Limitless (2015) - Comedy, Crime, Drama

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An average twenty-eight-year-old man who gains the ability to use the full extent of his brain's capabilities is hired by the F.B.I. as a consultant.

IMDB: 7.7
Stars: Jake McDorman, Jennifer Carpenter
Length: 42 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-14
Reviews: 28 out of 209 found boring (13.39%)

One-line Reviews (98)

This show has a great story line that is engaging and unique.

I find the character annoying, a boring dufous and quite lacking in the subtle charm needed to pull off the balance this character needs.

She's beyond boring here.

In this they fail to create a comparably compelling story, even when they link the original hero of the movie with his television-slacker counterpart.

Instead of taking full advantage of his brain-power (ie: creating his own drug and cure), the main character goes on to becoming a dull, unimaginative, satirical impersonation of a genius, while being manipulated into a wider conspiracy.

Boy I'm sick of using that word but the formulaic drivel that pours out of these television studios renders all other descriptions redundant.

To elaborate further, the director should allow the main character to engage in thrilling actives.

Dorman's increasingly inane and retarded self reverie gets tiresome.

Initially I got very excited with the series but as it went, I felt boring and at the end stop watching it after 5/6 episodes.

Waste of time .

I thoroughly enjoyed it and had hoped all I was doing now was waiting for the next season.

I'm sure he would have addressed these things long before the 4 episode sought to bore your audience to death.

It has an original idea that could lead us to a thousand fascinating places - as long as it doesn't become 'just another cop show'.

Limitless is well written and entertaining.

I enjoyed it a lot though.

But hey, at least you can laugh and enjoy the graphics used to visualize things that are boring or long to explain or ...

My gosh, it's entertaining!

What could have been an exceptional, exciting and extravagant take on a reasonable movie title, has turned out to be just another poor example of a cop series.

an absolute waste of time....

The series started off so well, it was serious with a splash of humour, however towards the end of the series the humour became so over powering that the whole story line just became boring.

Overall it's worth watching, especially if you were a fan of Dexter.

Limitless is a good watch, interesting and entertaining.

Absolutely unwatchable (episode 2) .

Infuriatingly illogical and boring .

The number of references to other series/movies/popular culture worked into the material is mind boggling...

People are really bored with the same lame stories.

or if you want to kill your time with boring showthank you

humour keeps it alive as and when things tend to get dull.

Very entertaining, for the brilliant minds that watch.. .

Limitless was fleshed into an exciting new TV series after the launch of the successful film with the same title.

This was perhaps one of the most enjoyable premieres that have been viewed this week, perhaps this month even.

Jennifer Carpenter, on the other hand – she's so dull and unconvincing as an FBI agent even an ordinary Plain Jane would come off as more interesting.

Well written and entertaining .

would an unlocked brain do so many average, predictable things.

All in all I think it's really clever writing combined with good acting, and a compelling story that makes me wish once again I could have some side effect free nzt!

Eddie Morra is still there, but it's a slow burner hidden away underneath weekly crime solving.

When I first started watching Limitless I thought, yet another show that I find extremely entertaining will no doubt get cancelled.

And this new prick is just showing off his big boring ego.

First , I Liked The Movie A Lot , The Whole Idea Was Brilliant , The Movie Was Very Enjoyable And Bradely Cooper Was A Perfect Choice.

The characters are engaging with just the right amount of personability, and the beginnings of an instantly interesting dynamic between them.

Especially if I'm right and this turns to be "a case per episode for a quirky consultant of the police" kind of series like hundreds other that I'm bored to watch.

I find the show fascinating and funny.

Not the most correct SF in terms of science, but definitely entertaining and enjoyable.

The concept of unlocking the limits of our brains (minds), is utterly mind blowing on so many levels.

Sometimes the TV show has an only purpose of being entertaining, and this show succeeds as such.

Limitless is straight up entertaining!

Waste Of Time .

But then it became more and more boring as time goes by.

