Long Shot (2019) - Comedy, Romance

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When Fred Flarsky reunites with his first crush, one of the most influential women in the world, Charlotte Field, he charms her. As she prepares to make a run for the Presidency, Charlotte hires Fred as her speechwriter and sparks fly.

IMDB: 7.2
Director: Jonathan Levine
Stars: Charlize Theron, Seth Rogen
Length: 125 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 28 out of 206 found boring (13.59%)

One-line Reviews (84)

These unnecessary characters just made for threadbare plots that further endorsed the predictable plot that this movie held.

Right from the beginning you could feel it was gonna be boring !

A well-written and compelling story, which is the number one problem with rom-coms of today.

Thought it would be a silly, but boring kind of film.

Half the movie was propaganda dedicated to demonizing and muddying up Donald Trump, Fox News, and right-wing Americans.

I almost walked out three times.

It doesn't have to be, though, because it's enjoyable.

At this event Fred is reunited with the stunning Charlotte (Charlize Theron) who is currently running to be the next president.

It's not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but if you're looking for a movie with a decent amount of laughs in it and some entertaining character stuff, it's at least a good try.

It was a cliche' rom com masquerading as social commentary.

It is very formulaic and predictable.

A long shot that this waste of a movie makes any money.

An unexpected remake of Lady and the Tramp .

With the weak jokes and forced chemistry, I found myself to be bored for the majority of the movie.

I enjoyed it when I wasn't grossed out.

We enjoyed it.

Charlize was stunning.

Enjoyable rom-com .

I gave this movie a shot and enjoyed it .

I'm not really a big fan of Seth Rogan first of all, and he seems to play the same stupid comedic roles, honestly, I didn't enjoy this one bit, same old stupid dick jokes, too predictable.

Overall, I feel most Seth Rogan fans will know what to expect here: crude and yet witty humour, this time shared with a stunning Academy Award winning actress, Charlize Theron.

The plot was predictable and a couple of scenes felt out of place.

Boring, cringeworthy .

The plot was fun (even though a bit predictable), playful and left me with warm fuzzy feelings and plenty of laughs.

(It opens up in such an unexpected manner).

Solid fun time, Jonathan Levine's films are fairly enjoyable.

Don't waste your time.

I had quite some level of confidence this film was going to be at least entertaining like Office Christmas Party that doesn't try to be anything else after watching the trailer.

Definitely worth the watch!!

Don't waste your time or money, wait til it's on Netflix for a watch

But overall thoroughly enjoyed it and was pleasantly surprised..some good laughs and my gf liked it too and had a fun time so cany complain too much!

Hugely enjoyable movie, some of the American political humour is a little lost in the UK.

But given the choice between yet another film with a blatant message that feels like a lecture that won't be heard by the audience necessary, or Long Shot, which tackles political differences in an entertaining and delightful manner, I'd go with the latter.

Save your money.

The rest of the comedy can come across as something familiar and as predictable.

Charlotte and Fred slow dance to her favorite teen song "It Must Have Been Love" by '90s band Roxette.

The plot somehow predictable , a reverse of Mr. Prez like movies, still had to offer enough good fun for a at least a Oscar nomination providing no other ( still welcome ) comedies will come up until December.

Rom-coms are not my favorite genre, but this was a very enjoyable one.

Although where the story ends is humorous, it can be a bit farfetched and predictable to a fault.

Otherwise, by far the worst movie and the least funny we have seen this year.

We left after 30 minutes .

I will also state the film's 3rd act and final climax goes on way too long and seriously deserved some attention in the editing room floor.

Fun and enjoyable .

Would have really enjoyed it minus the last 15-30 minutes.

That's what makes this enjoyable, the class system appears to be stupid.

On that basic level it is very enjoyable.

Long Shot is shockingly just another tasteless comedy of, for, by and about adults with arrested development and is no better ultimately than the dreadful, pointless, unfunny comedies starring unfunny, unattractive SNL alumni that I wouldn't waste more than 5 minutes watching on HBO!

A waste of time.

Even though the main concept follows the genre's traditional storylines, its well-written screenplay, hilarious comedy bits, and outstanding protagonists make a surprisingly serious story remarkably entertaining.

Just gather a reasonably decent cast, put together a cliche narrative about how two people with nothing in common end up together through the most unlikely and dumb plot devices, and you have a low-budget "success".

No storyline is more predictable, even the jokes aren't funny because we have heard similar ones time and time again-thanks to Seth Rogen, and it's Seth Rogen, what did I expect?

I seem drawn to comedies that cock a snook at the American political arena, but they make for some entertaining watching and this one certainly fits the bill.

Amidst the formulaic trials and chaotic tribulations, Charlize and Seth share genuine kindness for each other as Charlotte and Fred.

Rating system: 1 star- don't waste your time or money 2 stars- not terrible, would recommend to select few 3 stars- good overall, would recommend in general 4 stars- great movie.

Waste of money.

Uninspiring sex comedy .

Enjoyable but predictable rom-com .

DISLIKES:A little preachy Stoner Comedy going overboard The Villain character The Other Love Interest Predictable Lazy WritingSUMMARY:When you try to put in good messages, especially ones about changing the world and the social hierarchy, you sometimes run into the world of preachy cinema.

And these people would be wrong, for LONG SHOT is a very entertaining, heartfelt romantic comedy that has one big surprise - the strong chemistry between the two leads.

Terrible Waste fo Money .

PROS:Seth Rogen And Charlize Theron's ChemistryJonathan Levine's Strong DirectingFunny Supporting Cast (Especially Andy Serkis)Hilarious ScriptThe Romance Is Actually Good And Their Is Romantic TensionThe Social Commentary Is Suprising SmartA Really Good SoundtrackCONS:It Might A Bit To LongIt's A Little Predictable

One or two laugh out loud moments, some genuine pathos - and Rogen is supported by one of the most enjoyable sidekicks I;ve encountered in recent times.

The film's pacing, particularly the 3rd and final act, drags on far too long.

Somewhat spoiled by a few groan-inducing moments of self-indulgent, clueless, and Trump-like verbally-cruel references to real-life pop and political figures, overall this film is a fun couple of hours that also manages to leave you wondering what might happen if one of the dozens of current 2020 presidential candidates did ignore their handlers, consultants, and polling and talked (very) frankly with us, the voters.

The humor is largely in the satire of pretentious and corrupt politicians, most of whom sell their souls daily for expediency.

Everything else was completely predictable.

Charlize Theron is stunning as always, and she deserves all 5 stars I give to this movie.

This movie is wonderfully entertaining, raunchy, funny, and smart.

There's a slower than usual pace.

Dragged oin way too much.

Just boring .

Anyway, I was disappointed and bored while watching this.

Childish and a waste of time .

I also think that alot of the comedic timing and the personalities of them both help keep the movie engaging.

It made me smile and laugh a lot, the chemistry is surprisingly good, and it's enjoyable.

But boy was I wrong, queued for nearly an hour to watch its premier at SXSW, wanted to leave the beautiful Paramount Theatre halfway into the movie.

Plus Charlize is stunning to watch, and very funny as well.

But I actually enjoyed it from the beginning to the end!

It's an extremely entertaining rom-com, undeniably one of the best I've seen these past few years.

Enjoyable if uneven rom-com .

I really enjoyed it though and recommend it.

It is entertaining and I would buy it on DVD.

With these stories mixed in, it actually puts this tale at a good pace, dropping the mundane circular banter for something with a little more pacing and fun.

It does follow the cliché romcom story and is too long.