Lady Bird (2017) - Comedy, Drama

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In 2002, an artistically inclined seventeen-year-old girl comes of age in Sacramento, California.

IMDB: 7.4
Director: Greta Gerwig
Stars: Saoirse Ronan, Laurie Metcalf
Length: 94 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 246 out of 682 found boring (36.07%)

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These two strong women, and the surrounding cast, carry the entertaining and thoughtful dialogue beautifully ("Just because something looks ugly doesn't mean it's morally wrong"; "Different things can be sad...

So, this coming of age story follows Lady Bird on her journey through senior year at a co-ed private catholic school.

As I said, where Juno is contrived, Lady Bird is lazy, and droning, and drowns out the growth and aging of adolescence.

but what a slow and boring story.

I got so bored that I actually sneaked off to the bathroom to look up the run time in hopes that it was almost over.

OK, we know that she's overly critical because she wants the best for her daughter, but that's carried out bluntly, with no variation, and as a result becomes trite and unconvincing.

Coming of age?

A Well Made Coming of Age Movie .

evertyhing here was just the most boring teen life I ever seen on screen for a long while.

Well made, well acted, well written, believable, real, etc, etc, but slow and boring.

This coming of age movie is finely written and directed by Greta Gerwig.

Mostly entertaining and well made.

Are people really so gullible these days they will swallow any old propaganda and join the sheeple-revolution?

Some funny lines and decent character actors partially make up for a dreary-to-meaningless story.

Reviewers like to say that Gerwig's take on "coming of age" is somehow fresh, with a steady stream of humor, heart, and honesty.

This is a coming of age tale.

It is actually a film about a very intense relationship between 2 women of character and well-defined personalities, LadyBird and her mother, who know each other, face each other, need each other and love each other deeply.

Trite and predictable; Maybe interesting for a 12-y.

As someone who went through the exact portion of their life that Lady Bird herself lived through not too long ago, this film pushed all the right buttons in order for me to leave the theater feeling very emotional and touched.

Lady Bird just wants to fly away from dull old Sacramento for college on the East Coast; her disrespect upon the confused adults seems understandable enough, since 9/11 still dawdles fresh in the nation's memory.

In the year 2002, Catholic high school senior Christine McPherson, self-named "Lady Bird," is an impetuous girl literally from the wrong side of the tracks who's at a critical stage in her life: she's continually at odds with her mother, despises her mundane life in Sacramento, and wants to go to college on the east coast in a city with culture.

Gerwig presents a believable, honest, enjoyable and at times heartbreaking story that will surly touch viewers.

I felt that Lady Bird accurately depicted a teenage coming of age story, Ronan plays an angsty teen trying to find herself particularly well.

"Lady Bird" is an inspiring film for teenagers and practically the directorial debut the unknown Greta Gerwig, who is also the writer of this sensitive coming of age story.

Another pointless detail--Why did we see the drama coach's visit to the psych hospital?

Lady bird is an interesting coming of age story, although the movie doesn't revolutionize the genre , it still is a great work and a great depiction of life as a teenager.

Yet another pointless detail---BFF (classic caricature) crush on the math teacher meeting his pregnant wife.

Focused and sharply written, this is one of the finer coming of age tales in recent years, which will hopefully lead to further films with Gerwig behind the camera.

It is a great coming of age story that fails in making the viewer root for the protagonist.

The rest was a snooze fest.

This realistic coming of age story and ode - of all places - Sacramento, California brings an economic and family relational honesty largely missing from Hollywood movies.

on odds with her mother, regrets and predictable ending.

That character's arc ends with him becoming a pretentious douche bag.

I dont think it is worthy of an oscar, but it is definitely a warm and fuzzy feel good coming of age tale, which I would like to see more often then just this once.

Coming of age, redux .

The director also gives a lot of great snappy dialogue with all the characters and having some truly hilarious moments (there's a scene where the kids are slow dancing to Bone Thugs n Harmony's The Crossroads that has me screaming).

The main problem with 'Lady Bird' lies in the fact that it is bland.

Its formulaic approach is a small detriment to an incredibly acted, directed and written drama that will provide smiles all round.

In the end, it's a very beautiful and exciting film, congratulations to Greta Gerwig.

The cinematography is equally dull, with little to capture the eye or imagination.

Lady Bird understands what makes a "coming of age" film work; realism.

Lady Bird is eager to get out of her dull hometown, which she compares to "the Midwest of California.

Just an ordinary coming of age movie which details her experiences going through adolescence and college and her interactions with other characters and her family.

If you still want to see it , wait for the blue ray release, such a boring

Gerwig's often slow/often fast approach documents Lady Bird's problems under the awkward pressure of growing up into the unknown: awareness about weight gain, knowing who her real friends are, uncertainty about sexuality, plus more you survived in your youth.

Story is immensely engaging throughout right from the riotous opening to the more emotional and avoiding-being-too-pat ending, anchored by the mother and daughter relationship that entertains, moves and provokes thought.

The shining moments from Lady Bird have to come from the compelling dynamic and chemistry between Lady Bird (Saorise Ronan) and her mother Mario McPherson (Laurie Metcalf).

As with all coming of age stories the scenes often give a self-indulgent nudge and a wink to the audience that what has happened is so relatable and witty because "we've all been through it", which often feels forced.

(My guess, so that they could fit in more pointless scenes and unresolved story lines) if any thing of interest did happen (which, were few and far between) it was over in seconds and they were moving on to the next thing.

As a coming of age/teen movie, this follows the same cliches done in numerous films like this before.

Intelligent, honest, raw and real coming of age drama .

The tempo of the film was seemingly perfect, cutting quickly through the boring parts and focusing on the most life changing experiences Lady Bird faces.

Dreaming of leaving her mundane life and financially troubled family behind in favour of a 'city with culture', Christine fails to appreciate everything she already has right in front of her.

That said, I enjoyed LADYBIRD for what it was - a quirky, independent coming of age film with strong acting, a quirky central character and a strong, peculiar point of view (and voice) driven by writer and director GRETA GERWIG.

This was more a character-study/coming of age film.

This was the most boring, uninteresting movie I've ever had to sit through.

This movie is about coming of age for those who dream of a better life in a country that is not as classless as it is portrayed in the mainstream.

It really is this keen focus on its core players, via its phenomenal script and superb performances, that allows it to be so believable and compelling, despite the fact that it is seemingly about the totally mundane.

A Wonderfully Realistic Coming of Age Story .

Lady Bird is a 'coming of age' movie with all of the pros and cons of that genre.

Although she understandably yearns to escape her Central Valley life and does undergo a character arc that I cannot in good conscience mock, her eyebrow-raising indulgences breathe a little life into a story mired by her uninspiring, self-centered mentality.

