Love, Rosie (2014) - Comedy, Romance

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Rosie and Alex have been best friends since they were 5, so they couldn't possibly be right for one another...or could they? When it comes to love, life and making the right choices, these two are their own worst enemies.

IMDB: 7.2
Director: Christian Ditter
Stars: Lily Collins, Sam Claflin
Length: 102 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 31 out of 133 found boring (23.3%)

One-line Reviews (82)

I thought it was believable how they transitioned from best friends to being in love at the end, even if a few scenes felt pointless.

They try to be unpredictable by putting in so many twist that an average soap opera wold be proud of it.

ESPECIALLY during those scenes of slow movement as they linger on against each other, right before an almost-kiss.

The plot is so engaging, and it touches me deeply.

I guess this is what makes the film last longer and feel a lot slower than what it actually is.

Final meeting scene was so exciting too see kisses and hugs.

Serious waste of time- bad director/ screen writer job, terrible acting in the very start of the movie and you can tell that Sam Claflin is really feeling the presence of the camera and is a little nervous.

otherwise, please don't waste your time at all on this.

Most exciting scene is finally Alex knows Rosie loves him more than he thinks.

Not only is it completely unfunny, disjointed and filled with unnecessary profanity, it is also implausible.

Too predictable and too much flaws .

Not every movie needs to be deep and thought provoking to be enjoyable, life is intense enough as it is, live a little.

I felt nervous many time in the film but thanks to this feeling, happy development gets more exciting.

From the get go, I was able to notice how quickly the characters were introduced to us, and how unexpected things were happening all of a sudden.

The author says in the DVD interview that she welcomed the changes but what's left is a very by the numbers romantic comedy that verges awkwardly between cliché and dull.

The movie wasn't as moving as the book, but it was still very entertaining with amazing chemistry!

Unfortunately, this is both predictable and boring.

It's a familiar theme of boy-girl friendship muddled by quasi-romantic interludes of frustration, confusion, missed signals, and misplaced pride.

For me, the film dragged on with the promise of improvement, which unfortunately it did not manage to deliver.

Yet all this twists seem so predictable that you have to ask yourself - "why bother?

Love, Rosie have the same typical flaws that many romantic drama comedies have: several unavoidable clichés and contrivances, a predictable ending.

Each dull revelation is followed by empowering montage, propelled by a listless soft rock soundtrack.

Altogether, this makes the flow of the movie slow and unbelievable.

Actually that was true but unlike the other cliché films this is really enjoyable film.

Pointless .

In the book everything 'moves' a lot slower and so more of the relationship between main characters is established and therefore some things can make more sense rather than appearing random or spontaneous on screen.

It's funny, it's entertaining, it's a mood changing movie.

Don't waste your time, I wouldn't watch this movie again.

In order to properly capture the chemistry of two people who've been friends since childhood, and it's a difficult task at that, one would need hours and to many that would probably become a bit boring after a while.

About 20 minutes into the movie I got massively bored.

The acting is believable, the story's engaging.

In conclusion I can say, that it is a movie that has some typical scenes for a romantic movie, but also some unexpected turns and the whole story of the friendship-love is beautiful to watch.

It's a quiet movie, to relax your mind, but really exciting!

God damn it if you want some unpredictable ending go watch "shutter island" or "mulholland drive" or something that SAYS that it is a freaking THRILLER!!.

A trailer that reveals the whole movie/predictable/no suspense ending.

It is definitely a joy to watch and entertaining as the audience will definitely feel for both Alex and Rosie from their growth as individuals;to the near misses they have experienced all throughout their lives for love; and when they finally end up with each other at the end.

That's another reason this movie is so tedious.

And some of the scenery is stunning.

You can either see it as exciting and annoyed or boring.

I get it, it's a romance movie and romance movies are usually pretty predictable.

I rate it 80% due to lots of extended scenes which at some point helps the viewer to understand more about the growth of the character but still it turns out to bore some people.

Therefore, it falls flat and is very tedious and hard to watch.

Credit also goes to Lily Collins and Sam Claflin as they gave their all to make characters compelling and interesting enough to make it more than just another predictable,contrived and clichéd romantic movie.

Boring .

The content of the movie is just compelling and somehow it makes me think as an audience, "What if I end up like them, that the right person was right in front of me all along?

