Lost and Delirious (2001) - Drama, Romance

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A newcomer to a posh girls boarding school discovers that her two senior roommates are lovers.

Director: Léa Pool
Stars: Piper Perabo, Jessica Paré
Length: 103 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 36 out of 203 found boring (17.73%)

One-line Reviews (106)

And, if we consider she was in vapid movies like "Slap Her, She's French" and "Coyote Ugly", you'll be very surprised (or even shocked) with the way she make her Paulie a character so intense.

the story, which i would describe as a glossy Hallmark lesbian dreamscape, is so pretentious and so over-the-top, that it reaked of junior-high notebook romance.

Don't waste your time -- go watch "Get Real".

As stated earlier the plot was cliché.

It is a very emotional and intense movie worth of seeing it.

A later sex scene, between Paré and boyfriend Luke Kirby (as Jake Hollander), is a contrasting bore - likely showing where Léa Pool's sympathies lie.

It comes across as pretentious and corny.

There were some moments put in to be funny, mostly when the main character is talking with her gardener friend, but which were just as dull as the rest, and the teachers of the school really added nothing of value to the film.

At times, the pace is painfully slow and some scenes seem pointless.

Having heard great reviews, I was disappointed in this film: it's melodramatic, and while there are some good moments, it's drawn out and over-acted.

Oh and leave out that "dark noon duel" it was pointless.

This formulaic story of `forbidden love' at an all-girl boarding school completely left me flat.

with interest and intensity, but (a note to all filmmakers) use these things with caution, because an entire movie filled with pretentious insight and overdramatics, gets old, and even sickening, in a very short time.

Heart-felt, deep, tragic, ominous, engrossing, superb, awe- inspiring.

Quite a good, entertaining film .

Paulie has such a clear and slow mental breakdown that it is painful to watch.

Her two roommates, Victoria and Paulie, are wild and crazy, the opposite of her, and she finds them fascinating.

As Paulie, Piper Perabo puts in one of the most emotionally riveting performances of the past decade.

and yet the writer and director went out of their way to lift every single redone film bit about lesbian torment and confusion at boarding schools, (you know, the place all lesbian love lives and dies).

I don't know, I just think if you accept Pollie's complete commitment to her and Tory's love (of which she is deprived in one of the most painful and banal ways possible), and her spleen about poetry and symbolism, this film will work for you in spite of its many little weaknesses (which none of us spoiled viewers could have done any better).

It's a true and poignant movie, but also very evocative and profound.

what an auwful banal film .

Like when they first meet and Mouse asks if she can help him garden -- she used to help her mother and enjoyed it -- and when he asks her name she replies, "It's in transition," a brilliant way to express that she's migrating away from her Mouse nickname to something better.

I figured I'd watch it since there was nothing else on, and by the end of the movie, I was in a daze, mesmerized by how stunning and beautiful and amazing the movie was.

However, the movie turned out to be just a bunch of ridiculous, talentless young actresses hopping around a girls' school as they slowly descend into a pointless display of madness and teen angst.

Dramatic, intense and even forbidden.

She delivers the film's only genuinely moving scenes, but her outstanding (and brief) performance only makes the rest of the film seem that much more banal.

This was one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

It's defently worth watching :)


Then, we have that whole cliche symbolism between Paulie and the hawk.

) but it went nowhere.

The problem I had with the movie is that at times it moved way too slow and kept me lost from its primary delirious focus.

This is a hackneyed beast of a movie, ineffectual but self-important and melodramatically sulky, fascinated with what is ultimately its own hysteric boredom.

Possibly a badly done coming of age story?

100% intense.

The film takes itself so amazingly seriously that it becomes more entertaining than heartwrenching.

I looked at it alone but really enjoyed it.


Good performances sustain a cliche-filled movie .

The reason why things feel familiar sometimes is probably because certain scenes are familiar and therefore predictable.

The scene where the three main characters are reciting letters to their mothers is particularly bad; the first has written hers ahead of time but the other two spontaneously create drivel that some scriptwriter must think is particularly deep and intriguing.

I see a lot of movies, some of them good, some bad, but most of them entertaining.

It was undeniably the worst movie I've seen this year, and probably the worst coming-of-age movie I've ever seen.

This movie is not beautiful, it's just pretentious.

My problem with this far-fetched and tedious work evidently lies in what the source material gave the filmmakers to work with, that being the novel and/or the screenplay.

but her acting is a bit of a yawn.

"the character, paulie is who i related to, on an intense level.

It's a smart, intense and beautiful alternative to "Down To You" or "She's All That".

This is a coming of age film set in a private girls school.

This film has the makings of a good film, but falls short on bad scripting, histrionic and over-the-top acting, dull and one-dimensional characters and, oh so unsubtle and pretentious symbolism -- like Jonathan Livingstone Seagull and Birdy rolled into some elements of the infinitely better, and ultimately more tragic, and more moving, Heavenly Creatures.

Its all about Intense OVER the edge IMPOSSIBLE LOVE and also the desperate NEED of it.