What it lacks in plot, it makes up for in pure, natural emotion.

refreshing, entertaining and wonderful movie !!

In the end it gains back some of its steam but the cliched, dragged out portion with the "cool kids" is honestly a let down and hurt what otherwise is a fantastic look at a strained mother-daughter relationship.

In its cinematography Lady Bird gives itself the warm glow and stark colours that seem entangled with the 'coming of age' film, it always feels right for these stories in that it seems to speak to the glow of youth and brightness of the unconcerned time in our lives.

A great coming of age dramedy full of character, characters, energy and laughs.

Bored and Self-absorbed while in Sacramento .

If so, it's a tremendously exciting and rewarding start.

Unremarkable coming of age film.

Lady bird is a coming of age film it focus on lady bird and her mother and how there so different, the acting is good the actors know how to be funny and serious, the cinematography isn't good and the lighting is off, one of the plotlines is cliche and wasn't needed, overall go watch it you'll have fun

It's a coming of age story.

A trite, masturbatory piece tailored towards middle aged cat ladies and those on the path to becoming one.

Lady Bird and her mothers relationship is all too common during the teen years of angst and the coming of age battles one fights are displayed truthfully.

It's witty, funny, and compelling to watch from start to finish.

Saoirse Ronan is great at the role, even though it is not very expressive, the actress convinces, but in terms of acting, the highlight of the film is Laurie Metcal, the actress who plays an extra deep and exciting role, is the thing that makes the film be remarkable.

Pure coming of age escapism .

Went to this film expecting great things but found it cliched - the acting is pretty good, but a lot of the scenes feel so obvious and so 'coming of age' US style they made me cringe.

Greta Gerwig made an incredibly relatable coming of age story full of faulty people in less than ideal situations.

Drawing from her own life experiences growing up, Gerwig articulates a loveable and realistic story, with a focus on a complex mother-and-daughter relationship that is engaging and heart-breaking.

Every character from the aloof, pretentious rock and roll boyfriend, to the overbearing mom, to the unattractive best friend who gets left behind by the protagonist for a newer, hotter friend, the meek, fun dad, and of course the misunderstood artistic teenager who can't spread her wings in the drab suburban town she lives in.

Greta Gerwig's wonderful debut is one of the finer coming of age tales of recent years.

A coming of age film with all the cliches of Superbad, and none of the humour.

She can take her daughter only if she accepts to live an average, dull, unhappy life, like she lived herself.

So all in all, 'Lady Bird' is a sweet, heartwarming coming-of-age tale that pulls you in with its intriguing script and keeps you their with its magnetic performances.

The movie is about a high school girl, who calls herself Lady Bird, who's about to turn eighteen, and how she wants to have a more exciting life.

It was predictable and we have seen it many times.

I found the movie very slow and overall boring.

It was ok, it was very slow and I guess it was somewhat relatable specifically the buying of the prom dress scene.

This is what makes movies like this worth watching, at least in my opinion.

This is a fast paced, funny, touching, and realistic story about a very odd young high school senior trying to find her niche in life.

TL;DRWriter-director Greta Gerwig impresses with directorial debutRefreshingly original and uniqueWitty, funny script with enjoyable subplots and lots of laughsGreat strong characters with career-best performancesLaurie Metcalf and Saoirse Ronan are fantastic, individually and together------------------------------------------------------On the face of it, Lady Bird is nothing new; we've seen coming-of-age/self-discovery teen films countless times before.

Directorial debut for Gerwig, who also wrote the script, is a remarkably assured first outing, funny and upbeat without ignoring the discomfort and delusion that comes from experiencing high school, a smart and crisply-edited coming of age story that should appeal to most anyone to at least some degree.

Otherwise, I was bored, underwhelmed, and unimpressed.

Laurie Metcalf is also stunning, and the two are amazing together.

If you do want to watch a coming of age movie, go watch "The Breakfast Club" or something.

The colors of this movie was constant, and engaging in that sense.

The Pain of Coming of Age : .

While common conventions in teenage dramas and coming of age tales, Lady bird does so in a smart and interesting way that results in a film both amusing and heartwarming.

OK, consider this is just an average bland movie, I can buy this.

I actually really enjoyed it.

The main character was dull.


It feels contrived and like she's trying to be petulant when she doesn't have to be; even the character's flatlining doesn't make it worth her portrayal's brattiness.

Watching "Lady Bird," her wonderful, biographical coming of age film, made me understand Gerwig better.

Lady Bird is a coming of age tale of a teenager preparing to enter college.

9/10 has some slow moments that could have been trimmed and some short moments that could have been lengthened.

The actors were really fascinating every one gave the best to his role and especially Laurie Metcalf , Tracy Letts and of course Saoirse Ronan.

Well enough acted, but boring story.

Coming of age at its best.. .

Maybe the third movie that I have walked out of in my life.

This is my favorite coming of age film.

"Lady Bird" was most likely the worst movie I've ever seen.

Coming Of Age films have never been more honest .

I wanted to like this movie and after reading that it was nominated for an Oscar, I decided to give it a try, what a mistake, The movie is boring and very annoying, I have no idea why this was nominated.

Watch the blisteringly funny, informative, and engaging I Tonya (and go Alison Janney for Best Supporting Actress).

Comedy is also a field where this film succeeds pretty well, never in a way that is in your face or try-hard, but very subtle yet very entertaining, just like you've seen it in films that have Gerwig star as an actress.

It started off okay but then quickly fell apart and became one of the most boring and predictable movies I've seen in years.

So yeah, "Bird's" ending left my mind up in the air as well as on the edge of something.

Beanie Feldstein stars as 'Lady Bird' best friend Julie, all of her scenes with 'Lady Bird' were good, their friendship goes through the motions, and it's pretty entertaining.

)All this mirroring comes through the main character, of course, which makes her an intriguing character in herself, defying easy characterizations that would put her on the same level with most of the young persons searching themselves that we see in mainstream movies.

Talk about cliche!

Aside from that, the film has some interesting moments; on the whole it's entertaining and the acting is good.

A stunning film, Lady Bird leaves me hungry for more from Greta Gerwig.

The acting itself was enjoyable.

I had to fast forward to the end , a waste of time.

Generic and forgettable coming of age story .

Lady Bird has just about the most middle of the road coming of age plot you could ever write, aside from a few moments of serious abuse that are not dealt with with any kind of gravity.

With her porcelain doll beauty and those pale blue eyes, she goes out of her typical closed and emotionally restrained character and becomes someone who yells and screams and laughs and cries and breaks things on screen, making Lady Bird so intense that it's unbearable at some points.

Taking the helm all on her own for the first time here Gerwig weaves an uncommonly engaging story.


