on top of this there are at least two over-the-top CGI sequences that are completely awe inspiring.

The movie was very intense and somewhat frightening.

Slowly builds to an unexpected end...

I walked out of the theater and didn't go back, which is something I've never done before in 30+ years of movie viewing.

Meteor , The Earthquake ) ,as everything else is simply more or else vacuous , with a storyline that sends you shivering , or ,as this is the case with Knowing , has too much empty space in between three well-depicted scenes of disaster .

I can see that there might be some message with the way it ends but if they had changed the ending and improved some of the other things that weighed the movie down I probably would have enjoyed it more than I did.

If the movie had stopped at the 1h45 mark, I would have given it a 6 on the basis that it took a rather dull SF plot and made a half-decent thriller about it.

The premise of the film is intriguing.

The movie soon slips into banality, predictability and, worst of all, sloppiness.

Each scene had you gripping onto your seat in anticipation.

It started off slow but once the central premise of the story became clear, it was actually very fast paced and spellbinding.

Actually, to be fair it started off okay (even if the Spooky Little Girl character has long become a bit of a cliché), not that bad at all.

It was like a fun and decently entertaining thriller of a movie until the end.

The general premise was intriguing, the action and intensity for the first 3/4 of the film was terrific.


The two least boring parts of the film are the two disasters Cage encounters, one a plane crash and the other a subway car derailing, are two of the most vivid disasters ever caught on film.

How many films with tiresome plot-twists do you need to see before you realize that there just aren't that many great ideas left in the world.

I read a comment that said the movie is full of subliminal propaganda to Church of Scientology...

The second half of the film is just some cheesy religious propaganda.

Outrageously unreal but its sure as hell entertaining.


If you see it on a plane (not likely) or in a motel, it's perfect distraction material, gripping and exciting.

However the theist interpretation of the movie bores me and combined with the rather cut-and-dried ending of the film makes me feel like I've seen something closer to dogma than to scientific speculation.

Enjoyable .

Yes; that tiresome old chestnut.

It think I enjoyed it...

Its a waste of money and 2 hours of your life!

The film's first half is great and gripping, unfortunately the film drives off into strange territory into the final 20 minutes.

It has the right balance of action in it to keep it visually and mentally engaging and the effects are just stunning.

The way the ending plays out is boringly neat and logical in story arc terms (and racist?

Even a 10 mile high placard saying "You're going to get roasted by a solar flare" wouldn't have been that much use so providing any warning at all was a bit pointless.

A complete waste of money...

now I've seen the film, I can split it in two: the first half was boring as hell.

Ultimately, however, both cash in on the intriguing premise and setup with a conclusion so (overly) simple, that rather than appreciate the symbolism and beauty of it, I'm left to wonder what the point was, and if there weren't too many "chefs in the kitchen" as far as the message of the film is concerned.

But this propaganda of a movie purports to be a thriller.

It's not just all the hidden (not so hidden, really) religious content that other people have already told about: it's also that the script has more holes than a Dutch cheese; that the characters are dull and stereotypical; that you cannot care less about what happens to them; that the movie ends and none of the clues and McGuffins that have been force-fed to you get an explanation.

10 out of 10 as far as I am concerned, worth watching twice in a row, and I'm going on a 3rd viewing now.

Watching this movie whole demands some strength of will or strong resilience against boredom.

Everything that happened in the plot was completely predictable until they jumped the shark and had aliens save the kids.

But sometimes a movie can be quite entertaining despite its flaws.

And the picture of two white kids at the end with two white rabbits on a very beige planet with white trees, rescued by white guys with white hair who turned out to be glowing white featureless beings, bore some undertones that left me uncomfortable.

I never expect much in the form of acting from Nic Cage, but he is even duller than usual in this role.

I do sincerely hope that last tree was a fruit tree and that it bore fruits.

This movie is poignant, mentally and spiritually engaging and emotional from the very start.

Knowing is a unique and gripping end-of-the-world science fiction experience that creates suspense in an engrossing way.

1) The movie is pro scientology propagandaIf there is any truth to this then the propaganda is very obscure, as a quick reference to scientology symbols does not include the 7 pointed star as per one detractor.

With the annoying side plot involving 'The Strangers' that Caleb and Diana's daughter Abby comes across, things get rather boring, especially the long dreadful ending when Caleb and Abby are sent off to space.

A bit of a slow start for the first 15-20 Min's but once this film gets going you will enjoy it and be sitting on the edge of your seat wondering whats coming next.

Than it just starts to get predictable, except maybe the ending cause I just didn't expect it to be shamefully ridiculous during the third act.

Worth watching, although it could have been better .

But they are entertaining nonetheless.

Where the story just seemed to linger and die and get boring.

At the beginning I actually thought it was going to be a good, kind of freakishly thrilling flick.

My Take: While the plot isn't great literature, There are some intriguing twists and some occasionally spooky moments.

Just about every sci-fi/horror cliché you could think of is in this.

The actual ending reeks of propaganda for a certain 'religion', although the director nor any of the main actors seem to have any connections to it, so it probably wasn't intentional.

There are some extremely intense, graphic images that isn't appropriate for children and because of the theme of the movie, you may find that your kids will need some reassuring from you.

But it's SLOW.

Call it Crappy Encounters of a Close Kind and save your money!

The pace is way to slow, watching this movie feels literally like aging.

Eschatalogy -- the study of the end times -- is a fascinating topic, and here the imagination must rule, not the intellect.

My only gripe with this film is that it was predictable to the point of annoyance.