Rosie gets unexpected pregnant from her one awkward night with Greg which derails her plans to study in Boston near Alex.

It's pleasant to watch it but on the way you get tiered and a little bored.

Personally, it's breathtaking and relatable.

During the film, you can be surprised with unexpected events that are actually much more realistic than in the standard romantic movies.

There are red flags signifying a dying art-form plastered all over this film, bogged down in cliché as it is.

For all those reviewers out there saying that this is a bad film because it's predictable, I'd like you to point me to one that's not.

Most enjoyable are her scenes with the more streetwise Ruby (played by Jaime Winston, daughter of the very cool Ray).

this is a very predictable movie since start to finish the only thing I didn't predicted was the thing (no spoilers if you haven't watch it) that happens to Rosie, Lily Collins and Sam Cafflin did great in this movie, this movie felt like a journeyi felt living through the years with this friendship and I felt attached to lily's character because it's actually something that happens to teenage girls something that can change all your plan life forever and to leave your dreams for something like that it's a hard thing.

is a really enjoyable movie, the concept is good, you can watch this with your friends and boyfriend on a Friday night.

Life is unpredictable and then life will turn upside down when you realize that you are in love with your best friend who turns out the perfect match for you.

The script was weak at best (& at times simply confusing in its empty/fast-forwarded-ness), the acting was mostly unconvincing & the characters so badly stereotyped that they couldn't have any credence at all.

Usually, the famous romantic dramas are slow, lengthy, and well developed characters.

So as well as being predictable, I found it kind of shitty that these two people, who both know they love each other, enter into these relationships with other people knowing full well that it's not the person they really want or love.

An absolute waste of time .

Honestly it is a waste of time and a really boring movie.

Its superficial intrigue, its predictable nature and its bad habit of bringing and solving issues out of a sudden simply spoils the overall experience.

There's even the inevitable rush at the end as the person whose made a series of relationship mistakes runs to what she believes to be the true love of her life and vice versa, that good old Rom Com cliché I just hate this movie, I want my electricity paid for which I spent on the TV watching this drivel, I want my 110 minutes or so back where I could have been asleep instead....

The trailer fascinates me but the whole story feels like predictable and cheesy.

Alex moves to Boston to begin his studies in medicine, and Rosie must stay behind due to an unexpected pregnancy.

For me the book was both tragic and entertaining at times...

The plot seems simple and it mostly is, being a bit predictable and linear most of the time, with a few exceptions.

This movie actually light enough, exciting, and there was some humor in it, so I did not too much felt like want to cry.

Don't waste your time watching a movie which is made for the people who have a young and wild spirit.

)Considering how predictable the story is, it's something of a minor miracle that Love, Rosie works at all.

This is a ruthlessly formulaic movie in which I lost count of the occasions that Alex or Rosie would come to the conclusion that they love each other, only to discover in the same instant that the other was committed elsewhere.

The chemistry between them is there and it is nice to watch them almost getting together, only to be turned apart again, for the first half of the movie, but in the end, it is kind of boring.

A lovely film that really warms you up inside, and well worth the watch if you enjoy rom-coms, although it's unlikely to sway any non-believers in the genre.

The music, and the cinematography, along with the prod design and choice of locations, make for sumptuous fare, and are perhaps the only reasons one needs to make it to the cinema for this otherwise bland work.

The story line tortures the viewers that sit on the edge of their seats, praying and waiting for the two friends to finally admit their feelings and get together.

Pointless boring movie.

producers..?).When the drama starts of we land in a cliché high school, teenage drama with shy kissing and flat expositions of insecureness etc...

Bad timing is the central theme of this Four Weddings and A Funeral wanna-be, which despite several weddings, a funeral and a cliché ridden script, groans with predictable twists and turns as the two protagonists um and err about their future together

The original soundtrack of this movie is stunning, and my favorite one, "We Keep In Touch" by the wonderful Ralf Wengenmayr, is basically, in my opinion, the epitome of Rosie and Alex.

Sometimes, the pattern which separates them, over and over again, makes the story appears as boring and unrealistic one.

Overall I enjoyed it, and my favourite part was definitely Lily Collins and Sam Claflin's chemistry.

A Brit, less-lighthearted variation of When Harry Met Sally; sweet, enjoyable .

I can say its predictable due to the fact that every time they had a chance to be together, a new conflict between their relationship occurs.