Lord of War (2005) - Action, Crime, Drama

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An arms dealer confronts the morality of his work as he is being chased by an INTERPOL Agent.

IMDB: 7.6
Director: Andrew Niccol
Stars: Nicolas Cage, Ethan Hawke
Length: 122 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 70 out of 466 found boring (15.02%)

One-line Reviews (311)

However it is engaging because the subject is an emotive one and it is hard to be disinterested.

My only criticism of the movie was that it was a bit slow.

The most fascinating segment of the film, and one of the most original I have seen, is to be found at the open of the film.

Flawed, but fascinating .

The movie combines a fascinating and everlasting problem as a subject with modern day filming qualities.

At times, it is difficult to watch because the subject matter is so intense and disturbing.

Director/writer Andrew Niccol makes films with layers of meaning, the kind that find us laughing at inappropriate moments because contemporary life is like that: what on the surface seems like an entertaining story has very dark roots.

While his earlier-made film, "The Weatherman," sits in unreleased hiatus, Nicholas Cage's newest release is a rousing, violent, often-humorous, semi-fictional biopic of international arms smuggler, Yuri Orlov as "The Lord Of War.

Breathtaking in the simple way that it showed how the mundane, anonymous business of manufacturing weapons can end.

Amazing Film - Worth Watching .

Even though you can't stop watching, you know deep down that the movie has fallen into boredom territory.

Some parts are contrived, but in a fun, exciting way.

One has to wonder if their denial capabilities have yet to mature and for that reason they found it more compelling.

Secondly big budget action films must be lively and entertaining and that means lots of violence.

A good propaganda movie should be provocative, not a baby milk formula like this movie.

The message is clearly anti-war, but (as opposed to "Constant Gardener") this movie has a very light tone (which makes the viewing much more enjoyable).

Just well done with some unexpected humor and Cage was, imo, perfect as Yuri.


The only unpredictable element of the whole experience is the tone, that blundering beast that bumbles all over the place for the whole film, before finally flopping over dead.

This is not a movie that presents material "over the heads" of viewers like some movies that deal in world affairs - it is easily accessible, understandable and enjoyable.

Enjoyable .

I love this movie ;) the way of directing is as enjoyable as it can be - from the start till finish.

Nicolas Cage enters melodramatic mode and looks like he might fall asleep as he tries to portray Yuri's descent into hell (which according to the movie is Africa).

Cage gives a relatively alright performance as the provider of things that cause so much devastation and destruction in the world, and the supporting stars do fine as well, but I will be honest, if it was meant to be funny in places as well I did not find myself laughing very much, I did not find much of it thrilling or that interesting either, the stuff about weapon smuggling and selling and whatever is okay, and there were some scenes with gunfire and fighting, but it was not enough to keep me gripped, I just found the film mostly boring and easy to doze off in, a disappointing black comedy action thriller.

The film is very fascinating and entertaining and also makes a powerful statement and will leave you thinking after you see the film.

Great acting, fascinating topic, witty writing .

The film is too light to be affecting; too dark to be funny; and far, far too predictable to be engaging.

Incredibly moving, very sad and somehow profoundly riveting.

A very enjoyable way to pass a couple of hours although over the space of twenty screen years nobody seems to age.

Nicolas Cage is riveting.

Its look into the worldwide arms trade acquires the authentic feel of a documentary while remaining an exciting ride.

It was also intense the way He snorted cocaine mixed with gun powder!

It suffers badly from the worst kind of political naiveté, the kind that imagines itself to be sophisticated, making profound insights like "somebody makes money off guns," while cluelessly confusing Liberia's HIV+ rate with Zimbabwe's, attributing non-existent arrest powers to Interpol, and equating the single misguided Bush v.

Nicolas Cage does his best to pull off a boring script.

Not to say that Nicholas Cage completely ruined a perfect film, of course some parts were predictable and some parts should have been omitted due to the fact that they made it quite dull, the opening sequence was interesting but at the same time far too long and dull.

Nicolas Cage is one of my favorite actors, but this movie was just so BORING!

Will not help you sleep well at night, but a definite intelligent movie worth watching.

The morbidly fascinating subject and Cage's reptilian performance hold our interest.

I have seen Soviet propaganda films ten times more convincing that this one.

