Lawless (2012) - Crime, Drama

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Set in Depression-era Franklin County, Virginia, a trio of bootlegging brothers are threatened by a new special deputy and other authorities angling for a cut of their profits.

IMDB: 7.3
Director: John Hillcoat
Stars: Tom Hardy, Shia LaBeouf
Length: 116 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 48 out of 302 found boring (15.89%)

One-line Reviews (291)

A somewhat dull and an average film .

What works for it are the reliable performances from its dependable cast and what doesn't are its inconsistencies, clichés and a trait dragged too long.

All in all, a big disappointment and waste of time.

The problem with this film is that it seemed low budget from the get go understandably it is in rural VA but even allowing for the isolated location it still was lacking in a compelling scenes to fill in the 'de rigeur' (romance, betrayal, ambush, illicit sex, banjo music a twanging, et.

Unfortunately, Lawless is tedious through and through.

Based on the recollections of three bootleg brothers, it paints a fascinating picture of Virginia in 1931.

What unravels is a intense character based story that is cloaked with sumptuous period flavours, and by turns it's violent, darkly funny and beating a true emotional heart.

I enjoyed it.

For example, he only glances at the segregation, which is refreshing, but ignores key characters like Howard Bondurant, depicting him as a pointless, violent drunk.

It was so fun, interesting and exciting I went rift out and purchased the book.

It may look on the surface to be as bland as a canceled HBO mini-series.

I was expecting the usual glossed over history lesson with some stupidly flamboyant, tommy gun totting bad guys but instead got an intelligent, gripping movie.

Despite Hardy's mumbling dialogue and LaBeouf's very thick and somewhat inaccurate Franklin County dialect, this is a very entertaining film.

The distinct lack of depth and activity from protagonists and peripheral characters implies a simple story drawn out beyond all reason.

But hey, in this case predictable was certainly enjoyable!

Over long and to be honest, just plain boring in places its a waste of great acting talent.

Lawless is an engaging picture, though not at the height of other Prohibition crime-dramas .

I felt that the film generally was very slow for the most part, many of the characters weren't properly fleshed out and with the exception of a couple of scenes and the last 10-15 minutes of the film was generally quite dull and boring.

But the acting was great from everyone and it was an enjoyable time at the cinema.

I found this movie extremely boring too watch.

Entertaining .

Be warned though, the violence is pretty intense, the throat slitting scene had me on edge and the pretty much any scene Guy Pearce is in will have you shivering.

It's a fun watch and an entertaining adult summer blockbuster.

The good news is that the action was good, the violence was very violent, the acting was excellent, and the plot was unique and intriguing.

Very entertaining .

Forrest ends up shot several times, Jack and Howard manage to fatally shoot and stab Rakes in the back, and with all the men dead and the Bondurant brothers surviving they decide to retire after Prohibition ends, and in the end, by 1940, Forrest who lived married Maggie, Jack married Bertha, and Howard married a local woman, and all of them had children, but Forrest walked out one night into a frozen lake and died of pneumonia.

Either way, it's a striking and gripping piece of genre filmmaking.

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The story, set in the prohibition era amidst the mesmerizing scenery of Franklin County (mountains and backwoods of Appalachia), can be described as familiar, or cliché, depending on whether you are a movie cynic: all out battle between criminals you somehow get to root for and purported law enforcers you hate on sight – all through the magic of movie.

Based on a true story, Lawless is a gripping portrayal of the brutality that the prohibition era begot, with superb performances to boot.

Overall it is a compelling drama based on a book.

"Lawless", in my review, "intentionally thrilling, suspenseful and entertaining".

This incredible slow farce which is supposed to be ACTION PACKED has our heroes constantly getting beat until the last 10 minutes when they ALMOST take care of the bad guy.

It turned out be an enjoyable movie evening.

Lawless had such opportunity, but was broken by slow paced unprogressive scenes, anti-climatic everything, and spotty character inclusion.

