Live and Let Die (1973) - Action, Adventure, Thriller

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James Bond is sent to stop a diabolically brilliant heroin magnate armed with a complex organisation and a reliable psychic tarot card reader.

IMDB: 6.8
Director: Guy Hamilton
Stars: Roger Moore, Yaphet Kotto
Length: 121 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 35 out of 268 found boring (13.05%)

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To conclude, this is a good time and an entertaining Bond film although not one of the more memorable outings in the franchise.

There are even those who think that is the worst movie of the franchise.

Bond's wacky gizmos are sadly downplayed (poor Q doesn't even get to show his face), while the plot seemingly exists only to transition Moore from one drawn-out chase to the next.

The supporting cast is very entertaining, especially Yaphett Kotto, Geoffrey Holder (famous at the time for his 7-Up ads, like the 'Uncola Nuts' spot), Clifton James (peppery!

Start the unnecessarily slow moving dipping mechanism.

It has very exciting scenes like the suspenseful crocodile scene.

First of all, I have to say that this movie is an entertaining show.

As usual there's always an intriguing, seemingly indestructible henchman around the corner sent out by the big boss to kill James Bond.

Moore's stint is my favorite run in the series with all seven films being kinetic, amusing, scenic and just all-around entertaining.

As well the action is non-stop, and with very enjoyable scenes, from the boat chase in Louisiana, to all the fights, to the fight at the end of the film.

gotta love parts of you'll be bored by the end .

It's a very entertaining adventure that makes you wonder "how big is this gang going to be?

A Thoroughly Enjoyable Debut for Roger Moore .

As bad luck would have it, Pepper shows up in the worst stretch of the film, an overlong and tedious boat chase; why did Guy Hamilton always have to include these boring chases in his Bond films?

In both instances when the two separate events are shown, the streets otherwise are empty of people except for the throng in the parade and a secret agent and an assailant.

It's an entertaining, action-filled, good time.

Aside from the inevitable faults, the film's style fits Moore's interpretation and while the actor was just finding his footing, the movie is still entertaining to watch.

It's definitely better than his next one, the thoroughly tiresome "The Man with the Golden Gun".

Well, for me its a breath of fresh air to finally see a somewhat more entertaining Bond film from the previous 3.

The boat chase sequence was action-packed, but the excessive inclusion of comic scenes (the chaos at the wedding, the swimming pool incident) were unoriginal and tiresome.

Roger Moore's debut as secret agent 007 is intriguing and exciting as he portrays the infamous James Bond in a very charming and secretive way, more so than Connery who was very professional and more rugged in his role.

"Live and Let Die" begins promisingly enough with three sinister murders and an exciting '70s-style car chase on the streets of the Big Apple.

The story is highly original and exciting, bringing James Bond into the computer age.

There is a rich selection of villains that are all memorable, Seymour is convincing and there is some really excellent stunt work here along with some exciting action.

Part of the magic of Bond films is that even the slightest of them manage to be absorbing.

He's unnecessary, annoying, stereotypical and in the movie WAY too long.

So, here are ten elements that make a Bond film a Bond film and how LIVE AND LET DIE rates on a scale of 1 to 10: Title: LIVE AND LET DIE: It has that wonderful twist that turns a cliché inside out.

The boat-chase scene was exciting at first, but gets drawn out later on in the scene; it also lacks a much needed music score accompaniment.

The story is rather confusing, for a start.

I feel that it is too long overall, and it is not helped by George Martin's rather weak score where large parts of the film have no music whatsoever.

" One of the worst Bond villians; bland plot.

The film is especially intriguing in that it is the only entry in the series which features metaphysics (Solitaire's ability to read the Tarot cards and predict the future) as a credible plot device.

Updating Ian Fleming's most controversial novel, Live And Let Die, the producers, writer Tom Mankiewicz, and director Guy Hamilton choose to embrace the action packed comical Bond film as seen in the previous Bond film Diamonds Are Forever.

The musical score was not written by the masterful John Barry but George Martin, who created a rather dull score.

Action: The action has just the right balance of goofy and exciting.

ones which made Roger Moore the actor with the most entertaining Bond movies.

There are some exciting chase sequences, particularly the one in the old bus across San Monique, and the waterborne one through the Louisiana bayous.

Jane Seymour here does a decent, if a little bland and forgettable, performance as Solitaire.

"LALD" has Bond operating a propeller plane, double-decker bus and a speedboat (one of the lengthiest and most tiresome "Bond" chases with barely enough payoff).

