Little Women (2019) - Drama, Romance

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Jo March reflects back and forth on her life, telling the beloved story of the March sisters - four young women each determined to live life on their own terms.

IMDB: 8.2
Director: Greta Gerwig
Stars: Saoirse Ronan, Emma Watson
Length: 135 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 60 out of 312 found boring (19.23%)

One-line Reviews (170)

Enjoyable ensemble cast performances .

It's a truly stunning film for all the senses.

I found out confusing and distorting.

It got better in the third act for me, once I completely understood what was going on, and once I did, I can tell you that the movie is very smart and could be a real eye opener for many if it was more engaging to those people.

The original Louisa May Alcott story proves to be a compelling baseline to this film in and of itself.

They take the classic story and tell it in a new and unexpected (and delightful) way.

And the lack of any character flaws makes them all rather dull.

This is a classic book done with an all-star cast in an entertaining fashion.

Sadly, the big-screen result is tedious....

I had a great time watching this movie it is very like The old ones so if you are a fan if those you should watch this but great acting great reboot and worth The watch

I would have enjoyed it more, and compared it to the superior 1994 version less, if it had selected some different scenes from the book to include.

Waste of time.

Overall: A terrific film interrupted by time jumps that caused confusion.

On the most part this aspect does work surprisingly well, but there were times where it was confusing and not always easy to tell straight away what was the past and what was the present and that was the case with this 'Little Women'.

There was too much jumping back and forth from past to present which made it difficult to follow the story line especially for someone who doesn't already know the story.

I felt that everyone was just absorbing the experience and didn't want it to end.

Alexandre Desplat's romantic music score sets the lyrical mood throughout the film and Yorick Le Saux's cinematography is stunning.

Then we had a very colourful perfectly enjoyable chocolate box version from MGM in 1949 directed by Mervyn Le Roy and starring June Allison this time as Jo.

Same for the ambiguous meta ending that brings more confusion than emotional depth and clarity.

Greta Girwig did another movie that got amazing reviews "Lady Bird" but when most people saw it they thought it was one of the worst movies they ever saw.

Simply put, it's confusing.

I highly recommend it.

With all of the hype, I was looking forward to (and even expecting) an interesting, lively and entertaining show.

Also it was really confusing because it kept jumping around time lines from the present and future which made it really confusing, and the whole movie I thought that the girl who burned the novel and Amy were different people because in different time lines she looked very different.

An Unexpected Phenomenon .

Even though constant time jumps were confusing at first, especially since the characters didn't change much, I thought it made the movie more engaging and somehow more relatable.

Alongside, Emma Watson, Florence Pugh and Eliza Scanlen are delightful as her sisters, each bringing unique and memorable characteristics to life in genuine and enjoyable style.

My 13 year old granddaughter felt it was boring and hard to follow and she lost interest halfway through.

Worst movie of the decade .

You'll laugh and cry and leave the theater smiling.

First of all the films cinematography and aesthetics were stunning.

Confusing, ne´est ce pas?

The star for me, however, is Timothée Chalamet - he plays the charming but emotionally fickle "Laurie" in a thoroughly captivating, engaging manner.

A bunch of overrated actors playing a neverending and really boring piece of...

Visually gorgeous, especially the scenes in Europe but unfortunately the whole film is rather a snooze fest.

The cinematography coupled with Desplat's score is breathtaking and should easily pick up multiple award nominations.

Enjoyable and worth seeing.

)Costumes, sets and music all lovely and superb in the '94 film, mediocre and drab in the 2019 remake.

I say, just save your money and rent this one from Redbox in a few months.

It's compelling and punctuates the emotional depth of many scenes, as they're contrasted and compared in interesting way with similar or different scenes, appearing in the past or future.

More entertaining than Star Wars Rise of Skywalker .

Other than that, this movie is really enjoyable.

Thoroughly enjoyable .

With that said, Gerwig does her best to make this as entertaining as possible to either gender by showcasing each of the characters with relatable problems and realistic aspirations that anyone can invest themselves in.

You get a highly entertaining film based on a literary classic.

Thoroughly enjoyable and heartfelt film.

SYNOPSIS: A story of Jo March (Saoirse Ronan) coming of age with her sisters while trying to support herself with writing stories for the newspaper and attempting to live outside of the social norm of what's expected of a woman during the 19th century.

I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it, the scenes with the sisters as a family were joyous and the acting throughout was of a high calibration.

Brilliant Film But Difficult To Follow .

So I was pleasantly surprised by how moving, entertaining, and beautifully shot this ended up being.

There is a scene where Jo Marsh is running down the street and it changes to slow mo for 2 seconds and it felt weird.

Save your money and time and just Redbox rent .

With fresh, innocent eyes and mind that never experienced a "Little Women" movie or novel, this apparently seventh version of the well-read book by little women themselves seems to offer a rather difficult to follow movie.

You have Saoirse Ronan who commands every scene she is in and gives her Jo so much life and makes her also very unpredictable in emotions and reactions.

I found it too slow, not mucb happening, Only towards the end it picked up .

The flashbacks make everything confusing and leave no room for character development.

