Magnolia (1999) - Drama

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An epic mosaic of interrelated characters in search of love, forgiveness, and meaning in the San Fernando Valley.

Director: Paul Thomas Anderson
Stars: Tom Cruise, Jason Robards
Length: 188 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 255 out of 1016 found boring (25.09%)

One-line Reviews (845)

However, even this, possibly his career performance to date, is unable to save a dull plot stuffed with dull characters.

This is three hours of pure torture.

They are all very compelling, well told, well acted, always original and a bit surreal at times.

Meanwhile, his notebooks are worth watching.

The acting was good, the end was pretty cool, but the "story" bored me - and three hours of boredom is not a good thing.

I was completely immersed throughout the entire thing.

Don't waste your time or your money.

The longest three and a half hours of your life will be wasted if you can manage to stay awake through this.

Pretentious moviegoers bill Magnolia a "thinking person's film.

Don't get me wrong, I do not need a film to be linear or all neat and tidy for me to enjoy it, from this database I appear to be one of the few to enjoy "The Ninth Gate", a confusing mess with an similarly abrupt ending.

I may not analyze DNA for a living, but I can tell the difference between a waste of time and entertainment.

Very boring and no attractive story .

Ho-hum, ho-hum.

The characters themselves are a cross reference of dropouts, dead beats, and losers, brought together by a set of unpredictable events that occur over the majority of one day.

Tom Cruise, who is in fact one of my favourite actors of all time, makes a stunning performance as Frank T.

Overall i just found the film very self-indulgent, and most of the characters too one-dimensional, as though they only existed in order to prove a point, rather than tell a good story.

And there was the feeling of wanting to see more of Stanley or Mackey, but we got lumped with an endless Partridge monologue, or a tedious bar scene with Donnie Smith.

The intellectual smugness is unbearable.

Reilly is perhaps the standout star, playing a simple, utterly boring man, who accidentally, more than anything, affects one of the characters in a way that would seem almost impossible at the start of the film.

Macy and, in his final performance, Jason Robards, also gave fascinating portraits of people who are trying to come to grips with their past and having a hard time living with themselves in the present.

All in all it was pointless.

it was so honest and compelling.

, plus it was completely unpredictable throughout for me!.

It was just too strange to be enjoyable.

So boring tedious that i had to register with IMDb to warn others against wasting 3 hours and 8mins of theirs lives the film is about a bunch of spoilt Americans with shitty lives moaning about their lot.

Remember, watching this movie is three hours of your life that you can never have back.

If a director is going to make a movie that is 3 hours long, he better have point it to, or else he will waste everyone's time.

About three hours of wasted time.

I fast forwarded much of it and it was still boring and way too long.

Pretentious, pompous and stinks of cinematic snobbery .

And without a plot, this is a rudderless film and the characters have little to do than muddle through their pointless existences on the screen.

Overall the film is complicated.. we not only have the theme set up at the beginning about strange coincidences, but the relationship between the parallels between sets of characters in the movie are fascinating.

Stunning and Emotionally Moving Drama .

The opening of this film was fascinating.

Pretentious, incongruous, and simply boring.

Very pretentious and self absorbed .

I Want The Three Hours Of My Life Back .

Many people have complained that it is too long, they don't realize that their are nine main character and it's hard to explain the whole story in less than that time.

The nature of relationships (an overused topic) and pure shock value seemed to be the hook of the movie, much like a Jerry Springer show - chaotic and pointless besides the obvious.

By the time the climax hits, you're drained, and the events that occur slowly loosen you, like a drawn-out orgasm.

The characters were uninteresting, vague, hysterical, over-the-top and just unbelievable as real people.

Amazingly, despite all the hindrances, I would say that M is a greatly enjoyable, clever, almost astonishingly ambitious movie which I am sure I will watch (and enjoy) many more times to come (and, hopefully, in original English and on the big screen).

It struck me as if the entire production company had some grand message they needed to convey, but what I saw was overwrought and disjointed.

Meaningless dialogs, slow pointless scenes, bad acting, some frogs falling from the sky (was it really happening?

I've seen many comments on this movie(recently seen on IFC)that range from "best movie ever" to brutal slating, that it's boring, pointless, etc. Well, I find that the film is between both of these extremes.

This film really was boring.

He was just so pitifully annoying and unbearable.

The story Anderson weaves is fast-paced, sometimes frantic, and thoroughly engrossing, achieving levels of emotional intensity that are at times remarkable.

after my all time favourite LAWRENCE OF ARABIA comes MAGNOLIA,one of the most original and stunning films for a long,long time.

The language is very strong, the images (particularly the rain of frogs) are very intense, I can't recommend this film to anyone who is easily offended.

This initial feeling had paled considerable as the hours dragged on.

He was very engaging during all his scenes.

And I am sparing you the unbelievably long and pointless, literally rambling monologues each character seems to come up with on the fly for no rhyme or reason other than, possibly, to make sure the film crosses 3 hours and becomes classified as a 'modern epic'.

Don't waste your time on this one, find a more constructive outlet.

The WORST movie I've ever seen.

Fortunately, I saw it for free, but it wasn't worth the time it took to watch it, I lost 3 hours of my life!

What I got was a bunch of what I can only describe as complete masochists, and uninteresting ones at that.

It is gripping and stirring, powerful and subtle.

in such a boring manner & with such filthy language that I am suprised that this did not get an NC 17 raTING.

This movie is worth watching over and over.

With what seemed like a stellar cast of actors I expected the movie to be somewhat enjoyable.

But frogs -I sat through three hours of of drivel for frogs????

One of the most engaging films I've ever seen .

One of the worst movies ever made.

Unpredictable story line for the first halfhour or so.

Enjoyable although at times confusing .

That's the long and drawn out plot and we think it works because there are loose connections.

When I left the theater a moviegoer asked me how the film was.

Who cares if this film takes three hours out of your day, it is well worth the watch.

Tom Cruise was very convincing at times but i still saw some similar personal quirks and traits that shone through during high intense moments.

Don't waste your time on this one .

The movie had me immersed completely after an hour.

I think there are many things borrowed from David Lynch, the brothers Coen and maybe Robert Altman (too much stories-in-one,too many persons)This movie is too long, too difficult and after one hour it starts boring you.

Very tedious with one or two great moments .

Strangely Compelling .

Great new Cinema, but pointless and unrealistic.

It was far too abstruse, intense, dark, philosophical and wry (not to mention lengthy) to have popular appeal.

This film is pretentious, boring, preachy, maudlin, and eventually vacuous.

It is boring, going on for three hours, and nothing happens quickly.

It's difficult to watch at times, with several painfully intense scenes, and at 3 hours possibly difficult for some people to see through to the end.

There's a very thin line between emotionally intense and downright corny: movies that dare come close to that line usually end up as either masterpieces or complete garbage.

Worst movie in the history of time.

Beautiful, intricately crafted, compelling saga of humanity .

The riveting scene in the drugstore too, provides Moore with another opportunity to leap off the over-acting ledge.

thats just the tip of the iceberg and this was the worst movie of all time...

But to me, it was over three hours of disjointed (or nonexistent) plot, disconnected emotional threads, blatant misogyny, pointless emoting, screaming, swearing and sweating, and such amateurish character development that I literally didn't give a sh*t what happened to anyone in the entire film (with the possible exception of Phillip Seymour Hoffman, who manages to save this film as he has so many others).

This is a waste of time.

There are also many rapid edits and jumps that make it difficult to follow as well as the three hour plus running time.

I had to keep pausing it and walking away for a few minutes, it was intense.

Characters are unconvincing, dialogs boring and everything happens so slow that you don't feel anything - you just want movie to be over.

Could there be anything more self-indulgent than a three hour long character montage?

A riveting movie experience .

In my opinion this movie is a waste of time.

A tremendous waste of time, money, talent.

In his other two films you see his talent but the fact is they fall short especially `Boogie Nights' because they are overly tacky and drab.

I feel most of all, a loss of 3 hours of my life, with no gain in knowledge or entertainment.

As much as I'd really like to spend the time telling you just how cheated I feel to have wasted three hours of my life that I could have been working in my back garden pulling weeds, I'll just suffice it to say that this movie never gets better...

First, this is a very clever film, whereby director Anderson uses fourteen or so disparate people to act as a mosaic to form an apparently disjointed narrative encapsulating one central theme, or core principle, if you will: the need to care for each other.

Highly derivative of much better material (Altman's "Nashville," Lumet's "Network"), this lumbering elephant takes far too long to get nowhere.

It tries to be deep and profound, but in the end, it comes up empty and really has nothing to say.


But ultimately I just couldn't overcome the boredom that was setting in after watching a semi-interesting, mostly dull movie for two hours.

I found it long, boring, and pretentious.

And each time I've watched it since I've enjoyed it more.

Magnolia is a movie with a lot of anger, People here are abused, drugged, in pain, clueless, fighting for their lives, trying to find their way of being confronted with unexpected events.

Besides being engaging (three hours fly by like 90 minutes), there is an important message to the film with complex social, religious, and philosophical implications.

The long, dynamic, well rehearsed takeshelp add to the sense of frantic urgency to some parts and slower,remorseful drawn out moments to others.

Anderson is a unique talent, and some of this is true, but those who claim "Magnolia" was an attempt to bash repetitive films are wrong.

Up there with "Our Town" and "Oklahoma" as some of the most boring pieces of writing of all time.

