Limitless (2011) - Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller

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With the help of a mysterious pill that enables the user to access one hundred percent of his brain abilities, a struggling writer becomes a financial wizard, but it also puts him in a new world with lots of dangers.

IMDB: 7.4
Director: Neil Burger
Stars: Bradley Cooper, Anna Friel
Length: 105 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 51 out of 454 found boring (11.23%)

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It begins with a scene from the middle of the film, whereby Eddie is standing on the edge of a building with people trying to hammer down the door behind him.

In conclusion, this is an average film, which definitely gives up character depth for plot; however there are some good moments like the lighting: it is very dull when he is not on the drug and then brighter and more lively when he is on it, letting the viewer know what's going on.

The special effects deserve a mention and there is some stunning infinite zoom scenes especially the opener.

Limitless is the story of Eddie Morra, a down on his luck writer whose career is going nowhere.

One element of his direction that worked was showing before any takes NZT the world is shot with a drab grey filter and afterwards the world is bright, a symbol of the potential a person can fulfil.

It's much more enjoyable to shut your brain off for awhile and have a good time.

Quite Entertaining .

Entertaining .

I loved this film from start to finish as it was terrifically entertaining.

This was quite entertaining.

Robert DeNiro's supporting work as a CEO executive who recruits Morra for a merger was a bit bland and needed a few uppers.

His live-in girlfriend, Abbie Cornish as Lindy, packs up and leaves early in this story, tired of Eddie's lack of focus and achievement.

I didn't feel it was totally predictable, and the plot is gripping.

This keeps us on the edge of our seats all through the movie.

Bradley Cooper was the right choice as the lead, a few mishaps in the writing and lack of other characters hurt the movie as a whole, but it was still enjoyable.

'LIMITLESS' definitely has limits but still entertaining.

Whether he is playing a thug , a boxer, cop, honest bus driver, Taxi driver ready to go over the edge, missionary, fearless leader in Bullwinkle he always believable and stunning.

Adapting from this book, Leslie Dixon's screenplay is intriguing for the most part.

There were a few aspects of the plot that didn't quite work for me, but over all it's still pretty enjoyable… Recommended.

" The movie graphics, plot, and main actors (well, DeNiro, Cooper, and Johnny Whitworth) were all intriguing.

Intriguing .

This is a cracking thriller that is fast paced from the very start.

Cue a chance encounter with an old acquaintance and the discovery of a way to escape the mundane world that he is currently calling his life.

it would have been a 5 or 4 because it's JUST SO DULL.

I found the story for Eddie credible and engaging.

it was fun,interesting and suspenseful.

He's using blue to simulate the dull everyday world.

Of course, the notion that we're only using a small fraction of our brains is untrue, but I liked how the film uses this urban fib as a springboard for its engaging story.

I'm a fan of Bradley Cooper and paired with being bored on a Saturday night, this movie seemed like a good option.

Neil Burger's 'Limitless' is a clever dumb film, which is surprisingly entertaining.

Finally, I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes modern action or sci-fi movies because it has a nice story and some really fascinating new video effects.

The film does veer off track when the inevitable downside and side effects present themselves, few moviegoers like watching "Junkie" acting but the story picks up a good head of steam for a rousing send off.

In fact it walked on ambiguity for the most parts, though the engaging narrative by Leslie Dixon adapting Alan Glynn's novel keeps that at the back of your mind as you follow the adventures of Eddie Morra making it through obstacles every step of the way, especially when he so decides to build a nest egg before his supply goes out.

What, Eddy, in a half-ass foray into liberal arts, suddenly has brain cells from which to harvest fast, intense skills needed to glance at multiple numbers and project stock trends at the trader level?

A lot of the time with movies about drugs the story become disorientating and tedious with lots of incoherent, psychedelic set-pieces that distract from the story.

Addicted to NZT, he finds himself trapped among mysterious strangers, a vicious gangster and an intense police investigation.

Over all, this movie is worth watching because it is visually and intellectually enjoyable.

An Engrossing Thriller, that never loses pace & turns out to be a Winner.

The plot is interesting, engaging and not boring in the slightest.

The rest of the dialog is just plain uninteresting.

Unusual and enjoyable .

The director adjusts the tension very skilfully; therefore, the account of a drug-addict brainiac is simply engaging.

Unbearable .

The main characters are all engaging, with good support from Robert de Niro (not stretched), Abbie Cornish, Andrew Howard, and the very watchable Anna Friel.

Overall I think it's a fun little popcorn flick if your bored, I think if you watch it with low expectations the film will be better than you expect it to be.

Not a few things in the movie kept me on the edge of my seat: the known/unknown side effects of the drug, the shady haunting man, the powerful secret hanging by a thread, and the unpredictable story line.

He has long hair, a hippy style, his apartment is a mess, and his life seems to be going nowhere.

Visually Stunning Work Of Art .

The pacing is just right, and there is much excitement to keep the adrenaline going.