The formula is a bit overused as of lately: semi-dysfunctional middle-class suburban family with spineless good guy buddy dad, hard working tough-on-the-outside but creamy-on-the-inside responsible mom, weird emo empty brother character with weird emo girlfriend, first love that turns out gay, chubby girlfriend, pretentious self-centered laid back jock love interest, rich gum-chewing cheerleader type bitchy fake girlfriend and of course the quirky insecure proud-to-be nerd going through puberty and bursting her childhood bubble main character who, I asume, nowadays would be an Uber-hipster in her early thirties.

Coming of age for Lady Bird includes a first weed, a first bone, and a first scratch-off.

From the studio that shocked the Oscars last year with the upset Moonlight over LaLa Land, comes Lady Bird, a coming of age tale set during the Clinton/Bush Jr years about a high school senior living on the west coast with her mom who wants to move to the east coast so that she can go to college in the big apple.

Superbly acted coming of age film about a stroppy 17/18 year old girl and her relationships with boys, friends, family and especially her mother.

And while I love a coming of age story, the drama in this family setting seemed unrealistic and contrived.

With some impressive performances, a down to earth atmosphere, and some playfully hard to watch situations, Lady Bird harnesses the best of its coming of age tale when it is doing something different than the rest.

Told in a series of vignettes which could've been exasperating/dull in less safe hands than first time (I think) director Greta Gerwig.

A funny coming of age story .

It is really rare to find an excellent film nowadays, one that tells a powerful story and this is it, this is the coming of age film of this generation.

Lady Bird portrays the confusion and self-discovery of the teenage years which is also affected by the class difference in the life of a high school student.

It's slow, tedious and boring.

SYNOPSIS: A coming of age story with mother-daughter issues.

I thought the film was about royalty or something like that, but what I got was this really engaging comedy-drama set in 2002.

Lady Bird has got to be one of the most interesting and unconventional coming of age stories, it is a story of rebellion, the search for self identity and love.

still cliche .

Told in a series of vignettes which could've been exasperating/dull in less safe hands than first time (I think) director greta gerwig.

So many things we yearn for at seventeen that the resulting confusion and the impossibility to stay focused might be the age's defining trait, a volatility in spirit that befits the nickname of the heroine Christine "Lady Bird" McPherson, played by Saoirse Ronan.

Additionally, some of the plot devices that help form the narrative and plot line of the film feel rather predictable.

personally, i think she looked just great in How I Live now in a more compelling and moving story.

Saoirse Roman was engaging as she always tends to be for me

This is an entertaining, well-made film with comic elements.

There are countless other similar indie films with far more engaging scripts and stories to be told.

This one is about an immature teenager who engages in obnoxious, erratic conduct-I guess because of teen angst or hormones or some other "coming of age" cliché.

The movie dragged on in a series of tired cliches with no humour or particularly interesting character or plot arcs, and I was thrilled when it ended.

Lady Bird has the same formula of every indie CoA movies: rebellious teenager tired of their uncool/boring life dying to find excitement, while trying out sex and cigarettes, ditching their uncool best friend for the popular guys, only to realize that their best friend is betterThough, the relationship between Lady Bird and her mom feels really authentic and quite relatable.

)The soundtrack appears and disappears, the plot advances in fits and starts and the pretensions of her director bore when half an hour has passed, and they sadly feel like two.

I wasn't really interested in seeing this movie at first because I thought I wouldn't be able to connect or relate to it, but I'm surprised to say that I connected to this movie a lot more than other coming of age movies I've seen.

The characters are very good, going beyond the common teenager that American cinema and television has already managed as a cliché.

The point is, coming of age stories can so easily become frustrating.


A normal but very real coming of age movie .

brilliant acting stands out in a cliche-filled coming-of-age tale .

Worst coming of age drivel I ever seen.

Maybe i'm just boring so I never got the point of coming-of-age films; even though i'm only in my early twenties.. Or maybe because I'm not familiar with Sacramento nor I live in the US; because I can see how nostalgic the movie could feel with "noise" filter edited and the snippets of landscapes and sceneriesSide note; I like how they portray the Catholic Schools.

That was a bit of a disappointment and a bit too slow-moving.

Echoing some of the great 'coming of age' stories such as Dazed and Confused and The Breakfast Club, Lady Bird aims to deconstruct the growth and climate that has become so apparent in that age of human life today.

It's obvious that the film seeks to go beyond any established story cliché, and break as many paradigms as possible.

This film is a coming of age story of a mother and daughter.

The film has several cliche instances throughout that seem to be in almost any coming of age like tale, or a generic version of one, and it bummed me out that this wild character didn't go in the wild directions I knew she could have.

Unfortunately this movie is layered with bland, unlikeable characters.

(R)Christine (Ronan), who prefers to go by "Lady Bird," is the typical bored teenager yearning to be free; in this case, trapped in Sacramento--the "Midwest of California"--while pining to get accepted to an East Coast liberal arts college.

"But it's a coming of age movie"--No ma'am, it's not!

In conclusion boring!!!!!

I absolutely love these quirky, coming of age, real life drama/comedies.

Saorsie Ronan has had great performances since the beginning, but this one just proves she was born to be in movies, her character is compelling, complicated, she's like the Goth girl in school if there were Goth girls in her Sacramento Catholic School.

Nothing happens, boring .

Overall the best parts are when the daughter and mom are talking and the scenes of Lady Bird hanging out with her theater friends it's breathtaking how well those scenes are portrayed.

I enjoyed it,though given the critical acclaim for the movie did leave the screening expecting more.

Impressive that this is the Greta Grewig's debut since this is one of the best coming of age movies I have seen.

I am the age of Lady Bird, and I just found it rather.. boring overwall.

Yet the girl's shaky maternal bond most allows the coming of age story's real heart to bloom.

Lady bird is a nostalgic film that captures the feelings and relationships of teenage life in America through the telling of a classic coming of age story.

Director Greta Gerwig has given us a simple yet highly entertaining movie, of a headstrong girl who will stop at nothing to achieve her dreams.

Slow .

The subject matter is more than familiar, and can be described with off-hand phrases like "been there; done that", "coming of age", "slice of life" etc. etc. There is no argument that LB is all of that.

Coming of Age While Dealing with Maternal Abuse .

Failing on both the humour front and on the guise of it being 'relatable', so much of the film was so embarrassing and contrived I found myself writhing and wincing at it in the theatre.

Quirky, high-school outsider is, by now, a well worn cliché, no different here.

pretentious overbearing catholic drivel.

Superbly acted coming of age film about a stroppy 17/18 year old girl and her relationships with boys, friends, family and especially her mother.