In an extremely awkward and obviously contrived scene set in Cage's classroom, we're presented with a naive dichotomy of the nature of the universe -- it's either completely random, or it has a logical order because God chooses what happens.

The visuals are stunning; fire engulfs the globe.

I don't know, if we talk about the film as a piece of sci-fi production, we could say: good visual effects, nice plot, boring, ridiculous...

Knowing (2009)Slowly builds to an unexpected end...

The special effects in this film are amazing and awe inspiring, indeed, astonishing and eerily real.

In an age when every typical Holly-wood-Michael-Bay-Transformer-Teenage-explosion-laden-shootem-up gets really tedious, this refreshing and intelligently written film is a real change of pace, most definitely making "Knowing" the sleeper of the year.

I was completely captivated by the overall plot, constantly on the edge of my seat, until that is about the last 20 minutes.

The strength is that it takes a philosophically intriguing concept- determinism -and shows the personal effects of it.

Three story lines we have here, offering all kinds of exciting events, like the aforementioned disasters, numerology, foresight, Apocalypse, weird men chasing children, and some mistycal Genesis/aliens combo.

It was an excellent movie with an unoriginal and uninspiring ending.

He finds Caleb's discovery rather fascinating, and, in fact, has uncovered something that no one else cares enough to believe.

Save your money.

Ted's Evaluation -- 3 of 3: Worth watching.

It may disappoint a lot but if you are watching for a second time and know what is coming then the movie is slightly more enjoyable as daft as the end is, it at least offers a small bit of interest in what happened to the human species!

bad bad bad, culminating with one of the most trite and overused plot ideas by sending all these gifted children to another planet until "the Earth heals itself.

Because it is fun, hugely exciting and entertaining to watch, and at the same time makes us think deep.

This was a very enjoyable film from frame one to last.

I left the theater feeling VERY VERY unsatisfied.

Pointless, awful story.

A Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Action Story that tries to be Philosophical and entertaining in a slightly different kind of End of the World, Alien intervention scenario.

" But what really was happening was a mess and confusion.

I think I'm most disappointed because the trailers were so intriguing, and the plot had so much potential.

There are some fantastic performances and some ingenious action scenes, especially in the way they are shot, along with a very intriguing plot.

So many predictable, hackneyed and stupid plot shifts and scenes that you just knew had been put in there because the director simply couldn't come up with anything original.

that this movie was a complete waste of time.

The ending was not what I thought it would be, which is good - I love unexpected endings.

In film, those who attempt to literalize these things tend to immediately render them trite.

Dozens before me have bashed the ending, claiming various religions to inspired it and that it was a cliché at best.

The mixture of psychic abilities, religious undertones and scientific theories was engrossing.

The downtime between John's discoveries will have you yawning and looking at your watch.

Supremacist Religious Propaganda Of The Worst Kind .

This is a powerful, compelling and endlessly suspenseful film that feels like something out of Shyamalan's glory days.

An earlier IMDb commentator referred to this film as religious propaganda, a fairly good assessment in my view (my impression of the last scene is that it is located in the New Eden).

Knowing is keeping you on the edge of your seat for two hours and really delivers in the end.

The film starts off slow and carries on slowly for at least 3/4 of the film until the end chase in a vain attempt to save themselves from whatever has been following them and the end of the world.

Considering Nicolas Cage's recent filmography, expectations for Knowing are already pretty low, but there was hope in that Alex Proyas, a director who seems to have mastered a fascinating Gothic/sci-fi hybrid in previous cult classics such as Dark City and The Crow, could produce the goods.

It was well written otherwise with some really intense and unexpected scenes.

The special effects are quite good, and the scenes in which they're used are shocking and effective (pardon the pun), but I think the movie missed a few chances to deviate from a predictable, ultimately lazy, somewhat nonsensical path.

The film's 1st hour is excellent,, but the second hour loses grip, the film becomes boring and tedious.

The feeling of silliness as the movie came to an end aside, this was a pretty suspenseful movie with a pretty good depiction of the apocalypse at the end.

First half of the movie is enjoyable, with thrilling suspense and spectacular special effects.

So for a quick summary;Movie Beginning : 6/10 Movie Midt part : 8/10 Movie Ending : 9/10 Special effects : 10/10 Story : 10/10 Adrenaline factor: 8/10 General acting : 8/10 Would i like to see this movie again: Yes!

It simultaneously feels both slow and rushed at the same time.

If you get bored - walk away and let someone else finish it.

The plane and train crash scenes were some of the best I've seen in a film, truly intense and chilling.

A slow sci-fi flick.

Each scene had you gripping onto your seat in anticipation.

I found the scene with the airplane very intense I thought I was right there with Nicolas Cage the sounds and the scene was detailed like nothing was left out.

FINAL VERDICT: highly recommend it

The movie was "christian" propaganda/nonsense, not very well disguised as a sci-fi(drama, mystery, thriller).

The horrible reality of death and it's inevitability , the sometimes inexplicable and ironic coincidences of life, the hints of precognition and the mathematical beauty of the universe are neatly served up in an entertaining thriller .

The plot continues to surprise throughout taking some very different turns with the outcome of the story which made it even more unpredictable and better for it.

didn't have to spend a penny, still waste of time .

Some may not notice that it is all in one shot, which makes it all the more remarkable a feat of direction (the visual FX are compelling too); it's practically Children of Men amazement in terms of a single visual demonstration of a nightmare on film.

, because it sated, like any other thriller, the suspenseful atmosphere smartly, while it didn't do the same with its different high meaning.