However, this approach also means that Moore's Bond gives off SO many puns and one-liners, they get tiresome very quickly.

While some of the lines are cliché, the tarot card and ESP abilities of Solitaire give Seymour a chance to show off her considerable talents that have only improved over the years since this film.

His sometimes hilarious deadpan interactions with his superiors (M and Moneypenny) are drab and cut short.

The action sequences are OK too and serve the film well in it's pats that are turning boring, the action gives us much thrills and enjoyable action that isn't too dark for kids for example.

The music is certainly good stuff, and some of the sets underground make for exciting chases.

The plot is slightly confusing the first half an hour in or so but once speed boats, helicopters, crocodiles and Solitaire are added the film takes a turn in the right direction, becoming exciting throughout.

Recalling the use of sharks and piranha in earlier films, here Bond is placed in the middle of alligators & crocodiles - it's suitably suspenseful and Bond's escape is a great bit - and there's even a return to sharks at the climax.

"Negatives: Bad, boring henchmen; Bland villian.

The villain is fairly dull and the film is arguably the most sexist Bond movie of them all.

A boring villain too even though he's played by a brilliant actor, a plot that doesn't seem fitting for 007, heroin smuggling surely thats more of a job for Shaft or Starsky and Hutch or someone.

The film relies way too much on formula, with predictable chase sequences involving unusual vehicles and a last-second plot to kill James in the epilogue, to name examples.

He lacks the charisma and he comes across as cold, indifferent and even dull.

The plot was not all that great however, they won me over with all the action, I found this movie action packed from start to end.

Much better than the overrated and lyrically underdeveloped "Goldfinger", Paul McCartney's "Live and Let Die" adds the finishing touch to what is an absolutely awful - yet fantastically entertaining - James Bond movie.

He is so cool and has a laugh that will get your adrenaline going and the hairs on the back of your neck standing.

The first being that it plays out like a good old-fashioned action packed thriller.

All in all, it's quite the enjoyable Bond foray, one of the more enjoyable of those from the 70s, touching on some distinctly different themes for James Bond, such as voodoo and drug smuggling.

Aside from the borderline racism, and sexism included in the movie, it's exciting, with a brilliant speedboat chase.

To make it as real and creepy as possible, they only picked colorless, seemingly uninteresting locations: Harlem in New York and some deserted places in Jamaica; not particularly the sort of environment where you'll normally find James Bond adventuring.

I've read some reviews that were unhappy with how much this resembled a comic book but I thought the difference made it entertaining.

Jane Seymour, in one of her very first on-screen appearances, depicts one of the most breathtaking Bond girls ever and her character – Solitaire the vulnerable card reader in custody of President Kananga – is also quite absorbing.

Roger Moore took over the role of Bond from the departing Sean Connery (which is a good thing considering his obvious boredom in Diamonds Are Forever).

When all the elements of the formula come together, the result can be a highly enjoyable piece of entertainment.

The movie certainly has its flaws,but it is action packed and also has several bits of humour throughout,which were certainly the most enjoyable parts.

I can easily overlook most of these complaints though, since the film is so entertaining, indeed, it is probably one of the most entertaining films of the entire franchise.

I found the villain appearance near the end of the movie too cliché.

Anyway, a rather enjoyable Bond.

Gloria Hendry is hugely entertaining as Rosie Carver, even if the character is a rather unconvincing one!

Thus, a rut was fallen into during the Bonds from 1973 to 1985: the same old boring sex jokes repeated over and over and over.

" Pepper actually serves a purpose here and is pretty entertaining.

The two hour film is packed with all of the incredible aspects that the Bond film is famous for, from Paul McCartney's catchy and exciting theme music to the clever gadgets, intense action sequences, chases and plenty of cool stunts.

The supernatural elements are interesting and give the film a distinct feel while the actors/characters are perfect for the setting; Yaphet Kotto makes a menacing Kananga (before the character assassination at the end), David Hedison is one of the better Leiters' (he would later return for "Licence To Kill"), and Jane Seymour is stunning as Solitaire (and gives in a good performance as well).

Sheriff Pepper is a touchy subject for Bond purists, but I like him - and Solitaire is a Bond girl with an intriguing touch (!

I fell asleep somewhere down along the time line.

In the end, the film mostly succeeds in entertaining that you can forgive its shortcomings.

Silly, but entertaining on the balance.

