Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (1985) - Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

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After being exiled from the most advanced town in post apocalyptic Australia, a drifter travels with a group of abandoned children to rebel against the town's queen.

IMDB: 6.3
Director: George Miller
Stars: Mel Gibson, Tina Turner
Length: 107 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 34 out of 215 found boring (15.81%)

One-line Reviews (152)

Mad Max Thunderdome is over all entertaining, I wouldn't say that this is a bad film.

I finally got around to watching it, and despite the fact i was disappointed by the films lack of series trademarks of car chases and a strong silent hero, i found it entertaining to watch.

Tina Turner is sexy, but her character never took advantage of her potential, and was also dull to boot.

Film is technically well-made, and Mel Gibson tries, but film lacks energy and purpose, and is also slow, with not enough action to compensate.

*** out of ****Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome is the sequel to The Road Warrior, which remains one of the most energetic and exciting action films to date.

It's not groundbreaking in any sense, but there is something about the randomness of the film that makes it worth the watch.

The movie is definitely enjoyable , despite it's sometimes silly .

The plot is kind of rambling, as Max gets bounced around various people and places, but it's tied together well and every new situation is intriguing and visually imaginative.

Entertaining adventure film .

Bruce Spence reprises his rousing role, character actor Frank Thring shows up and Angry Anderson is a delight in costume and attitude as one of Entity's right-hand men.

This movie is boring, less violent it is PG-13 movie and Mel Gibson is at worst at his performance.

Mad Max (1979) and Mad Max 2 (1981) were action packed, violent, show stopping bonanzas with both movies setting the trend in movie making.

That story, despite the flaws of the first film, was a compelling narrative that made me care about Max as a character.

This is one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

About as compelling as a long Duran Duran video.

Following an unexpected turn, Max is outcast and picked up by Ewoks disguised as children who believe him to be "the one" to lead them to the same driving getaway climax as expected in the Mad Max universe.

Boring, strange .

it was dull and unnecessary.

It is a film very well filmed, set, entertaining and at times spectacular, with a Tina Turner brilliantly characterized and a really good and entertaining first hour.

What made the first two Mad Max films entertaining was their pace, their action scenes, and their basic plots.

The weakest of the original trilogy but still entertaining stuff .

Believable because of the intense seriousness of the young actors.

George Miller gave us an intriguing little action film in "Mad Max," as well as a classic with "The Road Warrior.

Even though that change doesn't break the film ,that sudden change in tone was a bit confusing to me and if you think it for more the five minutes, then you find out some quit big plot wholes.

The big one though has to be the ending of Thunderdome, without giving away any spoilers you will have seen a similar chase before, whilst it entertains, it's nowhere near as brutal or as exciting.

Even though it slow moving compared to the other two, it's still worth seeing.

The stunts are good but somewhat cartoon-nish--but they are enjoyable to watch.

(moderate spoiler in this upcoming sentence) The sight of a wide expanse of desert, a large airliner covered by sand, and the ruins of Sidney are definitely some of the most stunning scenery featured in the series.

The action scenes, of which there are only really two – the 'gladiator combat' scene in the Thunderdome, and the final chase – are exquisite, as good as that which has come before, and very entertaining.

The script of the first part of the movie was well written but the script of the second part, was just plain boring.

Dumb, but coherent and entertaining.

What a fascinating mess Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome is.

This will be silly and disjointed for those who found the second mean and rampaging.

The whole direction becomes silly and mundane to the max.

Tina Turner is superb I just fear the concept is similar to Mad Max 2 but on rails but is action packed its got Mel Gibson as Max who tbf IS Max.

aargggghhh .. Please don't waste your time & $$$.

Beyond Thunderdome works quite well on that level and is worth watching alone for this.

the character of max is unrecognisable from his dark and cynical persona seen in the previous films and changed into a predictable uninteresting saviour that left me feeling betrayed.

But boy, that long middle section with the kids is a drag and a bore.

Sure it's probably the least good of the Mad Max films, but it is still entertaining as heck!