Lord Of War drops the hammer slowly, laying out the fascinating parameters of Cage's world before opening up its argument in an astonishing denouement.

Nicholas Cage sleepwalks through this linear tale NARRATED WAY TOO EXTENSIVELY by the dull tones of Nicholas MonoCage's endless voice overs.

His conscience, who was once his partner, snorts copious amounts of drugs and has copious amounts of sex with women with names like Candy, and his fate is as predictable as the source of Yuri's eventual 'downfall.

is gripping.

The narrative maintains a forward momentum, built as it is around Cage's engaging off camera addresses to the audience.

I rolled my eyes a few times, and the ending was rather predictable.

It's a cynical, powerful, fast paced, ironical, sometimes comic, and very graphical account of the rise and rise of an arms dealer, who takes advantage of the most unbelievable loop-holes history itself seems to deliver to those who are prepared to do anything for a buck.

It's entertaining and there are some very good lines in here or if you prefer, witticisms or truths may be an even better word.

Aside from the emotionally bewildering ending and Cage's equally bewildering performance, Lord of War gives us a crash course in gun-running in an entertaining way.

Its banal, elementary messages can be summed up as: Guns are bad.

) , those made the film a little more predictable....

Nicholas Cage's dreary persona compliments Yuri's discreet character very well.

Very good locations used in the filming-- beach, mountains, Afghanistan, NYC, Russia, etc. Overall, an entertaining film to the highest degree.

This is a quality so rare in todays film industry that more often than not has a predictable, empty, ending that insults the viewers intelligence.

Her slow conversion from an uninformed believer to a horrified and informed critic is handled amazingly well in her limited screen time.

The film chronicles Yuri's rise to power and the fulfillment of many of his dreams, falling victim to many clichés along the way, before yielding to an enormous cliché in the end.

This movie covers 20 years of his life and he isn't bothered trying to look young or acting more energetically, he is focused, poised, intense and intensely fascinating at every turn of the movie.

Better still, while entertaining, Lord of War offers some educational value I've not seen available anywhere else.

A generally very well shot movie with very good actors was unfortunately undermined by unimaginative direction and an uninspiring script.

I saw this at the Scottsdale Mall because I was bored on a Sunday afternoon.

I just think it is the most boring way!

The movie is a fast paced and watchable and end credits roll by the time you realize that it's a normal Hollywood movie pretending to be serious cinema.

So it's not commercial and not, strictly, entertaining.

Mr. Niccol's "moment of truth" ending is honest, riveting, and well-stated - if only the entire film were as accessible.

The timing and luck of this arms dealer can sort of take out of it's believability, but it's thrilling from the beginning to end.

Yes Nicolas Cage plays wonderful and engaging as (almost) always.

Pretentious and full of clichés .

The relationship between Cage and his brother, played by Jared Leto (Fight Club", "Panic Room") is very confusing to them and to the viewer.

If I wanted pure propaganda, I would have rented Fahrenheit 9/11.

And the American political lesson: you are either for it or against it, so why have facts, geopolitics, economics, connect people to motives (besides money, drugs, and hookers), or any of that boring crap that explains how things actually work??

He is a showmanship through and through, which means he is in the right business, at least until the mundane trappings of domesticity come for him.

It's evidence that Niccol wants to make an entertaining film on a topic that some would probably regard as being too sensitive for such a treatment.

Give it a try, worth watching.

The story is fascinating and spans the world.

He combines clever personalities and a witty script with a number of deeply gripping and powerfully realistic scenes.

Very nice cinematography marks an engaging film.

For the conclusion, Lord of War was quite an entertaining experience both with it's comedic and tragic sides.

You start by seeing a bullet being stamped out on an assembly line (actually very fascinating) and you see it go from a factory, to a box, to a general, then to a warlord in Africa.

All in all, a powerful, highly enjoyable movie.

Few movies manage to make a statement and tell an engaging story.

Propaganda .

Its a 2005 movie, maybe at nicholas cage peak of best, and he reallt delivers a top notch entertaining act in this weapon dealing thriller.

Zzzzzzz .

Instead of a few good laughs at the expense of Good ol' Nick Cage, I got an intelligent and exciting drama detailing the moral implications of the arms trade and the way it affects the lives of those involved.

