Lake Mungo (2008) - Drama, Horror, Mystery

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Strange things start happening after a girl is found drowned in a lake.

IMDB: 6.2
Director: Joel Anderson
Stars: Rosie Traynor, David Pledger
Length: 87 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 38 out of 105 found boring (36.19%)

One-line Reviews (107)

The sexual subplot is dull and doesn't really provide much credibility to the development of the central character and the story.

This was the most boring thing I have seen in a LONG long time.

Mildly intriguing at best -- very slow throughout .

I found the discoveries of the images of the dead girl to be unsettling and gripping and even stopped the film a couple of times to take a break from the tension.

I've watched tons of slow burn movies, and I appreciate a well made slow burn movie when I see one.

The next 45-minute obvious red-herring is a very uninteresting ghost story.

Well done, but dull.

Give it a shot, it's certainly worth the watch!

They took everything that was scary and made it totally normal and when they tried to be scary, by that point not only did I not car, it just seemed too contrived and ridiculous.

In this way, Lake Mungo combines a naturalistic non-actorly made-for-TV documentary style that is convincing in its quotidian banality, with a clever self-reflexive narrative device used in such films as Polanski's surreal nightmare, The Tenant, and Lynch's under-appreciated classic, Lost Highway.

Literally NOTHING happens the entire movie.

I am staying awake.

This Fake Documentary totally had me intrigued and on the edge of my seat.

One of the most frequent responses I see online when somebody complains about this movie is a bunch of haters saying "huh you just have bad taste in horror, it's not the movie", "nah if you like THAT kind of 'horror' movies, just go watch freddie krueger", all of which are super pretentious and condescending.

It's worth the watch.

slow pacing and bogus plot turns hurt creepy film .

This makes it really hard for me to focus on the film, especially considering how slow the movie was.

Real slow.

All the pieces just fit so well together, and it's amazing how skillfully the director weaves the different plot elements into such a coherent yet unpredictable storyline.

Overall this pretend documentary was a complete waste of time, watch this movie if you are stupidly bored.

I was completely hooked in the first 10 mins just because everything was done in such a compelling way.

This movie start with this mystery,that makes us watch for a bit,but the story doesn't change and its always the same thing,its very boring,i just watched because i didn't had any other movie to see at that time.

This turned out to be such a boring effort hardly anything about it is enjoyable.

The film is painfully slow with some incredibly bad performance by the cast who seemed to working with dialogue and without any genuine emotion to their grief.

Bland and unimpressive supernatural-themed thriller .

The first time I literally fell asleep (I never fell asleep during movies, this was the first time)The second time I really got bored and switched to watching something else.

Don't waste your time on this movie, there are MUCH better movies .


It's extremely under paced, barely interesting and just plain boring.

They end scene was totally predictable and, in my opinion, was a poor shot at a big twist.

In fact: this little Australian gem of a movie could've been over four hours long and I would've gladly gone along for the ride – that's how much I enjoyed it and needless to say: it's become one of my favourites.

Unexpected creepy .

Keeping its viewers on the edge of their seats throughout its runtime and managing to be bone-chilling on a few occasions, this Australian chiller is one of the most undervalued gems of its genre, is worthy of your time & money, and requires a much broader attention.

The film left me wanting to know more and even though it got a bit tedious here and there, it is a great film.

This was a film that had me from the opening shot; I was immediately immersed in the story, and not once did it fail to hold my attention.

*ATTENCHUN : contains spoilers*Hey folks,I've picked up a copy of this movie due to the many reviews describing it as "scary" or "bone chilling" but i must say that the end credits have been greeted by a huge yawn from me.

The side story involving the neighbors is totally pointless and even off-putting.

I enjoyed the slow burn.

I fell asleep.

If you have nothing better to do then give it a watch, other people seemed to enjoy it but it just seemed utterly pointless to me.

The downplayed, monotone performances of the actors is very effective.

Good style, excellent acting - very very boring .

Disappointing and slow.

It was really difficult because the whole movie was very convoluted, slow paced (I don't think I've ever watched such a needlessly slow paced film before), and too many plot holes that made me unable to appreciate it.

Wow, mind blowing and brilliant.

What is so intriguing about this "horror movie" is that it is actually done as a drama in the style of "The Blair Witch Project" or maybe "Paranormal Activity.

Boring .

Whilst suitably creepy at times as Lake Mungo wears on towards it's slight 80 minute run time the films initial chilling set-up slowly descends into something that becomes unfortunately tiresome even though the film's final credits scenes provide some unnerving finishing moments.

Brings me to the one flaw of this movie; the film is quite slow already and could have done without that part slowing it down even more.

I like when I come across something unexpected.

Basically, the entire movie builds up to this moment, and what happens is so unexpected and horrifying, I couldn't believe it.

Anyway, its a good movie if you like slow movies, and good scares.

