Locke & Key (2020) - Drama, Fantasy, Horror

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Three siblings who move into their ancestral estate after their father's murder discover their new home's magical keys, which must be used in their stand against an evil creature who wants the keys and their powers.

IMDB: 7.8
Stars: Kevin Alves, Thomas Mitchell Barnet
Length: N/A Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 128 out of 558 found boring (22.93%)

One-line Reviews (282)

Otherwise, it's worth watching one episode a day.

I imagine kids up to 14 would probably love this show and find it exciting, but alas, I've not been a kid in decades, so for me this was mostly silly, but just good enough to finish out of pure boredom.

So much of the story takes place in school hallways and empty classrooms, because apparently nobody has classes in America.

Magical Keys opening doors of specific abilities is fascinating and the reasoning of them being there unknowingly through the father's death is intelligent as well.

I've stated before that I will forgive a lot of nonsense in a movie or series, so long as that series is entertaining.


This was suppose to be fantasy movie but is more like a drama spiced up with a little bit of fantasy and could be boring at times because not much is happening.

Let it die, it's a waste of time and money.

You will be stunned by the number of cliché scenes and silly character decisions.

Overall just incredibly boring.

Boring and slow, with teen BS involved.

It's completely entertaining and so addictive.

The rest of the characters were boring and had no originality.

The more the storyline gets boring and confusing.

The characters are compelling, the world is interesting and the story keeps you interested.

I thought the acting was good and well worth watching.

Instead the makers serve the viewer a boring teenage high school drama.

If you are over 6-years-old don't waste your time.

As a 30 year old, I just needed more happening, it was too slow for me.

Netflix shows are getting so predictable now every series they release ends with a cliffhanger or with more problems that when the show started basically it leaves you feeling incomplete and almost like you've wasted your time because at the end of them nothing gets resolved.

Side stories that are completely irrelevant and unfortunately frustrating instead of entertaining take more and more time of each progressing episode.

Mind you, the series is not truly frightening, it is 'scary' in a teenage vibe, structured to be perfectly enjoyable for grownups too.

Just when I thought it was a little too slow it suddenly knocked up a gear and became completely addictive.

Overall, a really gripping and fun story, I'm crossing my fingers for another season :)

Getting very bored with the key thing, and Bode being the most interesting.

I don't usually review and fantasy is not usually my thing but this is a well crafted series with strong characters and acting, unique story and gripping.

Think carefully about the premise, wipe out all the pointless conversations, add some really urgent drama, and some exciting scenes involving the keys and the power they have.

It's getting super boring to always have the same high school in every film or show.

Amazing 9 episodes and absolutely weird saop cliche in 10.

Annoying characters and boring writing .

It starts good and then it gets dragged for couple of episode with teen romance and yes, Stupid decisions, until it gets great by the end.

I gave it a two not the potential of the storyline, but the show started sort of slow.

I was annoyed mostly about Kinsey, her moments were boring & idiotic.

The rest is either their school life which is exceptionally irrelevant or their boring interactions.

Unexpected .

Has potential but needs to decide if it's horror/ fantasy or a dull teen drama .

That's how and why the series is hard to achieve a real intensive peak/climax that punches right on audience's heart.

Boring .

Painfully slow and every scene is jam packed with dreadful dialogue that's hard to keep up.

All in all it was a quite enjoyable watch.

I didn't think the acting was poor like some comments express, I just think the story had some critical failures and predictable.

All that said, I still enjoyed it.

The target audience is confusing.

Its very boring and narnia style but worse Even kids got bored watching it Netflix kept making anything into a show and sometimes its messed up and flat to the ground Please dont do shows like this anymore and people rating anything they watch 10 stop it for god sake and get some personality.

The big turnaround, where this entire boring thing will finally make sense.

Despite many others opinions on this show, I actually really enjoyed it.

The characters constantly make really dumb irritating decisions in the show, or something will happen to them and they will go home and act like nothing happened and tell no one.

The story about Keys is very unique and exciting to watch.

Perhaps this is another example of Netflix having the nugget of a good idea but stretching it out over too many episodes so having to resort to "filler" which, if the story has teens in it, is usually about their silly and boring social lives.

