Leviathan (1989) - Adventure, Horror, Mystery

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An American deep-sea mining colony stumbles upon a sunken Soviet vessel hiding a horrific secret.

IMDB: 5.8
Director: George P. Cosmatos
Stars: Peter Weller, Richard Crenna
Length: 98 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 22 out of 125 found boring (17.6%)

One-line Reviews (86)

Worth watching.

Sharks pointlessly arrive, and then the Sixpack/Bowman monster makes its appearance (pretty contrived that it would suddenly show up again and make it to the surface that quickly, although to be fair the protagonists get up there pretty quick too) and kills Jones, which is just unnecessary.

However, once the creature-feature elements start to kick in, the film quickly self-destructs into a remarkable mess of incoherent plot dead ends, stilted, poorly framed scenes and repetitive dialogue.

Out of 'the deep', 'Deepstar six', 'the abyss' and 'deep rising' Leviathan is my favourite, heavily enjoyable, even if somewhat restrained at points, and all out gore at others.

Overall Feel: Apart from being a shameless Alien ripoff, it is a good and enjoyable movie.

The story isn't new, I'll admit that, but I found it more entertaining than some of the other 80's "Terror-at-seas" themed movies.

Theorizing why Hollywood failed to impart on Crenna the stardom he richly deserved deserved stands as a valuable pastime while wading through the wildly unconvincing scenes of miners supposedly 2 miles undersea ("remember actors, walk really slow and deliberate because all that water would probably be heavy!

Enjoyable, well made Sci-Fi/B Movie monster flick.

The nasty ridiculous pointless & almost Racist surprise killing of the best character & actor in the movie the excellent ERNIE HUDSON who survived everything & even escaped to surface to suddenly get killed by the sea creature!!!

Some extremely predictable plot points and the monsters end.

Co-written by David Webb Peoples (of "Blade Runner" fame), it borrows elements from such previous films as "Alien" and "The Thing", and is overall mostly predictable.

I enjoyed it very much.

So asides from the ending, the movie was very well made, and was entertaining to watch.

Jerry Goldsmith's score is serious, engaging and memorable.

It's a shame, because everything else in this movie is enjoyable enough.

The music score is beautiful, the film goes fast paced around, I am never bored with it.

The first half of "Leviathan" is competently made and surprisingly absorbing, with strongly drawn characters and good acting all around.

Intriguing and worthwhile, though fairly formulaic and utterly spoiled by the fourth arc .

worth watching, I guess, if you're into water/space sci-fi.

With that said, LEVIATHAN is a mildly entertaining film that has enough going for it to make it worth sitting through.

The creature effects are very well done and they're shown just enough (until the laughably predictable ending with its [intentionally?

The pros of this movie are that it's entertaining in a b-grade sort of way.

The intro first act takes way too long.

It's a bad-movie cliché to have actors bitching and bickering while bullets are flying.

Cosmatos (Rambo:First Blood Part 2, Cobra, Tombstone) made an entertaining, familiar Sci-Fi/Adventure/Horror/Thriller.

Very Enjoyable...

Although this film rips off many classic movies which are much better, such as "The Thing", "Alien", "The Abyss" and even "The Fly", it is still pretty enjoyable.

good fx; predictable story .

However, unlike the films that it shares company with, the reveal of the 'creature' is ultimately underwhelming, more so confusing.

So while the story has been done to death, it is worth watching this version of it for the great characters.

Leviathan's an entertaining movie.

I for one enjoyed it for what it was.

Leviathan has a strong cast of characters, brilliant effect on par with The Thing (thanks to Stan Winston again) and an engaging story line.

Derivative Sci-Fi thriller("Alien", "The Thing", etc.) has mostly stupid supporting characters that set the contrived plot in motion, a predictable plot, and unimaginative monsters.

Slow start Monsters too resilient .

I recommend this film and thankfully its now on DVD cause its worth watching it on DVD.

I recalled it as The Deep, so I saw that movie at Wal-Mart for 10 bucks, so I bought it and found a rather dull wreck-diving movie.

Cliche-ridden The Thing and Aliens rip-off.

It will bore your brain into a coma.

together with cosmatos' craftsmanship, sfx by Stan Winston and few dull moments they lift this Movie to higher grounds.

Script is enjoyable.

Pretty boring really.

And you're on the edge of your seat the whole time.

It's so clichéd, so formulaic...

