Luna Nera (2020) - Drama

Hohum Score



A group of women are suspected of witchcraft in 17th century Italy.

Stars: Nathan Macchioni, Nina Fotaras
Length: N/A Minutes
PG Rating: TV-MA
Reviews: 8 out of 47 found boring (17.02%)

One-line Reviews (19)

They had a good story, but it dragged on and there were no scenes that brought out the real emotions.

Otherwise, I found the acting superb, the characters engaging, visual effects tremendous!

Unexpected Delight.

The end was totally unexpected, I am very anxious to see what will become of Ade and this power, where will it take her, will she be left alone?

Wasted an evening wading throught so many slow scenes that brought nothing to the plot.

Predictable over the top misogyny and the ending was so absurd and made no sense.

Story so far is kind of dull.

Ade's confusion is not justified for at least the second half of the series, nor is her anger in the last episode.

It could just be the slowness of it.

Interesting and intriguing .

The story is very engaging from the start.

Slow and emotionless .

Super Boring.

Don't waste your time .

They could use this time to make Ade's confusion and her anger to make scenes, or to give the opportunity to some secondary characters to grow.

So, though a little bit of those scenes be slow, just check it out and forget about negative critics!

It is more like A Discovery of Witches than Sabrina..If you like to see magic, witchcraft displayed in ways that seem believable ,yet intense ,captivating and awe inspiring then this show is for you!

Terrible and slow .

Dont waste your time.