Great acting as usual from all the participants, Saoirse is fantastic in whatever she does , it has excellent dialogue and humour but for me it was just another in a long line of the so called "coming of age" movies - How many more of these do we have to sit through?

besides the perfect story, the actors and actresses are also amazing, and Saorise Ronan is simply fascinating!

A coming of age drama with nothing spectacular or distinguishing at all.

An optimistic coming of age tale.

Really liked it, worth watching than reading reviews to decide.

Youth is always accompanied by troubles, as shown in the second half of the film, but there are also those old things that we have been accustomed to thinking about now, which are indispensable for ourselves, whether it is those old friends or places that have been sick Ever wanted to leave here countless times.

I really enjoyed it.

There are lots of coming of age movies, and this is one of the few I've seen in recent times that really did seem to have something new and interesting to say and show.

I felt like the themes wanted to be too appreciate the life, family and town you have, because the grass isn't always greener, but nothing happened to Lady bird in New York to really justify that sort of revelation.

More 'bird' than 'lady', she flickers from one ear who'd listen to a mouth who'd advise with one unshakable certitude in her mind: she wants to leave Sacramento, a city that became the epitome of static boredom.

one big cliche .

And if you pay the right kind of attention to "Lady Bird" - played by the lovely Saoirse Ronan (already, at 23, one of the most formidable actors in movies today) - absorbing its riffs and digressions as well as its melodies, it's choral passages along with its solos and duets - It's a worth- watch for the the constant stream of early 2000s nostalgia that runs through the entire movie and a few powerful moments: the hug between Lady Bird and Danny O'Neill (you'll know it when you see it) and the mother's drive through.

Overall Lady Bird is a great coming of age movie filled with well-written characters and great performances.

See it if you want, may be good for some boring night in.

Coming of age film with great performances .

all say nice coming of age movie.

If you think Juno has contrived dialogue, imagine the opposite: it seems that while Juno put too much thought into the writing, the writer/director of Ladybird put too little.

I am sorry, people, what merit is in showing a highly mundane, repeated trite cliche of a teen's life - what didn't we see before?

The connections between characters are stunning and give the film a very authentic feel.

Way, way, way overrated, not funny at all, mom was an uncaring bitch, dad was a loser, and the story was totally boring.

Stunning .

Breathtaking cinematography and editing add a praise worthy polish and appreciation for the film in and of itself.

Pointless drivel .

Charming, entertaining, and incredibly well written and acted .

On a more positive note, the film was put together well, smoothly edited and well designed, sadly the pathetic story being told has dragged the quality of the filming process down considerably...

Watch Wonderwoman, as good a DC/Marvel film as has been yet released, absolutely repairing and polishing the dull flaws of Batman v Superman (And please don't tell me that Lady Bird is not complete utter and total fantasy).

You truly feel that the movie has a story to tell, more than just a teen tired of her boring life and parents.

) The saving grace was that it does not go on too long, the story is a positive one about coming of age, and the movie feels authentic and genuine.

I happen to like female actresses (ok, that might be a bit sexist, but its true anyway); I had seen and really liked Saoirse Ronan in Brooklyn (a role that also got her another leading actress nomination); and I like 'coming of age' stories because of all the awkward drama surrounding sex, love, and figuring out what to do with the rest of your life.

The whole thing was just so cliche and uninspired.

Gerwig, basing this loosely on her life manages to provide a vision of pure art while maintaining the qualities that make high school movies popular and entertaining in the first place.

However, it did a great job portraying the Sacramento area and it was great to see a coming of age story of a girl, especially one that is not focused on romance.

This coming of age story is simply a blast to watch.

"Lady Bird" is a good coming of age film that is obnoxious at times.

Her change is methodical and slow making the progression sporadically bitter.

However, anyone who's seen a few other coming of age stories will recognize a lot of familiar elements (ditching the best bud to hang with the popular crowd, the hot crush turning out to be a heel, etc.)--insight and originality are limited commodities here.

It was predictable, I knew in the first 5 minutes that she was eventually going to drop that made up name by the end of it, and it was kind of short.

Quite dull.

I really enjoyed it.

It is quite interesting and entertaining to see how her character handles the relationships with the people around her, which, I think, is the key element of this movie.

Instead it is a very ordinary coming of age film, very similar (not as good IMHO) as last year's "Edge of Seventeen" with Hailie Steinberg.


The camera zeroes in on this odd little vignette through an upside-down overhead shot, and it is the perfect encapsulation of the film's milieu, a lull in the day of a small-town Catholic school for two girls who only dream of graduation and beyond, and must meanwhile entertain themselves.

Totally empty.

Director Greta Gerwig has given us a simple yet highly entertaining movie, of a headstrong girl who will stop at nothing to achieve her dreams.

It surely can be argued that a movie shouldn't be too aware of when it takes place, but the predictable indications--Iraq War coverage (watched by teenagers, no less) and talk of cell phones being ubiquitous in the near future--are easily forgiven and on some level wanted.

A delightful coming of age drama-comedy .

A new coming of age story with redeeming qualities.

Instead, I got this long, boring, nothing ever happens except every cliche you've ever seen in a coming of age movie.

Boring religious film .

Laurie Metcalf and Saiorse Ronan playing mother and daughter in this coming of age story set in Sacramento, California.

The plotline, if there is one, is about how in the high school year 2002-3, an ordinary 17-year-old girl in Sacramento lives her life, ponders her future and, forgive the old cliché, trying to find her own identity.

Let me explain the title: This film captures the main character, Lady Bird's, coming of age spectacularly.

Despite all the possible traps of a coming of age film, Lady Bird is excellent.

The first turns out gay, the second an insensitive pretentious creep and her third — entering NYC — with their first kiss provokes her drunken puke.

Lady Bird is given a role in the disjointed spring production of The Tempest, despite this she drops out of the theatre program.

They would've made a more interesting "coming of age" movie in my opinion with lady bird playing an overly dramatic, whiny side sibling role.

It is funny, emotional and entertaining.

I would like to thank everyone who has passed the test in this film I enjoyed it very much

Great coming of age movie and impressive directorial debut .

Sassy coming of age story .

Most coming of age stories that focus on a girl are about romance- about romantic relationships during the adolescence of the protagonist shaping her view of life and love in some way.

To get back to the movie it is boring and trivial.

Overall though, I would say that as this film had such a personal effect on me I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Compared to another 'coming of age' movie from this year, Call Me by Your Name, its comedy was just not quite as funny and its drama not as compelling.

Lady Bird Gets out of its Own Way to be a Great FilmLady Bird is a coming of age story of Christine "Lady Bird" McPherson, and it's a well done slice of life.

It is by no means uneasy on the eye, but we live in an age when we are saturated with great media to rise above, and, just like David Copperfield, it just seems a little self indulgent as a self-penned hagiography.