(3) The people in this movie are using NZT a fictional super drug that looks like a Seven Seas capsule and makes people pay attention to mundane details and make use of them efficiently, nothing is far-fetched.

Lastly - a huge problem I had with Limitless was the happy, Hollywood, contrived Ending.

Limitless presents a fascinating theory in a film that's frantic, exciting, and crackling with creative energy.

But in all the film is fast paced, gripping and a definite one time watch for all action lovers.

In fact the final twenty minutes were pointless and didn't really need to be in the final cut.

The rest of the movie is a thrilling adventure with numerous character all trying extract something from Cooper, whether it's his skills on the market or his access to NZT.

And the concept of high powered, successful people getting where they are because of a drug is an intriguing idea.

An adrenaline-fueled adventure that captivates you without a single explosion and leaves you completely satisfied.

While I found this movie extremely entertaining, the story line to a small degree resembles an episode from the old Outer Limits TV Series titled Expanding Human.

But in spite of it,it was definitely entertaining as well as appealing.

He captures the feeling of the pill very well on screen and really excels as a director during a lot of the fast paced sequences.

Instead the film aims to please the masses, with entertaining yet mentally boring action and dialogue.

It was entertaining, thrilling and interesting.

There are some plot holes, but I think this film is enjoyable enough to skim past them.

This one is exciting primarily because the dialogue is flawless.

Thus, what follows is an insane adrenaline-fueled odyssey as Eddie rises to power with the help of Charlie Sheen's tiger blood, all the while dealing with some psychotically bad side effects.

When rating this movie, it deserver's a 9 out of 10 because of its exciting features.

Limitless (2011)A sharp, twisting, wishful film, well done and intriguing.

Limitless starts out very well though I must admit while I am fed up with the "struggling writer" cliché - a clearly over-represented population in movies.

It is fun at times and then more mad also which mixes well together in which it is very enjoyable.

The script is well written by Leslie Dixon based off of the novel "The Dark Fields" by Alan Glynn, Bradly Cooper ("The A-Team", "The Hangover") was well casted, and Director Neil Burger raps it together into smart entertaining fun.

This whole setup was contrived and made no sense and was based on a lot of coincidences, ones that no one could have predicted.

You start to get bored with all that you have and you crave more, until soon enough you crash.

Original and Intriguing Thriller .

I found this very entertaining and a film I would watch again.


A very exciting thriller with great acting.

Limitless is an ambitious movie with one of the most riveting concepts in recent time.

Basically, guy takes pimped up version of Adderall and exciting stuff happens.

The unexpected event introduces him to the magic pill which allows him to access 100% of his brain.

The acting from the cast made it very enjoyable to watch and made me go to see it twice in the movie theatres and no dough I will get it on DVD.

The storyline goes on and gets deeper and its unpredictable i wasn't expecting the ending- i thought he was finish the pills and go back to his dodgy apartment and then i thought he was gonna die this movie just kept me guessing.

A very intriguing idea, a wonder drug which can make the user a virtual potentate, with some unfortunate side effects.

Starts out a bit engaging but loses it and becomes dull .

The idea that, by taking a pill, we can simultaneously access all parts of our brain and process information at hyper-speed is fascinating, and a terrific idea for a movie.

Limitless shows us the self-indulgent decisions the characters with power make.

I really like Limitless, it's gripping, intelligent and stylish.

Surprisingly Exciting and Thought Provoking Film .

I would recommend this movie to anyone and everyone looking to be put on the edge of their seat.

Though not perfect, and a bit of waste of an interesting concept that put to better use could have been a far more wide reaching sci-fi about the power of human consciousness and ambition in a society without limits, Limitless is a perfectly enjoyable thriller.

When he made his first appearance I paid extra attention because I expected the movie to get real and more intense.

All in all a great (if unexpected) watch perfect for those times when you can't quite decide what it is you want to see.

I have watched this movie multiple times and enjoyed it every time.

But as the movie kept on going, I got bored and bored.

And what better way to get your adrenaline pumping and your mind working than to introduce a little danger, and then elevating the stakes?

Director Neil Burger has made a movie with a lot of smart expectations, thrilling moments that keep you on the edge of your seat, and tons of screen time for Bradely Cooper.

The direction, done by Neil Bruger (One of his past films is The Illusionist, if you haven't seen it I highly recommend it), is very well done, making Limitless one of the more visually, psychologically compelling films I've seen.

I don't prefer watching science fiction movies because of nonsense infested in them generally, but this flick , let me tell you is not another science fiction, its a concoction of amazing screenplay, background score and thrilling scenes.

direct drug-addiction propaganda .

'Limitless' was a film that literally had me on the edge of my seat from beginning to end.

The suspense of the chase scenes makes the film exciting at some points and the 'action' scene at the end gets your heart racing and your pulse up.

When you literally have one of the greatest intellects in history you just shouldn't waste your time on being a goddamn senator...