Recommendation: TV fare for a VERY slow night.

Furthermore, it really dragged on and on.

The story is compelling.

An Entertaining Look Into A Hidden World .

Swallowing the relative slow pace of the rest of the film after this heavily stylistic intro is made an easier task due to the satirical nature of each scene, similar to Three Kings.

The Spent Shell: A compelling and thought provoking film, surprisingly different from what one might expect by its name, or from Nicholas Cage.

Engaging movie that manages to make a point as well .

It seems likely he was making up his character as he went along- bland does not even begin to describe.

The tone of the movie established in the beginning is entertaining, though it doesn't seem to motivate the character's choice of actions.

The film itself is of the slow variety.

In the end, the film is predictable, stilted, uneven, and indecisive.

Even these hustlers with their multimillion dollar deals skating on the edge of the law, wouldn't be missed if they disappeared, in relation to the countries with their multi billion dollar industries.

Overall the film engaging, well-paced, craftily told.

Despite being a 'message' film, Lord of War is also slick and highly entertaining.

I found that when Cage is stranded in Africa and starts to really lose his mind, it was kind of dull.

Bald & entertaining - this mass production shows the behind the scenes truth about gun dealerships - why tho?

An intelligent, witty and gripping movie .

But I am tired of going to a movie and hearing anti-American liberal propaganda.

The narrating is passable, but sweet lord Mr. Coppola cannot act, and it shows, and while his valium-drip monotone was OK in a simple action movie like Face Off, this isn't Face Off.

He has a charisma which makes him riveting and all too believable.

He sizes the opportunity of the end of the cold war between Western and Eastern nations to empty the ex-communist's arsenals and send all kind of weapons toward any potential clients, specially in Africa to arms as well official armies as rebels in the diverse countries were civil wars are active.

Director Andrew Niccol educates the viewer without being too preachy or obvious, the film is an insight into what really goes on with arms trading (albeit delivered in an explosive and exciting Hollywood manner).

Let's start with the characters, Nicolas Cage plays a Ukrainian gun smuggler who looks nothing like an Ukrainian, doesn't act like one and doesn't talk like one, not to mention he was a lifeless character, and his rants and monologue just drag the film and bores you to death.

Lord of War achieves what Bowling for Columbine (the controversial Michael Moore documentary on gun control) aimed for but failed, to give information and raise awareness about the issues of guns and weapons, all while being an entertaining movie.

Opposite satire of a normal action packed gun fire flick from Cage where this time his charm does no good, on the other hand I did enjoy Jared Leto's work in "War".

i know people are going to say that it was a dumb movie and all that but i'd have to say that i found it really entertaining to watch and i liked that it was based on true events that have really happened in history.

It was entertaining, as well as thought-provoking.

This movie is very entertaining, and very well done.

Some scenes are very gripping.

It's a shame that this film settles for being intriguing and engaging, when more was within its grasp.

And that told me that there was something worth watching it.

Cage and his brother, played by Jared Leto, become partners but things start out slow.

As usual Cage creates a fascinating character.

I wish I had walked out of the film with a greater sense of anger or passion about preventing gun violence: instead, I walked out feeling I had been hit with a cynical, bitter look at gun violence that didn't motivate me at all.

We were both bored by it.

Paradoxically, he is a bland and passive character, who seems to have entered the risky trade by chance, and who can change jobs overnight, when his wife manifests a much delayed indignation.

The movie is somewhat drab and methodical partly because Niccol wants us to focus on the message not the special effects or even the technical details.

The visual style is breathtaking .

thought-provoking and entertaining .

His monotone voice suits it very well and the sudden energy he projects comforts the film well.

I like Nicholas Cage, and the story was entertaining, even if it is more a morality play than anything else.

Cage picked the worst movies and roles (Weather Man, Lord of War).

Starring Nicholas Cage as Yuri, a Eukranian-American who stumbles upon the world of selling firearms and becomes the greatest gunrunner in the world, "Lord Of War" is an educational, entertaining, wonderfully written thrill-ride.

Not because Moynahan is a classic over-30 beauty, but because the relationship was interesting and had chemistry, and made for an engaging sub-plot.