Just binged this and while the whole idea is truly nice and intriguing, and could have developed into a very good series, whoever wrote the scenario blew it big time.

Everything was just so predictable and the characters had no redeeming qualities.

Fast paced, great storyline.

But as if it wasn't enough, after the climax of the ending, they fell the need to rewind and explain every bit of poor ideas that led to this very predictable climax.

So I kept watching.. 4-5 episodes into it everything was still slow, the plot was still weak, and the script extremely mind bugging.

after watching the first episode my reaction was "ok this started off a bit boring".

It's getting super boring to always have the same high school in every film or show.

Trying to milk the material for all it is worth they drag out conflict resolution by exceptionally stupid behaviour by the main protagonists.

The pace is a little slow and development of a more interaction between the kids and keys would have been more appreciated.

Boring and lacking substance .

The timelines are weirdly disjointed and it seems like this entire thing takes place in a few weeks.

But if you are bored then it is okay.

Thoroughly enjoyable .

This is a simplified version of the plot but it was JUST SO PREDICTABLE.

Amateurish direction, cheap soundtrack, dragging script, and an extremely BORING story that will not satisfy anyone.

The story would be good, the idea with the keys is interesting, but the script is unbearable.

Are the comics this boring?

Dragged out episodes .

It's thrilling, exciting, funny, romantic, and creepy, all that you would want in a show.

The deep, savage nature of the graphic novels is what makes them memorable and engrossing.

Situations are explained boringly and thoroughly, expecting the audience to be morons.

Entertaining .

Don't waste your time.

Seriously don't waste your time .

I came to this show after watching the trailer which looked intriguing and (somewhat rarely these days) original.

Forced & Predictable .

Enjoyable .

The story is boring and going too slowly (I guess to fit the format), the usual teenager drama is included, in a cheap and uninteresting fashion.

Average and predictable .

But the premise and mystery of the show are really intriguing!

Sorry.. This was just to boring.

Enjoyable Adaptation of a Comic Series .

Thoughtless writing, haphazard directing, poor acting - don't waste your time .

The first few episodes had my interest, but then the episodes got more and more boring and seemed like they were being dragged out with nothing happening.

The character of Kinsey is so awful, so first she wasn't very likeable but you could understand what had happened to her, but then she just became stupid, reckless, and unbearable.

Boring disaster .

Boring one dimensional, incredibly moronic characters .

They don't learn from their experience, they don't connect the dots, they make absolutely, mind-blowingly stupid decisions (which is alright for only one of the characters because their story allows it) with entirely predictable consequences, which feels like the writers simply had no idea how to keep the plot going otherwise.

Fun, entertaining, scary, adventurous ...

Lines and dialogue dragged at out too long.

seriously, think of any netflix original that retains any exciting pieces of the source material.

I found this series to be very enjoyable.

I can get over the characters doing the most predictable, brain dead decisions time and time again without penalty which is one of my greatest pet peeves.

Even in some adrenaline rush people don't mercy on others that killed one of their family members.

Bingeworthy, entertaining and just scary enough that I could watch it.

Sadly, the creators of this TV series decided to make nonsensical plot changes and instead created this extremely boring, somewhat confusing, and underwhelming adaptation.

The plot was so predictable so I could name it "a typical ending for a TV Series that you gonna exploit at least for 5 seasons"

It's a waste of time.

Really worth watching it ....

Plot is so transparent and acting is beyond unbearable.. OMG how is this 7.7 i dont have any clue.

Some shows are bad and some are really bad and waste of time.

They were trying to copy stranger things, but the characters are idiots and unwatchable.

Predictable ending.

I'm just starting episode 5 and have quite enjoyed it so far.

There were a few glaring plot holes and some slow parts but for the most part I enjoyed it.

Good and entertaining fantasy show that leaves a good feeling and is interesting at the same time.

Still worth watching, love the story, just the way they came up with things takes a lot of fantasy.

The story is predictable from the beginning and just copies common tropes from other series without adding anything.

I wanted to like this series but it's kind of boring.

