Legend (2015) - Biography, Crime, Drama

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Identical twin gangsters Ronald and Reginald Kray terrorize London during the 1960s.

IMDB: 6.9
Director: Brian Helgeland
Stars: Tom Hardy, Emily Browning
Length: 132 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 41 out of 236 found boring (17.37%)

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The other cliché in mob movies is the cop vs.

Hardy's surpassing talent wasted on a long drawn out boring film .

The setting is nicely evocative of the times, a big plus for me.

The story is slow moving, the trailer made it look like a fast paced, fun crime film, but the pace is quite tedious, however, it is not very serious either, not sure whether it wanted to be a comedy or drama, and in the end feels a bit bland because of that.

Sensational Hardy in a Stylishly Entertaining Crime Drama .

Sporadically placed throughout the (overlong) two hour plus runtime, the bouts of violence bubble with intensity and exhilaration, often uneasily enjoyable thanks to moments of levity sprinkled alongside them.

Confidential won an Oscar in 1997, but Legend's dialogue makes the dullest of ITV dramas sound like Shakespeare spoken by Alan Rickman (R.

For us older folks, we were immediately immersed in the look, feel and sounds of the 60's.

I find the pair fascinating as twins more than as gangsters.

Reggie is sophisticated, methodical, affable; Ronnie is impulsive, unpredictable, paranoid.

Firstly, the Kray story is a fascinating one, one which was never properly realised in the 1990 Adaption with the Kemp Brothers.

This is a good solid entertaining film about real life London gangsters the Kray twins.

NoIs it worth the watch?

Browning is also compelling as the love-lost Frances, getting deeper and deeper into a world she has no control over and having to act to extremes of both love and fear.

The story is also quite comedic, clever and full of some great thrilling scenes.

Whilst one would love to see more intense moments between the two, each character is drawn out with a love for details, whether it is in writing or acting.

I just hope it will stay this way up to the end 1h 23 minutes - it is a little bit on the slow side.

And even if we ignore that problem, the movie still feels so static and boring.

On an overall scale, Legend had all the ingredients & a capable cast to succeed as one thrilling crime drama but thanks to improper execution of its plot & its failure to dig deeper into the moments that had little glimpses of greatness, it finishes as a bland, flavourless & highly mediocre movie that left me quite unaffected in the end.

Legend was an entertaining and decent film.

Around 2/3 of the way in I was getting bored with Legend as it didn't deliver in any way.

It seems fair to say that "Legend" doesn't set itself up to be the definitive Kray story, but it's hellishly entertaining.

Historically speaking, it's intriguing for sure; it's just not something that'll keep you on the edge of your seat for over 2 hours.

It's a shame that when a gifted and charismatic actor like Tom Hardy plays two twin brothers and gives two different, memorable performance in a pointless, dry film.

He majestically masters the dual role of the Kray brothers, squandering nonetheless and much to my regret a wealth of talent against the backdrop of a story which I personally found boring and rather long drawn-out.

The whole film is dull and annoying, we are talking about two of the most "iconic" of London's underworld and we see nothing of real interest only some broken love story.

Does a reasonable job exploring the relationship between the Krays, but there are misses along the way and when the film is entertaining it's often for all the wrong reasons .

Unlike Medak's 1990 depiction of the Brothers, this starts when the Twins were halfway through their rise to power, and is told through the eyes of Frances Shea, Reggie's soon to be wife, and she gives a pretty mundane Bladerunner style narrative throughout the whole film.

While the plot appears to be somewhat dragged on, it does have its peaks and valleys in terms of the viewer's interest.

LegendAt the end, it's all repetitive gangsta rap that we have encountered earlier too with some minor changes which quite frankly is pointless till then.

Watch out for the scene when Ronnie admits he is gay, and the scene were he hammers people to pulp in the bar fight scene these scenes are extremely entertaining.

I'm glad I saw it however, and it was for the most part and entertaining and well done ride.

It's a riveting film with a stunning performance by Tom Hardy as both Ronnie and Reggie Kray.

I find the plot engrossing and engaging.

That movie focused on the gangster aspect, where "Legend" bores its audience to death with a hackneyed love story.

Undoubtedly confusing for the audience there was no chemistry between him and his love interest and the actress playing his wife/girlfriend her emotions rarely changed from scene to scene which made you care even less about what went on.

Apart from Tom Hardy's superb performance, the film is not something exciting to write home about; primarily because it doesn't produce, at least in me, the desired exhilarating results of having watched an entertaining epic film.

So exciting!

Nothing new, a predicted boring movie.

I was really looking forward to this one; the trailers were great and, whilst I'm not one of those who glamourise the Krays (they loved their mums, would do anything for you blah blah blah), I do find it bizarrely fascinating how the Krays/Richardsons have passed into London folklore.

