Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole (2010) - Animation, Action, Adventure

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When a young owl is abducted by an evil Owl army, he must escape with new-found friends and seek the legendary Guardians to stop the menace.

IMDB: 6.9
Director: Zack Snyder
Stars: Jim Sturgess, Hugo Weaving
Length: 97 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 16 out of 170 found boring (9.41%)

One-line Reviews (170)

Within the Pixar Dominated, Slapstick Permeated, Cookie-Cutter animated generation we currently live in, Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole, Directed by Zack Snyder ("300" & "Watchmen"), breaks this pedestrian mold through its Captivating Visuals, Engaging 3D, and its Lord of the Rings-like Odyssey.

The humor in Dragon is appropriate, witty, and snappy.

This is due to the animation, which is absolutely, spectacularly stunning.

And it seems Snyder takes advantage of all these possibilities to make some truly visceral scenes full of sweeping airborne shots and gracious camera movement that captures every exciting moment this film has to offer.

This is one of the most gorgeous looking films I have ever seen, with stunning use of 3D, and it is worth watching just for that.

"How To Train Your Dragon" and especially "Toy Story 3" are stunning in terms of quality and technicalities.

They were just breathtaking.

Probably the movie's strongest point, the 3D compliments the movie very well and makes you feel like you are part of this breathtaking world.

I find "Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole" rather boring.

There are several breathtaking scenes in the movie that seriously demand an IMAX 4d feel.

Soren and Eglantine delight with the narrative, but the jealous Kludd gets bored and upset with the tales of the protectors of the Kingdom of Ga'Hoole.

Despite its minor shortcomings and wasted potential for a film with smarter, more mature themes, Legend of the Guardians is still immensely entertaining.

The betrayals and "plot turns" are extremely predictable and typical clichés of almost every children's adventure story.

This has to be the best animated film you can find and I'll tell you why, its an absolute visual feast, the effects are just breathtaking and the story has a real LORD OF THE RINGS feel to it, I've often described this film as an art film because of the tremendous attention to detail and the occasional slow motion scene where it shows off its great detailed animation the most.

There are definitely the moments where you can see Snyder's signature slow-mo epic-ness but over all it feels like its lacking and adults and kids a like might feel a bit bored.

Familiar and rushed, but enjoyable and fun.

The world that this movie takes you to is also very intriguing and believable even if you are not into owls that much.

The use of slow motion effects in an animated feature was stunning!

But regardless, I really enjoyed it.

But even that is nothing compared to the harrowing climactic aerial battle between the good owls (the Guardians) and the evil marauders (known quite inaptly as the Pure Ones), a pure adrenaline rush that will set the hearts of both children and adults racing.

Very enjoyable watch and in awe of the work put into this film!

Overall , a very well crafted film with splendid CGI effects and thrilling experience.

It's a very tried and true story line, but still enjoyable.

I can safely say that not only is LOTG one of the best, most enjoyable animated films to come out this year, it's certainly one of the best 3D ones too.

CGI fighting gets tiresome fairly quickly.

Watch it for the Stunning Animation and nothing more .

Overall, Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga-Hoole isn't a masterpiece, but with excellent animation, a solid voice cast with likable characters, epic action set pieces, and a beautiful music score, this is a film that will always be worth watching.

The fight sequences and the action is all very exciting and fun to watch on the big screen.

Slow RLY .

A great action packed ride of a few young owls trying to find the legendary Guardians from their bed time stories.

Visually stunning .

The so-called intense scenes consists of owls flying fast or fighting with each other with their paws and wings, which is not visually very exciting.

A stunning piece of CGI art.

It's way too intense and mature for my younger child, who sat on my lap throughout and hid her face several times.

The movie is blessed with superb voice acting from Sturgess, Helen Mirren, Anthony LaPaglia, Weaving and, in particular, Geoffrey Rush, Of course, what really makes it work are the stunning visuals.

The animation was breathtaking, the plot was a lot more detailed and intricate than I expected, and you felt like you were being taken on a journey into another world...

Its very entertaining, without being too silly as animations sometimes tend to be since many are are targeted to children, it has a 'dark' feeling at times which make it more enjoyable.

The music is intriguing and the art style is just marvelously done!

I'm not too fond of tales and owls, but the story in this film was actually quite enjoyable.

Mediocre and predictable CG adventure .

That this animated movie has been given a consumer advice here of "some intense sequences" is no coincidence, and parents may just want to take note that there are certainly darker elements (among them the quasi-fascist group of Pure Ones owls) here compared to the regular fare from Pixar or DreamWorks.

