Love, Simon (2018) - Comedy, Drama, Romance

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Simon Spier keeps a huge secret from his family, his friends and all of his classmates: he's gay. When that secret is threatened, Simon must face everyone and come to terms with his identity.

IMDB: 7.6
Director: Greg Berlanti
Stars: Nick Robinson, Jennifer Garner
Length: 110 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 61 out of 515 found boring (11.84%)

One-line Reviews (187)

Predictable: As well delivered and clever as this movie was, Love Simon is also a rather predictable tale to say the least.

How did they get movie stars to sign on to this snooze fest?

Still, an enjoyable film and well worth a watch.

But really enjoyed it.

IN BRIEF: An entertaining "coming out" of age film that rarely exceeds its sit-com trappings.

So lousy, Too boring to watch, Excessive background music, too predictable with that happy ending.

The whole movie just felt artificial and staged, as well as contrived, as none of the events that force Simon to come out of the closet ring true whatsoever.

Nick Robinson gives a stunning performance, painfully real and doesn't come across as over the top or in any way stereotypical.

This movie is worth watching again and again.

Coming out in the modern age is a compelling subject matter and drama can be had.

Painfully boring .

Worst movie ever!!.

Great lovable coming of age film.

Although it was, like every highschool movie, kinda predictable and cheesy.

It is well worth the watch!!!

The script establishes its stock characters (the loyal girlfriend, the funny sidekick, the hunky friend, the drama club type, etc.) and gives them some unexpected quirkiness that diverts our interest.

Nice movei about coming of age.

A remarkable cast gave a stirring performance to help bring this engaging and entertaining story to new heights, helping to bring relatable topics to the light.

Underneath it's occasionally cliched tendencies, it's a heartfelt and lovingly made love story that allows a complex, confusing and invigorating part of life be just that: complex, confusing and invigorating.

enjoyable cast some great lines.

Another coming of age stereotypy mistake this film had was the typically good high school kids throwing a giant parties in which nearly everyone from high school shows up, drinks, etc. I get the need for a party scene, and don't deny that they happen.

I left the theater with a full heart .

Don't waste your time on this trash.

The acting of this film could not have made it more realistic, and the mystery of Blue was suspenseful.

Personally believe that the idea for the film Love, Simon is boring.

It's a lesson which rings true, as shown in the experiences of characters which feel genuine, in a movie that is entertaining and heartfelt.

Love Simon is a coming of age romantic comedy drama starring Nick Robinson as a Simon.

The film is the most enjoyable I have watched in a long time full of great character arc's and performances.

However, it is too cliched and predictable, which plays it too safely when it should be really shining and changing the picture.

Writing - Boring, unrealistic as they fall in love over the course of 12 emails, this is Charles Manson and Crazy wife levels of pen-pal-manship right here.

Love Simon isn't just your average teenage, coming of age film.

For me, Love, Simon is a book-to-film adaptation that really hits all the right notes from its engaging plot, talented cast, amazing score and soundtrack and most importantly, its true-to-life message and themes.

Waste of Time and Disappointing .

The movie is very entertaining and although it become more obvious in the end, I liked how throughout the film they made it difficult to find out who Blue was.

They went so far with it that the performances were boring and bland.

Overall, this was a wholly enjoyable film which I would recommend to any film-goer.

The movie is paced evenly with its entertaining, comedic, and emotional moments.

Whereas it seemed like the writer made sure not to portray overly stereotypical characters, the film went with the usual, predictable John Hughes-esque teen tropes that we've been inundated with for decades.

Bad gay coming of age movie.

I approached at first this movie in the wrong way: I was sure that I was going to watch the usual teen drama about a guy that discovers to be gay, with a predictable ending.

Coming of age and coming out can be one complicated process .

Coming out and coming of age .

In conclusion, this movie was like a boring, unnecessarily lengthened, dull, homosexual remake of Easy A...


The fact that it's absolutely lovely and entertaining from beginning to end, and has a number of romantic-comedy-style complications that don't feel strained, results in one the funniest and touching crowd-pleasing movies of the year.

We watched it last night in a hotel room because it was free, and what a waste of time that was.

Entertaining: The performances help with this, but the entire film itself has a lot of fun elements to make things interesting and intriguing to watch.

