Maleficent: Mistress of Evil (2019) - Adventure, Family, Fantasy

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Maleficent and her goddaughter Aurora begin to question the complex family ties that bind them as they are pulled in different directions by impending nuptials, unexpected allies and dark new forces at play.

IMDB: 6.7
Director: Joachim Rønning
Stars: Angelina Jolie, Elle Fanning
Length: 119 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 93 out of 670 found boring (13.88%)

One-line Reviews (342)

The curse of boredom .

I watched the first one too, which was quite fascinating, so that's why I set high expectations before watching this part.

Even when there was action sequences they were still fairly poor and bland so this was just a really bad ending to the movie despite the satisfying ending.

Unexpected .


Therefore, these are the reasons why I consider this movie to be absolutely worth watching.

The overall of the film is very good; the visual graphic of the film is beautiful and stunning, the sound are really match to the film, the actresses and actors are doing really good with their role, the costumes of each character in the film are fabulous, especially Maleficent's costumes.

Poorly written, predictable, CGI fest .

To start off, the movie in general was okay, but it's kind of boring!

Powerful performance, entertaining Indeed!!!!

A Stunning Portrayal of Disney CGI, and not much else .

Very enjoyable continuation,with a lot of new amazing characters introduced.

It's enjoyable when Jolie appear with different costume, Pfieffer acting every part is conquer and evil, deliver her lines powerful and Riley bring humour to it.

Therefore, these are the reasons why I consider this movie to be absolutely worth watching.

By and large, this movie felt fairly tedious.

Cliche plot but worth watching anyway .

This was tepid & boring.

The first movie was watchable at best but this is just down right boring, more CGI than the george lucas directed star wars prequels (and we all know what happened to them lol) just bland boring & overall just a bad movie!!!

I know there are some negative reviews, but I thought it was very entertaining, it had some humor, and the emotional conflict definitely came across, not to mention it had beautiful visuals!

It was entertaining from the first moment and I didn't want it to be end.

Beautiful and Exciting, a very Satisfying Sequel .

When an unexpected encounter introduces a powerful new alliance, Maleficent and Aurora are pulled apart to opposing sides in a Great War, testing their loyalties and causing them to question whether they can truly be family.

predictable but enjoyable.

The CGI were amazing and maleficent was enjoyable, being dorky and funny when she was trying to be more human, and a true mistress of power when she was challenged.

However, though the plot is cliche, Angelina Jolie's character of Maleficent was quite charming and at times hilarious, which makes it worth a watch.

You are more likely to notice poor narrative choices if you encounter boredom.

Fight scenes - fight scenes are expected, I do not find them too intense but rather just right for a Disney live-action movie, still I was gripping my chairRomance - adorable, who could predict Disney would add festive and colourful scenes to the 1950's Sleeping Beauty - wonderfulPlotline - well maneuvered...

The first film was fascinating for new idea , for the status of beginning for Angelina Jolie in a role who seems be perfect for her , for the game of apparences and for humor.

Very boring to watch dumb princess aurura and her equally dumb Prince.

Disney continue the fairytale storyline with a little bit more exciting fighting part.

Story is boring af and acting and dialogue are awfull and cringy.

Quite enjoyable esp if you like the first .

A Disney yawn-fest that we've all seen before.

A very ho hum predictable story with a vanilla peace ending.

Very Enjoyable .

The story was clunky, the characters were one dimensional and predictable, and the humor was barely funny.

The first movie is much simpler compared to this one, here they added more creatures, more villains, more complicated but enjoyable story and we go deeper into the world of Maleficent and her history.

It's of those films that should have been left alone, to improve on the first was a herculean task - they were on to a loser from the start with this writer - if they had put as much effort into the actual story as they had in pushing the political agenda it may have been worth watching - sadly true of many movies nowadays.

Beautiful but empty.

They give you a cash grab with its stunning effects, costume pieces, and big actor names, such as Angelina Jolie and Michelle Pfeiffer.