Saoirse Ronan leads a stellar cast in this small teen drama coming of age tale, and rocks it with every turn.

The characters and problems could have come across as stale and vacuous, but they contain real depth and honesty, so they're always compelling.

Lady Bird in short: A coming of age story that takes place in 2002 Sacramento, California.

Good to see this type of movie in this high action packed era of films.

Good coming of age movie.

Christine is frustrated and bored in her small town outside of Sacramento or as she calls it the Midwest of California.

So sorry for all of you who think this is heartwarming brilliant movie.. don't waste your time on this.

I wanted to see this movie due to the all the nominations and the talking , but it was a waste of time.

This movie has the bare bones of what a very fast paced comedy drama needs to be just amazing.

Coming of Age Film we all can relate too.

Despite the hard-working cast, the overall effect is a self-indulgent cinematic memoir and a deeply troubling slice of Americana.

And this stunning story tells it all; 1) She wants to be a better person; 2) She never believes in herself; 3) She always tries to make herself the centre of attention.

Please give this charming, entertaining and oft-heartfelt film a shot!

The mother is highly pathological and the depiction is more like an accurate portrayal of a pretentious narcissist.

The movie is boring, nothing ever happens, the character is unrelatable, especially for non americans because in a normal world children dont act like this and if I ever would my parents would disown me.

With the usual ubiquitous glut on the market of coming of age stories, Greta Gerwig manages to infuse her tale with a rich tapestry of intuitive observations of life, making her freshman effort an extraordinary winning one, deserving of all the accolades already heaped upon it.

I kept on falling asleep.

Coming of age, teenage dramas where the characters have infinite charm and deal with things we all remember fondly (or not so) from our adolescence.

" A banal remark, if you ask me.

Good acting and emotionally compelling story.

Surprisingly enjoyable coming out of age tale .

With an excellent direction and an impeccable script along with the performances make it a sad, dramatic and beautiful coming of age at the same time.

But it just got boring, and I could wait for the movie to be over.

For a movie attempting to capture the coming of age of a young girl in a place she feels she doesn't belong, this was incredibly superficial.

Its a truly outstanding coming of age feature with a lot of emphasize on its characters, rather than its story which is a good thing.

cliche .

If you are the most boring people in the world.

In a year filled with many surprise treats, it should come as no shock that while most people await a certain high-profile space opera, one of the year's most charming and engaging films should emerge under the radar.

The film stars Saoirse Ronan as Christine 'Lady Bird' McPherson, a Sacramento teen whose uneasy shift into adulthood bears unpredictable and transformative results for her, her friends and her family.

Delightful, hilarious and connecting, this is an excellent addition to the 'coming of age' catalogue .

Lady Bird: Written and directed by Greta GerwigThis coming of age story is sweeping the award nominations.

A Thoughtful Coming of Age Tale .

There's a lot to get behind here from the mother daughter dynamics to the high school friendships to the coming of age story.

Boring .

A coming of age film that is portrayed perfectly in every single way.

again which are the two films this most reminded me of, but are much more enjoyable, even though PIP is flawed due to scenes that were edited from the film.

One of the most boring movies I have ever watched.

Decent Coming Of Age Story .

But on others it's just another coming of age film that others have done better.

" its all a bit cliche.

And like I said, you might possibly feel like you're living in the dull town of Sacremento too.

A fantastic coming of age film .

Even the dialogues are boring and many times cliche.

A great and enjoyable coming of age movie.

There are also engaging sidebar stories including other characters that add greatly to the main mother-daughter conflict: the despair of losing a job later in life; financial burdens; periodic depression; the inner-conflict of being young, gay, and Catholic; the futility of social climbing; the belief that "there" is better than "here".

Two things you'll DISLIKE: 1) Albeit witty and well-acted, the story is typical of most American coming of age films.

The vibe was that of napoleon dynamite, extremely slow with little wit.


Yes, not because of the hype or the Oscars but because it is worth the watch.

Indeed, if there's one thing we resent at seventeen: it's boredom, even nerds want to have fun ...

The cinematography is dull and a little under-lit, though, which leaves the film with an overall bland, generic look.

Disappointingly empty .

Girl, Interrupted (Winona Ryder) the coming of age theme is very conventional presented (Girl, Interrupted embeds or mixes the themes of mental illness and coming of age) and well, in Lady Bird almost nothing happens.

Golden Globe winner Saoirse Ronan for her performance in Ladybird, Ronan is able to capture the emotive and playful, wrenching, and gripping nature of a screenplay that offers a truly stunning coming of age drama.

But the movie is pointless.

Predictable with minimal character growth.

Lady Bird Captures the Most Exciting and Scariest Transition in Life .

Boring Film .

Anyways: As the film progresses, I felt (especially in the last third) an increasing feeling of confusion or irritation when I was trying to understand or rationalise the characters' actions.

This slow paced film which depicts the realities surrounding the life of a teenager is so genuinely crafted that you almost start feeling relatable to how the character is portrayed and makes you reevaluate your own life that u passed as a teenager.

I really adored this film and can't wait to see it again, and I highly, highly recommend it.

An Incredibly Personal and Entertaining Story .

I'm glad I saw this film in the movie theater as the pacing is slow and the acting takes it time, so - as a captured audience - I remained transfixed to the screen.

We can all identify with these milestones, from first love to falling out with a friend, but these milestones are enjoyable to revisit with a character like Lady Bird and with such witty, quick writing that really captivates the voice of a frustrated teenager.

I wanted to leave a lot early than i actually did byr only stayed because of the mother who plays Sheldon Coopers mum in The Big Bang Theory.

so we celebrated 2000 in a "Superbad" way and after that we went for a night walk in our equally boring hometown, I'll forever cherish even the lamest memories.

One Of The Best Coming Of Age Films .

Boring .

The mother/daughter relationship in this movie is insanely common, so to those who that resonates with it may just make the movie worth watching over a movie that I would consider to be a better movie.

Be cautious or you will waste your time watching this "masterpiece".

Coming of Age Drama .

If the strained relationship between the mother and daughter in this film was the main plot, it gets lost in the weeds of mundane day to day teen angst.

Riveting .

We're all constantly coming of age, it doesn't stop when you turn 18, 21, 30...

The acclaimed dramedy "Lady Bird" is ostensibly a tried but true tale of the misfit high school lass who longs to ditch her dreary existence, skip this one-horse hamlet and make it in the big city.

Lady Bird is 2017s most overrated and pretentious film.

A heartwarming, refreshing and real coming of age drama .

In short, this movie can be either brilliant, if you like such type of movies, or it could be extremely boring and uneventful.

Worth watching for the acting and the view of Sacramento - nice to see a different city than the usual US cities - NY, LA, San Francisco, etc...

