Late Night (2019) - Comedy, Drama

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A late night talk show host suspects that she may soon lose her long-running show.

IMDB: 6.6
Director: Nisha Ganatra
Stars: Emma Thompson, Mindy Kaling
Length: 102 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 31 out of 168 found boring (18.45%)

One-line Reviews (93)

Mindy Kaling gives it a go I suppose but the beleaguered minority trope is boring from the start and gets more boring with repetition.

It is boring and has a forgettable story that is easily forgotten once it is over.

One of the worst movies I have ever seen.

I was entertained throughout and really surprised how enjoyable "Late Night" was.

It feels safe and boring.

Save your money and don't see this in theaters.

Incredibly boring with a tired plot .

A strong beginning to cliche end .

Predictable but.. entertaining actually .

A hilarious story tinged by drama and emotional distress from Emma Thompson and Mindy Kaling makes for an occasionally spotty, yet super enjoyable movie.

' There were so many cliche-packed scenes, so many maudlin moments, so many sentimental sequences - each one chasing the other into thankful forgettability.

Save your money...

The only other flaws was it felt a little predictable, which is common with comedies, and it followed the same kind of format as other comedies.

Rather pointless film with one major fault .

Gently entertaining .

Borefest .

Likewise the direction is pretty bland.

Even more suprising; these films were entertaining.

Witty and Entertaining...

PROS:Emma Thompson And Mindy Kailing's Brilliant PerformancesNisha Ganatra's Solid DirectingSolid Supporting Cast (Especially John Lithgow)A Really Good ScriptThe MessagesCONS:The Plot Is PredictableSome Unnecessary SubplotsIt Can Get Boring At Some Place

" The dialog itself was clever and unexpected.

The story on the screen unfolds in an ultra-predictable way.

The tedium of the film is simply unbearable.

Ultimately the film falls into a cliche trap and the 'film' writing is weak, i.

Enjoyable with a great cast.

It is like a predictable home movie, with about as much plot.

The direction and script are also boring.

The plot can be predictable.

I truly enjoyed it for two major reasons beside the storyline.

Tired and boring .

By adding some "Here's Johnny" Johnny Carson Show at its tiresome formulaic later shows, and some of the more recent late night shows, the whole movie just being a boring and same old same old crap, besides immigrants, racial discrimination, racial equality, job position quotas, there's barely a very interesting moment in this so predictable flix.

Typical everything ends well movie with cliche story line !!.


Entertaining but predictable .

Too generic bland with a tiresome formula .

Hollywood heavyweights Emma Thompson and John Lithgow cannot save this ridiculous, predictable, clichéd script.

I'd say this film meets expectations and has a really sleek and polished feel to it, mostly through a most riveting performance by Emma Thompson.

That said, it was enjoyable fluff.

With that being said, Dame Emma Thompson was worth the watch.

A Nice Surprise Entertaining film .

Tonight I cover:Movie: Late Night (2019)Director: Nisha Ganatra Writer: Mindy Kaling (screenplay by) Stars: Emma Thompson, Mindy Kaling, John Lithgow LIKES:Smartly Written Decent Pacing Witty and Funny At Many Times Balanced At Many Points Compassionate Surprisingly Deep At Times ActingDISLIKES:Cliché Predictable Some Upended Story Lines Key Opportune Moments for Character Development Dropped The Political ComponentsSUMMARY:Comedies sometimes struggle to find a balance for me, trying too hard to be funny and sacrificing the plot for the sake of meme worthy laughs.

) provides exciting insight and ideas to her scoffing "expert" colleagues.

There were some plot leaps that felt a little large for me - from Mindy Kaling's character getting this job in the first place to her pivotal role from there - but the solid performances by a solid cast made it enjoyable enough.

Newbury is in a self-imposed rut, and has been for over 10 years: a lazy, formulaic rolling out of the same old schtick with the same boring types of older guests.

and that really was ok, even if it was a bit formulaic.

Boring and not worth the time.

Ultimately, it is little more than a bit of froth making a gentle feminist point, but it is moderately entertaining nonetheless.

verbose and predictable .

Close to bring a cliche and except for the two primary characters, the characters were one dimensional.

Not an amazing piece of writing, but overall an enjoyable film.

The movie sets up the viewer to think the writer's room is going to be this wild off the wall place, but the scenes feel very bland and unimaginative.

While the plot is formulaic, the two actresses command attention.

