Lars and the Real Girl (2007) - Comedy, Drama, Romance

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A delusional young man strikes up an unconventional relationship with a doll he finds on the Internet.

IMDB: 7.3
Director: Craig Gillespie
Stars: Ryan Gosling, Emily Mortimer
Length: 106 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 46 out of 331 found boring (13.89%)

One-line Reviews (135)

The movie is quietly absorbing and continually surprising, and those are rare enough qualities to make this quiet little story one of the year's best American films.

The story is gripping and greatly thought out.

In the movie Ryan Gosling beautifully portrays the part of Lars, a lonely man with the simple desire to be loved, but held back because of his intense fear of the unknown.

This is a film that brings unexpected joy through a level of character nuance too rarely found in American films today.

The whole movie is a little bland and I wish it had more spice to it.

It was only an hour and a 40 min movie yet I thought it dragged and went absolutely no where.

In the end I found it to be very predictable and hum drum.

Bianca helps this community and this family come together in unexpected ways.

This is primarily a story of openness and love found in an unexpected place.

Worth watching.

The so far drab and depressing story suddenly bursts into a warmth of colours as Lars intros his new love 'Bianca', a life-like mail order sex toy that he seems to believe is real.

Another review I read compared this to "Being There" - what an insult to that movie which was good and clever and thought provoking - this is boring and tedious and unfunny and long.

It's mostly light, but there are a few moments that touch on being intense, and in a very small way potentially frightening.

Ryan Gosling gives a compelling and noteworthy performance as Lars Lindstrom, a man in his mid-20s who is afflicted with depression and an overwhelming sense of loneliness.

perhaps worst movie I've ever seen .

Intriguing study of loneliness and social problems with other aspects of film-making complimenting it.

so.. Just expect good acting and good writing.. Everything else is just waste of time/money!

Lars and the Real Girl at times is a movie that feels a bit transparent and predictable.

I felt like my intelligence was being insulted, because no matter how much Lars was loved in the community, it would never happen, it is a waste of time & resources.

Ryan's physical transformation is remarkable, dressed in nondescript, loose, and boring outfits, reflection his lack of personality and social interactions.

Lars works in a dreary office where the most excitement revolves around his cubicle-mate's missing action figures.

This movie is a complete waste of my time.

Lars is an anti-social and un-interactive guy who lives a bland life.

Slow and not believable .

I heard of this film years ago but dragged my feet because all I knew was the most basic premise, and I had no interest in a film about a man's love affair with his doll.

We'd have no story.

Completely unexpected treasure.

This is just a delightful and enjoyable movie and funny in such an original way.

Into the very boring Abyss .

If you're looking for an entertaining flick this is not for you.

The soundtrack of the film is full of acoustic melodies that lull us off into a fantasy-land where something like this could happen.

I have come to the conclusion that a plain bad movies at least entertains whereas this sort of "stuff" (I'd rather use a more vulgar word here) drones on wasting minutes and hours of one's life.

sorry, this is a waste of time.

It's a bit of a slow burner - if you need Hollywood shmollywood thrills and spills to get your kicks there's plenty of Van Damme films or Jim Carrey ones that will be more your cup of tea.

anyway some people ,a hand of bumpkins, starting to acclaim to organization tried to show everybody we re so clever that it was a mechanic breakdown and accused to organization then at the end of the movie something appeared like 'if you have comment about Lars and real girl' and some fault in this movie then just message your comment to this number' blabla.. hmm then i was confused right time and have continued this mod maybe it's a kind of festival politics for compress to people's react and beef told that it was movie's joke or this happened all representations and movie's crew wonder the people's reaction of unexpected style.

I imagine that if I hadn't seen the original movie before, I would've enjoyed it a lot more.

For the most part, the absurdity made the movie what it is, and that is enjoyable.

It's a heartwarming, feel good film that will stay with you long after you leave the theater.

The story is though slow it was very alright.

Worst movie ever.....

He isn't too miserable, too perplexing, too difficult, or too intense.

Gosling keeps it geeky, but strikes a wonderful balance between shyness and strangeness so that right up to the film's end, he seems real and unpredictable.

I have a versatile taste when it comes to movies, but please, "Lars and the real girl" is literally a waste of time.

Their struggle to understand Lars's condition is rational and well drawn out and you really sense both the difficulty and determination to help him get better.

what a waste of time it was .

