Last Christmas (2019) - Comedy, Drama, Romance

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Kate is a young woman subscribed to bad decisions. Working as an elf in a year round Christmas store is not good for the wannabe singer. However, she meets Tom there. Her life takes a new turn. For Kate, it seems too good to be true.

IMDB: 6.5
Director: Paul Feig
Stars: Madison Ingoldsby, Emma Thompson
Length: 103 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 92 out of 584 found boring (15.75%)

One-line Reviews (275)

The little surprise towards the end of the film so took me by surprise, even though I had been warned to expect the unexpected.

Watching Clarke bumble around is endearing enough for the first half or so but it wears thin quickly and the predictable story line does little to keep things interesting.

Emilia Clarke has done an amazing job at portraying her character with some health and life challenges before something unexpected happens to her characters life for it to change completely.

A unexpected plot twist.

The film was absolutely funny and interesting with totally unexpected end of a plot.

A too early romantic Christmas comedy with a predictable plot twist.

It's a lovely story with an unexpected twist.

Worth watching just for them alone.

boring dialog...

Worth watching.

And the film was just slow and clunky for me.


A bit twisting at the end, but overall too many boring conversation and overuse scene!

It's still worth watching.

Slow start .

There are no spoilers in this review, so I can't tell you how the movie handles Kate's transformation, from a total mess at the beginning of the film, to someone we can take to heart at the end, but I found the plot device to be quite poignant, and I left the theater with tears rolling down my face.

All in all, a very dull experience.

It has a couple of exciting downwards slopes and tight turns, but most of it is a slow ride with nothing truly thrilling or astonishing.

Don't waste your money on this dross.

Lastly the cinema photography for this move was was a visual treat for the eyes..and george michael's music made it a treat for the ears, the ending credit visuals and music were particularly wonderful.

Dreadfully dull .

Overall, enjoyable characters and an enjoyable movie.

You don't go to see what is clearly a feel good Christmas movie and expect deep dimensional characters and a complex, thrilling plot.

Like I said, the movie does try to go for something a little different, even though it becomes pretty predictable after a certain point, which also happens to be fairly early in the film.

and Emma Thompson was enjoyable as Kate's mother.

Also I really didn't expect to get a plot twist, like I enjoyed it a lot I didn't even have any suspicion, at all.

Entire film full of boring conversation and overuse scene!

It is exciting now that show is over to see which roles she will undertake in the coming years.

However, the dialogue is cringey more often than not, some of the supporting performances feel mailed in, and the plot is as predictable as you think after seeing the trailer.

it depends on the scene I guess), unearned manipulative pathos in the worst Spielberg style imaginable, an endless number of plot holes, absolutely not funny at all (and boy it tries), weird scenes that don't make sense, a boring and pathetic romance which it's just another of those made-up Hollywood fantasies we've seen thousands of times, a final twist that will make you want to throw up and, what is maybe the worst of all, a movie trying to be "deep" and "emotional" when it's just nothing, a bland pile of nothing.

Really A Very Enjoyable Movie .

Really enjoyable.

"Last Christmas" was fun, entertaining, heart warming, and thought provoking.

I enjoyed it until the male character turned out to be a "ghost" !

I loved how this movie took it's original idea of a cheerful colorful Christmas film and put in some important issues that are happening in the world and the sadness and fear that some people feel even around the most cheerful time of the year, I was actually surprised to see how smoothly that went without making anyone defensive or uncomfortable it's not just a normal Christmas cringey film it's more than that, I highly recommend it, just watch closely.

What a waste of my time.

I enjoyed it.

To sum up everything: really worth watching and this movie deserves waaay higher ratings <3

Also, the plot twist is one of the most predictable in film history.

Still worth watching though.

If you're bored and want to get into the Christmas spirit, go see it.

Not the worst movie ever, but quite ho-hum.

Just another boring, dumb romantic drama garbage that has every possible cliches.

There are some moments in this film that are painfully reminiscent of other films in the rom-com lexicon, but there's a consistent charm here throughout, more earnest than contrived.

All the love scenes are so cheesy and bland that it makes you want to strangle yourself with some Christmas fairy lights.

Great story with an unexpected ending.

A waste of time.

I am from Serbia and I agree with fellow croatian who said it is very much confusing and why did they escape from Croatia 1999?