This film makes 'Out of Africa', and 'The Thin Red Line' look action packed.

I didn't just like this movie because of the emotional connection and intensity though, it is also an extremely well directed, well acted, well written, funny and entertaining movie.

Paul Thomas Anderson certainly followed up "Boogie Nights" with something really good; "Punch-Drunk Love" was sort of confusing.

Well, the first thing I'd like to say about this film is this: It is INCREDIBLY ENGROSSINGLY ENTERTAINING.

Sure, there are some that I like less than others, but each one plays a part, and I think the idea was intriguing to me then (and it still is now, thirteen years later) that these people could be so close to one another without even realizing it until they actually crossed paths.

I really like shooting style of Paul Thomas Anderson, and in this regard Magnolia is amazing, camera angles, cuts, long shots, the sequences plans, the soundtrack, the way the sound Trina is used, sometimes as background, sometimes inlaying or against point the scene, or even sung by the characters is amazing, the performances are very good, especially the Melora Walters, But Magnolia has serious rhythm problems, you do not feel the evolution of history after two hours of film, half of people sleep or exchange channel, the script also at first is confused, and in the course of the story he is lost in himself, but after a while you get used to this confusion, even with these problems the script presents us with vairios problems with different actors, and one of them you will be identified, and the film quite conversation with your viewers.

The rest is pure bore, except for the frogs.

Worst movie ever.

Above all, this is a movie for people who are bored of formulaic drama.

I understand how the frog thing is a metaphor for man's absurdity, and that all these characters that fight for control are leading themselves in futility and the magic factor of the unpredictable and blah blah blah...

The Overall performance was good I find, however, the some scenes were random and maybe irrelevant which did slow down the film and affect my experience toward it.

Magnolia gives me a great and super intense and immersive first hour.

Very showy and self-indulgent, constantly calling attention to himself with his quick cuts from plot to plot and flashy camera angles.

A wimpy, meandering, pretentious mess .

After a promising opening narrated by Ricky Jay, the film introduces us to about a dozen characters who proceed to bore each other and the audience along with them.

Edited as an artsy fartsy video clip.

It's a very deep, depressing ,totally absorbing film.

The story has a long length to work with, and doesn't disappoint with the pacing which is a mix of suitably manic and suitably languid when either extreme is needed, unpredictable, beautifully developed, hugely entertaining, dark and often very emotional scenarios and richly layered characters, remarkable for so much going on.

Like each one of writer / director Paul Thomas Anderson's other films, I found Magnolia to be excessively long, desperately wordy, hopelessly plodding and wholly hypnotic.

It would be cruel of me to reveal anything about the plot of the movie; suffice to say that the denouement, when it comes, is breathtaking.

I can't believe I wasted over 3 hours and the $ to rent it on this over-hyped, self-indulgent, self-satisfied, pseudointellectual garbage.

Pretentious, preposterous and overlong .

) I must have checked on my 4 year old son 6 times during this movie evening because he kept waking up due to a cold, after the 2nd time I didn't even bother putting it on pause, I started to think about bleeding the radiators before the frog scene happened-I was gob smacked by the pretentiousness of the symbolism; which in itself is a pretentious thing to write, you see the effect it's had.

The meta-narrative about coincidences and interconnected lives is self-indulgent and self-congratulatory.

There`s failed "quiz-kid" Donnie, moralistic cop Jim, dying TV producer Earl and a host of other intriguing people.

Well, if you want to see a movie that features well-developed characters that are involved in intriguing events that satisfactorily climax and fulfill the viewer, you'll only get 2/3 of the equation from Magnolia.

It's irreverent and tasteless, touching and glib, beautiful and engrossing.

this bored the bejeezus out of me .

This movie is engaging if you let it be, in that it requires some thinking on the part of the viewer in order to fully appreciate its value.

Give or take, the frogs seemed to differ away from the story, but hey, it was entertaining.

This film is great – setting aside the wonderful bravura film-making and the big surprise finale – I love how this film makes Philip Baker Hall a crucial, main character rather than a supporting player, I love Julianne Moore's outburst in the pharmacy, I love how they used the children's game show to anchor the story amongst the numerous main characters with each their own unique and engrossing story, I love the speech Jason Robard gives about regret and finally - a lot people like Tom Cruise's performance in the seminar where he goes "Respect the c--k, tame the c--t.

This movie was such a monumental waste of time.

Boogie Nights was more engaging PT Anderson film because most of the major characters were likeable, unlike Magnolia.

But its only mildly entertaining and somewhat boring, with the irritating background score *repeatedly* ringing into one's ears.

At worst it is pretentious (some heavy lines sink like stones) or even ridiculous.

No plot, no point, I loved it.

This three-hour movie has dialogue about as exciting as watching paint dry.

The majority of this film is depressing, long, boring, drawn out, unpromising, dull and worth renting another title instead of.

It quickly becomes unbearable, literally.

Pretentious .

I am happy enough with Euro style movies that are ironic or leave the viewer hanging but the prologue and frogs seemed gratuitous touches that detracted from the absorbing storylines.

" Sure, everybody wants Hollywood to make better movies but if this kind of pandering self-indulgence is one of the options, I'll take CAT WOMEN OF THE MOON.

These rather pointless elements harmed what could've been a great film, as well as the inability for Anderson to bring all of these separate stories together, in the way that Altman did in SHORT CUTS and NASHVILLE.

Simply the worst movie I have ever seen.

For Magnolia is a ludicrously overlong, completely self-indulgent, mawkish mess of a film.

Magnolia is a tiring, pointless movie, which is best avoided if you don't want to ruin a good part of your day (it seems to run for about 15 hours!

Theres some nonsense about synchronicity at the beginning of the film that's supposed to justify the 3 hr, self-indulgent mess that follows.

The ending is particularly goofy and pointless.

The moral of the film seems to be about forgiving and understanding - but by the time we get to that we had to sit through three hours of moaning and unpleasantness.


They were boring connections.

Magnolia was the most fascinating movies, I've seen in a long time.

" This would work fine, but the song is quite sparse and simple, and the arrangement is quite long.

Clocking in at three hours, Magnolia is a film that sits you down at the proverbial window and feeds you dribs and drabs of some of the most uninteresting characters put to screen.

The line contradicts the barroom cynic with whom Donnie has just been arguing, and is meant to reinforce the idea that a little faith in the better angels of our nature is not only harmless, but necessary, lest we all become empty shells of ourselves, like the cynic in the bar, and the versions of themselves that characters like T.

This is a review of the compelling P.

Sometimes the direction was wonderfully clever and quick-moving, and at others boring and slow, for no real reason.

Fascinating, unique, stylish .

Awful an absolutely overrated waste of time.

To assist with a record breaking yawn.

This structure never irirtated me before, but this time around I lost contact with the characters, because it can be tiresome to watch 4 different stories intermingle with eachother in a video clip style speed.

All in all, if like me you are able to completely lose yourself in an engaging and enjoyable story, then this movie is highly recommended.

Magnolia is filled with boring self conscious writing, boring unhappy people, boring way-too-long scenes punctuated by boring screechy overacting.

This movie was a snooze fest (yes that is the technical term), and if your looking for something artistic and interesting, I'm sure you can do better than this.

Still well worth watching.

The characters (there are many characters) are very intriguing, and similar in many ways.

Ted's Evaluation -- 3 of 4: Worth watching.

Some nice vignettes, yes (including the strange-but-true stories which have nothing to do with the film in the beginning of the movie), but agonizingly disjointed from story to story, too much crying, and the "We Are the World"-esque group singing scene towards the end of the film was something that viewers should not be subjected to.

Magnolia is an awful, pretentious mess.

At over three hours long, it toys with the audience, giving them just enough characters to make them feel they cannot follow until they realize they are completely immersed.

)It displaced Eraserhead as the worst movie I'd ever seen, so if you loved Eraserhead, you'll probably like this movie as well.

Had Potential, however Magnolia is Pretentious, Depressing, Tasteless, Unrelenting and especially Boring.

A totally gripping and thoroughly worthwhile cinema experience.

to make all this more confusing, all the stories intertwine.

The whole thing was a misery, with Jason Robards making everything even more unbearable.

The length of the movie does not matter in the end as each scene,all set in the one day,is snappy to the point.

Magnolia is big in many ways - its length, ambition, and subject matter to name a few; but this sheer ambitiousness of the movie in the end is its most stunning characteristic.

its a very slow film, and somewhat misguided.

Don't waste your time and save your dollars for something worth while.

Evocative vibes...

At the beginning its tricky because it has a very slow, welcoming, but fast and engaging beginning that pulls you in.

The film starts well with plenty of energy and intriguing cuts and you soon realise that you're in for a character piece which isn't necessarily going to have a conclusive, tidy ending.

where nothing happens, and you just dont care about the characters.

What begins with some of the most innovative and intriguing opening sequences of film-making, plummets deep into one of the most tedious and pointless movies that I have ever had the misfortune of seeing.

Another fascinating character is Donnie Smith, the child star who's now all grown up and forgotten.

But who wants to pay attention to a movie this long and boring?

The torrential storm of frogs was totally unexpected but thoroughly intriguing and manages to break the aura of depression quite nicely.

Generally compelling character piece.

I suppose "Magnolia" sounds more pleasant than the appropriate title for this movie: "Pretentious Drivel".

What sort of pretentious self obsessed person thinks they can fill THREE HOURS of celluloid with soap opera relationships.

This is the most boring and also the most ridiculous film i have ever seen!

