Ma (2019) - Horror, Thriller

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A lonely woman befriends a group of teenagers and decides to let them party at her house. Just when the kids think their luck couldn't get any better, things start happening that make them question the intention of their host.

IMDB: 5.6
Director: Tate Taylor
Stars: Octavia Spencer, Diana Silvers
Length: 99 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 72 out of 317 found boring (22.71%)

One-line Reviews (199)

It wasn't that entertaining, had a couple of pointless gratuitous scenes, unnecessary nudity that added nothing to the storyline, characters that did little more than suck up oxygen, and just felt "blah" overall.

Very predictable and cliche.

This film is slow paced and you realize fast, something must have happened to "Ma" in the past.

One of the worst movies of 2019.

This film is very entertaining and gripping and the way through.

Predictable: always.

Another plot twist, gullible teens learn their lesson the hard way "Insert predictable outcome" The End!

Boring, plenty of clichés and pretty bad acting except from the main character.

The backstory, very predictable, exists only to explain Ma's behaviour.

For one thing, I didn't find the film all that scary or even thrilling until the last act and prior to that, aside from some party scenes with cool music I found myself more bored than anything.

It's a psychological thriller with horror elements and it's a little predictable.

Good: No doubt, Octavia Spencer carries the film and without her, the film would have easily crumbled and been unwatchable.

Enjoyable and little too many unanswered questions

Plot threads never quite come together in a satisfying way, whereas others are never explored in great depth, resulting in an uneventful narrative that never elevates as the film steadily progresses.

This is indubitably one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

The backstory was predictable and very much unnecessary at the same time as it took away from the potential to shock by having to visually display what was going to be said through dialogue anyway.

This movie was so boring.

We won't see an Oscar nomination for this movie, however it is definitely an enjoyable film.

) I really enjoyed it from beginning to end, though I do wish it was wrapped up better.

Waste of time and money .

I absolutely love Octavia Spencer and she was the only thing worth watching in the entire film.

I enjoyed it.

Too slow .

Entertaining, if predictable .

Dumb/ waste of time.

Super predictable .

Welcome to another Robbie Movie Reviews and today we take a look at:Movie: Ma (2019)Director: Tate Taylor Writer: Scotty Landes Stars: Octavia Spencer, Diana Silvers, Juliette LewisLIKES:Star power Good Acting Surprisingly Deep Story Realistic Good Villain DISLIKESNot Scary Predictable Suspense of The Reality Not Suspenseful Rushed EndingThose Who Like These May Like This Movie: Life Time Movies Greta ABC family originals like Pretty Little LiarsSUMMARY: Ma is surprising in many ways in terms of its story telling, focusing more on the characters than the actual scares.

About as entertaining as a certain ferrous super hero and his friends avenging the world in a single afternoon.

Once you figure out the route that the movie's going, it becomes tedious as you just sit there waiting for the inevitability to come.

It has good acting, but the storyline dragged on.

If you enjoy entertaining flicks like 'Happy deathday' or 'The Babysitter' or stuff like that, I'm sure you will enjoy this one.

The only teenagers that seem to catch on to Ma's strange behavior is the girl characters, and they take way too long to do so.

When it all boils down to it, Ma never quite gains momentum due to its underdeveloped storyline and uninteresting characters, and the finale fails to provide a rewarding conclusion.

But Tate Taylor directs the meek mannered Sue Ann as someone who has accepted her uneventful life and she'll have more of the same.

waste of money .

The characters are uninteresting.

Octavia Spencer plays the villain in the film, and it is actually a really fascinating roll she has been given to work with.

An absolute travesty though that she is given toilet paper for a script and has to overwork it to deliver something remotely thrilling.

Notice how in this situation, she is expected to forget this incident and literally move on like nothing happened.

Overall, it was something new and entertaining all the way until the end where it takes it up a notch.

Super entertaining if you still under 16 :/ .

As entertaining as it should have been .

Octavia Spencer is really good in it and it's entertaining throughout.

