Last Knights (2015) - Action, Drama, History

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A fallen warrior rises against a corrupt and sadistic ruler to avenge his dishonored master.

IMDB: 6.2
Director: Kazuaki Kiriya
Stars: Clive Owen, Morgan Freeman
Length: 115 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 33 out of 177 found boring (18.64%)

One-line Reviews (144)

This was instead really dreary.

Visually stunning.

The pacing is slow, creating a rather bloated runtime.

Some of the fighting near the end, while good, was always in the dark, blurry, too fast and hard to follow who were the good guys vs the bad guys.

The ending twists were unexpected !!!

What's extra-ridiculous is a "twist" that comes which even though might be unexpected comes as utterly pointless.

Unlike most movies, this movie was, for me unpredictable enough times to impress me, and apparently enough for me to continue writing simply to add my 10/10 rating.

The film was all wrong From the badly narrated introduction to the choice of actors to roles, the film was like a poor man's recreation of 2004 Clive Owen Film King Arthur (which was actually entertaining) Nobody throws people out their castle and burns it if they are going to move into it themselves.

OK, lots of stuff can be told about this movie: full of cliché, slow narration, unrealistic swordplay, improbable crossing between knights and samurais, etc. But I enjoyed it as an entertainment.

Because that title has already been used (for a film that bore almost no resemblance to the Japanese original at all) the Japanese references have been removed.

Rousing and thrilling musical score accompanying perfectly to action from Ramgotra and Martin Tillman.

Below good, but entertaining .

The middle, yes was a little contrived but to be honest (please don't judge me), it was well done and suspenseful enough for me not to 100% know which way it would go.

Add to that lots of predictable stirring emotional moments of death, happiness and vengeance in a flurry of fast paced thrills n spills.

This was a waste of time that left a bad taste in my mouth at the end.

Of course i was waiting for a gladiator slash ronins slash king Arthur movie, but i immediately though : damn'it it will be a some sad, full of cliché movie.

Quite entertaining but very predictable plot full of clichés.

) and even worse with some very cliché "romance".

Take any fantasy movie and remove all the pleasant and entertaining elements such as wizards, dragons, orcs, elves, other mythological creatures and mystical circumstances, and as a result you get a dull movie like "Last Knights".

Rather Dull .

Definitely worth the watch.

A total waste of time and space?

It has a great start, compelling first act, and action-packed final act that makes it worth it.

The fight scene towards the end was exciting!

However, a few that come to mind are: banal, boring, commonplace, regurgitated, dismal, pitiful and feeble.

Despite this being a pretty generic and formulaic movie that revolves around the warriors code of honor.

The style of the moving was exciting.

The plot structure is so predictable, you could say it was written by a "revenge movie generator" software.

Save your money and pay to see something else or buy a bottle of wine and read a book because Game Of Thrones on the big screen this is not.

If you are bored...

Many people may favor: 47 ronins, the last samurai or other higher rated movies but those disappointed me as ending with such a cliché which the director tried to hide with some artifice (history, fantasy...

I enjoyed it for the entire run time of the film.

Ii contains a colorful and evocative photography shot in Czech Republic , though sometimes dark cinematography by the great Spanish cameraman Antonio Riestra who has photographed nice films as Mama , The bachelors , Katmandu , Lidice , Black bread, Stephanie , Eloise ,and The face of love .

Visually stunning .

It was entertaining .

But those movies contain also much "annoying" cliché and historical incorrectness.

Its script tries to engage with intriguing lines, and it's mildly successful.

The story is terribly slow and lacks intensity.

Slow, and a real grind - Mediocre .

watchable But slow in too places....

but with medieval knights, so predictable I'm amazed it hasn't been done already.

It does get fairly heavy on the drama side of things, which leads to some boredom in places.

Done similarly to Kurosawa films such as Throne of Blood & Rashomon in that some scenes are drawn out for dramatic affect.

Pointless plot that ends in a fizzle .

Mr. Freeman narrates a slightly confusing opening that sets the stage for a multi-racial time period that is generically referred to after the "great wars".

