Legion (2010) - Action, Adventure, Fantasy

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When a group of strangers at a dusty roadside diner come under attack by demonic forces, their only chance for survival lies with an archangel named Michael, who informs a pregnant waitress that her unborn child is humanity's last hope.

IMDB: 5.2
Director: Scott Stewart
Stars: Paul Bettany, Dennis Quaid
Length: 100 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 101 out of 342 found boring (29.53%)

One-line Reviews (266)

The story of Legion is a great one in my book, it's filled with Action and has an awesome storyline but can be a bit confusing if you don't know the whole deal.

But whereas movies like Constantine and TV shows like Supernatural succeed at portraying all the evil vs good in a very entertaining manner, Legion just fails.

And most of the characters are boring and uninteresting, they just don't jump off the screen too you.

Film has a very confusing plot and the snap editing manages to keep the viewer somewhat informed and involved.

Perhaps it's the choppy pacing or editing, or the uninteresting cinematography.

The first five minutes captured my imagination and dragged me in and then it all went horrible wrong.

She started staring into her slurpy drink, which i assume she found was more enjoyable then this movie.

I couldn't even follow a lot of it, I was so bored.

But if I'm brutally honest It felt just like I have watched a longer episode of Supernatural TV series, one of the later episodes when it got super dull.

but boring...

Why do almost all the movies about angels that I see have to be so boring, pretentious and poorly made?

With special-effect scenes and war-like action, this movie will prove exciting and terrifying.

Unexpected to say the least...

Read some crappy reviews but a couple of my buddies dragged me into it and I was really impressed.

I hate repeating myself about wasting your time and money, but trust me don't waste your time or money.

It leaves you feeling cheated, the whole movie is just talk that can get somewhat confusing if you don't pay close attention to it.

Because as crappy as this is, (and it is indeed crappy), it is good-bad rather than just bad-bad or even boring-good.

Despite the god (no pun intended) awful reviews by most users here, I found Legion very entertaining and fun.

This is literally the biggest waste of time I have ever done.

Was his character supposed to be "slow"?

wait..Boring zombie movie meet god .

The movie gets super boring and all talky talky in the middle of it and it gets really slow, the story gets dumber as it goes along and there might be a sequel, personally if there is no sequel then I would bet that in 5 years this movie will have been completely forgotten about by most of us.

don't waste your time like I did...

The TV and radio goes on the blink (cliché), a strange cloud is noticed in the distance (cliché) and then an old lady turns up.

This movie is totally unwatchable.

Still, if angels and guns are a couple of words that get you excited, this is some enjoyable escapism.

If you were to ignore both the glaring deficiencies in logic and the poorly-veiled anti-abortion propaganda, you might be able to consider it an okay film.

All that talking just kills the momentum of the intense action.

Decent enough film if you're kinda bored and not much to do on a Sunday.

Low-attention-spanned action-buffs will find dull, repetitive fights and action sequences.

Slow and uneventful.

Long wait after shooting scene until the next one, some things are explained and other things become dull and well lame.

Don't waste your time or money on it.

It was a complete waste of money.

And also some nice ingredients to make this flick worth watching.

") To be perfectly frank, this is codswallop of the ripest variety but, for all that, there is something quite entertaining in watching a decent actor like Paul Bettany giving full commitment to something as preposterous as this.

The director and producers must check before they launched this type of boring movie.

Entertaining mix of genres if you buy into it.

After that, I got bombarded with conversation fluff, angels with oddly different accents, and a mother more uninteresting than Sarah Connor off of The Terminator.

Too often a sci-fi fantasy movie starts with some very chilling, creepy, exciting images and action, and then fails to deliver when it is time to furnish some explanation of what is going on.

As I walked out of the film, I left shaking my head realizing that everything I had anticipated being in the film, had actually been absent.

Don't waste your money!!

The characters are so uninteresting, two-dimensional and pathetic that you simply just don't care if they live or die.

Add to that a very good fight sequence with the angel Gabriel and I found this movie a good if uninspiring watch.

Legion holds maybe two entertaining scenes, aside from the beginning of course.