Standard 90 minute run time, the first 70 minutes of this movie is quite literally pointless exposition and then with 20 minutes remaining the movie starts.

Exciting, nice background story .

Great performance from spencer but i felt this film was too much of a slow burn with a lack of pay off.

This is honestly one of the most boring horror movies or thrillers I can remember watching, and once again, it's directed by Tate Taylor.

This is the absolute WORST movie that I have EVER seen.

It is a cliche mishmash of tones that has no earthly idea as to what it is trying to be.

I liked 'Ma' since it was offering something unexpected in the teen thriller genre and it had a quirky/creepy feel.

Waste of money .

Some stuff got left unresolved but I enjoyed it very much!

The fact is that this movie had a lot of good actors which made it enjoyable.

Some aspects of the story can feel dumb at times and the first 15 minutes are boring.

My friends and I agreed that the tale was realistic, which brought part of the fun experience, and in grounding it to the reality it made for a good villain that was engaging to watch.

Dont waste your time.

Semi boring 2nd act.

Octavia Spencer does a good job as the main character, but the rest (story, teen characters, progression of story, suspense, etc.) is very uninspiring.

It was very entertaining great acting creepy weird at times and just all-around a good time I really enjoyed MA!

The story is a slow burn and when it actually gets down to its 'nitty gritty', things become interesting, even if it is predictable and there are those expected moments where all logic and reason goes out of the window so that the story can progress.

Awfully boring.

Ma is an awkward, braindead, and altogether tedious attempt at horror.

The movie was an actual the worst with no plot, but the actor who plays ma is good at being creepy if I'm being honest, other than that the move was so bad and so predictable.

Its so frickin dull.

The rest it's as cliché as it gets...

This is potentially one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

However the pacing was fairly slow during places within the film.

Slow, but thrilling .

Very predictable and dull .

What there is a dull build-up to not much of anything interesting.

Disjointed horror film that showcases Spencer's darker side as a put-upon middle-age woman who unlikely becomes the friend of a group of teenagers who use her cellar as a joint to get lit up in.

If you're bored at home one night and want to just check it ou,t go ahead.

We enjoyed it!

Was bored with the film took to much build up left 45 minutes in.

It's simple tale of a group of bored high school kids in a small town with nothing to do, trying to have fun by getting an adult to buy them alcohol.

"Ma" is a good movie, entertaining and enjoyable.

A complete waste of time .

All and all, the movie tried so many different things without it going anywhere, and ended up being a dirty diaper full of embarrassment, bad acting, low quality production values, and utter boredom.

This has to be one of the most boring horror films I've ever seen.

Admittedly, many of the decisions made by characters are stupid and take you out of the movie, yet they do not ruin the watching experience because the events on screen are entertaining.

If you are in it for the "art" (think of the most boring movie 'It comes at night'), you might be disappointed.

All in all; I was on the edge of my seat the whole time.

While somewhat predictable, the premise behind this movie is unique and the cast did an amazing job.

This movie was a waste of time.

The teens were sort of generic, and some not scary jump scares, but had suspenseful moments.

It's pretty predictable, silly, and very contrived.

The movie starts off really slow, the first time we meet the main antagonist is a lot later than you would expect.

Very entertaining as a "guilty pleasure.

Sadly, the direction is filled with dumb characters and boring moments.

There is hardly any character development because of how fast paced it is, and the teenagers make some pretty stupid decisions throughout the movie.

Jump scares and intense horror are not things I would want to willingly endure.

If you have free time you can go this film otherwise please don't waste your time that whatching.

Honestly one of the most boring movies I've ever seen.

Don't expect any interesting twists or insights to make this a guaranteed rewatch, however Ma does a near-perfect job of tying in different genres into an entertaining package.

Definitely enjoyed it.

The story is something that looks like it's out of the ordinary, but is actually closer than you could possibly think, which makes it a lot more compelling and intresting to watch from the side perspective.

And best of all, it's just downright entertaining.