The original premise - a loser type of guy takes a drug that enables him to grow a 4-digit IQ, which makes him successful at first, but gets him into a lot of trouble soon - is kind of intriguing.

The suspense or thrilling part of the movie are fed by this simple combo.

has its flaws but is overall entertaining.

It's just a non-stop entertaining solid flick.

It's intriguing to know what's the side effects of it.

fun and exciting.

This makes the subplot with the Russians contrived.

The movie definitely owns up to its potential as an entertaining thriller, although I would have really enjoyed seeing this concept with a more psychological tweak.

There are also some confusion in this.

Cooper's appeal and Burger's directorial flourishes keep things afloat and grant Limitless a life as entertaining popcorn fodder.

Limitless is the kind of film that asks you, what would you do in this far fetched but entertaining situation?

Original, creative, enjoyable .

This is complimented by the story's intense pacing, and is shown with lots of scenes passing rapidly to coincide with Eddie's thought processes.

"Limitless" is unpredictable, exciting, compelling, and thrilling.

Very interesting and compelling, .

The dialogue however, is very clichéd, especially when Cooper is on ezt and talks as though he googled, "how to sound clever" The result is the kind of thing a gang of pretentious teenage boys might blurt out before being mocked incessantly for sounding pretentious, and kills the illusion that Eddie is as smart as the film thinks he is.

All characters are very convincing and Bradley Cooper's intelligent Eddie is so entertaining, convincing and endearing that you eventually love the character and rejoice every time he has to explain anything to the normal humans.

The style of this film is a bit weird with bizarre out of place hallucinations and the pacing is incredibly slow for the film.

Overall, a very exciting thriller with great acting.

The intriguing proposition of the story centers around this pharmaceutical experiment that optimizes brain usage to 100% from the meager 20% that we normally use.

Very enjoyable!

The director gave a lot of style in this movie to make it more exciting.

As such, it's not a bad one, although it embraces plenty of familiar tropes ( violent Russian hoods, greedy corporations etc.) and relies on some pretty banal plot contrivances to change the movie's tone and direction.

Limitless has such a breathtaking pace that you aren't going to find the time needed to nitpick.

It's an uncommon tale that is unlikely to take place around us, yet still it draws us into the story with its strong, fascinating and intelligent story devices.

stunning eye candy......

Very entertaining, very well made .

It's simply a propaganda for drugs.

Story is strong and a little unpredictable as it doesn't try to be too out-there or create twists for the sake of it.

Limitless is limitless in fun, strong script, characters, and everything that can make a movie worth the watch.

It's intriguing to know what's the side effects of it.

Followed by an obviously outstanding performance but Robert Deniro (kind of surprised he was in this)overall though its definitely worth the watch

Overall, I would say Neil Burger did a good job in entertaining us to which from my perspective was 7 out of 10.

Except for some totally unnecessary scenes, I think he did good job delivering an entertaining summer flick.

The special effects deserve a mention and there is some stunning infinite zoom scenes especially the opener.

They also throw in some random balding guy who just tries to kill Eddie and his girlfriend just so you wouldn't fall off from the edge of your seat from falling asleep.

I have to admit, I was expecting a purely predictably bland thriller copy--and there's some of that.

De Niro as Carl van Loon was absolutely enjoyable, he performed really well.

If you could take one tablet to make you smarter, faster, more entertaining, probably richer and maybe even sexier, would you take it?

The film's pacing is also quite slow.

While this film was suspenseful and compelling, I am sorry I watched it.

The movie then becomes a portrayal of fighting the greed and drive for success and the desire for breaking the addiction which can be exciting and boring depending on the scenes.

The writing is not only weak, but extremely predictable.

Limitless is a fairly formulaic Hollywood movie that a churned out by the dozen.

However, the Adrenalin rush scenes are exciting and keep you suspended.

A credible and engaging story .

The movie starts off great but the plot derails midway due to an overly predictable straightforward storyline, despite the predictability it still has some suspenseful moments that make you not want to look away from your screen.

An entertaining wonder drug based hit .

The movie is fast paced from the start, & keeps you gripped throughout.

The film itself mimics a drug experiences with an early rush of intense energy and giddiness followed by fatigue and the drag of coming down and it turns out to be more pink elephant than white rabbit.

However an awful screen play by Leslie Dixon is crippled by the straight jacket of Hollywood's formulaic demands which the Director, Neil Burger, is unable to resist.

An entertaining ride with delightfully disorienting visuals .

It has a fast paced story and action scenes which gives us an electrifying feeling.

The story does take some unexpected turn of events to keep things fresh rather than to make Eddie Morra a one man Superman, and it builds on his conscience to break his cycle and to do the right thing.

I really enjoyed this thriller although it has a couple of flaws here and there, but it still is worth watching thanks to Bradley Cooper's leading performance.

With all it's flaws the movie is still somewhat interesting and intriguing and definitely entertaining.