Overall, the film was a joyful coming of age story which I went into thinking it would be hollywood's attempt to relate to LGBT+ teens and came out with a new favourite film of all time.

His supporting cast mates also craft their characters to entertaining and engaging levels, mixing well with Simon's drama and keeping the emotional charged scenes in line.

) It's a "talking movie," so young kids might get bored.

Moreover, the film's genuine portrayal of gay teen romance feels like a watershed moment for the well-worn coming of age narrative.

It's just a sweet coming of age story about a guy who happens to be gay.

It's interesting to see how the world is fairly similar to the real world, with believable dialogue and predictable teenage behavior.

So many of these coming of age stories involve cliched plots, two dimensional acting and hackneyed dialogue.

It is a coming of age story.

It's such distractingly poor writing, a lesser film would've broken under its contrived weight.

As far as the story, I won't spoil, but I'll hint: Overall it's an enjoyable ride.

It's just another cliche that doesn't need to be there.

The annoying guy that outed him, so he was treated the same by everyone as if nothing happened?

The movie was advertised as a coming of age, teen comedy.

I really enjoyed it.

I think this movie has a lot of horrible cliche stuff that just doesn't work at all.

A refreshing high school coming of age film .

Slow and unmemorable .

So in short, a cute movie, I'd recommend it for those who want to watch something nice and cute for a change with all those intense movies on at the moment (Infinty war :( ) (my first ever review!

Soppy and cliche as hell, absolutely.

So much hype for a film where nothing happens for at least 40 minutes

Absolute kudos to Nick Robinson for a stunning performance, and I just can't skip over the very convincing emotional moments from the parents Jennifer Garner and Josh Duhamel.

Everyone enjoyed it and by the end we had a standing ovation.

Love, Simon is like another cliche heterosexual film for teenage audiences, except homosexual.

This movie is worth watching, and I highly recommend it.

This movie is important and entertaining.

Every generation has its own coming of age story.

It's easy to digest and understand for those who haven't thought too much of it, and enjoyable for everyone.

The Hughes blueprint has its downfalls, namely the story doesn't dare to venture outside the cute territory, never placing the hero in any real danger or conflict - mostly everybody is supportive of Simon, or at least doesn't care about his orientation, etc.This makes the story always rather predictable.

A formulaic Hollywood coming-of-age story with some redeeming features .

(Terrible cliche!

Would that this world be just a tad like the characters and place in this entertaining comedy!

Although the film needs to be judged independently of the book, the asinine deviations from the source material are fairly inexcusable and seem to mostly serve the formulaic plot rather than credible character motivations.

He also has to deal with confusing scenarios, his friends' love problems and above all, trying to figure out who Blue is and if they'd ever meet in person.

This actually might be the first coming of age film based on a gay teenager and his romance.

Fair or not, I was hoping for a more clever conclusion the film long mystery, even if that means using a cliche here or there to get to that point.

But in the end, the ultimate reason why I think this film is either boring or sub-par is this.

The flick does a fantastic job at keeping the proper perspective, never allowing its protagonist's sexuality to overshadow his personality, and portraying the proper messages while 'normalising' what is essentially both its most unique selling point and its most mundane element.

The movie also does a great job portraying the confusion and complexity of adolescents.

It combines a wonderful message, impeccable acting, and a plot that leaves you on the edge of your seat!

One thing that I didn't like is is the ending, too much cliche and cheesy imho.

Love, Simon is an extremely enjoyable movie from start to finish!

It's still average tbh (with the mediocre jokes), but I left the theater quite pleased.

As a film 'Love, Simon' is too long and the ending mostly predictable.

No matter that most rom coms present a rather idyllic picture of the world, preferring to look at the world with the glass half full, opposed to the glass half empty.

A coming of age tale, high school drama, and a fun filled soundtrack.

This movie is an enjoyable watch and gives an idea of what it's like for a person to come out to the world with all ups and downs involved.

An enjoyable experience.

In a movie perspective, it looked cliche and everyone that haven't read the book could actually expect it since Leah (movie) act weird.

Apart from that, it stands as a lighthearted joyful coming of age story even for those who don't relate to the storylines/characters.

Snooze fest

The supporting actors were all capable, and the cinematography was fine - but a true coming of age story this is not.

Nope -- this comes in as the most boring movie of 2018.