The violence, while visually compelling and believable, is certainly not as bloody and gory as some old Gangster movies like Good Fellas or Scarface.

Just like Filth, it also doesn't come together all that well to the point that I would call it a great film, but it's definitely entertaining (more so than other films that could be considered better by many).

A Confidential one minute directing The Sin Eater the next) could make such a boring attempt at telling the anything but true story of the London criminal identities the Kray twins is anyone's guess but in a film that comes across as a poor man's Scorsese, its quite clear he struggled to juggle both the imposing and differentiating identities of Ronnie and Reggie Kray respectively and also struggled to get the audience invested in a plot that should've been an easy win if told in a proper and exciting manner.

The beginning of the story was a bit slow paced.

A very good film with a stunning central performance .

There's little violence; the body count is shockingly low, there's no nudity, the whole thing comes across as rather bland and missing an edge.

The story of the Kray twins is a fascinating one, full of violence and deceit.

It's my favourite movie of all time, every second and minuet is an enjoyable one.

Maybe this was a flaw, or maybe it was intentional as the film does deal with a paranoid schizophrenic and it did help to keep the film very unpredictable.

Ron is the unpredictable part of the twins.

Sadly because it mostly focuses on one thing it did make the film feel a little dull at times and as a result it drags quite often.

So, the movie is nothing you haven't seen before, but this one is slow and uninspired.

A few years ago a 'vandal' on Wiki suggested that a retired senior detective spent his retirement 'boring the arse off' regulars at his local pub regaling them with stories about his heydey at The Yard.

Worst movie ever!!!

If you're a fan of his, seeing him play such distinctly different (and very memorable) characters, is wildly entertaining.

This Film as a Whole is Not Praiseworthy, it is a Dull Misconception that gets just about Everything Wrong.

Legend is a good entertaining movie about the legendary Kray brothers even though it's more about Frances, the wife of Reggie Kray, narrating her point of view regarding the whole situation.

I stuck through it nonetheless, because I thought something gamechaning or super amazing would happen, something I couldn't predict or anything like that, but nothing happened.

Small roles for the likes of David Thewlis, Christopher Eccleston, Sam Spruell, John Sessions, Paul Bettany and Taron Egerton are highlights - Egerton, as 'Mad' Teddy Smith, in particular - but this is small praise for a film that simply left me bored and unenlightened.

Boring beyond belief .

He is gifted, multi-dimensional and compelling.

The characters and settings are fascinating and all the more wonderful because they are real.

Yet even with his excellent performances of both Ron and Reggie, there is only so much he could do with the poor and often disjointed dialogue.

All around a soundly mediocre film that is only held together by the entertaining and dynamic performance of Tom Hardy.

It's a Could-watch-if-bored.

20 minutes - it's entertaining, nothing crazy though 26 minutes - definitely better than good.

The sole attraction (aside form a fine performance by Emily Browning) is the tick of using actor Tom Hardy to play both roles of the twins – and for that reason it is worth watching.

Entertaining .

And it isn't even that the chemistry is bad, it's just that it's very repetitive - they're fighting, they've made up, they're fighting again - when in reality I just wanted more Ronnie Kray scenes.

Whilst these sequences were quite entertaining (I'd be lying if I said that I didn't laugh), this film is about two violent gangsters and giving some of these sequences a farcical slapstick approach ultimately cheapened the film slightly and at times made the film feel like it was a parody/joke rather than the brutal picture that it should have been.

Maybe the plot would work better if it's mostly centered on how Ronnie is in control since that's the most entertaining side of the film, while it does that, it still detours to subplots, longer and longer like it's also taking over the story.

Hugely Enjoyable Absurdist Black Comedy .

The only thing legendary about this film is the boredom it creates.

The film had everything from great dialogue and comedy to action packed drama.

A very high quality film with breathtaking action and British blood.

I personally can't recall from recent memory a film that so completely wastes its lead actor in such a lacklustre and uninvolving central story and in the case of Legend it not only wastes one Tom Hardy performance but two, therefore setting the recent record for biggest waste of an actor double bill in quite some time.

A Succession of Entertaining Scenes .

An Enjoyable Telling Of London's Most Notorious Gangsters .

The most exciting aspect of the movie for me was waiting to see what she was wearing next.

For a movie centering on the Kray brothers, Brian Helgeland's Legend is a menial and virtually bloodless snore.

With the exception of the original theme music featured, the soundtrack is predictable and out of place with popular 60s American hits played to the brutality of British gangster life.

The movie itself is also kinda entertaining.

