Little Women (2019) - Drama, Romance

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Jo March reflects back and forth on her life, telling the beloved story of the March sisters - four young women, each determined to live life on her own terms.

IMDB: 7.9
Director: Greta Gerwig
Stars: Saoirse Ronan, Emma Watson
Length: 135 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 187 out of 869 found boring (21.51%)

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But all it did was create mild confusion.

The pacing is masterfully done, and the film is altogether incredibly enjoyable.

It was too fast paced, dialogue seemingly modern and insincere it just didn't get me like other adaptations.

As usual, Chalamet gives us a stunning performance and for me, really gives the audience a good picture of how Laurie is.

Saoirse Ronan was simply stunning.

Overall, this is a gloriously evocative film that makes you laugh, makes you cry and utterly envelopes you in the world of the March family and the love that binds them all together.

Not only is this a brand new take on a beloved classic, it's visually stunning, superbly acted, and any minor adjustments in sequence and plots in no way diminishes or strays from the incredible characters Alcott gave us.

Hell, that was a new dimension of boring .

Totally unexpected, yet totally fascinating to witness.

By the numbers, this should be a pure knock out but it all feels so blah, predictable and...

One of the most enjoyable movies I've seen in a long, long time.

The star for me, however, is Timothée Chalamet - he plays the charming but emotionally fickle "Laurie" in a thoroughly captivating, engaging manner.

Other than that, this movie is really enjoyable.

Enjoyable and worth seeing.

You have Saoirse Ronan who commands every scene she is in and gives her Jo so much life and makes her also very unpredictable in emotions and reactions.

I found the constant "forwards-backwards" format disconcerting, my friend declared it a waste of time and virtually unwatchable.

The non-linearity makes it super confusing.

Enjoyable movie .

Teensy bit dull .

I was board, so board, slow, nothing new, nice for girls seating around the table drinking tea.

I'm sorry, its just bored.

But despite this and some occasional narrative confusion, this film is superbly satisfying and an incredible experience.

It is too confusing and abrupt to be even considered.

But still a good and enjoyable movie.

Although the acting is outstanding nearly all-round, for me Louis Garrel was somewhat bland as Professor Bhaer.

Greta Girwig did another movie that got amazing reviews "Lady Bird" but when most people saw it they thought it was one of the worst movies they ever saw.

This is pure stereotypical cliche garbage.

We enjoyed the movie but frankly some of the editing choices made it difficult to follow the story and to differentiate between the times when the girls were younger teenagers and when they were young adults.

Thanks to the film's overwhelmingly strong performances and technical strengths, the fact that Little Women's now more formulaic and familiar plot movements and processions never threaten to detour from the fact this heartfelt and soulful effort is a thoroughly enjoyable and likable affair, that manages to say some important things about equality and female empowerment without ever feeling preachy or overbearing.

From the start this movie made me ache, how they teared this story up, the 1994 movie was marvelous, this is just a total disgrace, dont waste your time.

SYNOPSIS: A story of Jo March (Saoirse Ronan) coming of age with her sisters while trying to support herself with writing stories for the newspaper and attempting to live outside of the social norm of what's expected of a woman during the 19th century.

Stunning Affirmation of Life, Family, Marriage, and Love .

Although the story was familiar, it was enjoyable to watch this film.

a fascinating film.

Feels very disjointed.

The add-ons in terms of feminist dialogue were tiresome and out of place.

The flashbacks are a bit confusing.

First half confusing unless you are a fan of the book because it flashes back and forth so you only get glimpses rather than true character development.

Stunning costumes mixed with boring plot story .

I did notice a lot of elderly women in the theater where I saw it, and the reaction I got from them is they enjoyed it.

Secondly, the whole non-linear form of the movie is really quite dislocating, even to someone who knows the book and previous film inside out, it could be quite confusing at times.

However, one of the flaws that seemed to bug plenty of people was the few slow paced screenplays that seemed to pull back the narration.

While this is still an entertaining and ultimately satisfying film to watch, quite a few things mar the experience.

While the start was very slow, and despite being perhaps not the target demographic (being a man), I really got into it by the end.

Definitely worth watching (although I am torn between giving it a 7 and an 8).

Little Women is a spell binding, albeit slow paced film that is both sad and romantic.

Brilliant Film But Difficult To Follow .

It's also because the film is so confusing that I couldn't actually understand a lot of it.

Saoirse Roman and James Norton gave by far the best performances but there were too many issues for the film to be enjoyable.

Overall enjoyable version .


The movie is not preachy by any means and I was surprised at how entertaining it was funny, sad, emotionally resonant and completely engaging.

