LOL (2012) - Comedy, Drama, Romance

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As a new year at school begins, Lola's heart is broken by her boyfriend, though soon she's surprised by her best friend, promising musician Kyle, who reveals his feelings for her.

IMDB: 4.4
Director: Lisa Azuelos
Stars: Miley Cyrus, Douglas Booth
Length: 97 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 33 out of 119 found boring (27.73%)

One-line Reviews (81)

In no way are there any redeeming qualities in this "film" as it is filled with a moronic plot, hideous dialog(if you can call it that)banal acting and overall crap.

I was dragged along to it by an overly excited friend who wanted to see it.

This is mostly what makes this movie such a pointless watch.

this is THE WORST MOVIE I HAVE EVER SEEN there was no acting !!.

When I saw all the awful reviews here, I was hesitant to watch the movie, but I did, mainly because I was bored, and well, Douglas Booth is extremely attractive.

But of course, it's so much fun to write a long and boring review because hating is fun & because they probably don't really have a relationship like the ones featured in the movie or even a life to begin with, right?

Not only is it the most cheese filled pap ever, it's a walking cliché and the people in it, even say the word "LOL" rather than actually laughing, in one scene; one person even rolls around the floor laughing when she is told a joke by her friend, and it wasn't even funny.

The plot moves far too fast and builds up no momentum, yet sprinkles in pointless montages that make absolutely no sense.

But if you're bored, its a nice time filler/late night movie.

The social relations between Miley Cyrus character and the teens involved seems too predictable, flat and empty.

It is worth watching if you're a teen girl.

I had very low expectations of this movie considering all the reviews I read before watching it, but now, afterward, I am happy to say that I enjoyed it from beginning to end.

Aside from this predictable coincidence you'll be pleased to know that they take the whole 'No Shampoo' thing to the next level by applying this philosophy to Miley's hairstyle throughout the movie.

First off Miley Cyrus' acting is always upsettingly bland.

Miley's performance is, as usual, bland, with nothing more to offer than the reciting of the script and a splash of her usual rebellious demeanour.

All of the guys looked the same, so it was extremely confusing.

I'd rather watch paint dry.

Im a teenager and every teenager I know enjoyed it so I am assuming that these reviews are being written by older people.

But the plot is very empty.

Where to even start.. I don't understand why Miley keeps getting lead roles, she just doesn't know how to act, like a little girl who tries to act in front of her mirror and it really doesn't work well.. In addition to that, the story itself is so boring!

This version was vacuous and boring.

Incessant plot holes render the entire film a ludicrous farce and a complete waste of time.

Seriously, don't watch this movie, it's total waste of time.

Not the world's greatest movie, but not the worst either and overall, I really enjoyed it.

I genuinely enjoyed it!

Definitely the kind of movie to watch with your mom, your best friend, at a sleepover, or even when you're by yourself and bored!

Absolute waste of time and reel.

This is the worst movie about teenagers I've ever seen.

I enjoyed it.

The movie is running to empty halls in Mumbai and am sure everywhere else in India too, same story repeats...

Even though this movie is rated so low, I definitely think it is worth watching.

No Plot .

I am left feeling empty, as I don't know for instance what happened to Kyle and his dad after the Battle of the Bands.

The acting is terrible, the direction (if you could even call it that) is awful, and the story is down right unrealistic, pretentious, and ridiculous.

The movie was altogether quite boring, and I would not recommend it to anyone.

I thought they were good actors and sold the story, I loved the layout and all the events, I was either crying, cheering, or sitting on the edge of my seat.

Very dull and asinine with the sense of delusional romance forever reminding us how little hope remains for todays youth.

Boring .

I guess this movie is suitable for those boring moments during which you in which you wanna do some dreaded work.

I suppose it's tough getting bored when doing the same project, albeit with a different cast bringing different sensibilities to the table, and of course, being set in different countries allowed for an exploration of the modern / current day teenage trials and tribulations, and see how they would have differed from the very first film.

The student that has a crush on a teacher is a cliché theme, that don't bring nothing new.

The obvious morality stints of teen sex and drugs is brought in a way where only the superfluous banality of it remains.

When the movie isn't focusing on Lola, we have time to spend along with her mom (played by Demi Moore, still stunning after all these years) having good dates with a younger cop (Jay Hernandez), her first encounters after divorcing from her husband (Thomas Jane).

The movie is also racist, they show French people as "strict"people, boring and weird, there is a scene when Miley Cyrus calls her mom and complained about the French being weird then they switch the camera back to the US where kids are eating junk food and drinking coca-cola.

Talentless, boring, and needs to be changed.

I enjoyed it.

Cliché .

The first few sentences I heard the nasal voice and I was put off but then I continued to listen and it disappeared and it was like her personality came through and really enjoyed it.

My friend and I really enjoyed it and would suggest it for girls between 13 and 20 if that.

Pointless .

This movie is the worst movie ever made.

Definitely worth watching, especially if your a teenager.

You'll sit viewing this crap while alternately looking at your watch, or you'll just give in to the boredom and go to sleep, in which case you'll want to dress in your jammies and bring a pillow.

It had no plot.

I find the plot of this movie too superficial, shallow, slow, boring, tedious and not funny at all, for a light teenage/ high school genre.

Then it got really cliché really fast.

A one-time worth watching for sure.

Her boyfriend is a total cliché and I can guarantee you that no teenage boy in high school acts like that unless they're at the bottom of the food chain.

There were also many girls who looked the same, and were also very confusing.

They help transition between the scenes where nothing happens, and the next scene where nothing happens.

Pointless to watch all.

This movie was so badly panned, that I thought it must be the worst movie ever made.

That's all, bye bye haters :) Have fun wasting more time on writing long boring reviews :P <3

I had no idea this wasn't original, and personally I really enjoyed it :D I'm 16 and a girl so I'm guessing I'd be counted as the target audience, and although this wasn't a very deep film, I enjoyed it as a light and funny film that I could relate to :) I'm not a movie critic so my opinion probably doesn't mean anything, but I didn't see any problem with the acting, the script was okay and the soundtrack was brilliant :D I loved how many songs came up that I know and enjoy :)Anyway, point is that this is a great, fun film for someone my age, although it won't be running for any awards any time soon :)

Don't waste your breath, time or money.

On the whole, LOL is an enjoyable teen movie with great soundtracks and good production value.

Nothing happened in this film.

So, to sum it all up, boring people with no personality + a movie revolving the life of a teenage girl who has loads of parties, gets drunk, kissed a few guys, basically doing what any other normal Teenage girl would do, equals a bunch of bad and just completely annoying reviews.

Seriously, don't waste your time watching the movie, as you will most likely suffer severe brain damage afterward, and have troubles remembering anything useful that you've ever learned.

There's some enjoyable things in here.

The plot was boring and thin, it could have been so much more.

Please skip this film if you're looking for something enjoyable.

This film is light and enjoyable.

The parties Lola's mom has with her friends are so much fun, the adults dialogs are far more engaging than the ones Lola and her friends have.

Pointless movie, that is pointless to watch.

The film is just dreary and trying.

I admit, the series were quite good up until the beginning of the 2000's, then it became all downhill, infuriatingly repetitive and no longer dealing with serious issues that concerns many young people out there.

Miley Cyrus acting sucked worse than watching paint dry on a iceberg.

Please, just stay away from the movies reserved for cool kids and perhaps focus on some boring drama that will stimulate you're oh so magnificent and intellectual mind.

Lola, the main character, was with a different guy every other minute of the movie, with little to no story behind it.

watch it, have fun the films enjoyable and have fun.