The Debut Of Charming & Most Entertaining Bond Roger Moore .


The Roger Moore years were exciting and the action became more and more fantasy based.

The villains are great as well,entertaining and slightly charismatic.

Now for the Bond girls: both were really bland in my opinion.

But this film is entertaining and still worth to watch.

I found these movies boring, with just a few good scenes.

That aside, I think it is an entertaining film.

For all that, it's still entertaining.

James Bond Worst Movie .

Nevertheless, in my opinion it is the most entertaining Roger Moore 007 adventure, and it's only helped by Paul McCartney's amazing theme, which has become a staple of classic rock.

Bonus Points: Since almost all the bad guys here are black, there must have been a compelling need to toss in at least one racist stereotype aimed at whites.

Overall, the film is a considerable improvement on DAF, with some great locations and stand-out scenes, in particular an excellent and intriguing pre-titles sequence and voodoo scenes which are actually quite disturbing.

It's altogether an excuse to hold together a series of action sequences which, while enjoyable, do little to further the film or the characters therein.

Hamilton continues his preferred style of filming all these sequences with slapstick in mind rather than making them feel dangerous or suspenseful.

Bland, boring, uninspring villian in every way.

Overall Live And Let Die 1973 is a classic bond film its so damn entertaining never for one moment a boring scenes comes so get the DVD and enjoy the adventure of James Bond my rating is 10/10:Highly Recommended.

Not a perfect Bond film than,but a hugely enjoyable one and with the best non-John Barry theme song of the entire series!

But Moore did manage to carve out his own, enjoyable Bond with this film.

Added to this is a resounding lack of plot and a protracted 13 minute boat chase with overstated sight gags and a hick sheriff.

The boat chase, the crocodile farm scene, the voodoo ceremony and the destruction of Dr.Kananga's poppy fields ( great effects by Derek Meddings ) are wonderfully thrilling.

As in all typical Bond movies, the action was intense from beginning to end.

Moore's gun barrel opening is the most boring one.

There are 3 main action sequences (The film has a fairly quiet first half which is pretty effective) before the finale and all 3 of these are solid and entertaining.

The whole voodoo thing is way too long, whereas in the book it is almost nothing.

In addition, there are several memorable thrilling parts, like the amusing airport sequence, Bond using crocogators as stepping stones, the great bayou boat chase and the closing train cab brouhaha.

My grandmother was murdered in January 1973, during the time the movie was filmed, and I could not stomach the Sean Connery films' brutality as a youngster, as I felt they were too intense.

Summary: Not that any of the Bond films have any great depth, but LIVE AND LET DIE is as superficially entertaining as any.

Kananga's" island are beautiful and lush, and the crocodile farm is a wonderful suspenseful setpiece as well.

Besides, a breathtaking speedboat pursuit by leaps and bounds , developed on everglades (in New Orleans , Louisiana) , including intervention a headstrong sheriff (Clifton James) who pursues them by a police car .

Jane Seymour is stunning as Solitaire from a visual standpoint, Bernard Lee is his usual crusty M character, and Lois Maxwell is Moneypenny, which tells us it IS a real BOND film.

People complain about the voodoo content in this movie, but it has a bit of a black-sheep feel relative to its counterparts, if only because it's so slow and action-less.

"Live and Let Die" is entertaining in two main factors.


In this he would succeed, and he got off to quite a good start with this moderately entertaining, if flawed, film.

Near the end of his stretch as Bond (a stretch that even he admits went on for far too long) his Bond is dressed as a circus clown, big red nose, floppy shoes and all.

But I find that his other films are a little dated – ‘From Russia with Love' and ‘Thunderball' are prime examples of two of the most boring films in the series, and if either of those was the first Bond film I watched, I probably would not have been hooked on the series as much as I had after watching ‘Live and Let Die' first.

His pairing with Jane Seymour as tarot reader Solitaire treats the viewer to an eye candy couple in every scene they appear together, though I'd have to say Seymour didn't appear particularly comfortable in the role, but did get to wear some stunning outfits.

Another bland debut .

The plot of the film can be quite confusing at times.

I even found the smiling sidekick to be entertaining.

The stunts are horribly contrived and actually quite boring, the acting is terrible across the board (even from actors who have since been proved quite competent), and the story...

A tightly knit story with great action scenes is what James Bond was built on but with each passing movie the "formula" changes and verges on the edge of comic relief.

The main set-piece is a long chase across the bayous that features some excellent stunt work and is very entertaining despite its length.