Characters in Fog land are bland, without history or soul, just like pictures in a book, a black and white book where every race comes around, Oriental, Occidental, you name it....

The story as said before is both slow and bland; is this an action film?

I really enjoyed it and still listen to the score from time to time.

It's boring, slow and unimaginative.

Still, the cast as well as cinematography produce nice atmosphere, especially in latter half, just making Last Knights a moderately enjoyable popcorn flick.

I'm going to keep up simple if I'd listened to some of these dull a** reviews I would not have watch it.

A few words sum this movie up quite adequately, those being, slow, droll, drab and well, slow and just plain mediocre.

"Last Knights" is only enjoyable on the fight scenes.

First scenes are pretty exciting and plot gets you but after a while it becomes boring as there is not action.

At least, the last knights is clearly announced as a cliché movie and I enjoyed it as such.

Honestly, this film was rather boring.

This has inklings of being an epic, the cinematography was outstanding; the acting: excellent; the music signaled it being so; the fights: bloody, brutal and intense; the scene setups were masterful.

It is a fascinating study of the uncompromising nature of a samurai under the code of Bushido.

Yes it's a variation on the 47 ronin story but stil thoroughly exciting and engaging all the same.

That will yield a quite entertaining movie and the only two complaints I have is one that the Emperor is played by a sub-par actor with weird accent.

Its very very predictable and offers no suspense or thrill.

In-between you have the story and builds up to the exciting final action packed climax.

So, yes, you have already read reviews about how the movie was ruined with the slow boiling plot building in the middle.

Really good, and enjoyable, highly recommend it .

This Unattractive "Style" has been so Overused in the Last 25 Years or so that any Attempt to pull this off as an Artsy" Attempt at Conveying a Mood has long since been Dismissed by its Banal Boredom.

Although I'm a huge fantasy fan (sure, there were a lot of elements missing to make this a real fantasy-movie), I still felt it was just an ordinary and boring medieval knight story with a denouement that you could see way in advance.

Very good and enjoyable.

The duty, honor, and sacrifice part gets tedious, because their version of these ideas are decidedly Asian-influenced.

The action is delivered quite well and it makes up for some of the tedious pacing during the first 80 minutes of the film.

This is mature action film and the slow story in the middle is just as epic as the two really cool action scenes.

It was entertaining.

The actors were excellent and compelling.

So this flick gets 7 stars for a good but unoriginal plot, authentic period visuals if not linguistics, and a satisfying but predictable resolution.

This movie is really bad, dreary and not well made .

First, people who want pure action are turned off by the lull in the middle where the endgame is prepared.

All of the characters, including the protagonist, are just boring and unimaginative.

Outhere's a lot of knight's movie for all tastes but equal of boring.

It got mind blowing stupid,when they can't even form a proper phalanx,when they have all the shields they need for it.

Uninspired, slow-paced and dull ...

I also think people are tired of "extreme slashing" sword fighting scenes where armors are completely pointless as everyone gets easily cut with a single swing and drop dead.

It is made big scale with some breathtaking and spectacular battles such as the final assault on the impregnable fortress .

Despite good leads, the end result is a weak film with an extremely slow pace.

Fascinating and breathtaking as a great action movie must be.

There is no story really, the movie just plows along...

Well, boring, and in parts difficult to accept.

Features noisy action , strong rivalry , thrills , emotion , intense drama and a lot of sword-play .

Fantastic scenery, a handful of good actors and a setting that is perfect for an exciting fantasy film.

The location work is also breathtaking at times with some amazing landscapes all captured against some stunning weather conditions.

This movie isn't so bad, it's just not good, it's slow, lame and dull.

I was able to watch the whole movie because it had decent action, but the ending was a little confusing as well.

I enjoyed it.

What happens in between, can only be described as long winded and excruciatingly dull.

Entertaining but very predictable.

This one is so convoluted, so incomprehensibly lacking in passion, and so monotone, that I now have to turn away and puke.

This movie stands out for its serious, ponderous script development and adherence to an honor code with sacrifice.

Beautiful, Intelligent, Elevates Values, Entertaining, Heroes, deep Love, etc. .