In a way makes it feel like you are on drugs, featuring intense tunnel zoom effects, view distortions, surrealism with nearby objects, and changing the color from a dull dingy shade before the pill to a lively burst of color afterward.

Intriguing Film, Intriguing Performances .

I was bored on bed travelling through channels and there was nothing in there.

The telegraphic shortcut: stoned (and thereby genial) Cooper in an action flick conveying a pseudo-message; impressive montage and engaging turn of events let the audience forget about the wasted potential of the story.

Well worth watching.

Overall the movie is just fine it is suspenseful and intense at many times, yet really slow and dragged out at other times.

Good premise, decent characters, an enjoyable movie, sloppy plot holes and a script that loses itself somewhere along the way.

Its story is as empty of substance as the little clear pill, NZT.

Everything about the film sings, the characters, the acting, the plot all expertly crafted, guiding the audience through an incredible rags-to-riches story that is far more entertaining than the cliché might seem.

The movie is simply generic for the most part and really predictable.

Though quite entertaining, some of the logic lapses near the end.

There are some very nice filming techniques going on here--some tracking shots that go on for blocks in fast motion (probably contrived with CGI), some brief distortions (when the drug kicks in), and lots of careful use of filters on the lens (the world takes on a saturated golden hue when under the influence, and is otherwise believably gray).

As I said, the movie is entertaining.

For me the most exciting part was seeing some of the stars at the after party.

Despite having a fairly interesting enough plot, there were times when the movie was limping at a slow pace and it was bordering on being unbearable.

Whether or not this was intended as a further metaphoric example of drug culture is arguable at best, but the fact remains that I left the theater wanting something a little more.

This is the same flaw that marred Christopher Nolan's otherwise fascinating story in Inception.

At this point, the film pretty much comes to a stand still and becomes very mundane and unwatchable.

It is suspenseful, engaging and thrilling.

This movie is definitely fun to watch and extremely entertaining.

Fascinating Premise, Unsatisfactory Ending .

That's what makes the narrative arc of this film so compelling.

It's scatty and fast paced, and director Neil Burger employs some Gaspar Noé-style, bad-trip CG effects to heighten the mood.

Limitless start Bradley Cooper and is a thoroughly entertaining.

Form my point of view this is a exciting and inspirational movie ever directed and made.

However, if the purpose of this movie was the drug propaganda then it is a complete success: to solve any of your life-problems just take the "right" drugs and just make sure that you won't ever run out of these pills!

The movie had a fascinating premise as NZT was supposed to open up all the corners of our mind.

Very entertaining.

Armed with a full doze of drugs Eddie steps out to conquer the corporate world.

Watching Eddie ride on this ZNT roller-coaster was fascinating and thrilling.

Burger has successfully provided a dynamic storytelling with compelling narrative.

A well made intriguing sci-fi movie .

Visually compelling .

"Limitless" describes the exciting arc that Eddie traverses in his journey from 'nobody' status to 'somebody' status.

The story is somewhat slow to get started, and though excitement and wonder follow once things get started, the movie takes the direction of going through a few different story arcs that really seem as though they could have been written better.

Though the dingy side of the editing is viewed far more often and can be somewhat depressing/boring to look at.

This limitless potential that the drug gives him balanced with the real imminent dangers he faces makes this film a very believable and enjoyable thriller.

Plain awful - naked propaganda for drugs .

Yes, but I also said the screenplay is intriguing for the most part.

The movie's a little confusing at times due to the jumping around, but overall I found it to be a fun, entertaining flick.

The film looks great with the camera speeding through the streets and the stunning views of New York city.

She plays a fascinating character motivation for Eddie and has a well rounded, interesting character development.

The pace and tone of the film flew by in terms of some gripping action sequences and plot developments.

Still, with such fine supporting turns from, among others, Abbie Cornish, Anna Friel, and the one and only Robert De Niro, not to mention some trippy camera shots, Limitless is a quite entertaining for the 90 or so minutes that pass.

Limitless is one of the most entertaining science fictions I have seeing in recent times.

Or would have figured out a few minutes later, and when we get to that next scene and see what he has just explained, it's a bit dull.

Interesting story, enjoyed it a lot and learnt a lot also, it seems even if such a pill even come to existence richest people will limit information and application!

look I'm a really optimistic person but Im angry because the reviews on here convinced me to watch it seriously DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME :)

Anyway, Limitless was an enjoyable ride from the very start of the movie to the very end.

Very original concept and plot, and the first half is riveting.

just 8 stars coz of the beginning was slow and the complicated dialog it has.

SLIDER'S REVIEW:Watching the trailer was exciting enough to get me psyched to watch this film.

This thriller may have not possessed the substance it aimed for, but it's still an entertaining 100 mins of substance-abuse.

It definitely works and the movie is limitlessly entertaining.

Did find it interesting at the end that the question of his continued usage was not answered--would be curious to know what others thought--I'm not sure myself (that's the point I guess--it's like a French film, you're supposed to leave the theater and have a healthy discussion with your friends about what really happened).

