Love Happens (2009) - Drama, Romance

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A widower whose book about coping with loss turns him into a best-selling self-help guru, falls for the hotel florist where his seminar is given, only to learn that he hasn't yet truly confronted his wife's passing.

IMDB: 5.7
Director: Brandon Camp
Stars: Jennifer Aniston, Aaron Eckhart
Length: 109 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 19 out of 86 found boring (22.09%)

One-line Reviews (73)

HIS backstory is compelling - wife dying in accident, her father (Martin Sheen) unforgiving of Burke because the self-help book he penned made him famous on the exploitation of her death.

And while this movie is mostly by the numbers, it really is a fascinating script and directing a movie that is more comedy-drama than even romance.

During the course of this absorbing melodrama, Burke has to confront the truth of his tragedy and he discovers healing.

Boring and Dark Movie; Love Happens is a disappointment .

So I dragged my boyfriend to this movie, so excited to be OUT and with my man AND at a RomCom, only to discover a let down.

I did watch this movie with low expectations, and I found it surprisingly enjoyable.

The story felt very contrived, and the acting of supporting characters was mediocre.

There is an enjoyable aspect to some of this film.

Instead of being stuck with the contrived mannerisms of heartsick lonely girl, Aniston plays Eloise as a grown, functional woman who's just made some bad relationship choices.

Incoherent, Flat Waste of Time .

It's difficult for any serious movie-goer to enjoy this movie owing to its sad lack of wit, convincing pathos or engaging characters.

Wha...??? That was so contrived...

Judy Greer has a small, but entertaining role.

I like both of the main actors respectively but this was just tepid and contrived.

The only character that was worth watching was that of Walter played perfectly by John Carroll Lynch who as usual gives an outstanding performance.

Entertaining Comedy-Drama .

I rated Love Happens a 3 and advise that you don't waste your time or money seeing it.

It also has a big emotional climax that ends with one of those slow speed standing ovations.

Save your money and catch this one on a sleep Sunday afternoon when it comes to HBO.

Just a mere waste of time!

Thank you for an enjoyable, light-hearted comedy that had a deep-hearted consideration of a topic most people can't handle and actually run away from...

Unlike Love Happens, other outstanding relational films that have the love story as the dominant theme include baseball-oriented The Natural (1984), while Mr. and Mrs. Smith (2005) using the an existing relationship in a reverse way to break it down as part of the suspense of this comedy-espionage-thriller, or Sandra Bullock and Sylvester Stallone relationship in The Demolition Man (1993), a sci-fi comedy, action thriller with its focus on the action pack scenes and mystery going on surround Stallone and the evil Wesley Snipes along with Bullock's deliciously fascinating future-speak, or the recent sci-fi romance movie Safety Not Guaranteed (2012) that using the relationship to propel the mystery of this slightly odd eccentric young man in his attempt to travel through time or take comedy-drama-romance of Ann Hathaway in The Devil Wears Prada (2006) whose love relationship is background to the more exciting interplay of the workplace.

The story doesn't force them together, which makes their attraction more believable and engaging.

A real waste of time.

The movie,yes a romantic one..perhaps and a little comedy,,minimal of a few laughs I found to be a little boring.

Other than that one bit, completely enjoyable movie.

If this movie wasn't laden with enough syrupy stupidity, all backed by manipulative tinkling piano, it even has a slow clap, to conclusively take itself out of the running for any kind of credibility.

It was very well done and enjoyable.

I did not feel a strong romance going on between the lead characters, the story struggles to pull you in with originality and depth, I will confess for the majority I found it either too depressing, in need of more lighter scenes, and rather boring, a disappointing romantic drama.

My only real problems with the film were some pointless scenes like Burke's meeting with Eloise's mother, the dialogue in that scene felt somewhat forced, and the script was a little on the weak side.

Pretty insulting and contrived .

Yes, it made me get all sniffly and teary-eyed, but I still enjoyed it.

If there's anything that makes Love Happens watchable, it's the performances, chiefly that of Aaron Eckhart, who now has a stunning string of turns under his belt, from his breakout as the horrifying misogynist in In The Company of Men, to his excellent interpretation of Harvey Dent in The Dark Knight.

Dull, contrived and mis-sold .