Overall, it's a great dramatic film, is exciting, you laugh, cry and feel a lot of emotions.

I enjoyed it even more the second time.

I would have enjoyed it more, and compared it to the superior 1994 version less, if it had selected some different scenes from the book to include.

Overall it was a pretty film, if terribly disjointed.

This movie is about as far away from 'my type' of movie as possible, or at least that's what I thought, but I have to say I enjoyed it a lot.

Coming of age, historically dramatic pieces can't afford to be edited that way because realating and investing in the film and the characters will be times harder.

Extraordinary production design inside the old mansions surrounded by the breathtaking scenery of Massachusetts, where Little Women was filmed.

I personally think this may be confusing if you didn't read the book from beginning to end.

The scenery is stunning, the acting even better.

After battling to stay awake for hours I left the theatre asking myself "what was the point?

and a bit of a boring one at that.

About the plot (spoiler alert) the performance and the character of Joe was exciting, she is a very strong, comprehensive and kind woman, she always care about her family and her friends, for that time her way of thinking was out of the ordinary, I really like the phrase that she said to her mom "Women have minds and souls as well as just hearts, and they've got ambition and talent as well as just beauty.

For those who are not familiar with the story, it is just a confusing mess.

The editing really prompts the audience to pay more attention to the detail in order to get the most out of the story, though it was a little confusing at first.

There were times that the dialogue went nowhere and I kept checking my phone as time felt that it stood still.

Enjoyable with superb acting .

I found it too slow, not mucb happening, Only towards the end it picked up .

The non-sequential timeline certainly helps too, creating a varied and intriguing story arc.

Pretentious and overbearing .

Beth's death and her funeral are particularly bland.

Worth the watch!

A totally unnecessary remake of an outdated boring novel that could do without.


I was just bored, which is really frustrating when there's THAT MUCH talent on screen.

Joe's novels are mostly about war at first, to make her earn money or other material, but because a lot of life experience and eventually realized that she really wanted to describe only his family all the mundane of daily life, not only for proof of existence of beth left once, also think back to how they naive themselves into from the past to the present.

Maybe Gerwig thinks chronological order is boring, or she thinks there's some intrinsic value in flashbacks and flashforwards.

With effortless charisma, gorgeous visuals, passionate directing and delightful performances across the board, it's difficult not to love, but its muddled narrative and messy structure do work against it significantly, proving a major point of frustration and confusion throughout.

Unexpected ending worth it all .

But after ten minutes in I was bored.

Nothing happens.

The story doesnt go in a chronological way, its moving too fast and I feel it will be just pure difficult to follow if you havent seen the old movie or read the book.


stupid and confusing .

Stunning .

Confusing .

They hit the required emotional notes during some intense scenes and when it's just pure joy and dancing, you can feel their on screen chemistry is what really sells their friendship in the movie.

becomes boring .

The production values are exquisite throughout, the costumes are evocative and the settings have a cosiness and charm that reminds me fondly of the period films of films from MGM in the 40s and 50s.

It was very dry.

Its really nice to see Ronan on the edge to become truly her generations Meryl Streep.

" To Be Loved "Film: @littlewomenmovie Director : Greta Gerwig Music : @alexandredesplatofficial Dop : Yorick Le Saux Cast : #saoirseronan @lauradern @florencepugh @elizascanlen @emmawatson @tchalametOnly three word's after watching these little women's " Very Emotional Very Moving Very Engaging " !

The blankets they used were heavy, which caused the hunt for the tortoise to be more enjoyable to see.

As expected, the whole cast is phenomenal, but Saoirse Ronan, Florence Pugh, and Timothée Chalamet not only deliver the best performances of the film, but their characters carry the most compelling arcs.

Sooo boring!

One of the most enjoyable movies recently I have watched,nice, funny, sad, cute and gorgeous.

I heard such great things but I fell victim to the "liberal propaganda club" to give this movie great reviews.

Classic tale which is still compelling.

Often times long time fans will be resistent to certain changes to what they have come to love however for a first time exposure like myself I found the approach so engaging and perfectly timed.

What a waste of time.

This story will seem very confusing and disjointed unless you already know the plot well.

While most performances and characterizations are quite good, Jo's older sister Meg (Watson) and Meg's love interest, John (James Norton) have little chemistry and occasionally come off as bland although their individual performances are good otherwise.

The jumping back and forth in time was confusing to the point where it seemed that it took Beth 7 years to die.

Ronan and Watson are breathtaking.

), feminist virtue signalling (yawn) and costumes and hair that were not quite as on point as they should have been.

Dull and fake .

And I would recommend it to anyone who can appreciate an easy paced movie with stunning performances.

