Luck (2011) - Drama, Sport

Hohum Score



A television series centered around characters who are tied to the same horse racing track.

IMDB: 7.5
Stars: Dustin Hoffman, Dennis Farina
Length: 52 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 7 out of 39 found boring (17.94%)

One-line Reviews (28)

The plot was a bit hard to follow as so many things are happening at once.

All-stars on all sides transport us to an exciting, sad world in style.

I terms of story-telling and plot lines, the last few minutes of the pilot do help clear up some of the prevailing confusion regarding the direction of the story.

This all makes it sound arty and kind of dull, and indeed the series has a very deliberate pace that might turn some viewers off, although that's an essential part of its style.

Mr. Mann shows some thrilling moments in the two races shown in this episode.

If they were trying to create something entertaining to the hoi-polloi (the rest of us), they got scratched at the gate.

But they kept throwing in fodder for the soap fans, like the whiny Irish sex kitten jockey or the pointless Joan Allen cameo (I was hoping she was taking Ace for a ride) or the really dumb "domestication" of Turo.

Far too many red herrings & endlessly meandering story threads, very thin ones at that which became too hard to follow & were so undeveloped that it would take someone with multiple personalities to keep track of everything going on.

*yawn* Dustin Hoffman has an awkward, completely devoid of chemistry romance with Joan Allen.

I hope it's not just a long series of "Oh hey we're going to have a caper with those random guys we always have capers with" stories, that would seem contrived and would be easy to do if the writers have to keep coming up for stuff for unrelated characters to do together.

I'm sure this show is engaging for hardcore racing fans.

It's especially gratifying to see Hall of Fame jockey Gary Stevens and upcoming Canadian jockey Chantal Sutherland get a chance to showcase their acting abilities and if I know Milch's style, Stevens will end up with a very intriguing role, at least based on his character in the first two episodes.

BOOOOORING and difficult to follow .

*yawn* The only entertainment value in that part of the show is looking at Joan Allen's wrecked face.

The soundtrack suddenly gets quite exhilarating but tends to be drab at other times.

The story itself, in series one ,starts off at a slow place and tends to keep the same pace till the end.

Entertaining and enticing if you like horses or horse racing .

All in all the pilot is a solid effort and achieves its goal of setting up the stage for a potentially gripping series.

They have gone for the vintage photo effect in this, with some stunning colors.

I hope Milch will pursue another series and try harder to strike a balance between excellent acting, an authentic story, and an entertaining sex appeal.

But the worst part for us had to be the music that tries to create pathos in slow motion scenes that are too long, too drawn out and just very boring.

I think the unexpected cancellation of Luck is the saving grace of the series.

They come together to provide an intriguing look at the underbelly of horse racing.

*yawn* The horse trainer is pregnant.

This premier reminds me of "Mad Men" on AMC, a channel I ALSO got for free for the first 3 (enjoyable) episodes.

Every episode seemed to simply faze out in the end with Dustin Hoffman falling asleep in his hotel room.

The best part of the Pilot - exciting horse racing!

It's an entertaining show without a doubt; even if you are new to the racket.