Okay, that is perhaps understandable but until then the movie is quite slow.

Their acting ability is just about wasted although they both manage to bring whatever they can to their mandatory, cliché feminine roles in this genre.

Much of the movie hinged on Forrest's youngest brother Jack (played by Shia LaBoeuf), a kid who was coming of age and lacked the toughness and experience of his older brothers.

I found the film interesting and very intense at times, highlighted by great performances (especially Hardy and LaBeouf).

I found Jack's (LaBeouf) and Forrest's (Hardy) characters absolutely compelling, deep, evolving as the story goes on.

His performance is fearless and enormously entertaining.

While the film could have been about 20 minutes shorter, and the last twenty minutes was rushed, the story was intriguing.

This is profound example of pointless and boring movie!

One last negative comment is that movie was way to long, a lot of non essential pandering puts the viewers off and often bores them.

But as far as I'm concerned, this is an action film, and I don't know about others, but I watch films to be entertained, and this film was way too annoying to be entertaining.

An engaging, well-crafted bootlegging drama.

The bursts of intensity contained in this period piece and the fine performances elevate what is a somewhat dull and an average film.

And that is what makes this film so compelling.

A rousing tale of moonshine and brass knuckles .

This was a formulaic flick with very little you haven't seen before (other than the repeated use of knuckledusters); characters appear to fill roles that are needed to broaden the story.

To conclude, go and see if you like to see good acting, save your money if you're interested in seeing an original story.

Usually an unexpected pleasure is something which goes against our preconceptions and expectations.

The film was truly awful, it was incredibly dull and had an incredibly cheap feel to it.

At times the pacing is off and its hard to tell whether the movie wanted to be a fun and entertaining gangster flick or a more serious and realistic one.

'Lawless' would perhaps benefit more from maintaining the pace we commenced with, as slow and steady could have won director John Hillcoat the race, the race being that of a higher rating and awards.

LaBeouf is gripping and controllable as a the lead where we see the development he has made throughout the film.

Boring, clichéd rubbish.

Both characters are redundant and slow the film down whenever they appear, whilst Gary Oldman is almost entirely wasted as a big-city gangster, limited to just one decent scene.

Once I did watch it I really enjoyed it.

It is visually stunning, beautifully shot by Benoît Delhomme with a wonderful sense of place.

I thought the story was compelling.

The unexpected is almost a theme to itself within 'Lawless' which is a gangster film while not a gangster film, a western perhaps a period drama.

Unlike the last time director John Hillcoat combined forces with screenwriter Nick Cave to make the dark, Australian Western, "The Proposition," their pairing in "Lawless" results in a film that is rather bland.

The beauty is in the delivery: this is one hell of an entertaining movie.

The first twenty or thirty minutes are though way too long and can't be justified as useful for the introduction of the characters or their development.


This film though is more of a coming of age story as young Jack Bondurant fights for respect from his brothers and the gangster who inhabit his world.

Lawless is no exception to the rule, and despite, the brilliant Oldman (who is in it for about five minutes) and Hardy, the film is a maundering character piece of uninteresting people, and is ruined by personality vacuum dire labeouf.

The rest of the cast gave a quality performance and overall this movie is an interesting and exciting film to see.

It is quite a good thread involving Forrest's belief about invincibility, but feels quite dragged by the end.

There are some very grim scenes, some intense action, emotional scenes and of course romance and even a few comical moments - I think this film has a bit of everything.

By the end, riding along with all the clichéd subplots, it does make the film quite predictable and does not improve the overall experience.

The suspense is intense.

The movie doesn't develop any concrete story with a beginning, an end, and a path in-between made of twists and changes, and this disjointed story induces a complete disinterest.

Mark Simmons- the uk's 3rd worst movie reviewer .

Tom Hardy was absolutely magnetic, indestructible alpha-male, whose destiny gets a bit too much predictable- i have to say.