The only thing I KNOW about KNOWING is that is a complete waste of time.

What a terrible waste of time.

Why do a lot of H-wood movies have to have heroes whose darling ones are deceased ,and ,the new trend , having only one parent ,who has to be a scientist no less –watch The Day the Earth Stood Still and wonder, this is just too stale and boring ?!

So far so good and quite engrossing.

The excitement was lost and the ending was too obvious and predictable.

The film takes itself somewhat too serious but overall it remains a good and engaging watch.

An excellent soundtrack, compelling plot and story, solid acting performances, and fluid pacing made this an enjoyable cinematic experience.

There's special-effects a-plenty for those who manage to stay awake.

Recently me and a few others went to see it and I enjoyed it, well, most of it.

The movie is filled with pointless, and pathetic, foreshadowing and symbolism, which any idiot can pick up on.

Other than those 3 things, I really enjoyed it.

Still, even on an off-day Proyas manages to pull off a collection of oddly compelling images (Cage's hair not included).

The plot is sadly predictable.

We then have a hugely impressive, and pointless, "Day After Tomorrow," sequence as New York is wiped out AGAIN ( this City must have some bad movie karma).

I found it pretty entertaining and the mystery of the 'strangers' kept me enthralled (I know I didn't mention them earlier).

For a movie that deals with the apocalypse, it was really quite a bore.

If you're really bored and want something creepy - watch it.

Sure, some of the science was ridiculous and there are a few plot holes, but I forgive them because the story is intense and thought provoking, and the ending!

The story is as predictable as Wednesday's meatloaf.

Chandler Canterbury is engaging as Caleb.

It had all the heart pumping build-up of a good trailer, but in the end it was just another empty hook.

Don't waste your time, get a tooth out instead.

While, my date left the theater with the understanding that there may be other planets waiting to be inhabited and cultivated.

I am a fan of Nicolas Cage, and the intriguing and human story is very well constructed and disclosed in an adequate pace and supported by good performances.

It builds so convincingly that you will be on the edge of your seat for its second half as if it were happening to you.

Of course religious fans will like it but trust me, if you have any smarts at all, you will be outraged at its inane theological propaganda.

Some people said they thought the ending was too weird and random but I think it was unexpected and cool.

I would highly recommend it for someone willing to use a little bit of their head while watching a movie.

All the way through I was on the edge of my seat with the story like what was happening?

I loved the story and the pace kept me on the edge of my seat.

Above all it was an entertaining movie and recommended for science fiction fans.

A half hour of pretty good action, preceded by, an absolutely boring, hour and a half of drivel.

Ultimately, Knowing comes out empty handed and often laughable.

Riveting thriller .

Rationalization:To express my honest opinion about this film, I'd say I thought the ideas it evokes are more intriguing than the film itself.

I do enjoy Nicolas Cage and it does have some rather intense moments.

The trailer looked great to me, so I went to see the film, and at first I was thinking "this is so interesting and intriguing!

I object to both of them morally, because Proyas seems to delight way too much in people burning to death and being squished by the train, but they are definitely exciting and well done (the dream sequence with the flaming forest animals, not so much).

All of the suspense and everything builds up to a boring, meaningless, and offensive ending (which I won't actually spoil, unless 'rapture' already did that).

Yes, it was intense.

The story is well told, engrossing me and makes me want to find out what will happen.

There are some creepy and suspenseful moments that have you on the edge of your seat.

U can tell if a movie is good, when u generate so much adrenaline that u almost lose your breath.

It will be just as cost effective, and twice as entertaining.

Each scene had you gripping onto your seat in anticipation.

Cage, who to be fair isn't known for his humanist shades, is wooden and largely uninteresting as the movie's protagonist-trying-to-save-the-day-whilst-being-a-single-dad cutout.

a bland statement of the obvious that sometimes is proclaimed as a Universal Truth...

Entertaining, what more do you really expect.

I guess you could say that she was a modern-day Nostradamus ;-) For me the movie was enjoyable for the first 75% then it got a bit silly...

Great screenplay by the team of writers including Ryne Douglas Pearson who came up with this engaging story.

destiny, these are themes of this seemingly long and dragged out movie.

Bland, silly nonsense.

It was again clarified with Knowing by Alex Proyas who gave the great "Dark City" comes back with an absorbing sci-fi that will keep you by the hook for the whole length.

Still more, in a tiresome attempt to relive the awe that followed their watching of "The Sixth Sense" refuse to accept a story that doesn't have a 'twisty' ending.

All the adrenaline pumping action and horror of so may people dying make you think it could get way better.

It's compelling storytelling and slow but tense pace made it a very enjoyable movie for me.

The script was so pointless and predictable, only to coincide with a director who doesn't know what he is doing.

It's worth watching (mainly if you like topics like "Chariots of the Gods" and so on) !

His direction is taut, kinetic and intense throughout the film, and he does have a visual eye for some scenes.

It constantly surprised me and kept me on the edge of my chair.

Knowing is the worst movie I have ever seen .

A boring and muddled plot that leads to nothing much.

Nicolas Cage is finally back doing something I can be proud of following some bland stints in the National Treasure sequel, Next and Bangkok Dangerous and is believable as the everyman and his wound-up trademark acting style is perfect for the scenario.

The story looks easily predictable in the beginning...

The portrayal of the plane crash and the derailed train and the horrible fate of the passengers is harrowing but gripping.

It will all end with the inferno that engulfs good and bad, creative and dull alike.