It was too long, pretentious, not structured and not exciting enough.

Nevertheless, the movie was very enjoyable still.

Limitless, from director Neil Burger(The Illusionist) is a thrilling visual wonder that keeps you hooked the whole time.

''Limitless'' is an entertaining science-fiction movie based upon the theory that humans are only using ten percent of their brain and the question what might happen if we were able to access more or all parts of our brain efficiently.

The concept coupled with superb acting by Bradley Cooper and truly mesmerizing cinematography lead to an enjoyable movie.

Really fascinating film with good performances by the leads.

Possibly the worst movie of the year .

:-) I watched it again last night and found it was quite entertaining.

Great Concept with Sloppy Execution & a Contrived Ending .

I mean, i never read the novel so i don't know if the movie is much different, but if it's not, even though it's highly entertaining, that would mean that the plot is really waisted.

i liked the idea of the movie and enjoyed it very much.

I thoroughly enjoyed this film and the ending was quite satisfying, even if a little predictable.

I was very impressed by the effects of the film as wee see the inventive camera illusions and sweep through sequences rushing forwards through the streets and crowds of New York, and POV shots looking around while under the influence of the drugs, I enjoyed the first half more so than the up and down second half, but overall it is certainly an adrenaline filled science-fiction thriller.

This film features drama and thrilling moments here.

It is still an entertaining thriller for most part of it, which definitely could've been a lot more.


The only slow part of this movie is the first three minutes, after that hang on!

and intriguing.

Limitless' structure may be a bit atypical, but its journey is extremely entertaining.

The very END was especially "fulfilling" to me… … Thus, since the "deals with the DEVIL(S)" provides such an enjoyable psychological "thriller", I'm rating it as 9.0 out of 10 stars…

Who can say, but what the movie demonstrates is the most subliminal and uninteresting details.

It kept me entertained but left me feeling empty.

However, with that being said this movie is still very enjoyable entertainment.

He gets to work for a powerful businessman, Carl Von Loon (Robert De Niro) but slowly Eddie becomes more addicted the drug, suffering side-effects like confusion and memory loss and gets in deep with Russian gangsters and running into trouble with business rivals and the police.

Limitless might not be your cup of tea; it might be too long, or not fantastic enough, or simply boring.

Consider how Robert Redford performs his seemingly intriguing ploy without medicinal enhancement at decade earlier in Spy Game (2001).

In fact you know what with this movie, you should be able to sit back and also just enjoy the intense story that although is never mind boggling, is still worth a watch, and I couldn't recommend it more.

Limitless is about a loser named Eddie Morra (Bradley Cooper) who's life is going nowhere.

He plays this big tycoon that Edward has to schmooze and every one of those scenes were riveting.

Eddie Morra is a broken down writer with empty bank account and a regrettable past.

Its the worst, most contrived, most stupid, most inappropriate, most illogical ending to a film since the first release of the Butterfly Effect.

Thankfully the plot was engaging enough that you didn't really care.

If you can get around your moral qualms, the film presents some enjoyable effortless genius fantasies although some make absolute no sense – how does having a "four digit IQ" make you able to do a lot of sit-ups and win fistfights?

The movie itself was filmed in a riveting style with all kinds of things really happening to this guy now that he has enhanced his confidence with the drug that made him extremely intelligent.

It's thrilling, fast paced and the basic concept is interesting and makes for an entertaining film - you just can't really think about things like logic or else you will be disappointed.

Moderately entertaining despite its mediocrity .

Some of the scenes that show the enlightenment of the drug are creative as well, but mainly weird and a little confusing at some points when we see multiple versions of the character on the pill.

I can only hope that the book is better than this boring, dull and silly movie.

And this is what makes Limitless so entertaining.

Thanks to this little handicap, Eddie boasts of 4-digit intelligence quotient, all of the mundane problems turn out to be insultingly simple.

But the logical and compelling way it is done in is very interesting for the viewers.

We see many examples (the most enjoyable bits) of what these $800 pills can do.

To begin with the movie was fun and entertaining.

Despite all I disliked from the film, it is very entertaining.

It was entertaining and thought provoking with a relentless pace.

Some of the scenes are very graphic and intense; sometimes leading me to believe it should be Rated R not PG-13.

As it is the film is still worth watching and enjoying although I believe it could have been even better in more subtle hands.

It was fun and it was worth the watch.

The second problem was the unnecessary addition of the Russian mobster to just to amp up the thrills and have some cliche edge-on-your seat action scene.

Maybe it tries to go in a realistic approach but it was still pretty darn dull.

15 - 105mins - Mystery/Thriller - 23rd March 2011Soon to be released on the 23rd of March, Limitless focuses around the life of writer Eddie Morra (Bradley Cooper) a man who is heading nowhere fast in life; he is most definitely in the slow lane.

It makes the film very exciting and it hardly gives you time to think about anything you might dislike about what you just saw.