The setting was certainly cool, and it had one exciting duel at the start, and a great chase scene at the end, however, the children got on my nerves, and Mel Gibson seemed bored at times, plus the ending was kind of lame!.

Still, the way in which the narrative is drawn out makes the film a bit slow at times, which could turn off people who enjoyed the previous two for the non-stop action.

Among the entertaining, bizarre, mad, and at the same time clever action movies this one is an absolute hydra-king (with three enjoyable incarnations).

Director George Miller proves that he still is a master of atmosphere (this time, he was assisted by George Ogilvie, whose repertoire doesn't include a lot else) in this third entry to the "Mad Max" trilogy, but the film sadly lacks most of the other elements that made the predecessors so fascinating.

" Overall, "Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome" is the weakest of all four Mad Max films, but it's still well worth watching despite its deficits.

He is no longer man of Law because community fell apart, and it is pointless to seek for justice through legal ways,because there are no longer institutions to enforce that justice,people are left on their own.

Just like its predecessors Thunderdome had a chase sequence which was more of a bore compared to the one in Mad Max: The Road Warrior.

Mel Gibson returns as Max in a mediocre but still entertaining performance, he's joined by in a weird piece of casting Tina Turner and despite having second billing she's not present for most of the film, although her performance is terrific and entertaining to watch.

This was for me even a bit boring and the end scene did remind a bit too much of the truck scene in Mad Max 2.

The film does not have as much intensity as The Road Warrior, but it does feature one truly inventive fight sequence that's sure to have viewers on the edge of their seat.

Well worth watching.

Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome is a very different type of film that came before, the original mad Max (1979) was a violent revenge drama with some brutal action scenes while Mad Max 2 (1981) is surely one of the best action films of the decade with some stunning stunts & inspired the whole post apocalyptic action film genre while Mad max Beyond Thunderdome is widely regarded as toning the action & violence down to appeal to a more mainstream audience & it's hard to disagree as everything that made the original two mad Max films so special has been watered down.

(One carp, though: the climax – exciting as it is – is virtually a re-run of the ending from Mad Max II).

The sets are fantastic and the action scenes are thrilling.

While definitely a step down from its predecessor I found Beyond Thunderdome to be a still enjoyable part of the franchise.

Totally uneventful scenes pile on top of one another until they go back to Turner's joint for the finale.

At well over 100 minutes it does drag at times & while it's watchable it feels predictable & the action scenes can't really compare to those in Mad Max 2.

And the life in Bartertown is extremely intriguing (the Thunderdome battle is one of the most exciting combat events since that last pay-per-view).

Ted's Evaluation -- 3 of 3: Worth watching.

Worth watching!

Max, still roaming the post-nuclear deserts as a loner, gets robbed of all his possessions and arrives with empty hands in Bartertown.

This exciting picture packs kinetic action , thrills, chills , tension and abundant violence .

I think Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome is a very entertaining adventure film.

It's campy, it's corny and it really gets bogged down in the middle, but it still manages to be an entertaining ride.

It's enjoyable, just not all-out awesome or classic like the rest of them.

Gibson looked bored stupid half the time...

Instead of non-stop, no-holds barred action, they give us an enjoyable adventure tale with touches of exciting action and genuinely funny humor.

Simply swapping the post apocalyptic walled off fuel-compound for Bartertown achieved nothing, while the railway chase was no substitute for the sequences in Mad Max 2Ok, but ultimately pointless.

He followed the robbers to Bartertown, a city on the edge of the desert that has managed to retain some technology.

Where Mad Max dealt with Max losing his sanity in the face of insanity, and The Road Warrior reflected that he was a survivor, Beyond Thunderdome still had the western flavor of the other two movies, but it kind of slow moving.

And as far as the big chase, it's about as uneventful as the much loved part 2 chase, with everyone going at the same speed, the difference here being that a train is involved.

For mine, Miller and co-writer Terry Hayes have used their imaginations to the best of their ability, and in so doing have presented a reasonably entertaining work.