This show has good actors but their roles are unbearable to watch.

It's all downhill, boring and uninspired, but conceited enough to expect a Season 2 by placing a cliffhanger that takes a lot of unbearable minutes to simply 'explain' again.

I'm having a hard time even getting kids to like this, because it is so slow and boring.

Mediocre and boring.

The plots were so predictable, the ideology of using the keys for magic is very unique.

Potential lost in boring script and weak storyline .

Not because it's difficult, but because it's boring and not worth it.

The magic made sense, the twist had mystery of it had me wanting to know more, and the visuals were stunning.

Terrible written, caracters are horrible, plot is awsome except the fact that every single decission the main caracters take is wrong and horrible predictable, worst kind of idiots ever created in a tv show.

But, the show is slow.

This series is quite a slow burn which is good as it allows you to get to know the characters really well and understand what is happening.

Really enjoyed this series, probably aimed at a teen audience but nonetheless it's a enjoyable series to get lost in and take yourself away.

This show looked like a little kid show at first, but it was very enjoyable.

Plot holes and poor parenting, the story is so, so slow.

Pacing is boring.

Worth watching .

I will be careful not to give away any spoilers, but the adventure that these characters go on was extremely fun and entertaining to watch.

Pointlessly dragged out, utterly dull conversation and horrifically bad acting.

I was drawn to it to bingewatch, but some of the scenes are really boring and "too easy" and I felt annoyed about some of the kids' decisions...

Utterly annoying execution of acts and continue to show things like nothing happened.

how to make coming of age psychedelic.

What a waste of time.

Fun idea, boring execution .

As i said its just coming of age drama with concocted magic and mystery.

I'm already bored just thinking about it.

It's even more boring than Bates Motel .

The premise is fascinating, and some of the well-directed scenes are near-masterpieces.

After watching the first episode i can already tell this is going to be a slow-going slog through boring character drama, downplaying any and all interesting aspects of the premise - which is par for the course in Netflix shows.

Only complaint is episode 7 where for some reason the main characters completely ignore everything they've learned so far about the keys and objects, just to drag out the episode and make it end in that way when there are some very obvious ways they could have quickly remedied the situation.

Enjoyable enough.

Each episode is about five minutes of fun and engaging action and discovery, ten minutes of disappointment that they don't explore new discoveries further, and finally thirty minutes of boredom.

Don't waste your time on this trash.

Enjoyable Show .

The last episode had "reveals" and twists that I found to be cop outs and predictable.

Entertaining Watch .

The unbearably long, awkward and BORING subplots of school life, teenage heartache, and forced romance makes this an absolute DRAG to sit through.

Then when students throw what they think is the demon out the Omega door, which really turned out to be Ellie was very predictable.

great idea become so boring and long because of lake of immigration of a great story which could be used better and could be even better than Harry potter

This is a fun watch, I found it interesting and enjoyable.

Character reactions are cliché, storyline is painful at moments, the bad guy/girl has no point, no aim, and the end of the season is so predictable that you can't believe they also need to explain it after it happened..!Yeah, you see the ending arriving dozens of minutes before.

Another boring show, sorry 'Netflix Original' .

Kind of boring .

I found this to be bland and boring and stopped a few eps in.

Enjoyable watch .

Again what a waste of time.

I give it a solid C- only because the central mystery to the story is pretty compelling.

That character doesn't have much to her as it is, and the performance of this already bland character is akin to watching paint dry.

And in the end, the villain big move was something predictable that only the dumb protagonists didn't think about the possibility.

One of the very rare shows where I just skip sometimes, because it is unbearable to watch.

Predictable and kinda boring .

I was actually looking forward to this show.. until 3rd episode.. a bit boring and slow.. to much teen drama for my taste.. Disappointed.

The writing is so bad, the intense and relax moments are all over the place.

Is very slow

The three main leads are great, but there are lots of supporting cast members and I found all of them to be compelling and three-dimensional.

Locke & Key are targeting the young, teenage-ish audience, and if you are okay with trading a great, original story with bad acting and a show that is semi-poorly executed overall, I think it is quite enjoyable.