" It's show-off bravado, yes, but incredibly engaging work that makes a three-hour-ten-minute movie zoom by like a music video.

" but I LOVE the speech Tom Cruise gives when he finally confronts a character in the film as the tone is completely unexpected and very dark.

Magnolia is a movie that is fast paced, beautifully unique and overall an amazing picture.

What makes all these stories so engaging is that they're all so identifiable, or at least will be.

Pseudo-artsy-fartsy trash.

Writer/director PT Anderson, who balanced satire and pathos so well in the mostly good (and undeniably entertaining) Boogie Nights, here vastly overreaches his abilities: in attempting to present characters at the edge of desperation, he instead gives us caricatures of adults that could have been written by an over-eager adolescent.

Thematically, then, Anderson's film is a compelling one.

By eschewing this approach, all "art" movies have become tiresome, lengthy plods through the writer's ego, while mass-market movies aren't even worth the paper napkin on which they're sketched.

Three hours of unpleasant stuff.

Riveting, exhilarating and draining.

All the lectures became very canting and moralistic over the 3 hours of this film.

you savor every moment, absorbing it and trusting that in time, all will be well.

It has everything, comedy, drama, action, etc, and the frog scene was so cool, mainly because it was so unexpected (if you haven't seen the movie and are reading this, stop reading now while you still have no idea what i'm talking about and go see it).

The only parts of this movie that I found entertaining were the moments when Tom was on screen.

He really dragged out the big decisions made by the various characters: Cruise hanging on the phone with his assistant, the whiz kid's big speech, Moore unloading her guilt on everyone.

"Magnolia" isn't the most disciplined film ever made, and Anderson's film-making hysteria sometimes runs away with his stories, but it sure is one endlessly fascinating piece of work.

Worst movie ever.

Don't waste your time with this movie as long as your mind is not split in a lot different parts who all like to be entertained by the same film with a different story for each part at the same time.

This was the worst movie I have ever seen.

I was bored.

I do not think I have ever come away from a film feeling more frustrated, more confused, more bored, more puzzled than I have coming away from Magnolia.

In my humble opinion, anyone who has watched this film and enjoyed it(which is a lot of you by the looks of things) has fallen victim to an absoloute sucker punch.

A lot of people have found it thought-provoking, emotionally impacting and dazzling in many ways, while many others have found it dull, self-indulgent, bloated and overlong.

This movie was a complete load of nothing, don't waste your money to see it, you'll only be disappointed.

With a knockout cast, a compelling, heartbreaking plot, and enough creative touches to keep it from being mundane.

Half the movie is played with inappropriately dramatic and suspense music, probably in an attempt to hide the fact that the actual movie was just some boring turd about some random people's uninteresting lives.

But there is no story here (so, of course, its original screenplay also earned an Oscar nomination) or, at least, what there is devolves into character sketches of people no one should care about (save two, maybe).

Seldom has a movie been this highly praised been such a pointless bore.

" Is "Magnolia" pretentious?

Paul Thomas Anderson does an amazing job here with incredible camera work, incredible angles, and just keeping the film at an extremely engrossing pace.

You can tell Tom Cruise was acting to any empty room.

(Believe me, if I had been by myself I would have left early and not suffered past the midpoint of the movie.

Outstanding performances by an ensemble cast, a riveting script which starts at the outer edges of circumstance and pulls all its threads to a centerpoint and tops it off with a moment of absurdity and magic.

Like I said, one of my favorite films and definitely worth watching.

The one story I didn't like was the Kid Show, that was a little over the top (no kid would be allowed to swear like that fat kid, especially since he didn't even answer any questions, what's so special about him) and the perfectionist uncaring father was just a little too predictable.

I don't think this is a must-see-movie, but it's entertaining and interesting.

These people are intriguing, rich, full, multi-layered characters, and their stories are told with subtlety and intelligence.

Right from the start even extremely irritating using a very boring song for minutes that felt like forever in the opening scenes.

A Breathtaking Film Experience for those of us who aren't perfect .

It's all just one more tiresome event in a movie that is full of them.

trite .

It did leave me bored and impatient.

It was dark, compelling and altogether unforgettable.

All the scenes with the cop and the drug addict, just left me bored.

However, where the ironic prelude set a clever-and-fun tone with warped fates, the rest of Magnolia–all three hours of it–shatters whatever charm built up and instead plunge into melodrama, for good and bad.

One of the worst movies I've ever seen .

What a useless piece of over-rated, pretentious rubbish!.

This was a complete waste of time and money and has made me that much more wary of movies in general.

Awful waste of time......

It's a fascinating movie, and I became more intrigued the more times I viewed it.

The "raining frog" scene was amusing; I would say this is definitely a film worth watching.

Yet, like many of the characters, he uses this façade as a shield to hide the hurt caused by a father who abandoned him and a mother whose slow, painful death he was forced to witness alone.

Pure waste of precious time .

However, the story is rather tiresome, and its running time eradicates the emotional heart of the film.

The plot is excellent, the actors are stunning, Anderson is a genius and trying to explain it would mean spoil its inner message.

The film has some very heavy-handed symbolism and some seemingly pointless scenes, that could easily have been written out or cut with no real effect on the film.

I believe that there are two prevailing schools of thought (excuse the cliché) in regards to this movie.

Magnolia may not be the first film to brush off this rule, but the subtlety with which it weaves its web of interactions between multiple protagonists is, as previous reviewers have pointed out, endlessly fascinating and complex.

Some people will find it pretentious.

This thing is as pointless and boring as the Minus Man, as weird as Pulp Fiction, stupid and unbelievable as Requiem for a Dream, and is 2 VHS tapes long, just to waste some more of your time.

A modern classic: poignant, gripping and with a strangely fitting climax.

What a pointless piece of twisted dribble!

The beginning is very intriguing.

The movie is constantly showing what is going on in different places, in different lives, there could be eight different things going on at the same time, you will be left totally immersed in the film.

However, it was simply a painful 3 hours of flashbacks, personal discovery, obvious encounters.

The 'Event' for all its glory only partly redeems the disappointing ending, because by the time we made it to the 'Event' we had been ready to leave for about an hour.

watever,it is worth watching

Brilliant story, stunning acting by a spectacular cast, hauntingly poignant music, perfect editing.

Fascinating film, unique story-telling approach, great ensemble cast, just misses its mark, I rate it 7 of 10.

Some strong characters, no plot, three hours.

I walked out of the theater completely disappointed.

Overrated and boring.

Anyhew, perhaps I was simply too lethargic to leave Magnolia, after hours and hours and then still some more dragged-out minutes of so-called character development.

Sacrifice three hours of your life for a movie in which nothing happens - that doesn't mean it's not about anything.

I truly enjoyed this film despite its length and a few slow spots that appeared a bit redundant.

The dialogue: Repetitive, cliché, full of cursing and is in no way original.

Don't waste your time!

Glad so many of you enjoyed it!

For everyone else it's boring.

Some of the performances are mind blowing.

Movies like Magnolia twist together story lines to hide the fact that individually they're so incredibly boring.

Some people have described this movie as "arty" and "pretentious".

Your rear will fall asleep and never wake up.

Don't waste your time.

In this particular scene, both directing and the music, are used in a superior way and it's just mind blowing.

Reilly/Malora Walters relationship; their awkward nature I found compelling.

Agonizingly long and pretentious "cinema" that attempts (and apparently succeeds, based on the number of positive reviews) to flatter viewers into thinking they're watching something profound.

Conversely, certain characters in the film tell the truth in very compelling ways, most notably the children: the street kid with his rap song, young Stanley, and quiz kid Donnie Smith (Stanley's "adult" alter-ego who, it seems, has in a sense never grown up).

I still agree with the comparison to "'Grand Canyon", but over the last six years, many other additional films have come out with a deeply woven plot, criss-crossing characters, slowly revealed pain, even slower revealed relationships (if any), and "resolution(s)" of the vaguest, most gut-level, inexpressible sort I've seen in any film.

His performance, like Day-Lewis' performance in There Will Be Blood, is stunning.

Long winded, self indulgent, rambling nonsense from start to finish, there is just so little that could credibly be what people so love about the movie.

It was enough that it is a dreary, meandering plot where you could care less what happens to any of the characters.

Handled differently this basic premise might have made for a more engaging and moving experience.

"Magnolia" is pretentious.

Don't waste your time on this steaming pile of bad acting and bad writing.

If you are watching this film for just a very intense and gripping story like Identity (2003) then you are mistaken.

With a plotline so intense and dialogue so revealing you feel as if you know each character intimately.

And I saw the most boring movie in years, just waiting for the end to come so that maybe the movie could redeem itself.

If you were more bored than I was, I'm sorry.

It begins and is apparently themed on some cliché message of chance, which the makers underscore with the most random ass event at the end of the movie.

I ask these question because Magnolia is one of the two or three worst movies ever made, and for the same director to make two horrible movies yes boogie nights is horrible also, he must thrive on bad film making because he seems so good at it.

All of the stories themselves are engrossing and interesting looks at people's lives and they are woven together with a very fine web of links between characters or themes.

Boring and shallow.

The plot was weak, the acting was average, and it was far too long.

The important fact, surely the most entertaining, about these people is that they share a bizarre connection between them.

And then the unexpected, an extraordinary "deus ex machina" (as they call it in ancient theatre) that resolves everything in a surreal and magic way.