The movie sort of dragged on and on, most similarly to this summary.

Most boring movie ever made .

If you have had periods of loneliness or being an outcast in your life, this may bring up some disturbing feelings in you, it's quite intense.

Starts fab, boring after 1 hour .

The best moments of the movie, in the end, are the first 15-20 minutes, because once Bianca arrives, the script struggles to captivate, due to a total absurdity, a plot far too linear, and a direction far too soft and slow.

Very strange and boring movie.

However, if you're like me and you appreciate experimental films that succeed in and go beyond being entertaining...

You should mention how many sets are dreary and colorless when the film opens.

And even if I could buy into it all, I felt that the film was too repetitive, always cutting to unfunny reaction shots of a new person meeting Bianca, which is what Lars calls the doll, or even less funny reaction shots of the doll itself.

Don't waste your time!!

This film is so slow that after half and hour I thought I'd been watching for double that time.

The last 30 minutes of this film is so intriguing you will not once take your eyes of the screen.

The latter crowd wins the day and soon the whole town is reaching out to Lars and the real girl with empathy and compassion that is stunning even to Lars.

It starts out funny and keeps it up for like an hour or so, until you find out that it's going nowhere, or at least, the place it ends up going is too predictable.

In LARS AND THE REAL GIRL, Gillespie is more than happy to introduce you to Lars Lindstrom, if only so someone can look at him instead of away from him and see this beautiful human being that has been ignored for far too long.

totally waste of time...

originally touching and fascinating.


The rest of the cast is ordinary, sometimes lacking the spark to ignite the film into more engaging proportions.

While the synopsis of Lars and the Real Girl may seem trite and implausible, once you experience it, you will see that it isn't that far from reality at all.

disturbing yet entertaining .

But as the townspeople began to treat Bianca like a real person and it got further into the story, it was actually quite enjoyable.

The plot is interestingly compelling.

Worth watching!

Contrived, connived and conned .

I found the film to be a little boring towards the middle.

Yes, the story is a little ludicrous at times, but it's still very powerful and enjoyable.

Truly, truly, truly beautiful, thoughtful, original, striking, melancholic, comedic, compelling, well-acted, well-filmed, well-written film about a man struggling to fall back in love with life.

Its very insistent in its empty self importance.

)- this is a very creative and entertaining movie.

Initially dropped into further confusion the town then realises that with the newcomer Bianca another new persona has arrived in town.

Definitely worth watching - even for the sicko's!

This was such a boring and a wrongly paced movie.

Most enjoyed it and the truth can be stranger than fiction.

From the dreary outfits Lars wears (and, everyone, really), to the dreary affliction Lars suffers from, this movie just wallows in "reality" to a truly dreadful degree.

He really pulls it off, which is amazing to see and believe, but on that slow path to bringing him back to human touch you feel warmth and comfort in knowing that there really are people who would go all that way not to break his fragile character and helping him get back on surface.

That Bianca is never here forced to consummate his doting adoration speaks volumes as to the isolation intrinsic to Lars, rendering his flat-out belief in her breathing humanity all the more richly compelling.

I knew it was worth watching when I was told Ryan Gosling was in it so I was mildly excited to see it.

The truth of the matter is that it was a long and tiresome exercise in political correctness.

The idea is so so fascinating, and the captain of the ship, Craig Gillespie directs the film with ease.

It left me feeling bored, and wishing that they hired a different writer, and had some background music that actually kept my attention.

"Lars" won't leave you that emotional, but you'll be slightly captivated by this compelling character and how he learns to deal with his social issues in a unique way.

LARS AND THE REAL GIRL is a fake and a bore--and Bianca the plastic mail-order girlfriend is not the one to blame.

The film is so languid.

This is where the film becomes a unique emotional experience and takes an unexpected turn.

The slightest touch or briefest conversation brings him intense discomfort.

They could have gone for all the obvious and cheap gags that "beg" to be used within a sex-puppet premise, but such gags would have worked only the first one or two times and then become quickly boring.

It was a endearing film and I enjoyed it.

But it sounds like the sort of idea you might get in a sordid or cheap sex comedy made by someone like Kevin Smith when in fact, it's quite an intriguing and at times touching film well shot; paced and underneath everything else, is a film that delves into the psychology of someone and makes a brief study of an individual as a result of a childhood set back.

