Legally Blonde (2001) - Comedy, Romance

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Elle Woods, a fashionable sorority queen is dumped by her boyfriend. She decides to follow him to law school, while she is there she figures out that there is more to her than just looks.

IMDB: 6.2
Director: Robert Luketic
Stars: Reese Witherspoon, Luke Wilson
Length: 96 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 67 out of 558 found boring (12%)

One-line Reviews (269)

The screenplay was one giant cliche and I easily guessed everything that was going to happen, even the alibi of Ali Larter's character.

Unlike several rather unwatchable movies that went through similar success at the box office during that period, "Legally Blonde" is actually good.

My boyfriend enjoyed it at least as much as I did.

I went in with an open mind and I walked out with an empty head.

Yes, this movie is predictable and formulaic.

Her solitude as she is shunned by the so called next generation law elite, only strengthens her resolve, and thanks to Witherspoon's engaging turn, we are with her all the way.

Contrived, heavy, and so last year.

Its pleasant but predictable.

Her character represents the epitome of shallow, and she is rejected by the man she expects to marry because she is shallow, yet by holding true to herself through some pretty unbearable situations, she is able to work through her circumstances.

While it isn't thought provokingand is rather predictable most of the time, it manages to be a wellpaced, entertaining film.

On my way to watching it i was expecting a crappy chick movie but when it finished i was very surprised i enjoyed it.

legally bland....

I definitely think this movie is worth watching with a bunch of your girlfriends-oh, it is a chic flick, so you girls are going to have to force your boyfriends to watch!

Don't waste your time.

I think that everyone who is either depressed or bored should be made to watch this one.

I enjoyed it thoroughly, and felt it had a positive message, dealt with it's plot and characters very respectfully, and ultimately did what a good comedy should, which is make me laugh.

Still, while the ending may be predictable, it's everything in between what truly matters, so "Legally Blonde" makes up for that flaw with very funny jokes and the great performances by its cast.

I really enjoyed it.

It's not laugh your ass off funny, but it's pretty funny, and an enjoyable ride.

Granted, it's bit like "Clueless", but it's a funnier and more entertaining version of the former.

So far, one of the more enjoyable, relaxing/funny movies I've seen all year.

I walked out of the theater actually feeling giddy, and I can't remember ever feeling that revved up after a film!

Never far away from the material which first brought us the shallow, yet deeply involved in her shallowness, Beverley Girl ("Clueless"), "Legally Blonde" (awful title, boys) plunks this new Cher, named Elle, into the alien world of Harvard (obviously, except for the first arresting aerial shots of the vaunted institution, filmed in Los Angeles or thereabouts) and follows her through preppie parties and intimidating classes, accompanied by a band of clownish, broadly drawn, and entertaining supporting characters and temporary villains.

Sunshine filled the room and smiles lit up my face as I was part of the most enjoyable and refreshing films of year.

It succeeds as what it intends to be, and that is, like I said, a light-hearted and entertaining movie.

However, like the other members of its set, I kind of enjoyed it.

But the overall drift is good and entertaining.

I'm a twenty-something male and I found this pretty entertaining.

yawn .

" It was painful to watch Reese Witherspoon wither on the vine, with a predictable plot, shallow supporting characters, and blindingly unattractive clothes.

Of course the movie has very little plot.

An enjoyable chick flick .

I like movies about trails because they are exciting and thrilling.

It is silly, unrealistic, and quite enjoyable.

In truth, I fell asleep for about five minutes during this cutting-edge masterpiece, so my review is of the movie I was able to comprehend.

The film is too slow though, and if I had seen it at the cinema, I might have fallen asleep.

This movie is very enjoyable and I give it 6 stars and three thumbs up!!!!!

Also the film is visually stunning because of Sophie Carbonell's feisty use of colors for "Elle's" Wardrobe.

The result is a movie that is entertaining and delivers the lesson that it is better to rely on your intelligence than your looks.

Very entertaining to say the least.

One of the more entertaining movies this summer (2001).

The writing of this movie is quite enjoyable.

The only bad part about that movie is that the plot is somehow a predictable fairy life were the least thought of person ALWAYS makes it and in the end and is very successful which is not quite true in real life.

No need to get upset, though: like the previous girly film from writer Karen McCullah Lutz (10 Things I Hate About You), it's a very entertaining one.

The way I see it: Legally Blonde is a fun, entertaining, funny, enjoyable movie.

It's not brilliant, but it is entertaining and funny.