I believe this film to be enjoyable by both kids and adults of any age.

More like the same story line which may seems mundane is big fantasy movies like 'Lord or the Rings' or 'Chronicles of Narnia'.


And the trailer says the movie is "breathtaking" to be honest "How to Train your Dragon" was more breathtaking (and goosebumps worthy) than this.

They are effective, if rather intense.

It's a pity, because this movie has a fairly high emphasis on action scenes, and I feel like I would have enjoyed it much more if I was actually able to tell what was going on during a lot of these moments.

With that said, the movie was rather enjoyable.

Either way it is constantly moving, and gaining new energy, making it entertaining.

Though the story moves at a fairly quick pace, you will be immersed in what develops, as the writers did well to implement essentials to the storyline with comprehensible dialogue.

Just by the poster you can tell that it is most definitely a visually stunning movie to enjoy!

On the plus side, it is really one of the most visually beautiful films I have ever seen, the owls are beautifully modelled, but the landscapes, the camera angles, colours and the flying in the storm scene are just breathtaking to watch.

Still the adventure, the stunning characters, the evil villains and the story of heroism and war is simply awesome.

Guardian's is a film that takes the liberties 3D and photo realistic CGI have to offer, like Avatar, to make a world and characters larger (or smaller) than life to let your mind be soothed into something beautiful, mystical, and most importantly, entertaining.

It's absolutely breathtaking to see it in 2D alone, I watched it in 3D and had a hard time closing my stuck jaw afterwords!

Besides of "How to Train your Dragon" the trailer of this movie is more breathtaking than the movie itself.

There ended up being quite a few cliché moments, and goofy scenes that were not needed.

It was foretold that some day a great composer would team up with a great director to produce an amazing epic complete with an outstandingly immersive soundtrack to generate a complete suspension of disbelief in perfect synergy with stunning multi-dimensional visuals.

The landscapes are absolutely breathtaking, Monsoons are shimmering and talons glistening, this brings out the best in Snyder's heavily artistic directing style, and has adorned this movie with graceful battle scenes, beautifully blended with his signature slow motion shots at the perfect moments.

I highly recommend it to all!!!

However due the extraordinary work which is put in to the animation, cast and music 'Legend of the Guardians' is a very watchable and enjoyable movie.

The exciting flying scenes - reminiscent of those in "Avatar"- are quite breathtaking, and the shots of lush, dark forests and vast seascapes are equally sumptuous.

And in the first half it looks like it could work for grown-ups too, with a healthy balance between funny banter and exciting action, with a few shocks along the way (characters get tortured and all).

Despite the child-friendly rating, Legend of the Guardians is a quite unusual cartoon in that it tackles an unexpected subject alongside the familiar epic themes (avian racism?

I do think it will eventually gain ground from DVD sales once the word gets out that it's unusually stunning and well-written, and my 7 year-old granddaughter is completely awestruck every time she watches it, which is often, so young children can understand and be touched by the plight of good fighting evil, even when it's beautifully animated owls.

At times also, while never dull, not too preachy(even with the death, slavery and indoctrination) and well-meaning, as well as maintaining a serious tone despite some of the writing, the story is rather formulaic and rushed in how it is told.

only to be bitterly disappointed by the movie's confusing narrative, borrowed from fairy-tales (mainly H.

The movie relies heavily on contrived traditional story-telling devices without the benefit of careful build-up or dimensional characters to make us care.

There are really good moments in this movie, including a terrifically exciting escape scene and an amusing bit with a porcupine soothsayer, and the animation is technically very well done, even if I find this sort of hyper-realism rather dreary, but overall this is a rather dull Star Wars wannabe.

The story was well interwoven which suited the animation as it was adventurous and quite gripping too.

From the story telling and compelling characters to the mind-blowing visuals, this movie has it all.

Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole is one of the most crisp, smart, and entertaining animated films I've ever seen!

They are also the intense parts that might deter young children from enjoying the film.

I was simply too immersed into the film to really notice.

Also it is a choppy story and very hard to follow as so many of the owls look alike.

The Owls movement whilst flying is exciting, matched with Snyder's ability to direct action very well, you could easily mistake it for some of the best aerial photography.

The owls suffer from the same boring over dramatic dull most fantasy stories suffer from in terms of plot.

His trademark eye for breathtaking visuals and exquisitely-handled action directing is on full display here.

Every scene had me, and it was great to share this film with my son, as he enjoyed it just as much as I did.

and beside the visuals the other good thing that made the movie entertaining is the voice acting.