It was boring, and it was over-dramatic.

Really, don't waste your time.

Despite some thrilling though somewhat isolated special effects, some notable one-liners, ("Perhaps he (God) got tired of all the bullshit", repeated for emphasis both at the movie's beginning and end,as if it were the movie's keystone, "It's not going to matter anymore") and considerable star power (Dennis Quaid and Paul Bettany), this movie lacks the panache to be called great or even good.

to many cliché's, the overly religious black guy, failed single father, the noble son, the gang-banging black guy, the dysfunctional rich white family with the smokin hot daughter.

The film fails to commit to its Christian apocalyptic premise and ends up feeling vague, boring, and muddled as a result.

To depict them as being something else is not only stretching literary license to the limit, it distorts the biblical message and reduces the movie to being just another fx extravaganza, interesting to watch but dramatically empty.

There was so much horrible dialogue between the pregnant female and the sad puppy male that it was getting boring very fast.

It's just a bit repetitive from mid-point on.

The trailer looks compelling too, so I decided to watch it, despite another reviewer here in IMDb told me not to, whom I should have listened to.

It's an entertaining movie.

But if you still want to waste your time and go see this movie.

Despite the decent build up at the start, the movie plays out to be dull and boring with an audacious ending so appalling i didn't know whether to burst out laughing for being so stupid for sitting through the entire movie or just give myself one big smack in the head and hope i could relinquish the thought of having seen this movie.

Overall this one was quite an enjoyable effort.

It was a lot of fun watching this movie, mostly because it was so predictable and bad.

Its basically funny and killing, makes me think of playing left 4 dead on the xbox, definitely trying to get my fiancée to watch it so i can watch it again, I understand a lot of you like to criticize, but i watched it for a good laugh (friend told me about it) and really enjoyed it.

No one cares about these people, they're just boring.

" Overall, this movie had some intense action (which was COOL), and it actually was moving at parts.

I don't want to be cruel, but this is truly the worst movie I have ever paid to see.

This being my first comment I just wanna say that this is by far the single worst movie I have ever seen.

) over the heads of the other actors, many of whom appear lost or miscast, (Lucas Black as an adult never rediscovered the niche he had enjoyed as a child actor), and it is his performance alone which makes this entertaining and worth watching.

Story stops and nothing happens for 45 minutes.

Really, I already saw the movie, don't waste your time.

The only reason that this movie was worth watching was the comedy element.

Worst movie of my Life :( Please Don't Watch it.

While watching Legion I was constantly reminded of so many other movies, it's hard to keep track of , they literally used every cliché in the book of clichés.

We walked out of the theater and all of us were baffled that we wasted the money to go see such a pointless movie and then we began to trash it.

Locations were boring.

The action was slow, very slow and not nearly enough for what the movie was supposed to be...

There not much to say about Legion except that it bland,boring and forgettable.

The film turns out to be a crossover among several films , taking ideas here and there , resulting to be an entertaining movie .

I've watched this movie 3 times now and have enjoyed it each time.

Scott Stewart wrote (with Peter Schwink - neither with impressive credentials except for 'unlisted special effects' work in prior works) and directed this plodding CGI mess and even Paul Bettany can't save it.

Those stories are so stereotype and cliché-driven, it's just painful to watch and completely takes out the pace of the movie.

Kevin Durand is good as Gabriel, quite intense too.

Me on the other hand I'm looking forward to a sequel and the upcoming developments to see that will definitely be enjoyable.

Plus 2 stars for Paul Bettany's performance, but otherwise this film is confusing, derivative and preposterous.

Save your money people....

entertaining and funny for me, whats so bad about it.

I was surprised to see notable actors like Charles Dutton and Dennis Quaid in this B grade movie, it must have been a slow period in their careers at the time.

no religion, no message, no intellectual properties .

Good for an entertaining plot .

There were some enjoyable moments (all the better ones spoiled in the trailer) - the ceiling-scuttling little old lady, the ice-cream van spiderleg man, the angelic bait-boy, and Gabriel's horn.