John Hillcoat may not be the most prolific of directors, (just 6 feature films in 30 years), but with a John Hillcoat film you know precisely what you are going to get; gritty, extremely violent, male-orientated entertainments that, more likely or not, will be visually stunning and probably with a screenplay by Nick Cave.

Don't waste time or money on this movie!

The commercials show Tommy Guns, violence etc. Instead what we got was very little action and a very slow place story.

Hardy has that modern quiet intense John Wayne charisma about him, Pierce plays the sadistic law officer inebriated by his authority, LaBeouf the gentle soul who overcomes the weakness his brothers tried to help reform; LaBeouf has the most screen time as he goes through a greater maturing transition called by his character.

He does this with the worst movie haircut since Anton Chigurh.

fun and entertaining .


A stylish, streamlined, and thrilling prohibition era action yarn.

This crime drama beautifully depicts the 1930's era of the American east and, while predictable in it's story, makes you watch it with joy either because of the love for the main character, or the hate for the antagonist- or both.

Bathed in blood and moonshine, gilded by Nick Cave's rustic, textured musical score and brought alive by vivid and varied performances from an eclectic, grizzled cast, it's one of the most enjoyable gangster pictures to come along in recent years.

I was simply bored and didn't believe most of this supposedly "true story.

Providing a fascinating insight into the Prohibition era of the United States, 'Lawless' is an authentic period piece, realistic in its depiction of the time even down to its brutally graphic violence.

But despite this, and despite its leisurely pacing, this is a good film - strong, gripping, and with terrific performances particularly from Hardy and LaBoeuf.

Hardy is brilliant in the role of Forrest, casting of his English accent to take on this slow Southern drawl that can fill with a certain menace at a moments notice or perhaps be affectionate and awkward (in regards to his own love story with Maggie, portrayed by Jessica Chastain).

Lawless may not be as powerful and enthralling as the critically crime-dramas of today, but is very engaging and entertaining experience with decent performances, a visceral outlaw story, and the fine script that works just fine.

On paper and on screen the movie has everything perfect a thrilling and brutal true story of a bootlegging gang is threatened by a new deputy and other authorities who want a cut of their profits during Depression-era Franklin County, Virginia.

Enjoyable enough for what it was and for a single viewing.

This said, it is entertaining.

I find anything with individual prohibition stories and tales fascinating.

Pro: Interesting story and characters, good acting, an amazing performance by Tom Hardy, a great ending, some fast pacing in the beginning and end, and seeing Jessica Chastain nakedCons: Poor performance by Shia LaBeouf and Guy Pearce, slow pacing during the second act, and an overlong runtime

Worth watching!

Lawless was a stunning movie, far better than I anticipated and with far more thought and heart put into than I expected, complete with gritty action scenes, heartfelt romances, a villain that terrifies you, and protagonists whom you love.

And some of it was pretty pointless.

No, it's not moody, it's just dangerously close to boring.

"Lawless" is a rather boring gangster movie concerning the weak story line that is saved by some beautiful images of Western landscapes and a credible acting.

The story, while being exciting, is laid on a pretty predictable level.

It's engaging, has memorable characters and immensely quotable, clever and humorous dialog, and the build-up to the climax is effective(if the actual ending is a tad bland, and is where what little Hollywood there is in this is most apparent).

I really enjoyed the film, there were no plot issues where a character would do something out of keeping with their character.

It's choppy and jerky without its action, but it can definitely be engaging.

Both a period and culture I find fascinating, engaging, and often laudable (both in this film and in real life).

In no way does time cause exacerbation to Hillcoat's film, in fact the second hour of this biographical moving image could in fact be more engaging than its predecessor.

The war the follows is both thrilling and believable.

Unfortunately, a combination of a confusing soundtrack, excessive violence and a dash of overacting diverts our attention from the main plot.

Tom Hardy steals the show with a stunning and powerful performance.