The wreck was so intense and realistic it left me emotionally drained.

The premise of the story was great, but it was carried out very badly, and the movie becomes a little slow and boring after a while.

Still, the film is an absorbing watch; it's even one of the more entertaining movies about this subject matter, which has been the foundation for many predecessors to this one.

In the end this was better than The Day the Earth Stood Bored – which isn't much of a recommendation.

The problem is the film is just plain scientology propaganda, without this it would be a half decent flick.

Predictable and Unsatisfying .

I would personally advise anyone going to see it to leave the cinema just as Nicholas Cage is exiting the car beside the empty car that the children were taken away in at the clearing in the forest.

It was still fine, if a bit boring, and it promised to pick up again.

It is unfortunate, this movie had a good potential, but within the first half of it, it became very boring.

I have to say that the acting was good, the plot entertaining and the technical realization very nice.

Sure, you don't want to examine the scenario too closely, but the ride to this point is enjoyable.

These are confusing times, and Joe the Plumber (sorry, I mean Joe Sixpack) doesn't want to think.

I went into the cinema expecting a cliché-ridden film with great special effects and the usual Hollywood fare, nothing more, nothing less.

Knowing's presentation was another reason why I found it suspenseful.

Don't get me wrong, its a really good idea for a suspenseful and engaging story and is just that for most of its 1hr 40mns running time.

If you want a suspenseful movie with a great ending this is the movie for you.

Waste of time .

As he investigates, there are many exciting set pieces: a plane crash really close up, burning deer wailing in a burning forest, mysterious government people - or aliens?

Knowing is breathtaking!!.

All in all I sat through the whole film and quite enjoyed it for the most part.

Some of the disaster scenes were very intense.

Secondly, an intriguing story and finally impressive design.

but I could have done without the aliens, the whole reference to the Garden of Eden in the end, and the video game-like cinematics that made the blowing wheat field they were running through make me wonder what the heck just happened to a pretty intense disaster/end of the world movie.

Teetering between genuinely thought-provoking science-fiction and largely innocuous disaster movie pomp and circumstance, Knowing, which comes from director Alex Proyas (The Crow and I, Robot) is an irksome and mostly disjointed affair.

We started watching this movie with open minds, not expecting the best movie ever nor expecting a real B-movie..Anyway, the story is quite intriguing to begin with, it draws you in and is good enough to keep your mind off what time it is and how long is left of the movie.

By that stage I think I slipped into shock at the sudden, and unexpected introduction of aliens.

The first 90% of the movie was an absolute waste and it would have been more integral to the ending if the main characters had just sat out in the front lawn the entire time watching the grass grow.

One of the worst movies ever made; combined with worst acting and a ridiculous plot...

In my opinion, quite a waste of a perfect introduction, great body of work (acting and story telling), and the possibility of a completely enjoyable and interesting film - from start to finish.

When punctuation was least expected (in three places) and from three unexpected sources, the crashes were extraordinary.

Thrilling entertainment .

This movie left me numb, empty, nothing.

The good: Strong start to the movie, the plot hooks you in, excellent sound, confronting disaster scenes, haunting images, Rose Byrne, at times quite freaky, The Bad: Special effects looked like they were from a video game, ripped off basically every science fiction movie ever made, poor acting from Nic Cage, very predictable.

In fact, the premise is quite intriguing: A time capsule is opened and found to contain a page of seemingly meaningless numbers written by a strangely spooky girl 50 years ago.

Entertaining, creepy, and awesome.

It had so much dull holes throughout the movie and the ending just completely ruined it.

) But it's asinine for a fellow prof to liken the predictions to numerology (as in The Number 23) or suggest that maybe Koestler is following in the delusional footsteps of John Nash (brilliantly depicted in A Beautiful Mind) when the numbers are so clearly related to real, and supposedly unpredictable, events.

If I am brought to tears and/or other gripping emotions.

It's probably the worst movie I've ever seen.

In any case the first 90 minutes of Knowing is consistently engaging and for a few minutes outstanding.

There are also elements of time travel and predicting the future which are really intriguing.

Knowing is a compelling doomsday-themed piece with a chock of interesting ideas of science and religion put into play, and a surprisingly enthralling execution by Alex Proyas who brings his powerful visual grandeur to the game.

In fact it's an enjoyable experience as this kind of film goes.

Fascinating, truly amazing .

Two pronged, both predictable, one kinda cool and one far less so, the good stuff is kept to less than a minute and the bad is a virtual revelation.

It might be boring to those who are not interested in sci-fi scripts.

The first 20 minutes or so of the film are a bore, as the film takes the longest time of any in recent memory to roll through the credits.

However it was entertaining - worth seeing once...

It is an entertaining and ambitious film providing much food for thought, though perhaps it is more audacious than successful.

Great special effects, but a waste of my time .

Whatever your mindset or ideology, creed or philosophy, the film is thought-provoking and engaging, and can be enjoyed if you allow for what Coleridge coined in his notes on poetry...

Otherwise your probably just a boring person in general.

It starts out deceptively simple, slow and understated, the kind of slightly-odd mystery yarn that THE X-FILES used to do so well in its heyday.

Creative and Entertaining .

critics got it wrong on this very entertaining movie .

so that ENTIRE plot line was pointless...

So let me just say this, this movie is rather PG13 and its is extremely intense for children.

An enjoyable movie .

The whole event is a contrived plot device.

I love it how she really shows uneasiness mix with confusion only by her eyes and her display of near-nausea.