The film threatens to creep into another realm completely when Lars begins to adopt stalker-like instincts when it comes to looking at a co-worker and that predatory mindset threatens to become too evident but thankfully, the film sticks to what it had been up until that point and that is a very engaging and clever film about one man's damaged mind and coming to terms with himself and those around him.

However, the scriptwriter, Nancy Oliver, elaborates this conceit with amazing skill so that the various subthemes are interwoven into a fascinating and engaging story.

There is an underlying threat of violence and insanity throughout the story, as Lars is clearly unbalanced, but instead of making a thriller, director Craig Gillespie and screenwriter Nancy Oliver have created a film that is full of quirky charm and unexpected sentimentality.

One fault is the main theme of the story, but there other more mundane quirks that draw his character out of the lovable mentally-ill icon, and into a more well-grounded human being; specifically an adult male.

It certainly was worth watching!

Waste of time .

It also elevates the film to a compelling study in humanity as the manner in which the townsfolk react to Lars and Bianca says novels about their decency and compassion or lack thereof.

The coloring is kept pale except during the most intense scenes, thus suiting well the main character's feelings.

The film could easily have devolved into some bad SNL skit, but happily it reveals itself to be a surprisingly entertaining study on people's need for intimacy and the nature of acceptance.

" It is not often that this subject is tackled in films, and I think in addition to being an entertaining and emotion evoking film, it also does it's own part to raise some awareness of mental illness.

Ted's Evaluation -- 3 of 3: Worth watching.

I found that the intensity of his character bore some similarities to Dustin Hoffman's performance in "Rain Man".

It was so boring I could hardly pay attention to it.

When the doll Bianca is finally added to the mix, the unexpected occurs.

One hair's breadth away from agoraphobia, or even catatonia, he has an office job, but he's far from the sort with whom a conversation is enjoyable, or even functional, and in the evening, he sits alone in a cabin in the backyard of his childhood home.

I can't fathom how anyone can say this movie was hilarious, after reading the reviews I thought this should be a good comedy, but it was far from it, it got boring quick and I guess if I had a few drinks in me I would have been rolling around the floor laughing my head off, because I found the plot totally unrealistic and extremely dumb.

Plot simply too trite...

From comic to sad (tragedy) to simply boring.

Pretentious, melodramatic, boring, tedious.

Nevertheless, as unusual and probably unbelievable as the premise to the movie was, it was certainly engaging, amusing, touching and thought provoking.

I found it entertaining and well thought out.

But after a while i got completely bored and utterly disgusted, actually the movie left a bad taste in my mouth and quite literally.

The story is unique especially as it turns from the predictable jokes at the outset to the kind, understanding, support of the whole town.

" Ryan Gosling overdoes his performance, and everyone else is one-dimensional and bland.

So pretentious vapid types immediately will try to convince you its a profound and interesting film because of this 'hook'.

What a fascinating use of an unusual conceit to produce a movie full of humor, grace, and beauty.

A film can be real, awkward, funny, romantic, and suspenseful .

Along with this characterisation, the makers set the film in a rural, snowy utopian town which moves along at a slow pace and feels very delicate.

Let me advise at this point that if you decide to check out Real Doll, expect to be connected to an X-rated site - X-rated but also humorously entertaining in a kinky sort of way.

This is an enjoyable small film thanks to the great effort that went into its making.

If you enjoy movies that are quiet, slow paced, then this MIGHT be the film for you.

This is a very enjoyable film, which I recommend to anyone and everyone.

Lars and the Real Girl, a film by Craig Gillespie, tells a simple story, but one that is incredibly creative, poignant, gripping, and downright beautiful.

To an extent we are all empty heads much of the time.

It is short on technical terms like sound department but is immensely pleasing on the way it is shot; the camera work is stunning, and so is costume design.

The movie got a little bit slow on a moment and I would have preferred some more dynamism in there.

The plot of this film is original and simple, with an unpredictable ending that warms up your heart.

It is meant to be sweet and gentle but the film is rather dull and goes on too long before reaching a predictable conclusion.

If you are a little bit childish and like simplicity "Lars and the Real Girl" will suit you perfectly, if you like a bit of depth of characters and want to have a good time while engaging your reflexion on the subject of marriage, then the original title "Monique" is a far better choice.

Say that it demonstrates Lars' isolation and repetitive life.

While always being polite and keeping up appearances, he appears empty at the beginning of the film, like there's an unquestionable void within him that seeps onto the camera during every scene.