Last Chance Harvey (2008) - Drama, Romance

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In London for his daughter's wedding, a rumpled man finds his romantic spirits lifted by a new woman in his life.

IMDB: 6.6
Director: Joel Hopkins
Stars: Dustin Hoffman, Emma Thompson
Length: 93 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 39 out of 121 found boring (32.23%)

One-line Reviews (109)

Emma Thompson is introduced, and she's an as credibly dried up spinster as always, here working in the airport in a boring job.

Thus realistic, HARVEY is an enjoyable, well-made, well-acted movie; one of the few these days aimed at grown-ups.

Than again, when the two characters are boring, you get a boring movie.

I also found the story to be corny, predictable and unoriginal.

Even the title of the flick is facile and cliché.

Quite simply, one of the most boring films I've seen in a long time.

The stars did as well as they could with this awkward, implausible, predictable and boring storyline.

Worth watching!

Kate Walker is middle-aged and single, watching over her bored mother during her free time or attending a writing class with mostly people much older than her.

But I enjoyed it and thus the 7.

I was crying at one point, because of the poignancy of what was happening, even though it was a simple plot and appeared to be predictable.

But the acting by Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson is so compelling you really don't care.

Interminably Boring.

The script is a little predictable and there are some bits that are inconclusive but there are still a few funny moments and some exciting twists.

His job is on the line, while Emma Thompson (sounding ever so erudite and sensitive) has a crap survey job and a tiresome mother (Eileen Atkins pretending to be 57!

Predictable but Entertaining .

Simply dull and ever so boring .

This is a gentle, somewhat formulaic movie that would probably have not been made without these two leads.

The journey Hoffman takes to London and his encounter with the marvelous Emma Thompson creates a story that is so entertaining and enjoyable.

There's also Susan (Emma Thompson), the manager at an airport travel service booth, who spends her day alternating between tedious surveys for passengers, tending to her needy and nervous mother, and going to writer's class.

Comfprting, Classy & Compelling .

Films nowadays strive to have engrossing, complicated plots, stunning production designs and thrilling photography, etc. This film seems to take a break from it all, to take things slowly, smoothly and hastelessly.

I felt like i had to say something about Emma Thompson& Dustin Hoffman;Dustin Hoffman in some moments, he made me feel shy and had red cheeks, You will believe in his character, stunning performance.

At the time of writing it is 6.7! Literally nothing happens in this film.

Everything predictable about a RomCom is there, except that this one has virtually no laughs at all, largely because most of the time it is grimly depressing.

The acting and the story were terrific, engaging and enjoyable and you actually felt for these characters hoping for both of them.

If you get the chance and have any interest, I highly recommend it.

Corny, Cliché, yes.

The 2 stars looked embarrassed in many scenes with the cliché dialog they had to say.

) Being in the 50-something target audience demographic, I expected to like this flick; instead I found it by far the least enjoyable evening I can recall at the theater in recent months.

I got their sadness, and I got how they found solace in each other, but there was nothing happening here, not in the plot, not in the dialogue, and not in the clichés of an 86 year old being crass or a couple of adults having to sit at a kids table.

Both are disappointed in life, Kate's spirits being especially down after she was ignored during a blind date and created an excuse to leave early.

It is a heartfelt sequence that makes the somewhat boring events of the night before relevant.

Nothing is believable, nothing is at stake, nothing happens.

At least other bad movies have a twist or something outrageous happens; here, I was just bored silly.

To lessen fuel to the near Harvey empty fire, he is called by his supervisor and is informed that his services are no longer needed.

Perhaps, if the director just played the movie with more focus on the conversations of the two, the movie may have gone to a different space, but for what's it worth, Last Chance Harvey tells the audience to take your chances and as the cliché goes, it's never too late.

I can see why other reviewers have called this movie boring: there are no chases, crashes, plot twists, sex scenes, or gut-busting laughs.

I was bored in many scenes, I expected better from these 2 performers.

I wouldn't even consider this a money making scheme because of the expected bad reviews and such a boring premise.

There's no special effects,no non-stop action/violence and best of all ,it's just an enjoyable story about unfortunate things that happen in some peoples lives and how they deal with them afterwards.

and the simplicity and realism of his line readings as a man looking at the end of his life as he knows it and suddenly confronted with a choice he will be happy to make is utterly engaging.

Was it too much for the screenwriter to conjure adult conversation between two fine actors, giving us a sense of what the connection was, beside Hoffman's formulaic grin, or Thompson's greater acting range.

It sounds very predictable, and to be truthful, it's not very original AND highly predictable, it's that you just cant help but love the two main characters.

Charming Chemistry, Cliché Plot, .

While the premise isn't entirely original, that doesn't stop the film from being charming, engaging and involving.

Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson plays well, their characters are credible, yet there's scant reason for anyone to be interested in their credibly boring lives.

Extremely boring in a well played way .

Sure, a few repeated nuisance mobile calls might be OK, to show how Kate (Thompson) had gotten herself into middle age with a rather dull existence which was so empty it allowed the neediness of her even lonesomer mother to balloon into a full-fledged neurotic joke that never ended.

Talk about slow and boring.

An entertaining romantic comedy.

Predictable and somewhat pretentious, there are a million other movies like Last Chance Harvey, while Hoffman and Thompson's performances are charming, it is not enough to recommend this.

but that can only go so far with such a boring, not funny script.