Pointless futility.

It achieves this with consistent nonstop strings of entertaining sequences meshed together with exquisite film editing.

An exciting mystery thriller, with a loser rising to fame & fortune using super drugs .

Of course, like any drug, there are side effects and the film does a good job of portraying this new, fast paced life Eddie achieves through this wonder drug.

The concept was intriguing though, VERY intriguing.

… I was really considerably IMPRESSED with what they were able to accomplish with this film: the acting seems "simple", but all the major characters are able to surprise & PLEASE you with what they turn out… … There are lots of TWISTS & TURNS in the story: some of them, I could see "coming" (such as about a proposed merger regarding Robert's company); but others were quite UNexpected in a quite satisfying way.

Maybe I'm being too nitpicky on the effects, but theses ones are borderline artsy-fartsy or wankery without any taste.

Going nowhere fast with his life, dumped by his longtime girlfriend, happens to bump into an old friend who introduces him to a drug that can unlock the brains full potential.

Entertaining popcorn fodder.

After decent supporting turns in Yes Man and He's Just Not That Into You he graduated to co-lead star in The Hangover and The A-Team, both of which were highly entertaining and garnered Cooper plenty of attention, and now he's having a stab at A-list glory.

Eddie reveals to having fine tuned the NZT formula, and knows that Van Loon's company is in the toilet, so any threats are pointless.

it was a good time seeing this movie.. but it has a slow start ...

Thankfully the plot was engaging enough that you didn't really care.

But his character was nihilistic, a character who used his new gifts for himself to make money and sleep with woman.

LIMITLESS has the advantage of telling a fairly unusual story in a way that seems fresh and compelling, although there are serious problems with the narrative throughout.

Limitless was expected more for me, but for what it is, I enjoyed it minus the plot holes.

An original and intriguing story idea, a good movie .

What takes me to the most recent movie which uses that concept, Limitless, which despite being moderately entertaining, has a screenplay that is very predictable, and has too many inconsistencies in order to be genuinely satisfactory.

Limitless is by far one of my favorite movies just because of how intense the film is.

My girlfriend and I watched this last night, and we agreed that it was entertaining.

It's just a non-stop entertaining solid flick.

Bradley Cooper, after years of ho-hum career in things like TV series "Alias" and part of a movie ensemble cast such as "New York, I love you" and "Valentine's Day", finally gets a showcase for himself here.

The premise is pretty ridiculous, but it's an entertaining ride with delightfully disorienting visuals.

It has so much potential: an intriguing and clever concept, superb actors, decent script, good direction, sensational visual effects and editing, so what happened?

In my opinion limitless is a fast paced edge of your seat action thriller that leaves you wanting more and more.

Entertaining .

Eddie accepts, and, much to his surprise, the drug does indeed work, putting him into a manic state, and enabling him to write the first 90 pages to his book, exciting his publisher.

I can't really say much more without spoilers -- it's a film ripe for discussion, it's fun, it's entertaining, Cooper is great eye candy, and it brings up some interesting questions.

As such, the last 20 minutes seems clichéd and contrived.

An exciting movie .

The rather mundane plot then focuses on some mobsters wanting to get their hands on NZT from Eddie and they won't stop at anything .

Bradley Cooper's character does not evoke much sympathy in the first act, but that is probably the point, he's a rather tiresome nobody, suddenly transformed by the wonder drug that he acquires from his brother-in-law (isn't it always the way).

It's entertaining enough to warrant a 6/10, and if you can suspend your disbelief and are only looking for fairly vapid, escapist entertainment, you'll find enough of it here to serve your purposes.

Dixon does succeed however with her dialogue, which is fast, witty, always entertaining, and who better to deliver than Bradley Cooper.

Not perfect, nor is it even really that great, but certainly enjoyable.

The script is downright boring hard to believe to the slightest degree, with some few exceptions.

I just randomly brought this film,to watch one boring night I was really impressed, it was actually really good =) Bradley Cooper did an amazing job in his film.

'Limitless' is one of those entertaining thrillers that (despite its ill-conceived ending), will appeal to the majority of ordinary males who have fantasies of becoming the kind of male women seem to automatically gravitate to: the alpha male.

The plot is dull at best.

Interesting and entertaining thriller .

It's obvious that when I first watched the movie, I enjoyed it way too much more then second or third time or so.

If you don't mind the tapered final act, some unanswerable questions and the notion that drugs can make us virtually invincible, then this is quite an entertaining movie with an equally interesting concept.

This ride is well acted, has mind bending visuals (which makes it's $27 million dollar budget look like $70 million), and it's fast paced.

Intriguing premise and Bradley Cooper .

Awful waste of time.

That's a really dangerous propaganda!

" The movie graphics, plot, and main actors (well, DeNiro, Cooper, and Johnny Whitworth) were all intriguing.

Its highly-engaging & arresting.

I enjoyed it.