Overall, everything felt forced and cliche in this movie, even Henry Golding's charisma could not save it.

There's a certain plot "twist", which is also entirely predictable, by the way, and it's just dumb.

It's shallow (like all romcoms) but it's cute and funny and has a bit of heart so if you're bored and want to watch something simple I'll recommend it.

Thompson was oddly funny and entertaining in her role as Kate's mother.

I almost quit watching in the middle of the movie because it was kinda slow and ordinary.

On the upside, the side plot of "Santa" and "Boy" is fun and the sound track contains some entertaining classics.

Predictable stuff .

I would've wanted for the film to explore more of the other subplots that it had because they were compelling subplots, and I thought the resolution didn't fully capture all of it.

I did find the movie to be kind of slow and boring for most of the first hour.

It's quite a stagnant plot to me from the beginning but I'm glad to have such an unexpected and touching ending.

A nice little film with the main role played well by Emilia Clarke, all the characters were entertaining if somewhat stereotypical.

Did find Henry Goulding quite bland and slightly too creepy, while Thompson is disappointingly a bit too on the melodramatic side.

We really enjoyed it much more than expected!

Predictable and dull .

There was very little plot in the second half and it didn't grab me emotionally.

Predictable .

Don't waste your money.

Unfortunately, this film is a bit all over the place, the sentimental stuff is often hit and miss, the homelessness and charitable stuff sort of works, there a hilarious discussion of the difference between "penis" and "dick", otherwise most of the laughs are average, it is often odd and clichéd, and the ghost twist is daft, overall it is a predictable, silly and disappointing seasonal romantic comedy.

I am dumbfounded how this is even considered a good movie, the screenplay, script and characters are so bland and the story is so preposterously stupid I came out of the cinema speechless at how shocking this movie truly was.

It can be a little predictable if we think a little more outside the box and take the idea a little more than half of the film.

Saw reports saying it was rather cliché and poor;ly written.

Plus with Emilia Clarke and Emma Thompson comes 2 very entertaining and well portrayed characters that had me laughing with tears by the end of it.

What an absolutely horrible waste of time and money I won't get back.

This story lines, not funny, farcical plots, uninspiring dialogue and Emma Thompson absurd in that role frankly.

Let's get the negatives out of the way first: the first half of the movie is pretty dull and mediocre, the music doesn't always fit the scene, the comedy is more miss than hit and the movie is full of cliches.

Could be one of the worst movies I've seen.

But even though it is unexpected and surprising, it is not unjustified.

The two leads don't have much chemistry, mostly because their encounter is very contrived.

The story is weak and terribly boring, not to mention completely predictable.

Every moment was boring and unnecessary.

Still a cozy movie though and worth watching.

When he first appears, acting bizarrely, you think, "oh, there must be some fascinating backstory between these two - a murky past they are trying to rekindle".

It was predictable and rather empty.

The positives on the other hand are: Emilia Clarke is fantastic as always and she has an amazing singing voice, the acting is really good, the "twist" of the movie was unexpected and very sad and effective, the song "last Christmas" is beautiful and the ending is heartfelt, sorrow and satisfying.

It's another rom-com with an undeniable Christmas theme.. it's very enjoyable.. no doubt about that.. i would give it a clean 6 out of 10 if it weren't for Thompson and Yeoh.. their performances/appearances kick it to a 6.8 for me.. that's how good i thought they were..

Well my wish came true in the form of acting, with all the leads making for an entertaining, dysfunctional group.

This movie is a cliche in every possible way .

The worst movie I've seen for a very long time.

Save your money.

This is a very sweet movie that moves in very unexpected ways.

Actually enjoyable some spoilers .

It has a lot of mistakes, exaggerated anthologies that they sometimes forget and undecided approaches but it fulfills the objective of being a cute, fun, cheesy and entertaining romantic Christmas comedy with your family (yes I cried with the plot twist)

Trite and insincere, "Last Christmas" is a cloying cup of holiday sneer.

The story turned out to be entertaining and uplifting.

Fairly Predictable .

I don't exactly "like" it that much, but I still left the theater happy and reasonably entertained.

I never write a review about a movie because i'm usually lazy, but this movie was so bad that I had to react and save others from 1hr 43 min of bad acting, bad directing, flat script, utterly boring, senseless, and awfully predictable movie.

