Leap Year (2010) - Comedy, Romance

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Anna Brady plans to travel to Dublin, Ireland to propose marriage to her boyfriend Jeremy on Leap Day, because, according to Irish tradition, a man who receives a marriage proposal on a leap day must accept it.

IMDB: 6.5
Director: Anand Tucker
Stars: Amy Adams, Matthew Goode
Length: 100 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 60 out of 228 found boring (26.31%)

One-line Reviews (179)

this horrible waste of a time film that just lowers itself to every Hollywood schlock theme and tactic and story line that we have seen over and over and over again.

If you've seen the two minute trailer, you know the entirety of the movie, save the final 10 minutes, and I shan't spoil it except to say it's as predictable and pedestrian as the rest of the film.

Nothing happened that was too mature for my daughter.

All in all, a very fun, moving and enjoyable movie

She's in this big rush, yet stays for the reception so there can be more contrived, unworkable scenes.

Still, it's got it's share of flaws:Predictable.

They are still not aware that this has been made before, no one is, although there's no other version of Leap Year, I felt like I watched all that, the asked kiss from The Proposal, the arrogant American with the guy that mocks her all the time like in The Proposal, etc. This movie is 100% cliché'd, oh and don't forget about the ending, even if I wrote the ending I wouldn't have to write spoiler alert cause right when I watched the trailer I knew how was it going to wined up.

Overall this was a very enjoyable movie and well worth watching.

No, it's obviously not the next God Father (though the cinematic shots of the Irish country-side are spectacular), but if you're looking for an enjoyable feel-good movie, or just a good cornerstone to build your Friday night date around, this film is perfect.

The dialogue was crisp and witty and the comedy of errors, really engaging.

It's enjoyable, funny, innocent and cute-definitely a movie worth seeing!

This is an enjoyable movie and a good escape.

A film that brings new meaning to the word PREDICTABLE , from a plot that must have been written on the back of a postage stamp (with space left over).

As Anna and Declan bicker across the Emerald Isle, they discover that the road to love can take you to very unexpected places.

It is like a travelogue of Ireland, but with no plot or character development.

The story is contrived.

It is indeed so breathtaking that at moments you want the actors to disappear.

Why is it even in Ireland, when there is a bar fight they play country banjo music, it all seemed a little bit of a cliché.

I just felt the premise was meh and the middle was slow and forced.

Their story of true love is intriguing and so sweet that you wish you could also live something like that in a lifetime.

And of course the goal that supposedly drives this whole plot -- Anna must propose to her boyfriend Jeremy on February 29 -- is flimsy and trite, especially for a self-sufficient woman from 21st Century America.

Totally and instantly forgettable, it nonetheless is enjoyable, romantic, and as always Amy Adams is at her pixie best and carries the movie.

As predictable as it sounds, "Leap Year" is actually a pleasant little movie perhaps because two main characters are funny and likable as played by Amy Adams and Matthew Goode.

predictable, boring, so stupid ...

i contain high talent with mind blowing instrumental music with exact matching scenes.

Leap Year is entirely predictable as a chick flick.

It was nice that it slow and steady, and there was no random sex scene which was out of beat with the plot.

pretty boring .

As for the male lead--he is overshadowed by his counterpart's stupidity, but what I did notice of him was rather shallow and uninteresting.

one of the most predictable movies i have ever seen...

The movie is slow at times and those who like 27 Dresses type of movies probably will like this.

)Actresses that could have played this role more believably: Meg Ryan, Sandra Bullock, Kirsten Dunst, Amanda Bynes, Renee Zellweger, Helen Hunt, Scarlett JohanssonLest I forget, the scenery of Ireland's countryside was breathtaking.

Anna was either boring or annoying, with no in-between, although she did have pretty red hair and the misfortunes and physical comedy were fun.

enjoyable predictable .