Though it gets rather dry at the middle of the movie.

Other than that, it was an enjoyable movie.

Most boring film ever .

And the lack of any character flaws makes them all rather dull.

Oscar worthy performances, breathtaking scenery and sets, gorgeous costumes and the plot was true to the story.

Largely I suspect because the story is pretty fast paced.

The constant switching back and forth from present to past was confusing.

Wonderful , entertaining and simply beautiful .

Being a coming of age story, Little Women could have been so much better both structurally and emotionally if it used child actors.

I enjoy about half the chick flicks I watch but this torpid and tedious chronicle is best left for those who revel in the search for and adoration of leading ladies.

Enjoyable movie .

Rightly so, the film was a charming coming of age story.

One of the worst movies this year .


There is a scene where Jo Marsh is running down the street and it changes to slow mo for 2 seconds and it felt weird.

The story kept going back and forth between the past and the present, which made it a little difficult to follow at first, especially as the characters look identical at both times (especially Amy, played by Florence Pugh, who goes from being 13 to 20).

With also breathtaking dance routines and costumes that really caught your eye and left you in awe of what you were watching.

Confusing, ne´est ce pas?

There are times, especially throughout the majority of the second act where the movie seemed to really slow down.

First of all the films cinematography and aesthetics were stunning.

To me it was very a regular coming of age movie and i didn't concur with extremely rave reviews it received.

It was rather confusing for me to follow.

They made Baher younger than ever and duller than ever.

Very enjoyable and the best Jo by far!!!!

Regardless, it is worth watching at least once.

But I must say, it's really worth watching.

Watch paint dry, it's more interesting.

Unfortunately, while previous versions adhere to the sequence of events described in the novel, Gerwig takes liberties with the chronology, mixing scenes of past and present, tinkering that only serves to create confusion and undercutting what is essentially a coming-of-age drama which relies on our understanding of character growth and development.

So it firstly made it fairly confusing at first to know what time period you were in.

Boring & females using group approach to learn self damaging ways .

Worth watching, you won't regret it.

Extremely boring.

This was a boring story when she wrote the damn book, it was a dreadful movie when Winona Ryder did it.

Furthermore, the movie's basically extremely slow paced and takes its time to elaborate it's characters and even though I appreciated it on the one hand, it also had a minor flaw to it on the other, as it was extremely lengthy at times, just slightly too much.

She has created a lavish film that skillfully recreates the March sisterhood with stunning production values and an excellent cast.

Little Women (2019) Review:Greta Gerwig writes and directs the beloved story of four of sisters coming of age in the aftermath of the Civil War.

Florence Pugh and Laura Dern are also incredible, delivering depth and emotion to thieir compelling characters.

Sorry but its just plain boring.

Worth the Watch - All Five Times .

Despite film being emotionally engaging it is little bit confusing at some points as storytelling includes parallel timelines which is simultaneously showing present and 7 years earlier stories, also film could've been concluded within 1hour 40mins despite its been stretched to 2 hours and 15mins.

This one, the trailer seemed very exciting and I thought there will be a lot of adventures.

confusing if you're not familiar with the book .

A great, enjoyable film .

I just found the story of the March sisters absolutely compelling.

For me Beth's death was confusing due to the simultaneous flashback scenes and seemed to drag on for some time.

The story, oh my, it keeps you on the edge!

A movie worth watching .

With that said, Gerwig does her best to make this as entertaining as possible to either gender by showcasing each of the characters with relatable problems and realistic aspirations that anyone can invest themselves in.

A reflection on life a coming of age story also.

The original Louisa May Alcott story proves to be a compelling baseline to this film in and of itself.

Boring .

It's a glorious movie, utterly absorbing with ravishing cinematography by Yorick Le Saux and a brilliant soundtrack by Alexandre Desplat: both I suspect likely to feature in Oscar nominations.

This version was boring.

this movie is really enjoyable.


Just boring.

Heart-warming and entertaining .

" It's too long and I got bored.

The timeline could have been chronological if it was up to me, it can be confusing sometimes.

Messy and super confusing .

Save Your Money .

19th century boredom .

Indeed, the flow was quite boring in the first hour.

It's a truly stunning film for all the senses.

Late into the film, Jo asks Amy how domestic struggles and joys of women could make an exciting book.

It was so boring and meaningless that I thought I was watching this movie for 10 hours.

The story overall is not bad, but can get boring.

This is a classic book done with an all-star cast in an entertaining fashion.

Boring .

With fresh, innocent eyes and mind that never experienced a "Little Women" movie or novel, this apparently seventh version of the well-read book by little women themselves seems to offer a rather difficult to follow movie.