An exciting movie about Bond, James Bond.

An intense film .

This eighth James Bond film is an entertaining spy adventure which went so far as to fail to include Q, forever played by actor Desmond Llewelyn...

I have to admit that was pretty intense.

Bond clichés: Gun barrel intro: Moore is a definitely an improvement on the wobbly legged Connery for this Bond cliché...

Its not a fantastic Bond film, but still enjoyable to watch.

Pepper, the cliché image of the big-bellied, tobacco-spitting, none-too-bright southern sheriff.

Entertaining all the way through, especially the final half hour which takes us on a boat chase through the Bayous of Louissiana.

But all that went away when the action scenes nearing the end were as thrilling as Sean Connery's during the early 1960's.

Still it's a pretty entertaining movie and not as silly as the previous "Diamonds Are Forever".

Live and Let Die is an exciting colorful action adventure with good acting and a few flaws

As I have said, the voodoo scenes prove to be tedious rather than interesting and this attenuates the movie.

This Bond movie has the most entertainment and is worth the watch.

If you can accept the sillier aspects, then Live and Let Die is an enjoyable entry.

Instead, they just have more women draping themselves around the sets, trying to make up for the lack of story with their sex appeal.

There are good set pieces as we have grown to expect from the Bond series, most notably a spectacular boat chase around the Louisiana bayous, a scene involving a bunch of hungry crocodiles, and a slick sequence featuring Bond's escape from corrupt island police aboard a slow and lumbering double decker bus.

Still, there are compelling reasons to see "Live & Let Die".

The acting is enjoyable, the characters are fun, the story is believable and there's just a general sense that a lot of effort was put in by this director and crew to try and emulate the success of Diamonds are Forever.

From the cab driver to Baron Samedi, Tee Hee to Whisper, the film's cast of villains are all entertaining and it's great to watch Bond go up against them all.

I highly recommend it.

They are more like "the Saint come to America" only more boring than the TV show ever was.

Roger Moore's first outing as Bond a fast paced thrill ride .

I sat through a lot of the film thinking that it was dull and hoping that it would get better, which it never did.

Although the film is guilty of looking rather like a cheesy blaxploitation film,due in part to it's dialog,it does,at least in my opinion,turn out rather likable and exciting,with Yaphet Kotto making an excellent villain,and the ever lovely Jane Seymour as Solitaire is very easy on the eyes.

The chases are well done and, despite thirty plus years of other action films, are exciting.

The speedboat chase goes on for far too long and the redneck sheriff an embarrassing unamusing irrelevance.

There are quite a few interesting ones such as the car chase at the beginning of the film through the streets of New York or the speedboat chase that looks really good at first, but unfortunately tends to get a little boring after a while.

Roger Moore's first outing as 007 is an all around interesting and entertaining film.

The scene where the evil Billy Bob on his bee-colored (yellow and white) motorboat goes on an assassin's chase against James Bond's white motorboat with brown trim was especially exciting.. I like that trick Bond uses to stop Billy Bob---throwing a can of gasoline at him to blind his eyes, and then switches on the main boat engine to disorient him, and then, forcing that boat to crash as it goes into the mouth of an unmanned ship.

The exception is the boat chase in the Louisiana bayous--while it's far too long and not terribly exciting, the stunt work is top-notch and it contains the infamous sequence where Bond jumps over the backs of crocodiles to escape certain death.

I feel that Roger makes a perfectly likable 007, admittedly different to the character of the novels, but still a rousing screen hero.

Exciting and iconic at the same time.

It contains spectacular and exciting final confrontation between Bond and enemies in the underground cave that was paced in moving and stimulating manner .

LALD is a fast paced movie which unusually for the superficial Bond movies skirts the supernatural world of voodooism, occultism and human sacrifices.

This is a Bond film worth watching, mainly because it's the first Roger Moore Bond film and it has some really cool scenes in it.

Overall, a reasonably enjoyable movie which heralded the Roger Moore era - which meant the the intregity of the bond movies went into decline!

After the enjoyable game with Bond in Diamonds are Forever, Live and Let Die keeps that streak up nicely, combining quite a complicated plot with some good music, camera-work and most of all, good acting, especially from Roger Moore, who had only just taken up the role after Sean Connery made a last minute comeback in the previous film.

There aren't many truly memorable moments but the few there are, like the crocodile farm, are entertaining.