George Miller Directing is bad but forgivable due to the Death of Series co creator Byron Kennedy, so whilst he handles the action scenes, George Ogilvie handles all non action scenes which most are boring,the action scenes are the highlight of the film and are entertaining to watch as they're few and far between, and of course the best part of the film.

Thankfully it was, as there was a lot more dialogue, some intriguing characters, and an even better story, which contained a lot of entertaining elements.

It will waste your time and wont fulfill your expectation.

Of course we do still get some lovely location visuals with some beautifully stunning vast orange and tan coloured Aussie outback shots.

Worth watching!

Overall, despite being a little slow at times, MAD MAX BEYOND THUNDERDOME is an entertaining post-apocalyptic movie with great action and some things to think about as well.

Tina Turner as Aunt Entity was a tolerable choice, Turner played the role well but not truly fantastic, it was still a enjoyable performance that is passable for this type of film and she did portray her talents in the soundtrack which got a Golden Globe nomination.

In Beyond Thunderdumb, we get a very noticeable overuse of these zooming closeups - which degrade any attempt for a suspenseful shot.

Throwing a lot of cars around at the end does provide some distraction but by then it was too late for me and the whole thing was clunky, pointless and surprisingly uninteresting.

An entertaining and enjoyable action/adventure.

For the love of God, don't waste your time on this garbage - it makes no sense, and even if you can piece it together, it's so completely not worth your time.

The cast is terrific, with Tina Turner having her best acting role and Mel giving another enjoyable turn as Max.

Rather Dull 3rd Installment, It Tried To Go In A Completely New Direction And It Simply Just Did Not Work .

The film suffers a bit from slow pacing in parts (anathaema to action fans), and perhaps tries to satisfy too many -- in a sense, it's one of those films that lack a clear "target audience.

PG-13 is just boring now a days with any movie that is action, sci-fi, thriller, horror.

The great, and famous thunderdome fight which is inventive, clever, and exciting.

As I said before, the whole tribe-kids bit in the middle bored the hell out of me.

The Thunderdome sequence may be the most unique spin on gladiatorial combat ever conceived, and the final chase, though short and literally 'on rails' is still an exciting, brutal pursuit.

It makes you bored in the blink of an eye.

However he decides the way to do this after he is reluctantly dragged along is to steal vehicles and other odds and ends necessary from the town and gain numbers from their prisoners.

his William Wallace walk-off into the desert bit just went nowhere!

moreover, it digresses too much before finally coming back to life for an exciting climax.

this flick absolutely bored me stupid and I thought the first two were top stuff.

From the first chase scene to the end credits, it was a high-speed, adrenaline pumping, blood flowing action movie.

It's an action movie and a sci-fi movie with a message, yet is entertaining too, which is why this movie is worth watching.

the first movie,simply entitled Mad Max,was exciting from start to finish.

An entertaining action film .

George Miller/George Ogilvie do a mediocre job here, with some good camera work, however it feels bland, and the pace is terribly inconsistent!.

On an ending note, I found MMBTD to be a very enjoyable action film with a lot of flaws that doesn't live up to its two previous films.

The entire movie's plot made 0 sense, it barely had any decent action, and dragged on for too long.

But if you watch this film divorced of such expectations, well, I think "Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome" is still problematic, if entertaining in fits and starts.

A Exciting Conclusion To The Original Trilogy .

Mel Gibson does seem a bit bored in this, and no it's not just because he cannot talk since that's a staple of his character.

This movie is very interesting at the beginning, but ends as a boring mess.

It's the weakest of the original trilogy but hugely entertaining stuff.

Bringing all this together is co-writer/co-producer/co-director Miller's steady hand behind the lens, deftly capturing all the crazy sights to see whilst at the same time telling a compelling drama and injecting the whole movie with a terrific sense of fun.

This film is usually considered the weakest of the Mad Max films, thanks largely to its goofier parts, but it is still an exciting adventure with plenty to behold.

To me, thats boring.

This film was boring, almost cartoonish, and was a terrible third installment.

The third instalment in the Mad Max trilogy delivers its share of adrenaline, no doubt about that, but it also comes with a pretty hokey screenplay, that is surprisingly unexpected.