The first act had me wanting more and with Spencer eventually carrying the film unfortunately she gets lost in a bad a predictable plot.

It's worth watching even though the ratings have not been as high as I think they should be.

Spencer tries her best to instill a sense of fear in the viewer, but the trite nature of the plot-hole ridden script, the pedestrian direction, and the plodding pace rob the film of any tension.

And the plot seems moving too slow and a little plot holes and i can't understand certain scenes.

The first 3 quarters of the movie was a snooze fest, leading up to the final act, which fell flat.

Slow burn .

It was so boring, almost half way through the movie and i was still confused.

A very entertaining movie.

Intensely dull .

All in all, however, I still found it entertaining enough and wouldn't dissuade anyone from watching it.

Entertaining: almost.

Nothing happens at all in the first hour of the film.

All of the other actors you could tell were trying their best with what they were given but it just ended up being really boring to watch.

It seems like the film was trying to be more compelling than it actually was by borrowing heavily from earlier horror classics, from Carrie to even A Nightmare on Elm Street with the parent child revenge theme, and it wasn't able to pull it off convincingly.

This is a predictable story with some unpredictable wrinkles in it.

Its an entertaining watch I'd say and its brainless fun, which ultimately is what it should be.

All in all, this movie was entertaining from start to finish.

The entire thing was predictable.

That small nitpick aside, the movie's main drop off for me was the lack of suspenseful finish and the rushed ending that came with it.

In the end, this movie really isn't worth a watch because the trailer spoils it and it's only worth watching for the last 10 to 15 minutes.

I was legitimately afraid for the kids in this movie; The character of Ma is so mentally unbalanced and unpredictable, that at no point could I see what was coming.

the movie in general is boring.

"Ma" is flawed but entertaining.

Until then Ma is an entertaining amuse bouche.

Another enjoyable Blumhouse film .

Predictable and you've already seen all the best parts.

Ma is a fun horror Film with it being predictable.

Suffice it to say that there will be an unexpected twist and unpredictable turn every few moments, so don't take any breaks.

The plot itself is very predictable, like the flashbacks to when ma was a high school student herself.

A waste of time.

I Just wish that that could of kept the same fast paced edge of the seat entertainment throughout the whole film and not just the second half of the film.

It's an entertaining thriller/comedy, not a horror movie you could not watch alone.

A truly terrible waste of time and effort.

Not sure what the other reviewers were expecting, but I am a camp revenge horror fan and thought it was entertaining.

Movie is just predictable from the start you can guess the end and i dont like that.

From the previews it seemed to be suspenseful and somewhat of a thriller.

But establishing a yawn-worthy romance for the sake of inserting stakes into this thriller, just seems pointless.

Cool concept, but unfortunately they chose to executed it in the most generic, clichéd and the most predictable way you could possibly imagine.

During the movie I got really bored and looked down at my phone to see how much time had gone by and to complete and utter shock I looked down and there was an hour left.

Trailer does reveal too much of the already predictable plot, unfortunately.

Was a good horror, creepy a tad scary, but the story and plot made me enjoy it , wasent like my best horror halloween but it was great (People who made halloweeen made this) was all round good worth watching 👍

Come on folks, save your money and stay home and do something better with your time.

But I digress - the teens soon meet Sue Ann Ellington (Octavia Spencer, who pretty much makes this movie worth watching singlehandedly), a vet tech who they convince to buy them alcohol.

All in all I wouldn't waste the time to see it unless you're very very bored and desperate for a movie to watch and it happens to be on Netflix.

I really enjoyed it.

It tried to be a torture movie, it tried to be a racially driven horror, it tried to be a teen horror, it tried to be a psychological thriller, it tried to be a drama, it tried to be a comedy, and it tried to a revenge film.

Worth watching!

Was it entertaining?

Absolutely save your money and go see something else.

Was a good idea of a movie but boring and just sad as it was not great at ending not enough gore.

It was entertaining and did have some strange twists.

Predicable, bad acting, bad plot, boring.