In fact, you spend most of the movie thinking "Gee, what an engaging fellow - witty, funny, the very essence of good company.

It's overall an entertaining, semi-political, semi-action, semi-thriller.

Problem is I cant remember most of the scenes because it was such a boring movie.

Most of all this film failed in entertaining me - the characters were boring and the narrative predictable.

Producer Nick Cage appears to have put his ego aside to develop a film that is entertaining while at the same time preachy and didactic.

Everything from the stunning opening credit sequence which features the journey of a bullet to the proceedings till the credits roll is a joy to behold.

This was a very pleasant surprise, far better than I had ever hoped, filled with fabulous cinematography and riveting story about the life of arms dealer during the 1980s and '90s.

Skip the theater though, and wait for a rental, or if you're bored catch Lord of War at the budget cinema when it gets there.

mainly because it is so underplayed but reeking with the banality of evil.

Plot Outline: Lord of War is an intriguing movie about a gunrunner Yuri Orlov (Nicolas Cage) who starts as a nobody and ends as one of the world biggest gunrunners.

Jared Leto as Yuri's brother, Vitaly, is excellent throughout, in a role that doesn't get a lot of screen time, but which involves an amazing series of personas that Leto enacts with a compelling reliability that is entirely credible throughout.

Cage has never been my favorite actor, but his performance here is especially wooden and uninteresting.

A good film, if a bit confusing on that note.

It has amazing performances,witty dialogs,a socially relevant yet entertaining plot with the thrill quotient maintained throughout the film.

Some may find it to be a bit more on the preaching side,but for me,this was a film worth watching.

The denouement is heartbreakingly predictable and largely senseless.

Whether someone gets offended how a certain character gets portrayed or consider the film some sort of propaganda, at the end of the day it's just a good film.

Niccol's snappy writing, especially the voice-over narration, gives the film some edginess.

Historical references are compelling.

The power of drama, and perhaps of film especially, is in translating meaning, purpose, truth, through the filmmaker's skill, into an emotionally or comically engaging story, one that we care about by virtue of what it is, not the message it presents.

As entertainment, it really helps to already believe the propaganda.

It is also a visually exciting way to keep our attention on a serious topic instead of preaching at us, which is reserved for informational text before the credits.

However, Niccol's direction has other flaws than self-indulgent and sloppy political moralizing.

Standards of propaganda are falling .

Despite the weaknesses inherent in the delivery and approach, this is an engaging and slick film on an important and depressing issue .

Lord of War was by far and away one of the worst movies I watched.

The entire premise of the film, following a gunrunner through his trade, and the constant narration by Nicolas Cage is absolutely riveting.

mixed in with some leftist propaganda all rolled up into a B grade gangster flick.

and all intriguing people.

Boring .

Lord of Bore .

I watched it and was amazed by the things depicted in the film, some cool, some bizarre, some tragic, yet completely entertaining from start to finish.

my personal final rating is 6/10, still highly recommend it of course)

This movie is very intense, as well.

The casting is absolutely stunning, Ian Holm and Jared Leto in particular.

But well worth watching, even if you're not into conspiracy theories.

Boring .

What can on the other hand be irritating if not disappointing, is that it sometimes awkwardly (and dangerously) oscillates on the edge of becoming moralistic, and that I mean in the nauseous way of typical Hollywoodian productions.

cool, cynical, ironic, engaging.

More boring Hollywood moralizing .

Beginnings of a yawn.

A combination of smooth, quiet, easy-going charm mixed with intense, furious outbursts gives him nuances that are more in the realm of Nicholson than Cruise's bland, unidimensional self-worship.

This film is dramatic, funny, and very entertaining.

How much of what he said is true, I have no idea, but it's fascinating stuff.

Most of the movie kept me watching/ focused on the engaging flow - it played like a global 'pulp fiction'.

Unique and unusually entertaining take on a dark subject matter .

The writing is really snappy, reminds one a lot of Raymond Chandler.

The dialogue was strong but the sub-plot seemed cliché and overly predictable at times.

The cinematography here and throughout the movie is breathtaking.

I highly recommend it.

The film's locations and globe hopping in the style of Bond, Bourne and Hunt are so amazing, it gives you the feeling you're being dragged in for the ride.

fascinating movie.