But at least deodorant and tooth paste serves a valuable purpose something that certainly cannot be said about a tedious piece of crap like Limitless!

Bradley Cooper, Robert DeNiro, and Abbie Cornish star in a fast-paced, unpredictable film, 'Limitless.

there are so many questionable scenes where you stop and think "am I stupid enough to watch this", the characters are all boring and cliché, you really wouldn't care if they live or die...

so much that it really comes down to if you think he had a convincing and enjoyable performance or not.....

The premise of Limitless is highly intriguing and the casting of Bradley Cooper in the lead role makes us hard to look away from the screen.

Instead of focusing on the scientific and philosophic thoughts behind this concept, ''Limitless'' wastes a lot of potential as it limits itself to being an entertaining action- thriller with a debatable ending and moral.

Say, "That was fun, now back to my usual drab life?

The director gave a lot of style in this movie to make it more exciting.

It's intriguing, it's fast, and it's smart at times.

I would love to see more stories like this take hold in our collective imaginations over the predictable negative sci-fi thrillers that are churned out in a limitless supply by Hollywood.

This movie's plot is pretty intriguing, and its possibility really excites the audience.

Bold & Refreshing, Bradley Cooper & Neil Burger made it intriguing and exciting.

I found the ending unpredictable, and it kept me on my toes throughout!

Now the pieces I think really worked in this film are the interestingly high paced production values of the film, I think it's engaging but I believe that someone will find it very uninteresting, subjectively speaking of course.

Very entertaining flick.

good movie slow start good ending .

But despite not reaching it's full potential to be a smarter film, the flaws in the storyline (and the contrived sub-plot), "Limitless" still held my attention very well.

"Limitless" is an original and intriguing thriller with the story of a man capable to use the full capacity of his brain.

The Van Loon character is played by Robert De Niro, who towers over this film, giving a hugely impressive and enjoyable portrayal (assuming of course that this is not just De Niro being De Niro).

VERDICT: Dull and boring movie with nice advertising campaign WATCH: anything elsem-picturegoer.

All in all Limitless was a very enjoyable film that kept me entertained for its duration.

This was the only exciting scene in the movie.

What a boring, badly directed heap of garbage this film is.

The ending was predictable.

The story is enlivened by some cool special effects, particularly the endless zoom shot which whizzes through the streets and locales in a way which fizzes with energy (a shame then that it eventually becomes repetitive after it's used too much).

It proceeds in a generally credible and suspenseful way from its premise--a pill that allows you to use all of your brain.

The idea behind the story was intriguing.

I find this movie both fascinating and at the same time limiting.

The thriller aspect of this movie is very well done and you are actually on the edge of your seat through out most of the movie.

It definitely works and the movie is limitlessly entertaining.

The conclusion is simply pure Hollywood and I have to say that while I overall liked both movies and found them entertaining, Phenomenon had a much more, sober, realistic finish than Limitless.

This film is really absorbing and progresses at an extremely fast tempo.

Thrilling ride .

But although the concept is sound, a few things in the film are pointless.

Neils Burger's lavish visual style manages to turn very uneven screenplay into highly entertaining, and even thought provoking film that manage to work on many levels.

Then, it suddenly gets to intense moments....

I enjoyed it.

" It takes such an incredibly interesting premise with so many open doors (so many that frankly, to make a movie this dull out of it regardless of budget restraints is inexcusable) and yet it does not do a single interesting, thought-provoking, or exciting thing at all with it.

That's when we're introduced to the mysterious, fascinating character from Eddie's past who personally gives him the pill that changes Eddie's life.

Limitless is an exhilarating thrill ride of a movie that has everything the modern (or classic)movie viewer could want; a fascinating premise, outstanding visuals and cinematography, solid acting and plenty of action.

I don't recommend many contemporary films, but 'Limitless' is so absorbing and wildly entertaining I feel I can't hardly miss by saying CATCH THIS ONE!

Both entertaining and deep .

Never towards love the next one as your brother, evade, create, get mystical, consolidate knowledges, build something useful to the community, Oh yes sorry - I do remember now : those notions are so ass-blessed, boring, naive and uncool!

Compelling viewing ...

Eddie Morra has the look of a writer with long scraggly hair and we find his life uninteresting and uninspiring until happenstance finds it that Eddie has a date with destiny in the form of a pill that changes everything.

Bradley Cooper is brilliant, and very engaging to watch, The direction and cinematography of the film are its major selling point, because as the story develops, the colour and clarity of the film become brighter.

Intriguing film with which raises big questions.

The acting was excellent and believable and the plot was intriguing and creative.

Well this is a great film, with good acting, several messages and entertaining, even if you don't want to think that much about it (maybe I thought to much into it), it's still entertaining and exciting.

This film was enjoyable to watch and a good use of time.


It's a fun, exciting story, with a great idea behind it, and enough eye candy to suit all the women out there.

The concept of this film was absolutely fascinating.