From the moment you meet the Irish Pub landlord, it is obvious how the story will play out, but there is enough unexpected fun, to make the journey interesting.


Where else can you find an adult PG movie that's worth watching?

She's gorgeous, a great actress, and she makes even a middle-of-the-road romantic comedy like Leap Year worth watching for someone like me who only occasionally finds something in the genre that can hold my interest for me than four minutes.

Somehow the two leads manage to convey their characters slow and reluctant growth from a blazing clash of personalities to real intimacy.

the movie is such a cliché.

When you watch a romcom, since the story is mostly predictable, it takes the chemistry and charm of the leads to make it work.

All I know is its an entertaining movie and its funny.

There is no plot-what plot there is is pure run-of-the-mill tripe.

Or we can wonder how Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert in Capra's It Happened One Night have a superior road trip--always the writing, BabyIt's all predictable and nary a witty line in the whole trite story.

Matthew Goode is as dull as a box of rocks in my opinion.

I found Leap Year to be an enjoyable movie.

Funny dialogs, amazing scenery, many twists and an enjoyable couple gives "Leap year' a boost to become interesting.

The journey they take is so enjoyable.

The trailer for it was utterly predictable; basically showing you how it ends, which of course can be seen miles away.

I am one of those people who enjoy romantic comedies, but have experienced so many cliché plots, poor dialogue and just not very feel good feel.

 As far as romantic comedies go, Leap Year is mildly funny, mildly entertaining, and mildly predictable.

Certainly a decent family movie but the kids will be bored.

All in all, an exciting movie that interest the ones who have seen 'letters to Juliette' and loved it.

The linear plot with few twists, thrown here and there, but mostly concentrated at the end, demonstrate a boringly traditional, unimaginative approach to storytelling.

Of course to say this movie is predictable is an understatement.

The scenery is breathtaking and her love interest, played by Matthew Goode, is smolderingly attractive.

Overall, "Leap Year" is a decent "couple hates each other then loves each other" romance flick, but it is insanely predictable and introduces nothing fresh or original to the genre.

Irelands' landscapes with the rough but exciting countryside is the best scenery for a romance to grow.

No one contributes to Anna and Declan falling in love, expect through the most contrived ways (like some people at an inn who insist they kiss each other at the dinner table).

The romantic movies of this genre are But it is The Decoy Bride (2011) set in Scotland that has the most resonance with Leap Year along with a more exciting, dramatic subtext where a Hollywood actress seeks to get married out of the spotlight of the media.

And yet, it's completely enjoyable.

Falling asleep during 2010's Leap Year would have actually been a stroke of luck comparable to finding a four leaf clover or kissing the blarney stone.

Though many of the scenes are predictable and some even from older movies of this kind, there is some difference which makes you watch this movie without saying wait I have seen this movie before.

If you're a little bored by the acting in the very beginning, don't give up on it...

I enjoyed the comedy and the chemistry between the 2 main characters and apart from the very predictable script it was a cute little movie.

The Leap Year is a mildly amusing, neatly and beautifully packaged, feel-good cliché with a pretense for novelty.


She fills empty homes with decor - paintings, rugs, sofas, beds, etc - to attract potential buyers.

A waste of time.

It was entertaining and had some funny moments.

I would recommend this movie to romantics or people who just wants to watch something entertaining that will leave them feeling warm inside.

If you want a deep and meaningful movie look somewhere else, but if you want an enjoyable romantic comedy where you can sit down and enjoy without unnecessary vulgarity or sex, and you don't have to overly think about things then this is for you.


To borrow a cliché, it is true that opposites attract.

The journey with the rude Declan to Dublin is predictable.

Plenty of interesting dialogue, breathtaking scenery, and a few comedic parts.

I know it's a cliché, where the two main characters couldn't stand each other at first and then fell in love towards the middle of the movie.

Enjoyable .

There was no chemistry, the plot was contrived, the characters had no likability, and the fetishization of Ireland was disgusting.