Even the commentary was unwatchable.

This is one of Nick Cage's better movies of late Cage plays Yuri Orlov, an immigrant who, bored of his small-town existence, decides to pursue a career as a gun-runner as a means of getting out of his otherwise dull lifestyle.

But then Australians are apparently fearful of causing any trouble that might endanger their life-defining, life absorbing obsession with amassing wealth, in the form of land and buildings.

A bit of a down site was that the movie could get a bit boring for people who are not into this kind of movies.

combine that further with beautiful shots from Africa, and you have a movie that is watchable over and over again and is entertaining and educational at the same time.

This is the story of a small-town man bored with his simple life.

Instead of standing on the shoulders of giants, the producers of this movie put themselves into a trench of a very predictable action flick containing a "moral story".

This movie was as ever breathtaking as any tragedy, or war might be!

While the plot is perfectly predictable (with a few exceptions), the cinematography is excellent and the subject matter of gun running leaves the possibility of some gutsy satire.

Given the presence of high-quality actors like Cage and the importance of the theme, I would say that this movie falls short of expectations, because of the uninteresting way it chooses to tell you "truths about life".

it is immensely entertaining,with good performances.

Apart from the top-notch performances and the exciting plot, the film offers us something far beyond that: It serves as a resourceful documentary regarding the weapons trade, giving us insight on the machinations, back-room deals, and style of the people involved in this ugly business.

The always-likable Nicolas Cage is convincing and entertaining in the lead role as the arms dealer who enjoys working in the grey area of international laws.

Serious movie with a serious political subject that is really rivetingly entertaining to watch.

They act very unpredictable, as in real life, adding to the tension as you can't guess what the next step will be.

Even if you know the full story it is suspenseful, dialogue is witty, some brilliant.

I wouldn't say this movie is a stinker, but I wouldn't waste the money to see it a theater either - it's rather boring.

A total waste of the maker's opportunity and of the time of people who watched this movie.

Pacing is rather good, neither boring nor in a hurry at any time.

there are drugs which Yuri's (Nicholas Cage) brother gets addicted to which adds a gripping part to the film at one point.

the first 75 minutes are just an ecstasy of brilliant filmmaking, then it unfortunately descends into a bore of realities.

It is a fascinating movie, and anyone into action or thriller movies will thoroughly enjoy.

mediocre writing and uninspiring ending .

As it stands, "Lord of War" is a sleek, interesting thriller with great visual flair and fine performances, but all too quickly becomes self-indulgent as it putters toward the 2-hour mark.

It never hurts to have a bit of flash, especially in a movie which has the potential to be quite visually dull.

Trite dialogue not helped by Cage acting for his pay cheque and nothing more, leaving the audience without even the slightest trace of empathy for the character.

This is a waste of time.

In an industry that has been brimming with socialistic enthusiasm and leftist political ideology, it takes a relative unknown to release a smart film that proves to be an entertaining watch whilst delivering a provocative message to the viewer.

Brilliant, entertaining and thought provoking film .

Usually when a film has this much voice over, it is either a cost cutting measure or the story is too difficult to follow.

It's as if Vitaly is the sin-eater, absorbing all the guilt to which Yuri is impervious.

Andrew Niccol's film 'Lord of War' is in places amusing, and its heart is in the right place, but fundamentally it's a somewhat pointless satire about the arms trade.

Predictable story, predictable character arcs.

Although Lord of War propels with a somewhat uneven testament on international arms dealing, it is a compelling piece of work .

He marries his trophy bride, supermodel Ava Fontaine (stunning Bridget Moynahan), has a son, and living in a luxury apartment in Manhattan.

But you can't help but have slight respect for this character because of the way he accomplishes his tasks, it's just very sharp and entertaining to watch, also witty at times.

Now thats a movie worth watching.

What a bore.

I gave it an 8 as it is not the best movie I have ever seen, but it is still a good show and worth watching.

Unexpected slap in the face!!.

Lord of War Impressive performances, fascinating info-bytes and pertinent editorial, it feels too much like an illustrated lecture.

Yuri Orlov (Nicholas Cage) is a Ukrainian immigrant bored of his insignificant life in the Brooklyn neighbourhood of Little Odessa, a small community dominated by guns, sleaze and mafia rivalry.