Since it's been a couple of weeks that I watched this movie, here are my thoughts: Bradley Cooper has now come into his own among compelling movie stars with this, his first film in which he's the whole show.

As a sci fi fanatic I really found this movie exciting and it made me want to get my hands on a pill like that.

Visually, very compelling.

Intriguing concept, mediocre film .

I will say that there are a few moments that semi-date it (primarily the CGI moments) but aside from that the story is just riveting and enthralling.

Starts with a relatively slow start then once the film settles in becomes an interesting watch.

It's intriguing, it's fast, and it's smart at times.

It's a mixed bag but worth the watch.

Limitless is a fun, entertaining, and intriguing movie.

He manufactures it now and says he has limitless supply so he shouldn't be concerned about running out and ending dead (even thought we learn he'll die in a couple of months so it's kinda pointless).

At times it's just plain boring.

This movie however succeeds in being simple and silly enough to be really enjoyable.

Had me sitting on the edge of my seat within the first few scenes.

There are also some confusion in this.

My wife and I enjoyed it, just long enough at 1 hour and 40 minutes.

As a sci-fi thriller with traces of a cloak and dagger feel, Limitless is mostly entertaining and oozes with style, thanks to Cooper's on-screen charisma.

This was a great movie that was very fast paced, yet somehow slow paced at the same time, since it had felt much longer than 1hour and 45minutes.

The story's slow pace and limitless repetition are eclipsed only by gratuitous graphic images and scenes.

It's actually very entertaining and very unique in its substance and style.

Highly engaging, worth the watch.

There are a couple of intense scenes, and one or two that have a possibly nauseating amount of blood in them.

The structure of the movie works well, opening at a particularly dramatic moment and then flashing back to how the drug-fuelled odyssey began, and the style is entertaining, with some frenetic camera-work that could fool you into thinking you'd actually taken something yourself.

One of the worst movies I've ever seen .

Intense and brilliant thriller .

Intriguing advertising campaign, dull movie .

Entertaining, funny .

I find the premise very intriguing.

While it is quite entertaining, it ultimately fails to satisfy in the final reel as it devolves from a cautionary tale into a happy ending for the drug-taking protagonist.

This movie takes on a crazy ride that fills your entire body with an adrenaline rush that has a lasting effect.

Limitless is really one of the most exciting 2011 movies I've watched.

However, there is enough to hold on to that the film is still plenty entertaining.

Time and time again Hollywood has delivered many an exciting mainstream blockbuster with an intriguing premise - this one is no exception.

The concept of a drug that would let you use 100% of your mind compared to the average humans 20% is intriguing and exciting.

However the film becomes sloppy and silly even though it remains entertaining.

While I see the writer TRIED to take it to a dark place, ultimately, he caved to the squeaky clean Hollywood happy ending, and everyone watching the movie walked out wishing they could take NZT and become super human.

There's also an exciting scene where the stalker goes after Lindy.

Well told, well acted suspenseful drama.

The plot was good but in some ways it moves slow and doesn't give you a lot.

I find this movie to be very suspenseful and action packed.

I have to admit, when I saw the trailer for this movie I though it was going to be upsetting, like so many of the generic movies are these days, where a common, fictional idea is thrown into a boring and predictable plot (think "Universal Remote")To my surprise, the plot remained down to earth and entertaining.

The idea behind Limitless is simple and in itself extremely intriguing.

Enjoyable film spoiled by a bad ending .

Limitless is fabulous when it comes to intriguing people out of their senses.

The confusing is child's play to Eddie and he is able to logically work towards solutions at a last 5 minutes of a CSI episode level.

'Limitless' is fast, engrossing & crisp.

And this is anything but boring (unless you hate Coopers guts and can't stand the "story" presented here that is of course)

Exciting and entertaining sci-fi-like thriller, undone by disappointing Hollywood-like ending .

Why is it that every time a movie is made with the theme 'average guy suddenly becomes extraordinary' and I'm like 'that would be sooo cool', the script consummates his powers in the most cliché-like and uncreative scenarios?

The acting is good, the story (despite what it could have been) is clever, witty, and engaging, and the movie is fast paced and never boring.

While the majority of the movie is fun, gripping and all plays very well into the general theme of the film it is not without it's moments that tend to feel like a drag, often in the second act.

"Limitless" takes such a great idea for a motion picture and does not do a single interesting, thought-provocative, or exciting thing with it .

If you are looking for something which is both entertaining and intellectual, I would rather recommend Luc Besson's ''Lucy''.

In the end, I can recommend ''Limitless'' if you are looking for an entertaining action-thriller with solid actresses and actors and a stylish production.

The mind altering drug that the film revolves around is very intriguing.

With a great message that movie carries within , all other aspects are stunning also - direction , acting , music , scenery ...

Limitless is the kind of thriller that could just as easily have been a feel-good comedy and, while it's enjoyable enough, the number of plot inconsistencies and loose ends which plague it are nothing short of shocking.