The film was great, very enjoyable to watch, great acting from everyone involved.

I don't care for The Avengers (I did see it in theaters, and it bored me.

The big shootout needed Tommy guns though to make it more exciting.

A lot of people saying that it was incredibly violent, at some points gratuitously so and people saying that the plot was lost at points, hard to follow, and trying too hard.

This movie is entertaining despite its pitfalls and in my opinion worth watching.

But it offers a riveting rendition of a trio of outlaws caught in the crossfires of corrupt lawmen who threaten to tear them down.

It's worth a mention that the exciting cast addition of Gary Oldman was slightly disappointing as his characters' screen time was minimal, although memorable.

While some have criticised the slow pace of the film, you need to consider this is set in prohibition era deep south.

Engaging, if underwhelming .

Jessica Chastain plays one of two female roles and provides color to an otherwise drab and dirty backdrop.

The narrative commences with an intriguingly slow pace that feels a necessary method of storytelling in a hybrid genre of biographical drama and gangster film.

It also serves as a coming of age tale for the youngest brother who is tired of being in his older brothers shadows and has recently found a love interest in the young preacher's daughter (Mia Wasikowska).

This is one of the most gripping & intense films i have watched in a long time, the cast all played their parts to a tee, at times the film has you on the edge of your seat and not wanting to miss a minute of it.

However, instead of giving us all the exciting adventures of running moonshine during one of America's most corrupted eras of all times, director John Hillcoat (The Road) decides to focus most of his attention on the youngest Bondurant brother, Jack (LaBeouf) and his infatuation of a young Mennonite girl, Bertha (Mia Wasikowska).

Gary Oldman's intriguing mobster character Floyd Banner has a similar fate.

She did highly recommend it.

The fatigue and the slowness of the film that deals with such an interesting story is unsuccessfully "interrupted" by some of the most violent scenes I have ever seen on film.

A Pointless, Plot-less and Ultimately Boring Movie .

This movie has everything, the odd comical moment, violence, and on the whole, the overall tail of family unity, and the compelling supposed-ed true story of living the life the way you want to and standing up for what you believe in.

Not being able to find any faults in the Jessica Chastain's and Mia Wasikowska's superb performances, the critics venomously remarked that the gifted actresses were regrettably constrained by their formulaic characters - "love interests" of the respective Bondurant brothers.

Which has many plot holes/contrivances and wooden, uninteresting characters.

And, again, the trailer made it look…exciting.

The screening I was in had the audience laughing at the jokes and cringing at the violence, which combined with a well-told (if well trodden) story, made for an enjoyable viewing experience.

Unfortunately, though, while this film is perfectly entertaining, it never reaches what I can term 'classic' status.

First there's the cliché of the cute and sweet preacher's daughter (Mia Wasikowska) who is meant, I think, to make the youngest brother have a sweet human side to him (which he does).

But after two hours of potential I was frustrated and bored.

A pointless way to go.

Most importantly, "Lawless" is an engaging, masterfully and honestly told story.

Regardless of my only negative the movie is drama and action packed with good casting and acting and is definitely a one to watch.

Great cast in a slow atmosphere movie that says nothing .

Featuring great performances from its lead actors Tom Hardy (Warrior) and Shia LaBeouf (Transformers) and many scenes of exciting action, powerful violence and emotion, Lawless is an ambitious western that manages to be constantly entertaining.

'Lawless' is a slow burner with a respectable boom .

While it may not be entirely original, it is certainly entertaining.

Both love interests are bland, movie 'real'.

It was compelling the way bootlegging moonshine was such a mainstream activity in that area.

It is quite the wildly entertaining story, made even wilder by being based on truth.

No the violence really comes in the form of harsh punishment such as beatings, slit throats, and torture than high adrenaline gun fights.

I was looking forward to this movie because I love gangster type movies and the idea of it seemed entertaining to me.