All in all, very enjoyable to watch, and I'll recommend it to others.

For in Paulie's riveting dramatic line we find one of the film's key points.

The acting is top drawer, and the story is engaging.

My heart just went out to Perabo's acting as I had to endure ever more unbearable uncomfortable scenes of Paulie absolutely losing it in class, at the dining commons, at the father-daughter dance, and right before the climax.

The story is given a lilting musical background score, excellent photography and good direction, but the script really has no message to offer except that it's dangerous to become involved too deeply with a strong-willed girl who is unwilling to break off a relationship.

The scene's between Mary and Graham Greene were even worse and the supposedly "touching" fact that Pauly's teacher is an old lesbian is just predictable and underdeveloped, the real problem the whole movie suffers from.

Jessica Pare is good as Tori, a bland role.

Don't waste your time watching this.

From overwrought monologues (under the guise of "letters" to parents in absentia) to trite visual metaphors that repeatedly beat you about the head (injured falcon = our heroine, etc.), this movie is one long exercise in "hamming it up".

Overall I really felt this was a bit of a waste of both mine and the actor's time.

Although the film may fall short in many areas from its direction, supporting acting, its ending, and overall moral, Piper is pure poetry in this Coming of Age, dramatic love story of Youth.

The story is engrossing, until a certain character goes Shakespearian "bat-crazy".

"Don't tell Mom and Dad" and "I'm not a lesbian", and all that other hokey dialog, etc.This leads to the predictable "hurt feelings" and that emotional plot-point between the two now-former lovers.

they were powerful and evocative.

Although I disagree with how she handled the situation at the end, she is absolutely stunning, a very talented actress.

A beautiful engaging film that actually manages to get to the essential human dramas of love, unrequited love, passionate love and filial love.

Also, some scenes tend to look like sappy teen movies (like the one where a slow pop song accomponies Paulie's crying).

I personally felt that a script for "Dawson's Creek" or "Seventh Heaven" would probably be more entertaining and accurate, so I hope that pretty much gives an overview of how little direction or honesty this film had.

She makes, along with the old professor, the best works in this movie; but anyway, they can't save this, in fact, bland and unrealistic film.

I rented this film, expecting a cheap imitation of Breakfast Club and found it to be a much more profound piece of work about teen agers than I have seen outside of an "After School Special"--with a more engaging and timely theme.

Shy girl is new to school and she is befriended by a free-spirited troublemaker who sheds a whole new light on her boring existence.

lots of which is entertaining and utterly irrelevant to the Canadian situation.

One thing that is confusing to me is that I think in the beginning of the movie the third woman is assigned to share the room with the two other women.

That's not necessarily a good thing -- because Shakespearean literature is pretentious, something only pompous english teachers love.

Could have been profound, but ended up pointless .

Manipulative + Plot Holes = Don't Waste Your Time .

In short, this movie was so poorly made in the way it dealt with important and poignant issues that I was both disgusted at the ineptitude and also forced to leave the theater at one point and come back in after five minutes of uncontrollable laughter.

Mostly known for cheap sex film knock-offs, blatant environmental propaganda and runaway U.

Its symbolism is painfully obvious, its structure predictable, and its writing self-conscious.

It turned out that I really enjoyed it.

This movies tries so hard to emulate other movies that actually worked -- mainly "Girl, Interrupted" and "Dead Poets Society," possibly with a little "Slammer Girls" thrown in there -- but the end result is a laughable, pretentious, pop video gone horribly wrong.

I think this cliché has run its course.

I found the movie very enjoyable to watch and the music made me get that warm fuzzy feeling all over.

Mischa Barton, Jessica Pare and especially, Piper Perabo turn in riveting performances.

Worth watching for anyone interested in matter of love and pain.

Now Tori avoids Paulie like the plague, despite the passionate outpourings regarding intense love.

This is a coming of age story.

compelling .

And It's also a gay-themed movie that can be enjoyable to anyone.

However, this film steadily got more and more boring, the acting was pretty terrible, especially Mischa Barton, who practically wore one expression, of sadness and wisdom (which was not convincing!

Even the ending is predictable.

The movie was extremely predictable.

The storyline was gripping.

I was bored throughout the movie.

Easily the Worst, Most Trite Film in Recent Memory .

The tale was gripping and beautifully scripted and directed.

The spell gets lost, however, with debilitating performances of the cast, and particularly Piper Perabu (Paulie,) who got awry whenever it came to intense situations.

If you're interested in cinema that deals intelligently and realistically with the difficulties and confusion - as well as the pleasure and joy - of young women coming to terms with their attraction to each other, I would recommend "The Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls In Love" and "Show Me Love.

And it is riveting.

Every element of this story was so over the top, excessively phony and contrived that it was painful to sit through.

It's compelling.

An engrossing love story.

The movie would've been a lot more enjoyable if it was a bit more realistic.

It has some enjoyable parts, but the cliché cheesiness leave something to be desired.