Instead, audiences are left plodding through some truly unbearable dialogue filled with some of the most erroneous fumbles in fiction writing - the use and misuse of tropes for the sake of providing audiences with a familiar "hook".

painfully slow .

But soon the show became too predictable and the writers could've done so much better.

10 minutes in and all I see is annoying backlighting and actors is shadow and dull uninteresting cinematography.

I am baffled at how the creators managed to make such a deep and interesting comic into such boring and lackluster melodrama.

Engaging Mystery .

The mother's acting is under average, boring with almost no expression, whenever the scene with the kid and the mother , omg, it seems like they are on an emergency boat, one is exaggerating the drama, the other is day dreaming !

The little boy is a compelling character who never seems to learn his lesson.

Fun, exciting and entertaining

Very entertaining and enjoyable.

Hard to follow.

All in all this creates a very bland viewing experience, despite all the stuff the show did well.

And if you have no point of reference the terrible CGI , terrible script with bland dialogues ,unimaginative art direction and bad costume design should be offensive enough .

one minute american the next EnglishThe pace of story bored me in one episodeScript is just poor

What a pity and a waste of time, money and work.

The dialogues are flat, the acting is boring.

The storine is fast paced, unclydes flash backa to explain the present day qnd still manges to have a twist at the end tgat somw may suspect while others are at a firm NO and then get a shock.

I predict Season 2 will feature the same villain with the same goal doing the same things (you can only use dramatic irony so many times before it becomes tiresome).

Considering a lot of good shows starts slow and boring I didn't think too much of it.

It's original, entertaining and there's never a full moment.

Don't waste your time.

Yes, they're a little CW, but still enjoyable and held my attention.

That to one side I enjoyed it immensely.

It started slow, got really good and finished poor.

I don't care about any of the characters, they are all lacking in personality, one dimensional and as dull as could be.

The trailer marketed the show as a horror/ fantasy mix but the bulk of the storyline seems focused on the teenagers frankly boring school lives and social interactions.

I could go on but to sum up the series it has potential but the story needs to be tighter and more exciting.

The characters are boring and not interesting at all and we also don't care about their scholl life or the love chemistry that's going on between the girl and thé ice cream guy.

So if you don't mind the story being a somewhat generic high-school drama with a sprinkle of supernatural topping, and if you're okay with a dialogue that seems to have been written by the same teenager who wrote every other high school drama in Hollywood, then you might also be able to overlook the mediocre acting and predictable plot that follows more or less every Hollywood narrative arc to the letter.

I hope they get a second season and can iron out the boring sections and focus more on telling a story instead of wasting time with teen angst.

This show is so straight forward, the "action" is boring.

Overall, the magic aspects aren't explored well, in fact, are actively avoided for the most part, while the high school drama aspects are uninteresting.

Half the show felt ok like a 7 but quickly become stupid and tedious.


I was hooked, but these characters are incredibly stupid that it makes it unbearable to watch at times.

It's such a shame because there was so much potential with this very intriguing plot.

Well , the series start is actually good , later it takes a slow turn and eventually catche's up to the story.

Predictable .

) It's clear the show creators are more concerned with making more money than sculpting a compelling narrative.

It's weird to say that a story about magic keys that can take you anywhere you want, literally turn you into a ghost or allow you to physically take stroll around your own mid can be quite dull and laboured to watch.

The special effex are impressive, the fantasy sequences are stunning.

So dull, the cast seems to be having trouble staying awake too.

Don't waste your time with the show, the acting is horrendous - it seriously sounds like lines are being read off a script and the storyline is full of huge plot lines!!!

Also, it starts interesting but it gets confusing over the end.

Don't waste your time.

The series is totally predictable plus the acting of the casts killed the whole show!!

'Action' scenes are boring and stupid, made worse by tracks so generic you've heard them in a dozen other movies.

Overall I think they were successful but there are definitely slow parts in the series and and it is missing some of the elements it aspires too, such as horror.


Enjoyable .

10% actual magic 90% boring high school drama.

The Mom is bland and boring.

Infuriatingly predictable .

Exciting and mysterious.