An enjoyable if predictable fantasy film .

2D was tedious and painful enough.

the most spectacular visually stunning animation I've ever seen .

second, the story( though differing at many points from the series) is enjoyable for a film.

All of this made the movie seem way too long.

I know it's a family movie but with a story so stunning an extra 45 minutes would of worked wonders for plot development.

The textures are rich, the colors and panoramas are breathtaking, and all of this is complimented by a great coming of age tale.

In the Tyto Forest in Australia/Tasmania are two brothers, Soren (Jim Sturgess) and Kludd (Ryan Kwanten), who are just on the edge of fledging the nest.

Additionally, the owls are sometimes lookalikes that add to the confusion of a fairly intricate plot for kids.

All the visuals are pretty much breathtaking (for an animated film).

The animation alone made this movie worthy of a 10 in my opinion, from the fast paced 3D action scenes, to the breath-taking slow motion storm scene (which you can see in the trailer).

With that being said, Guardians is an engaging and relatively intense movie from start to finish.

This film is predictable.

Good technical aspects, but the film is very boring .

Mind-numbingly dull and viciously frightening scenes alternate with incomprehensible dialog.

Unfortunately I left the theater disappointed.

This would be a great film to watch with the family young and old because everyone will be entertaining and there will be times where your jaw will simply drop at the scenery.

With a great script and professional acting, this visually breathtaking film is a lot darker than the usual "talking animals" cartoon; war is waged and characters get killed in this movie.

This movie is stunning at least and majestic at best, even if the plot is a little dull.

My 8yr old loves this movie, and so do I, it is very compelling.

This is just a movie that you wanted to see in the big screen or else you'll get bored on the small screen.

The animation is some of the best around because everything looks so stunning.

Still one is most likely to remember the gorgeous and intricate visual design on display- every carefully rendered detail from the environments to the owls and the combination of both in a series of thrilling and breathtaking action sequences gorgeously portrayed in 3D.

Boring .

The animation is spectacular and the scenery is breathtaking.

Strangely, it's the supporting characters - the villains and the Guardians themselves - who provide the most interesting, and sometimes the most compelling characters.

I found it boring repetitious and visually a mess.

The characters are engaging also especially Soren, who you identify with every step of the way, and the voice cast with the likes of Jim Sturgess, Helen Mirren, Hugo Weaving, Geoffrey Rush, Sam Neill, Miriam Margoyles and Anthony LaPaglia are superb.

It's slow and lack of climax.

Visually splendid but very grim and very confusing this owl movie is basically a computer animated version of LORD OF THE RINGS and HAPPY FEET and AVATAR and CLASH OF (just a few) TITANS with beautiful owls.

Snyder obviously excels in the action department, even if the in-flight battles become repetitive.

The immaculate birds of prey are so stunning to look at and when they are animated and given so much movement and life it becomes a real treat.

The action is pretty exciting (especially in 3D).

This very dark kid's cartoon tells a trite and predictable good versus evil story, with owl-enslaving owls who talk about conquest and purity set against owls who just go around being noble because that's just what they do.

Stunning animation just isn't enough to give this formulaic action/fantasy film wings.

Nevertheless, Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole uses its technical expertise in order to disguise a trite, predictable and uninteresting story, which is built on the basis of the same clichés and archetypes we have already seen too many times: from the underrated main character who fights against its insecurity in order to triumph on its mission, to the wise mentor who intuits the potential from the main character, without forgetting the obligatory "comic relief" and the villains lacking of any deepness and description beyond their evilness.

The confusion over who is who is exacerbated by characters named ?

This movie is immersed in all three and is simply too good not to see.

Running at 97 minutes, Legend of the Guardians sets up its world and characters then movies its story along at a snappy pace.

There's some truly stunning things in this movie.

It blends seamlessly into the fast paced action sequences.

Looking back through the cast list the only names that I can pick out and tell you which character it was was "Soren" who is the main character, and "Twilight" and "Digger" who have the most normal and un-confusing names.

This motion picture of superb storytelling embraces a strange representation of good and evil and turns out as one of the most exciting, thought provoking, action adventures of all time.

It's a tad too intense and scary for kids with abductions, and brothers killing brothers.

There are few things in the movie which happens in pretty predictable way.

I struggle to find "Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole" entertaining.

With pop songs to pep it up, stunning slo-mo's and popularised dialogue, The Legend Of is squarely intended for a demanding, modern teenage audience.