I love its genuinely charming and entertaining storytelling and it's amusing acting.

Worst movie of the decade .

Such a compelling and heart-warming story.

If there was ever a way to turn a charming girlie novel into a boring movie about relationships, Greta Garwig seems to have found it.

making the story seem a bit disjoint and confusing.

Uninspiring .

The story jumps back and forth through different time periods and it is a little confusing at times.

My 13 year old granddaughter felt it was boring and hard to follow and she lost interest halfway through.

I didn't hate it, but the 2+ hours dragged by.

The acting is superb by everone in the cast, the attention to detail here is just breathtaking.

I say, just save your money and rent this one from Redbox in a few months.

Worst movie of 2019.

All feels too theatrical and dull!

It's so confusing.

Saorise Ronan and Florence Pugh were the ones I liked the most and Pugh is the most exciting prospect in Hollywood right now.

Bottom line: I found it rather boring and disjointed while the acting poor to mediocre.

Thoroughly enjoyable .

This movie was incredibly confusing due to these constant flashbacks.

Taking what is a sweeping, epic and slow burning story and throwing its structure into a blender is one of the biggest filmmaking blunders I've ever witnessed.

Not because Star Wars was bad, but this was much better acted with a more entertaining storyline.

It's confident, engaging and sometimes quite charming.

With the drab music, the lazy acting, the lack of intimacy, the choppy storyline, we have no characters to care for.

I will dare to say this is the worst movie of the decade.

Save your money and time and just Redbox rent .

Boring .

Laura Dern is very boring in her single-dimensional angelic role.

But those are not major points, we enjoyed this movie even though we both think the editing was more confusing than helpful to tell the stories here.

Just Barely Enjoyable .

Emma Watson is the weakest link, but her character is also the most uninteresting one.

This movie is boring from the beginning to the end.

I knew the story & I found it confusing.

I Fell Asleep .

In a nutshell, the story is about a family with four coming of age daughters in American civil war years.

I thought the costumes were stunning as were the landscapes and the interior sets.

Confusing - followed by pointless .

The deathbed scene with Beth in the new version was vague and confusing.

Even with much knowledge of the story it was hard to follow which timeline the story just jumped to till part way through the scene.

Apparently, its time-hopping structure is entirely new, seemingly included to call attention to the story's various call-backs and contrasts, and has caused some confusion among audiences unfamiliar with the book.

It also dragged on forever after the death of Beth, causing the movie to be 2+hrs.

Adding to the confusion was that none of the girls seemed to change in age right up to the end.

Even if I could get behind the chaotic way in which the story was told and the drab choice of actors and actresses, I absolutely draw the line at Greta Gerwig's choice to merge the life of Louisa May Alcott and the character Jo March.

It added a bit of confusion which took away from the viewing pleasure.

Ladybird was great and so was Ronan but here she's just bland.

It is a bit foppish in places, high society nonsense et al, but the undercurrent of female struggle powers through it well enough and if you watch this and aren't moved, you're a heartless empty vessel (and more than likely male).

Ugh It's getting really tiresome that all we have left in this world is to remake old movies remake old songs ......

For example, it might be difficult for viewers to understand the timeline, as the events are not in order, which makes it confusing for those that dive into the tale for the first time.

A deja vu and predictable quotes borrowed from Wuthering heights, Jane Eyre, Pride and prejudice, Gone with the wind etc

The plot was typical of the era and very enjoyable, proving why this story is such a classic.

Even though I've seen about 5 different movies on Little Women this film was super enjoyable.

However this modern take was superficial, kitsch and unbearably boring.

I must say that it can get confusing since the story keeps on going back and forth in the timeline.

Soairse Ronan is too uptigh and bland.

I had a great time watching this movie it is very like The old ones so if you are a fan if those you should watch this but great acting great reboot and worth The watch

Also, some past-present transitions are so abrupt that they disrupt the overall pacing by being a bit confusing.

Enjoyable remake .

I've read the book a dozen times and have seen many film adaptations so am thoroughly conversant with the material and so enjoyed it.

The director tries to do something interesting with the source material but ends up with a too long and ultimately boring / messy story.

It's boring, lazy & poorly filmed.

Besides the incredibly choppy and confusing timelines that deflated every opportunity for intimacy or connection, the actors were so clearly not their correct ages.

Boring and dumb compared to 1994 version .

It's about as engaging is a bottle of Maalox.

She won a Gold Globe and was nominated for the Oscars with this film, so I thought: "Little Women" will be fascinating too.

Predictable untila lovely ending which is a variation from previous versions.