What a fantastically dreary film.

Aksel Hennie in particular makes this a film something worth watching closely.

A lot of movies go overboard with sexual scenes that is just a waste of time.

Now don't get me wrong, I like medieval action films, and i like hack and slash films like 47 Ronin and The Seventh Son, but the drab monochromatic colors and the weird mix of sets, styles and actors made the whole movie feel disjointed and boring and the dull plot lets it down, which i found sad because the first 15 minutes showed great promise.

The premise is far too predictable, more so if you have watched 47 Ronin, the screenplay almost mirrors one another.

I watched it with a group of friends and we enjoyed it, and stayed focus on the film.

The discussion about originality is so cliché and very annoying.

The title doesn't inspire much does it, much like the drab 'First Knight', remember that?

The story is cliché but it's also a good kind of cliché - which is to say that there are a lot of elements to the story that are enjoyable to watch time and time again.

Most importantly of all though, it is an exercise in storytelling excellence - everything on screen is there to serve the plot, which is an engaging one.

The enjoyable portions of this film take place in the first and last twenty or so minutes.

Bored night, fish supper and a couple of beers - better than coronation street - just .

You have these men living by a code of honor similar to the samurai, but there is nothing fresh or unique about the idea because the entire story becomes completely predictable and generic.

The movies execution and story make it a film worth watching.

I believe this movie doesn't get any sort of attention that is may deserve, as the plot while sort of cliche also has some originality to it.

Again, the major flaw was the lack of character relational development left the interaction somewhat stiff and uninspiring.

Expecting the unexpected.

We've seen the film played out many times before and that makes the pacing of the film feel incredibly tedious because we know what is going to happen next.

Clichéd and wooden dialog, predictable storyline and overused effects.

Last Knights can easily be divided into three acts, the first being the introduction of each character and the injustice they must face, the second which takes up most part of the film centers on the build-up of each character, and the third part of the film and by far the most exciting is the climax where vengeance is coming.

And just like in Game of Thrones, there are slow moments and episodes with very little action.

That is what actually makes the final climax scene quite entertaining.

They are simply bored waiting for the next sword fight and have no care for the story at all.

movie tries to do everything and accomplishes anything but sheer boredom.

On the edge of my seat for half of it.

Maybe if its the 8th movie you've seen in your life you'll like it but if you have any expectations, don't waste your time.

While we do expect the inevitable (and the movie is predictable like that), it's still a nice build up.

The best way to describe it would be, if you ever did as a child, folding a piece of paper multiple times and passing it around a table with each person drawing a bit based only on the edge of what the previous person drew.

I think it was a very enjoyable film, especially if you subscribe to the idea of a having a Code.

The main problem is with the pacing that is really slow and makes you think you are watching a much longer film then you actually are.

But this was pointless.

If you come to it expecting explosions and non-stop sword killings, then you are going to be disappointed, this is a slower paced affair.


Instead it takes its time weaving the threads that will lead to its fourth quarter twist (known to anyone familiar with the tale) and action packed final act.


It just seemed to drag on for way too long, and while it did finally pick up the pace in the end, it was simply trying to be something that it wasn't.

Feels awkward to say that I give this movie 4 because it was well made so I rather put it that this movie lost 6 stars because it was boring.

It was, for me, an enjoyable, solid, and faithful retelling of 47 Ronin, with a unique European/Samurai/Byzantine/Hollywood setting.


I understand the comparisons to 47 Ronin, but while that movie bordered on plain silly, (even though I enjoyed it), Last Knights gives you more of a Gladiator feeling.

and shorten the viewing time enough to make it more enjoyable.

Except, it is a confusing mess of the most overused clichés.

Enjoyed it - reminder to the Powerless .

But if you want great storytelling that is engaging and emotionally rewarding, then this is definitely a film to watch.

Ramsey says, its bland bland bland .

It's kind of slow and familiar, so much so that soon you will get impatient and start asking the movie to get down to business.

A Movie Worth Watching .

If fighting scenes are all you look for in a film like this then yes, it might feel boring to you.