Score one for finding a topic on which EVERYONE will agree with you - random death in pointless wars fueled by amoral arms dealers is bad.

It is essentially contrived.

It was a boring story with boring characters, where nothing happened.

Whether or not it is based on a true story or not, the truth inherent in the material to make it an impacting and engaging story.

It's very compelling, very addictive and very entertaining.

From the beginning, Nicolas Cage's mournful narration keeps the viewer lulled into a sleepy sense of restlessness and anxiousness for the plot to begin.

A good blokes film, boring for the girls though .

All in all it's an average achievement with some instances of particularly uninspiring thinking and the characters' words are as slogan-like and lifeless as they can be.

Hawke is very strong and compelling.

However, his character is presented in such an entertaining fashion, it's difficult to despise him for what he does.

Very intriguing and entertaining film about a gunrunner .

The movie is too predictable.

Entertaining, challenging, innovative, stunning.

The supporting characters also deliver excellent, intense performances.

Cinematography is nothing groundbreaking, but wonderfully playful and engaging.

besides this the movie was a general waste of time.

Because this movie follows a general moral/ethical film protocol it does get predictable.

Leto's death, along with his Ukrainian Uncle's car bomb death, was predictable.

If there is a flaw its that the first half, as Yuri picks up the skills of his trade and moves to the big time, is far more enjoyable than the second half, even if the ending is unexpectedly compelling.

With a fine cast and a lot of stunning visual ingenuity, Niccol has a seemingly infallible formula for success.

It's pretty hollow, and Niccol's attempts to sanctify Orlov seem just as empty.

A really intense and exciting movie.

From the unbelievable casting of Leto and Cage as brothers, through to the inane plot set up and disjointed story telling this film was terrible.

But the tone is perfect throughout and there is nice use of songs in the film and a fascinating scene where poor people take apart an airplane--it's like watching ants eat a dead animal, leaving only the skeleton.

However, this movie is a piece of anti-war propaganda and should be, in my opinion, treated as such.

It is also a suspenseful adventure film, a horror movie with relatively little blood, a psychological study and a debate on ethics.

Probably what's more fascinating than the movie itself is it's lack of accolades.

As propaganda, it's excellent.

Music: The soundtrack is amazing, even hearing the late and amazing Jeff Buckley was breathtaking.

entertainment: above average entertaining value, but way too long.

8/10Positives: Well fitting actors, entertaining storytelling, an unforgettable ending.

Watched this film in two sittings as I fell asleep during the first one and wanted to see if it got any better.

Whether or not these are really genuine or just him trying to cover up for the high-flying, money driven guy he is only the viewer can decide but this is what will make the film so engaging to some.

But Gatica was engaging, intelligent and well made.

The most unexpected of this movie is the end.

The acting was first class, the character development was fantastic, the dialog was so intense and realistic that you will be captivated just listening to the characters, the different scenery in this movie was brilliant too.

The Lord Of War, is compelling, fascinating, powerful, good character development, a sharp script, engrossing, thought provoking, entertaining and stylish.

Lord of War is a film that is very entertaining because of the pace, the humor and the clever dialog.

Cage is compelling as a manic gun dealer, and plays his role in a most deadpan and droll manner.

A Ukrainian immigrant to New York, Yuri is bored with his life and finds his calling in 'sales.

A perfect film, very entertaining.

This movie could've been so much more, but the result we see is a two hour long boredom.

There are times when the film's joints creak as it reaches out to instruct the more naive among us -- that final shot of a carpet of empty brass, and the narrator's comment that every warlord's group has some fancy name like "Democratic Freedom Fighters.

It's a balancing act for the film, trying not to be too preaching, but also to be entertaining enough to be a really informative groundbreaking movie about the morality issues of having guns.

A movie like this one could be a tedious action movie starred by Vin Diesel.

This move was absolutely Mind Blowing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Gunrunning may be a mortal sin, but spreading ignorance by making big-budget pretentious B-movies with Nikolas Cage, is almost as bad.

It sums Yuri up more succinctly than the previous 90 minutes of heavily-narrated exposition, and goes some way to explaining the bland, suited disguise behind which he hides.