That's the unexpected back narrative of Director Paul Feig's "Last Christmas", his romantic comedy from the screenplay by Emma Thompson and Bryony Kimmings.

Was really cheesy and very predictable.

He does fine with what he's given to work with, but his character is so generic and bland that literally any other actor would deliver the same performance.

Her career is going nowhere, she has no place of her own to live, counting on the kindness of her friends to put her up.

As the whole film was a self-contained cliché, it seems quite appropriate to describe it as a Christmas turkey to be avoided like the plague.

Unexpected surprise of a film .

It was pretty huge cliche and when my friend just from fun said: "Oh, I got it!

While the twist in the end does make the film very unpredictable which hits the film at an emotional level.

It was a film full of cliche story beats and one dimensional characters.

Slow pace, fairly predictable love story plot.

Both of them a little unpredictable Good job Dany..

A Virtue Signalling predictable mess of a film.

The plot is insanely predictable and all secondary story lines never lead to anything.

I personally found this movie a very enjoyable charming little movie.

I thought the film was decent, entertaining when it needs to be but it goes through predictable cliches.

It wasnt overly sappy and filled with sex scenes like the regular theater movies and even with people spoiling the "plot twist" it was still well worth the watch!

But I persevere and the later part of the movie picked up a little and have an unexpected twist.

Aside from the annoying soundtrack, the movie itself is pretty boring.

I was in awe, as it has an unpredictable ending.

YET, the movie has an unexpected turn that is SUCH a let-down, destroying our image of a happy & fun Christmas movie, which made it impossible for us to enjoy the movie overall.

The film is purely enjoyable, at times surprisingly inspiring, and full of an absolutely wonderful soundtrack of tunes from the legendary George Michael.

Kinda boring the first 50 minutes.

This atmosphere of feeling good compliments all the previous mentioned likes and somehow gave me some energy to stay immersed in the film.

Fat Nixon cultists are going to hate it, but that just makes it that much more enjoyable.

It has humor , it has tears , it has an unexpected twist at the end and is definitely worth seeing .

Unexpected I must say, but totally enjoyable.

Different direction for a romantic comedy which was enjoyable.

She's humorous and just watching her life fall apart with her poor decision making is pretty entertaining.

The movie got very good the last time 30 minutes but before the twist it was bland.

You could almost think director Paul Feig felt the same way of how bad things were by punching in a pedestrian, plodding camera placements hampered by unnecessary quick cross-cutting editing.

If, like me, you can also appreciate movies that are simply sweet and entertaining and leave you feeling uplifted at the end, this is one to see.

You wont catch many comparing this film to JOKER ;)All in all, an enjoyable, easy to watch Christmas film.

Was entertaining...

I really enjoyed it.

Made me so angry, the worst movie I've seen for years!!!

The acting was appalling, it was an incredibly cliche story line with no redeemable features.

I said the movie is predictable, and it is.


The most boring, predictable, soppy, tear-jerker of a movie ever!!!!!

Went into this exciting a slightly rom-com tear jerker.

Last Christmas is a fine rom com to watch for an enjoyable time.

That, the terrible acting, the boring story, the numerous clichés, the completely unbelievable "diversity", and of course, the really bad plot....

One of the worst movies I've seen in a long time .

An unexpected sweet surprise .

I've watched it after long day at work, and it was unexpected, refreshing, very good scenario, took me through many kinds of emotions.

Worst movie I've seen in a long time.

The film does contain a plot twist, but it is somewhat predictable.

I am so 😞 that this movie was so plain and boring.

literally nothing happened to lead to that.

The whole thing feels competent but too bland, complete with a bizarre and not particularly necessary twist.

Anyways, I was quite happy to leave the theater liking the movie.

It has a lovely message and the ending was very unexpected.

Since comedy is subjective; others might find it funnier or a lot duller.

Two gorgeous actors doing their best with a sad gripping story.

It was decently entertaining.

Lovely and Unpredictable movie.

Last Christmas is an enjoyable watch if you know what kind of movie you're watching.

With a terrible plot and bland acting to match and the ridiculous nod on Brexit, this film fails.