A few evocative shots, some silly/fun action scenes, a couple of unintentional laughs, and a mystifying performance from Paul Bettany, are just barely enough for me to give Legion a pass.

The actor fires the required number of rounds, the slide on his pistol locks back indicating that the magazine is empty, and the actor just keeps on firing in the next shot without ever reloading.

Or if you have the habit of repeatedly falling asleep for a minute.

Is entertaining as hell?

It's a pointless, worthless January abortion that even has the gall to presume itself a sequel.

Real boring.

The story about the angel and the fallen one was a bit boring.

Legion - a bit bland .

It truly burns me up, that critics and the public will praise incoherent and poorly directed work if it comes from Tim Burton, lavish praise on visually stunning but utterly empty garbage like 'Avatar', and traduce this relatively well-made, entertaining thriller because it goes overboard spiritually.

Depending on what you expect, you might think this is a waste of time (as another reviewer did, who compared it unfavourably with The Prophecy, starring Christopher Walken) or you might just decide to suspend those expectations and see what transpires.

I watched most of the movie, just fast forwarding past a few of the slow parts in the middle.

The finale then culminates with a knock-down, drag out fight between Michael and fellow-angel Gabriel, but watching them swing a mace at one another for fifteen minutes is exactly as exciting as it sounds.

i said to my self "yes this is how an angel must be" , acting is very good for both angels but as i said rest is pointless.

I actually found the character development just fine, and I enjoyed the slower pace which reflects movies such as Carriers and The Crazies rather than Quantum of Solace which seemed hyperactive and crude by comparison.

The action sequences are constructed well, they're exciting and engaging to watch.

But let's take it a bit slower: although some might find it too religious, others sacrilegious, the idea, the foundation this film is built upon is not that bad.

I'm not sure if I'd watch it ever again, but it's definitely entertaining.

Worth watching!

advertising and waste of time.

In conclusion, Legion is definitely the worst movie of 2010 and one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

because believe it or not, they make 100 times more sense, and they are a hundred times more entertaining.

Beyond the the films comments on violence and horror there is the brilliant cinema photography and stunning special effects that add to a powerful mix of humor, terror and explosive action.

And some action scenes and effects are amusing to say the least, but other than that, it's just boring.

An extremely weak script, characters poorly defined, highly predictable.

It is a bad movie uses every cliché in the book of clichés .

Intense and sometimes scary

The first hour was good, and then after that it was boring.

Limited setting is a really fantastic opportunity to present a gripping, suspenseful narrative.

The dialogs before granny turned to a zombie were completely dull and not related to the theme at all.

I enjoyed it...

More or less, the only downside in my opinion was the boring set designs.

Take all the boring parts of those two movies and you have Legion.

Unoriginal poor story, messy and had unlikable stupid characters, boring dialogues, a vague explainaton, silly fighting coreography (is this the matrix?

Enjoyable throughout.

that's all this was what a waste of time, talent and thank god I downloaded it for free not money "This movie just fails on every level.

No one is expecting an Oscar-winning performance here by any actor or the movie in general, but it makes a nice treat when you're bored or want to see something relatively fun.

JESTERS REVIEW: -will contain spoilers- From the start of the film i knew i was in for a ride, whether i enjoyed it was really up to my state of mind at the time...

A lot of the film is a shoot em up that is hard to follow and frankly boring.

The surprise ending and the changes that Jeep and Charlie experience along with the adrenalin-fueled shoot-out sequences make "Legion" into entertaining hokum.

The last hour dragged.

and in a nutshell it was the worst movie of my life...

Freshman director Scott Stewart's high-octane apocalyptic actioneer "Legion" suffers minutely from one contrivance after another, but this suspenseful secular saga conjures up more than enough thrills, chills and spills to keep audiences entertained with its audacity.

Verdict: If you want to see a roaring dumpster fire, definitely see this movie (or just save your money and wait for the next Hugh Grant knee-slapper).

because the movie is one of the worst movies i ever seen.

The concept of the saviour child, is not explained, so everything seems relatively pointless.

I'll say i found it good and it was (expectedly) a good waste of my time.