Despite playing a pinnacle character that goes through a lot, he looks bored and grunts his way through his lines and is really disappointing.

I left the theater slightly confused, trying to judge how much I really enjoyed this film.

crackeling in a few occasions, again (IMHO)Movie 8.99++++ Better than most Oscar nominee's of latest years (there will be blood or true grid eat your hart out)I would recommend this flick for anyone who likes movies in a serious way, no block buster (but thats why i like this movie) Experts will take this apart because off flaws, however people like me, ordinary folk, it is a enjoyable sitting.

It didn't detract from the story itself, but better editing and writing could have made the story more enjoyable.

Guy Pearce as the villainous sheriff deputy adds a unique dimension to his character, but the three Hardy boys (the Bondurant brothers played by Tom Hardy and company), are empty, tough and unappealing ruffians.

Overall, a very entertaining and enjoyable movie for fans of this genre.

John Hillcoat's prohibition-era slow burner .

The film, thoroughly enjoyable and very highly recommended.

It's a very exciting, action-packed Western (of sorts) with lots of guns and fighting.

Each scene leaves you on the edge of your seat, waiting and wanting more.

" Great writing, great acting, great story and stunning cinematography.

Featuring a magnificent performance by Tom Hardy as the oldest brother, Forrest, and a nasty Guy Pearce as the villainous deputy from the big city, the film manages to carry along, even in its slow paces, thanks to the charismatic portrayals from the likes of Hardy, Pearce, and LaBeouf.

Lawless flawlessly masters the drama of this hero's journey by offsetting it with engaging and realistic action that is never overbearing.


Slow paced, incoherent and boring summarises the plot for you.

The rhythm of the film is blank and unreasonably slow.

Without giving too much away, Jessica Chastain as Maggie turns up in town having escaped from cruel violent men in the city, she is given a job by Forrest and a very slow romance begins, she is smouldering, sassy and the only strong woman in the film.

The other pairs were either depressing or confusing.

Entertaining marriage of western and gangster genres .

The truth is that such is life: mysterious, unpredictable, at times shocking, and having plenty of room for often mystically intertwined melodrama, grotesque, and violence.

Jason Clarke's is intense as Howard.

Lawless is a superbly acted, thrilling spectacle .

Jack Bondurant falls in love with the preacher's daughter, a girl from Chicago comes to live with the brothers, and there are many interesting supporting characters that help make this movie into a stunning masterpiece.

The story is a cliché.

"Lawless" is surprisingly bland.

I was so bored by it.

I think they did the best they could do with a script that is so boring and full of clichés.

Jason Clarke as Howard is strong and as always totally believable, though it is perhaps for Hardy's remarkable modern John Wayne homage performance that the film will most likely be remembered, for he uses all John Wayne's classic acting tips "Say less, say it low and say it slow", enabling Hardy to once again turn out a remarkably memorable star building performance that will both melt the ladies hearts and make him the envy of every young tough man wanting to make a name for himself as a hard man leader type.

Verdict: This film is worth the watch.

THE BOTTOM WORD: I would highly recommend lawless to everybody because its a fun, gritty, violent drama that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

While Tom Hardy doesn't quite have the whiskey-and-tobacco-mixed-with-gravel drawl perfected like, say, Jeff Bridges in "True Grit", his dialogue is creatively minimized to make all his lines memorable and his character entertaining.

Without obvious exception, the performances are believable and enjoyable, particularly Hardy, who enjoys the majority of the memorable lines and grunts, though his silences are equally enthralling.

And for many, it is very exciting.

Let's mention the young and naive characters of Jack Bondurant who is portrayed by a surprisingly good Shia LaBeouf, the silent and tough character of Forrest Bondurant played by a stunning Tom Hardy and a brutal and pitiless police officer incarnated by the great Guy Pearce.

But a movie should be entertaining & in order to be so one should have interesting plot or relate able characters & this one has neither.