This is a beautiful film, and I highly recommend it, but for those of us who read "Little Women" decades ago and don't vividly remember the storyline Greta Gerwig's new time-traveling screenplay makes the experience more of an occasionally jarring, confusing experience than an enjoyably immersive one.

Thanks to the film's overwhelmingly strong performances and technical strengths, the fact that Little Women's now more formulaic and familiar plot movements and processions never threaten to detour from the fact this heartfelt and soulful effort is a thoroughly enjoyable and likable affair, that manages to say some important things about equality and female empowerment without ever feeling preachy or overbearing.

An enjoyable period drama about the growing up and loves of a group of sisters in 1800's America.

Boring .

Constant time jumps due to flashbacks were a bit confusing.

I enjoyed it even more the second time.

Boring .

The pacing is masterfully done, and the film is altogether incredibly enjoyable.

Rounding out the unique and witty story and performances is the film's aesthetic value, with stunning and immersive cinematography and production design of 19th-century New England.

What is strikingly and perversely amusing is that even the author of this well received movie, Louisa May Alcott agreed that even her book that so many movies were based on was not a work that she enjoyed writing, never liked girls, and that the book in fact was "dull.

I thought it looked stunning and the cast were all very good especially those playing Jo and Amy.

With also breathtaking dance routines and costumes that really caught your eye and left you in awe of what you were watching.

Little Women (2019) Review:Greta Gerwig writes and directs the beloved story of four of sisters coming of age in the aftermath of the Civil War.

But I found myself feeling a little bored, particularly at the beginning.

I found it too slow, not mucb happening, Only towards the end it picked up

She has created a lavish film that skillfully recreates the March sisterhood with stunning production values and an excellent cast.

Extraordinary production design inside the old mansions surrounded by the breathtaking scenery of Massachusetts, where Little Women was filmed.

Little women is a visually stunning,excellent crafted and acted cinematic masterpiece that deserves to be an awards contender.

Very enjoyable period piece film or at least it seemed like one.

This movie is about coming of age in the 19th century and Hollywood chooses actresses of age 20, 23, 25 and 29 to portray teen girls that should be of ages 12 to 16.

Predictable untila lovely ending which is a variation from previous versions.

The scenes at the beach in particular are stunning, with one shot of Beth and Jo with sand swirling around them being my favorite of the film.

There were times that the dialogue went nowhere and I kept checking my phone as time felt that it stood still.

I enjoy about half the chick flicks I watch but this torpid and tedious chronicle is best left for those who revel in the search for and adoration of leading ladies.

At more than one point, the movie gets overlong and boring; it does not help that there are so many intersecting storylines.

Nevertheless I enjoyed it immensely especially the postmodern scene towards the end of the film.

It's bad as engaging is a bottle of Maalox.

Repetitive to me.

Boring, making little sense until late in the film .

This film was simply stunning to look at.

She is so overrated and just boring to watch.

Its really nice to see Ronan on the edge to become truly her generations Meryl Streep.

Even though I've seen about 5 different movies on Little Women this film was super enjoyable.

A reflection on life a coming of age story also.

That's mainly due to the film's slow pacing.

"So visually excellent with good acting but hard to follow unless you know the story well.

Overall it was a pretty film, if terribly disjointed.

Ugh It's getting really tiresome that all we have left in this world is to remake old movies remake old songs ......

This one, the trailer seemed very exciting and I thought there will be a lot of adventures.

It's a glorious movie, utterly absorbing with ravishing cinematography by Yorick Le Saux and a brilliant soundtrack by Alexandre Desplat: both I suspect likely to feature in Oscar nominations.

Fantastically acted, written, directed, and marvelously entertaining, Little Women just may be one of the best book to film adaptations ever made.

The production values are exquisite throughout, the costumes are evocative and the settings have a cosiness and charm that reminds me fondly of the period films of films from MGM in the 40s and 50s.

Not because Star Wars was bad, but this was much better acted with a more entertaining storyline.

It's boring, lazy & poorly filmed.

Most boring film ever .

Although the acting is outstanding nearly all-round, for me Louis Garrel was somewhat bland as Professor Bhaer.

For me Beth's death was confusing due to the simultaneous flashback scenes and seemed to drag on for some time.

Well worth watching.

Firstly, The characters get little character development, a lot of the run time is filled with pointless dialogue or social outings.

An enjoyable movie for the whole family and especially perfect for a mother-daughter date or ladies-night-out, In My Humble Opinion!

So it firstly made it fairly confusing at first to know what time period you were in.

Overall, this is a gloriously evocative film that makes you laugh, makes you cry and utterly envelopes you in the world of the March family and the love that binds them all together.

I was just bored, which is really frustrating when there's THAT MUCH talent on screen.

It's also because the film is so confusing that I couldn't actually understand a lot of it.

Overall it's a heart-warming, highly quotable, 10/10 family movie worth the watch.

One of the most enjoyable movies I've seen in a long, long time.

In Midsommar she gave a gripping performance and also another good performance as Saraya Knight in an underrated movie this year, Fighting With My Family.

Very visual and enjoyable period drama.

It also dragged on forever after the death of Beth, causing the movie to be 2+hrs.

