Loch Ness (1996) - Adventure, Drama, Fantasy

Hohum Score



A scientist tries to prove the existence of the Loch Ness monster.

IMDB: 5.5
Director: John Henderson
Stars: Ted Danson, Joely Richardson
Length: 101 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 5 out of 27 found boring (18.51%)

One-line Reviews (21)

The kids will live the monster storyline and the special effects, the romantic among us will sniffle at the course of true love, and the others will probably find this to be a fairly average, fairly entertaining way to spend 90 minutes or so of your time.

(While you're at it, rent another thoroughly enjoyable movie which was also filmed in Scotland, "Local Hero" (1983)).

Entirely Predictable .

Worth watching for humour value only.

I understand that person's comment about it being a kids film and questioning why Aaron Fleming would say such things, but this film is just boring.

The special effects are limited which allows for the storyline to show through and, even though the end is a little predictable, It's still good to watch right through to Rod Stewart's brilliant closing song.

It is a very enchanting movie that is worth watching.

Some scenes had me laughing and some on the edge of my seat.

But it keeps that question going and going and for that reason, I enjoyed it, for it wasn't just another monster tale, because I personally have seen that movie over and over again, such as in another Loch Ness monster tale called "Beyond Loch Ness" in which the creature was revealed to be real after only five minutes of speculation.

I actually quite enjoyed it, and was able to watch along with a young family without having to cringe at foul language or blatant sex scenes.

The performances are OK, even if I was bored with the performance of the gifted-lobotomized child (why the intelligent children are always portrayed in films as super-sensitive boring adults?

How we laughed at this trite balderdash that was on TV today.

Having recently finally been to Loch Ness myself, it is worth watching to see all the fabulous scenery again also!

But, in its' own way, the movie is rather compelling...

The story is slow and gentle, making it great for a quiet viewing session.

The film has a lot going for it: Danson is perfect as the jaded scientist; Joely Richardson is Beautiful; the little clairvoyant girl is cute and spiritual; the locations are continuously breathtaking; the people are likable and the story touches on important themes of which most can relate.

" He was the high point of an otherwise dull, improbable picture with a strange, mish-mash ending that made no sense whatever.


Ted Danson and the spectacular Scottish scenery elevate a rather trite and predictable yarn.

I'm not being a snob or saying I hate kids films or fantasy, I love that stuff, but nothing happens and the love story is a bit lame and empty.

Despite the fact that the story is predictable, this is a very well-made film.