What was so compelling about this story that it managed to drum up a ten million dollar budget?

Lady Bird is a charming, engrossing, well-written and acted film.

This is a stunning tale.

Greta Gerwig's directorial debut is a very funny and entertaining film about a rebellious young woman who is a senior at a Catholic high school in Sacramento.

The is a bland movie which goes nowhere.

As far as coming of age movies go.

I enjoyed it so much so that I genuinely care about the people in it, and am almost hoping for a sequel to see if things get better.

It is one of the best coming of age comedy I have seen.

Apart from these flaws, this is a moving and entertaining look at coming of age as a non-conformist on the west coast in a Catholic School.

com so I figured it must be worth watching, but when I walked out of the theater I felt disgruntled and wanted my money and time back.

There is no story!

It's very entertaining and at times poignant to watch her verbally spar with her mother over something as tedious as straightening a bed cover in a hotel room.

Good acting, entertaining, and with a riskier message in today's Hollywood.

dont waste ur time.

Despite it being a very good film, I did find it to be a talkie, though, and I'm not really into talkies, or dramas for that matter, as I generally find them too slow moving.

A dull character study .

A young woman, Lady Bird McPherson (Saoirse Ronan), has a very confusing and emotional senior year of high school in Sacramento, California trying to convince her overbearing mother Marion (Laurie Metcalf), if she is going to have any future at all it must involve an east coast education.

The scene in which she "emerges" as being emotional is so contrived you want to roll your eyes.

Making the character of Lady Bird so intense and hard to handle is probably both the film's best feature and its most serious flaw.

I really enjoyed it.

There are gobs of films about absolute poverty and dazzling wealth, but very few try to convey the banal mundane quiet suffering that takes place in middle America.

I was willing to give it a chance because I liked how Frances Ha came together at the end after what felt like a slog, but this was trite through and through.

The biggest problem is the originality of the script, since the subject matter is hardly original, relying on lots of tropes apparent in many previous coming of age films.

Just as it seems her life is seeing some sunshine, unexpected events knock her back down again.

That unpredictable bonding between father and son or mother and daughter makes for an interesting combination.

Captures the emotive and playful of a truly stunning coming of age drama .

Overall, this film is incredibly mediocre, with trite teenage-talking-back scenes and unearned moments of "redemption.

Boring, unrealistic, annoying characters, completely dull.

This is a great movie across any genre, but especially recommended for those who like movies about real world characters and their relationships - a go to coming of age movie overall.

And yet even with its crazy, fast, scene pacing it still manages to drag out FOREVER.

I can see how this movie could be labelled as "boring" by the audience.

I won't give away the best lines, but they were all fresh and unexpected.

Its a wonderful coming of age film that hits all the check marks and does so very effectively.

I come from a relatively small, boring town in Pennsylvania and I ended up going to a university quite far from it.

I love coming of age films and this is up there with the best.

I wish the film could slow down at times.

surprisingly mediocre and predictable .

), and the performances dull.

Rating: Pay Full Price Good acting makes up for a few trite moments.

Saoirse Ronan gave one breathtaking performance.

The teenage angst girl coming of age plot-less (and I don't mean plot-less as a negative in the slightest) movie.

For all her wishes for more, she just becomes more and more mundane and average...

Add another classic to the list of classic coming of age movies.

The biggest issue is the use of a cliche we've seen in every high school movie- the "leaves best friend for the popular kids, only to realize that they aren't great friends after all, only to reunite with the best friend a short time later.

However as a coming of age drama, it offers little that is new and is also not that quirky.

Instead it is another "coming of age" story.

A very well directed, well acted coming of age film.

Good coming of age film .

Even with the simplicity of the story, it manages to be even intriguing, captivating me at least.

Instead, LADY BIRD is set in Today's LBGT-Q World, where the New York City Universities are still empty because no one wants to step-on-a-crack, and have a Windows on the World busboy fall on them to break-their-back.

How risqué, how compelling.

Boring at times.

I wouldn't say the film is worth watching for that, though.

I considered stopping watching the film several times because I was waiting for a moment when everything lights up and it takes boredom out of the process of watching a film.

'Lady Bird' is a honest and truly clever coming of age story.

The plot is supposed to be this coming of age story, about a young high school student who's coming into terms with who she is and what she wants to do.

This movie seemed flat, monotone, mildly entertaining.

All the charachters are very cliché, nothing special, even the music of a wonderful artist like Jon Brion sounds just fine (and I say that with a little dissapoinment).

It is every stereotypical coming of age movie.

I have never been to that particular city, but in the film it is portrayed as one of America's main redoubts of dull, conformist, middle-class respectability.

Frances Ha was the very first surprising experience, then Mistress America was a stunning movie to be the next.. and now this; Lady Bird.

Predictable show of a totally ordinary puberty phase.

A dialogue heavy coming of age drama about a free spirited teenage girl, who prefers to be known as 'Lady Bird' growing up in Sacramento.

Every character is a cliche.

Entertaining and insightful with hints of dark comedy.

"Lady Bird" is a character piece focused on a California high school senior and her coming of age leading up to college.

In my opinion it was a boring and ridiculous film that is the long and the short of it I was so angry bc it is the second time I am got misled by the ratings of IMDB ; the first time was when watching : the shape of water which was the most ridiculous movie I have seen since months and I don't know how this one received an Oscar and the same thing is applicable to Lady Bird .

We get to see a pretty captivating look at her high school days, from dealing with rebellious friends to uninteresting boyfriends.

What critics saw as daring, I saw as pretentious.

What college to go to, relationships, social groups and responsibility are the hurdles she needs to overcome in this visceral take on the 'coming of age' stories we know and love.

This is certainly a coming of age film.

Instead it is a very ordinary coming of age film, very similar (not as good IMHO) as last year's "Edge of Seventeen" with Hailie Steinberg.

Seventeen-year-old Christine (Ronan), who prefers the artistic yet slightly pretentious 'Lady Bird' as her official title, is desperate to get away from home.

undeniably a 'good' film, but my god it's boring .

This time the teenage girl coming of age is done without the sarcasm (so at least that's original), which is usually heavy with the protagonist in these movies (which I don't mind one way or the other).

There are fun individual scenes and moments, but there's no story that's pulling you through with anticipation, unanswered questions, or a desire to find out what will happen.

Don't ever watch it you will get bored really soon, and you will waste your precious time.

What some people call inventive I call it BORING.

Lady Bird is definitely one of the best coming of age films made recently.

The merit of an extraordinary script that is impeccably written, it is a mature, intelligent, often ironic, sweet, credible, intense and also very emotional script.

This is a coming of age story told from the female perspective which is a breath of fresh air that doesn't come about very often.