The movie is not preachy by any means and I was surprised at how entertaining it was funny, sad, emotionally resonant and completely engaging.

Not only is this a brand new take on a beloved classic, it's visually stunning, superbly acted, and any minor adjustments in sequence and plots in no way diminishes or strays from the incredible characters Alcott gave us.

I did notice a lot of elderly women in the theater where I saw it, and the reaction I got from them is they enjoyed it.

The story jumps back and forth through different time periods and it is a little confusing at times.

I Fell Asleep .

But unfortunately, by the end, the benefit on 13 year old coming of age girls is lost If you can't hold their attention.

Florence Pugh and Laura Dern are also incredible, delivering depth and emotion to thieir compelling characters.


But that aside, it's still excellent, engaging and heartwarming.

However, one of the flaws that seemed to bug plenty of people was the few slow paced screenplays that seemed to pull back the narration.

It's an absolutely complete and absorbing piece of cinema.

I just found the story of the March sisters absolutely compelling.

It does sag in the middle; could perhaps do with shaving 15-20 minutes to tighten it up a little, but otherwise a thoroughly entertaining watch.

It's confident, engaging and sometimes quite charming.

A really decent, engaging ensemble effort .

A great, enjoyable film .

In the movie, I did fall asleep as the story moved so slowly.

Very boring movie....

You're certainly the most enjoyable movie of the year for me.

I will always revere Gillian Armstrong's movie and compelling plot.

Save Your Money .

Enjoyable with superb acting .

I really enjoyed it and was enthralled the entire film.

The jumping back and forth in time was confusing to the point where it seemed that it took Beth 7 years to die.

Certainly a film worth watching.

By the numbers, this should be a pure knock out but it all feels so blah, predictable and...

and a bit of a boring one at that.

Act 1 - 7.2Act 2 - 7.7Act 3 - 7.8 Film in nonlinear and jumps back and forth between timelines which can be a bit jarring at timesActing is really good all around and modernized for this time, still takes place during the Civil WarRonan is great as Jo and is very endearing and independent in this rolePugh is also very good as Amy March and makes her more than just a bratty younger sister, has some really strong and emotional scenesChalamet is very good as Laurie and is a joy to see on screenLove the relationships between the family and friends and how there is so much energy when they are all together talking over one another, feels very realFilm is a joy to watch for the most part but hits emotional notes when it needs to while always remaining endearingEnding isn't as strong as it good of been as it felt a little forced and suddenAll other supporting performances are good and make the characters come to lifeLove the modern way of thinking that this film uses to challenge norms and stand up for woman and what they want in life instead of just being a wife which was common place in this timeScore of the film drives home the emotional scenesWritten so well and realistic by Greta and directed well tooCinematography is consistently satisfyingThere are a few corny scenes and the laughs don't always hit, can also get a bit slow at timesOverall a strong film that I would recommend to most .

My only complaint is that because of the constant change of time (like in all other movies that use that method of transition) the story is hard to follow.

First half confusing unless you are a fan of the book because it flashes back and forth so you only get glimpses rather than true character development.

The characters come to life and I think everyone can find bits of themselves in every character which makes it very compelling and absolutely heart wrenching.

In addition to this, the film flashes back and forth between two different years and because each of the characters don't look that much different in either year, it can cause confusion figuring out which year we are supposed to be watching.

My main complaint is that the film was far too long for such little conflict.

Oh Streep herself was fine in this, giving us quirky Aunt March in a very enjoyable, almost self ironic performance.

Very boring .

Emma Watson is the weakest link, but her character is also the most uninteresting one.

The add-ons in terms of feminist dialogue were tiresome and out of place.


Apparently, its time-hopping structure is entirely new, seemingly included to call attention to the story's various call-backs and contrasts, and has caused some confusion among audiences unfamiliar with the book.

I heard such great things but I fell victim to the "liberal propaganda club" to give this movie great reviews.


Secondly, the whole non-linear form of the movie is really quite dislocating, even to someone who knows the book and previous film inside out, it could be quite confusing at times.

All the performances were beautiful but Saorise was just stunning!

" It's too long and I got bored.

From here the the movie constantly switches from Jo's current situation to flashbacks of her childhood, making it a bit hard to follow.

With effortless charisma, gorgeous visuals, passionate directing and delightful performances across the board, it's difficult not to love, but its muddled narrative and messy structure do work against it significantly, proving a major point of frustration and confusion throughout.

The reason I walked out of the film in awe is because of its rawness - the way most movies show relationships are not exactly how they work in real life.

This was good but found the editing from past to present rather confusing and annoying.

Yes, there are all those fancy costumes and stuff, but it felt like there was no film, no story, just a bunch of non-scripted overacting, as if the actors had been dressed and then told to start acting, without telling them first, what film they were in.

It really is a great looking film with fantastic sets, costumes and really stunning cinematography.

Brilliantly acted but confusing and 1994 version still superior .

After battling to stay awake for hours I left the theatre asking myself "what was the point?

There was no plot it was just two and a half hours of character development.

The acting is empty and it's basically a repeat of the lines from the one with Winona Ryder.

I have walked out of fewer than a handful of movies in my entire life.