Mac and Me (1988) - Adventure, Family, Fantasy

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An alien trying to escape from NASA is befriended by a wheelchair-bound boy.

IMDB: 3.3
Director: Stewart Raffill
Stars: Christine Ebersole, Jonathan Ward
Length: 95 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 21 out of 131 found boring (16.03%)

One-line Reviews (45)

but its still just as entertaining even if it isn't written as good or performed as good.

like puppet is also enjoyable (E.

And, to revive Mac's family who are on the edge of death, they feed them Coke!!!

Traveling billions of miles for a three-minute rock collecting experiment might sound like a waste of NASA's talent and money.

The funniest goof is when the waitress hands out empty cups with straws, one falls on the ground, the younger girl picks it up - they didn't even bother to redo that scene, probably because it was a ridiculous scene anyway.

They get into a big turmoil at the NASA base, but escape in the confusion.

Then you have the pretentious little boy who's scenes with the nasty little beast look as fake as little Timmy in Lassie, which is really nausiating.

Direction is equal to that of a standard TV commercial, only one of the more boring sorts.

The dialogue is pretty bland.

T but to me this film is much more interesting and exciting than that one hey check it out and if you like post a comment on here I'm sure yous will love this movie just as much as i have ITS BRILLIANTWATCH MAC & ME WATCH MAC & ME WATCH MAC & ME, WATCH MAC AND ME, WATHC MAC AND ME, WATCH MAC AND ME, WATCH MAC AND ME, WATCH MAC AND ME WATCH ITITS SO COOL

It's pointless to describe the plot because it's exactly like 'E.

the worst movie I ever saw..cheesy and bad..the writers should be shot for turning out such garbage !!

it actually proves so very enjoyable as the piece of steaming pile of drivel that it actually is.

" Expecting to see a full length version of a Saturday morning McDonald's commercial the actual product scenes wouldn't have seemed so much and the entertaining story a pleasant surprise.

Everyday of our lives is product branded, we are walking billboards for all the products that make our lives more enjoyable.

Nice Plot, Musical score Fantastic, Worth Watching...

Today, direct-to-video rip-offs following popular theatrical fare have a strong following and are enjoyable on several levels ("Jurassic Park" fans can see more-violent or more child friendly versions of this film ranging from "Carnasaur" to "Prehysteria").

I watched Mac and Me about 5 years ago on a bus trip, during a long and tedious bus ride, this movie seemed to make the trip go faster.

) If you can put up with the wooden acting, bizarre (often downright confusing) screenplay, annoying stereotypical characters, and merchandising plugs…then you really are a sad pathetic waste of space and are exactly the type of candidate they're looking for to pen 'Mac and Me II: The Quest for More Money.

This is one of the worst movies ever made and it's certainly no E.

That's pretty much the plot along with some cliché government guys trying to recapture Mac for evil experiments and Eric taking it upon himself to reunite Mac with his freaky anorexic family lost in the desert.

Personally I love the excellent ' MAC And Me ' and regard it as one of the most enjoyable family flicks of the 80's.

So this is definitely a movie more enjoyable for the kids to see, then adults.

Did I find this movie entertaining?

Worst movie of 1988?

In fact, I rate it as the worst movie I have ever seen.

It was very comical, and entertaining, for those who can appreciate a low budget movie.

The movie was a smash success, and there was an unexpected bonus: sales of Reese's Pieces tripled across the country.

I loved how the Mom assumed her handicapped, wheelchair-bound son Eric had somehow dragged plants into the house.

"Mac and Me", by any terms, is not considered to be a great movie, or even a good movie, but it's ENTERTAINING!

It was Mc-Waste of My Time.

Otherwise, a pointless rip-off from start to finish---and not even bad enough to make bad movie buffs laugh.

Whoever would try to displace this as the "Worst Movie Ever Made" must first use it as a checklist to make sure their movie fails as spectacularly in as many places.

and gets away with it, I Saw this on cable when I Was a kid and I Hated it, it is a piece of trash, there is nothing good about it, you know the boy and it's alien, this is more like a McDonald's commercial than a movie, even the special effects are a train wreck, the acting is horrible, the screenplay is a disaster on every scene and the writing is a train wreck, believe me, this movie deserves to be one of the worst movies of all time and it shows.

It's hard to come up with any more plot synopsis, as this film has no plot.

The story is predictable, and further suffers from clichéd characters, uneven pacing and a flat ending.

Huge stretches of the film are laughably bad in a remarkably entertaining way.

It is truly outrageous, but might be funny in a `worst movie contest' film festival.

The Worst Movie of All Time.

The people were just generally bad actors and uninteresting.

The story is unoriginal and predictable not to mention plagiarizing elements from Steven Spielberg's classic ET.

It involves the predictable "E.

They didn't mind the clumsy muppet play, it's a compelling story at a nice pace.

It's so obvious and contrived that it's a bad movie classic.

I enjoyed watching it on cable last night for the first time (if only to laugh at it), but I can see why kids may have enjoyed it.