It was worth watching from its big start.

A charming, fun, entertaining romantic comedy.

A Picturesque, Decent, but Predictable Romantic Comedy .

Every step is predictable.

I felt sorry for beautiful Ireland who looked like it came out second best against USA, despite the (predictable) ending.

It does have some breathtaking cinematography though, some nice moments here and there and it does come to a somewhat satisfying conclusion.


Don't see this film (if it even technically counts as a film, I would more call it a torture device), plain and simple.

I was hoping for a nice albeit predictable romcom to give me the warm n fuzzies on a lazy weekend.

Nothing is going to surprise you in the story as I have said,everything is clichéd and predictable.

The vast and green, broad and open, awe-filling landscapes strewn with ancient ruins furnish a breathtaking background.

With only days to make this happen a predictable series of obstacles including a local, rugged Irishman get in her way and force Anna to really consider why she's doing what she's doing.

The locales are evocative.


However, sometimes movies should just be enjoyable escapes (regardless of whether or not they are realistic) and this movie certainly fulfills that role.

Terrible movie and a complete waste of time.

Amy Adams is lovable and gorgeous as always, and Matthew Goode is handsome and fascinating.

Yes the plot is predictable.

okay story but boring and yes so damn predictable .. the Indian version dat they say is a remake of this movie is way way way better and yes it is a award winning movie der...

As always in romantic movies, the ending is too predictable and everyone can guess who Anna will be with in the end.

I left the theater with more of a bounce in my step and a wide smile on my face, despite having had a not so great day.

Overall a movie definitely worth watching especially on a quiet afternoon when you are not doing anything else.

The movie must be predictable.

In her trip she comes in front of many unexpected events and she meets a man who can help her to finally arrive to Dublin.

Every cliche in the book.

A friend had watched it over the past year and spoke of it here and there and told me how much she enjoyed it.

And the wedding that they crash in the most contrived way (on a Sunday?

Anyway I tried to find this movie more enjoyable so I started to look in for the acting.

I enjoyed the comedy and the chemistry between the 2 main characters and apart from the very predictable script it was a cute little movie.

Leap Year was a boring, witless exercise in romantic comedy clichés without the benefit of believable, sympathetic characters or even a high concept that makes a lick of sense.

Laugh out loud funny, very enjoyable way to spend an evening .

Predictable and cliché .

Which is a pity because, once Adams gets beyond the initial coldness of her character she becomes fun to be with, and Goode's dry but twinkly Irishman is quite engaging.

it at least left you with small hope that maybe it wouldn't be as predictable as it appeared.

to top it off, the Irish background is stunning.

This film is so disgustingly predictable.

Overall I found Leap Year to be very entertaining, refreshing and delightful, with the help of Goode and Adams.

It just seems like "Leap Year" is a formulaic Hollywood "chick Flick" that, although has some funny scenes and is somewhat entertaining, brings nothing to the table in way of originality.

The absence of any really compelling central idea puts this fault into a spotlight; though they did adorn it with some witty dialogue.

It's hard to find a movie that is worth watching these days that isn't filled with either loads of bad language and sex, or just bad acting and scripts.

This is exactly why you should ignore those clichés and focus on if this movie was entertaining enough or if you had an enjoyable time watching it.

And of course, a beautiful and lovely couple to make it more enjoyable.

Really entertaining movie.

I mean, could it be more cliche???

If you like very simple love stories with no subplots, this is enjoyable.

Silly and boring .

Not surprisingly, the romance is trite and contrived.

Leap Year (2010): Dir: Anand Tucker / Cast: Amy Adams, Matthew Goode, Adam Scott, John Lithgow, Kaitlin Olson: Boring romantic comedy about pursuing goals.

now about the bad part the starting of the movie was quite boring you witness a girl who likes everything planned and hates surprises.

So shortly, Leap Year is a highly enjoyable Saturday evening movie.