Act 1 - 7.2Act 2 - 7.7Act 3 - 7.8 Film in nonlinear and jumps back and forth between timelines which can be a bit jarring at timesActing is really good all around and modernized for this time, still takes place during the Civil WarRonan is great as Jo and is very endearing and independent in this rolePugh is also very good as Amy March and makes her more than just a bratty younger sister, has some really strong and emotional scenesChalamet is very good as Laurie and is a joy to see on screenLove the relationships between the family and friends and how there is so much energy when they are all together talking over one another, feels very realFilm is a joy to watch for the most part but hits emotional notes when it needs to while always remaining endearingEnding isn't as strong as it good of been as it felt a little forced and suddenAll other supporting performances are good and make the characters come to lifeLove the modern way of thinking that this film uses to challenge norms and stand up for woman and what they want in life instead of just being a wife which was common place in this timeScore of the film drives home the emotional scenesWritten so well and realistic by Greta and directed well tooCinematography is consistently satisfyingThere are a few corny scenes and the laughs don't always hit, can also get a bit slow at timesOverall a strong film that I would recommend to most .

I highly recommend it.

All in all this film is NOT Oscar worthy, It's too confusing, terribly miscast, and has a feminist message that is over done to nauseum.

Little women is a visually stunning,excellent crafted and acted cinematic masterpiece that deserves to be an awards contender.

Also it was really confusing because it kept jumping around time lines from the present and future which made it really confusing, and the whole movie I thought that the girl who burned the novel and Amy were different people because in different time lines she looked very different.

I don't feel like giving it a low raing--I wanted to love it, but I was kind of bored most of the way through.

But that aside, it's still excellent, engaging and heartwarming.

Oh Streep herself was fine in this, giving us quirky Aunt March in a very enjoyable, almost self ironic performance.

Overall: A terrific film interrupted by time jumps that caused confusion.

I also usually like when movies flash back to the pass and then come back to current but in this particular one I found it somewhat confusing (even with me already knowing the plot).

boring .

This one, however, was just so boring and disjointed, I couldn't follow it.

Another general confusion with new adaptation, it's not clear at all that Marches are doing financially not so well, or that Laurences are much better off, which was so clear in the 1994 adaptation.

Such a boring film!!!!


Waste of time.

Personally, it is a pretty intense emotional struggle for me.

In general, it is very boring and meaningless

It felt pretentious and sometimes silly.

Both movie and book being coming of age stories, I felt it was empowering and inspired women to make a life for themselves and there are constant themes, messages, poems, alliterations that say this.

But unfortunately, by the end, the benefit on 13 year old coming of age girls is lost If you can't hold their attention.

In addition to this, the film flashes back and forth between two different years and because each of the characters don't look that much different in either year, it can cause confusion figuring out which year we are supposed to be watching.

There was too much jumping back and forth from past to present which made it difficult to follow the story line especially for someone who doesn't already know the story.

Since the movie crosses the two-hour mark, I found myself bored during certain storylines that failed to captivate me.

My primary criticism is that the chronology is at times a bit difficult to follow, let alone keep track of.

A stunning touching story of a dream and love.

All things considered, Little Women is a wonderful and enjoyable film with incredible direction and design.

The non-linear way in which it was told was confusing.

Good production values but no depth, just some femenist propaganda

The back and forth timeline is confusing.

It's been years since I read the book but I'm sure one problem here is that it tends to plod on because the script is slavish to the book--except at the end, when Jo is made out to be an uncharacteristically and unconvincingly assertive businesswoman who stands for no nonsense from her publisher.

Slow and very very boring.

Both have great actors but this version left the characters somewhat empty and the constant hopping between past and current day was bothering me.

This movie is about coming of age in the 19th century and Hollywood chooses actresses of age 20, 23, 25 and 29 to portray teen girls that should be of ages 12 to 16.

It seemed fast paced and impersonal.

But i have to say emma was very enjoyable while this one is just a bore.

Very boring .


I found the fractured storyline difficult to follow, especially since the characters all look the same age throughout the film.

It's just a bit slow for me.

There was no plot it was just two and a half hours of character development.

But a pointless film unless you love the novel and want to see an incoherent pastiche of scenes from the text strung together without narrative.

These moments offer a slower side to the story, which don't always land as well as they perhaps should.

Hard to follow .

It's an absolutely complete and absorbing piece of cinema.

Very visual and enjoyable period drama.

Gabriel Byrne (from 1994) has that something, you can see that inner spark, you can see what connects them with Jo, what is fascinating her.

In Midsommar she gave a gripping performance and also another good performance as Saraya Knight in an underrated movie this year, Fighting With My Family.