Due to the unexpected twist at the end the results of the jury: one cried, one fell asleep, 3x a 7 (the girls), 2x a 6.

Worth the watch .

Enjoyable Christmas film with an interesting twist .

His romantic development between him and Emilia Clarke was fascinating and lovely to see.

Emotions beat over the edge, therefore, I apologize in advance if there will be extra confusion and "chewing snot" in the text.

It´s predictable, the characters are unlikeable and shallow.

May not be for everyone judging on the other reviews, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

It told a story I had expected but the way they put everything together made it worth watching.

To be a little more specific about what makes this movie a grievance to humanity, let me explain things concisely: There are a migraine-inducing number of plot holes, the factual inaccuracies will make you weep, and it was as predictable as the sun rising in the east.

If it had turned out to just be that bland as beige love story I would've actually strangled myself...

One of the worst movie I ever seen in my life..

Man pick, and we only lased 40 minutes and walked out.

funny, entertaining, surprising, and sad towards the end, it can actually cry, I like it unlike critics I enjoyed it I recommend it to everyone.

A Cliché-Ridden Christmas Turkey - Avoid Like the Plague .

But if it doesn't bother you, you may be very forgiving of it's predictable nature as it's still an easy sit.

The twist was too predictable and most (though not all) of the jokes fell flat.

Movie is entertaining and gives a feel good vibes.

Throughly enjoyed it and would happily add it to the video cllection when it comes out.

We enjoyed it.

Save your money people.

Its not a bad film, I highly enjoyed it and was entertained and if they wanted a twist, they shouldn't have done this specific twist.

I enjoyed the story, but it was quite predictable.

If you want a movie with a good story, a lovely entertaining cast and a good soundtrack thesis's Christmas movie for you.

It was kind of cheesy with a predictable and depressing storyline.

I took my wife to this movie expecting to sleep but actually enjoyed it.

However as the film went into its second half the humour for me went stale and got very repetitive.

For me romantic comedies have to be good or they just become yet another cliche!

It's like a camera going off focus then on focus, sometimes just confusing.

To date the worst movie I have ever seen at the cinema.

Enjoyable festive fun .

Ultimately, it's far from perfect and there are plenty of logical leaps to make and ideas to buy into, yet it's delightfully heartwarming and sweetly entertaining when at its best.

It was still very enjoyable.

Overall, well worth watching, just be prepared for something a bit deeper than yeat another silly little Christmas-themed romantic comedy.

Together I think they make quite a stunning pair.

It's very pc, which is so boring.

In addition to the twist, every single subplot is closed like nothing happened.

Be prepared for laughter and tears, as unexpected happenings keep arriving.

The cast was good and the twist really made the film worth watching.

I wouldn't recommend going to this movie and waste your money.

Throughly enjoyed it.

London looked nice, but what a dull story.

I think the films major third act is predictable early on and I kind of saw the events coming.

Unfortunately, my first exposure to her was a tonally disjointed mess that practically curdled on the screen.

The twist was really predictable as I had a feeling in the 2nd act that one of the charcthers was a ghost the entire time.

I really loved it in time I needed something to cheer me up So I really recommend it very muvh especially in time you're bored and messed up

Unexpected ending .

Tom is only seen by her, always wears the same outfit, cycles in London (duh) and his place looks pretty empty.

Unexpected Ending .

For me, the first 2/3 of the movie was too slow & Emilia's character was more annoying than likeable.

Last Christmas, it'll give you plenty of heart, but the very next day, it may be a tad predictable .

When I skipped to the end I found out I was right and thought the whole movie was pointless.

I tried to watch it but it was just so dull.

I won't say much because I don't want to spoil it, but it is a lovely christmas movie worth watching.

Also probably one the most predictable plot twists ever, so predictable that literally thousands of people pointed it out after the first trailer.

Enjoyable viewing .

Last Christmas is an enjoyable rom com, don't get me wrong.

The song does get somewhat annoying as well due to the repetitive nature.

Rom-com movie that shows us an easy-to-follow plot and a bit entertaining.

Boring in the first half; heart-warming for the rest.

a classic cliché : the selfish person matures and at the end is very caring and giving.

It was very Unpredictable actually, I never thought that Tom Webster is a GHOST so "LOOK UP" tom said.

The story was so cliche and try-hard.