A superb telling of coming of age.

Is there another term to use that describes a movie where the protagonist is around "that age"; you know, becoming more self-aware and transitioning from adolescence to adulthood, etcetera, other than "coming of age"?

Adopted brother is a different race, a fat girl is a good person and a true friend, a beautiful rich girl is empty and shallow.

Emotionally gripping .

Fascinating Characters .

Of course, movies with limited "art house" releases usually gain at least a star or two (either because of critics' pomposity or because they mistake "boring" for some deeper meaning).

Is that image of Lady Bird's profile utterly compelling to you?

Otherwise, it's kind of a standard "coming of age" high school transition to college movie with nothing really much happening to a middle class, somewhat privileged white girl/woman.

The only way I can even begin to comprehend its pretentious market appeal is because of how many teenagers may have zoned out in front of mtv shows starring young west coast bimbos over the past 15 years - so essentially gerwig managed to convince people that her much longer 2-dimensional attention-whoring nostalgia would pass for a good movie.

I wanted to love this movie after seeing such great reviews but it was just too slow, not very much happened, and was one of those movies that when it ended you were like "it's over"?

The acting was solid, but the pacing was so slow.

Sweet coming of age story with quirks .

This is a very shallow, sliding on the surface, empty misfire of a film, and what is more incredible - we have seen this all many times before.

) The characters are refreshingly real, multi-dimensional, nuanced and fascinating, and the female characters, especially, are blessed with legit real dialogue and not the usual bogus generic tropes.

So I felt really bored during the whole movie.

Many of the things Lady Bird gets up to could have come from any other coming of age drama featuring a teenaged protagonist...

Things get kinda predictable very quickly (you'll see ;) ) and not in very engaging way.

Now, high school movies like Mean Girls and 10 Things I Hate About You may not be that emotionally resonant or deep, but they can at least be entertaining.

Quite honest, the editor of this film played his own role in this movie, making a possibly boring aspect of the story unique to watch.

This movie is very boring with poor character development such that I never care about any of the characters or their issues.

I would recommend it to anyone except to the people that get easily bored with Oscar-bait dramas.

Lady bird finds a way to relate with a feeling or experience growing up as a teenager, Maybe not in the way of a heartbreaker drama or a climax changing movie, but it will deliver with a pleasant acting and a slow pace.

i mean its has no story at allllll , i believe that most of these ratings has been made by teenagers.

Interesting and unconventional coming of age story .

I am so surprised about people who give a high rate to such kind of boring movies .

Unlike Brooklyn where she turned from a modest duck into a stunning swan, Ronan stays awkward while giving a seamless performance.

Think of it as a more mainstream, female 'Napoleon Dynamite,' the themes in 'Bird' are common ones that many young adults can identify with during the confusing, competitive high school years.

Actually, it is much more than an ordinary coming of age film.

The latter is on display in Lady Bird, Greta Gerwig's engrossing character study of a young girl's flight of fantasy or her flight away from a domineering mother.

Lady Bird is an excellent coming of age story.

Her attraction to Kyle results in confusion over her relationship with nice guy Danny (Lucas Hedges, MANCHESTER BY THE SEA).

It's a coming of age film and mainly the story of girl a her mom.

I was bored out of my mind, excited to see what all the hype was about.

A very honest and realistic coming of age film.

The thing that sets Lady Bird apart from most coming of age stories is that it feels much more realistic.

Lady Bored .

This is what it feels like with these "glowing" reviews of one of the most self-indulgent, explanation of the Millenial jerks who populate this world today.

which makes this 'coming of age' story boring.

It is a great debut film and deserves some praise as a great coming of age film.

Saoirse Ronan is nice, but nothing more than that - she never managed to break out of ordinary, highly predictable lines and verses.

I like the story because it managed to creatively and concisely depict life through the confusing stage of being a teenager and managed to effectively portray it all within just 90 minutes.

Protagonist wants to date musician who is very obviously pretentious and unkind.

I found it very boring, and could not connect with the characters or the story.

TRUE TO LIFE, But a few slow spots .

Every single cliché you can think of.


LB is so boring, I don't see how so many people could be convinced to pad its reviews.

He went to Bird's cafe and sobbed as he complained of his confusion.

Good acting, boring story.

As good a coming of age film as has ever been made, and truer than most.

The in-between parts are where I found the protagonist disappointingly uninteresting and the messaging ham-handed as it related to her.

A heartwarming coming of age tale that anyone shouldn't miss .

I'd say wallflower is more powerful but LB is simply enjoyable and quirky.

Boring .

Through the film's heart there's a warm breathtaking center as our teenage heroine overcomes many beautifully set up milestones - losing her virginity through breaking up with her boyfriend (Lucas Hedges), via crushing on the cool guy (Timothée Chalamet) to losing her best friend (Beanie Feldstein).

So boring.

This is really all this film is - a male coming of age movie with the genders reversed and all the gullible females have fallen for all the old tropes and third wave feminist claptrap.

Its extremely ordinary to the point of boring.

Beyond being able to have the iraq war news playing in the background and attributing the father's joblessness and depression to an IT slump that coincided (but did it really--I don't recall that sector being significantly impacted in particular after 911), it seems a weird pointless detail in the film.

I was surprised by the opening and one moment with Hedges, but the story is slightly predictable beyond that.

The Acting is Great, but this movie is boring .

A true coming of age story, the dialogue is smart and witty.

As a coming of age film, that's what it's all about, of course: letting people take a look back to see how similar or different their upbringings and life events were and how different you come out in the end.

The music score and soundtrack are pleasant and enjoyable.

How pretentious is that?

Don't waste your time insulting your intelligence by watching this film.

Don't waste your time on this film.

Greta Gerwig's script is fresh and unpredictable and the acting is superb.

The message Gerwig wants to convey thru Lady Bird is loud and clear, but she makes it funny and entertaining.

Many of the character and relationship arcs, such as Lady Bird and Kyle or Jenna or her best friend, were extremely predictable and flat, showing no nuance or multidimensionality.

Coming of age at its best .

This is a coming of age story about Lady Bird (Christine) McPherson, a final year high school student in Sacramento, California.

Oscar worthy story about lessons in parenting, teen choices, and coming of age.

Coming of age of a funny and strong girl in Sacramento .

the most boring movie of the year.

Lady Bird (Saoirse Ronan) is Catherine McPherson's given alias when she becomes bored living her familiar life while in a Catholic High School in Sacramento.

Entertaining coming-of-age story .

I think it really captures the phrase "coming of age" perfectly as the struggles that Lady Bird goes through in the film are very relatable.

A bit disappointed in this film - some of the actors were garbling their lines, speaking too fast, so that it was hard to follow at times - this is up to the director to stamp on and I hope she does so as she directs 'Little Women' !

