Lovelace (2013) - Biography, Drama

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The story of Linda Lovelace, who is used and abused by the porn industry at the behest of her coercive husband before taking control of her life.

IMDB: 6.2
Director: Rob Epstein
Stars: Amanda Seyfried, James Franco
Length: 93 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 19 out of 116 found boring (16.37%)

One-line Reviews (69)

A film, which ponders the adult industry and its trappings, with some of the best 'has been' ensemble of supporting cast and with first-rate, intense performances by Amanda Seyfried and Peter Sarsgaard.

Review: I found this movie to be pretty boring and it just skipped to many years to be a true biopic.

very Boring .

though honestly, due to it's jumping around in time, it was a bit difficult to follow.

A good film, not a great one but, one that does still have an impact and is really made worth watching for an exceptionally good cast.

Fiction upon fiction with the sole aim of creating an emotionally compelling narrative.

Worth watching!

Seyfried is a tremendous Lovelace, replicating her beauty, naivety, excitement, fear, and confusion in the industry effectively.

From here, the film chronicles the making of the notorious "Deep Throat", the rise of Linda Lovelace, and does more than hint at the unexpected cultural impact the film creates.

Don't waste your time, it's not worth to watch.

There is enough compelling material here for one to realize that a more in-depth recounting of the tale would be appreciated.

An entertaining film about a name from the 20th century that deserves visiting despite the fact that it simply goes on too long.

All that being said,the film has its entertaining sequences - mostly thanks to the performances which are great.

The reason that I'm giving it 5 stars is because while the storytelling is done very well, and the actors are good too, the whole thing feels disjointed, and incomplete.

Lovelace was not bad by any means, and it's worth the watch.

Fascinating Movie .

I appreciate the concept of telling the story from first the public's point of view of what happened to then showing us how it really was but, to me the mood shift is very jarring from the more entertaining perspective of her rise to infamy and then this harrowing and heartbreaking story of her abuse at the hands of her slimy husband.

I think the story of Deepthroat as well as that of Traynor and Lovelace are both very intriguing.

That could have just been her life, but the way the directors had shown it just made it kind of dull after a while.

The early scenes of the film show her full of energy and life, but ultimately bored by the monotony of middle class life.

As an entertainer her career was short lived and boring.

Compelling, moving, and beautifully done .

Although I've never heard of her in real life, and thus I didn't know her story, this movie was very predictable most of the time, leaving much too little to the unexpected.

With such a great pretense this movie is just boring and full of clichés.

The filmmakers try to be clever with their narrative by jumping back and forth in time, but this could only be confusing for some in the audience.

I partly blame the editing, but mostly the script for this whole film just seems so disjointed and it felt like they glazed over the facts and story of Linda's life.

The point is, though, that going back and retreading all the scenes feels like a waste of time.

At the point where we begin to catch a glimpse of a riveting film, "Lovelace" changes gears once again and irritatingly settles on a climax worthy of a Lifetime redemption movie of the week.

This is not the portrait of a life, but a dreary soap opera about an abused woman with a scummy husband who forced her (at gunpoint, we're told) into a life of pornography and prostitution.

It was a waste of everyone's time and money, including mine.

" The film then takes a very hard one-eighty to become the grim tale of a battered (and far worse) wife literally dragged kicking and screaming to a porn set.

Well worth watching.

"Lovelace" is dimly executed, boringly realized.

In the end Lovelace felt just as cheesy as Deep Throat and was adrift in genre-confusion, was it a drama or comedy?

But for the first time in her life she feels special and even somewhat powerful after the unexpected hit she and the film become.

You get to see his range as you witness his slow descent to madness as he took control over Linda's life.

Sure, but I was still bored despite the good acting.

All in all I do believe it is worth it to watch the film because it sends an important message in an intense way about male violence against women.

It makes the film's subject all the more intriguing.

One of the worst movies you'll ever see .

I could keep going on about this and many people won't watch just because they think it's something it isn't, but this is worth watching and a real women's lib type movie.

It is only when the movie reaches the second half payoff did the movie move on to capturing something different and moving onto its own path that it became interesting and engaging (in a darker and more unfortunate way).

That is enough to make this film worth watching.

It gave the audience something to chew on as opposed to the cliché it could have been.

I'd like to say the cause for my about turn is entirely down to Lovelace being a stunning, heartbreaking film.

This is a movie set in the pornography industry, mostly on the edge of cheap sets and in the downtime between shots, as well as the male-dominated smoky rooms where the fates of vulnerable young women are dictated.

There is a story of a group of neo-Nazis who watched a screening of Schindler's List in order to disrupt it and spout their evil propaganda.

This bio-pic might've been a disaster, but directors Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman have made an engaging and entertaining look at the former Linda Boreman's life, even if her situations are difficult to watch at times.

James Franco was ridiculous as Hugh Hefner and boring quite frankly and Juno Temple added little or nothing to the cast either.

Summary: "Lovelace"--despite previous reviews--is worth watching, if only to see stellar actors and actresses perform wonderfully (for the most part), and--at the ultimate, very least--to see Seyfried's breasts for the first time.

Aside from the obvious prurient interest in the scenario, completely pointless...

You can tell for having to film such intense scenes with each other, that Sarsgaard and Seyfried were extremely comfortable and had absolute trust in one another.

I found it very entertaining.

An impressive cast lending their talents to a fascinating story, Lovelace brings Amanda Seyfried, Peter Sarsgaard, Sharon Stone, Robert Patrick, Chris Noth, Adam Brody, James Franco and Eric Roberts together to portray characters in the life of Linda Lovelace, a one-shot porn actress that made headlines back in 1972 as star of the blue movie, Deep Throat.

The film is compelling, moving, and beautifully acted and directed.

Had it taken on a more objective view instead of playing things so safely it would have made for a far more absorbing experience.

It is true, it is a bit formulaic, they do this kind of casting avalanche thing when they want to bring gravitas to a subject.

It was also quite boring at some times, the overall sensation being not very pleasant.

It was entertaining, it was captivating at times and also very hard to watch in scenes where she is abused or raped.

"Lovelace" is a take on one of the most intriguing business in porn industry.

I found myself drifting thinking why are some of the characters coming across as empty shells and I could not figure it out.

The 2nd half has the more compelling storyline.

Overall, "Lovelace" is a misguided attempt at filmmaking and an outright boring look into the world of pornography.

Her life is seen as exciting and glamorous, and Linda poses nude, and attends weekly parties.

An ensemble cast of James Franco, Sharon Stone, Robert Patrick, Juno Temple, Chloe Sevigny, Wes Bentley upped the ante intriguing me.

Compelling indictment of marital abuse.

Peter Sarsgaard steals the show and is stunning as her abusive husband and manager Chuck Traynor.

Directors Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman started off making documentaries that were both important and compelling.

The movie Lovelace was a good movie but a missed opportunity for it to be better than what it was but i still had a enjoyable 90 minutes watching this.