Late Night is a consistently funny comedy, with great performances from Emma Thompson and Mindy Kaling as well as a fantastic supporting performance from John Lithgow, which makes up for the more predictable parts involving the romantic subplot.

Really enjoyed it.

Enjoyable .

Other reviewers are right: the story itself is a cliche.

I found this comedy to be unfunny, trite, predictable, cloying, and the characters were shallow, non-compassionate stereotypes who I didn't care about.

It's enjoyable though and you should watch it if you like Thompson and/or Kaling.

It does fall in the range of a good film, but not a great one, an enjoyable film not a laugh riot.

Enjoyable watch .

Some of its emotional moments don't hit home as hard as they possibly could and it is, broadly, quite predictable.

If you want to watch 102 minutes of white-men-bad, migrants good, all non liberals are racist fascists yada yada yada, go watch this movie, but wouldn't that be so boring and predictable?

Predictable, clichéd...

The "jokes" in it are flat and uninteresting and you really need to suspend disbelief to think that any audience - even a fictitious one - would laugh at the material.

The story is boring and forgettable.

Saw a screening last night, and absolutely the worst movie I've sat through since "Ms.

Mildly entertaining if too sit-com safe showbiz fairy tale .

That would not be a flaw in itself in this film that deals with television talk shows in which by definition there is a lot of talking, the problem is that the words put into the mouths of the characters are surprisingly banal and terribly conventional.

All in all a dreadful waste of time, I've watched it so you don't have to.

I enjoyed it.

Mindy Kaling means well but her tendency to appear cute has become tedious and obsolete.

Enjoyable; I liked it better than Devil Wears Prada, which was so over-hyped that you thought you were seeing Citizen Kane.

First come the cliché' moments, a story with incredibly predictable plot dynamics that only fall short of a Hallmark special.

But they miss the point, which is "What has the writer (Mindy) done with that cliche to make it fresh?

The editing can be fast at times but it's entertaining.

Late Night fails to deliver as a comedy drama film with the lack of laughs, boring story, and direction.

This is also Mindy's first time writing a script for a film so that was exciting to me.

It's a solid and entertaining night out at the movies: seeing Dame Emma Thompson strutting her stuff is good value for any movie dollar.

I thought Late Night was well-acted but incredibly boring.

Don't waste your time .

I laughed and I cried, I marveled at much of the snappy dialogue, I admired the complex characters she created--not least that of Walter, the husband of Thompson's character, played by John Lithgow, and that of Brad, the head monologue writer, played by Reid Scott (of "Veep").

Nevertheless, nothing happens really.

Late Night (2019) - 6.7Act 1 - 6.3Act 2 - 6.9Act 3 - 6.8 Emma Thompson plays the first female Late Night tv host who is widely celebrated, Katherine NewburyShe hates women and doesn't seem to want them on her writing staff but wants a Woman to be hired on her staffKatherine Newbury is very smart and wittyMindy Kaling plays the female writer that is hired Molly PatelMolly is trying to achieve her dreamKatherine doesn't conform to the new ways that Late Night shows are run and sticks to a more of a sifisticated and intelligent audienceShe then finds out she will be replaced at the end of her current seasonKatherine hates all of the gimmicks that all of the new hosts use, she's classicKatherine is stuck in her ways and doesn't want to evolve with the times and social media, she wants to interview people who matterReally good scene with Katherine going to Molly's stand up charity event to rantShe gets to be honest and real on stage for the first time in a long time and it's freeing for her as her life is collapsing around herShe is changing with the times with the help of MollyGreat monologue when she is losing the showEmma Thompson is very good in this roleEnding is too much of wish fulfillment just to satisfy the PC cultureEnjoyed the evolving relationship between Katherine and MollyOverall enjoyable and endearing film

"Late Night" is enjoyable and funny.

Boring & NOT Funny At All + Too Many Fake Reviews .

Director Nisha Ganatra has made an entertaining humorous film that touches on issues like ethnic and gender balance in the Television industry and the differences in perception of so called moral indiscretion that exists between men and women in the industry and the effect on their career.

Well-written and entertaining film .



Maybe Mindy kalings character but thompsons character is uneven and at times just plain unlikeable and that's even after the enevitable change of heart scenes that are such a cliche now .

Engaging .

The humor is flat out boring.

Still, it's enjoyable, heartfelt and fairly resonant, to boot.