The plot to `Legally Blonde' is simple: Girl loses boy, girl goes in search of boy to make him her own… However, the outcome, while ultimately predictable, is not exactly as formulaic as it could have been and has some good messages about who we all are and that how we think of ourselves ultimately determines our role in the time and space we occupy.

The entire movie was predictable including most of the jokes.

very funny), and at some points I was getting a little bored.

There are some exaggerated sides to the movie that are charmingly pushed to a sweet extreme making the movie seem a bit unreal from time to time yet keeping it marvelously entertaining.

silly but rather entertaining .

Everything in this movie was completely predictable.

Instead, it was a sensitive, if amusing coming of age for all the protagonists, including, in the end analysis, some of the older characters.

Not only ugly, boring, serious people go to Law School...

This week has had a bit of a lull in summertime block busters.

Although this is not a deep movie, in that it gives the strange message about how good looking people are unfairly judged (yeah, they .. make that we [heh heh] really suffer), it is very funny and extremely entertaining.

Harvard as a truly rough, nasty, unforgiving den of status-whoring and social climbing would have offered a much more entertaining contrast and array of options for Elle to bounce off of.

But I really enjoyed it (maybe it was the wine).

Although at the beginning of the film I found and felt that compared to her other films Reese Witherspoon wasn't trying hard enough, later on in this fantastically plotted movie the story kicks in with plenty of unexpected twists and turns, Reese strikes back the attention with her girly girl character Elle, never without her pink outfits or long que of men behind her!

Men may not like this movie because it would be considered as a 'chick flick', but it had unexpected twists and turns that might change male minds about 'chick flicks'.

A surprisingly entertaining film!!.

the whole dinner scene at the beginning went on for far too long - __-and it felt awkward, kind of forced as well.

Sunshine filled the room and smiles lit up my face as I was part of the most enjoyable and refreshing films of year.

The plot is good enough, for this type of movie, but apart from the original concept, it seemed too slow and rarely very funny.

With her role in "Legally Blonde," Witherspoon brought her toolbox of talents, which is filled with charm, beauty, enthusiasm and sense of humor to create an exciting and fun atmosphere for audiences to enjoy the movie.

Enjoyable fluff and incredibly well cast.

In one rather poorly constructed and pointless scene, a rather average looking guy asks a girl out on a date.

If you are looking for a film that is entertaining, without being stupid, and trashy, this is the film for you.

She is funny and intense.

By the time I got up and walked out of the room, I detested this moron.

But one day, he's leaving her by announcing him that he's engaging in a politic career.

An enjoyable chick flick thanks to a charming performance by Reese Witherspoon.

"Legally Blonde" is a very enjoyable film.

What could have been a very funny comedy about overachieving underdogs and how to get back at your man, instead turns into sappy, unrealistic, and rather boring cheap laughs.

Enjoyable Fluff .

It's just not what I expected, it was very enjoyable especially for a teenage girl like me.

I whistfully walked out of the theater with a skip to my step.

Aggravating and boring at worst.

Worse of all the movie is dull and boring.

It's thoroughly enjoyable!

and for what it is, really entertaining.

It's fun, fast-paced, entertaining fluff.

"Cruel intentions" was drama, but it was comedy instead, which makes it more stunning.

As a "fish out of water" story, the film falls flat in that it embellishes, exaggerates and ultimately vindicates the sorority valley girl, Reese Witherspoon as Elle Woods, while failing to do so for the Ivy League context in which she is immersed.

Movies' first goals are to be entertaining, not believable.

An enjoyable feel-good film .

Everything's predictable, including its smug undertone: although it advocates feminist empowerment, it still gets its greatest satisfaction lampooning lesbians and frigid Ivy League coeds and is only ready to conclude when our heroine gets Mr. Right.

The central character is so sympathy- arousing ,`Determined' and "Maddening" that you once forget the famous cliché LIFE'S A BITCH!!!!

I mean until Elle Woods (Reese Witherspoon) actually gets to Harvard the story is dull and uninteresting.

An unexpected outstanding film .

I'm 62, male, and this isn't my usual entertainment fare, but it's a solidly enjoyable movie nonetheless.

There are some very entertaining court scenes near the end, which I enjoyed very much, as I'm a big fan of court dramas.

She makes it work and totally enjoyable.

But I thoroughly enjoyed it.

" Then i gave it a shot with my mom I walked out of the theater amazed on how great this movie is!!

Cliched and predictable .

This rubbish is written for an equally zero-IQ audience - predictable, boring and totally unwitty script, and frankly embarrassing....

But this movie is just one boring and arduous scene after another.

Really a nice cute comedy that's fun and enjoyable a must watch really for the sweetheart Reese Witherspoon.