The spiritual context of the fight helps to give this a stronger sense of fantasy and spectacle than otherwise expected, which gives this one a great visual sense to go along with the engaging story which gives this another piece of the strong plot.

Even though its a different genre, the movie is still a thousand times more entertaining and more interesting than Inception.

The rest is the characters dealing with this apocalypse in the horribly written and criminally boring dialogue scenes about religious and/or life mumbo-jumbo that you do not care about.

It is boring with lots of talking that doesn't gets anything done.

I thought that the movie would be unique, given the plot, but it was very cliché.

Of course granny was a demon (er, I mean an angel; so easy to get confused here), that was predictable.

His attempts to flesh out characters are noble, but he does it using your basic amateurish over exposition dialogue, and the middle section is bloated, with boring one on one conversations between the six or seven people we are supposed to be rooting for.

This thrilling picture is set in an out-of-the-way diner that turns into the unlikely battleground for the survival of the human race , being trapped in the solitary desert when there appears the Archangel Michael .

the back story dialogues REEKED of cheese and lulled the watcher to a semi-catatonic state.

Most of this crap is about silly, boring dialogs.

Thrilling and suspenseful musical score by John Frizzell , an expert on gothic atmospheres .

Despite the religious trappings, Legion is an old fashioned shoot-'em-up with satisfying gunfights, a pacey plot and barely a dull moment.

It was poorly edited, giving the film a disjointed fell and adding to the overall lack of conviction that dogs this film.

Paul Bettany is usually a good actor, but his performance was pretty boring.

An Excellent Film which can be confusing .

What I got was a very slow paced and unoriginal story.

What a waste of time (and money).

But the movie, if your aware of what you're getting yourself into, is actually thoroughly enjoyable.

I remember the time when people were saying that adult movies were bad because they had no storyline.

What a waste of time .

He gave a sympathetic show for the most part, but he had his bland moments.

It's moderately entertaining.

Quick moving yet decidedly predictable end-of-the-world supernatural actioner with Bettany as Michael, the angel of God, who is attempting to save mankind from a horde of battling angels sent forth to wipe out the Earth of its aforementioned inhabitants.

And I really enjoyed Lucas Black in Fast and the Furious, but in the movie his acting very poor and boring.

I actually skipped a good bit of the middle, but felt the last 30 minutes was worth watching in its entirety.

The fights are bloody and intense, and certainly gets the adrenaline pumping.

One of the most entertaining aspects of this film is how oblivious the actors are to how bad the script is.

Legion has enough action, a little suspense, some character development, and solid performances from the cast (especially Paul Bettany) who make this action supernatural thriller worth watching at least once.

Bettany is certainly imposing as the rogue archangel, supporting cast members Quaid and Gibson do well also, it is a simplistic story, an angel coming to save the world and protecting what could be the new messiah, and it does have some good special effects and face-paced battle sequences, overall it is a simple but entertaining enough apocalyptic supernatural action horror film.

Flashing one shot after the other, which usually ends in a confusing mess.

A fairly entertaining explosive-filled hybrid of THE TERMINATOR meets DOGMA doomsday actioner .

Once the film first set-piece ended it turned into a slower version of Night of the Living Dead.

The movie is action packed and frightening.

The story went nowhere, the characters did not elicit anything in the viewer, and the pace was excruciating.

This movie has nothing to offer, the trailer said that the movie was going to be fast-paced and action packed that dialogue is going to take the backseat...

This movie was full of predictable moves and lines.

Editing is par for the course, which means a lot of confusion during fight scenes.

The action is boring and Bettany looks out of place, simple because he has not got the experience to lead an action movie.

If you wanna waste 2 hrs of your life...

Legion keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout most of the movie and even though a lot of content was shown in the trailers there is still a lot more that wasn't.

The whole film could have wrapped up in about 30 minutes if they'd ditched the incredibly boring and pointless talk fest.

Don't worry, there's plenty of time to check your smartphone during the lulls in the action.

it had me hyperventilating with the super weird twist/unexpected events (referring to when michael came back as a resurrected angel).

