Lifeforce (1985) - Action, Horror, Mystery

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A race of space vampires arrives in London and infects the populace, beginning an apocalyptic descent into chaos.

IMDB: 6.1
Director: Tobe Hooper
Stars: Steve Railsback, Mathilda May
Length: 101 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 31 out of 212 found boring (14.62%)

One-line Reviews (156)

Lifeforce is exciting, thrilling, suspenseful, and always a lot of fun, thanks to the intriguing story, the first-rate special effects, the competent action sequences, and of course, the gorgeous Mathilda May wandering around in the buff.

I don't know, call me weird but I just thought Lifeforce was tremendous fun & highly entertaining in just about every way, from silly character's, odd dialogue, strange ideas that never quite come together & some terrific visuals Lifeforce certainly isn't a film that will bore you.

But the plot quickly begins to fall apart after you realize it settles with a formulaic hollywood "alien invasion" route.

"Lifeforce" is a very flawed movie but an fascinating one.

"Lifeforce" is an entertaining marriage of sci-fi and horror that will bring to mind "Alien," "The Return of the Living Dead," and other similar films of those decades.

Yet it's so weird and is taken so seriously by its participants, it's fascinating.

While all the key plot points delivered above do happen, some of them happen off screen and they're reported to us by some bored British character actors.

~Spoiler~Lifeforce is a desperately underrated and vastly entertaining horror/sci-fi epic.

Anyone with the least susceptibility to sci-fi should find the first twenty minutes or so of Lifeforce both fascinating and entrancing.

Tobe Hoopers' "Lifeforce" is truly something to be treasured, an astonishing mixture of genres that incorporates vampires, zombies, and the end of the world into its intense story.

Hugely entertaining sci fi horror sleaze.

An interesting story about aliens hiding on Haley's Comet accidentally brought to earth (where they immediately set up shop in a big way) is almost spoiled by overblown effects, boring music, and bad acting.

"Lifeforce" is an entertaining marriage of sci-fi and horror .

Still, the vampire angle is interesting and at least it's a fairly entertaining film.

The last act of London going up in flames is off the charts ridiculous and amazingly entertaining.

But all in all, LIFEFORCE is a wonderfully awful movie and it is still morbidly fascinating to watch again and again in either release version.

This is a good horror movie from the 80s thats worth watching.

Excellent performance of the, rather unknown, cast, excellent characters, excellent music by the unfortunately already deceased Henry Mancini, excellent erotic appearance by Mathilda May, excellent analogue special effects, suspenseful, thrilling, excellent modified Space Shuttle, called the "Churchhill".

This here turned out to be quite an entertaining if slightly flawed effort.

Steve Railsback is great as the main lead, he was very intense , likable and had great chemistry with Peter Firth!.

One of the main issues is the fact that this one is quite a bit longer than necessary, it's running time dragged out by the inclusion of scenes that really serve no purpose being there to begin with or simply taking far too long to get it's point across when some streamlining could've been incredibly beneficial.

I was expecting it just to be a typical science fiction exploitation movie that uses the whole "alien woman" cliché of having her be gorgeous to attract human men and run around totally naked for the entire movie.

" Wilson's book is rather dull as far as a direct adaptation to the silver screen would be concerned, but it is chock full of fascinating science-fiction and vampire type concepts.

Very entertaining.

Even though this is one of the worst movies I have ever seen, I would recommend this movie for anyone who likes good pyrotechnics.

Director Tobe Hooper, working from a positively loopy script by Dan O'Bannon and Dan Jacoby, treats the delightfully bent, batty, and berserk story with utmost (often unintentionally sidesplitting)seriousness, puts a fresh and wacky sci-fi spin on the standard vampire premise (these deadly beings suck energy instead of blood), cuts loose with all kinds of funky special effects, and pulls out all exciting stops for a truly insane apocalyptic grand finale with shriveled-up zombies rampaging through a burning London.

From their space-walk to get to it and following that up with the stellar trip through the artery-like tunnel into the futuristic chamber that contains the desiccated skeletons which contain the vessels they end up transporting back to the command center is a truly enjoyable starting point to the film.

The Churchill staff is planning an intense look at Halley's Comet, which is passing Earth for the first time in decades.

I personally believe they set out to provide an entertaining picture for public consumption,and as far as I'm concerned ,that's exactly what they accomplished.

It's exciting trashy SF, with a better than average cast, some decent special effects, an interesting premise, and yes, the hottest space vampire ever seen on screen!