This film, heavily inspired by (all right, stolen from) Clueless and Working Girl, is fine if you're in the mood for a silly, entertaining flick.

I'm 15 and really enjoyed it.

Thank God for movies like "Legally Blonde" and "Napoleon Dynamite" to cure a headache caused by a brilliant, but extremely intense, Lars Von Trier's experience, just to give an example).

Relatively harmless comedy, but predictable and only sporadically funny .

Contrived, formulaic, fun feel good movie.

It overcomes its predictable elements and exceeds expectations.

If you want all encompassing entertaining fun, emotional depth, cutting taste of crazy violence (from Ray Liotta), high school reunion, blonde and brunette all at once (from Melanie Griffith), and somehow balancing all these elements against all odds (by Jeff Daniels), try Jonathan Demme's exceptional delivery of "Something Wild" 1986.

This movie is like a vanilla ice-cream cone -- sweet, empty calories that taste great on a hot summer day.

This is an enjoyable journey-primarily due to Reese Witherspoon's incredible characterization.


OK she did a great job here, she justified her role but the totality of the movie is so cliché!!...

Breezy, enjoyable comedy .

As it was, it was successful enough at the box office (very, actually) to generate a sequel (yawn) and in 2007, a Broadway musical comedy version.

Legally Blonde, which would later spawn a sequel, a spin-off, and a Broadway musical, may become overbearing for some, because so much of the film is weighed on Witherspoon's shoulders and if one tires from her fast, the experience could very well be a tedious one.

A silly, predictable plot and zero character development don't diminish its entertainment value one iota.

With her role in "Legally Blonde," Witherspoon brought her toolbox of talents, which is filled with charm, beauty, enthusiasm and sense of humor to create an exciting and fun atmosphere for audiences to enjoy the movie.

very entertaining "clueless" type of movie .

It's a fun feel good movie, extremely contrived and very formulaic, and guess what, it works for those reasons.

legally blonde is a fun movie to watch and is definitely entertaining.

This has to be one of the worst movies I have ever had the misfortune to view.

This is the worst movie I've seen for years.

But the court case in this movie is so boring and insanely predictable.

While this movie is, as many teen movies are, entirely pointless, it is the perfect thing for a fun night.

It was a little silly, but more entertaining than some I've seen this year.

Don't expect great art or even great comedy, but the movie's a nice diversion for a slow day or for little girls who need empowerment (the musical too).

This movie is entertaining, and non-threatening, and how many movies are?

it is formulatic, predictable, etc but it was very entertaining to watch Reese Witherspoon strut her stuff across the screen..I think Reese is one of the most undervalued actors in Hollywood today..Her role in this movie was somewhat similar to her role in Election , she was quite amusing...

Worst Movie of the Year.

Both protagonists have very different futures planned for themselves at the beginning, both encounter obstacles and unexpected twists of fate, resulting in their characters growth and development.

Legally Blonde is probably the worst movie I've seen this summer.

There was great humour and an extremely imaginative but gripping storyline.

I enjoyed it and wasn't completely annoyed that I saw it.

But, beyond the level of a predictable comedy, no one should look for any depth in this movie.

I found it enjoyable.

Don't waste you money.

The plot is predictable from start to finish, filled with painfully familiar subplots.

Allright, I've seen way too many movies, but these are way too predictable.

Enjoyed it a lot.

See the movie if you really want to see a trite un-funny 'attempting to be cliche cute' movie.

A typical teen-yawn which once again raises the common question associated with these types of movies - Why are these "beautiful", "glamorous" college-aged actors and actresses getting paid millions of dollars to turn out such dull, useless garbage?

Mildly entertaining at best.

Jennifer Coolidge is hilarious in her role, she had good chemistry with Reese, and was enjoyable to watch!.

But this was very enjoyable.

Very stereotyped, the plot is very predictable!

I felt a university life in the United States is very attractive and exciting.

The first time that I saw this movie I found parts of it quite boring and bland.

Enjoyable cheese-fest .

The story line is one that's been done before, but the way it's handled by an excellent cast and film editor makes it a very entertaining movie.

However, this film I ve seen a few times and have enjoyed it each time.

If you are searching for a film with any insight about overcoming stereotypes (even the usual banal Hollywood offering), then look elsewhere.

This movie is very entertaining.

One qualm is that it's fairly predictable (due in part to a revealing trailer) and it demonstrates that ugly people often finish last.

I don't want to give away the ending for those foolish enough to think that this film may be in some way amusing, interesting or entertaining.

With her role in "Legally Blonde," Witherspoon brought her toolbox of talents filled with charm, beauty, enthusiasm and sense of humor to create an exciting and fun atmosphere for audiences to enjoy the movie.