" It's an entertaining movie that I probably enjoy even more now than when I saw it in the theater as a kid.

Working with a much larger budget than the previous films, Miller and Ogilvie have crafted an entertaining motion picture.

Another problem with this film is that there are too many people, even the Thunderdome battle sequence is dull, Max doesn't even kill anyone!

All that hodgepodge is fascinating, marked an entire era and had a determining influence on the genre of apocalyptic films.

"The Thunderdome" itself remains unique and exciting, maybe in the future we too will suspend weaponry on the roof of our cage fights (One can dream).

A visually stunning production, Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome delivers a good ending to a memorable trilogy.

However, things get back on track towards the finale, which is quite engrossing.

We still get a thrilling car chase (Which is the whole reason i was drawn to this series in the beginning) not bad storyline..the movie just in my opinion falls short somewhere.

It's too weird for me, and it was much too dull.

The series started with a suspenseful drama-like movie with bursts of action inbetween.

His introduction to Aunty Entity (Tina Turner) was highly entertaining, as Max takes an impossible situation to show that he is a person not to be taken lightly.

But amid the high ideals and shooting-for-the-mainstream tactics, it becomes a case of being too much and too confusing for one common movie-goer to take.

Instead of continuing to be an action packed movie, it became a children's tale.

There's hardly a truly dull moment, a there is always an interesting plot development, stunning sights, or some exciting action scenes to pick up the pace.

Max runs into some kids in an oasis who tell really boring speeches and get facts all messed up.

Not original, but still entertaining.

The third installment in the stunning Mad Max film series, 'Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome' is a well-directed & stylish addition to Max's legend.

The film takes some unexpected turns along the way leading Max through the dessert once again where he is saved by a group of tribal children who seem to confuse him for Captain Walker, a man who supposedly promised to lead them back to civilization.

Unfortunately, the experience of this film is nowhere near as intense or compelling as the last two in the series.

I also have this movie on Blu-ray disc in my collection even tough is a boring stupid awful time waster I still have it in my video collection.

It's that good Bartertown itself is a rich world created by writer/director George Miller and co-writer Terry Hayes, populated with colorful characters and fascinating in the dynamics of this society they've built out of the ruins of the old.

I am a huge fan of the 1st 2, and found them to be very exciting, however this one is just plain dull, with uninteresting characters, and a dumb story.

This is a rather dull 3rd installment, it tried to go in a completely new direction, and it simply just did not work!.

Too unconvincing, excessive and messy to really be enjoyable or engaging .

The film then turns into sugar coated territory, Mad Max turns into Peter Pan, and the film turns into a different beast, a lethargic, slow, uninteresting one, and almost ruins the impressive first act.

i don't think this was a poorly made movie,just a boring one.

Weird roles and fantastic atmosphere combine with stunning action scenes in this remarkable action film that completes perfectly the excellent trilogy .

In fact, many incidents with him are humorous and breathtaking as well.

I got very bored by watching it all, and it offered nothing to me.

Also , the story is rather simple and predictable.

The final chase scene, though, is worth watching, even if it is a case of revisiting past glories.

and wow did I get bored with the whole Tommorowland side plot and the kids.

Despite its downfalls though, it was an entertaining movie.

Also, the Thunderdome fight may be a little tedious.

The money was wisely spent on visuals, and there are an abundance of breathtaking shots.

Wandering through the empty desert, Max comes across a tribal community of children, the survivors of a plane crash, living in an oasis.

It was a lot more character driven and grounded than the previous two installments, which sound like a good thing, but the way it is done is immensely bland.

Beyond Thunderdome concludes with one, and while it's not as heart-poundingly suspenseful and exciting as the brilliant final chase of its predecessor, this is still a very fun and enjoyable action scene.

i was quite frankly bore through out,just waiting for it to finally end.

A lot of people think that the third in George Millers sci-fi series is the weakest, but it remains a hugely entertaining futuristic spectacular, featuring awesome set design and a final chase scene involving car, train, truck, cycle and incredible stunts.