Lord of Tears (2013) - Drama, Horror

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When a school teacher is plagued by recurring nightmares of a mysterious entity, he travels to his childhood home because suspects a link to a dark incident in his past.

IMDB: 5.3
Director: Lawrie Brewster
Stars: David Schofield, Alexandra Hulme
Length: 104 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 18 out of 70 found boring (25.71%)

One-line Reviews (55)

The film starts at a slow pace (in a good way) and gets more and more disturbing until you are left with an uneasy feeling, exactly what this genre is supposed to do.

The visual effects were stunning, the music, acting, and plot were top notch.

The writing was awful, the plot boring, the acting - dear god.

The story is intense and creepy while allowing for an artful, emotive character driven opera between the two main players, James Findlay and Eve Turner.

Terrible waste of time and a huge disappointment in what could have been an incredible cinematic experience.

This is a movie that I tried to like, I am a fan of horror but I always find the hack and slash genre too predictable and so prefer the slow burning suspense type story.

The pace, while slow at times, worked well.

The eerie feel of certain scenes and the mystery that runs through out the film from the very beginning is intense.

Even my mum enjoyed it.

Also, there are ideas there that are used ad nauseam: too many "flash shots", too much of the female character later "pole dancing" (seriously, that particular part of the movie made me facepalm, smirk and yawn all at once).

With it's advertisement being shown to unsuspecting victims on a Chat Roulette site and photographers sent to an old building to be subjected to a horror gimmick with unexpected results was a wonderful viral build up of scares and natural fear, that upon viewing, didn't deliver in comparison to it's build up.

Beautifully filmed, with close up scenes of writhing worms, fantastic locations in creepy old houses and labyrinthine secret underground chambers create a brilliant, nightmarish atmosphere, with stunning soundtrack music and a great execution of really creeping horror.

Brewster creates some great scenes of intense atmosphere and in one such scene, I even had goose bumps and chills running up and down my spine.

something new and different that I would describe as being like an episode of the 'tales of the unexpected' directed by Jan Svankmajer.

This movie has many of the elements that I love most in horror movies - slow burn, beautiful rural setting, atmospheric as hell, vengeful ghosts, and a theme based on ancient folklore.

Well, the propaganda was strong on this one.

The pacing that is set is slow and deliberate, moving at it steady pace building to end.

I love slow burn suspense films, and if there are bizarre and trippy images in them, so much the better.

Imbued with creepiness from the opening, this is a fabulous ride into psychological horror - I enjoyed it more than I thought I would!

That said, this is actually an enjoyable film from start to finish.

Too much of many things I can't tell or I'll end up ruining the perfect opportunity for you to also facepalm, smirk and yawn as I did (if you indeed want to watch this movie).

Slow beginning, solid story, excellent conclusion.

Genuine creepiness with unexpected twists.

That accounts for overrunning 90 mins, but also the climax is drawn out over half an hour.

There are some issues with this film as a whole that could have been solved with a little editing, but this was fairly entertaining as a whole.

There are quite a few very awkward takes that really should have been cut because they make the tone uneven, slow the action, and dilute the sense of danger.

What really transpires through out the entire movie is confusion and insecurity; at best.

But the film falls flat in the third act, where a very long, drawn out scene that from an instant of sheer horror becomes quickly ridiculous and embarrassing to watch.

The story, the mood, the atmosphere, the location, the direction are all stunning, resulting in an extremely effective ghost story/tragedy.

The owl man works on a slow simmer that again builds tension as the film progresses.

This film successfully incorporates a Canaanite god (the film says Semitic but overwhelming evidence would point to it being Nephilimic), human sacrifice, an old haunted mansion, a family deeply involved in black magic, utter selfishness to the point of willingness to commit cold- blooded murder, and stunning Scottish scenery.

They don't bring much of interest to the themes of the film, and some, like the random doorknob, are just plain confusing.

An allegedly "lovecraftian", slow burning creepy, Gothic horror movie?

The Lord of Tears is a slow burn psychological horror set in Scotland.

Instead of filling it with expensive CGIs and cheap jump scares, the film takes on a slower approach, focusing on character development which pays off handsomely in one of the most intense climaxes I have ever seen in the final third of the film.

The chase and mental torture scenes that occur later in the film are so drawn out that any sense of tension is cancelled.

This is probably the best looking nature photography in a horror film since Antichrist, but sometimes when actors are across from each other the framing is just really bland and sometimes a bit close, or just odd, period.

Oftentimes I noticed myself becoming uncomfortable and on the edge of my seat during the quieter moments, which is the hallmark of well-built horror.

Slow burn psychological horror .

Just a short few words to say that this film has to be in my opinion one of the most enjoyable I have seen .

Awesome monster, tedious screenplay .

This movie is a slow burn and is not recommended for those who enjoy over the top, clichéd horror such as slashers and gore.

Unfortunately though his best friend gets bored half way through the story, transforms into a giant owl and drowns our hapless hero before he can say "Who said owls only come out at night?

However, these scenes soon got repetitive and boring.

Overall a brilliant film well worth watching and I would recommend it to anyone!

Some of the moments with the engaging dialog between the two main characters comes off as more theatrical than ideal to be convincing.

Had the part been taken up by another actress, it might have been an entirely different horror movie, but instead, Hulme has dragged my review down to a 3/10, and beset me with bitterness and buyer's remorse.

The build up keeps you on the edge of your seat threw out the whole film.

There's also the confusing scene where the woman could easily kill the main character and the movie just jumps to the next scene without any explanation.

Thanks to Sarah Daly for a story that was very unique and enjoyable.

You're left feeling like you just took LSD, and its washed out and dreary, lending a sense of dread.

With all the horror films of late it is so refreshing to see a movie like Lord of Tears..an indie movie shot in Scotland it's low budget makes great use of atmosphere and settings..the sense of unease and slow burn build up to nightmarish events are gripping and tense..i loved the connection between the 2 leads and they carried the film brilliantly.

" There are points when the cinematography seems really bland in comparison to certain other moments in the film, schizophrenic if you will.

But definitely worth watching, if you're not paying for it.

These didn't destroy my liking for the film overall, and if you're into slow atmospheric films then you'll definitely need to watch this one.