There are a few more instances of this time play that I didn't really care for, and for the few people who don't know the story of Little Women, it can feel like some of the story is missing or disjointed.

So Predictable .

Overall she created a confusing, nearly storyless mess out of a classic story, with her horrible screenplay and horrible directing.

Way too long .

I found it too slow, not mucb happening, Only towards the end it picked up

Boring and goed about nothing.

I think the only part that was decent was the Laurie/Amy scenes, but so many get contrived and fake happy.

You're certainly the most enjoyable movie of the year for me.

Unfortunately I got so bored I didn't finish watching this film.

So I was pleasantly surprised by how moving, entertaining, and beautifully shot this ended up being.

An enjoyable movie for the whole family and especially perfect for a mother-daughter date or ladies-night-out, In My Humble Opinion!

If you have un enjoyable life you must watch this movie.

They are absolutely stunning.

But the narrative makes the story confusing, somertimes everything happens so fast and so slow and the same time.

On the most part this aspect does work surprisingly well, but there were times where it was confusing and not always easy to tell straight away what was the past and what was the present and that was the case with this 'Little Women'.

It seemed rather dull.

It's done sloppy and unless you read the book or watch the other versions, it's hard to follow.

But I found myself feeling a little bored, particularly at the beginning.

Alexandre Desplat's romantic music score sets the lyrical mood throughout the film and Yorick Le Saux's cinematography is stunning.

V disjointed adaptation, gimmicky back and forth time period jumping, so very unnecessary.

Well worth watching.

I was in tears with past versions and found myself yawning at important moments in this movie.

Very boring movie....

Worst movie ever .

With all of the hype, I was looking forward to (and even expecting) an interesting, lively and entertaining show.

This flick was so boring that I had to stop it about 1/3 into it.

You'll laugh and cry and leave the theater smiling.

This is a wonderful film that I just found to be a little too slow.

It has taken away the soul of most of the intense moments of the film, it is as if he had shot it quickly or did not know how to give soul to many moments.

I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it, the scenes with the sisters as a family were joyous and the acting throughout was of a high calibration.

Rounding out the unique and witty story and performances is the film's aesthetic value, with stunning and immersive cinematography and production design of 19th-century New England.

Beautiful perfomances in a coming of age story about four young girls.

Overall, the story was engaging, the acting was great, and it does have a re-watchability factor, which is a big surprise due to it being a period-drama.

Highly enjoyable movie for all audience.

This movie is truly enjoyable and the cast did an excellent job ( the scene that Jo and Laurie dance for the first time is just wonderfully hilarious) .

Totally and irredeemably bored.

The worst movie ever.

Simply put, it's confusing.

The acting was stunning.

The most boring thing ever, i don't know why this thing lasts so god damn long, i gave it a try but fell asleep 5 time (and i was at the movies), you should go and see this film, cuz it will solve all youre insomnia problema, i'll sleep like a horse

The narrative ( despite being in non linear format) keeps it interesting in the sisters' pursuit of happiness as they navigate through the unpredictable phases of life.

From here the the movie constantly switches from Jo's current situation to flashbacks of her childhood, making it a bit hard to follow.



Little Women is a good coming of age drama about four young girls who are raised by there mother.

All in all, this was an enjoyable movie and well, people were complaining as to why Greta Gerwig was not nominated as best director, this is the obvious reason why, not saying she is a bad director or I have some hidden agenda on female directors, I really can't be bothered if the director is a male or female just give me a good movie; that's all I really want.

Yet another overrated snoozer .

But besides that ....? There is NO plot, NO climax, NO surprise.

The acting is empty and it's basically a repeat of the lines from the one with Winona Ryder.

I will always revere Gillian Armstrong's movie and compelling plot.

It got better in the third act for me, once I completely understood what was going on, and once I did, I can tell you that the movie is very smart and could be a real eye opener for many if it was more engaging to those people.

As a whole between the wardrobe, houses, and landscape it really was overall incredibly beautiful and visually stunning.

Boring ...

It was just kinda basic and uninteresting.

Alongside, Emma Watson, Florence Pugh and Eliza Scanlen are delightful as her sisters, each bringing unique and memorable characteristics to life in genuine and enjoyable style.

The overuse of the dancing scene, and overuse of the confusing flashback scene, also make the film unwatchable!

Same for the ambiguous meta ending that brings more confusion than emotional depth and clarity.

Brilliantly acted but confusing and 1994 version still superior .

Felt forced in at the one and too 21th century cliche at the other hand.

Although I beleive I have interpreted it wrong I got the sense that the scene in the rain when Jo kisses the professor that it's direction was so different from the rest of the movie, that it was very cliche and hollywooded up making me beleive it wasn't a reality.