It is a little dull and boring in moments.

Yes this is predictable and I reckon it has some merits, like the main actress trying her best to make her character as relatable as possible.

Was it predictable?

Pretty boring plot and only scary for about 10 minutes.

I was hoping for more intense thrilling moment but nothing happen.

This really made a lot more of the scenes more impactful and unexpected something which a lot of horror and thriller films are doing recently which i love.

On an overall scale, Ma has the beginnings of an impressive thriller in the making but the end product is another moderately entertaining & easily forgettable flick that settles for far less than what was up for grabs.

However her tragic past is actually a humane touch to her unstable nature even if some might call it cliché.

It was so slow half of the movie and suddenly got so faster.

The boredom had already crept in.

The party segments get repetitive after a while, and only prolongs the inevitable.

Classical Psychothriller, exciting to watch, heavy background story.

One of the Worst Movies I Have Seen In Awhile...

Waste of time.

All the usual hallmarks of a teen horror flick but you knew what was going to happen it just too far too long to get there .


I sure hope they're better than this latest offering from producers Blumhouse: Ma is tired and predictable, stretches plausibility, and, worst of all, is not in the least bit scary.

In the end "Ma" is a predictable, stale, generic horror movie but is still entertaining at times.

Ma lacks thrills, tension and suspense, resulting in an uneventful watch.

The plot is absurd and contrived.

Weird but entertaining .

It's worth the watch!

The slow burn start is the only thing that kept me from giving this film 10-stars.

Ma is a predicable and quite boring horror movie.

Overall coherent and enjoyable but extremely fast paced and leaves a few untied loose ends.

I found the film to be pretty good & suspenseful.

You want to sit through 65 minutes of dull poorly acted unrealistic buildup?

All the characters are bland and uninteresting, theres no score period and its exactly what you think it is- crazy obsessive lady tortures some teens.

Absolutely stunning performance.

While the actress stretches her muscles with her disturbed character the plotting is predictable (echoes of A Nightmare On Elm Street and even Psycho to lift from a few chillers) no thanks to Scotty Landes' so-so screenplay and not-too-scary direction from Tate Taylor.

This movie could've been good had the director pushed in a different direction but what we got was a predictable plot and a stupid ending that left me feeling like I wasted an 1 hour 30 mins of my time watching this garbage of a movie.

In general this movie is a good saturday night watch if you're bored and have nothing better to do and if you have no expectations you won't get dissapointed.

but the script was too predictable.

The film feels really slow throughout the entire first act and doesn't pick up speed until the last little bit.

As title.. generic, been done many times before.. found myself flicking through my mobile phone a fair few times as I lost interest.. acting was good etc.. but film predictable and generic.. be forgotten very easily..

Don't waste your time

This is viscerally the worst movie I think I have ever seen.

Something Different & Entertaining .

Good horror worth the watch ...

What a waste of time.

Ma 2019 15 starring:Octavia Spencer,Luke Evans,Diana Silvers,Juliette Levers,Mckaley Miller,Corey Fogelmanis,Gianni Paolo,Dante Brown,Tanyell Wavers,Missi Pyle and Alisson janey etcoverall rating 78/100Ma was everything a good thriller should be intense,disturbing and creepy, and with an excellent lead as well this film has a lot going for it lets talk about why this is.

Spencer stretches her acting muscles in this disjointed horror flick .

Sometimes the film is slow while other times, it moves quickly.

Ma is a decent horror thriller film which Octavia Spencer delivers playing the creepiest character ever but the film's direction is uneven, dull, and it just lacks the energy to carrying out this thriller.

I enjoyed it .

Oh well, "Ma" could've been better; at least, it was copying another film that did do something self-referentially intriguing.

Her expressions and that "empty" stare she sometimes gives really tells a lot.

I liked that it was predictable.

It is a slow and dull thriller.

"Ma" isn't a perfect movie by any means, and it's by not the best movie I've seen this year, but it's definitely one of the most entertaining ones.