Very cute, very entertaining.

It's thoroughly enjoyable with good performances, especially Jennifer Coolidge who steals almost every scene she's in.

The film is cliched and rather poorly written and utterly predictable.

The story had a few terrible scenes where you just looked at the screen in pure horror at their generic attempt of intriguing sub-plot before you.

This film is funny, charming, interesting and entertaining.

Fell asleep midway thru the movie, as bad it was.

Luke Wilson, as a fellow law student, is engaging and obviously sees the joke in the material, and VICTOR GARBER is excellent as a law teacher on the make for legally blonde Witherspoon.

Enjoyable, funny, amusing and there's a message behind this film.

It was a fun, entertaining, and cute film.

Soul Survivors, Home Fries etc. However, somehow this movie overcomes those two details to be a rather enjoyable little flick.

The remainder is so trite as to be excruciating.

good-looking blonde girls aren't automatically evil, stupid or whatever ("Law school is for people who are boring and ugly and serious").

It is very entertaining.

At Harvard, Elle has trouble being accepted by Warner's friends and by the more intense students.

An enjoyable watch for fun entertainment.

This movie could easily be compared to another "coming of age" film, RISKY BUSINESS.

Sunshine filled the room and smiles lit up my face as I was part of the most enjoyable and refreshing films of year.

The occasional waste of a stunning supporting cast.

But I gave it a second chance on video and I enjoyed it.

And while the circumstances that Ms. Woods finds herself are a bit of a stretch, the enthusiasm and energy flow effortlessly towards a happy ending (with Luke Wilson) and its predictable sequel (Red, White, and Blonde).

Predictable in the extreme .

It was funny, exciting, had some court-room drama with a myster, gossipy, and just one of the best movies!!

Save your money and blow it on something important, like lottery tickets (at least that way you'll be paying my taxes!

Light-hearted fun and entertaining.

Unexpected Plot .

There have been many formulaic comedies that I may have had a few good laughs while viewing.

Mostly everything was unexpected and everything that wasn't was because they were shown in the commercials.

Legally Blond is a lighthearted comedy with a silly and predictable plot (and I do mean predictable, laughably so, you can see what's coming next throughout the picture).

Yes the movie is predictable and yes it works on sterotypes.

In fact, you'll probably forget most of it the instant you leave the theater.

It's tasteless, pointless, & has no charm.

Predictable from start to finish...

It takes the cliché of Malibou Barbie and does nothing with it.

I think the bored-sounding director, producer, and star (Reese Witherspoon) in the commentary track on the DVD say it all.

The writing of this movie is quite enjoyable.

This film has, like, way too many deus ex machinae (like, wow, I, like, used Latin) but it is nevertheless enjoyable.

I'm not saying this movie is any breakthrough or that it contains qualities of a classic or anything of that sort, but all in all it was very enjoyable film.

Still entertaining, quickly moving and watchable.

It's too bad that the movie got so lost at the end, because it was otherwise a very entertaining comedy.

You just come out of it feeling happy, entertained and amused (the script, if predictable and surreal at times, is dynamic and boisterously good fun), and that to me makes it well worth watching.

funny but a very cliché movie of all times!!.

I was dragged to this horrendous flic by my girlfriend.

"Cruel intentions" was drama, but it was comedy instead, which makes it more stunning.

Everyone had a smile on their face as they left the theater tonight.

Now rather than reveal any more I will just say that despite being somewhat predictable and full of clichés, this film still managed to be funny in its own unique way with Reese Witherspoon being tailor-made for her particular role.

Illegally Bland .

In this film Elle wore some absolutely stunning outfits which most girls would dream of and luckily for her, as agreed on the contract she got to keep every single one of them.

Formulaic, but entertaining and meaningful story of a fashion-obsessed sorority girl who's heartbroken after being dumped by her spoiled, Harvard law-bound boyfriend.

In a film that is far more engaging than expected, Reese Witherspoon's character in "Legally Blonde", Elle Woods, speaks blonde.

Reese Witherspoon goes Harvard - entertaining fun and laughter guaranteed .

An enjoyable movie .

Still, it is a enjoyable movie with a typical happy ending, just don't put too much thinking into it, during or after the movie.

The main problem with this movie is its banal and severely childish and stupid humor, filling a solid half of the movie.

Much of Elle's success comes through the judicious application of blonde philosophy, which according to "Legally Blonde", gets to the root of a problem quicker than Decoré Blonding Creme gets to the roots of dull brown hair.