:)Hang in there, it really did get more funny, fast paced and interesting.

Had I been 12 I would perhaps have enjoyed it .

The fact that the protagonist is working with the the CJC, and was planted there by the corrupt senator, being used to keep tabs on the department from within, whilst consulting on cases is one that is both complex and entertaining...

This started off hopefully but quickly degenerated into a boring predictable smart dork catches robbers drama.

The first few episodes were interesting and OK at best, then after they started getting more boring and tacky.

I would advise against watching this; It is not intellectually challenging, the plot is painstakingly slow and tedious and seems to completely miss out on the point of the whole show - The main character can solve any problem.

The Pilot, despite it's flaws, is possibly worth watching just to get a glimpse of "what might have been".

Making Brian a cliche moron.

and a waste of time ...

I think the premise of this show is very good, It has everything to be an engaging story.

so far first episode was pretty good, but rest is pure garbage turning into unbearable crap.

Very entertaining and interesting series.

fun and unexpected .

He doesn't think ahead like a chess game, outsmarting every single situation he is in or unexpected obstacle he meets.

The only thing that could be a complaint is that the story of a super-enhanced/powered average shmuck who ends up helping to solve crimes has been quite overused (Chuck, The Invisable Man, The Listener, etc.). But as long as they work with it in an engaging and entertaining way and not fall into the inherent clichés and tropes of this trope (ex.

this is now a four, So I watch no more, Just find it a bore that makes me snore.........

boring and undeserving and I don't care.

Don't waste your time.

Remarkable, exciting and funny.

Good and entertaining .

Pilot was excellent but right after, it took a radical 180 shift and has become that boring newesque sherlock relatively fast boring regular each weak a new case.

An absolutely intriguing and entertaining Series .

I get that the show probably didn't go where a lot of people thought it would, being a sort of continuation of the 2011 movie "Limitless" but honestly, the way people seem to think it should of gone is boring in my opinion.

This show was entertaining and very funny.

Thinking it all the way through and imagining all the consequences of such a powerful psychoactive, especially on a global scale, and then executing it in a compelling way with good pacing, is really hard.

I found the Bradley Cooper 2011 movie compelling and interesting.

And everything is so repetitive it's beyond belief.

This show has trapped itself in the convenient and the mundane, precisely the things that NZT is supposed to liberate you from.

Average acting, no plot whatsoever.

) but its still intriguing.

If you are watching this because of Limitless (2011), don't waste your time.

Trite, tacky and not timeless.

I've seen the first two episodes - with the second being an utter waste of time since it unfolded exactly the way you'd expect - and that's enough for me.

Felt Boring .

most enjoyable, feel good series on Netflix .

Quite ironically, the show isn't as smart as what the NTZ pill provides a person, it's ridiculous in many ways, yet oddly enjoyable.

Another thing about the show that I like is there is a continuous background story line involving Bradley Cooper's character and a conspiracy which is rather intriguing to me.

Its an entertaining show and I forgive the few mistakes (which I usually cannot in a movie) in logic (shot in the leg, one smell above all others, to mention only two of them).

**SPOILERS** So the hero gets his fix from the FBI and goes into the most mundane "crime-solving" spree which isn't even half-as-clever as other fictional characters like Sherlock Holmes or any other police detective on the force.

let me tell why i love watching this series, it's not because it's deeply angst ridden, or action packed, or graphic violence and sex, no, it's because of on reason.

Intriguing storyline and a very good selection of actors.

Some of the episodes are really outrageous, but it is really worth watching and a genuinely funny show.

The main antagonist went from interesting and mysterious to goofy and boring.

very entertaining .

Truly boring - and badly cast with an even more monotone Jake McDorman .

There's some great action in this series and the plot is intriguing and keeps you guessing.

Interesting and entertaining.

I liked it but the series, to me, is more entertaining.

This show is the biggest waste of time.

I think it is really entertaining and funny to watch a normal guy transform into the smartest human being alive.