But the steps he takes to hide his sexual identity from his best friends, while easily chalked up to teenage insecurity if they played out over a week or two, become unconscionably bad behavior when drawn out over two months.

Neither his family nor friends know that he's gay, and the film focuses on Simon's confusion as he tries to figure out who Blue is, and the distress he experiences as an acquaintance threatens to out him, unless he helps him get to know his friend, Abby (Alexandra Shipp).

Love, Simon is a very safe, formulaic, average look into the struggling life of a gay teenager, graced with a powerful central performance, helping it along the way to become a bit more than just the typical young adult flare.

Josh Duhamel was very boring in this.

Add in the overly played, yet entertaining, HS Principle Tony Hale ("Veep") and the very funny Ms. Albright (Natasha Rothwell "Saturday Night Live"), and the production just keeps getting better.

So from my rating you see that overall, it was enjoyable if we ignore the key weaknesses, as difficult as it may be.

In the opening montage, Simon says 'My life is just like yours, except for this one big secret', and then we see his stunning home, beautiful well-to-do family dynamic and I thought, hold on I'm not sure your life is just like the majority of the viewers.

The timeline takes some of the intensity out of Simon's pen pal relationship with Blue, which would've been much more intense if it took place over the course of a month or so.

I found it pretty boring, because THERE'S NOTHING REALLY GOING ON, I mean there's no plot or at least a worth developing plot.

but I put that into the cliche category.

A coming of age Romantic Comedy who the lead character just so happens to be Gay!.

I was hoping for more struggles like bullying or even engaging with the biblical device.

With that said, there are undoubtedly great moments of heart and levity which makes for an always enjoyable film, just not a complete one.

Totally predictable and completely ridiculous.

And it definitely stuck the landing, delivering a quality entertaining and emotional story in a genre that is synonymous with social stereotypes, annoying pop music, and sub-par writing.

An Unexpected Hit .

The casting in this film made it extremely enjoyable and offered a pure and legitimate reminiscence of the insecurities involved in the high-school experience.

Extraordinarily well-cast all around, this lovely teenage romance is led by the engaging Nick Robinson, navigating the perils of coming out while in high school with focus, aplomb and a refreshing lack of self-pity.

This movie is boring and quite insulting actually.

It makes it all the more frustrating that the crux of the plot revolves around a side-character who is neither honest nor authentic, but purely a device for pushing a predictable and unnecessary plot along.

The feeling I get is that everything was sort of predictable.

Natasha Rothwell is equally hilarious and entertaining as the incredulous drama teacher.

Of course it has the usual americans cliche .

A fun and cute film, with mostly interesting characters and an engaging story.


Everyone involved gave it their best, but Simon was just too weak to keep me from yawning.

It's really enjoyable for anyone.

And of course, the passion and feelings in this movie are by far the most engaging elements of this movie.

they felt a little disjointed and uninvolved in the movie compared to everyone else.

This movie is one of the best coming of age movies since "Perks of Being a Wallflower"(that movie will always be one of my favorite book to movie movies).

Way too cliché.


There were heaps of people standing around afterwards talking about it and a rousing hand clap when the credits started.

Also, the plot seems fascinating.

That aside, this is a sweet and ultimately quite engaging film that I'm sure will be a big hit with a teenage audience.

I really enjoyed it and love the cast that was chosen.

SPOILER: Story: average, plain, boring, mediocre white male Simon has only 3 charateristics that stop him from getting the "most boring character ever" award: He's gay, a coward, and is surrounded by the extremely supportive and loving friends and family.

Nevertheless, it is all innocuous diverting fun, mostly due to its engaging cast.

Overall: I will say that "Call Me By Your Name" is a better film overall, but "Love, Simon" has heart and wit and provides for an enjoyable watch.

The reason behind that is mysteries are only bad if the audience is well aware of all the answers and as a result, it becomes boring since there is no mystery.

The story is very simple but very dragged out, and for the hour that I actually had any interest in the film I remember very little about it.

etc. This is such a departure for a Hollywood movie that it makes a stale format compelling.

I think it's great for coming of age stories to exist in 2018, rather than just exist in the 80s and 90s

A little too sweet, but well worth watching .

Furthermore, the films overall execution is too safe and predictable; it is not hard to assume who the mystery "blue" figure is, and the ending is too far too sweet and sugary to leave you feeling even remotely interested about such privileged teens.