From the FDR Drive in Manhattan to the streets of New Orleans to the bayou (for a most delightful boat chase involving hick sheriff Clifton James), this will have you both laughing and on the edge of your seat.

Moore makes a good debut as Bond in this exciting chase filled film.

But in the second half dialogue and plotting are forgotten (something that, contrary to popular belief, never happened in the best series entries), and the film degenerates into a series of frankly boring chases.

There is a short bus chase where Bond drives a double decker bus, some nonsense involving some crocodiles that are astonishingly easy to get away from, and your basic, run-of-the- mill speedboat chase that was about as exciting as your average Marine World ski show.

Again, it's an enjoyable film and one I'd recommend for a rainy afternoon.

Well, after the letdown of Diamonds are Forever, which descended into a camp farce with Blofeld about as threatening as Danny La Rue and Sean Connery's Bond looking bored with the whole film, United Artists had to get it right with Roger Moore's first Bond.

Overall, this is a hugely enjoyable film and my fourth favourite after "Goldfinger", "From Russia with Love" and "On Her Majesty's Secret Service".

Despite shortcomings, Moore's first Bond film has a number of memorably thrilling sequences, especially later on in the film, with the likes of the double-decker bus chase, Bond with a bunch of hungry crocodiles, the boat chase, etc. There's also some humour in the film, such as Bond in a plane with a pilot in training as his foes chase him.

Speaking of culture and traditions, similar to the original Bond, they have tried to recreate the magic with a celebratory note, the only issue is that we are unfortunately on the other side of the door, and the celebration feels more tensed than entertaining.

That one was pretty boring and relies on Christopher Lee's superb Bond villainous acting to be entertaining.

I must admit that I was rather shocked at how different this movie was from the others but this is what really set it apart and made it entertaining no matter how silly it got.

On the other, almost all the black characters are sinister, and Bond heads off into the sunset with the doe-eyed fair-skinned British lady who is clearly out of place, even if she's engaging to watch.

Some vital aspects are disappointingly weak, like the predictable plot twists or the awful attempts to insert redneck humor, while other aspects are very unique and even downright genius, like spectacularly staged action sequence and an overall fantastic cast of characters.

Here however there`s no ruthlessness to Moore`s Bond and therefore no real impact , but I suppose both the producers and Moore didn`t want the part played as a Connery clone so this is forgivable and Moore is a lot better than Lazenby , and the series hadn`t developed into farce as we`d see in later Moore Bonds like MOONRAKER and A VEIW TO A KILLSo an entertaining film to watch if you`ve got a couple of hours to spare .

* Solitaire - a particularly intriguing love interest for Bond...

Moore seems unsure of how his version of Bond is to act and he creates a Bond that his both weak and uninteresting.

Unlike regular Bond composer John Barry's music, Martin's is ponderous, overlaid onto the action rather than organic to it.

A new era for James Bond, and a fairly effective and enjoyable opening film.

The gadgets are silly, the villain's scheme is ill-defined, the storyline is frenetic and unengaging, the action is plodding and overlong.

But it is exciting, has a talented cast, and there's never a dull moment virtually.

The Jamaican setting, the murder of one of Bond's colleagues, the naive heroine, a deadly creature used as a murder weapon, Bond being assisted by a black man named 'Quarrel', all had been done before, and yet, strangely, 'Live & Let Die' manages to feel fresh and exciting.

A very enjoyable film, great script, plot, action sequence and acting.

To me, however, these are two of my favourite Bond films, mainly because there is more action in them than some of the Connery films, and they are more fun and enjoyable to watch.

This is not one of the best in the 007 series, but it's still a mostly entertaining adventure.

George Martin's score is a really enjoyable and rocking one and we've got the classic title song from Paul McCartney and Wings that works beautifully well with the terrific opening credits.

With the over the top blaxplotation elements, the colorful villains, and not so subtle humor that defined Moore's tenure as Bond, Live and Let Die is a thoroughly enjoyable enterprise from start to finish.

8th of 23 Bond moviesBoth the original actor who played James Bond - Sean Connery - and new boy Roger Moore had rather dull debuts in their roles.

Intense storyline and spectacular speed boat races add to the enjoyability of this film.

It was upbeat, lively and effectively captured the mood and feel of this fun, thrilling and diverse film.

Silly but entertaining when Moore debuts .

Paul and Linda McCartney's Live and Let die is exciting and passionate, and deserved the Oscar nomination for Best music, original song.

Too bad its way too mundane to be as effective as it should have been.