Story wise suave,charming and volatile, Reggie Kray and his unstable twin brother Ronnie start to leave their mark on the London underworld in the 1960s.

He wears two different voices (one's a monotone where he chews on his words mostly) quite gorgeously.

Good central performance / performances by Tom Hardy and pretty entertaining script makes this movie involving.

Thirdly, for a great deal of the film, the story seems to jump about a great deal and if you are not familiar with the Krays and their story, I think this can be rather confusing.

All in all amazing film, thoroughly enjoyed it.

And it is a fact that this film is very entertaining, if overflowing with profanity (and I would not argue that the profanity is out of place).

Nothing new, a predicted boring movie .

For example, it had no background history of the Krays and the story is told around the time the Krays had already established their gangster reputation, which I found a bit confusing since I had no information about the brothers before watching the movie.

You also wish the direction to be a little more engaging.

There are scenes (the opening street strut filmed from behind, a later one flanked by two prison guards, a frontal approach to his brother in an impending fight, a final walk by river lights after killing McVitie) where everything we need to know about Reggie is in that fascinating walk.

Tom Hardy Shines In An Otherwise Dull Film .

There's a compelling film lurking beneath the surface of 'Legend'.

there's no nice way to put this:She's a very boring, uninteresting person.

Besides that the plot is boring and predictable, the movie is too long and it's more like a romantic love story focusing on the trivial personal strugglings of the main character's wife, than a gangster movie you are expecting from the trailer.

The pacing sometimes speeds up or slows down and it can be hard to follow what is happening.

His acting makes the movie worth watching.

The main characters are all fun and exciting to watch and will maybe even have your eyes glued to the screen on some occasions.

' included) I personally found the film quite slow-paced at times, and with a running time of over 2 hours, I think the film could have easily lost at least 30 mins and still worked, it was very drawn out and I noticed I wasn't the only one in the cinema who broke out into a yawn.

Overall, this film takes on a fascinating period of time and leaves us sorely uninformed, as if we've skim-read a pamphlet.

Hardy and Browning were great but the film was a waste of time.

By centering this film about an interesting pair of criminals around the Emily Browning character and her narrative, the film is boring, disjointed and uninteresting.

Their story deserves the full cinema treatment, not because they were gangsters, but because their story is simply fascinating which in turn made them Legends.

However I was left surprised as it wasn't quite what I was expecting, but still a very entertaining watch.

The film takes too much time desperately trying to make him as crazy, random and unconventional as possible, it eventually becomes predictable.

In and out of prison, Ronnie's unpredictable tendencies and the slow disintegration of Reggie's marriage threaten to bring the brothers' empire tumbling to the ground.

He is one of my favorite actors and everything he does is worth watching in my opinion.

"Legend", the Limey version of Scorsese's "Casino", a film that also fell a little short of its mark but is relentlessly entertaining, in part, due to its overlapping scores that P.

Oh - if you DO want to see a slow, thoughtful film (which you probably DIDN'T when you sat down to watch 'Legend') with Tom Hardy, that really showcases his brilliance: 'Locke' (2013).

Okay, they'll always be the questions asked as to how much is made up for the story and how much really happened, but, from what I know about the real life drama, a lot of the major plot points are covered and, whether it all happened exactly as portrayed here, it still makes for an entertaining ride in the gangster genre.

the film is just bloody weak .. When the film started , I expected to see a good movie , that was something that I feel with the opening scene ,especially .. the star of the film is Tom Hardy and I know that he would never put the role over the film .. but unfortunately he did it .. he chose the film due to his bloody role .. the story was too weak .. I expected drama more than that .. but all was about the bloody brothers and their fights .. and his wife that get bored every day .. and he didn't give me a good reason to get her killed .. she just seemed happy with the idea of getting aboard with his husband .. then she went to her room and killed herself .. what the hell is that ?!!!

The formerly institutionalised Ronnie is the film's most fascinating, conflicted figure and the one whose interior life most eludes Frances narration.

) incredibly slow and boring at times, and c.

However, even if we ignore the fact that it's more of a rom-com than a gangster flick, we are still left with a story that drags out too much and bland, boring characters which serve no purpose.

It's a masterclass of commitment by Hardy but surrounded by underused supports, who are mainly uninteresting and unlikeable side characters, Legend can't keep up the pace with its on form leading man (men?

Truly gripping.

The biggest theme throughout the film is the bond between the brothers and how one is always dragged along with the other.

But the other things that play into a good movie, for example a compelling plot(!

All in all the movie is worth watching based on the genre, solid acting, great costume design etc. The choice of narrator was very disappointing as was the direction which seemed determined to make the Krays seem more powerful than they were.

He held this film together and kept you watching through the duller scenes and the long build up.