I wasn't too much bothered by the huge amount of clichés presented in the film, but there were few things that almost killed the film for me (before Declan prepares the dinner, scaring Anna with the chicken thing, it was unnecessary and to some viewers might be viewed as a negative moment) and some slowness in the story, and some things of the conclusion, something that viewers are going find obvious, and others will hate it.

This is a fine date movie, but enjoyable as well for those of us who fondly remember the sometimes funny, sometimes painful quest for a mate.

Enjoyable Rom com .

It's not going to win an Oscar, but it's the rare entertaining movie that the whole family can see.

To be honest, this romantic comedy has each and every cliché that a romantic comedy must have.


Finally,this movie is simply witless,unimaginative and most of all,far from entertaining.

My rating to this movie and its predictable story is 2.

Despite Predictable, this movie is not a waste of time .

Leap year is your basic, normal, predictable comedic romance.

i was pretty bored throughout most of the movie.

The pace of the film is excruciatingly slow.

So I love them, even though they are predictable like hell.

Worth watching!


It's funny and sweet, silly and cliché, and unrealistically romantic.

If the leads are OK and click ,it usually works but this guy looks so bored that one feels he needs some uppers more than he needs this girl.

There's plenty of room in the world for a light, breezy, enjoyable romantic comedy.

A light movie to watch if you're bored, with a predictable storyline, you'll have a good time.

Absolutely nothing happens.

The theme is so simple, but Amy Adams and Mathew made it enjoyable with their natural acting.

The movie in itself is very predictable ....

Although the love triangle is typical, Leap Year is moderately enjoyable – the leads are winsome and the scenery is resplendent.

Yes, it is very predictable and formulaic.

"Leap Year" is a predictable romantic comedy that captures female psychology well.

I had a chance to see an advance showing, and I found it to be quite enjoyable.

This is one of if not the finest modern romantic movie, given the remarkable traditional Irish hospitality, glorious pictures, fascinating music and heart touching performance.

I enjoyed it a lot.

The story of "Leap Year" is entirely predictable, so whether the movie makes the grade or not depends on the journey: how do the main characters actually get to where you know they're going to end up, almost from the very beginning?

Conceivable spoiler (though I cannot imagine how)Various critics' reviews, and certain of those here, bash this pleasant movie as being "predictable.

This is a pleasant predictable romantic comedy.

Again, too cliché with their "love" references way too early in the film, and it didn't get better as it went on.

If you overlook the cheesy, awful moments, it's enjoyable.

And even though you know what will happen in the end, the movie is so entertaining, that keeps the spirit up until the end.

" But I see an average movie as something to rent out on a rainy day when you are bored or just in a Amy Adams mood.

Declan is a jerk, Anna is an idiot, and the whole thing is unwatchable.

Delightfully Predictable .

All in all, an enjoyable flick with good acting and nice scenery You do not really want anything more from such movies.

And what I got, was only confusion and tiredness .

Enjoyable Romantic Comedy .

The backdrop was absolutely breathtaking and the supporting characters enriched the film furthermore.

While the movie plays out along familiar paths it still holds a few clever lines and some engaging scenes.

Apart from the total unrealistic stage, the story was cliché and predictable.

Hard to follow at first and a little too obvious throughout.

you go to the cinema to be entertained and leap year is certainly entertaining.

The scenery is breathtaking.

Otherwise, I saw the plot and structure of Leap Year as an empty wooden box, more a vehicle constructed to accent the beauty and motion of the people within it rather than a coherent framework to incorporate ideas greater than the sum of its parts.

It had something for everyone Surprisingly it was a fun romp across the countryside and it was so enjoyable seeing these two banter and squabble with one another while sensing the chemistry between them build and build.

I went to see this film because it had been advertised as a romantic comedy and other reviews had said that it was indeed funny and enjoyable.

The Irish scenes are gorgeous, and the accents entertaining.