Like Water for Chocolate (1992) - Drama, Romance

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When tradition prevents her from marrying the man she loves, a young woman discovers she has a unique talent for cooking.

IMDB: 7.1
Director: Alfonso Arau
Stars: Marco Leonardi, Lumi Cavazos
Length: 105 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 15 out of 156 found boring (9.61%)

One-line Reviews (84)

When she finally makes love to Pedro (the man of her dreams), and experiences the most intense climax in her life, it is when she realizes "she doesn't want to die.

If viewers watch in a metaphorical way, and not literal, they can see the magical realism in the film, which makes it more enjoyable.

The magical realism scenes were wonderful and exciting.

Tita, the youngest of three daughters, is left to take care of her aging mother after her father passes away of an unexpected heart attack.

And the intense interactions between the colorful characters of five generations extend to dead family members who continue to counsel or despise the living.

It says roses turned to red after absorbing titas blood.

also enjoyable for creating a wistful world on the Texas-Mexico border at the edge of the two cultures and distinctly its own.

I found the film to be very intriguing in a symbolic sense, and would be interested to read the original book.

Still, a fascinating film.

I really enjoyed it.

I was constantly on the edge of my seat, despite knowing what was about to happen, waiting for another snide remark from Mama Elena, or an emotional breakdown from the resilient Tita.

The setting, costumes, and characters really helped make this into an authentic and exciting forbidden love story.

Like Water for Chocolate is a compelling story that reveals Mexican culture at it's finest.

its definetly worth watching.

A bunch of impossible things happening in a boring world .

Worth Watching, not for children, book is amazing.

About 30 minutes into the film I was already bored.

The cinematography is gorgeous, giving an enjoyable view of the Mexican countryside.

Like Water for Chocolate is an entertaining movie with the exotic settings and very interesting idea of expressing the repressed love, unfulfilled longing, desperation, and hope in cooking and in the ability to change the people's lives and fates through the meals they consume.

Esquirel's attention to the finite details of human compassion is stunning.

long and boring .

Ghosts, the burning passion, reactions to the food and the blanket she knits during nights of insomnia.

The film is so full of passionate lust and "star struck" lovers that it appears to be a bit cliché now a days.

A visually exciting, intensely erotic movie .

Many viewers may find this style and tone slow, even boring.

In the end, though, my identity as a hispanic edged out my identity as a manly man, so I consider this movie worth watching, since the story is worth having in your cultural hard-drive.

The characters are well thought out and selected, however the presence of food and the intense emotion behind the preparation is omitted from the film.

What is meaningful, moving, and passionate on the pages of the brilliantly written book, may lose its charm and seem preposterous or pretentious while being adapted to the film.

The insufficient budget of the movie was one of its weakest points, especially for scenes which required better visualization (the characters looked like the same even after twenty years); however I enjoyed it a lot, especially after having seen all of those beautifully decorated tables full of delicious food.

Too sanitised, unengaging, boring, pathetic.

Engaging drama.

It goes on for WAY too long, plus it is downright bizarre.

otherwise its first affect ( that u feel long after) will start to leave you.

The movie setting was different then I expected but very detailed and I enjoyed it very much.

It is a very enjoyable movie.

Although it does not have any American A-list stars in its cast, Like Water for Chocolate still manages to be a movie that is enjoyable and have relatable characters.

And Lumi Cavazos, as Tia, is positively stunning.

Without having read the before it, one might think that this is one of those movies that Hollywood puts out that is meant to be confusing for the "normal" people to watch.

I would highly recommend reading the novel before viewing the film as at times I could see how it could be a little bit confusing.

Unpredictable and romantic .

If the analogy between food and sex has to be taken to the letter (as the directory desperately and didactically tries to tell us), I'd say that the movie is quite dull and fails to "reach" that spot.

But for themselves, it's so intense, it literally engulfs the lovers in flames.

I personally think that a movie was very dull, and did not meet the standards that were set by the book.

Since she feels empty and sad, the guests feel the same emotions.

Both Lumi Cavazos and Marco Leonardi performed exquisitely and fit the roles of their characters which helped make the film even more enjoyable.

And the presentation of the food is stunning, making your mouth water.

But for those who enjoy a contemplative movie or novel, this will be a very enjoyable treat.

Overall it is a movie worth watching and if you like it you should definitely read the book.

This movie was wonderful - engaging, beautifully filmed, and filled with superb performances.

The emotions that are captured in this film are fascinating and are what makes this film as well made as it is.

Through the direction of Laura Esquirel, also the author of the novel, the audience is immersed in a thick plot of passion for food, and it's power to heal.

The movie was extremely dull compared to the book.

Oddly compelling .

After I had read the very gripping and interesting book I was looking forward to the movie.

The orchestra feel creates sad and sullen tones, joyous and funny situations, and moments of suspenseful silence, where the characters relationships are portrayed as the only thing in the frame.

Very enjoyable movie, educational and entertaining .

It is definitely a movie worth watching, both as entertainment and as something educational.

Pedro's short aggressive remarks, like, "This is nectar of the gods," blazed an intense fire that constantly heated Tita's pool of emotions.

I was bored to tears through the whole thing.

By this, however, the intense emotion required to kindle the inner matches is just not there.

Many times you might think something is finalized, until the life of the family takes an unexpected turn for the better or worse.

A beautifully, compelling story of two individuals with the desire of a forbidden love that neither of them, is ever allowed to share.

In conclusion Like Water for Chocolate is an entertaining film (if you enjoy reading your movies) even without reading the book.

Probably one of the most intense scenes of the movie happened when Tita cooked a delicious quail dinner that included the roses she had received from Pedro.

The film is equally intriguing and aesthetically powerful.

I expected to like this from what I was told by friends, but it failed as a piece of magical realism and ends up being both goofy and boring.

All in all I feel that the movie was definitly enjoyable, I would watch it again.

Engaging drama .

The characters were very cliché and flat.

I got bored a million of times, even if in front of me were ian mckellen, ian holm, viggo mortensen, sean bean...

Director Arau is known mainly as an actor, but he does a fine job of creating an evocative atmosphere.

Well acted and entertaining plot.

Visually stunning, erotic, and thought provoking .

The close up shot shows the scratches from the thorns and when she prepares the quail in duck sauce the roses are red from absorbing her blood.

It is a love story, a coming of age story, and a generational family drama all woven together.

But it is also dreadfully dull!

Now for the story, it is a little slow but it was engrossing and interesting.

Obviously, anyone who finds this story "empty" lacks both romance and brains.

The story itself was enjoyable and should appeal to everyone's tastes in some way.

However, the movie is still good for what it is, and the acting ranges from intense to silly, with Mama Elena and Chencha at the ends of the spectrum.

Most of the women have strong personalities whether they are comforting like Nacha, rebellious like Tita, authoritarian like Mama Elena, free-spirited like Gertrudis, or somewhat boring like Rosaura.

Supporting the unfolding of this Mexican Cinderella tale, the cinematography of "Like Water for Chocolate" exhibits great range and beauty, by turns subtle and breathtaking.

I didn't, I watched it for its entertainment value and had an enjoyable time.

With all those materials given in the book the cinematography could've been amazing instead we're forced to watch some amateurish uninteresting pointless shots of everything.