Their interest for each others is uninteresting and lacks credibility, in part because Eloise is so poorly sketched and also because, as we learn to know Burke's real issues, it just seems...

This is just a pointless film.

It was actually painful and pointless with useless scenes like the introduction of Aniston's mother (and this wasn't edited out why?

The plot is predictable .

I enjoyed it, good study in human grief and the difficulty in overcoming loss.

Love Happens to be the most boring worthless attempt at a romantic comedy I've seen in some time, a tragedy?

This was a torture all the way till the end which you can so easily predict in the first 5 minutes of the movie.

Story is so dull, pathetic as a result of trying too hard to be touching, predictable...

OK, the story is reasonably predictable and you kind of see the end coming, but its very entertaining, thought provoking and life affirming.

It appeared as if perhaps there was an earlier scene which would lead them to this particular band or something along those lines but if there was it was one of the few things they did cut that may have actually been able to help understand this unbelievably boring film) so I was unsure of the point of this as well.

The pacing is quite slow for the romance side, as the first date still has not happened 28 minutes after the movie.

There is also unexpected eye candy in the form of beautiful floral arrangements that contrast well with the gloomy Seattle weather.

The scenes were clichéd and predictable.

Despite Eckhart's excellent performance, I cannot recommend Love Happens, because it bored me very much, and, in my case, it was unintentionally funny near the ending.

In spite of the clear emotional resonance of the subject matter I found myself feeling utterly apathetic about any of the characters or the shallow, boring relationship formed between the two protagonists.

A pretty boring drama .

and while i agree that eckhart and aniston played it restrained, i also think they put forward engaging real-people performances.

Love Happens is one of the movies I've seen this year that have been disappointing and boring.

An enjoyable 110 min that passes for a good date movie and doesn't get too heady to overwhelm anyone.

Unfortunately i saw an empty movie held up exclusively by a solid cast.

I enjoyed this film, many unexpected moments .

The cheap shots and ridiculously bland advice given will only make someone feel worse.

But he also enjoyed it, and there were no complaints.

Zzzzzzzz .

That's such a stupid and insultingly manipulative rom-com cliché, it's actually quite surprising to see it in a 2009 film.

And then the "slow clap" while Sheen immediately and conveniently steps on stage and forgives Burk, and all is healed and well?

Anniston's character was totally bland and never made a point.

The movie was entertaining at times, though the story was below average.

I find the drama bits much better developed and more engaging than the romance bit.

"Love Happens" is one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

I say this because the concept of the film is actually very solid, touching, and has real potential but the problems with the film are that its incredibly predictable, never strays from the typical recipe and the characters are rather empty and a-typical which is a shame given the talent behind the film.

To start with, Jennifer Aniston feels a bit bland on her role, and the screenplay has a combination of incompatible elements which damage the drama with forced frivolity.

Awful waste of time during which not once was I emotionally invested in the characters - it was difficult to exercise empathy when the scenarios were so entirely clichéd, recycled and the characters so predictable, wooden, underdeveloped and devoid of any real charm.

I LIKE emotionally intense movies, even when they approach sentimentality.

I like quirky stuff, but the mix of comedy, romance and the intense drama underneath wasn't done very well.

Perhaps closer to Love Happens is the sci-fi dramatic thriller Deja Vu (2006) that yet even has a stronger love component while also keeping the focus on the action-adventure-thriller element as its dominating theme while the relationship over give its a haunting heightened element of human importance Love Happens while a decent and entertaining movie doesn't quite that the ultimate emotional depth of as romantic-drama-fantasy If Only (2004) that involves death in a quite fascinating use of what-if theme, or the inspirational Robbin William's vehicle in a romantic dramatic fantasy in What Dreams May Come (1998)involving his struggle to attempt to beat death, or the entertaining depth of the relational comedy-drama of the lighter Music and Lyrics (2007), or the haunting duel, what-if split storyline in the fascinating romantic drama of Sliding Doors (1998).

She seems to be playing out the romantic tragedies in her own personal life on-screen but to a cliché-ridden script.

Though "Love Happens" is enjoyable to watch, it would have been much better marketed as a drama.

This film is about a self help guru going through a journey of self discovery after meeting an intriguing woman.