Line of Duty (2012) - Crime, Drama, Mystery

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DS Steve Arnott is transferred to the police anti-corruption unit after the death of a man in a mistaken shooting during a counter-terrorist operation.

IMDB: 8.6
Stars: Martin Compston, Vicky McClure
Length: 60 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 15 out of 173 found boring (8.67%)

One-line Reviews (91)

Fabulous, gripping show .

The script seems to have been written using a random British cop show cliché generator.

It's an enjoyable series because it moves along and the action is well scripted, although after the 3d season the investigation interviews seem too familiar in their staccato style.

a gripping account of two real ex forces buddies who turned to crime...

Fast paced but very confusing .

It was as much amazing as it was gripping....

It is a fast paced and suspenseful series.

On the edge of my seat...

The cliche crime show stuff are missing or at least not enough to be bothering you.

I love everything about this show, it's suspenseful, fantastic storylines and very entertaining.

This is a superb and gripping series, the best I have seen all year.

Intelligent thrilling british tv at its best .

At times the script appears to explain behaviour, sometimes even to comment on the human condition, however this is a charlatan it says nothing about anything, pure entertainment, it is a gripping dramatic thriller from start to finish.

This is so predicteable and boring and samey.

This was a gripping drama; right up until the final episode I wasn't certain whether of not Gates was as bad as Arnott believed; this is largely down to the acting of the two leads; Martin Compston (Arnott) played his character as though he really believed Gates was guilty and Lennie James (Gates) acted as though is character was a victim of circumstance rather than a criminal who had planned his actions.

The viewer – well, this one, at least, is also left asking an awful lot of questions, and not simply because he is, perhaps, slow on the uptake or just bloodyminded.

Gripping from the start, it never really let go and even if the conclusion was slightly unsatisfactory in my eyes, in that pretty much all the bad guys got away with it and justice wasn't seen to be done, but in terms of plotting and character development, it was riveting throughout.

Highly recommend it.

It is a bit formulaic and repetitive, but it does what you want from a gripping crime drama.

Mind blowing .

As Gates, Lennie James played a difficult part, engaging the viewer's sympathy and anger by turns, before making the ultimate sacrifice at the end.

Certainly an intriguing and enlightening nosedive into the inner workings of an operational commands unit.

So ridiculously and unnecessarily confusing from start to finish.

Engaging and intriguing, it surprises you continuously.

I found this series tedious, a real labor to watch, and found myself pausing an episode five times, and doing things in between, before I just acknowledged there was nothing enjoyable about the experience of watching.

I've watched series 1, it's very fast paced like Luther so you don't ever really get bored, it's just very confusing.

Bamboozles all round, very original and worth the watch .

Overall I'd say this is definitely worth watching if you want a fairly gritty police show.

Very gripping.

In The Line Of DutyI want to address in this review what exactly is the magic ingredients in this crime drama that makes it compelling viewing and raises it above other similar dramas,1, it is very dramatic even melodramatic in every scene it just never lets up, this creates an dynamic impetus rushing forward, this really is quite a trick, as nothing is seemingly ever resolved.

10, the use of a relatively self contained investigation in each series with an overarching story of police corruption means throughout no policeman can be trusted, this is gripping.

the plots are always ridiculous of course, but if the actors are good to watch and the dialogue snappy i can put up with that.

Unwatchable .

shaky, wooden, predictable .

A really gripping series with some really good twists and turns.

Only the Brits can create such an intelligent thrilling crime series with excellent script and acting, and with no need for the typical american gun fights, explotions, and car chase...

Dull It Isn't.

This series I found late one Sunday and ended up watching all episodes series 1-4 now 5 is on can't wait, suspenseful twists turns and keeps you guessing and even the actors and actresses that don't have main parts all act brilliantly

Just finished series 3, had me on the edge of my seat, it just gets better and better.

The main AC-12 team were all riveting to watch.

Absolutely stunning.

Each series got more and more gripping!!!

Engaging police drama .

Twists, turns, surprises, gripping story line and epic action.

First of all, the acting was superb, but the story-line was hard to follow at times.

This is an engaging series, that works well.

The transformation in the character of Steve Arnott has been intriguing, plaudits for Martin Compston, incredible actor, so diverse.

Every single member of the squad – including the one that was utterly corrupt – was either engaging in illegal relationships with witnesses and /or suspects or was wavering with temptation due to the parlous state of their finances, (which for members of anti- corruption squads was a no-no and should have been declared as such.

Because the suspects are coppers and know the system and how to play it, it makes for a gripping time.

i enjoyed it enough to tune in to the second series which as i write this has one episode left to air and i have to say it has been TV at it's very best, from the opening few minutes it had me glued eagerly anticipating each weeks new developments, no spoilers here i only recommend you watch it for yourself to experience the shocks, the thrills and the suspense which it has in abundance, the casting of Keeley Hawes as DI Lindsay Denton was a masterstroke, the character is complex to say the least and she will trigger every emotion you have in your arsenal.

Mind blowing justice.

I find British police drama much more intense than the run of the mill American shows.


The direction was excellent throughout, involving and exciting, with the ensemble acting likewise of the highest order.

I was on the edge of my seat for most of it!

Season 3 is tighter, but some scenes still go on waaaaaay too long, and it's still confusing.

Great new angle on crime, every episode is thrilling right till the last second!

Great flawed characters, complex protagonists, and great acting add up to a compelling drama.

The smartest, most suspenseful, most involving series we've seen in donkey's years .

Very entertaining series .

The back story for every other character where they are all a little dirty and have secrets is nice and juicy but a little predictable, yet entertaining ..

Making this show fascinating to watch.

Fast paced original drama focusing on the police anti corruption department.

Take my word for it 1st season - built the foundations of the series 2nd season - phenomenal 3rd season - shockingly brilliant 4th season - so thrilling i couldn't stop watching 5th season - I'm about to enjoy

i found the whole enterprise a bit boring and predictable, and no salvation from competent acting was forthcoming.

Exceedingly good, exciting and enthralling series about state of the art police corruption and how the institution works with equal methods to face them.

Interesting at the start it just became bogged down in a muddle and the final titles were a bit unnecessary and pretentious.

Gripping drama with a fantastic cast .

An intriguing series .

Entertaining if over the top .

**** SPOILER ALERT **** Series 4 - The first 5 episodes were hugely entertaining.

This show is a perfect example of meticulous detective work with a great gripping story.

In the concluding evidence the story took an unexpected turn which makes one wonder.

This show had me shouting at the screen multiple times in a good way , literally lived on the edge of my seat.

It is contrived, unbelievable and quite simply dire rubbish.

A brilliant, gripping drama .

Series 1, 2 and 3 have it all: logical but endlessly twisting storylines, believable and deep characters who develop through the episodes, and literally breathtaking action.

Meaty, tough and entertaining.


For me the biggest issue is the cast who are unconvincing and too weak to make up for the generally slow pace of the series.

This show is very gripping.

Only the dullest of law abiding citizens would like this....

I didn't know who was deceiving who, which makes it very hard to follow.

, the writer must be a genius Acting 10 out of 10 Thriller , suspenseful , well written series.

Pathetic and boring .


fast paced for the most part with great writing and character building.

Jed Mercurio is a stunning talent.

It's fast paced, thrilling and every actor is brilliant, please watch it you will love it as much as I do its so well done.

He then proves you very wrong and you see that his conviction to the case is what makes him compelling to watch.

I can understand and appreciate a look into failed policies of the police but this is so bleak and in the end uninteresting that I don't understand the point.