It fits in a lot of pointless nudity, somehow making it integral to the plot...

For its time (the 80's) it was a very entertaining and engaging story.

The movie begins with a strong launch, and infected by a bore-virus throughout the middle to end.

), as the theater release was too disjointed and *much* less pleasurable a view than is the DVD.

the overacting is rampant, but Mathilda May is a stunning beauty (too bad she never broke through in the America cinema) who lights up every scene she's in by her very presence.

Steve Railsback is good as always, and Peter Firth perfectly fits the part of the SAS-colonel who must save the day (he always reminds me of the 1980's 'Doctor Who' Colin Baker :)The 25 million dollar budget looks like 50 million dollars, the f/x are first-rate but best of all: a rousing score by Henry Mancini!

'Lifeforce' is one of the most entertaining movies you'll ever watch.

What we get instead is an often plodding treatment with tin-ear dialogue and risible elements.

The movie gets fast paced and doesn't stop being so, till the satisfactory ending.

Take off anywhere between five to ten minutes off this one and it's golden, especially if it would've bothered to answer several rather important questions within that would've helped make this one more enjoyable, one of which is even voiced by a character in the film which is never a good sign.

If you saw this film in America - whether in a theater or on VHS - and thought it was a fast-moving, decent sci-fi/horror film, TAKE HEED!

It is exciting from start to finish with no techno babble or attempt to really explain the crazy premise.

It has a few mildly gruesome effects and startling moments, and some unintentionally funny scenes, but is mostly a waste of time.

The interaction between the space girl and the colonel is also fascinating to see developing.

Pretentious and ponderous sf/horror film, redeemed only by the gratuitous nudity.

The plot is confusing, I am still unsure why London ended up with zombies running amok.

One of the most bizarre and fascinating movies of the 1980's.

I think this film would have got a higher score from me with a more engaging 2nd act.

While I can in no way argue that 'Lifeforce' is a science fiction classic or intellectually challenging fare, it's consistently entertaining up until the final scenes, and I highly recommend it for anyone looking for some pure entertainment.

The plot is incomprehensible yet strangely compelling in this gonzo sci-fi horror epic.

This version was chopped up so much it was confusing and very disappointing.

Wooden acting, lousy special effects, a dull story and atonal music combine to make this nothing more than just another sci-fi cash-in from the mid 1980s.

There's still a lot to like here with the film also offering up plenty of exciting, grandiose action scenes.

Undoubtedly disjointed, unquestionably uneven, but nevertheless worth watching, LIFEFORCE, despite the frequent incoherency of its script and its acting, benefits from some drop-dead excellent special effects work by John Dykstra (STAR WARS), some of the best ever seen.

Confusing matters even further, the script for LIFEFORCE plays fast and loose within its own diegesis.

She contacts Railsback telepathically, compelling him to come to her to return the part of her lifeforce she shared with him.

" Behind both stories, is an intriguing premise.

The ending is also very confusing; I'm still not quite certain exactly what happened or why (there's a sort of deus ex machina revelation at the end which makes little to no sense based on what's gone before).

And frankly it was pretty darn boring.

Instead the film focuses on the investigation of officials, which is drab and pretty standard.

Whether it's due to the nonstop nudity, the large amount of violence and action, it all comes together to make an entertaining 2 hours of cinema.

An entertaining, thrilling sci-fi horror flick with a fabulously gorgeous and nude space vampiress at the center of it all.

It truly surprised how well made and entertaining this film was!

How he copes with the emotions he feels towards her and her reaction to him is intense.

But what do the "screenwriters" do with this fascinating novel?

Quite possibly the most entertaining film known to man, and perhaps our greatest achievement as a species.

Henry Mancini's score is a pretty enjoyable listen, though hardly as good as so many have claimed it to be.

So get in a scifi-ish, vampire-ish mood, grab some tissues and get ready for The Naked Space Vampires Meet the Boring Overacting Military Jerks aka Lifeforce.

Either way, this movie remains an unique mix of horror and science-fiction elements that blend in extremely well, with as a result that this movie is an highly enjoyable and original one that deserves a better reputation.

incomprehensible yet strangely compelling.

Dying of boredom .

It would also be helpful to have a compelling actor as the lead.

The plot is fascinating- I'd never seen anything even remotely like it before.

This is one wildly entertaining film I highly recommend.