We soon learn that all the common annoyances we normally go through in this world are just as boring and typical as our worst Thanksgiving dinner with our dysfunctional families (analogous to, no pun intended, devils in hell want ice-water).

Could have been much more, but it was entertaining.

Director Scott Stewart should be dragged out into the street and publicly shot for wasting movie-goers' time.

There were some predictable moments which weighed down the film a bit.

I was expecting something powerful and profound but I was met with a weak story and script and cliché characters.

But this is not a film for anyone who's mind turns away from real dissent, though those who already find themselves on the precipice, and are able to see past the clichés, will find that this story resonates with them and is, in all, a rather enjoyable ride.

In between the action scenes, this movie was plain boring, with stereotypes and false emotions.

All in all, Legion is hugely entertaining, some scenes having serious WTF?

If, however, you want to watch a fairly entertaining film with some good action (albiet not wall-to-wall, some good acting and a few really creepy moments then give this a go.

A high concept, fast paced, biblical themed action set mostly in an American desert greasy spoon/gas station.

It is only half of what makes the dialogue scenes pointless and boring.

I left the theater empty.

i thought it was pretty simple and entertaining and the message of mercy and understanding at the end was a good one and hard to argue.

This movie has a very compelling story, and some great action.

Despite being a mediocre film,one may find this entertaining and relaxing.

The action was wicked and intense, the characters were fun and intriguing, it was gory and action packed so despite everything else I had fun.

As well, the fact that there's a lot to like with its make-up work on the possessed deformities and the strong, bloody gore all work together with these factors here to make this a rather enjoyable effort.

This time is used for each of the uninteresting, two-dimensional characters to melodramatically shed out stories of their troubled pasts.

This was a waste of time and money.

I enjoyed it.

IMDb currently rates films which ARE poorly scripted, cheesily acted and generally confusing with plot lines such as X-Men Origins: Wolverine and The Lost Boys at much higher status (6-7/10) and I don't feel that, in comparison, Legion deserves its current status.

The angels acted like rabid rednecked zombies, instead of vengefully angels bored with humanity.

It picked up and I found it do be an enjoyable time.


Said baby is in the womb of a woman working as a waitress in a little diner on the edge of the Mojave desert, and she and a group of people will be trapped in the diner as the Apocalypse is unleashed.

I wouldn't say it was a total waste of my time seeing as how it brought laughter.

There are a couple of decent scenes here and there (the granny and the ice cream man scenes to name two) but there just wasn't enough to keep your interest peaked, even when the action started as even these became rather dull.

Often, during lulls in the attacks as our appealing and clearly sympathetic characters let their guns cool off, they discuss philosophical and moral issues.

It's worth a watch, and I found it enjoyable.

Far from an epic but still very entertaining .

There are some nice stand out moments and if you have a little faith and buy into the subject matter Legion is rewarding and entertaining enough.

Most reviews were negative, but I went to see it out of pure boredom.

This movie is horrible and it is possibly the worst movie of the 2010, along with "Predators".

Legion was incredibly entertaining!

Anticipation of action can be as entertaining or more as endless pow, pow, pow, right in the kisser.

Yes a duel between two angels and it is boring.

) A fairly entertaining explosive-filled hybrid of THE TERMINATOR meets DOGMA if you will that only falters by its conclusion (in the sense there seems to be huge chunks of plot jettisoned for pyrotechniques and the usual CGI mayhem).


This is one of the interesting questions explored in this offbeat but entertaining take off on the apocalyptic theme.

100 minutes of painful cliché's, empty characters and bad acting.

"Legion" instead presents itself with an embarrassing self-seriousness that quickly subsides into numbing boredom.

i I found End of Days , The Prophecy , Stigmata highly enjoyable .

A thriller with some intense scenes .

All in all if was entertaining and worth the watch.

It was boring to see the same design over and over again.

The sound was terrific and the action scenes were awesome but you cannot have yourself a good movie with that little of action and no story.

Absolutely predictable and a total POS.

This film is great fun, and though played straight by the actors, provides an amusing and entertaining 100 mins.