Every action is signposted, everything is completely predictable and there is no lasting consequence for anyone.

The story, even if a little predictable, is still unique in its own way, speaking of which, congrats for whoever came with the idea to avoid the original palace altogether, it was indeed a brilliant move which helped the story unfold differently and at the same time, it helped the original Maleficent viewers avoid a repetitive story.

Enjoyable movie .

Yes, it took a while for Aurora to "wake up " and see what was really happening but overall a visually stunning and exciting movie.

Don't listen to the critics reviews, this is a fun and entertaining watch!

Every scene was boring beyond belief.

It's well worth the watch, a good one for all the family

However, there is a contrast or unexpected style for Disney in this movie, because this movie has violent scenes that might still be too much for children or sensitive audiences such as the death scenes, injured scenes that shown blood and wounds during the fight between humans and dark fey.

The movie has a quite standard Disney plot, but is well-crafted and should be enjoyable by any fantasy lover.

So Boring please do not waste your time on this movie

The beginning of the film is excellent, developing the relationship between Aurora and her godmother, which is engaging to watch.

It keeps you on the edge of your seat even though you have a fairly good idea what is going to happen.

Slow, boring & so disappointing .

It picks up at the end because of the large scale action and climatic finale, but the weak plot, so-so acting, lack of comedic moments and cast of underdeveloped characters make things a little dull overall.

The plot is slow and predictable with Maleficent's kind (breed) adding nothing new apart from being pretty annoying and predictable with their thirst for war.

Don't waste your time .

All in all I thought it was a little lighter than the first Maleficent, and more entertaining!

I enjoyed it quite a lot.

Angelina Jolie is breathtaking as Maleficent.

Entertaining and flawed .

Powerful, beautiful, enjoyable, breathtaking .

Lots of intense scenes and beautiful CGI especially with the wings..They were done well in this,with the wings shown coming out of the back, the whole winged skeletal structure looked awesome!

Enjoyable movie .

But when it picks up that is when it get's exciting.

Creatures are extremely realistic, landscapes are stunning, even better than the previous chapter and animation are amazing, cured in every single detail.

Director Joachim Ronning has given us a movie, that is as entertaining as the original.

The story is predictable as it is considered a movie for kids.

Entire film quite slow!

I would say that the technology in making the film is also consider as one of the highlight of this movieEven if Disney movies including this movie have cliché plot and predicable ending, the graphics, well-organized and uncomplicated storyline for audiences at all ages to understand are the strength that make it at least worth watching and made me feel impressed.

It's cliche, it's boring.

The story was bland and the character where in my opinion so dang annoying.

Therefore, these are the reasons why I consider this movie to be absolutely worth watching.

Personally, I love this movie since it is exciting when her background is revealed and it is appropriate for each generation.

Thank you to everyone involved in creating this film - it was amazingly entertaining and joyful to watch.

The story is so cliché and predictable I felt like saw it a 1000 times before.

The Fairies are CGI disasters and completely unfunny, and uninteresting - where as they steal the show in the original animated film.

In overall, it was even better than the already stunning first installment.

In this sequel, there will be emotional events and unexpected things happen.

Magical, breathtaking and simply superb a worthy sequel with more action without losing the magic of the original.

Meanwhile, Ejiofor appears to be struggling to stay awake, and Skrein looks bored again playing an overeager antagonist.

But the movie lacks a compelling storyline, everything is just way too predictable.

The movie was visually stunning and there was never a dull moment!

don't waste your time.

Angelina Jolie is stunning in this movie.

So boring .

The plot was bland, the acting mediocre, it was an unmitigated turkey made for prepubescent viewers, it certainly failed to hold my attention and is just another PC mulch churned out by the big studios.

They lost everything that made the first one different and unique in the way to treat a classic fairy tale movie and the result is just your run-of-the-mill sappy, predictable vanilla Disney formula.