It was the most boring film I have ever watched 1/10.

A bunch of overrated actors playing a neverending and really boring piece of...

My only complaint is that because of the constant change of time (like in all other movies that use that method of transition) the story is hard to follow.

This is crap in comparison and quite boring.

It does sag in the middle; could perhaps do with shaving 15-20 minutes to tighten it up a little, but otherwise a thoroughly entertaining watch.

Entire film quite long, and full of boring conversation!

That's mainly due to the film's slow pacing.

Nevertheless I enjoyed it immensely especially the postmodern scene towards the end of the film.

Compelling adaptation by Greta Gerwig.

The timing format with flashbacks, although interesting, was also confusing and basically assumes that everyone in the audience knows (and remembers!

Aside from boring, how utterly disgusting to see young females experimenting and exercising their emotions such that they work toward perfecting an approach to having their base, ugly emotions lead, the mouth and rest of their bodies following.

The flashbacks make everything confusing and leave no room for character development.

Visually gorgeous, especially the scenes in Europe but unfortunately the whole film is rather a snooze fest.

these days the world is descending into emptiness and hatred and it shows in pretentious empty movies.

Enjoyable ensemble cast performances .

Disjointed jumping backwards and forwards in time, actors far too old for the roles and missing the warmth this story usually generates in readers and audiences.

The movie is always engaging and it never lost my attention.

Certainly a film worth watching.

The flash backs and flash forwards were confusing even though I knew the books.

It really is a great looking film with fantastic sets, costumes and really stunning cinematography.

This meandering mishmash went on far too long and left me and my sister yawning well before the end.

As stated in the headline, coming of age films or drama movies that don't lean heavily into comedy or thriller are typically not my favorites.

yawn .

Meg selfish and bland.

Very enjoyable period piece film or at least it seemed like one.

Also.. such a bore!

This one was worth a watch but I didnt much like the time jumping, found it confusing.

This is by far the most boring and predictable film I've seen in a very long time.

What is strikingly and perversely amusing is that even the author of this well received movie, Louisa May Alcott agreed that even her book that so many movies were based on was not a work that she enjoyed writing, never liked girls, and that the book in fact was "dull.

The characterizations were so strong and vivid that it was easy to be drawn in to an extended story which, however, I found to be disjointed into snippets by the constant cutting and time traveling from the present back into the past and forward into the future.

I really enjoyed it and was enthralled the entire film.

More entertaining than Star Wars Rise of Skywalker .


As stunning as this film is, this story will be much more digestible if you read it on the page first.

In the movie, I did fall asleep as the story moved so slowly.

The scenes at the beach in particular are stunning, with one shot of Beth and Jo with sand swirling around them being my favorite of the film.

Especially confusing was Amy in this new adaptation.

The plot is decent, though while the center of the movie helps to add depth and helps in the development of the characters, I find it rather dragged out.

I found it boring.

I really liked the movies of Saoirse Ronan and Timothée Chalamet, their performances are gripping.

I found it confusing and distorenting.

What a waste of time.

Instead, it's just another repetitive, boring, predictable, sappy hollywood love story.

I went to see this movie with low expectations, but thorougly enjoyed it.

Also, given that this film shows 2 timelines in parallel and how one ultimately led to the other, it does get confusing at times when the only way I could feel that it was the other timeline (and I was second guessing myself) was the sudden change in attitude of the characters.

Very confusing movie .

There is almost no plot or climax - the only reason I didn't leave the cinema early was because of an old woman sitting on the edge of the seat row and I didn't wanna ruin her cinema experience.

It just jumps from scene to scene and provides no story line.

You get a highly entertaining film based on a literary classic.

Boring, pretentious and been there done that at least a dozen times.

I was very bored.

Its just all over the place, I tried to keep my eyes on this film but could't help it I just fell asleep.

I'm especially - ESPECIALLY - let down by the last love scene in which the book's heroine has a romantic and private moment that the film adaptation turns into a gossipy, contrived sister scene.


Then we had a very colourful perfectly enjoyable chocolate box version from MGM in 1949 directed by Mervyn Le Roy and starring June Allison this time as Jo.

I felt that everyone was just absorbing the experience and didn't want it to end.

"So visually excellent with good acting but hard to follow unless you know the story well.

Sadly, the big-screen result is tedious....

Repetitive to me.

Overall, this story of poor grown up girls with their own yet intermingling stories along an engaging background score does get a few tears while watching.

They take the classic story and tell it in a new and unexpected (and delightful) way.

A lot of it would have likely been confusing, had I not had that prior foundation.