The RELATIONSHIPS are incredibly entertaining because it makes me think so deeply about what they say and who they are saying it about (it has quite a universal meaning and message).

Nevertheless, the movie is well worth watching for the stellar performances and the considerable craft behind the movie's construction.

Magnolia isn't worth my time to critique in depth; over long, meaningless; pretentious, psuedo-intellectual drivel.

There might have been some brilliant observations being made on the human psyche or the silly things we humans do, but they were buried so deep within experimental, self-indulgent film-making that the viewer is confounded most of the times, ultimately unsatisfied and bored.

Yes, there are separate stories and characters in it that intertwine, but this process is so tedious and the characters themselves so bland and uninteresting that you're just not interested when the 'Short Cuts' moments come about.

I love the acting, I love the cinematography, I love the lighting (this is one of the few films that I actually notice lighting in) and I love the emotion, the intense, beautiful emotion.

" Tom's performance here is riveting.

A waste of time.

Magnolia is a depressing, disturbing waste of time that is saved only by the exquisite acting by almost every cast member.

But what makes it oh-so-worth watching is the undeniably superb acting.

Saw Magnolia and can understand the general enthusiasm for this film but must admit frankly that I was bored.

If you want an exciting, action-packed movie, and have a short attention span..see trashy movies like Fast and the Furious or Rollerball, or a Steven Spielberg picture.

While I did find this movie visually appealing and the characters interesting, I found the overall movie pointless, and it definitely felt like three hours to me!

Simply the worst movie I have ever seen.

A Pretentious Ripoff of Altman's Work With Two-Dimensional Characters and Writing .

I am very much an art lover and am also, by the way, a very intellectual person, so don't hand me this, "Oh, you just didn't understand it,"-line because I completely understood it (even the dumb ending) and I still think it was an utter waste of time!

If you have trouble sleeping rent this and try to fall asleep as quickly as possible.

It is drawn out, has uneven pacing and strange unexplained events, and is at times a bit too aware of its cleverness for its own good.

The film could stand some editing -- if you can't say it in less than 190 minutes, you ain't saying it right -- but despite its bloated running time, it's seldom boring.

The bottom line is: don't waste three hours of your precious time on this piece of crap.

It's a fascinating movie and also a frustrating one at the same time.

If I was being critical I could single out a handful of scenes which just didn't work for me, but overall there are many more good things about this movie than bad ones, and I applaud Anderson for trying to make a serious drama aimed at adults rather than an empty FX filled blockbuster aimed at kids.

What a waste of time this movie is, I do not see its point?

The pacing is often languid and the screenplay, running a bit over three hours, often seems bloated given the single-mindedness of its basic theme.

fascinating .

Magnolia is just a wholly original and engrossing film that gets better with additional viewings.

It is a true living breathing work of art, a stunning blend of ballsy absurdism and painfully real human drama that truly knit together into something new, rich and utterly fantastic.

The whole movie had no plot, no story, and no characters for which one could feel emotion.

The only part of this movie worth watching is the first 5 or so minutes, which deals with the interesting coincidences in life, such as the man who jumps off a building to kill himself and, as his passes his own window, is accidentally shot by his mother, who is firing a gun that he loaded.

Now I could follow with ease and understand what was going on in the somewhat confusing start of the movie.

Some of the scenes where Robards is mumbling semi-conscious in his bed are well-done, but just seem to drag on way too long.

In the end, the film marks as an entertaining epic that will evoke divisive reactions between audiences everywhere.

Pointless, Painful, Pretentious.

What amazes me is when you start reading the reviews of this on IMDb, it starts out by a couple of raving reviews, with totally uncomprehensible meaning and reasons other than saying the actors were great, then underneath is loads and loads and loads of reviews like the present one, saying it is a total piece of nonsense, utter waste of time, one of the worst movie every made - just absolutely boring and terrible and horrible...

It actually started out as a fairly uneventful evening before i flipped the channel to CBC where I found myself captivated by the stunning imagery and personal associations of this film.

The pace of the movie is also carried along by a totally gripping musical score and one of the finest cast lists you can find in any movie today.

The film initially seems fragmented, and slightly confusing.

'Magnolia' is mind-numbingly boring.

The only reason it has high scores is that it gives movie fetishists something to yak about when they get out of the theater and go back to their boring lives.

All of Anderson's films are visually stunning, and 'Magnolia' has some of the most haunting and scintillating arresting images of any of his films, especially at the end.

And you've wasted three hours of your life that would have been better spent cleaning lint out of your navel.

It has everything and it is visual enough but with a intense script and beautiful tri-dimension characters.

At one point I wanted some of the characters to die especially the elderly man in hospice care who rambled off pointless life screw ups.

It is a tiny bit too long and maybe one or two of the stories are a bit dragged out.

Yes, it's possible to make a film without a script, and someone should've tried with this pretentious mess.

Characters are given slow close-ups, or are slowly followed as they move, or sometimes when you see two characters talking, you will only actually see one of the characters and try to guess what they are thinking.

Yes, this film has some shining moments, but all in all I found it slow and boring.

I highly recommend it.

As for the ending, I think the director must have suddenly realised that it had already dragged on for three hours and he needed to end it quickly.

Though unlike Short Cuts, the interwining isn't as obvious,sometimes it's very confusing.

Long Slow and Pointless .

There are people of real intelligence (the woman interviewing the impossibly misogynist Cruise character) and of real confusion (the nurse played by Hoffman).

Just expect the unexpected.

Aside from the quirky, urban legends prologue and epilogue, one drab musical number, and a tiresome attempt at climactic surreality, the distracting, self- reflexive techniques that dogged Boogie Nights are kept to a minimum.

The most gripping scenario in Magnolia (how random is that title!

Right now i feel like voting twice and first give it a 1 for being boring and slow.

This was arguably the worst movie I have ever seen.

I've also noticed that approximately 80% of the reviewers here enjoyed it.

The problem with it is that the "Worm" storyline isn't resolved, and some scenes are slow.

One of the Worst Movies I've Ever Seen .

I was so looking forward to this movie, then to my dismay, Aimee Mann wailed over the first ten minutes of dialogue, then several very compelling stories began to overlap...

This is a very entertaining, intriguing film and offers a lot of different stories.

But it was loaded with common depressing life situations, average acting, and uninteresting plots for those who like that kind of thing.

It was enough that it is a dreary, meandering plot where you could care less what happens to any of the characters.

Most of the characters are fascinating, and ultimately there are maybe too many stories going on.

This has to be the most pretentious attempt at making a movie of all time!

Confusing, hysterical, great soundtrack (sometimes) and outstanding performance of the cast would describe this movie best.

It's a visually stunning sequence, up there with other truly classic moments in cinema.

Cruise delivers a stunning performance of a desperate man.

This flick was painfully dull, the music was unbelievably intrusive and I hated nearly every character involved.

I can't be bothered writing a lot about this film; it is SO long that I prefer to keep this short: it is an overblown, predictable potboiler of a movie...

The characters were sort of intriguing and the acting above average.

Their stories and parallel lives weave in and out of each other's in a stretch of 24-hours (3 hours, movie time) ending with a most unpredictable event.

Save your money.

Don't waste your time.

The movie is also extremely long, and much could have been cut without affecting the story, since there is no story.

A Beautifully Composed But Often Pretentious Drama.

'Magnolia' is too long, in fact it lasts about 3 hours.

First of all, it rips off Altman's "Short Cuts," which lacked a central plot but at least was entertaining.

Another complaint is the three hour run-time which, though the film is engaging the whole way through, feels a little excessive and could be cut down to maybe 2 and a half hours.

I would recommend this movie in spite of its flaws because it is so different from any other movie you are going to see and if you don't try to make sense out of it, it is very entertaining.

And just like all other films like this, I really enjoyed it.

I thought it was fascinating how he dissected the characters' relationships with each other, their relationships with themselves, and the commentary it made on society as a whole.

Don't waste your time.

It's like a well orchestrated band - or like a carefully crafted car: everything works so in sync that the final result is visually, mentally and spiritually enjoyable.

to damn hard to follow and who gives a crap.

) were unbearable.

At Least in One Self-Contained, Self-Indulgent, Self-Destructing Film.

Dull as dishwater .

Despite these seeming demerits, Magnolia is one of the most beautiful and compelling movies I have seen.

Anderson may be a fine film artist who will yet do some exciting work.

The result is a confusing movie with a set of highly complex and non-interelated characters, who's life overlap in unrealistic and implausible ways.

Like "Wag the Dog" for instance, the first movie I actually walked out of (is that correct English?

these viewing are ALWAYS enjoyable.

Like many great dramas Magnolia, with its interwoven tales of broken hearts and damaged lives, is depressing viewing for much of the way yet it is so emotionally powerful that I found it more gripping than almost any thriller or action movie.

Seems disjointed at first.

just plain boring .

I was watching with another person, he fell asleep after one hour.

In particular, the surprise denouement seems contrived to me.

Her performance was contrived, calculated, and just way over the top.

Instead, I think it is a cinematographic masterpiece laden with magical performances and stunning, unforgettable scenes, but it's bogged down by some severe overacting, boring plot lines and way way way too many F-words.

The longer the film, the more engrossing situations, the better the acting, serves to raise the stakes.

Self-indulgent Short-Cuts rip-off .

The different story lines, or as it should be more aptly named, character lines, were all intriguing and believable.

Depressing and disjointed.

For one, it was WAY too long.