But Knowing really stands out from the likes of Next and various Roland Emmerich movies because of its heart (there is a profoundly human element amongst the chaos and destruction), and because of the surprising, riveting turns the story takes.

It was an entertaining movie that I gave a decent score for.

This is a suspenseful story, part science fiction, part thriller, which will challenge viewers to decide what they believe in the aforementioned debate.

Now Cagey enlists the help of a single mum (handy) and we embark upon a 'Da Vinci Code' style investigation that entails a lot of running, fast driving, scarcely-audible whispered dialogue in gloomy places and self-indulgent navel-gazing.

Nicolas Cage didn't bother me for once in his career, the visual effects were great, the sound was good, it had an intriguing plot...

Why on earth do u have to destroy such a good and intense scenario by bringing at the end the Aliens?

They all end up unexplained, and to be clear we are not watching X-FILE, it's the mightly Nicolas Cage who always experiences some sort of exciting adventures in the Disney channel.

Come up with some ridiculous reason to end the world - have the men in black (yes we all got that little 'wheeze') actually be the aliens, save the kiddies (punters like to see 'little timmy' survive) and there you have it; the perfect ending if you've got bored with your project.

A Flawed But Enjoyable End Of The World Movie .

Funny (or is predictable?

Little did I know I would be consistently entertained and thrilled by this disturbing, gripping film.

In another actor's hands, it might seem ridiculous that a brilliant MIT scientist instantly buys into random predictions, but Cage convinces us his intense, grieving character is desperate for something to believe in, even if it's the scribblings of a Mary Jane-wearing, fifth-grade Nostradamus.

Entertaining enough mystery/thriller .

), the process of figuring out the code, what it meant, and how it came to be was intriguing.

Nicholas Cage gives a solid but uninspiring performance as a college professor with a secret that cannot possibly grab anyone's interest.

Indeed I found myself constantly surprised as to how compelling and involving the storyline was .

I watched this on a PSP whilst on a train journey and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Though the first half of the movie was at least suspenseful, the predictable and overdone ending ruined any merits this film may have had.

These scenes are well orchestrated and become the highlight of a dull film, communicating the horror of the disasters effectively.

I give this movie 7 out of 10 - Silly and predictable towards the end ("please don't let it be aliens, please don't let it be aliens.

Instead it makes a lot of what has happened earlier in the movie seem pointless.

There are even mind blowing scenes, you wont expect.

Great action, suspenseful, and Nick Cage is always good for a laugh with his poor and overly exaggerated acting.

As is almost always the case, the main fault lies in the script, which, though compelling on the surface, is utterly flawed.

It has intelligent screenplay, suspenseful plot, astonishing special effects and great performance by Nicolas Cage.

In the end all i can say is i had a good 2 hours of fun watching an entertaining movie, ...

It starts in a very stunning way so that you think you're watching the best thriller ever.

The performances are wonderful, the effects breathtaking, the story compelling.

Christian symbolism is here more than tangible ,but there is just too much empty walking,talking and soul searching,and Mr.Cage is just too darn extra dramatical ,tragic and glum.

We have this intriguing numbers riddle that Cage is able to work out.

The symbolism in the film is awe inspiring and brilliant and could probably have a separate debate on the hidden meanings behind some of the symbolic scenes.

OK, the plot is a little thin, we've seen most of this before spread across several movies, but it's engaging and well directed.

Complete waste of time .

Nick expresses a particular anxiety and depth of emotion that is stunning.

The cinematography is the same boring stuff you've seen everywhere.

Don't waste your time!

What a waste of time.

I am a grown man and the accident scenes were some of the most intense I've seen in movies.

The film started off very suspenseful and mysterious.

But the stunning thing was the design of the thing.

It was even intriguing, it had some potential.

The plot twists and turns along with a stellar music score and sound effects makes the movie frighteningly heart-gripping.

But it's fine, cause needless to say, it's a good movie, and I really enjoyed it back then, and it had me in the edge of my seat a few times, and the ending is epic as well, it deals with the idea that the world be at stake, and how eventually to save it.

Refreshing and engaging attempt at growing the biggest of tales from the smallest of beginnings.

This is a riveting movie, and one of the top three I've seen in the past year (Watchmen and Dark Knight are up there, too).

creepy, suspenseful, and very good .

Unfortunately it didn't, and instead dragged itself into a corny, cheesy plot which had me laughing out loud for all the wrong reasons.

worst movie ever .

It is thoughtful and engaging, and I think that a lot of people will be talking about this movie for a long time.

the boring, hopelessly unimaginative story?

The resulting world isn't one that feels like ours, and so the whole disaster element of the movie feels contrived and irrelevant.

This is maybe the worst movie I've seen so far in this century.

This was by far the worst movie I have ever seen.

It is for sure Cage's worst movie.

The whole "predicting the future" thing has been done before, but it's an endlessly intriguing idea because of its resonance for every person on the planet.

So much so, that you could see everybody in their seats squirming, trying to overlook the predictable and lame lines from the actors, only to re-discover the goofy ending to the film.

There were several other moments throughout the film that had the feeling of "awe inspiring" and "epic" drawn all over them.

More predictable religious claptrap .

Director Alex Proyas, the father of projects such as 'Dark City' and 'I, Robot', exhibits his grandeur of visual stimulating style that manages to triumph over its compelling, if somewhat flawed plot.

The special effects are terrific splendid and the plot has the makings of a gripping film with a few "race against time" and "save the world" aspects.

First of all: yes, I would recommend to watch this movie, since the plot and action is gripping enough to watch it from beginning to end.