The conversation in the film also freaking bored!

Cue a slow paced plot, and a shortage of dutiful character exploration!

The pacing was sooooooo slow.

What a waste of time.

"Maleficent: Mistress of Evil" is less fun, romantic and engaging than its 2014 predecessor - which was only adequate.

It is difficult to discern whether Mistress is dull because of her incomprehensible storytelling or because the direction makes it difficult to take care of anything on the screen that happens.

Angelina as Maleficent is so stunning, I genuinely can't get over how she's mastered her character; the looks, the personality trait etc. Angelina Jolie literally has us under her own spell; she is mesmerising!

Movie is worth watching , it takes you into another world ,, One of the best family movies

Of course, in this instance, I have to apply the same lesson to the movie, itself, so I highly recommend it for all little girls.

Action , storyline itsxall good with great new ideas about the world they are living inI enjoyed it more ttan first one

The movie is exciting and also motivates the audience.

It does have a predictable twist with a character coming out as a villain which is no shock or you can easily predict it from watching the movie trailer.

Overall, Maleficent: Mistress of Evil is a sequel that has interesting ideas but doesn't do enough with them, leaving a film that feels rather empty and unnecessary.

With that being said, the acting and special effects makes for a fun, entertaining ride.

The characters were entertaining with a good performance from Angelina Jolie.

The costumes by Ellen Mirojnick are stunning, especially Maleficent's battle outfit which is a sexy, elegant body paint-style number.

A nicely done live action Disney remake, but pretty predictable story with the usual happy ending .

The plot was quite solid, the performances given by everyone was extraordinary and it was visually stunning!!

'Maleficent: Mistress of Evil' is a generic, formulaic movie that really does not have much to offer to anyone.

A spectacular expansion of the Maleficent mythology, at times it strays into Avatar territory which was unexpected and welcome.

VERY SLOW and in essence almost nothing happens.

It has a little bit of everything, some comedy, action, adventure,suspense and also beautiful settings, costumes etc.My Family and I all enjoyed it!

The queen was bland and had no interesting motivation, just a generic power hungry evil person.

First off, I'd like to point out that the visual and CGI effects were breathtaking; couldn't have asked for anything more beautifully put together; stole me as soon as the movie opened.

Despite the film's minor shortcomings, Maleficent: Mistress of Evil is exciting, creative, and fancy - and well worth an hour of your time to watch.

Utter waste of time.

I needed to see how the film ended and ultimately enjoyed it.

That's not "Maleficent," obviously, but what she's asked to do is still fascinating.

It isn't the best movie, but it was a very enjoyable.

Incoming director Joachim Rønning ensures that it all looks gorgeous, and costume designer Ellen Mirojnick (The Greatest Showman) does stunning work for Jolie and Pfeiffer in particular, one in high-fashion slink and the other armoured in white and pearls.

CGI with good design make the world of Mistress Of Evil look stunning.

Sooo slow I waited for the real stuff for a long time, and when it happened I was suffering, waiting for it to end.

But all-in-all, worth watching.

Overall it was an entertaining movie and worth a watch if you're a Malificent fan.

Our recent trip to the DreamWorks exhibition in Canberra makes me appreciate this movie even more after seeing the cgi models and absorbing the information I learnt about modern 21st Century animation .

The obvious cliches, the predictable end and of course the evil=Christianity and devil=not so bad theme.

Unlike some of the bad reviews by cretons, we found this sequel to be incredibly entertaining and emotion-filled.

Rated PG for Intense Sequences of Fantasy Action/Violence and Brief Scary Images

Great set designs, costumes, and cinematography albeit bit boring in the middle and finale.

The movie was entertaining to a point.

It was clearly going nowhere.

This movie provides the spectacular scenes with the great special effects; all the pictures in the movies are fascinating.

The visuals were stunning and served the plot well.

It has a really good cast but the script is very poor, the story was boring, even the "interesting" scenes were boring.