The story is misogynistic in that it uses the well worn cliché of most Hollywood romances, the klutzy brick-ignorant fellah who abandons his compassionate date at an event she encourages him to attend, leaving her so distressed that she leaves.

There is some comedy to keep the film light, but the many pointless scenes - only there to make sure every person in the audience doesn't get lost in the very simple story - really drags the film and can make it seem boring.

The film gets off to a slow start, Hoffman getting off a plane in London.

Even though the outcome of the film is highly predictable, it's still a lot of fun to watch.

And his maladies and issues are so drawn out before Thompson shows up that you keep checking your watch to see if you can travel back in time, or something.

This is a 93 long bore, with only few enjoyable moments.

And of course, we are meant to believe that the two main characters arrive at Paddington station from Heathrow and then walk to the Royal Festival Hall on the South Bank via Trafalgar Square so that Emma's character can attend a - yawn - writing class...

The trouble with Last Chance Harvey isn't that it's an old-time romantic comedy featuring two seasoned professionals, it's that it's dull, awkward, and depressing.

Unlike many romantic comedies in today's world, this is a slow and gentle movie, where courtship takes its time.

By turns ordinary, meditative, funny, embarrassing, and identifiable the two characters find each other after Harvey (Dustin Hoffman) has the worst day imaginable (Without chaos, this is honest, rather than contrived) and finally meets Kate (Emma Thompson).

In the ensuing scene, as aforementioned, Harvey acts as if he's beyond reproach by not tendering an apology to this woman; a woman he clearly took for granted, so this confession, in retrospection, has the ring of self-indulgence and narcissism.

Maddening in its plodding pacing .

But in the end, these characters, for all of their destined predictability and occasional lapses into formulaic tedium, had very human faults that resonated...

An engaging story.

Really enjoyable film .

Now the audience knows why Susan(Liane Balaban) gave her father a cautious hug during their first meeting, and why the stunning brunette had booked Harvey(Dustin Hoffman) in his own private hotel, away from her and the rest of the wedding party.

Even Dustin Hoffman, who I thought could NEVER bore me, is all but invisible here in a thankless, limp, derivative, pointless, script that would have to rise up several notches to reach "Lifeline TV movie" quality.

I recorded to watch this film which I had remembered seeing some years ago and I found I enjoyed it even more this time round.

Still is everything known and predictable.

There is absolutely nothing original, and is incredibly predictable.

Flawed, formulaic film that is saved by the leads.

Harvey's interactions with his ex and daughter put me in a coma, and his heart attack seemed contrived and anticlimactic.

However, their estrangement turns out to be deeper than expected since Susan tells him that she has already asked her rugged, engaging stepfather to give her away at the wedding.

Though the romance plot is predictable and the pacing is slow, "Last Chance Harvey" is still an adequate film to watch.

The story is mess, and just plain boring.

Ohhh God don't waste your money.

That said, it's still Emma Thomson, Dustin Hoffman, and a number of enjoyable supporting characters having as much good clean fun as the script will allow.

It starts off slow, it gets boring in the middle.

dare I say a little bland?

And yes, the story is way predictable, as American Dustin Hoffman ventures to London for his daughter's wedding, cross-cutting with British Emma Thompson struggling with a possessive mother, a rote job and impinging loneliness.

" The story line has no great leaps, little action and unfolds in a potentially boring setting and what saves it is the performance of these two great veterans who give the yin and yang of two different people who compliment each other.

bitter, amusing, realistic, with few crumbs of fairy tale, fascinating for the lead actors, escaping from many cliches and using part of the most familiar from them, proposing a mature romance, a real rare virtue among the romantic films of the last decades, being more than a film with Emma Thompson and Dustin Hoffman , elegant, nostalgic, familiar and the right choice for middle age public.

Aside from the cliché moments, this movie starts really slow and depressing.

It's slow paced, and you do feel sorry for the characters sometimes.

However, with Hoffman and Thompson in fine form, the film becomes worthy, if predictable viewing.

However, their relationship and the majority of the plot is extremely cliché.

Every development in the story is predictable, you can tell what is going to happen from a mile away, it never did anything to surprise and was afraid to take any risks.

It's an enjoyable feel good movie to watch repeatedly.

The dialogue is witty, natural and interesting, and it saves the film from being utterly boring.

At its worst, this film - leisurely directed and written by Joel Hopkins - uses several well-worn cinematic conventions - including a familiar third-act plot device from a classic movie - and forces a predictable ending that is far from satisfying.

Joel Hopkins Screenplay is sweet & entertaining.

Corny, Cliché...

It is trite, artificially bright.

This is a movie that keeps on going nowhere, and is in no rush about it.

The movie may be classified as a romantic drama but the tone feels like just a drama,it develops slow, emotions are toned down and Harvey's life is miserable, somehow, Kate does not bring the light we're all hoping for and this is the director's fault.

Dreary and unsatisfying rom-com .

A sorry string of utterly predictable ROMCOM clichés .

It was written well enough that the additional scenes didn't give me any new aspects of their characters, that they were just pointless.

The best part of the movie was the slow pan up and by some very lovely trees at the end.

boring .

When you have 2 powerful stars like Dustin Hoffman & Emma Thompson, one would expect at the very least an entertaining film.

The detail of what happened was unexpected and it was worth seeing, especially if you are a bit older and single!

The story starts slow and really needs Harry to meet Kate.

The movie just tries to be entertaining and lets two great actors do their thing and the end result is something very moving, touching and at times funny.

So boring!

Then he goes through customs and does all the mundane things of passing through an airport.