I lowered my expectation, and was expecting something average, with a few exciting scenes, and rich narrative.

An ambitious western that manages to be constantly entertaining .

Between sporadic bursts of very intense violence, there are often drafty, drowsy scenes that struggle to justify their relevance.

Hardy is a great choice as the eldest of the brothers with his commanding and nurturing ways, LeBeouf does well as the sensitive but strong willed youngest brother, Pearce proves a sinister character as the one trying to catch them transporting booze, set during the time when any alcohol use was illegal it is an interesting story, and the moments of action is exciting and well-paced, I personally found it a watchable period crime drama.

Unfortunately the structure is often predictable and repetitious with the back and forth violent acts.

Which worked well enough in films like Warrior and Dark Knight but feels a little awkward here especially in the films more emotionally engaging moments he comes off a bit blank.

Messed up charactersOverall this movie is amazing, it had intense scene that are offset by the hilarious humor.

His borderline, psycho, maybe gay or bi-sexual creep ( he goes mad at the word "Nanc" ) is powerful and engaging.

Though there are some wonderful asides and verbal exchanges that even garner a few light laughs (largely courtesy of Hardy's delivery), the plot-flattened screenplay and direction are stodgy and laboured.

Personally, I highly recommend it.

Over twenty five years since it came out, Brian De Palma's The Untouchables remains probably the greatest indictment of a period in history during the early thirties in America (that I've seen, anyway) called the prohibition, that was also a thrilling, genuinely superb all round effort.

The acting and the relations between the characters are really the basis that holds this movie together and this concept works even though a lot of things are quite predictable.

Too bad it also makes the plot difficult to follow.

The Cinematography and Production design are fantastic and really does bring you back to this fascinating time.

It appeared every time a dull moment was upon us, the film felt the need to dive in with over the top violence.

But - had I not been seated in the middle of a full cinema, I would have walked out in the middle of the movie.

Worth watching if you like these type of films.

Alternatively, an additional 45 minutes of depth and character study might make it a slow-burning, gently brooding and far more satisfying film in a similar vein to Open Range.

There are some very grim scenes, some intense action, emotional scenes and of course romance and even a few comical moments - I think this film has a bit of everything.

I was actually on the edge of my seat at one point when one of the brothers seemed to suffer an injury that he couldn't possibly survive.

Lawless is pointless .

Post 2nd half , the movie looses its steam and the climax which should have engaging is messed up.

Lawless is a potentially good film marred by a fire and brimstone script and pointless violence that teeters on the cartoonish and downright ludicrous.

Cliché, yes, but also vastly entertaining.

Instead, it is relatively entertaining to watch and may inspire you to purchase a Thompson sub-machine gun, a three-piece suit and a felt hat.

Whilst all of the above sounds pretty exciting on paper work, the reality is that for a Gang/Mob film there just wasn't much in the way of conflict.

But the storytelling aspect was a little slow at first.

The performance of the actors was actually quite dull and not too impressive.

For all it's worth, it's a film worth watching, but there are some boring bits here and there.

but Tom Hardy makes it worth watching .

The movie is in fact good and enjoyable.

For anyone with a bit of patience, there's a solid story here of sibling rivalry, strange family legends, slow burning romance and escalating violence, as the brothers and corrupt lawmen stake their claims.

Don't waste time or money on this movie!

Action scenes were very intense.

I'm giving it a 2 and not a 1 because Guy Pearce manages to make his moments very entertaining.

Jessica Chastain, a rare strong female foil among the riots packed netherworld, steals the show using her hauntingly absorbing gravitation and Mia Wasikowska by and large sidelines with her more naturalistic presence.

Consequently, "Lawless" ends up more thrilling and satisfying than complex and stimulating.

The movie is packed with intense action scenes, comical moments that relieve the tension the moment it's come too much, moments that could make you cry, and everything that makes a movie great.

I scored this as an 8 because the plot, though well structured, was decently predictable.