The problem is when the film slows down it really gets boring.

Maleficent: Mistress of Evil appeals to the kid within and is a fun sequel, but the overly cliched plot which is along the lines of Avatar(2009) and Pocahontas(1995) bores a little.

The only thing that sadden me about this movie is some part were quiet predictable.

Stunning colors, effects, costuming and cinematography.

The new conflict these days in movie making: good and sometimes even excellent visuals against a boring and bad script.

Other than all of this, absolutely nothing happens.

Quite boring .

Only good thing here is watching Michelle and Angelina together at each other's throats, great performances by both of them even tho the Queen was so predictable and cliche.

You and your children will be on the edge of your seats the entire film...

You may have the one or two shocks here and there but the progression of the story is predictable.

The battle in the end was intense and Maleficent coming to save everyone was EPIC!

The whole movie tastes like a stale beer: whereas the people responsible for the visuals and effects have developed high skills, most of today's writers should just quit their job and serve at dinners instead of torturing the audiences to a braindead level: uninteresting and overused storylines, cliché after cliché, one dimensional characters, boring dialogues, jokes that don't work etc. My rate is 5 but only because of the visuals and the actors, the story itself and therefore the movie is simply a boring one.

The cinematography is breathtaking.

Characters and storyline one dimensional, predictable plot and actions.

This happens when you have budget but no plot .

good acting Visual stunning I recommend this movie Dont understand the bad reviews

Sure it's predictable but it's a lot of fun and very enjoyable.

So it was pointless the movie even trying to insinuate that she would be evil as i never at one point thought she would be.

However, I think the movie is a bit boring because no extreme action scenes are produced.

A Boring Mess .

It fails to grip the attention of the viewers and becomes agonizingly dull.

that's how pointless they are.

Overall, I believe a more cohesive end would make this movie more enjoyable.

Overall Overall, this is a good sequel here that will be entertaining for families and adults alike.

However, the stunning elements and organization can attract audiences' attention.

While visually compelling at times, the story in this movie is perceptually handicapped.

Although I almost forgot the first part of the story, I vaguely remember that it was a slow and boring story, and the picture was rather dark without special effects.

As far as kids movies go, it's pretty intense.

suspenseful, colourful, and entertaining.

Maleficent: Mistress of Cliché .

Lastly, the cinematography is fantastic both color directing and visual effects, particularly, using CGI to make the movie more stunning.

The movie included a lot of death in its climatic (and only) battle, only to be treated like nothing happened.

) To be fair, sometimes the cinematograhpy was absolutely stunning, such as in a bird's nest-like cave Maleficent finds herself in at some point in the movie, or certain shots of the castle and the Moors.

My wife and I watched it at home on BluRay from our local library, we enjoyed it.

When you are going to watch a movie like Maleficent you know already that you are going to see a production that from a technical perspective is amazing, but the story will be pretty flat and predictable.

I won't spoil the movie but it's great, funny and entertaining.

This film is visually stunning and quite entertaining with a few interesting plot twists...

I didn't think that I would enjoy this film, mainly because it just seemed like every other Disney fairytale, but I actually found it entertaining throughout.

The film is aesthetically breathtaking in terms of production design, costume design, VFX and cinematography.

The pacing of the film was great with the exception of the initial scene with Aurora feeling a little too drawn out.

I saw it and enjoyed it a lot.

Great CGI, outstanding cenimatography, incredible costumes, fascinating Acting (I mean the definition of an actress was the Lead) and of course a trilling assemblage.

boring .

Beautiful and entertaining.

Starting with good and becoming boring for the one sided fighting and illogical storyline.

The sorry was actually really creative and I enjoyed it so much more than I was expecting.

This makes the movie more interesting and worth watching.

As i left the venue, i sat in the car feeling empty.

Maybe more intense for an ager like me.

While it is not a very strong story, it is still as enjoyable as its first film was.

The movie is very predictable but very enjoyable.