And the final is breathtaking.

Also as bad here, complete with a spaceship that still looks like CGI artwork pitched to the producers, complete with stupid floaty contraptions that are utterly pointless (even a fantasy film has to have some logic).

at that moment, when they stopped it being somewhat possible, I got bored.

"Knowing" is essentially an extremely boring and silly film.

What kills the film in my opinion are bland characters, which make it hard to care about the potential destruction of the earths population because there is no emotional investment.

John's almost-as-clever son, Caleb (Chandler Canterbury), picks out a rather boring piece of paper filled only with numbers.

I was sickened by I Am Legend which turned the great original Matheson story into a religious propaganda piece.

Uninteresting, typical and offering nothing special and new, Knowing is a movie that you would be much better off avoiding.

but that last scene, was the unexpected thing for me !...

This movie isn't for everyone, but I enjoyed it, mostly because it raises important questions about our own mortality.

The first 90 minutes from this movie are moderately entertaining.


The movie attracts your attention for 15 minutes at the beginning, then turns into something predictable and a little bit vulgar, then several dark scenes (I mean, you cannot see what is going on because it is really dark), and then, well I save the end of the movie (last 3 minutes).

Knowing, like Dark City, starts off as a gripping and thoroughly spooky thriller.

Also, the end of the world, and creation of a new one just made me feel so sketched out, as if I was watching a religious shitty movie propaganda film.

So despite few of the character decisions and none of the dialogue feeling natural, and despite the screen-writers omitting to even inject contrived likability to bring the characters above absolute baseline interest, for a while I was disappointedly thinking that Knowing was just a standard bit of entertaining crap.

I felt like I saw it already a hundred times and every supposed twist was a yawn.

" Proyas' predictable new Nicolas Cage science-fiction horror chiller "Knowing," is a lukewarm end of days prophecy potboiler that is appropriately enough scripted by the numbers.

The intriguing, sometimes screwy, plot is filled with interesting twists that, silly as they might get, come at you with some surprise that it still often startles somehow.

What a waste of money.

This movie is also kinda scary which makes it much more intriguing.

Worst Movie Ever.

But as it went on, it became 'theoretically flawed' and extremely boring.

Then the second teaser came out showing some creepy, dark-clothed men in the woods—perhaps foreshadowing an intriguing alien aspect to it all.

Knowing kept my wife and I on the edge of our seats, it was clever, it was imaginative, it was first class.

It was so exciting and sudden and although the movie wasn't a horror as such it was frightening and intense.

Also, I found the script a little predictable, and believe me the irony is not lost on me.

Yet as good as the actors were, the special effects and the twists in the storyline are what make this movie really entertaining.

I feel that the writer could have at least made it a little more exciting.

I will just say this: I have just registered in IMDb to be able to comment this movie and tell you that it is probably the worst movie ever made.

However, naturalism actually holds that the universe proceeds along the lines of predictable physical causes and effects, the very opposite of the "random.

I give this film a 4 because it did have an intriguing beginning and kept the audience on edge until around the middle of the film.

A lot of people are saying this is TOO religious for them, and have even claimed indoctrination or "Christian propaganda".

If you put to the back of your mind the fact that the movie makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, it is still worth watching, even if just for one pretty spectacular scene.

Elements that play against one another, producing a final product that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Waste of my time and money...

It was stupid and boring.

This was the most poorly writing, painful, agonizing, stupid, pointless, messed up, disgusting excuse for a major motion picture.

White Christian Conservative Propaganda .

someone blamed this on Scientology - its hard to believe they are that banal; I put it down to Hollywood nepotism.

And further the overt religious ending is at odds with the bulk of the film that honey traps you into a sucker punch propaganda ending.

However, I think Proyas did a great job with a quite worn-out but confusing end-of-days idea...

The idea is very intriguing.

The film overall is intelligent, dramatic, and surprisingly thrilling.

What's highly entertaining is the gratuitous use of scientific terms i.

When Koestler learns of the terrifying secrets behind Lucinda's prophetic message, that is when the story kicks into gear, allowing Proyas to experiment with his engaging concepts.

It's entertaining, thought provoking and moves along at a quick pace.

Propaganda propaganda propaganda.

The story line was compelling enough to have me keep watching.

Don't get me wrong, the special effects are astounding, but the plot unbearable.

The story is so rambling and pointless, basically anything could have been the answer for the mystery that drives the whole plot.

Either way he has produced a very watchable and clever film that shares with Fincher's "Seven" the striking cinematography featuring gloomy overcast skies and compelling sound design.

I found most of the movie intriguing - I've never come across any series of numbers (anything else) that looks like what the flick portrays - although it seemed as if the end got kind of religious.

Fabulous concept and really good flowing, gripping screenplay.

It's suspenseful, haunting, and mysterious with excellent journey into the human paranoia and our desperate need to know the future no matter how grim it might look.

After a couple of really nifty disasters (the plane crash is really chilling), this movie in which Nic Cage and the daughter of the person who wrote the numbers fight to avert disaster takes a turn that takes the movie to a deeper, horrifying, more unpredictable and (in my opinion) much cooler place that leaves what went on up to the viewer and up for debate.

Now this was an unexpected gem of a movie.

Yawning .

By saying this you know now that the first three quarter of the movie is pretty exciting.

Don't waste your time .

Save your money and your time.

However, by the film's conclusion, the apocalyptic symbolism alluded to is much more complex and potentially confusing than one might initially suspect.

I saw it twice, about 2 weeks apart, and enjoyed it both times.