You get 20 minutes of action, 50 minutes of boredom and 20 minutes of nonsense.

(Unfortunately, the unreferenced shots were the only intriguing moments in the film.

Please, don't waste your time.

But, if you want a couple of cheap laughs and a very cliché movie, then go for it.

At the end of the day, if you can switch your brain off for 90 minutes, "Legion" is fairly entertaining and has a few fun moments amongst all the confusion and dreary dialogue.

This is somewhat of a scary movie, more or less just weird, yet, it gets the adrenaline pumping and rushing on the fight scenes.

My fourth impression was that following the granny, the "possessed" people were rather slow, stupid and not particularly menacing, very much like zombies even though they were not.

The other ambushes on the patrons inside the diner are quite fun as they attempt to break in and get at them forcing some thrilling action to barricade them off which makes the whole segment quite fun along with the later attacks here with the trap involving the family coming to the gas pump and setting off the trap which is quite a blast overall here.

Just boring .

This movie gets a 4 because technically it is partly well done but it does the worst sin of them all it is boring.

The gunshots in "Legion" are pretty intense, which adds to the tension during gunfights.

But, one day, perhaps a month or so before she is due to give birth, what seems like another boring day becomes the eve of the apocalypse.

True, there are many, many loose ends in the story and plot holes the size of the grand canyon, but despite these obvious flaws, Legion remains an entertaining movie.

The horror scenes were genuinely frightening, the action scenes, brutally suspenseful, and the fights were extremely violent.

Regrettably, what follows is wave after tedious wave of the possessed arriving (inexplicably by car), only to emerge as rifle fodder in a shameless co-opting of "Dawn of the Dead.

Its worth the watch people.

Don't waste your time with this film - it really was disappointing!

Paul Bettany was very enjoyable as the fallen angel who goes against god.

The beginning scene where Michael cuts his wings is quite a surprise, but then the actions are boring and completely expected.

Some commenters say this is propaganda.

I'm 12 years old, and I know this review doesn't sound professional, but hey, bear with me, when a 12 year old kid sees a boring movie, they know it's a boring movie ESPECIALLY if it's an action movie with monsters and angels, who doesn't want to see it.

But as a total movie experience, this is, at best, a guilty pleasure, and the scenes of character development are, well, mostly boring (although there is one terrific father-son advice scene with Dennis Quaid and Lucas Black early on in the movie).

No story grip no plot.

Overall, the plot was inconsistent, the acting was mediocre, i was not absorbed into the movie, and the whole experience was a waste of my time and money.

The film starts well showing Micheals landing on Earth all very dark and mysterious but does slow down a little till "granny" makes an appearance.

It does not have the power of the original (perhaps because it lacks an actor of Walkens ability in a lead role) but is certainly, in my opinion, worth watching as a modern 'remake'.

the ice cream man who turned into the human spider.. here was a moment that was drawn out and you were expecting a big attack and it ends so abruptly with NOTHING happening.

I am trying to put my feelings apart but this movie is such a big waste of time.

You know what, screw the critics and the bashers because I thought this religious themed horror/thriller was very entertaining, goofy, funny and at the same time thrilling, this is not a boring flick folks.

Don't want to make this review longer,but this must be worst movie i watched...

Legion of Confusion .

During the movie, the guy behind me started text msging because he was so bored.

Save your money and rent it if you must.

It might make an acceptable late-night film on TV at home, where if you doze off, you wouldn't miss much.

Upon viewing this film the first time around, I'm sorry I fell asleep.

This is the easily the worst movie i have seen this year...

The action scenes were insanely boring and only few things kept my attention span.

I had the misfortune of getting dragged to see this, and while it did leave an impression, it's a bad one.

" Between moments of angelic terror (not all that terrifying to the viewer), are these droning conversations of touchy-feely contrived monotony between people who the viewer never connects with or cares about.

During an inexplicable lull in the attack Michael explains: Charlie the waitress is pregnant with a baby that can turn the tide in an angelic war.

The action scenes were edgy and thrilling.

I think the cast and crew were aiming for 'entertaining.