If you are willing to risk wasting 3 hours of your life, go right ahead and watch this.

What a total waste of almost 3 hours of anyone's life to sit through it.

Well, I shortly realized I was viewing a propaganda piece on how truly fragile we all are.

"Magnolia" is a film of great passion, wonderful directorial virtuosity and stunning acting.

Confusing and bizarre .

Magnolia is very intense and melodramatic.

On a whole the message, style and the film it's self was really quite good but I still found myself bored and tired when the film still had an hour and a half to go.

This film is pretentious, tedious and in some places offensive.

overdone, and seriously pretentious :(

No plot I must stress, this movie did not have a plot.

The whole thing feels like a peek in an angst ridden teens diary, a horrible pretentious fifteen year old who thinks they have some blinding insight into the human condition.

The movie was long and tedious.

After i saw this stunning drama i felt a whole world open up to me.

Like a thrilling sexual encounter, the opening scene hooks us.

loved the character dev't but pointless.

While the plague of frogs is unexpected,there have been real-life reports of frogs being sucked into waterspouts and raining to the ground miles inland)

I found I didn't care one bit about ANY of the characters, their dramas were dis-interesting, despite the attempt of the creators to 'pull our strings' with predictable emotional response situations such as death, child abuse, public humiliation and adultery.

But be Advised, this is 3 Hours of Talk from Unappealing Characters Played by Big Name Stars who Embarrass Themselves at Times with Thespian Glee.

I sincerely believe that the Director made the most pretentious bit of nonsense he possibly could and foisted it off on a credulous public as art.

A thoroughly enjoyable and thought-provoking masterpiece.

After first 30 minutes of introduction I waited for something to happen that would connect all the characters and bring something new to the plot but nothing happened.

From the writer-director of Boogie Nights comes another original, engrossing & soul-stirring ensemble drama that exquisitely interweaves the emotional arcs of its deftly layered characters into an impeccably braided storyline, which is then narrated with such confidence, compassion & composure that it's no less than a filmmaking achievement.

Everyone seems so intrigued with the frogs, as they should be, it serves a really big purpose in the movie but they shouldn't be the main purpose as everyone seems to be stating it as, it's the message that the movie's trying to send about regret, love, hate and the way we all treat each other and of course about how things just happen that's important, but I'll never forget the scene when Earl was talking to Phil about regrets and Lily, it was the most intense speech I've ever heard.

While this movie seems to do something like this, i feel that it falls far short, bordering on pretentious.

Performances are roundly powerful, and intense; and multiple threads of stories hurtle towards an agonizing climax.

Going into this film, I had expected an interesting & enjoyable movie.

A collage of boring stories about boring people .

Still I feel cheated out of more than three hours of my life!

Some there are who see it as a brilliant exercise in creative, thought-provoking moviemaking, a film that challenges the notion that modern American cinema is comprised exclusively of formulaic retreads of earlier films or slick, mechanical displays of technical virtuosity, devoid of meaning and feeling.

Boring, totally uninteresting and never ending .

3 hours of trying too hard.

Well worth watching.

Engrossing portrait centering around a hodgepodge of different characters including a dedicated cop whose day deviates from the norm, an elderly man on his deathbed whose only wish is to see his estranged son, his mercurial younger wife who has a crisis of conscience, a child prodigy pushed too far after being forced to perform on a television game show, each of them confronting their angst and suffering their own demons.


I enjoyed "Boogie Nights," and could see the similarities in the director's style in the way the camera would follow the actors around at close range, and in delightful unexpected little surprises (the sing-along).

Magnolia is brilliant and gripping in its first 10 minutes where it details the true life coincidences and the you are left thinking "wow, what must this film in its length come up with in it's bringing together of characters?

Breathtaking .

Stunning, powerful, life affirming, deeply moving...

There's a good chance that each and every individual left the theater feeling worse about things and their lives than before they went in.

Cruise, it's just he's often in dull films.

Entertaining – yes; necessary – no.

The stories it tells are compelling and the performances are first rate.

Everyone (except maybe Kevin Costner) knows movies tend to get tedious after 120 minutes.

Magnolia is a hotch-potch of disjointed 'stories', none of which have any substance or ending.

They hate their lives, they feel their cause in life is pointless, and they seem to have lost all hope.

Anderson is a terribly self-indulgent director with little to offer the people in the way of meaning or insight.

Despite being over 3 hours long, I feel like this is one of the most engaging films I've seen in years.

A confusing bunch of subplots merged randomly about rotten people .

"Magnolia" is various parts brilliant, depressing, fascinating, darkly hilarious, unfocused, and pretentious beyond belief.

worst movie of all time- hands down.

Things I can tell you is that the film is extremely compelling.

there are so many truths interwoven in the dialogue of the characters in magnolia, be they officer jim kurring's, "i just try to do good" monologue, or earl partridge's stunning "regret" monologue, or the searing and satiric frank mackey, explaining, "in this life, it's not what you hope for, it's not what you deserve -- it's what you take.

I found the second hour of the movie to be dull and lifeless.

It is beyond me why anyone would ever deem this an epic piece of modern cinematography, because all I see is a pretentious attempt.

3 hours of wasting time ..

The acting alone makes this movie worth watching .

Also the film is far too long, this is so Anderson has plenty of time to display a series of montages over music which can be a bit to showy and pretentious at times and some of the scenes are far too long as his camera swoons in Scorsese-esquire tracking shots.

The first 15 minutes were tedious and poorly-paced.

A fascinating, unique story, and it kept me glued to it throughout my second viewing.

Only Slow if Taken for Granted .

MagnoliaHolding the audience on the edge of the seat for more than 3 hours is an accomplishment let along entertain, mesmerize and inspire them with some outstanding writing ever to be written for the screen.

If you love 3 hour films then watch the equally pointless "The Thin Red Line" and the boring "Meet Joe Black" the never ending "Heaven's Gate" and the over produced epic remake of 2005 version of "King Kong".

Possibly overlong, definitely worth absorbing .

Being a great fan of P T Anderson after watching the stunning "Boogie Nights" and the low-key "Hard Eight", I waited with mounting anticipation for the release of "Magnolia".

It is an interesting storyline and a fascinating study of human emotions.

This film is packed with many riveting subjects with the main theme being regret.

I found the story engaging but I found it even more pretentious.

Stunning .

Overall I am torn as to whether it was worth watching for three hours.

but all i will say is that i was astounded by its level of realism and drama and the fact that it actually dragged me into the story and made me care.

This followed by (in a nutshell, to save you 3 hours of pain) the following - A children's game show host dying of lung cancer tries to patch things up with his coke-addicted daughter, who he may or may not have raped when she was a child, and who is being courted by a bumbling police officer with relationship issues, while the game-show's star contestant decides that he doesn't want to be a failed child prodigy, a fate which has befallen another one of the game show contestants from the 60s, who we see is now a jobless homosexual in love with a bartender with braces and in need of money for 'corrective oral surgery', while the game show's producer, himself dying of lung cancer, asks his male nurse to help him patch up with the son he abandoned years ago, and who has subsequently become a womanizing self help guru, even as Mr. Producer's second wife suffers from guilt pangs over having cheated a dying man; and oh, eventually, it rains frogs (You read correctly).

What we have here is a dreary, self-indulgent three-hour romp of little to no consequence.

This movie has no plot.

)It displaced Erasehead as the worst movie I'd ever seen, so if you loved Erasehead, you'll probably like this movie as well.

While others attribute lots of hidden meaning to it, I found it pretty pointless.

I won't put what happens here, but it just seemed pointless and stupid.

The three hours that passed were highly entertaining, thought provoking, and I hardly noticed the length.

As good as everyone says it is in my opinion, as it's a masterpiece, it's extremely engrossing, and the performances are stunning.

This movie is highly overrated pretentious mishmash.

Some of the stories were good, but others I found rather boring.

Magnolia is an entertaining film - a story about characters who have real depth.

I'm sorry but this movie was a waste of time and resources.

Piece of total and utter 1 c**p - don't waste your time.

Still, this film is very interesting, beautifully filmed, and emotionally engaging.

Rapid fire downhill slalom of story lines left me spitting with confusion.

For some reason, when I hear "self-indulgent", I think Paul Thomas Anderson.

One of the worst movies ever seen.

Magnolia is an excellent movie and definitely worth the watch.

I was way too long.

In addition, some characters were completely meaningless and uninteresting.

Magnolia differs from others however as whilst some of the points of interest are predictable, the suspense is in how we see characters in the movie react to these moments not a revelation in storyline.

It is compelling stuff, even at three hours plus.

10/10 Exciting, mysterious, a perfect movie experience.

Another thing with the story is that every time you think the story will be heading into a certain direction, it will start to go somewhere else and unexpected with its story.

Some might find this a very boring movie.

Every story is as rich and intriguing as their characters.

Within 15 minutes we are introduced to all the main characters and the confusing, 24-hour journey begins.

Through the three hours of the film we get how this present shows us the past and hints at the future.

One of the worst movies I have ever seen .

This movie tries to be poetic and ends up just being confusing at times, and a little pretentious.

These stories would seem trite in almost any other context.

Although perhaps no discernible flaws are present, a couple of contrived scenes do bubble up under the otherwise smoothly-embroidered lit.

Anderson is a fascinating filmmaker, and love or hate it, you certainly won't walk away from "Magnolia" unchallenged or without reaction.