John is a single dad who turns to atheism after his wife dies in a hotel fire, convinced that nothing happens for a reason and that life is nothing more than a series of random events, blah, blah, blah.

It's another unhealthy dose of religious propaganda from Hollywood.

I've seen this movie roughly 10 times, and I've enjoyed it and been on the edge of my seat all 10 of them.

I enjoyed the ride, impressed by the refusal to bend to Shaymalan twist or surprise denouement; this film grows and grows and eventually consumes its own audacity but it does so in a resplendent blockbuster manner that allows an intriguing premise to flourish without the need for paint-by-number building-brick exposition for the popcorn crunchers.

The ending is perhaps the most intriguing part of the film.

This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

The airplane crash scene was gripping (some reviewer said saying Hey!

The film is absurd yes, but it's darkness was strangely compelling; almost in a Twilight Zone kind of way, Knowing is a film I would recommend if you seek a sci-fi film that is more mystery than action driven.

This is a well-made, entertaining and engaging film, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Since I found the movie boring, I will keep this one short.

This film is entertaining by all means.

In the middle, cliché and all the time the same.

It's superstitious propaganda from beginning to end, takes itself far too seriously, and if taken seriously by the viewer, comes off as extremely bleak.

There are lots of graph/realistic scenes that will have you gripping your seat.

The disaster sequences are well executed and intense because they look at least for the most part very realistic.

One of the most thrilling movies in 2009.

Rose Byrne gives her usual, extremely boring performance.

Given the big budget and big names, I feel entirely justified in calling this the worst movie ever, relatively speaking.

The special effects are pretty darn chilling and intense.

I walked out of the theater wondering just what the heck the movie supposedly stood for.

I found the sequences leading to the end predictable and ridiculous, and I think the scene with the children reaching their new home was out of place and unnecessary.

Randomly trying to tie up the act before the audience gets bored.


I but in a 120+ minutes movie could be noted as entertaining.

Don't waste your money on this pile of garbage.

It also packs a couple of surprisingly ballsy disaster set-pieces in the first half, pretty silly but more viscerally intense than expected.

Towards the end, the movie becomes predictable.

The initial premise is intriguing as your wondering what the numbers mean and where the filmmakers will go in order to resolve the mystery.

---------------------- no spoilers in this review -----------------------A waste of writers, a waste of actors, a waste of extras, a waste of stunt men, a waste of editors, a waste of special effects, a waste of sets, a waste of locations, a waste of art, a waste of cameras, a waste of microphones, a waste of makeup, a waste of costumes, a waste of sound effects, a waste of lighting, a waste, a waste of time and a waste of sanity, cause I don't believe that every single person that worked on this film is insane.

Now imagine that every cliché you can think of being thrown out the window, or rather, blown up to smithereens.

Predictable and unsatisfying.

The acting was a bit boring throughout.

It is also far too long and may have been improved with tighter editing.

Completely gripping, daring, moving....

In the end, this movie was enjoyable.

Worst movie I have ever seen .

But I found it engaging, narratively and visually.

The trailer gave me fairly high expectations as the idea was intriguing, and boy was it a let down.

Anyhow a Good direction , Good story , everything is goodI guess writer took the concept from Nostradamus, overall a worth watching movie after Movie Day After Tomorrow.

In 1959 at the ceremony of beginning of the school, the teachers make a "time capsule", an empty capsule containing the students Ideas of the future of the world in 50 years, they put it in the special place in the school and then after 50 years the next generation will open it and see the ideas.

Nicholas Cage - who is stuck in yet another of those Droopy Dog save-the-world roles that have become all too prevalent in his career of late - does what he can with a script that starts off with a reasonably intriguing premise, then fritters it away on giggle-inducing hysterical-crowd scenes and a dopey subplot involving extraterrestrials that should have Steven Spielberg suing the makers for copyright-infringement.

And also the film seemed to be more about destiny versus fate,determinism vs randomness,the ending for me, felt out of place and contrived.

Pretensious, overbearing nonsense that hammers in a message of rebirth so predictable and contrived it deflates the rest of the film.

I saw the trailers for this movie and I thought it looked intriguing...

But overall the movie was refreshingly different and i truly enjoyed it.

By the time men in black were coming for the children, and Cage and Byrne find the Biblical imagery in the trailer, the ending became very predictable.

The disaster scenes were thrilling; just knowing how much Cage's character has to go through is something I can connect to.

Those going in to see, "Knowing," on the premise that it seems like an intriguing idea for a thriller, as I did, should ready themselves for a disappointment.

There have been far worse movies i spent my time and cash on and i did get caught up in the suspenseful story, for the most part.

It gets you thinking a little, and it's an enjoyable movie.

The scenes of destruction are the most impressive iv seen, yet there is something rather perverse and pointless about the whole thing.

enjoyed the Scientology propaganda comment.

Knowing is a decent sci-fi apocalyptic thriller with flaws from director Alex Proyas whose admirable in making this movie giving audiences some suspense, cool special effects, and well paced intense realistic disaster sequences.

Boring and mediocre for most of the time and then the ending...

It's one of those movies you don't mind watching because your so bored.

It was probably one of the most pointless movies I have ever seen, sitting for two and some hours to see lots of death.

Some of them are stunning.

If you have seen Deep Impact, Contact, and The Outer Limits you can save your money here.

first disaster happens in unexpected way.

Entertaining, interesting and nicely shot.

This is rather gripping.

Knowing starts out very clever and intense and just when it looks like its going to be a great movie, it runs out of ideas.