) The rest of the flick is forgettable at best, formulaic at other times and generally woeful the rest.

The one character I would have liked to seen more of was the second male vampire at the end, whose presence was very intense.

Way too much but fascinating all the same.

Very enjoyable.

Henry Mancini's rich'n'robust orchestral score hits the rousing spot.

I don't mind conversation if if actually moves the plot along, but this one gets pretty repetitive.

I could go on at great length about these plot holes but LIFEFORCE is actually enjoyable to watch as long as you don`t use your brain .

Love B movies that have unpredictable twists and turns.

The effects are often terrific and the action is really quite exciting, surprising considering that director Tobe Hooper is usually incompetent at creating thrills and suspense.

, a dash across the English countryside to corral the creature and some high-scale scenes of city destruction in the finale that offers more of a science-fiction spectacle that horror-based thrills and when matched with some nice gore bits and continuous nudity from those well-able to provide it makes for a pretty entertaining effort.

Compare to most of the Hollywood cliché movies, most of which are made out of hate,, to depress people, this one isn't nearly as contrived, nor as self righteous.

I'm not sure if credit goes to Dan O'Bannon's script or some kind of mid-production interference, but this thing is haywire and jerry-rigged, full of preposterous revelations and weird-ass stuff breaking out in banal settings.

Exciting story,great cast(Railsback always one of my faves,PLUS Firth,Stewart,Gothard,etc.

Lifeforce at it's core is a pretty decent scifi/horror flick, and with a smoking lead actress who parades around in her birthday suit most of the time, it definitely wakes you up if you're feeling any boredom.

The dialog veers between tedious exposition, stating the obvious, and howlers that must be heard to be believed, delivered by stone-faced actors apparently thinking they were cast in Hamlet.

The result is an overlong, ponderous mess.


But, "Lifeforce" remains an enjoyable file.

It is supremely entertaining, moves along at a fast pace and features some of the most outrageously over-the-top direction, production, performances and special effects ever to explode across the screen!

"Lifeforce" is the sort of movie that's clearly ridiculous to the extreme, but, at the same time, it's so bizarre that it's actually fascinating - (Yes.

she is naked the whole time and is extremely attractive) This is certainly not a film for people who want to see Oscar winning performances, but they can still be quite enjoyable in their own way.

However, that's just one enjoyable piece of the puzzle.

I will be basing my comments on the longer 116 minute cut, the script by Dan O'Bannon, Don Jakoby & uncredited rewrites by Michael Armstrong & Olaf Pooley was based on the 1976 novel 'The Space Vampires' by Colin Wilson & has many extraordinary ideas, it's scope is truly ambitious & one felt that it ends up being a bit of a mess but a hell of an entertaining one.

It has all of those fun elements that make a cult film, and I enjoyed it.

As farfetched as the premise may sound, it is presented in a compelling, well-produced manner.

Still, it's pretty entertaining and definitely worth a look to catch Patrick Stewart vomiting up gobs of gore.

version are even more boring on the DVD version because of added scenes.

A rare movie that's unique and entertaining in multiple ways.

The plot, such as it is, concerns vampiric beings from space who drain the lifeforce of humans, but that's all lost in the mix of dodgy 80's visuals and a schlockily enjoyable Henry Mancini score (hard to believe it's the Pink Panther man).

It's entertaining to watch more than once because the plot is so elusive and bizarre that you never quite get it.

The film is inexcusably tedious and a real chore to sit through.

There's a lot of drab office settings where haggard looking Brits and Steve Railsback sweat a lot and yell.

Worth the watch if you are into 80s horror or scifi horror.

Enjoyable for sci-fi fans.

The female - played by Mathilda May - escapes and proceeds to wander around London -still naked of course - sucking the life force out of victims rather than blood (perhaps too cliché even for this work?

The Bottom Line: This is a very entertaining movie that is just meant to fun, exciting, and enjoyable.

What to me make's it a great movie is the fact that the storyline is original and it's also fascinating to see how the life cycle of the creature's work.

That's to have you sitting on the edge of your seats waiting for them to find out how to kill it.

LIFEFORCE is not necessarily a good film, but at least it stays entertaining.

** and 1/2 stars out of **** Lifeforce is one of the strangest films I've ever seen, so ridiculous, yet at the time it's strangely compelling and never the least bit dull.

Ignoring every horror cliché in the book, the crew decide to bring them back to the ship.