My 353rd Review: Truly stunning visuals coupled with a moronic, sadistic script = NO-ONE wins...

There was one conflict after another, making for a headache of events to keep in straight as more loud noises and fast paced action added to the list of would-be climaxes.

There are many things in the movie which happen too fast and become pretty predictable, like 1.

Visually stunning .

Overall it may seem somewhat of a let down to the readers of the series since it lacks the depth and intimacy of the books making it somewhat bland to watch.

I really hate to give it a 6 since I adored the book series and ever wished it to be made into a film, but I left empty and uninvigorated to hope for another film.

This is a wonderful action adventure that will appeal to young and old, and was even suspenseful at times.

In conclusion, it is a pity that the solid technical work from the Australian studio Animal Logic was wasted in an ordinary and bland story which bored me to tears.

Whilst watching this I was amazed at the visuals, the animation, from every feather, every rain drop, truly visually a stunning piece of CGI art!

This is one of the more engaging and beautiful works I've seen recently.

Highly entertaining for both children and adults.

It is inspirational, breathtaking, humorous and educational with all the essentials of an all in all great story and movie.

This is one of the most visually stunning movies I have ever seen.

And even when this isn't exactly something so great as "The Lord of the Rings" from Peter Jackson, I found it to be more enjoyable than most of the animated films released in the 2010.

Not sweet enough for children, too formulaic for adults, Legend of the Guardians finds itself in limbo and therefore questionable box office clout.

But this review is primarily intended to inform parents of younger children that despite the movie's pleasant, fluffy trailers, it is an extremely intense film!

Awesome visuals, mundane story .

On top of the confusing names and similar appearances, there was a general lack of character development.

is really a piece of gems in the list of 2010 blockbusters.. The kids gonna love this movie and even adults will find themselves amazed how this movie is so captivating and story is so entertaining that its sequel will receive a much more grand opening then its predecessor.. i am waiting impatiently for the next part..the movie is studded with the captivating animation in high details which amazes its viewer and makes it a winner on technical platform.. story is refreshing and screenplay which is based on a book doesn't disappoint and speed of story is good.

Don't worry this is a dark movie at some moments, but that makes the hopeful moments and the ending that much more enjoyable.

I know I'm echoing many previous reviewers, but the graphics and visual effects of this movie were simply stunning.

It should be seen in 3d or IMAX for a full thrilling experience.

' This time, he turns attention to the fantasy genre, making one of the most visually stunning animated films of all time.

The plot was simplistic and a bit rushed, but enjoyable nonetheless.

My kids were bored.

The animation is breathtaking.

That said, the film will be enjoyed by older children and adults, for the animation is very nice and the story still is compelling.

It was breathtaking.

Every frame was mind blowing, the designs of scenery were so stunning it made my eyes water at its sheer majesty.

The action scenes got slightly predictable after about ten seconds, you know what was going to happen, who was going to attack, who was going to get attacked, etc.

Zack Synder's first animated movie soars with magnificent beauty in every animated frame and breathtaking action that will please audiences young and old alike .

His first family-friendly movie comes adapted from the first three books of the bestselling "Guardians of Ga'Hoole" by Kathryn Lasky, and it is a fantasy-adventure that soars with pure unadulterated exhilaration and absolutely stunning visuals.

Though thinly true to source material, still very enjoyable.

Animations are stunning (feathers' detail are amazing, eyes look alive), excellent use of slow-motion technique and great voice acting.

The movie was dark and from time to time confusing.

The film is entertaining and will help you keep afloat till the end.

The movie is short and exciting and, while it seems like it is just another CGI talking animals kids movie, Zack Snyder's unique visual flare makes it much more than that.

The plot is exciting and gripping, the characters are likable (some a little quirkier than others) and it has a nice hint of comedy within it all.

Otherwise I'd highly recommend it.

IF we can be totally entertained by stunning 3D visuals that take us on flights of fantasy like those of Avatar, this animated feature would definitely be as successful as that James Cameron epic.

The story is a tat predictable, it has fantasy story elements we have seen before, younglings being turned slaves and mining for some sort material, this time metal, the sibling rivalry between two brothers manifesting into them joining different fractions, the Guardians being a white knight force and young characters forced onto a quest into the unknown.

Many scenes of the owls in flight are simply breathtaking.

The visuals are sometimes breathtaking, the jokes are so clever they seem like they've never been told before, you could really sense the emotion of every character, it reminded me so much of epic tales like Duncton Wood and Watership Down and the dialogue is so, so well done.