There were a few slow spots where I'll admit, I did fast forward.

The actors were great, but the movie plot was bland.

Greta Gerwig's pseudo indie film "Lady Bird," is a very entertaining, relatable, and heart-warming surprise.

It's so pointless and there's no hearty nostalgia to back it up.

Alternately incisive and plodding, coming-of-age film gets a passing mark .

This is one of her worst movies.

I gave it 4 out of 10, because of it's few heart warming moments, but overall it felt empty in the end.

Regardless, I must say, this is the best coming of age film I have seen in a long time.

She quickly realizes that life which she always found intriguing isn't all what it seems, all that glittered wasn't gold.

The language and communication int the movie is at times kind of cringy but the general story and the stylistics of the movie is quite interesting and intriguing.

We've seen a lot of these kinds of movies before: coming of age stories with confused/troubled teens finding their way, like Juno, Boyhood, Virgin Suicides or any number of John Hughes movies.


A simple but great coming of age film.

Absolutely, riveting dynamics between cast, echoes back to my childhood and even made me shed a tear on my drive home from the cinema as I pondered the subject matter and put on the playlist of songs from the film.

Greta Gerwig makes a truly remarkable directorial debut here, working from her own excellent screenplay to craft an engaging coming of age story.

Boring, Cliche-Filled Long Walk on a Short Pier .

Banal social commentary masquerading as a deep, artistic film .

What I found so compelling is that as weird as Lady Bird can be in her approach to life, it's still written in a way that is relatable to the average person.

Teen coming of age with out of touch parents....

Lady Bird takes influence from the 'mumblecore' sub genre (a drama with emphasis on natural dialogue and personal character relationships over plot) and ties it nicely with a coming of age structure that doesn't over stay its welcome and definitely takes its own path you can relate to as a viewer.

Also, the fact that Lady Bird starts, runs and ends without context or some sort of epilogue, adds to that confusion as we don't have any background to justify certain decisions in the movie.

On the other hand, there's something fascinating about her that makes me want to return to her again and again.

They built a familiar plot & characters so the audience gets all identified & emotional but it turns out unoriginal and boring, its attempted quirkiness boils down to having pink hair and shouting randomly a couple of times.

It's more like an honest examination of that awkward period in life after high school, before college where boredom, jadedness and sexual frustration can unknowingly turn you into the adult you will become.

Stopped watching after 25 minutes as it was just completely bland and unenthusiastic with plastic acting.

Lady Boredom .

Even the mother-daughter fights were stilted and at the same time banal and cringe-inducing.

Classic high school move, one of the cliché moments.

I enjoyed watching it; very absorbing.

While the performances of Ronan and Metcalf were very good and the mother/daughter relationship was decently explored, the plot and themes fell short and prevented it from being enjoyable to watch.

Just so boring .

Coming of age - Lady like .

Lady Bird is the directorial debut of Greta Gerwig revolving around a seventeen-year-old girl played by Saoirse Ronan coming of age in Sacramento and without a doubt it instantly takes the spot as one of the greatest directorial debuts of all time.

There is also some conventional/predictable moments that should have been changed or omitted in order for the film to distance itself more from the coming of age genre.

All in all, the most intense bond is of course, the familial one, on her pursuance of severing the umbilical cord, Lady Bird eventually comes to terms with her christened name, her modest, imperfect family, her benevolent and supportive father Larry (a heartwarming Letts) is laid off and has been combating depression for a long time; her double-shift engaged nurse mother Marion's constant nitpicking just mirrors her own apprehension that she couldn't help her daughter to become the best version of herself in spite of the fact that she has maxed herself out.

The characters of Lady Bird are grounded and honestly written, to some it may speak an air of relatability or memories of your own teenage years which is a crucial factor in the 'coming of age' story.

Lady Bird has become my favorite "coming of age" film ever.

If you haven't seen "Lady Bird," I highly recommend it.

It's mind numbingly boring, and the main is a terrible person who I felt zero empathy for and resented that I was supposed to.

As a coming of age film, Moonlight or Boyhood this is not.

Saoirse Ronan is excellent and gripping.

A dull character study of a lost and self centered ungrateful daughter trying to find her way.

So boring, and so unuseful!!!

All in all, "Lady Bird" is enjoyable and nuanceful movie, both able to lift you up with brightness that some are able to only compare with being young, and make you think about uncomfortable question that life brings if you are not able to just "belong to the herd".

Other directors would have made this into a three hour movie, but Gerwig jumped often and skillfully over banal moments and focused on the personally important ones.

This is a relatively safe version of the coming of age story.

The plot was very cliche, it was the same in every other coming of age movie.

Teenager thinks the world is against her, so rebels against everyone because she hates the world, Yawn!!

Lady Bird takes a stab at finding the balance from first time director Greta Gerwig in a relatively conservative scenery but does a lot to make her stand out in this hilarious coming of age story.

The characters feel real, the dialogue is snappy and full of witty interplay and it's all neatly packaged into a brisk 93 minutes meaning Lady Bird never looses its edge.

There are things which will always remain a mystery to me - for example, why so many people love that awful abomination that is Once Upon A Time In America, or that boring thud, Godfather II?

Even with its minor flaws I would highly recommend it to people.

It was entertaining at times.

It's entertaining to see the unexpected behavior of lady bird, like in the opening scene of the movie when she argues with her mother and she gets so fed up with her mother she opens the car door and jumps out of a moving vehicle.

A Coming of age- I think not.

Boring .

Despite containing all the requisite elements, calling Lady Bird a coming of age story feels reductive as the film ruminates on parenthood just as much as it does on adolescence.

Too boring .

But, I honestly like this film, especially trying to get out of the cliche.

but still "rich people's problems" version of Coming of Age .

So boring it hurt to watch.

A Wholly Original Coming of Age Film .

Coming of age film, that largely focuses on Lady Bird's relationship with her mother .

Boring .

What is enjoyable is watching the work of a skilled filmmaker and exciting new cinematic story teller.

Saiorse Ronan, Laurie Metcalf, and Timothee Chalamet lead an ensemble cast that is breathtaking.

There's no story or climax.

I like a good coming of age movie, and that includes this one.

Couple that with the coming of age story of Lady Bird a senior at a Catholic High School wending her way through relationships both romantic and friend with sometimes disastrous results.

Lady Bird's oppressive school adds but an extra layer of confusion.

'Lady Bird' is a moving and entertaining portrait of adolescence, with thanks to writer and director Greta Gerwig and leading actress Saoirse Ronan.

I mean it has some good acting, but the story is trite, and seriously uninspired.

If you've been following my reviews, you'll know that one of my favourite films is the coming of age story.