Living with Yourself (2019) - Comedy, Drama

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A man undergoes an experimental treatment to improve his life, only to be replaced by a new and improved version of himself, and must fight for his wife, his career, and his very identity.

IMDB: 7.6
Stars: Paul Rudd, Aisling Bea
Length: N/A Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 27 out of 181 found boring (14.91%)

One-line Reviews (87)

Someone who is more attractive, more enjoyable and better at your work.

The comedy value brought to the screen by both Bea and Rudd is undoubtedly entertaining at times.

The lack of subtlety and nuance associated with this new show is disappointing, to say the least, and makes a very interesting premise fodder for a fairly mundane sitcom-like experience.

I was ok with the cliche couple, stagnated relationship, trying for a baby set up.

We were so very bored the last few episodes were mainly fast forwarded.

Otherwise I really enjoyed it.

Highly enjoyable & entertaining.

Also, how can you possibly make 20 minute episodes with boring parts?

It's easy to binge watch, specially due to Paul Rudd's acting, who performs two different personas in a very compelling way.

And this show is better than the movie, and tries to be with the binge/serial approach, and a very clever, Tarantinoeque way of starting each episode in a situation that you're not sure of, and then it takes the entire episode for the episode's beginning to make sense, and it's very suspenseful and funny, although the humor you have to wait for.

Engaging series, slightly disappointing ending .

Very Enjoyable .

Some episodes or parts of episodes are done very very well, however sometimes full episodes or parts of episodes seem pointless and tedious.

Tedious and sloppy .

I loved the premise from the get-go: a person who simply wants to change his life for the better gets an unexpected turn in the face of a clone of his.

Unbelievably dull .

Kind of depressing but also enjoyable!

#LivingWithYourself is so strange, bold, profound and unpredictable.

Mind blowing .

There could've been a better ending but overall.. it was enjoyable and a great act from Paul Rudd.. I hope I can see more from him, in future.

Creative and Intriguing, Can't Wait for Season 2 .

It was boring.

I started watching this and was drawn in at first but then realized how boring this show actually is once the concept folds into your mind that it's so freaking stupid and unrelatable it makes me question why a great actor like Paul Rudd would waste his talent on this.

Very entertaining, except that both characters played by Paul Rudd are almost old enough to be Aisling Bea's father so it's a little creepy.

However, it went a bit bland in the last 2 episodes and I see no reason to watch a second series I can imagine it turns into the usual tripe of 'escapades' between the main characters and their quirky dilemma.

The concept was intriguing, it could have been a trite series, and it almost wasn't, except for a bit of a predictable ending.

Watched it through hoping it would get better because the concept is OK, but it just remained painfully dull.

It's got the highly irritating, repetitive, bleepy soundtrack which accompanies all such crap (Maniac).

Enjoyed it and then quit.

Intriguing .

Some shows manage this rollercoaster well, but with Living with Yourself it came off quite disjointed, almost like there were a number of different directors each trying to put their stamp on it.

An enjoyable clone of "Multiplicity" .

In the end, it is an enjoyable show with a twisted plot and interesting characters.

The show starts off with a promising start, offering a slightly kooky but surreal feel, but the drama often feels cliched and formulaic, often dipping into the melodrama genre.

An enjoyable unoriginal show.

The characters - both of him, and her, as well as the minor ones - are all rather dull and unlikable, so it's difficult to care about any of them.

I was glued to it since E1 and it was so engrossing that i didn't even notice i had spent 2 hours straight watching 3 more.

Engrossing and exciting .

Great amazing fantastic worth watching I finished the show on 1 day

Simply boring .

Every episode is entertaining.

I enjoyed it.

Paul Rudd is an enjoyable watch.

It is entertaining to see where Paul Rudd takes you as just when I think what is going to happen next, he throws a curve ball at you.

So, trying to find some ulterior meaning is a waste of time.

Paul Rudd is enjoyable to watch!

Most entertainingly engaging TV show since Bored To Death for me.

I kept watching because I expected something exciting or unexpected to happen, but this is a pretty straight forward and formulaic show.

It's just kind of boring .

Rudd-iculous waste of time watching this series.

It's fair to say it's a very entertaining series.

Overall this was a very enjoyable series and I highly recommend this to anyone who is hesitant on watching this.

I wouldn't say it's a show one would get emotionally invested to, character development is meh, but it is really entertaining and easy to follow.

This show is constantly entertaining and every episode makes you want to watch this next.

The style, tone, and writing are all charming and intriguing.

Incredibly dull.

Colourful visuals and engaging storyline with each episode.

There were also so many pointless scenes in it that it would probably have been a better 90 minute movie instead.

This is really rather good and silly fun from Netflix, who are still streets ahead of the competition when it comes to launching unexpected bingeworthy shows.

There were endless opportunities to have fun and satisfy viewer curiosities but instead it immediately jumped on to the petty train and it is unbearable to watch.

Instead we have endless, needless repetition, and we are forced to watch each and every of the boring main characters' point of view: again, and again, and again, in order to "comprehend" what and why - come on Netflix,we are not as stupid as you think we are.

And that unexpected cameo was a laugh out loud moment.

Two-stars, just because they managed to waste my time for 5 episodes.

What a pointless, boring series!!!

The tone feels right and each episode is intriguing on its own.

Paul Rudd has already proven to be an extraordinary actor, both in comedy and drama, So Hearing that there was a show coming out with Paul Rudd as two characters was already exciting.

It does a great job of keeping you on the edge of your seat.

Stunning season 1.

This little tale could have been told breezily in 90 minutes, but it was dragged out over eight episodes.

Enjoyable and easy to watch.

A disappointingly boring show.

It should resonate and be enjoyable for the majority of people.

I enjoyed it, and Paul was amazing playing 2 different characters as himself.

Just a(nother pointless) Netflix Original(?

It is a slow slow burn, but well well worth the time and multiple viewings.

I binge watched this and though dont see it as an exciting show, it struck me on how many views there are to a relationship.

Soooooo boring .

The whole first few episodes are this drawn out explanation of him going back and forth to this spa with virtually no other story line.

Funny but repetitive...

Really intriguing series .

Perhaps the worst part is how slow it is.

Then there is the cliche boss, the friend who, again, do very little.

Totally worth watching!

I enjoyed that series because like this it was out on the edge of reality and it turns into an alternative reality at that.

Surreal but entertaining .

I was on my phone the whole time as I was bored there is not a single interesting character.

Right when i was getting bored of Netflix, this shows up.