The story is too fragmented to offer a picture for people seriously interested in the role of weapon business, and too boring for a thriller (fiction).

Engrossing film, an excellent look at an ironic situation .

In fact, all he's doing is dressing up a predictable "rise-and-fall" story with a bit of student politics.

I think he was going for the cool, calm feel, but it just comes off as boring.

I loved this movie, and I highly recommend it for viewing.

Story was slow, over simplified and very fashion-oriented.

So, we are caught somewhere in between, with an interesting story to tell, but an uninteresting way of telling it.

Had this been a documentary, I'd still be bored.

Nevertheless it is very entertaining and I recommend it for anybody looking to have a good time.

It is unusual for a director to take on topics this controversial and end up with a film this entertaining.

The story is gripping and makes you want Cage to succeed in his illegal actions after you have seen the other side of his criminal lifestyle.

(today the average running time of a movie is 90 minutes, the days of Alan J Pakula and Sydney Pollack had gone..the two were specialist in making slow paced,long running flicks , who and many others ruled 80s and 90s Hollywood..) it's not average actor Nicolas Cage's best movie.

Fascinating is also the way personal relationship are involved in the illegal traffic and the way the strongest bonds -like parent's ones or love's one are destroyed by that.

From writer (The Truman Show, The Terminal) director (Gattaca, In Time) Andrew Niccol, I may have watched a few minutes of the beginning of this film once or twice and got bored quickly, so I wanted for once to watch the whole lot and make a full opinion.

One said person is Vitaly (Jared Leto) who's flawed Adonis is present again in this role and is compelling to watch as his morals outweigh his brother's and provides a good contrast.

That was intense!!

An example of an excellent, compelling movie "based on true events" was Shattered Glass.

I would recommend this to anyone who has the slightest interest in the topic or just wants to watch a well made, gripping film with an important central theme.

Enjoyable and not so ordinary movie .

What happens when an 'everyday' American decides to leave his boring existence for something more interesting, exciting, and profitable?

The sentimental material between Orlov and his wife could have easily been excised, as it feels contrived and unnecessary (I would have preferred more time spent with the characters played by Leto and Hawke).

The best thing about the movie is the really dark humour through its snappy dialogue.

But it does a good job of sucking you in and entertaining you while at the same time showing you how the arms trade works, all without coming across as overly preachy.

One reviewer compared this film to Scorcese's "Goodfellows," but Scorcese affects the shift from ironic commentary on Mafia culture to actual gangster film drama in a gradual convolution punctuated by moments of intense violence that point out the moral degradation we should have been admitting all along.

Manages to be both entertaining and informative at the same time.

It is a dark picture, but it is an intriguing nonetheless.

The semi-factual story is suspenseful, engaging, dramatically convincing, and occasionally witty.

Ian Holm also gets a brief but compelling turn as one of Yuri's more scrupulous rivals.

That being said obviously not as great dialog as in Godfather, not as good acting, not as good story and mainly the action is sort of like in Godfather 3, some interesting scenes but huge part of it actually becomes boring.

Instead of suspenseful thriller, Andrew Niccol shot a lengthy satire with dry first-person narration.

Lord of War starts out as a sort of black comedy then becomes a morality tale and ends more as political statement, the movie cant seem to decide if it wants to be entertaining, thought provoking, or just prompt political and moral outrage in the audience.

It's free of the irritating trendy jump cutty style of the day but is very stylish and evocative.

This film can be taken as a quite enjoyable cocktail of irreverence and cynicism, vilifying human nonsensical inclination to auto-destruction.

Unexpected docudrama .

This film shows the fascinating cruelness of reality.

Excellent movie with some intense acting in the smaller parts .

While the constant narration may grate some viewers, Cage's monotone voice matches his performance on screen.

Mayhap the point of the movie was that arms trafficking has become banal and everyday.

It's fun, it's dramatic, it's fairly unpredictable and it does build tension when it seeks to do so.

But unfortunately before you know it these moments are gone and its back to cardboard flat characterizations of pointless clichés that pass as characters.

Add to that a depressing story that ends tragically and you have a complete waste of time and money.

Cage plays Yuri Orlov, an immigrant who, bored of his small-town existence, decides to pursue a career as a gun-runner as a means of getting out of his otherwise dull lifestyle.