Who cares its entertaining .

Of all the underwater thrillers that came out in 1989, "The Abyss" might have had the biggest production value and "DeepStar Six" might have had the most gore scenes, but "Leviathan" was easily the most entertaining.

This doesn't make him seem like that kind of nerdy guy who turns hero, it just makes him seem like a boring to watch stick in the mud.

It's a jumble of bits of other, better movies; and is about as generic and predictable as it gets.

In the end you decide weather it was worth watching or not.


Even though the monsters look incredibly crappy and are so awkwardly intercut with the actors that we don't believe for a second the crew is actually fighting them, the movie is kinda thrilling from the get go until the very end.

Bottom line: don't waste your time.

The slow first half makes way for an adrenaline pack second half where the tensity mounts, there are some tense and very claustrophobic scenes that keep you on edge- but overall the film mostly lacks surprise and does become predictable, especially if you've seen 'Alien' and 'The Thing'.

Still it has it everything to be a good thriller,suspenseful moments and good special effects along with some memorable characters.

Entertaining Mix of Horror and Sci-Fi .

The first 45 minutes or so is more entertaining than the last half though.

The story about human experiments is exciting enough, we don't need a monster too.

This movie has a really good cast and the special effects make it even more enjoyable.

Very predictable, characters are all stereotyped and done with a story line straight from the best SF movie ever made - "Alien".

Another thing that gets tedious near the end is that the story and dialogue start going down hill and you get the sense that the film-makers ran out of ideas and fail to offer a decent explanation as to the origin of the monster.

Enjoyable, Occasionally Suspenseful Deep-Sea Thriller .

My buddies and I would watch the worst movies and make fun of them.

The creature gestates inside people (alien) but then takes over and molds their cells together (The Thing) The one thing that impressed me is that at the very end of the film the last 3 survivors (it was obvious at that point that this movie was already too predictable and I knew my dad was mistaken and they wouldn't all die) One of the survivors was Ernie Hudson!

like a 60's horror, the slow close ups of the ominous safe from the Russian boat amused me, and the fact that the hip flask containing some genetic mutating experiment/sea creature is left for you to have ideas about.

However the film is too generic and also too slow to get going for an aqua monster on the loose film.

It does have some corny scenes that actually made me laugh, but all in all I really enjoyed it.

However, the film is completely entertaining!

Anyway, this movie was one of those films that is engrossing in the theater and transfers very poorly to television and video.

I certainly enjoyed it for what it was.

His acting style is "cool" but intense, and he has an appointment at Syracuse University teaching Ancient Civilizations.

I think that if you suffer from insomnia, this just might be the cure.

The acting from all the actors are good and enjoyable.

While the cinematography of the under-water mining base and the ocean floor is fairly eye-catching, as the look and setting of the film is vibrantly rich and engaging in detail.

Yet another predictable sci-fi/horror non-thriller .

People like this do not exist, surely in serious businesses such as underwater mining, and that one would even care about a one of them is a waste of emotion and time.

The first half of it is quite intense and exciting.

The remaining part of the movie leaves the slow build of tension and moves into grizzly action when the severed piece of Sixpack and Bowman takes a violent life of its own and kills and fusses itself to the crew one by one creating semi-scary creature that resembles some sort of human slash toothy fish.

However, I found it kind of boring and this one is more horror oriented which is why I enjoyed watching this one more.

This waste of time was released the same year as James Cameron's "The Abyss", one of the best deep-sea sci-fi films ever made.

It does have a very slow opening- but the characters themselves make up for it, though they might be cliché ridden, like the joker, cool headed leader, mischievousness doctor, token smart-ass black guy, the edgy and unstable guy, the young go-getter and the strong willed female- but at least they were likable and compelling and that's because of some good performances and a witty script, than that of the similar monster film 'DeepStar six'.

Let me say that Leviathan is worth watching.

All of the most basic uses of "foreshadowing" are utilized, making you do anything BUT sit on the edge of your seat.

The creature creations by Stan Winstons' team are enjoyable.

In some ways the film also owes a bit to the body horror of David Cronenberg As it stands LEVIATHAN is a tense and exciting B movie set beneath the waves and beautifully shot and avoids the cliché of having the token black guy getting killed first.

At Times an Enjoyable Alien/Thing Ripoff .

Many top critics have condemned this film like it was absolutely a waste of time.