Well, there are several clichés and predictable scenes, meaning that Lawless is not entirely flawless (do not expect the level of Godfathers), but is still worth watching.

The acting was excellent, and the story compelling.

This time, Hillcoat allies with his old pal Nick Cave (who is billed as the screenwriter and unsurprisingly co-writes the original music with Warren Ellis), and musters a pack of red-hot Hollywood names (from his third-time collaborator and fellow countryman Guy Pearce, to the Hollywood new talent Jessica, Mia, Tom and of course, Shia, until a career-revived Gary Oldman), the star power is dazzling and the film is carried out in a compelling way to some extent one would be carried away by the narrative and put the based-on-a-true-story tag out of mind (save for the moderately disappointing coda).

Not being a huge Shia LaBeouf fan did not help sway my opinion of this very slow moving, quite tiresome, highly lackluster prohibition era film.

The humour of this moment sums up the unexpected pleasure of 'Lawless'.

Tom Hardy was just mind blowing, Guy Pearce was outstanding, Shia Labeouf should be very proud of himself!

Though an enjoyable appearance, one becomes confused at his disappearance from the film and begins to question why he was used as a marketing tool, via theatrical posters and trailers, when the necessity of his character is non-existent.

I'm not from the good Ole USA and don't have a clue how people acted during the depression in the south, but this, to me seemed honest brutal and intense.

This Prohibition-set drama does not quite the reach the heights of the classic entries of the mobster genre, but it certainly offers a compelling, if somewhat flawed rendition of crime story set during the roaring twenties.


;) It is violent, thrilling and really keeps viewers drawn in.

The biggest problem plaguing the movie is that it is strictly avg & very clichéd, nothing happens in the movie that we have not seen a 100 times before.

If you don't plan on seeing this in theaters, then don't waste your time saving a few hours to watch it any other night.

Character interactions and developments are the slow intake of air, then the plot moves quickly to the next development as it collapses back down, waiting for the next development sequence.

This is of course, a bit too much on the surface but really helps drive the plot and the audience is always on the edge of their seat as to when Rakes is going to show up.

While entertaining enough, it leaves us with an empty feeling and a hokey shootout finale.

The first half of the movie, when the elder brother played by Tom Hardy, is running the gang is very absorbing.

The film is stunning to look and you never for one minute think that you aren't in depression hit, rural Virginia.

Thrilling and engaging surprise .

It's a very entertaining film, true or not.

Unfortunately, it's been a bit of time since I've seen this – two months or so, and not much has stuck with me, other than how bored I was through most of this.

It's an excellent role to have in the film and his relationship with Bertha adds a little run and romance to a very thrilling film.

For some reason, the entire first half was slow and dragging.

Predictable but enjoyable crime drama .

The acting was wooden (except for Guy Pearce who was more like a cartoon character), it was stop-and-go pacing meaning that there were too many pointless scenes, and it took too much time for too little information.

But, it was Tom Hardy as Forest who had the fewest lines in here who was the most compelling as you knew from the get-go he had it all together.

Long drawn out scenes desperately needed to depict the depression's impact, not bland scenery and traveling.

So what is left is something that moves along at an uneven pace with spurts of interest forever being contained by lackluster portrayals, save Guy Pearce, and a story that is needlessly confusing and slow to boot.

The movie is suspenseful and exciting and has a degree of grittiness.

Loved this movie, a refreshing change from the usual movies we have seen in 2012, with Batman being a let down, boring love movies and then this gem.

I actually felt that Lawless should have been longer, with more character development or that the shorter running time be used to present a more coherent and engaging story.

This movie is a waste of time and actually quite annoying .

Still it was entertaining and certainly well filmed, the cinematography for the time period was extremely well done.

The violence is brutal and intense, with each passing fight or murder more bloody and gruesome than the last.

This is an intense movie and it succeeds in grabbing and holding the audience's attention.