Maybe a bit too heavy on the cutesy CGI in the beginning and a tad too sappy and preachy at the end, but everything in between was perfectly entertaining.

But I am not a kid, i can fill this enjoyable movie.

Unlike the first where you got a sense the actors were trying, it seems like everyone is giving a similar dull performance.

The story was engaging and entertaining with a inmpeccably crafted and detailed fantasay setting.

One of the worst movies I have ever seen...

As many too good heroes Aurora looked boring and false.

Exciting movie, great cast, amazing special effects.

I enjoyed it and would buy it on DVD.

Maleficent is worth watching in audiences of all ages and genders.

Angelina Jolie is dull, Elle Fanning is dull and even Michelle Pfeiffer is dull.

I like this movie because the storyline is more intense and interesting than the first film from 2014.

Oh but yeah these are spoilers if you actually wanna waste your time with this rubbish.

Enjoyed it all the way through.

Unexpected fun .

Maleficent is worth watching in audiences of all ages and genders.

So this movie will not have any elements that will shock you, however Disney writers manage to produce a decent story which is both entertaining and both visually pleasing to watch.

There's wasted motion in the plotting and a fair amount of confusion in how the script spells out what Maleficent can and can't do (if she can turn a raven into a male sidekick played by Sam Riley with a wave of her hand, and create a fire-breathing dragon with similar ease later on, why doesn't she just unleash an army of monsters on the kingdom and save herself a lot of bother?

The battle sequences are epic and exciting.

If you are in for some magical visuals and an enjoyable story non the less, I recommend.

These scenes are extra entertaining for young viewers.

Fanning and Jolie make a stunning pair on screen.

The exam is too brief to make an impact, and the direction of Ronning is plodding and lacking the energy to move the story forward with pleasure.

I think the plot of this film is quite boring due to a simple plot.

We meet Aurora, Philip, who this time was pleasantly surprised by the presence of character and no storyline, Maleficent...

Dull, formulaic CGI nonsense.

But going to the negative side some of the scenes really dragged on and some of the plot I didn't find the most interesting.

While this movie is a bit predictable, it's still okay!

Although the end comes too soon, the other parts of the movie are produced totally absorbing and enthralling until the end.

Not only Jolie was really good with the material given to her, there were other factors that made it enjoyable.

Waste of time watching this.

She is charismatic, and even if you know that she is the enemy, her character is fascinating.

Stunning, exciting, and an epic fantasy adventure.

Wonderful but a bit boring .

Just the colors and CGI of the creatures was quite stunning.

Only three problems i have in the movie: was too fast paced, revealed the evil queen's plans way too soon and trying to squeeze in & cram many angles & shots in every scene.

The lovely visuals distract from the less interesting expository first half, but the final third is exciting and beautifully realised.

The two things that made the first movie so enjoyable were the characters and the creative ideas.

Leading to a messy bland and cheesy movie that is not in the league of the first film.

Michelle and Angelina were given quite bland characters and scripts and couldn't really do much with them.

I would say that the technology in making the film is also consider as one of the highlight of this movieEven if Disney movies including this movie have cliché plot and predicable ending, the well-organized and uncomplicated storyline for audiences at all ages to understand are the strength that make it at least worth watching and made me feel impressed.

Overall, Maleficent is worth watching in audiences of all ages and genders.

The visual effects is dazzling and that itself is worth watching.

Being irritably predictable from the first scene, the two stunning leading ladies fail at keeping this movie alive.

When we are finally treated to a few sacred screen moments of Maleficent, she is of course magnificent, but instead our time is stolen with an endless, tiresome battle scene.

Trite and Overdone .

Another sequel cliche where screenwriters fail to deliver a decent follow-up story.

Disney all movie story is super, fantastic, awesome and mind blowing.

It is quite good actually, and engaging, and emotional.

The movie is nice and sweet, it has very good visuals, it feels refined overall, and the plot with its twist, yet classic and nothing special, is intense and moving.

