Living Undocumented (2019) - Documentary

Hohum Score



A look at the lives of undocumented immigrants living in the United States.

IMDB: 6.1
Stars: undefined, undefined
Length: 45 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 12 out of 44 found boring (27.27%)

One-line Reviews (16)

This series is boring and offensively directed towards white middle class !

The content is empty of rational and lawful arguments.

The same administration that created this propaganda are in their own mess.

Anti Trump, open border propaganda piece.

First of all, all the whiners complaining about Netflix and their propaganda films.

Bye bye, propaganda.

Unfortunately, the series comes across as political propaganda, does very little to uncover the reasons behind the legislation, and plays to the viewer's emotions instead of their intellect.

Open Borders Propaganda .

More propaganda from Netflix .

Unfortunate propaganda.

Perfect time to capitalize on a topic for profit and propaganda.

Very clearly one sided, and as such, can be categorized as propaganda.

Pre-election anti-Trump propaganda.

It did feel a bit repetitive after the 4th episode or so and they dragged out each story a little bit, and you get the point after awhile.

Anti-Trump propaganda designed to sway the 2020 election.

Really intriguing and raw.