It is a trite, silly film, and certainly not responsible for any great cinematic innovation.

It was very entertaining and full of laughs!!

There is much silliness, therefore, but the story holds together nicely, and it proves to be a very entertaining fantasy.

I highly recommend Legally Blonde for an enjoyable time out at the movies.

Surprisingly enjoyable .

'Predictable' is too kind a word.

Funny and entertaining .

It's so formulaic as to be insulting.

It was rather predictable and irritating.

In fact, one could even say that the film's big and only problem is the fact that despite its twists, the story ends up as predictable for the very nature of the fish out of water style of comedy (underdod beats obstacles against all odds).

I crapped myself 5 times after finishing this movie and quickly downed a bottle of Listerine in an effort to dull the pain.

This is simply one of the more entertaining movies of 2001.

A few of the supporting players make an impact (Blair is a good match for Witherspoon as a drab, snotty classmate, Coolidge adds another zany concoction to her resume, Davis is just right as the boyfriend and Taylor scores with her customary command of the screen.

" The story of 'Legally Blonde' is highly unbelievable, and yet enjoyable at the same time.

"My Cousin Vinny" is a classic story of unexpected legal brilliance in two very-ethnic everyday folks.

There were also some sterling supporting performances, notably by Selma Blair as the rival, who gradually evolves from a horsey country-clubber into a stunning beauty as the film progresses (with appropriate character development from a snooty bitch to a warm friend).

Overall this is an enjoyable piece of fluff.

it's a very entertaining feelgood movie and I highly recommend it..

I was left fulfilled and never bored from this, and can always respect a film that is able to shred my cynicism and offer compelling insight that could definitely prove factual in today's society.

The story has "trite" written all over it.

I would never have chosen to see this movie on my own, but my 12 year old niece enjoyed it beyond belief.

Shes stunning in this movie, a total knockout.

Even in one hour and a half, you find time to get bored and this movie that is supposed to be a comedy isn't funny at all, in the long run.

Enjoyable stuff for 13 and up.

Don't waste your money....

Another movie to make young women want to bleach their heads (don't forget to leave those dark roots now) and idolize stupidity.

It was funny, had a good pace and was very entertaining.

This is such a boring, unfunny, hypocritical, lame and unintelligent movie.

I don't normally go to these kind of films, but I caved and got dragged there by my girlfriend....

" She is stunning to look at, alright, and continues to give an effortlessly fantastic performance.

This was actually kind of an enjoyable movie.

The message of the movie is confusing.

" Another film that also broke the cliché barrier in spite of its cuteness is "Romy and Michele's High School Reunion" 1997 with Lisa Kudrow and Mira Sorvino as the impossible pair!

It doesn't have much depth, the main character is much too perfect, and the storylines are rather predictable.

it is totally a waste of time.

I enjoyed it more as a movie than I did as a comedy though.

At a first glance this movie seems a non-pretentious teeny-weeny faritale.

It's very funny & entertaining!

I remember seeing previews for Legally Blonde and i said to my friends "Oh God, talk about worst movie of the year!

In short, about as cliched and predictable as a Lakers 3-peat with Shaq riding the coat-tails.

The plot was very predictable, but even so, it was very entertaining.

Words like arduous, pointless and inane spring to mind when thinking about Paulette.

It had witty humor mixed in with a good moral of how one shouldn't prejudge others and cliche them to stereotypes.

West meets east with unpredictable results.

At first, I enjoyed it and laughed a few times.


I highly recommend it to anyone who's ever been passed over for something because of age, color, size, etc.--in other words, anyone who's ever been discriminated against.

Predictable formula fun, "LB" gets off to a good start with the freshness of "Clueless", pushes its own envelope of believability in the middle, and ends with a major feel good moment.

Good for only a few laughs, the movie is purely formulaic and is aimed at youngsters.

She was used to approach problems and make decisions with heart rather than brain, which lead to easy give-up in front of unexpected frustrations.

But if a film is meant to be light and fluffy it should at least be entertaining and funny.

Very funny at times, and very entertaining.

Uneventful and boring.

An enjoyable girl power flick with a mainstream message.

Unless it's after 12 AM, I cannot stand asinine, pointless humor.

She definitely made Elle an engaging and vivacious personality that one will remember her and guys would not taker their eyes off her.

Very Entertaining .

It boring like hell.

That's the answer this film provides when you hear people say that cliche statement: "They don't make 'em like that anymore.

"Legally Blonde" is a fun, goofy, entertaining movie about a "dumb blonde" who learns that she is smarter than she thought she was.

Also, it's just so predictable!

This movie was cute, funny and very entertaining.