Liberty Stands Still (2002) - Action, Drama, Thriller

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Liberty, the wife of a gun manufacturer, is held hostage at a hot dog stand by a sniper seeking revenge.

IMDB: 5.7
Director: Kari Skogland
Stars: Tanya Allen, Hart Bochner
Length: 96 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 26 out of 80 found boring (32.5%)

One-line Reviews (53)

The idea is good, and a strong sense of tension is built up by the performances of Fiorentino and Snipes, but after a clever and intriguing build up the film does eventually fall flat.

In fact "Rotten Tomatoes" had just 5 reviews, plus audience, of which one noted it was an unrealistic premise, another resorted to "totally pointless movie".

It's an intriguing new technique and a pretty effective one.

It's hard to imagine shots being fired from a gun like that and public alertance of the police being so slow.

Enough nonsenses - boring script, long semi-true talks, very simplifying story.

tiresome drivel .

The makers of this tedious movie were more interested in scoring debating points and "making people think" about firearms issues than they were in making an entertaining film.

Just a rather original hostage-story, a good setting, a decent cast, good filming and editing and an enjoyable electro-soundtrack by Michael Convertino (which reminded me of early music by The Chemical Brothers).

don't waste your time watching this dullness .

Well that's not fair, I didn't finish it, but that's strange, as I usually feel compelled to finish just about any piece of boring trash.

The most pretentious script for years!

Liberty stands still lacks these qualities and is neither entertaining nor involving.

This could have been an intense, intelligent, gripping drama.

, plus it's unpredictable and surprising throughout.

While this movie was mildly entertaining, there is a reason it went straight to video.

This film is action packed and intense as Westley evokes this terror on the king and queen of the arms empire.

One of the worst movies I have ever seen!

The plot could lead to an exceedingly static and boring situation -- a woman shackled to a hot dog stand, a man covering her with a rifle, and a lot of talk.

Wesley Snipes provides a slow and unusually underplayed performance, with no physical fighting or glib one liners.

First, it was tedious.

The film used propaganda-like catch phrases to insure that even the dumbest of us could not miss the anti-gun agenda of the writer.

An interesting and original storyline keeps you engaged and the continually moving camera, quick editing and fast paced story, heightens the tension as the pressures build.

Surprisingly Awesome Thriller, That's Very Tense And Thrilling, With A Memorable Ending And An Incredible Performance From Wesley Snipes.

That Liberty was the one that had the predictable schedule, whereby Joe might use her to draw out Victor?

If you want to see a great sniper film go and see Phone Booth and don't waste your time watching 'Liberty' because you will regret it.

Enjoyable film showing that Wesley Snipes can, indeed, act when given a good script.

Instead it dribbles along in first gear, injured by two mediocre actors and kicked while it's down by tiresome 'trendy' editing.

Anti-gun Propaganda film .

And worst of all, the whole thing's boring.

Therefore their many scenes are tiresome and irritating.

It was dull and dragged on though still somewhat watchable and then right around the time the husband is shot it all completely falls apart leaving so many things open to speculation.

When i watched "Liberty Stands Still" for the very first time, i was glued to my sofa, this movie is so riveting that i didn't even get up the whole time and get any snacks which is what i was planning to do.

The techno music soundtrack was painful to listen to, the plot was excessively boring, and the anti-2nd Amendment message that the movie attempted to convey was downright nauseating.

Here, Canadian director Kari Skogland has taken on a fascinating subject matter and attempted to make it into a taught and interesting thriller with a message; unfortunately, he fails to do so on the scale I expect he wanted to.

This movie is a total waste of time.

Cue loads of pretentious guff about the US constitution and the right to bear arms between arms dealing Liberty and grieving father Snipes.

Despite the negative reviews from those that equate Wesley Snipes + Guns=Action movie, this one is an enjoyable suspense drama for those who like to think.

The techno music soundtrack was painful to listen to, the plot was excessively boring, and the anti-2nd Amendment message that the movie attempted to convey was downright nauseating.

This is a surprisingly awesome thriller, that's very tense and thrilling, with a memorable ending and an incredible performance from Wesley Snipes!.

Now I was expecting the predictable with Joe starting to loose it at one point or another, making him do irrational things and making mistakes (something that usually happens to the bad guy in these type of movies).

She's a self-indulgent, arrogant woman.

First, it was tedious.

I found the ending scene to be more confusing.

Uninspiring plot line gives rise to boring dialogue.

While the core of the message was understood, it was very very VERY badly presented and subsequently caused 5 of the 7 viewers in the room with me at the time to fall asleep at one point or another during the film.

That said, one such person is shot next to Liberty but the film is so wrapped up in its false knowledge that it has us on the edge of our seats that it doesn't even play out events in a realistic manner to the shooting.

A waste of time...

The Democrats' answer to this wrench thrown in the rabid campaign for gun control, as voiced by Bill Bradley: "The Swiss are pretty dull".

Maybe for the same reason, so since this should end up 48, you probably will also get bored with the comments and won't read it.

snipes is tripe is this pointless piece of crap.

This movie has little to offer, don't waste your time.

This is a surprisingly awesome thriller, that's very tense and thrilling, with a memorable ending, and an incredible performance from Wesley Snipes!

To make matters worse, this movie went nowhere- a bunch of talk and nothing interesting to hold my attention.