Another concept that had potential but somehow delivered a story that just sunk it's heels in then taunted the director to drag it painfully along while reducing the audience to tears of boredom (the only verity of tears I shed).

Three hours of my life that I will never get back.

overall a intense and enjoyable film, just a bit weary about the purpose and message.

Robert Altman bored cinema goers years before with short cuts so why did anyone feel Magnolia was needed.

But after that, the acting was uneven, the pacing tedious, the plot meandering and pointless.

The dying man's pointless ten-minute monologue emphasises just how lamentably bloated the whole thing is.

(Believe me, if I had been by myself I would have left early and not suffered past the midpoint of the movie.

It is fascinating.

It's incredibly intriguing introduction sets the tone perfectly, as it describes three extremely improbable events (which seem real, and I had assumed they were until checking on them), and the film wraps up in the same theme with the oft mentioned "scene" (so called to avoid spoilers).

"Magnolia" had flashes of brilliance but in the end was an unfocused, pretentious and wildly uneven epic drama.

And the overuse of the F-word for dramatic effect was simply boring, and added nothing to the film.

The elderly man Earl Partridge played by the late Jason Robards, a stunning portrayal of a dying man with cancer who is struggling in and out of life.

It is fragmented, extremely difficult to follow, and just outright terrible.

Overall, the characters and the acting in the scenes are more of the soap-opera type, except of course for the over the top performance of Tom Cruise as male self-assurance/macho technique trainer, who saves the film from being only - rather dull.

A colossal waste of time.

I usually don't mind this, but in this movie it seemed to happen too much and seem pointless at times.

It's an intense performance (for which he deservedly received an Oscar nomination), quite unlike anything he's done before, and possibly his best work since `Rain Man.

I haven't seen such an original, extremely intelligent, intense and deep movie in all my life.

So I watched Magnolia when it first came out on DVD, and dismissed it, finding it to be overly long and incredibly boring.

The vast majority of Shakespeare's plays all follow the same narrative structure, introduce the situation and characters, then allow destructive change to happen and then resolve the drama in an entertaining and hopefully illuminating manner.

The multiple interweaving plots are engaging and none of them feel heavily cliched or contrived.

What a horrible waste of time.

I understood the movie but it was quite pointless.

All of these are equally entertaining and engrossing.

The movie starts well, but then it becomes too slow and boring with a few interesting scenes that keep you awake, basically the ones with Cruise and Reilly.

I'd like to say that this movie had possibly the most intriguing introduction to a movie that I've ever seen.

Although the plot is excellent, which shown how life is the 10 minutes each scene is simply very confusing.

but instead, i see something that makes me think i just wasted 3 hours of my life, actually 2hr and 45min because that first 15 minutes with ricky jay narrating were great.

As a movie full of individual scenes it scores bigtime mostly because so many scenes are fascinating to watch.

Fascinating film by P.

You find yourself jumping from one story to the next in each 'life' of the characters (not hard to follow or disrupting) with a dialog tract of worn out F* words and GD*it's, etc. At the conclusion of the first 45 minutes, the edge of any of the dialog is uninteresting due to the overuse of the profanities.

MAGNOLIA is, in short, a beautiful waste of time.

And yet, over all I found this pretty entertaining.

It's slow moving, overly long and just really boring, and because of this it has to be one of the 3 worst films I've ever seen.

I walked out of the theater .

' It tells so much about each character that you just seem to know what they will do next but they are so unpredictable they surprise you with each mannerism.

Unfortunately, these are the only good qualities found in the movie; the boring, mundane, and depressing aspects of this film far outweigh any interesting aspects.

'Magnolia' perhaps feels indulgently overlong in places, and the final group musical number does feel contrived and out of sorts with the rest of the film.

It was so boring.

This is one of the greatest movies ever made, and I enjoyed it immensely.

While all the characters are pushed to their limits to generate more drama and this makes the movie quite enjoyable to watch, the viewer gets nothing clear enough to put him into thoughts.

I watched this movie, or most of it anyway, and in my humble opinion, this is the worst movie in the history of time.

Worst movie of all time .

This is as good as everyone says it is in my opinion, as it's a masterpiece, it's extremely engrossing, and the performances are stunning!

Just too boring for my tastes.

But to me is was just boring.

I can only comment on the first seventy minutes of this movie as by then I was bleeding from the eyes through boredom.

There is no action, or anything cliché.

It may seem slow, as many P.

The scenes were too long and boring.

its an all in all masterpiece, some people may say that Magnolia is too long, with it being 3 hours.

The movie has no plot.

I cannot believe this crappy 31/2 hour waste of time made it into the top 250 films.

Watching it can be painful, too, and confusing in ways a tighter focus might have solved.

Long, pointless, and overall just plain bad...

After about 15 minutes I was irritated, after about 30 minutes I was bored, then at first I did not care anymore.

The biggest negative in "Magnolia" was the multitude and number of confusing storylines.

I kept watching it, hoping, sooner or later, it would get interesting, but it just dragged on and on.

The scenes in deathbeds bore so much that you certainly yearn for them to end.

Boring .

Cruise is riveting, its possibly the best performance of his career.

Often, when films start off fast-paced, they become predictable and boring.

Written and directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, "Magnolia" is absorbing, shocking, grandiose, overwrought...

I feel like three hours of my life was wasted.

Way, Way, Way too Long, and by the way, it is Way Too Long.

I didn't have much of a problem, even though the movie is a little slow for about twenty minutes in the middle, the rest just carries you along.

PT Anderson has single handedly set back directors rights 25 years with this bloated, self indulgent pile of manure.

Also that dreary, repetitive, nonsense of a score, tut tut tut.

This "movie", was to say the least, the most boring, & stupidest movie I have seen in a long time.

Three hours of torture...

May be this was done to artificially stir the viewer's brain into pointless thoughts.

(So drawn out and pretentious it should have been French!

And although it´s a story based on pain and sadness, at the end we leave the theater with a warm heart, because of the humanity of the ending.

Watch paint dry instead.

Magnolia was boring and not because of its length.

I left the theater after the first time bored and disillusioned.

Pointless and tedious.

is able to take the most mundane of conversations heard in reality and screw with it to become an amazingly poignant speech.

it is often thin and rather predictable (apart from the frog thing).

" Right of the bat, this movie bored me.

Sorry, but for all the pretentious garblings and extensive vocabulary used by the acclaimers of this film, i just cannot begin to accept that Magnolia is a decent movie.

However, the entertainment of such an original movie with exciting twists and turns along with stellar film editing and original writing and superb acting fades away as the movie drags on and on and on and on.

This movie was three long boring hours of unbelievable characters, saying unbelievable things, and doing inane, illogical things.

Magnolia, however, is one of the most boring, obscure, pretentious, self-indulgent pictures I have ever seen.

Great work of art, wonderful night, worth watching it till 5 AM .

Anderson captures this with his trademark bravura camerawork and his intense (sometimes TOO intense) use of music.

Paul Thomas Anderson has shown great promise but will sink himself completely if he thinks this pretentious nonsense has any depth, merit, or even simple entertainment value.


Admittedly, the film still starts to lag around the 130-minute mark but Anderson uses a rather unexpected scene to snap viewers back into full and undivided attention.

If you keep thinking that all of the storylines will come together, in some depressing, artsy, and pointless version of "Lock, Stock, and 2 Smoking Barrels" all I can say is, you're SOL.

Instead there was only tedious soap style vignettes with unconvincing swearing standing in for a script.

All I could think, walking out of the theater was, "I want those three hours of my life back.

The transitions are natural and the movie is at all times engrossing.

I don't know if I expected the ending of the film to hold some major surprise(well, that it did, I admit) or an explanation, but it just seemed kind of pointless in the end.

Don't waste your time...

There was no story.

We can easily understand the points about synchronicity and unpredictable interconnectedness without them.

The first minutes are confusing and shows no sign of what is to come.

I realize that there was care and talent put into this film, but there comes a point were a film tries to be bigger than it is, and a point when boring becomes a negative that you just can't overcome as a viewer.

It is something quite unexpected and in sharp contrast with the realism of earlier events.

Some scenes drag on and on with totally pointless dialogue that give no insight into characters and do little to drive the vague plots onward.

'Magnolia' is perhaps the best example of this: it spends over three hours tracking a day in the life of an eclectic group of strangers whose lives end up overlapping in fascinating ways.

But "Magnolia" fails about doing this and instead comes across as pretentious while wasting over 3 hours to give a message that can be summed in two words.

This a film you allot three hours of your day so that you can give it your undivided attention.

Magnolia has an overlying common thread of fate intervening which is set up in a fascinating opening monologe of 3 stories of intertwining fate.

A few weird elements, but an extremely gripping story, I can see where people really enjoyed this film and made it into the top 250.

The varied complex story lines interactions are compelling at times.

After watching three hours of Magnolia, I think I can safely say P.

) It is moving beyond measure, a good 90% of the film set to a stunning soundtrack, including powerfully relevant tracks by Aimee Mann, that becomes as vivid and important a character as any of the screen players.

Magnolia is an intense look at number of intertwined lives over a 24 hour period.

Anderson has the non-talent to waste our time with empty, meaningless characters in implausible situations speaking insipid dialog.

Wow, what a tiresome movie!

While most of the performances are convincing this movie left me with seemingly nothing, feeling, empty and bored.

It was too confusing and unbelievable.

The dialog is HEAVILY contrived.

Now I know the worst movie I've ever seen.

As a somewhat well read person, I thought this movie was a self indulgent poor imitation of a seinfeld episode.