Suspenseful and unpredictable .

the idea of holding the answer key to tragic disasters hidden in a sequence of numbers that have been locked away in a time capsule for 50 years was very intriguing.

Pseudo-Intellectuals will probably scoff and dismiss the story as nonsense leaving the theatre grumbling that this is simple another one of those "Christian Propaganda Films".

Apart from the terrible ending it was a very good movie and I think due to the thrilling and dramatic start it deserves the seven stars I have given it.

It becomes so disjointed and turns into an episode of the Outer Limits on acid.

Nicolas Cage is his usual, awful and boring self.

Read if you have seen the movie ***Spoilers below*** This film had potential cause the beginning was somewhat gripping.

The story was tight, the characters were real, and the movie was highly enjoyable until the recently familiar ending of 'aliens' becoming the answer.

With the power of a gifted Thespian, Cage give a riveting performance and throughout the film, the audience is drawn into his fanatic and desperate race to safeguard his son and the rest of humanity.

The actors and plot make for a exciting, fearless, and adventurous movie that opens your eyes to how complex the world really is.

I would have been normally shocked by such an exotic mix, but I actually enjoyed it and made to believe it - in cinema logic terms of course.

Also a bit abrupt, it's adds an enjoyable element to the story so we can overlook the quickness of the romantic development.

Summary: An awful waste of time.

A real waste of time.

What is very surprising about this very entertaining film is the sudden switching and mixing of different genres.

What a waste of time.

This movie first of all was a waste of money, I could have burned my money and it would have made better use of it.

Some of what follows may seem absurd but it's certainly entertaining.

A couple of dull kids, a useless prophecy, rock-collecting Nostradummies, and a pair of white bunnies.

It was entirely predictable, I always knew the next step.

Something about it reminded me of 2012 (with added exciting sci-fi twist).

This mildly amusing notion is rapidly flushed away in a toilet of dizzying, technically swish but ultimately pointless special effects (read 'body count orgies') and predictable 'apparitions' heralding much worse to come.

John still didn't and couldn't change anything, it's the Aliens who drive the kids away and John is just freaking out in the whole movie Basically, this means-All he did is pointless, so as the movie5/10

His direction of KNOWING combines the usual over-dramatic clichés like dropping the glass on the floor or Nic Cage spinning his car abruptly as he parks at the gas station with the elements of heartpounding moments before intense surprises that will keep you begging for more.

Pseudo science and Christian propaganda .

The body of the movie was more than exciting and fulfilling as well.

The end is a cliché and done to many times before.

Intriguing premise, though.

I enjoyed it all the same for the sheer unexpectedness of the plot, the reasonably good acting by Cage and the effects.

But over all a waste of time and celluloid.

Around the end of the film, the pace started to get somewhat disjointed and almost felt as if it wanted to end in about 10 different places.

With that being said, it overall was an enjoyable movie to watch.

Well, the beginning of the movie is slow and childish.

predictable plot; casting failure .

The real crime of Knowing is that it's just plain dull most of the time.

So in summary, Nicolas Cage, please do not act ever again and please give this film a go, for all of its faults I think it is worth watching.

The kid was good, Nicholas Cage was good in parts (mostly with the kid), the family and friends were all nondescript and dull.

The ending was a bit unexpected, i didn't see it coming, i thought that the world would be saved (somehow) from the solar flare.

The special effects, certainly for the modest budget, are stunning and to those who say otherwise are either needlessly comparing it to Transformers or are just looking for a way to slander the film.

The end reminded me a lot of that movie with the meteor..It's so cliché.

Overall enjoyable...

Christian propaganda .

The first half of 'Knowing' is a relatively intriguing and effective little conspiracy thriller, complete with a rare understated performance from the typically hammy Nicolas Cage.

Taking intelligent philosophies and turning it into a heavy-handed blockbuster that lacks both emotional conviction and engaging storytelling.

I found this bit very emotional and gripping.

Just swap "page with numbers" to "map" and you have the exact same synopsis for two of Cage's other blockbusters Knowing starts off with the most boring credit sequence in the history of film.

The dialogue is maddeningly formulaic, awkward, and uninspired.

Nicholas Cage gives a quite painful acting performance at the end of the film, and it becomes extremely predictable.

However I do recommend this film as other than described above it was certainly enjoyable.

There is a slow flurry of activity.

But shoving all these ideas into a single film results in a confusing plot, a tone that wavers, and a dissatisfying experience for the audience.

This has to be the WORST movie I've seen in years.

The action scenes were well done, and the stunning special effects of the three disaster events are fantastic, especially, the subway crash that was over the top.

This was engaging, suspenseful and quite exciting.

Rose Bryne plays Diana who's just a boring character from start to finish.

This movie is a waste of time.

A mindless, heartless waste of time .

My feeling while walking out of the theater--and now, a few days later--was like I watched an exciting football game.

Don't waste your time.

The inevitable final disaster was absolutely flooring, and again, the cinematography and special effects were stunning.

The acting was mediocre, (particularly the kids) but the story was interesting and engaging.

The disaster scenes are - quite literally -- breathtaking.

I have known about the director ( Alex Proyas) before this film and have seen his “Dark city” and I sort of enjoyed it.

The whole idea of someone knowing the dates of all future catastrophe is catchy but the lack of connectivity between main ideas make this movie hard to follow or believe.

I kinda dislike the psychological manipulation and propaganda by using sci-fi and suspense techniques to dishonestly deliver an ultimate message of one-sided religious salvation.