I find the more UNpredictable the movie, the less satisfying because who wants to watch a whole bunch of random scenarios happen in one movie?


Otherwise, a total waste of time and money.

In short, I will never watch this film again and begrudge the fact that on one of our very rare nights out, having hired a babysitter, I ended up watching this point scoring predicable dross that seemed more preachy than entertaining.


Completely predictable, and the only parts that were laughable were the ones where it was by no means meant to be funny, it just happened to be that way by the movie goers making fun of said movie.

First off the movie is predictable.

Terribly terribly boring .

I could predict most of the events from the movie, which made it get boring after a while.

A tonally disjointed sour and unpleasant mess...

The story is bland, with a bit of politics thrown in, as if Ben Elton wasn't doing this thirty years ago.

I was expecting a lovely Rom-com Christmas film with the theme of George Michael songs, instead it seemed more like political propaganda with some Christmas and romance thrown in.

An enjoyable film only spoiled by Thomson's (she wrote the story and screenplay) pathetic need to get a political statement in which was jarring and unnecessary.

so the first time it was intriguing just met Kate or Katarina either way the same thing.

Funny, corny, stupid, romantic, heartbreaking, heartwarming, disjointed, somewhat predictable and weird....

Really unexpected twist which made me sad.

Entertaining Christmas Themed Musical With Thoughtful Performances .

Last Christmas is not subtle, predictable, not funny and tasteless.

Obvious twist, but enjoyable film .

It made me laugh, cry and it was entertaining from start to finish, who cares if the dates are wrong and the accent is off ?

It has all the necessary elements for a romcom but also an amazing and unexpected plot twist, and Emilia Clark is radiant as main character Kate.

Really enjoyed it.

Don't waste your money.

The problem though was that at those points it felt a little empty, so they did kind of need him in the story.

Enjoyable .

The plot itself was banal, the acting bland, and some of the scripting was stereotypical to the point of being racist.

It was a little confusing how the pace and tone of the movie seemed to change and switch gears.

A couple next to me left in the middle of the film, I couldn't blame them.

It made the film pointless and confusing and Made Emilia clarkes charecter completely insane.

Enjoyable.. .

You are very boring.

It's entertaining and funny with likeable characters.

Worth watching film .

However two problems i had were how predictable it was and its pacing issues.

Although wasted because it went nowhere.

What a wonderful film Last Christmas is, Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding are stunning actors, The film has loads of laughs, Beautiful Cinematography and also made me cry!

Fell asleep .

Emilia was stunning and henry was also good.

All we were left with was a plot, whose twist was both predictable and irritatingly unoriginal.

Dont Waste Your Time .

Unexpected end .

I really wanted to like this movie but ended up yawning through the whole thing.

I really enjoyed it.

Both us convinced it was filmed around the Eastenders setting lol definitely worth the watch if into coming together at Christmas time, family - loved ones and friends!

In the film she is stunning,funny,warm vulnerable and very relatable.

Last Christmas is a romantic comedy film that follows its cliché roots about a young woman who does not have much luck until she meets a guy which she falls for.

Simply boring!

Emilia's character was such a mess and I thought this film was going to be a waste of time.

A fair amount of time is dedicated to other people other than the main characters and there is nothing to them, they are just generic people in a bland movie.

This would be a good time to talk about the characters, which are all bland, generic and provide zero originality and there isn't a single thing that is remarkable about them as people, other than nationalities, sexual preferences and race.

It was also unforgivably tiresome.

though the premise is predictable, the gentle touch that it uses to handle mental health issues, addiction and empathy are a rarity...

The unexpected plot makes the movie very interesting.

The Worst Movie I've Seen in Year .

Just be willing to be okay with the slower aspects.

Boring .

Something's don't make too much sense, there are a few miss hit jokes, but mostly, it was an enjoyable watch, even if I was the only man in a cinema with about 30 women.

Rather sweet, but rushed and predictable .

Nevertheless the plot twist is pretty predictable seeing how the title of the movie is based on a song about giving a piece of yourself to your love ones or the fact that the singer George Michaels die from dilated cardiomyopathy.

The supporting cast are all brilliantEmilia portrayal is both convincing and incredibly amusing, and comes across as someone we've all known, fun, unpredictable, and a personal bad decision maker.