Everything is done right: the story is an interesting one; it is scored beautifully; the cinematography is evocative and moody; the characters are incredibly fleshed out and the acting is highly, highly convincing, and if you let yourself go you could easily believe that what you're watching is a bona fide documentary, and while it's not scary as such (you're not going to be jumping out of your seats with this one), this ultra-realism is what gives the film its chill, and what makes it a hell of a lot more effective (and superior) than the other documentary / found-footage-style movies out there.

This movie is the most boring one, I've seen for a while.

Every thing about this movie is great, and this is coming from someone who finds most ghost stories rather boring.

The grainy & low-quality of the recorded footage or photos further compels the viewers to observe each frame more closely, and although its documentary style is borrowed, the film tick marks all the elements that make them gripping in the first place.

Even boring I think.

As for the film itself, I admit I was a bit bored at first - "another documentary presented in standard TV-like style," I thought.

As a movie, it was a bit on the drab and flat, uneventful side.

but of course they make this incredibly boring and in no way related or even speculated to be related to what happened to the daughter....

Like all these movies, they are terribly frustrating and to a large extent a waste of time.

For the next 55 minutes it is boring interviews with the family showing blurry photos with specks of whatever a million yards away that you would need a microscope to find...

this works damn good and is even more thrilling than your average ghost movie.

And that one minute doesn't justify the boring, drawn-out, convoluted, badly-directed rest of the movie.

Somewhat interesting, somewhat boring .

This movie Has some really great intense Atmosphere, it was just brilliant writing and outstanding acting from the whole cast.

The acting and editing sells the story as a real documented paranormal experience with all the twists and turns needed to keep it's audience on their toes, gripping their seat.

On an overall scale, Lake Mungo is a highly riveting psychological horror, deeply embedded with supernatural elements, and offers an interesting take on grief plus how people deal with it.

This movie is literally the worst movie I have ever seen and I've watched some real stink bombs!

More chilling and gripping than many mystery stories.

So all the separate technical elements of the film are like nicely painted puzzle pieces that fit together to make such a boring picture that you end up regretting having wasted your time watching it being put together.

Although Lake Mungo has a slow start, and stays at one spot too long in the beginning, this is fast forgotten when your emotions and body receives the first vibes of scary feelings, at that moment the fake documentary grabs your eyes, and makes you sit on the edge of your seat.

The pace is rather slow.

This was just slow, badly directed movie.

Possibly one of the worst and most pointless film/documentary I have seen ever.

This movie was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO boring.

There is no real plot and the so called twists, aren't twists.

A completely unexpected gem.

If you watched 20 minutes of the movie, and judge this is too boring, than turn it off.

It starts out slow and steady letting you in on the back story of the family and what has happened.

If not, you could be annoyed or bored.

If you whant to see some ghost story,criminal investigation or something like that,don't waste your time,get away from it.

It's not a perfect movie, and I am sure some people will find it to be boring in the extreme.

They wen't with the pure documentary approach as opposed to just piecing together found footage, which in my opinion made it a lot lot more enjoyable.

Australia is stunning, and what's with that miniature Grand Canyon?

I thought it could've been much more engaging.

Worth a rental, but I'm very glad I didn't see this in a theater- I would have probably walked out.

If you allow it, Its quiet, dreary tone gradually becomes creepier by the minute, and falls over you like a fog.

The movie sets up this fascinating mystery, with multiple twists and reveals, and it keeps you guessing the entire time.

Once again, the tedious efforts to provide a realistic feel to the "documentary" have a mostly negative impact.

As the Palmers attempt to move on from the unexpected tragedy that befell them, they experience a set of inexplicable events in their house & eventually unearth a dark secret about their deceased girl.

Interesting style of filming, just like a documentary but SO boring.

Although my first thoughts about what was actually going on (don't worry no spoilers) proved to be right, there were still unexpected revelations: one is clever because it happens at the right time.

My GF who LOVES found footage films was also absolutely bored.

Lake Mungo starts off slow.

This is a badly directed, unscary, super slow, and convoluted movie.

The pace is slow and the ghost appearances are repetitive.


The only thing waiting is an empty space.

In short, I did not expect to be scared, but it was more tedious than envisioned.

"Lake Mungo" is a slow goer, perhaps slower than most horror audiences would expect, but I'm not even sure I'd categorize this as a horror film; maybe a supernatural mystery or something along those lines, rather.

Well worth watching.

I'm so scared, but it was absolutely worth watching.

Very dull documentary style.

It's about separating, with a picture at the very end showing three family members posing as a fourth looks on from inside a now empty house, out a window, perhaps realizing her's quite a lasting image, one we all could obviously find terrifying, being left all alone by your loved ones, caught in the quandary of a limbo existence.

Effective, slow burning ghost story .

I think it was more of a bland ghost story, so I was pleasantly surprised by some of the twists and turns the movie takes.