The climax lasted way too long, the acting was terrible, Aurora was severely out of character, the plot was lazy and melodramatic, and the CGI is definitely going to be made fun of in a few years.

anything in this movie, which is a big change from his original version (the one that was animated)Overall, not better than the original to me, but still very enjoyable!

The story is entertaining for fans of fantasy and adventure genres and supported by great special effects.

I enjoyed it very much.

Beyond stunning.

Don't waste your time on this horse poop .

Overall, Maleficent is regarded as a great fantasy movies; it is worth watching although the plot is quite predictable.

Acting: N/A, since the script is so poor and producer is bad, must be many confusing and awkward moments when the film is making.

Boring and not good .

Beautiful love story (not only inbetween man and woman), mind blowing special effects, well told story - amazing fairytale

Every character has his/her own sense of humor, making the movie more entertaining.

I slightly enjoyed it more than the first film, although I liked the first.

When did Diaval become so pointless.

Too illogical, shallow and predictable for my taste.

Though the first Maleficent was boring as well, I at least remember a summary of it.

I wouldn't even give this one star, I found this to be one of the worst movies I've seen in a while

Boring film for child under 12 .

To me it was a nice watch, entertaining and pretty funny at times.

The story is also somewhat predictable for older viewers, as a result of which the film may seem somewhat lengthy to them.

It is engaging and takes you through many emotions.

I like this movie because the storyline is more intense and interesting than the first film from 2014.

Maleficent gets lost in the world building, and the movie ends in a large, rather pointless battle scene.

However, on screen it is more viewed as a boring and long movie that could have been congested into a stunning 45 minute TV movie, because that's all this feels like.

pretty much to sum it up it's about a queen get babysit by the entire kingdom entire movie, and then the citizen sacrifice themselves o wipe after her, and at the end she can happily live in human kingdom with the blessing from both kingdom after the war just ended like nothing happened.

Loving the departure from the boring first movie, because this one punched more actions (PG of course) better and with more lovely mythical creatures.

Maleficent is absolutely stunning in this movie and the fairies of the Moors.

So if you have an imagination and watch movies because they are entertaining then this is a must.

Worst movie ever.

A boring mess, a waste of some interesting ideas and a more than decent cast.

i enjoyed it .

An enjoyable movie for all ages!

Bland & Boring .

All in all, I really enjoyed the experience of Maleficent 2, which was more entertaining than the first, and Miss Jolie is always mesmerizing to watch.

A lot of cheesy cliche.

Let's talk about the improvements over the first movie: The movie's visually stunning, the colors, the cinematography.. everything with the visuals was just perfect, if it got nominated for an Oscar for the best special effects this year, I wouldn't be surprised.

Angelina Jolie is sooooooo boring!!.

Angelina Jolie was really the only entertaining part of the film for me.

These reviews are confusing .

It could be the best movie of the year for me, very entertaining without a single moment of boredom.

Lastly, the dragged out starring instead of taking action.


Largest number of interesting creatures to be completely made boring, too!

although it is abit of let down for the ending finale, but overall it is still an enjoyable movie that suitable for children and most adult.

" The movie's plot was also incredibly predictable.

So Stunning!!.

Yeah overall I enjoyed it.

Nearly every frame of Maleficent: Mistress of Evil is visually stunning.

The film is dead set on treading only familiar paths and creating characters that are neither compelling or worth worrying about.

By the way, Pfeiffer's cold face suits the role perfectly and the costumography is absolutely stunning.

too boring.

The characters are so compelling and amazing, especially Jolie's Maleficent as when she is on screen I get chills!

Save your money

Regardless It Is Very Enjoyable .

Because of this, the movie comes out as more boring then anything.

Predictable and boring .

Therefore the actor and actress always look confusing rather than emotional they should emit.

Therefore, these are the reasons why I consider this movie to be absolutely worth watching.