It was highly entertaining.

All in all I really tried to like the show, but after 6 episodes of high school drama, tedious characters, stupid decisions and little to no magical keys it's a real downer.

), it is an enjoyable movie, although none of us is going to be thrilled iwth the ending.

Cool premise but boring .

Worth watching.

unfortunately, the entire thing got lost in boring/long conversation, Terrible script, unnecessary irrelevant and stupid teenage drama, bit and pieces of scene terribly put together, scenes that were so irrelevant to the entire story, A Terribly cast, hard to believe vilain.

Apart from that though I enjoyed it, was really impressed at how high the production quality was for a small screen show and I found myself glued till the end and hope to see more from the show.

Enjoyable fantasy weekend binge .

The story is weak with too many boring dialogues.

Although, it has the sobrexplotated "traveling through dimensions" plot that constantly appears in this kind of series (Stranger things, Dark, Flash, Rick and Morty, etc) that can bore some people.

waste of time .

Just finished off with the first season of Locke and Key and I can admit that the world built and the premise are highly intriguing.

Pacing was wrong and the ending was to contrived and the setup for season 2 was predictable.

Its complex and its confusing and it has loose ends.

But as a non-American subscriber of a different age group I find myself bored and frustrated to death with all the high school and teenage-related drama series.

The high school romance was completely boring.

This terrible pointless tvshow truly does everything wrong and totally screw it up.

Definitely worth watching .

Don't waste your time on this one.

The progress of the story is for my taste too slow.

But still very entertaining and watchable.

Very interesting, but somewhat predictable.

Nothing happens.

But The series is Such boring.

Everything is predictable to a point where it's as if the director is dumb.

Instead of showing amazing scenes with keys what we get is teenage drama in school which is so boring.

There's a lot of 'kinda forgot' and moronic moments, they could have called this one The Boring Adventures of Dumb, Dumber and Dumbest.

The characters are just boring and make questionable/dumb decisions.

Yes, there are plot holes, yes, the kids can seem dumb at times, yes, it does feel a bit juvenile, yes, it is extremely predictable - all pieces just written are ripped from previous negative reviews about this show.

Slow starter...

Season 2 is so predictable,they have gone too far with the spoilers at the ending,which I think (sadly) will make season 2 more boring since we know what is going to happen.

Very good series full of mystery and its well entertaining

yawn ...

Cliche characters with three kids.

The Mom is bland and boring.

Ten episodes were too much and the story goes really slow in the begining with a lot of unnecessary scenes.

Predictable, tedious and boring.

The story is unpredictable and the twists will leave you shocked!

To much school and boring .

This show was really boring right off the bat.

Last 2 episodes were so predictable and boring.

So boring...

It's fun, exciting and original.

Certainly worth the watch.

Premise ok, but mostly a waste of time

But seems they were running out of ideas and it dragged out a bit.

Intriguing concept dragged down by annoying characters and weak writing .

Good but too predictable.

Yes, it was totally far fetched, but remained engaging throughout the entire series.

Boring, stupid, inane .

Dragfully slow and boring.

Surprisingly original and entertaining.

Overall, a very confusing plot and definitely not worth the 7.7 it received at the time of writing.

Binge watched it in two days and was very entertaining can't wait for more!!

The design of the keys is top notch and some keys are hidden in a very clever way, although these get found pretty easily and what could've become a fun version of hide-and-seek for audiences, becomes something dull and repetitive.

Boring, drawn out and it's everything you'd see on CW

Lazy writing to get to an end goal which in the end is predictable just makes it horribly frustrating to watch.

But it's entertaining.

The first episode was entertaining, so I will watch it further.

Lots of boring high school drama with mild elements of fantasy and what I would call at best, teasing PG Horror.

Bad acting, check, bad writing, check, etc etc. Idea is really intriguing, execution is very bad.

Sullen teen daughter, so boringly stereotypical at school with all the same kids as went to school in October Faction.

I did, and I found it to be a story worth watching.

Boring .

A fantastic story written by a great writer turned into a poorly written YA romance coming of age story with acting so terrible it's impossible to watch.