He instead covers up in pretentious art-fart and clichés.

It's a slow movie with some fast scenes which is a good combination.

If it was trimmed to 2:15, I'd have enjoyed it more.

Intense, confusing, inspiring and incredibly well-acted.

If only time would fly when you're being bored like it does when you're having fun!

It's enjoyable and interesting to watch.

The topics and developments in the middle of the movie were uninteresting.

This is as good as everyone says it is in my opinion, as it's a masterpiece, it's extremely engrossing, and the performances are stunning!.

It's engaging, enjoyable, funny.

Some people were smarter, though, as they just walked out of it.

The movie starts with a memorable small vignette of a compelling convoluted incident.

The result is a giant collage of boring subplots, which do not even come together well at the end.

but i thought it was so enjoyable that it should have lasted a bit longer.

This movie has no plot.

I felt more sorry for these two elderly women who looked back at me with confusion, seeking an explanation of what incontinent drivel they had just witnessed.

Magnolia is not my favorite PTA film, but hands down it's the most entertaining one despite its long runtime.

I thought that the individual stories where essentially banal on their own, though I must admit though that they were merely banal and not clichéd.

The last 20 minutes of the story goes from boring to completely absurd.

It will boggle your mind at times but in an engaging manner.

I found his arrogant, self absorbed character engaging,and though he's not the most likeable character in movie history, he had me drawn in.

The only movie I remember being this boring is Short Cuts.

Three hours later, I found that my excitement had turned to boredom.

Totally depressing movie, and sick people liking this one or finding anything in it, just snobs, empty and lost shells.

After viewing this movie for the first time I was blown away while watching it, but was left feeling ultimately empty as I thought it left out the answers to many of the questions it raised.

They make a hugely depressing story even more disconnected and beyond dull.

It's totally unexpected, very strange, and fairly compelling.

When all the characters start singing--each in his own-- way (and ON his own) the movie strays dangerously near the label "Pretentious".

And as the thrilling storylines all gather together to one high-voltage peak, the story provides us with the most strange, surprising, maybe even disturbing plot-twists I´ve ever seen.

The list actually goes on, but I find I am getting bored just writing it down.

The result is a three-hour epic mosaic devoid of any moment of boredom.

The film is riddled with inconsistencies like these, all wrapped up in a self-conscious, indulgent style that drags on for far too long.

It's much more entertaining.

It is a complex, sprawling and gripping character study of hope and destiny.

A waste of A LOT of time .

I'm not going to say any more, because half of the fun in watching this movie is being amazed by the unexpected.

As commented above, Magnolia is TOO LONG.

Insecurity, infidelity, regret are such fascinating themes and they are excellently explored in all of the characters.

It's fun to sit there and try to figure out what on earth is going on, since the format is so clever and unexpected.

Add up the staring, the swearing and the cancer stuff and it makes a long, boring movie.

It's both fascinating and disgusting at the same time.

However, if you are wanting to see some really solid performances and a strangely disjointed story--go for it!

What a waste of time and money this would be!

This is the type of movie that sort of keeps you watching, then at the end, you say to yourself, "What a waste of time, why didn't I stop watching halfway through, I would not have missed a thing!

Touching,raw,realistic,stunning,heart wrenching, and truly beautiful.

What or anything in this movie was entertaining or had anything of value is beyond the scope of this critic.

So compelling that the material could serve to be lengthened.

What I found most fascinating about the film is the way in which the character sketches played themselves out.

Don't waste your money...

Was it just me, or was this movie far too long and indulgent and boring?

Talky, yawnfests about extremely uninteresting characters who spout the least compelling dialogue you could imagine.

I'll try not to spoil this for you, but I do want to say, this 3 hour feature film is definitely worth watching, keep a night free to watch it at your own lesuire.

The best and only good thing I will say about this is that a few of the performances were worth watching - for about 5 minutes each.

If you have trouble falling asleep at night, pop this baby (or even Apocolypse Now) in your VHS/DVD player.

It makes no sense, is stupid, boring, and/or all of the above.

It has no story, compelling characters or climax (worth mentioning).

Long but Enthralling in a Very Intense, Personal Style .

Long stretches were quite boring.

It's pretentious because Anderson is showing people how clever he is instead of actually being clever and letting people see it on their own.

An epic, fantastically acted , BORING film that I barely made it through.

Overall, average but worth watching.

The truth is that for anyone who felt that it was too long, disjointed, and senseless, they are right.

During the course of watching this movie, you will most likely find yourself wondering just how much longer this movie will continue -- not necessarily in a bad way, but because of seemingly pointless and excruciatingly painful dialogue (most notably Robard's wife).

Instead of creating a complex tale with relevant interleaving plots all that is a achieved is a pointless blur of superficially related snippets of nothing.

The sequence showing the EVENT is powerful and visually and audibly compelling.

After a promisingly intriguing opening sequence to the movie, I was excited about its artistic potential.

Without a doubt, the worst movie I've ever seen.

"No, it is not dangerous to confuse children with angels" is Donnie's (and the film's) plea to the viewer to look for innocence even in difficult places, and consequently, to invoke our forgiveness from out of the "confusion" of child and adult, young and old, innocent and corrupt, healthy and sick.

I found this movie and it's characters aggravating and repetitive attimes and I did feel as if I was being banged over the head with anot too subtle message.

Utter waste of time, talent and celluloid .

It's debatable if this film killed him) the film is dull, pretentious and insufferable.

It was a waste of three hours of my life, not to mention a waste of the cost of two movie tickets.

Despite having much of the same cast, and shooting in many of the same locations, Magnolia is a ponderous bore.

This is either an incessantly foul-mouthed, overlong, overwrought, self indulgent melodrama you can hardly get through...

Ugghhh, this is three hours of sleep-inducement.

Pretentious crap.

Anderson enjoys hearing the word 'c**t' uttered fiercely - and with tiresome frequency - from the mouths of A-list celebs; I don't share his penchants.

Writer David Foster Wallace was spot on when he called "Magnolia", "pretentious, hollow and 100% gradschoolish in a bad way".

The director for me is totally incapable of telling a compelling story.

And 3 hrs 10 min is way too long to keep this awful rant going.

Many of the early scenes and most of the performances work well, but when the various story lines and themes come together towards the end, the whole contraption lies revealed as over-solemn and pretentious in a sadly sophomoric way.

A Truly Engaging Film *Spoiler Warning* .

Weaving together the stories of several compelling characters, the film develops themes that are as big as life itself: sin, pain, forgiveness, and redemption.

The way I see it, it's a series of brilliantly written and acted (Cruise should have won his Best Supporting Oscar) but disjointed vignettes made by a gifted and realistic observer of human nature.

Julianne Moore is unbearable and the whole movie drags from, by now, predictable turn to predictable turn.

The characters are portrayed with stunning and haunting grace.

We witness the pains and struggles of the people in this epic throughout its 3 hour runtime, and the film remains absorbing from beginning to end.

It was just going on and on for 3 hours with loads of boring dialogue.

Macy is once again perfect in his role and he's one of those actors who can pretty much depress the whole audience by just pulling off a melancholy face, it's just that intense.

Ambitious, daring, compelling, intelligent, well-made and emotionally engaging.

The Acting is stunning!.

The characters were souless, the dialogue was dull and the music score was too loud.

Yes, the acting was very good but I saw no story line to follow.

Unexpected .

"Magnolia" is a flawed hyperlink film because it's a brilliant anthology film, another of these movies victim of their own storytelling devices, so that instead of discussing the core, we talk about how long or how pretentious it is.

Tom Cruise in particular has an absolute ball, and he is particularly well supported by a gleefully entertaining and charming John C.

You might even change your feelings toward them as the movie its story progresses and starts to take some unexpected twists and turns.

This movie is one of the most boring, pointless movies I've ever seen.

An Utter Waste of Time .

The plot in itself was weak, many of the characters were absolutely pointless; they had nothing to do with the plot.

If your life is so uneventful that you can throw away over three (yes 3) laborious hours of visual splendour being wasted on a theme so repugnantly ugly - then you're welcome to this excruciatingly heavy-handed overindulgence.

But one after one, the characters reveal themselves to be obnoxious, sweaty, troublesome, boring, and misled by their director, who I think was pretty well drugged up for the whole shoot.

This is my way of warning everyone else to do something else with the 3 hours of your life.

Enjoyed it.

It's often self-indulgent and self-important.

This film is very exciting, it keeps you on edge, you fall in love with it, you cry with it, you laugh with it, and that is frankly how movies are supposed to do.

When it is engaging, it is very well written.

What if bored office clerks could transcend their conditions?

Each character is so rich with detail and each has a story which manages to be thoroughly engaging and entertaining.

These people were connected by the fact that they were all in these intense situations that were strangely and seemingly always positively affected by the fact that it somehow started raining frogs.

" Altman brilliantly used interesting dialogue and personal interactions to make an intriguing/delightful movie about different lives coming together.

If you have any urge to rent this film, consider that it's three hours of your life you won't be able to get back.

The lack of clear linear narrative did not put me off in-fact it made this film even more unique because it became unpredictable and that is what made it so engaging.

There are a few boring segments for me, as in these types of films where you have so many characters, you will always care more for some stories than for others.

It's not a perfect film, but it's certainly very enjoyable.

It was a unique movie, but a bad, boring, and pointless movie.

Perhaps the prologue warns us that the movie is going to waste our time much like these tall tales did.

