Let It Snow (2019) - Comedy, Romance

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In a small town on Christmas Eve, a snowstorm brings together a group of young people.

IMDB: 5.8
Director: Luke Snellin
Stars: Isabela Merced, Shameik Moore
Length: 92 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 30 out of 170 found boring (17.64%)

One-line Reviews (89)

Add a lesbian girl with love troubles and her girlfriend who doesn't have her best day, and you have all the cliché types that a movie like "Let it snow" needs.

The movie does have quite a few cliches that in the beginning I thought would irritate me but the movie was very enjoyable.

Cliché .

In short, it's as predictable as a story from Vicky the Viking.

Disconnected stories, weak roles and so predictable that you can stop watching in the middle and won't miss anything.

Acting is mediocre story is boring.

Any interesting plots were abandoned for more cliché storylines, such as a sick mother and a meandering musician.

It is fun and entertaining.

I personally give it 2/2 stars because I really enjoyed it.

It's different, bland and uninteresting!

Nothing award-winning about it, but still enjoyable.

Plot was too predictable, no surprises whatsoever.

The film's pacing does seem to fit, but the story dragged along with it seems like an unfit match.

Although the film looks beautiful and has an admittedly delightful tone, Let It Snow unfortunately squanders its source material for a bland and poorly written script.

The plot is predictable.

When I saw "Let it snow" announced I was thrilled, I had devoured the book in one sitting, the movie on the other hand was such a waste of time, not only for the ever present forced diversity, the perfectly crafted plot was ruined and the acting was truly hard to watch.

But sometimes cliches are good and entertaining.

Really reaallly boring .


I thought this was lovely.. easy to watch and totally enjoyable!

There's something about christmas movies that makes you forget that they're a complete cliché as you get into the spirit.

Cliche unoriginal story.

But honestly I came for Kiernan and I stayed for Kiernan, it bored me too much, I don't have much to say about the movie and I'm a big fan of Christmas romantic movies considering that most of them are ridiculous

A perpetual trope of "Look at this character and their thrown-in-your-face quirk that makes them down to earth and relatable" that does not add to the plot or your actual understanding of the character, which is used to somehow counterbalance the complete lack of story telling throughout.

As a youth leader at church, I can't directly recommend it to sensitive church friends or impressionable young folks because the movie has some (light) teenage drinking and a bit of profanity and a constant modern music score (which is neither good nor bad, just unexpected in a "Christmas" movie) and one of story threads is (light) LGBT.

The word the meaning of this movie in dictionary is cliche.

Quite unexpected, but actually a bloody enjoyable watch.

The plot is engaging.

A talented cast in a predictable generic movie for Christmas.

I really enjoyed it.

Had I not gone into it with "A Cheertastic Christmas Miracle" being my favorite John Green work, I might have enjoyed it more...

It's not the peak of cinema, but in its own genre it's absolutely enjoyable.

Some good songs and messages but overwall, it's a big waste of time!

Uninspired adaptation has many flaws, but proves to be entertaining .

She was OK, and all the other actors too, but the film was boring and silly.

very predictable.

Don't waste your time.

%100 cliche.

The characters and their narratives become reasonably engaging before we're suddenly then on to something else and you don't really know why.

At some parts of the movie it can be really boring or you can guess what's going to happen wich makes repetitive.

I can watch movies when I don't want to think and just want to relax, but this felt like a waste of time.

Cliché all over .

Slow and boring.

This was full of overused cliche that were not even executed in a way that is new or good.

All the subplots have good moments, but can feel forced and very cliche ridden throughout, and while the structure of the film is interesting and different for a Christmas film it feels disjointed with less than smooth transitioning and doesn't quite come together.

Let It Snow is that kind of cliche.

PC propaganda.

We always get pretentious teenagers that are extremely annoying to watch.

It is predictable.

Was bored all the way through because all the characters were so flat.

Yeah Cliché and we all know he gets the girl, and the party rocks at the end...

Enjoyed it .

Uninteresting characters .

Other christmas movie, you can guess in the middle of the film how it will finish but at the same time was entertaining and cute, the actors are good and I'd love to visit affle town.

But the writing was even worse: full of cliché, unnatural and cheesy conversations.

Everything was so predictable.

Waste of time.

it HAS to be cliche.............

Seriously, the book is just degraded to a boring, family-friendly movie.

Thanks for making an truly enjoyable movie from beginning to end!

Boring .

Definitely predictable and cheesy, but something enjoyable to watch while wrapping presents.

I enjoyed this movie, unexpected plot and different than most.

Yes, Let It Snow is a cliche rom-com.

The jokes were hilarious, great casting , good actors , and I enjoyed it.

Enjoyable good movie...

If you want to waste some time, go for it

A bunch of uninteresting characters that aren't appealing.

It wasn't a complete waste of my time, I enjoyed it.

I still highly recommend it as a feel-good Christmassy movie for the family.

I'm so pleased to see those that enjoyed it leaving the reviews it deserves 😊

It is entertaining.

But it was clean, decent and free of non-stop profanity and gratuitous, pointless sex.

It was very interesting and engaging all the time.

It's a bit of a poor man's Breakfast Club, so it can't help having a very 'British' soundtrack (steer clear if you don't like 'The Whole of the Moon'), but it has some quirky, sassy characters and snappy dialogue.

This looks like a mix of every teenage cliché -- the best friend in love, the girl who doesn't like a superstar and then hooks up with him, and even a new kind of cliché that is an LGBT romance of an outkast with a popular in-the-closet person, I will make an excuse for the last one since we don't get to see many lesbian christmas movies.

the plot is so tired and predictable.

I really enjoyed it.

The established friendship that we see felt very contrived.

The feel good Christmas movies have a formula that is light on plot but heavy on stories coming together in a happy, albeit somewhat contrived, ending.

Total waste of time.

Entertaining, fun, and predictable.

:) The worst movie I have seen for a long time.

The film at times does prove to be entertaining, with a tone that, even despite its flaws, seems irresistible.

I am so sick of this cultural marxist propaganda.

Far More Entertaining Than A Colonoscopy .

The story is engaging, and some scenes cause tears to appear in my eyes.

Every time you feel like you're getting somewhere with the characters, you are brought to another character's equally boring storyline.

But this isn't the worst movie, it's really enjoyable and fun to watch.