A much lower-budget film without the big stars, "The Rise of the Krays" makes for much more compelling viewing...

With that aside, this is still a great film which is interesting and entertaining throughout and I have to give Hardy total respect for making both characters seem completely different.

There is a dark comedy vibe going on which helps keep things entertaining.

The film tries to tell its story through the eyes of Reggie Kray's young wife Frances who commits suicide only weeks into their marriage, seemingly unable to cope with her new husband's unwillingness to give up the trappings of his ill-gotten success, although I am aware that her family today strongly disagrees with the passivity and helplessness she exhibits here, claiming in her defence her feistiness and even bravery in leaving Kray so soon after their wedding and then quickly deliberately overdosing rather than be dragged back into Kray's orbit.

Overall, despite the sad fate of some of the characters, the movie was enjoyable.

Brian Helgeland, who gave the world the pointless 'A Knight's Tale', has tried to give his Directing career some much needed street cred by tackling the 'Old Darts' notorious Reginald and Ronald Kray and their violent rise and fall on the mean streets of London's East End.

Nothing happened without them knowing or allowing it.

The film does boost some enjoyable fight scene and excellent dialogue, particularly from Hardy and Chazz Palminteri.

An example is the early scene depicting Ron Kray's release from Long Grove psychiatric hospital as a strong-arming of a shrink caper, when Ron's "escape" was really so much more exciting: he blithely switched clothes and places with his brother Reggie and walked away.

at least the ending was intense It is not boring or anything, just quite slow paced.

Overall, its an enjoyable watch that perhaps - Hardy aside - doesn't quite live up to its potential.

If you've got nothing better to do on a Friday evening, get it on DVD and watch it with a couple of beers, but don't waste your money at the cinema.

I do remember the pretentious biopic on them from 1990 starring the Kemp twins and that was unforgettable for all the wrong reasons with Steven Berkoff giving the worst performance of any actor in any film ever .

His screen presence and charisma is exactly what the role requiredI have read a great deal about the Krays because to me they are simply fascinating.

This film just dragged its feet from start to finish for what seemed like the length of all the Lord of the rings played back to back.

The dialogue is wanting in many places and can appear disjointed at times.

Again this film started out with some flare and carried the right balance of being fast paced without it being overly gritty and dark.

But at the same time, that makes Legend feel incomplete and occasionally a bit tiring, specially during its second half, which is a bit repetitive and predictable.

Moreover, it's an unexpected way into the film's story, narrated by Frances (Reggie's love interest and future wife) starring Emily Browning, her point of view takes on an unconvincing omniscience, in assuming equal narrative authority on their domestic and professional lives.

I thought he did a great job differentiating the two performances, although the actor's bag of tricks was more obvious with his choices for Ronnie (fake teeth, glasses, accent, etc.). The next most engaging character was Emily Browning as Frances Shea, Reggie's wife, who also serves as the film's omniscient narrator.

A true story is better than fiction and it's quite fascinating to see the craziness.

Hardy throws himself into both roles, by turns amusing and scary as Ronnie and compelling as a Reggie trying to build an empire while struggling to keep his brother in check.

Waste of time

The violence in the film is downplayed thus making it nicer and more entertaining.

The first 35-45 minutes is just a heavenly entertaining chunk of movie, with it's pure and dry British humour and a brotherly love.

Confidential but 42 was a well made biopic that was really enjoyable)and Tom Hardy playing a dual lead (Tom Hardy is one of the top actors working today).

There were some excellent moments in the film, mainly with Ron in play, where the mix of humour and violence really worked, but again I just felt it was marred by some predictable lead ins and sequences, certainly where the twins were arguing/fighting with themselves, I couldn't really see any emotional tie between them.

Arguably one of the most entertaining films of the year that deserves a higher rating on IMDb.

In the end this adds up to a rather dull final product that wastes so much potential in this genuinely interesting real life crime partnership.

Legend is a gripping movie, there's no doubt about it.

The violence is also few and far between but when it appears they definitely don't hold back, providing entertaining scenes more reminiscent of other crime dramas and what you would expect going in.

This is just a dull chronicle of murders and madness.

It's not the fault of Hardy, he is brilliant, and proves that he is a force to reckoned with, and here he cements the fact that he is one of the most exciting actors around.

LEGEND has some good stuff but it all feels disjointed with the interruptions and the ending feels so abrupt because I don't think we ever right the right momentum.

However in the words of a cockney villain "your havin a laugh", this film is slow boring and apart from its psychopathic scenes of violence which you will not enjoy, I would rather watch paint dry.

Left me bored and unenlightened .

"Legend" is just a flat and remarkably dull telling of the same story.