The sequel to the global box office hit, continue the story after 2 years where the first one was ended, now Maleficent and her goddaughter Aurora begin to question the complex family ties that bind them as they are pulled in different directions by impending nuptials, unexpected allies and dark new forces at play.

Typical type c movie that has predictable story and only rely on the "special effect".

The story is good and Maleficent is stunning.

Angelina Jolie was fantastic and made the film enjoyable.

Pretty but predictable .

The magnificent fantasy scene and impressive dialogue really held the audience's attention and also a bit comedy between the scene kept them on the edge of their seats.

Rich movie and an empty and boring story .

Positive: exciting and unpredictable with emotional ambivalenceMaleficent suddenly appears humanvisually stunning!

While it just had a hint of Disney cheese sprinkled throughout, the film was actually very entertaining and enjoyable.


Maleficent: Mistress of Evil is a boring, soulless formula that can turn it's audience into sleeping beauties .

A little bit boring.

It's sugarcoated but insubstantial, fun yet bland, and awesome in childhood.

GREAT FILM & I highly recommend it!

Predictable predictable predictable predictable predictable predictable, you can make out how the movie will end in by the beginning it does not get any more cliché and for a movie that is supposedly supposed to differ and put a twist on the whole "sleeping beauty" in the end just plays it really safe and i fell asleep during the movie (had to rewatch it).

Only the phoenix nirvana and the blue fruit fairies bloom in the pipe organ in the highlights of the film, the plot is really boring, naive, the King is really stupid.

The plot is good and leads to a very thrilling story.

Worth the watch .

Also it's very predictable, painfully so.

Too slow and too many boring conversation!

Very entertaining film.

The plot is more intense than the 2014 version.

It was fun and sweet and exciting and had everything needed to make this a great ride for kids and their parents.

Breathtaking .

The whole movie is predictable and just lousy compared to the first movie.

The evolvement of the story is easily predictable while the budget of this film manages to cover many of the plot holes.

It is enjoyable and worth watching.

Maleficent 2: Mistress of Evil was worth watching in the cinema and it's the kind of movie that's fun for all to watch again.

It is gorgeous, fun, breathtaking with a well construed plot and of course, THE most delicious villain in Disney's arsenal perfectly brought to life again by an actress who was born to play this role.

Enjoyed it.

I got bored and cared not for whiny Aurora and insipid Philip.

It was a very enjoyable film to watch and if you get the chance you should definitely do so.

It is gorgeous, fun, breathtaking with a well construed plot and of course, THE most delicious villain in Disney's arsenal perfectly brought to life again by an actress who was born to play this role.

Well made but pointless .

This sequel to the 2014 fantasy original offers up a more emotional intense and mature movie that contains more malevolent violence as well as deeper feelings of betrayal as well as binding love.

The storyline was so different from the trailer makes this movie so unpredictable.

She's average looking even in full make up, when she tried to be deep she came along as pretentious.

Really boring and annoying characters .

Great movie with stunning effects and plot.

Stunning movie with a big battle based on nothing .

Cold action speaks louder than sweet empty words.

Lot's of special effects with a really boring dumb story line that is poorly written.

So if you're looking for a beautiful and entertaining fantasy movie with a strong message, I 100% recommend Maleficent: Mistress of Evil!

Yet, it managed to forge its' own identity and move the story forward in unexpected ways.

Kind of a pointless story besides the whole bird family thing

The affects and graphics are so good, I really enjoyed it, and it also made the movie less boring.

Cliché plot but still worth watching anyway .

Next the film had really slow and dull pacing for a large majority of its screen time.

The photography is very dark at times and the surprising enjoyment we had from the first film has become very ho hum here.

No story, no plot, 2 great actresses and a terrible movie.

Slow and stupid .

Visually stunning from beginning to end.

Awesome, amazing, thrilling, interesting and heart touching.

The visual effects were stunning and the story line made sense a magnificent movie.