I left the theater with a full heart and am confident "Love, Simon" will remain with me as one of my favorites of this new film year.

It is, quite simply, stunning.

I thought it was a very good coming of age film all about a guys struggle with his identity.

It's a wholesome film that anyone can watch and you walk out of the theater feeling good.

Extremley compelling, relatable, and powerfull.

I highly recommend it to anyone, though it probably won't appeal quite as much to older generations.

This film is a coming of age modern day film.

So, Martin interrupts the national anthem and publicly declares his feelings for Abby, but she admits she does not have the same feelings for him, Martin is humiliated and soon becomes the subject on intense ridicule.

Honestly, a waste of time.

The gang is introduced when Simon picks them each up from school, but the groups interaction reads as contrived and unnatural, and I kept thinking that I was watching an advertisement instead of a teen movie.

Soundtrack - Bland Tangerine Dream Ripoffs mixed with ridiculously overplayed hit songsoverall, Three out of ten.

Despite overly idyllic world view, this gay coming of age tale is vastly entertaining .

With this incarnation however, simply be prepared to be vastly entertained-a difficult accomplishment these days considering the dearth of truly witty and compelling screenplays.

However, his plans of 'coming out' in his own time (possibly at college) are thrown upside down when he starts engaging in online correspondence with another - apparently gay - student.

Has something to say and says it well; enjoyable for all.

It works as a high school, coming of age, and as a romance (though loosely, though I'll get to that in a moment) movie.

One thing that annoyed me in the beginning of the movie and that I've seen before is making family plans early in the day to do the more mundane of activities in the evening, in this case, watching TV.

Likewise, his family is generic and uninteresting - it's pushed in our faces from the beginning that his younger sister fancies herself as a budding chef...

Overall, it's a film that's enjoyable enough to see in theaters multiple times (and purchase the DVD) - and it's relevant and necessary in a world filled with heteronormative love stories.

My fears were confirmed from the beginning of the film: stale dialogue, excessive exposition, uninspiring cinematography and score.

Resolutions made between characters, in particular Simon and his friends after their fall out, seem very superficial and predictable; nothing reaches an honest or realistic conclusion.

To keep audiences on their toes, the film adopts numerous narrators for Blue and this playfulness keeps the film engaging even when it feels familiar.

Totally worth watching!.

Personally I don't care if you're straight, gay or bi - so when I watch a film about a person "coming of age" I need to feel for them.

Sweet filmThough about the pain and confusion of a young person "coming out" it's mainly a movie about love and understandingDecent performance by Nick Robinson in the lead role, well supported by Katherine Langford who was good.

The plot itself was rather predictable and had one of the most unrealistic endings that came off as ridiculous.

Also, where the book managed to make you see the humanity in/feel some sympathy for the blackmailer Martin, the film character, once again, was as cliche as you could possibly get.

There are a few good moments but 90% of this film is boring, unbelievable and incredibly badly acted.

Fascinating expression of love .

Lame and pointless other than to have at least one or two people to be against being gay, since every single other person was immediately accepting and didn't bat an eye.

Despite its very ordinariness this film is a groundbreaker and worth watching for that alone.

The film also suffers from an over abundance of high-school/teen-drama cliches which fail to elevate it to higher ground and render the film often feeling overly sentimental and even pretentious at times.

It becomes predictable that they are supportive and accepting of Simon by the end of the movie.

And the emotional development of the characters are non-existent, every line given in the movie was predictable, almost as if the most cliché thing that comes to your mind is his next line.

The characters for me were relatable and compelling in their realism and 'Love, Simon' is acted with a lot of heart, warmth and ease with the material.

Even though the movie is slow moving and obvious it is still watchable and might be a good vehicle for the tween set who are trying to figure it out

starting from his perfect family, beautiful room, charming and supportive friends to his progressive school and teachers everything is joyous and buoyant and even if it's a Disney like happy forever after film it nevertheless tackles real Gay life struggles in a winsome and way which makes it engaging and very captivating.

The most unrealistic and painfully contrived coming out story I've ever watched.

An enjoyable film for all.

It is predictable, dated and very stereotypical, generalist and stupid.

The leading character is boring and the plot doesn't support him.

"Love, Simon" is unexpected.

Even though there's a lot of movies dealing with homosexuality or coming of age, this one is distinct because it deals with both and takes place around 2018.