Powerfully written story, better told, moving and compelling.

Overall, I'd say that while it does get boring at the center, of you were to push on and watch it, you would see that all your efforts would pay off.

The past-present transitions are mostly well-handled but a few are too confusing and abrupt.

I have walked out of fewer than a handful of movies in my entire life.

Even though constant time jumps were confusing at first, especially since the characters didn't change much, I thought it made the movie more engaging and somehow more relatable.

No structure, whatsoever, no intrigue, the characters are dull and weird ocassionally.

As of Ms. Watson, I regret to say her acting is as boring and predictable as ever, and she probably will always be Hermione.

I felt the whole thing was chaotic and disjointed.

I thought it looked stunning and the cast were all very good especially those playing Jo and Amy.

My main complaint is that the film was far too long for such little conflict.

All around boring movie with too many fails to be good.

Boring, making little sense until late in the film .

And ultimately just a bit, well, boring.

The critics love this artsy-fartsy excrement but it has to be one of the few movies I've found to be a great cure for insomnia.

)Costumes, sets and music all lovely and superb in the '94 film, mediocre and drab in the 2019 remake.

The things I didn't enjoy about this film were the extreme time jumps back and forth, which became confusing at certain points, and Timothee Chalomet.

Firstly, The characters get little character development, a lot of the run time is filled with pointless dialogue or social outings.

All the performances were beautiful but Saorise was just stunning!

At more than one point, the movie gets overlong and boring; it does not help that there are so many intersecting storylines.

For sure the best achievement of Greta is the amazing and unexpected ending she beautifully created.

His self-indulgent period makes him feel shallow, because we have not seen what leads to it.

Enjoyable Period Piece.

And now its even more boring in this age of Ultimate PC, Adding black people and Asians where there were none before.

The cinematography was visually stunning.

A really decent, engaging ensemble effort .

The exception of Laura Dern who I love..but I found even her performance in this tedious and uncomfortable to watch.

This was good but found the editing from past to present rather confusing and annoying.

She is so overrated and just boring to watch.

Thoroughly enjoyable and heartfelt film.

I've always loved the story and a new modern version was an exciting prospect.

The cinematography is lush, there is a compelling intimacy and the acting is superb.

Again, however, Gerwig makes it sweet, enjoyable, and moving in her own way.

Beautiful and fascinating love story.

The reason I mentioned the editing before is because the movie is told in a sequence of flashbacks, but it gets a little confusing at times differentiating between flashbacks and modern day.

Yes, there are all those fancy costumes and stuff, but it felt like there was no film, no story, just a bunch of non-scripted overacting, as if the actors had been dressed and then told to start acting, without telling them first, what film they were in.

An enjoyable period drama about the growing up and loves of a group of sisters in 1800's America.

I have seen better versions, this one is a bit dull in the middle.

I never read the book or seen the other film adaptations, but I thought the story was very beautiful and engaging, so I''m not surprised why so many people are drawn to this story.

This movie is very confusing because of all the cuts to different periods of time in the story.

It was a little confusing at first with the story bouncing around from the past and present.

It's compelling and punctuates the emotional depth of many scenes, as they're contrasted and compared in interesting way with similar or different scenes, appearing in the past or future.

Fantastically acted, written, directed, and marvelously entertaining, Little Women just may be one of the best book to film adaptations ever made.

The cinematography coupled with Desplat's score is breathtaking and should easily pick up multiple award nominations.

The reason I walked out of the film in awe is because of its rawness - the way most movies show relationships are not exactly how they work in real life.

Whole story is so boring, the movie is overlong, all cliches and femminism only happens.

Constant time jumps due to flashbacks were a bit confusing.


Don't waste your time.

However it's day has gone and watching To Kill a Mockingbird now is uneventful as the story has been shown in much better ways many times over the years.

I have been thinking about whether I would take a young person to see this, as a coming of age film, and really wonder if they would be able to work the time periods out, especially as the young women did not always seem so different in age.

The film seemed rushed, and with the constant flashback and flashforwards it just comes off as confusing to anyone unfamiliar with the subject matter.

) The order (flashbacks) were also a bit confusing at times, and some scenes were a bit odd and had no explanation or reason for being there.

Slow and boring .

Another theme is the contrast between everyday hapiness and compelling drama.

The characters come to life and I think everyone can find bits of themselves in every character which makes it very compelling and absolutely heart wrenching.

An Unexpected Phenomenon .

This film was simply stunning to look at.

The 2017 version was much better in my opinion, but this was still worth watching if you are a Little Women's fan!

Overall it's a heart-warming, highly quotable, 10/10 family movie worth the watch.