If you love Crime Dramas,Gangster Films,Westerns,or the television show Boardwalk Empire,you'll love Lawless an entertaining tale filled with great direction,acting and story.

Despite being set relatively far in the past, the movie still manages to be relevant, engaging, touching, and thought provoking because of its strong, full-blooded connection with the real life.

Pearce staggers into melodrama as the villain who could have slipped out of Who Framed Roger Rabbit but he's entertaining nonetheless.

"Lawless" amounts to a first-rate, fiercely violent, but surprisingly entertaining crime thriller about Prohibition-era bootleggers in rural Virginia.

Entertaining tale based on THE WETTEST COUNTY IN THE WORLD by Matt Bondurant about the author's grandfather Jack (LaBeouf) and his two older brothers (Clarke and Hardy) running their own moonshine operation during Prohibition and the allies and foes they make when the Chicago mob comes to town wanting a piece of the action.

Apart from that, Lawless is a good, exciting period film.

Literally, if you watched this at a midnight showing you probably would fall asleep at some point during the film.

Guy Pearce's compelling presence.

It's not deep or anything, but it's entertaining and delightfully violent.

The three brothers who the story centres on are all very different, and instantly intriguing.

Ultimately, this is a well-made, engaging film, with the lack of character development perhaps its greatest flaw.

And it was engaging to see the three brothers who are bootleggers during the prohibition work together.

Most definitely the worst gangster movie since the terminally boring Road To Perdition.

I could include this as one film that really sums up what I find fascinating about outlaws especially during this time period.

There was some more in depth studies of the characters that could of made it better, but it was still entertaining.

With some heavy editing, excising of extraneous characters and a shot of adrenalin to 'up' the pace, it would make a stunning short.

The scenes are dull and the storyline is so slow-paced that it feels like nothing is happening and that there is no point to this creation.

It does offer some interesting scenes, and there are a few moments of bloodshed and significant action, but every time you think the pace is about to finally kick off, the next scene sends you straight back to Snoozeworld and its land of bland, clumsily-paced subplots.

Audiences want to see a movie that's entertaining and intriguing.

We get a charming - it says here - coming of age story about Jack Bondurant who has fallen in love with a girl from the Amish church and we get a subplot about a romance between Forrest Bondurant and Maggie Beauford .

While Lawless won me over with a refreshing plot surrounding moonshine and the Prohibition era, the film's plot lingered far too long above the reel, leading me to believe that Lawless did in fact break one important storytelling law.

To get a few of my problems out of the way, first, the pacing can be a bit slow at times, causing a few moments of un-interest.

Fascinating what men can do for money and alcohol.

Everything is a cliché.

With an all-star cast including Tom Hardy, Shia LaBeouf, Jessica Chastain, Jason Clarke, Mia Wasikowska, Gary Oldman, and Guy Pearce, "Lawless" is a film with much talent and entertainment that will appeal to those looking for a satisfyingly entertaining gangster film.

The story itself is fast paced, never loses it continuity, and succeeds in keeping the audience's attention throughout.

His evolution as a character was thoroughly entertaining and truly riveting.

Instead we were to feast our eyes to the slow and mind dumbing routine of remote living bootleggers and not even that much.

ugh - don't waste your time.

But when a blood-thirsty deputy starts to follow their illegal trail, hell begins to break loose, and when once started off as a simple Western, "Lawless" then turns into a hip and suspenseful gangster flick.

It may not be anything new, but is still worth watching nonetheless.

The scene between Jack and the preacher's daughter in Church is a stunning example of this, as well as many other moments in the film.

Whilst the thick accents were hard to understand at first, once you had gotten used to Tom Hardy's deep drawl he provided excellently well timed hits of comic relief amongst a largely gripping script.

From Guy Pierce and Shia LaBouf's silhouetted figures on the bridge, to Jessica Chastain driving through the light snow, the cinematography is stunning (with superb uses of light).