However, more offensive than any of the content is the fact that it is so boring and so long.

This movie is basically three hours of pointless celluoid with no real plot.

Visually absorbing but pointless .

Script: 2- Pretentious, and tried too hard to be something else.

It thinks it's a profound commentary on parent-children relationships, but ends up being an awkward, pc, at times unintentionally funny, bore.

But for a good chunk of the movie I was pretty bored and kind of wanted it to be over.

This movie is over three hours of pretentiousness that you could have better spent helping out at the homeless shelter.

Then, after slapping on some preachy and pretentious voice-overs, he was done.

) I thought the film was very good but not as good as Punch-Drunk Love and Boogie Nights maybe of the length in the movie, who knows, but still, if you have PT Anderson directing it, it has to be worth watching.

the plot, for me, was very hard to follow.

(And, as someone else noted, get cancer) It was boring, rambling and pretentious.

But I must admit that during previous viewing I enjoyed it a lot.

I just saw Magnolia on DVD yesterday, and I really enjoyed it.

Simple human stories are thrilling enough, everything is a matter of putting it in scene.

the film was very engrossing for me.

This film has lots of quality actors that give excellent, intense performances.

The predictable ending did exactly nothing for me.

The Script, The Style, The performances all add up to a movie that should be seen by anyone who wants to see a very engaging and entertaining movie.

It contains an engrossing sense of uniqueness that I've never seen done before in a movie in such a way like this.

This movie is so pretentious it makes me sick.

Paul Thomas Anderson of BOOGIE NIGHTS fame makes an even more compelling and revelatory feature than his previous two outings.

Being pretentious.

unwatchable .

It had no real identifiable plot, no standout performances, and the most pointless ending in movie history.

This is film blasphemy considering how well made and engrossing Magnolia is.

I wish I could somehow regain the 3 hours of my life that I completely wasted while watching this movie.

I like clever movies, i like strange movies but this was just odd and boring.

No, I mean that except for the five minutes at the beginning, which were intriguing, he takes far too long to go...

I wouldn't waste my time with this 3-hour film, you'll regret it.

the two stories hardly intertwined and that was the major weakness,fair enough the late GREAT jason robards is the centre of the story but apart from being the producer of the quiz show,there is very little to do with the Moore Cruise Blackman story,as for Macy this is one of the most pointless role for an actor of his quality.

I just felt the movie was slow, boring at times, confusing and most of all odd.

Director Paul Thomas Anderson proves as skilled a human dramatist as he is with the cinematic tools of music and editing: conducted in three hours of what feels more or less real time, the film never lets up its grip, and there are moments that are simply unforgettable.

We don't, or, very rarely, at least, always say the right thing, and we often repeat ourselves and say stupid, pointless things when making a point or being in a situation we can't control.

But the plot is so completely unengaging, meandering between the stories of several loosely connected characters at such a snail's pace that even when significant life changing events are depicted they seem so pointless and uninteresting you find yourself crying out for someone to get blown up or something.

the worst movie in living memory .

Then, make sure that none of the threads are resolved, characters are bland, preoccupied with laughable problems, and don't neglect to make sure that at least half of them have a terminal disease combined with extramarital affairs.

This is like Darren Aronofsky's "Requiem for a Dream's" climax except the tension is wrought out longer and more excrutiating as the sequence of events coincide with everyone's storyline, making it a long, drawn out process of breakdown.

Great acting and powerful scenes are great, but they are pointless without a plot.

On the negative side it's too long (3 hours), it lacks pace and it's confusing.

Pitted with powerful performances, an inspiring direction, and blissfully engaging story with bold emotional heft, this stands as a genuine cinematic achievement.

Save your money and buy/rent a better movie!

Magnolia contains fast paced exhilarating script which is supported thoroughly by stellar performances, breathtaking background score and perfect execution.

The ambiance evoked within the film is fascinating and steeped with an intangible & shadowy essence that pushes the tide of the films events along quite nicely.

It is the worst movie that I have ever seen.

It is fantastically honest in its approach to an often tragic, ironic, humourous, and embarrasing reality, which would seem to be a boring subject (who wants to go to movies to see 'reality'?

Reilly) is trying to make time with a girl on the edge (Melora Walters).

I watched it not know what was going on 75% of the time but still feeling like I had a grip on the current events in the story, which is one of the most intriguing viewing experiences I have had in a long while.

Intense .

Tom Cruise, infamously mediocre as an actor, gives his greatest performance ever here, showing that is actually is quite capable of solid, riveting dramatic acting.

It was rough to watch but oddly comforting, sort of bringing the point home to me of the universality as well as the banality of death.

But maybe even more compelling are the stories of the adults who effected the lives of these younger people.

Their hesitant courtship is heartbreakingly rendered by the two stunning actors (who must surely go on to larger roles).

Just when you want to nod off you're brought back by another coincidence or intense image.

One of the Worst Movies Ever Made .

It's also a bit slow, after the first two hours.

The frog shower was fun - but WAY too little WAY too late to redeem this three-hour boredom sentence.

If you want the big predictable Hollywood movies where you feel safe then I would not recommend it.

It is an emotionally heavy film and three hours of the same emotional extremes and messages can get very tedious.

The biggest negative in "Magnolia" was the multitude and number of confusing story lines.

The best things about it are the absolutely stunning actors, wonderful story and emotional songs written by Aimee Mann.

There really is very little plot for all that running time.

The main difference, apart from the showy camera moves in "Magnolia" that call attention to themselves without enhancing the narrative in any substantial way, is the fact that the writing in "Magnolia" features banal, obvious, soap-opera style dialogue that produces over-the-top, two-dimensional characters, whereas "Nashville" and "Short Cuts" feature far more sophisticated and realistic dialogue that develops fully realized characters through their actions, choices and words that are never sophomoric platitudes.

This could very possibly be the worst movie I have ever seen.

Intense, Dynamic Film .

The child game show story just seemed like filler that dragged on and went nowhere (I get it the father was living through the Stanley) and Felicity Huffman just seemed wasted in that role.

Magnolia is a funny, touching, and engrossing film, from the "A matter of chance" opening and onto the above quoted "one is the loneliest number" intro theme as the films sets up the characters, the mood and the style that will be employed throughout.

What an intense and beautiful movie, with some amazing performances - particularly worth mentioning are Tom Cruise (amazing performance), Julianne Moore (always good) and Melora Walters (as Claudia she played a truly heartfelt role as a drug addict).

The "coincidence" bit is trite.

I enjoyed it throughly and I sang PT Anderson's praises.

If you want an exciting, popcorn film, and want to avoid dramatic movies with strong acting, the you damn well better know what you are going to see.

It is self-indulgence.

Boredom took over.

Using enjoyable music, specific lighting, camera work and dialogue, P.

It's VERY unpredictable, and Paul Thomas Anderson has written a screenplay that is one of the most original that I have seen played out.

Who cares if the script is riveting and bloody raw with a certain truth?

It was provocative and innovative narrated, but pointless.

The only Character worth watching was Stanley.

Forgive me, but after watching three hours of largely vague and cryptic dialog take place over an unusually annoying soundtrack (that loops the same tinny violins for half-hour chuncks at a time)in order to slowly and meanderingly develop sub-plots (as there is no real main plot to speak of)that are equally vague, I want some character resolution.

Ok it is very unexpected it takes you right from the start and really makes you think.

To squash any attempts to say that I cannot appreciate a film like this - I loved 'There Will Be Blood' - another 'slower-paced' film from the same director no less.

a quote from the head of dimension films about magnolia being one of the worst movies ever: "PTA haphazardly threw together a bunch of weepy, solipsistic characters connected in only the most superficial way- though the film tries to give the impression that there's some sort of metaphysical significance to their connection.

Anderson's self-indulgence...

Wow what a brilliant film, i have never seen a film quite like it, its gripping,different,intelligent,funny and even a little bit moving.

For sure I've experienced film-attempts that were worse and even some kind of a torture to watch.

Hard-to-believe characters, implausible behavior, arty, strange, too long, tedious.

Incredibly ambitious and intriguing .

Tom Cruise is stunning as a self-styled expert at attracting women.

But in the process, the strange ether-zone he ultimately channeled his cinematic vision into is oddly compelling and highly effective.

At the bedside scene, for example, the clenched fist, intense gaze and facial grimace instantly shattered my suspension of disbelief.

)To conclude, Anderson's film is ambitious, pointless, spasmodically exquisite - if I was being generous, I would call it a brilliant film that was born before it was properly formed; if I was not being generous, I would say it was a frivolous and depressing waste of time.

Nonetheless, watching Magnolia makes for an engrossing three hours, and Paul Thomas Anderson is a master of his craft.

It becomes strangely bland and unemotional, a victim of the director's failure to vary the intensity at all.

If neither of these matter and you have a strong stomach for self-indulgence (Note: more useful to empty your mind than open it), then you will certainly enjoy the visual design, performances, cinematography, and soundtrack.

pointless but strangely fascinating .

just a few example, Tom Cruise's character in the talk show and the interview kept repeating the same things - boring anyway, the dying man who lectured the nurse (indeed, he wanted to lecture us) for some regret thingie I'd probably known better (I actually yelled out - why don't you just die and spare me?!

A beautiful but pointless meandering shuffle between misery and malice - 6/10 .

Long winded, self indulgent, rambling nonsense from start to finish, there is just so little that could credibly be what people so love about the movie.