Lunatics (2019) - Comedy

Hohum Score



This mockumentary series follows the peculiar lives of six eccentric - and sometimes obscene - misfits who march to their own beat.

IMDB: 6.6
Stars: Chris Lilley, Judi Young
Length: 35 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-MA
Reviews: 17 out of 109 found boring (15.59%)

One-line Reviews (37)

Some of his characters are weak comidically and could easily be cut as they seem boring and familiar to Chris' previous work where as some of the characters are funny and likable, its about 50/50.

The show is padded with filler and repetitive jokes.

The show is disjointed to be honest, lacking any form of structure, and often resulting to the common story tropes lilley has implemented over his series.

A thoroughly enjoyable comedy series.

The guy is a genius but this is same old and boring.

Quinton boring.

Pushes the boundaries, really un PC and theres always the cringyness that he brings to his characters that makes it entertaining to watch.

It wasn't funny, it actually seemed pointless, and then I started taking notice of the nuances and began appreciating the characters as characters, at which point I finally understood.

Very entertaining and a great show.

Lunatics, unfortunately, once the novelty of the shallow, one-joke characters wears off becomes tiresome and just lacking in comedy or genuine emotion.

I found the new characters were original, fun and unpredictable - and I didn't need to laugh every minute to appreciate them.

Very boring show, so many characters and not one slightly interesting.

And a couple of the characters were so pointless and boring.

Don't waste your time .

And the scenes with Gavin and the boy with autism or whatever ugh Joyce so tedious .

The 13-year-old who swears every second word is pointless and unfunny.

I thought Gavin was a complete waste of time, I laughed at one thing he did and the other times I was just completely bored watching him.

This is truly a waste of time, it's not funny at all.

Yawn .

The lack of connection between the characters also hurts the show, and probably contributes to making it feel so overlong and tedious to get through.

Again and again we see casting of individuals who are incapable of uttering a comprehensible line, with the Slurred, garbled Eliza speech repelling any possible interest in enduring the trite, childish pretense of there actually being a saving grace.

Getting through most of this show was tedious and frustrating and largely devoid of humour.

Terrible acting, pointless characters.

Most of her scenes take place in her dormitory and it's very limited and dull after a while.

Just as enjoyable as previous shows .

And each character has their own satisfying arc and clear destinction in personality, however the storylines are slow and repetitive, especially for Becky Douglas the 7ft tall college student.

But it was clear that it would not: terrible casting, absence of defined acting skills, vapid script, no control of pace, predictable, slapstick, and on and on.

It's just a look at a whole bunch of unrealistically bizarre and annoying characters who go around doing things with very little in the way of compelling narratives or character arcs.

Definitely very entertaining, I love all of Chris's work.

The episodes are just far too long.

This seems to be a running theme as well, with many characters going through an upsetting life moment that it either more cringy or just plain boring.

The characters roll from sad to ridiculous to boring over and over.

Like all of his shows, some truly brilliant comedy and a few dull bits.

Boring and unfunny .

Not the best, but entertaining .

He really has a gift and of course, this show does not match up to summer Heights high, we can be heroes, Jonah from Tonga and Jamie private school girl, however I still found the show very entertaining, laughed a lot and felt deeply connected to some of the characters.

All in all, terrible watch and waste of time.