Nowadays, the 'Lifeforce' viewing public has cult status and breaks into two opposing groups: those who find it a campy, shod attempt at major sci-fi and those who take it for what it probably is, an over-funded 'B' picture that is still endlessly entertaining.

The screenplay is very confusing all the way through.

It doesn't really work, but it IS entertaining...

or Cocoon or other sweet and boring, feel good sci-fi movies.

I finally got hold of Lifeforce on DVD with the widescreen format intact and rousing Henry Mancini score to the max.

Based on the novel "Space Vampires", by Colin Wilson, Tobe Hooper's Lifeforce is an intriguing blend of sci-i, horror, and action, with particularly masterful special fx.

If that's all you need to feel satisfied you might enjoy this stupid, corny waste of time.

Basically, the film Lifeforce was confusing and made little sense.

Everything else is gloriously over the top, big-budget hokum of the most enjoyable kind.

On a final note - LIFEFORCE is well worth watching if nothing else for the excellent use of late 70's / early 80's British "Lightning Strike" sound effects as heard in the pilot for "Space: 1999" and FLASH GORDON.

Mathilda May is definitely good looking, but not as good as people said she was, plus, it was a little slow at times.

A spectacular exciting ending may well have saved this mess, but after more than an hour of incoherence, awful acting, bad dialog, noise, flashy effects and painful boredom, the opaque conclusion is inert and will leave more than a few viewers just scratching their heads.

Anyway, despite being a commercial flop at the box-office I have to say I think Lifeforce is a highly enjoyable, if rather silly sci-fi horror.

) Mostly it was inherently boring, often distasteful and sometimes downright unpleasant.

This is certainly better than a similarly plotted film, Species, thanks in large part to a more riveting finale.

It's up to hysterical astronaut Colonel Tom Carlsen (Steve Railsback at his most manic and intense) to stop them before it's too late.

The only reason for watching this nonsense is May, who is a stunning presence as a naked space alien who wreaks havoc in London.

When I am asked what was the worst movie I have ever seen, my reply usually involves a quick mental check which includes Grease 2 and Lifeforce.

What seems like a half-hour of boring dialogue from the cutting room floor must have been spliced in, completely destroying the continuity and pacing of the original.

Worth watching on that note alone.

But the film has (surprisingly) some classy sci-fi direction via Tobe Hooper, for titillation (and just weirdness at times, the two mix together) Mathilda May's constant nudity, a thrilling and dark Henry Mancini score, and some bizarre and fun writing from Dan OBannon (and some boring exposition from the other writer).

At first I really thought this was gonna turn out to be a cool movie, what with the voluptuous space vampiress and exploding zombies and such; but, sadly, after Space Girl escaped from the SRC building, everything slowed down to a snail's pace.

Nothing happening....

It's a silly fun and entertaining movie.

Worth the watch .

I enjoyed it very well.

It is this lifeforce and human sacrifice that makes the movie so compelling against the real events.

I would like to see this in every movie, especially dull turds such as "Pride & Prejudice".

He was, in Hollywood terms, a complete nobody in1985, having just come off the equally pretentious and terrible Dune.

The first hour is probably the most engrossing, plot-wise.

"Lifeforce" is a mess but it's aspiring entertaining film.

Some scenes are played greatly, the atmosphere has sometimes been absolutely stunning.

"Lifeforce" is admittedly an awkwardly paced film (which I think owes more to the script by Dan O'Bannon - of "Alien" infamy - and Don Jakoby, rather than Tobe Hooper) to sit through, but it plays up on some of the more intriguing concepts at the core of the story, namely the aforementioned suggestion that the creatures were the ancient predecessors to our ancient vampire legends, and the lead character Carlsen's (Steve Railsback) dangerous obsession with the beautiful female "Space Girl" (fearless, beautiful French actress Mathilda May).

After watching the dodgy looking space walk I thought it was just going to be cheaply made rubbish, a belief not help when the naked space girl got up and walked out of the space institute.

Extremely entertaining Science-fiction-horror-trash .

Sexy aliens, some compelling action, but the conclusion is pretty contrived.

It had a good amount of alien nudity, there were a few cool life sucking effects but the longer the movie went on, the more it dragged.

Seriously, this movie will bore you to tears.

100% Thoroughly Entertaining .

Of course, this movie is most renowned for the fact that an absolutely stunning little hottie named Mathilda May spends - seriously - the entire film in the full frontal buff.

Intelligent people will likely find this a waste of time and probably offensive as I have.